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Biden to Announce Student Loan Forgiveness

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 24, 2022 1:20 pm

Biden to Announce Student Loan Forgiveness

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 24, 2022 1:20 pm

In breaking news, President Biden just announced he's canceling student loan debt for potentially millions of Americans. What are the details and how will this affect you? Jordan, Logan, and the Sekulow team discuss this and more today on Sekulow.

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SICU promises binds Iris.

It's been $1 billion more. Now at 2064 3110, the Wall Street Journal, and the board is looking at the course. This increase in IRS funding that we talked about but they got deeper because the tax Inspector General tikka remember that from the tea party targeting days by the IRS as a reminder that they issued a new report and so they go through their Inspector General. They put up the problems the Iressa probably Iris, are gigantic to point that you almost think that the $80 billion but they still are going to hire new people instead of like computers and set up a computer database to make this take the human prejudices out the politics, the personalities and you say here typing information put it in this way and this is that what your taxes and go from there. But instead they are backlogs 17 million tax returns over 17 million Americans who follow the rules file paid father taxes pay their taxes and are likely out a return when you get backlogs 17,000,003 but that number and its keeps adding up and adding up and adding up on top of that, only when there the irises called only 10% of the calls are answered.

This is an age they work for you. Your paying their budget. I think this is what is so upsetting when you say what you throw $80 billion and it over 10 years.

If, but they are not hiring more customer service folks nearly $3 billion is bitter that over 10 years. That's nothing for an agency that large and so does your answer phone call even that point, the fact that you got a call if I get the facts that you can't just go you can't just do it online. I think we could be outraged about this. You don't have to accept this talking point for the left.

Again I go back to the love this authoritarian style IRS system where it's a ghost. And so if you're pushing back you know who to push back to you for the phone to call the IRS and so would lessen an individual agent you have someone to work with directly and then they're not even working from office anymore and it's the whole issue.

I just think we had to take that step back because there's a lot of pushback on italic low literacy for the left this out this is great this is wonderful to make things better reified money refined tax cheats, and you realize, not even taking care of the people who are paying the taxes know that happens when you see those kind of things were easy to thousands of people who've done the right thing, who are now.

I can be punished. It sort of. Honestly, the situation like they did with the good happen later today. The student loan situation, student loan forgiveness is a lot of people who yes do I think there is corruption involving the student loan business absolutely right and I thought people were probably fraud at a very young age. Yep, likely. But there's a lot of people who did the right thing.

Who did pay their bills particular blood parents did that for their kids love situations like that, but they're not the ones were punished, are they going to be punished with not the ones who did the wrong of a similar situation here with you. This kind of backlog and the IRS just to be followed with more money and it becomes this the their cataclysmic issue were all dealing with you.

He's a government reaches a book with a subpoena on the phone and say IRS can can you fix this forces that can happen yet I never want to hear from people baby or one of those 70 million people with unprocessed tax return boost call the IRS but 9/10 times.

They lived in it when they do you get ahead here on hold for days people call back the colligative class to get any affects your personal info and you know it's not going to an office so it's go to some by working from home and we know that there's the human heart of anything politics at play power trips to play in who gets targeting. It is not for who have teams of lawyers and accounts because you think a single IRS agent a couple of them want to deal with that. Though they were listed for small business owners restaurant people deal with cash tips, 1-800-684-3110. We want to hear from you. 164 311-0100 64. 31 table tight IRS this idea again consulate given the money when you have another Inspector General report that say they don't answer phone calls 17 million people file their tax returns unanswered unprocessed because her hand processing and they did work for three years. Two years they glinted off they stop going into an office and guess what, there's a lot of Americans like taxpayers starts piling up and sent Polly up to number you actually see their testimony with the IRS official test by the state. It's it's not fixable yet.

We can even ever get to the point of fixing this. Remember it's a problem of actually getting this through that ended the same time while were bailing out a federal agency, I say we because were all taxpayers paying for that bailout of the IRS, we see the student loan forgiveness which I think again Democrats that you deal with smart politicians and their smart they are dealing with headlights. That line is this, their forgiving student loans. What they're not telling people as it is $2000 and what this this is the kind of this is more inflationary spinning just government starts canceling these debts and then why do you have to wonder take yellow jam after payback it actually cancel $30,000. What what would be the incentive let's that you get this $10,000 off the seat at 30,000 left Stevenson to pay that 30,000. Oh by the way also putting a halt to that now you if your small business owner deal with the bank you not getting a set of these kind of protections you ever so this idea that we give hundred $50,000 to 18-year-olds, or 24-year-old grad students and it sounds great to them. At first, and then they have a job that isn't even that much a year or that already had economic troubles a covert or you have economic downturn. I came out of the law school 2009. People could get jobs at a law school and it didn't matter if you would to Harvard or a lawsuit was ever heard of it just wasn't happening because people were taking jobs from those top schools that they usually wouldn't have ended the people usually taken that the lower paying jobs maybe was a government, local governments exhibit they were available. So you had this whole go to the school you learn this way it's worth putting in the time worth putting the everyday off were taking out the giant loans and it. I had 40 years old this year allowed lobby title from lost dear just paying off those loans.

July be. That is a love that kid. They get loaded top debt on top of that, and the $10,000 to the people of serious student loan debt.

That's a drop in the bucket to people who are closer to pay it with the incident ever payback at the outset, it suggests what your cuboid. They keep delaying that you have to make a payment so I will take your cause is 100-684-3110. This first half hour getting into more of our yet they did was happy. Domestically, we got Rick would help Mike Pompeo. The second half hour talk to what's happening overseas, especially with Iran I see Artemis that and we be talking the next segment broadcast will redo it if you would as well. Calls coming in about the IRS situation will take some of those goods and will move us specifically to a bit more about the student loan forgiveness plans coming through in our thoughts on that. Both of us is out people who are 40 and under a lot to say about it.

Whether the positives and negatives that are coming out of this and think a lot of interesting things. Let's go ahead take some phone calls and they will move on to go to John is calling on line 1 John you're on the air for abrogating for the tax. Namely, like me, will take you. I haven't really gotten taxes resolved for the last four years our last tax year and ended up being pretty clear at 2017. So since 2017 we do and trying to bug IRS, we have a great great tax preparer, you super he is started on tax business 50 years Retire, probably because of this, all this chaos and stuff in these trying the gradually got on his client. 17.

That's if they file for use that's that's six you, not me. That's because we have these couple years. The kind of disappear right to receive this in the comments Zoellick this is a unique situation. There is, the commute pretty early on the show that said that they were having the same kind of promised 2019. They held multiple years behind but we got our tax return. I check it came this time there was issue came physical check that deposit and then I got a letter before we can deposit saying do not deposit that check we made an error so you begin a new check.

We see this everything is on another check it so that the out because they had come to them that you check your mail carefully right because that that unite in essence was to happen that way since it's supposed to be. They had a direct deposit to set a kind of processing issue this year as what happens in this is what happens and keeps spinning out of control, and you have a situation where you to check the check may be for four figures he may be like unknown positives now with my tax return and then before you have the opportunity as a people problem after the party did it.

Got a message say hey you can't do this and please note, some please don't deposit that check those the kind of situation to see Ross obsessing to her years and years behind or people are just in the woods were just a year behind who are just getting their 2020 2021 in anticipation for 21, 22, it spiraled out and look at the all connects to even things happening right now with the that is essentially handout.

This can be occurring for people with student yet so let's go through that. So we have that more specifics. That Executive Order is but is Dottie we would see the speech. It is a Bible.

Now the specifics up here's what's happening the student since the $10,000.

It's if you're making under hundred $25,000 a year as a single person or lesson $202,000 as as couples filing jointly.

So if you receive the federal Pell grants and make less than hundred 25 year IUB you could be actually eligible for up to $20,000 and forgiveness.

The also you don't have to make payments again through December 31. This will right before the election. I just don't write this stuff off. I think that's important because a lot of people read headlines. The CN affects the short-term, which of these are all short-term things right every 10,000 of your hundred thousand dollars plus loans or not having to pay this year, but the loan is not going away the event of a Sue assuming at some point your paying of the government is that it is dismissing the idea of this that I get why people don't like the system but they did sign up for and whether I think you can talk about education because you talk about. I get a lot of these issues that what degrees are worthwhile. What's not worthwhile and we had this kind of push first 2030 years, but I think people rethinking out people are rethinking higher education VIC.

I think that the euro to see a massive change with kids who are currently having a high school I see my friends who have kids that are about to graduate or graduating this year.

There is a boom for trade school and there's a boom for going out doing the job you wanted if you softly, saying this kind of things people are going out there like different ways I can tell you right now trade by the company yet and surely our legal team modestly is very well educated interns that made you look at people who work in our production unit. People who work all over this office there people who have very high level degrees and there are people who have this high school diplomas but harsh but are at the same level position not because at the time. It certainly wasn't a moment where I in time the degree meant something meant a lot more than it does now. Now you are looking for that experience and that talent to do it so there's there's a lot of new business.

A lot of new work is happening. That doesn't have to do with necessarily getting a a traditional education and were seeing that unfold as a coven actually showed that kind of expose a lot of deal with the weather is working from home or any of the other options that could exist yeah the you had the economic issues, plus covert which you have a lot economic as you add them all together people's are rethinking an idea that was its interface it was a fairly new idea in the United States to that everyone needs to go to get a four year degree and then figure out what you're going to somewhere along that for years. In the first couple years you have to sign a major in the price levels in it does makes it different if you were to specifically the law school part of law school makes sense. Be representing people. If you can be surgeon makes since you have spent a lot of time formation. Do this but other countries cut off half the time like philosophy will also need a law school.

You don't have to go to four years of undergrad and maybe like a mix with lacrosse Omega takes five years total in step seven. Seven years ago full-time that it's a long time to give up now and just be going into debt if unique situations for the bar in places like California where you can have alternative ways the domestic involved traditional law school, I got to go yourself if the prefatory hard but that's why think of us really see that more and more. Really see that as a generation grows up to see our kids, who are now not assuming discouraged from going to college and certainly if our children want to go to college like to but it's not the only goal. The goal for maybe the baby boomer boomer generation was they were there for a lot of the times of first generation to go to college UMC in that was a big deal. It is a big they wanted that for their children regardless of what it was.

They just wanted to see that piece of paper. Now, a lot of them got take advantage of the hundred thousand dollars in debt. I think we need to be people who don't fit that bill. Though I do not. But I also think if that same person had walked into a car dealership and asked for $100,000 car, are they motivated today, they would not get it now. It would have got a bid. What I can hundred thousand dollar loan radar business or to buy a house.

It certainly would not happen. So the fact that our system was set up to where a college kid could get this amount of debt so quickly so young I think are some who would you talk about therapy discussion, but it is what it is retaking calls on it. Let me hear your thoughts.

100-684-3110 Pao and recruit now so that what's going on with Iran in the nuclear deal lot domestic news right now course presence going to announce an executive order on this student loan debt forgiveness could be huge debate. It Artie is a huge debate. We also are working to you and I want I will that will redo ACLJ as well.

It's easy how shortest to cease to be filed five different reports with the US walk people through exactly what were doing here Shearson the 51st session of the human rights Council is just about to start. It starts at September 12 think is through October 7 and as an NGO I with special consultative status were able to file five written reports highlighting just human rights atrocities that are happening on. Currently, so we found this we just found this five reports we did one on India when on Afghanistan one on Pakistan when on Nigeria and then we did one with the working group on arbitrary detention, reminding them of the good opinion we got on pastor saw Haley is still unfortunately in present in China so we were able to do this five written reports and then in a couple weeks will be able to on get deal oral submissions and oral interventions on those as well and not specific yet. I think Afghanistan probably a lot of people because it's been such a significant now. If these were perfect there during the US troops on the ground, but these were certainly different women were going to school girls go to school before sending it a sense of more religious liberty. These things are moving in a in a more positive direction.

They had been in and we saw this revert back to kick chaos and a horrendous firm for people that are minorities absolutely so we highlight the fact that the towel man take over basically and Isis K both persecuting Christians I and Afghanistan. At the end. Our goal is to literally eliminate the Christian population and Afghanistan and they are being very successful targeting and persecution it's going on again people who see them there if they will see Blackhorse you were doing yet that's and you can check that out to get more work doing all this work wonders for some time.

I know there's a lot of breaking news a lot going on to take the food go back to phone calls now to the IRS documented the President announced and I just always would be straight up with everybody here, he still uses the political wind. Even though the left. The hard left doesn't love it it helps himself, though, when they're saying this is a big enough. This is integrative because if you don't have the AOC endorsements of the more left-wing groups. Suddenly he looks at his play more the middle right absolutely allowed to work on it about that webinar, the IRS also had Scott Bob calling New Jersey lie to Bob on the like all my question is in regard to the IRS. You have them on the higher 87,000 new agent which is ridiculous, but the process is to say whether it be a Republican, House-Senate, or even a pregnancy your process to reading those jobs are reduced OSHA was caught after the wrongdoing that was uncovered with the targeting of the tea party groups and conservative groups and then I didn't consider Graham was on right when this happened I go back to his gift to get it to cut it a little bit of the weeds, but I just did 10,000 feet Congress approves.

Then, after appropriate safety then appropriate. Tempting make its way of the power the purse is to make its way out of Congress. If you have enough political change.

And like you said it's it's cake hit. It would just be the house would just be sitting in need of a bigger change that but certainly to the house to say that you could stall some of the funding so they would be able just higher 80's. It is to take as I don't even know how the iris higher 87 how the cop enough to do that.

It's even so because of that you do have time to then go to the appropriations process and and stop those funds from being released to the vet it's approved within the of to go through each fund because it's over 10 years so you have an opportunity. That's when taking back the student becomes extremely critical.

But even if you take like that you could start of the interplay that goes on in Congress, since it does in Vegas.

The President's desk should all be the appropriations gave certainly until there was a Republican President he could start about repealing and removing with through legislation, not just rely on Congress not releasing the funds, but that is something that I get there. There will be a lot of work to do.

If Republicans stay on track. Take back the house and said yeah let's continue on to take another call yells her bliss itself. Carolina online six implicit call over me went back and got my Masters degree and graduated in 2019. I can afford to do that.

My loan is direct graduate now not pay the Pell grant and I would carry this loan loan, you know, elimination it can affect that the moratorium has affected me by the I've been planning to pay back though. I'm just wondering how this really works for someone who's over 50 and on that graduate level student loan. Not that Pell grant taking some of the details of the H. I don't think the AIDS is an issue, I do use it. It's not only the Pell grants the right will be its there is a debt that swipes to up to 2000 up to 20,000 so everybody individually is get to see this comes at how this affects me really is to a howitzer making a year. That's the kind of topline. So whether you file jointly or the file independently and to go through them publicly on the arraignment ceiling is merely just that income. That's not a line, so if you make over hundred $25,000 a year is not affecting you then affect you by giving you forgiveness how this becomes a problem for everyone.

Is it where the middle of time with is inflation and this increases inflation because you're taking people's debt away and they always try to figure out the okay wait that the beads less revenue for the federal government just so they can spend $87 billion. The IRS they got it and find that money and when they try to find that money is when inflation suspect is a support to more money and things get more expensive.

It's like a car company cell to make electric carcasses with what would you rate your review of this kind of tax credit really take that exact amount and added to the cost. Total cost of the car so you never got any feeling of that saving you before literally the legislation gets passed before you ever have time for that to trickle down to you, it's done. They raise their prices to come out doing time at the podcast to the exam had to that yet.

I we talked about last week, but on September 12 were relaunched new podcast secure rose podcast I get on this show.

As you can see I we are taking are a every time possible every minute possible. Do you up to speech would always have time to get to the longer discussions and and on unsolicited are just politics as well. You talk politics wants to talk, news, culture are lies, pop culture, and really just dive a little deeper have a much more interesting maybe the more casual conversation of these are interesting, like you said, these are hard-hitting shows we have an hour on terrestrial radio to get a lot of information out with this set a live have a bit more of an interesting vibe and it is you said secular brothers podcast just from your reaction before we were able to garner over 100 ratings and reviews on Apple podcast is one day we talked about actually repeat it. Went to number. They were like in the top 40 of all news podcast United States on Apple podcast.

We haven't launched yet so versatile to say thank you to everyone with an stop put in a review wrote that you didn't I would ask you to do that right now is go to secular click subscribe on Apple podcast if you respond by that's going to be, you'll see the directly to subscribe on Apple podcast. When you do that what you write a review gives a five star rating is what it's going to is when it launches September 12 one will be the first people to hear it straight. The afternoon you can get after the show and have lunch and come back to show the jury to get it immediately that night and after having three days a week on Mondays and Tuesdays and on Thursday that is secular to subscribe to this brand-new podcast. Do it now.

It looks and behavior interview. What are you supposed to send me a screenshot Tagus between the I will post it on our Instagram will do whatever it is, just tag at Logan Sekulow at Jordan secular you go secular It's a really simple options to click on where you can subscribe and we look forward to talking to you on September 12 we had our second half hour, on secular right the American Center for Law and engage in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be now. $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 affecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secular order to get covered at 162 that former secretary of state Mike Pompeo the recruit now live joining us. Talk to the student loan issue. I was sick to Pompeo as well as Iraq and get to work.

The run details to with Rick because I think that's something else low right over.

This is election time and the President has executive authority. They will go to their reaches. Even if you can file a lawsuit that events the stuff which on the foreign-policy side is not possible so but they start trying to make it look like they've accomplished six writers during the year and 1/2. There was now the accomplishments of the people that that his his pullovers have not risen as much, but it's not really about Joe Biden.

Right now, and Joe Biden in the politics long enough to know if he is not technically on the ballot and if his party. Looks like they're treating in the right direction. Then you can take him out of it. That's a good thing and they can point to their accomplished and it can spike later on and it's already started that you currently use a little bit. The Spanish changed its investment in the media straight from we need to replace Joe Biden as the mayor, President incident, he needs to leave. He's a decline.

These things need to go is failing to all the sunlight. Hey you where the sunglasses again is looking good. Let's would you like an article I read the like lookout, much like more lively.

He is now in Luke all the accomplishments that are happening that is his lips. This happened the last couple weeks. Sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we are now really getting closer and closer to the midterms that like that's virologic podcast on September 12 because were to be able to lead you up right into the midterms that I was that we got a heck of a couple years ahead of us, so we want to join us there to take some phone calls and you go ahead take Nancy New Hampshire line 3 on the guys for everything that I like you think I 19 2020 2021 have not then let it and tell me to calm down and the Croats and canals need to call and I also heard that they have destroyed a lot of people. IRS lines because they send it. Now they were pertinent to does that mean that I'm now on their list to have an IRS agent shot at my house for the status of your house, but at some point.

This is the question that people less you complied right. You've done the right thing to file this epic is call it easy at three years behind their three years behind on you and it. 17 million is people like that but that number probably doesn't tell us the true story which is having the 17 million people individually are three years there three years behind that because of what you did is because of what they haven't done and so one of the issues as is the it the ages that they are putting out there though are not the same. That would be handling your tax return that your file.

These are to go out and find new sources of revenue for the IRS.

That's how they always say right wing to get this money sitting out there. We just can't get because we can't figure out how to do it's just give us more money in and hire people and hopefully over these 10 years will be able get the money that is supposed be paid to the IRS that they can't even deal with people who are paying in to their taxes. It's it is a backward system. It would own this does not work anywhere except for the federal government, and this idea of just transparency and putting in using technology using the advancements you made to make things better for people easier for people.

It is that is not the irises plant that's out with us. They were not. There is a Williams $80 billion were to make everything much easier, much more simple. They still look at the American taxpayer as a negative.

Your starting point is your bad. It said the starting point is you pay the salary you're the reason they exist is there a job so this backwards kind of approach we come back would be done by secretary of state Mike Pompeo you were talking retarded method student loan issue talking Ron is well. The recruit now be joining us watching part of the show as well and our new podcast secular brothers.calm side of either therethrough. I choose personify.

We really could you leave a rating who rated afford to have excited to see the first and to hear the first podcast will want to first podcast and that's out September 12 to go to secular brothers dichotomy really encourage you. Hope you'll rated five stars and leave a comment there through iTunes or through spot of five secular folks were talking the issues internationally and domestically where the domestic issues right of the better course, the student loan announcement we knew was likely coming. I now have some of the more details were joined now by our senior counsel, global affairs, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It asked her to pop that would start off with that because this is I get it.

Classic election year politics headline student loan debt forgiveness. But how this actually impacts Americans what the one the number that that the $10,000 number of forgiveness but also who ends up paying for each week. That unit is up it's it's American workers. A lot of people didn't even go to college never took these loans out what get these loans for their small business adventure wouldn't get this load of retirement if in 18-year-old walked into cardio's about $150,000 cargo document loan, but this was these were the agreements that were made and now people are going to be stuck with them who didn't even take these loans out your politics and your point about buying election boat or the warm air, the wing of the party that inked on the run on this and they'll have more power the end, it becomes about how your points well taken. Everybody who took that London did so voluntarily.

They know exactly what they were inhabiting what the payment requirements were to be an American.

That's what we do right. If you make a commitment you elected not by the mistaken thing that your child, your input, you're not smart enough to make your own decision to repay the loans that you decided to take out they treat them like they treat them like they somehow somebody voiced this long for them to take it and then I think about that during I think about the machine shop that I rented which document that Iran, it for my two years before I lost my mind and ran for Congress that that those folks were working hard. Why should they be paying for some graduate student studying gender theory at an elite school and say now that you decided you didn't want to work your make a mess and auditory You're going to give you About them, but admitted fundamentally indecent. It is wrong and I regret that the biometrics and thought this was in the best interest of America gets the pavement idea because then they also put this disease freezes on payments through December. This was to restart in January. But if you look will actually restart any that the whole idea of the even the incentive to stay up to speed. This is not really there.

It's not real reality, not preparing anybody for the real world through this and any allowances you're talking about. They may have been young when he took the lead at the not yet now today I believe the Ed side stick the numbers which take and it does. I want everybody to be cautious though because election-year politics like resaved at the headline making issues and this takes it to the next issue the Iran nuclear deal and we know about your situation with the Iranians putting up bounties at the same time there sitting there negotiating on nuclear weapons. It seemed just absurd but it's it's also it's another political election-year.

Can we check the box that something else to the list will about the assignment with the Ayatollah and the President greatly in Iran will put American lives at risk will end up with an Iranian nuclear weapon other nations inside of the Middle East and the Arab states will feel compelled to have nuclear weapons as well. We will start a nuclear arms race in that region and about our friend and our partner Israel in terrible peril and it will create enormous risk here. They did nasty rating. Any of their care activities all across the world.

There is no reason to think that if you give them 750 billion or $1 trillion over a few years that they won't increase that care effort, whether that's attacking the US former government officials here in United States or by conducting terror on our friends in Israel. This only leads to a nuclear armed Middle East and more terror in the world. about its decision must cease negotiations with the Iranian regime, but it does seem that I sick to prepare for all the reports that there right on the answer to this, it is a day or hour announced that they've rejoined the steel that's that that's the sense that advice getting right now, so the pressure of what we what we can do about it but also so that people understand that walking back into this field. It was an important player back in 2014 2015 convincing the administration that they had to negotiate however likely to build a goat in 2015 is going to be tougher than the one that they're fine here in a few days. It appears the shorter, weaker and softer, not longer, stronger and harder. I thought that even or still I hope everybody who's listening today will contact their collective leadership and make the case for why this isn't in America's best interest is not in our security interests On economic best interest, and if you care about the relationship of United States and Israel and our Judeo-Christian tradition here United States and the way that the ACLJ have thought or for so long will do everything we can to try and commit to ministration not to go back to that scrappy deal with Alice to the Middle East not just Asia but some are allies who haven't gone the nuclear route like it's leaking again. This is the Iran has exported their terror to their countries as well and they've got rockets coming in doesn't always gets as much attention as rockets from Gaza, but it's a similar kind of approach and they got the resources financially.

They haven't really put the pressure of the USA. We have to have these weapons we become to put our own troops. There's a bit I would imagine to be tremendous pressure on future ministration is to from those countries to say we gotta protect ourselves. You know, we may be a little set unstable and you might improve over politics but if we work together we can have these weapons to it and you got another massive arms race in a pretty volatile region of the world exactly right. I am writing regarding Monica Kuwaiti at the list of Arab states that will say I have to protect myself or Malan is long and they will be demanding a capability to enrich uranium process. Click on them as well, and then second, I would tell it.

Uranium leadership needs to know the field in the last exactly 27 months this deal will be over as soon as the next President of United States is inoperative in the sanctions regime is coming back full throttle will put enormous pressure on the regime to try our best to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon.

The American people will demand it will be the right thing to do and I'm convinced that the next President will actually deliver that we will break back out of the deal and we will begin to deny Iran. The money they use to paralyze the world today sucks. I want you to Do precept by city to state our senior counsel, says my company was on to see right homepage. The by the administration must cease negotiations with the riders, a secretary prepare was always great to have your insight on both of those issues and those domestic issues to folks I don't want you to undercount and is finally getting its details on how to actually pass you that's important wide policy wise we disagree with Webster on the whether it's the student loan issue.

I will tell you it's it's easier to say against the Iran nuclear because it's Iran look with their private ABC get a student loan issues topline people. They all this this sounds nice. They don't think about the bigger impact right off the bat for the left. This is it enough and so for the right, they disagree with the policy behind this, but you see for the politics of the middle and you're talking about.

Again, can you get an extra couple thousand votes in Pennsylvania. A couple extra thousand votes in Wisconsin. She defied this votes in Florida, where people who then they they were our devoted midterm and but did not initially voting for or against this bigger issue of Joe by and so they're looking at just really, they start paying attention. It's back-to-school time is right around them. So you get summers over you look your people tend to back it.

More to the news and Ed starts okay what's been going on we had inflation outlook but just a little bit cheaper. Right now, so because it when a dollar data. It's up three is up three but it's but it's not 40 more and then that the big spending the bill back better in the inflation reduction act which is it really bad inflation reduction reduce reduction. It's not about that.

All this announcement later this afternoon about student loan issue I get with you.

Just think individually based the wonderful I don't you know I don't make these payments against turtle may be January and I get this 2000 forgiveness of a big hit these specific thresholds.

UAB listings appear right now say this is great. This sounds good. That's exactly how they would hope you would remember.

Anytime there's bit they are taking out $300 billion. What this cost from the federal government and they're putting back in 87,000,000,002 for the IRS were easy to get that that 87 billion been eroded yet. This big deficit spending to you and when you when you start canceling this money. It's just like sick regular tax credit for the electric truck electric truck would've exactly the amount of the tax credit so you never got the impact of that and never reach you and that that's how you have to have these conversations started today with people in your community unit armed with the facts are with the truths are with the statistics to get past the headline because he's get stuck at the headline we loose. I don't to sell you that leaving out your crazy, but look at how the pole have changed them.

We have time to push through different directions were not. It's not like the lectures tomorrow, but the Democrats are doing what they're good at doing and he had to give your political opponents credit wood credits do at any cost alert from start racking up Like accomplishing things. The first appear to have Lisa Dixon, government doesn't work.

Suddenly Joe Blanchard is voting like AOC and settle you know he is backing a great deal. 100-6431 two will be right back recruit out second security we talked about getting the politics of these decisions are sacrificing the policy and how that actually affects the American people and we talk to the student loan issue. These headline issues because it all. That sounds very nice. Sounds wonderful, and there a lot of people to vote on headlines. So you know you have to take this info and we have to go the extra mile to educate people pasties feel in what inflation reduction act.

That sounds wonderful but is really renewed. The really bill back better was no unsupported could get any traction at all, but the politics of this a reality or record melt right off the bat because Rick the politics here you're out the bid out states the primary season. Kind of coming to a close in the general election process.

Starting and wheat we see the polls tighten up and weeks. These whether to announcement the student loan debt or what sounds like for this to ministries at the ready to did cut the Iran nuclear deal and it's it just reeks of hay were just try to get something on paper before the election, but I want our people to know they have to be aware of this because it's it's a it's a real political issue that can move the needle if you don't educate voters that there is this idea that the media have decided to work very close by administration to push every possible good news, and pretend it's changing the way people are living their lives. We know on gas prices are still wildly a problem and what people have to focus on is the.

The idea that their lives have been turned upside down in the binder administration were not energy independent crime is on the rise. Got gas prices that are soaring the wall. The left is taking over we can get immune stay focused. No matter what the media says no matter what the pieces of good news there and try to claim victory that gas prices are coming down the stairway high and so this little piece of good news that their coming down is not good news. The Army that states that it's been a dollar down was three dollars up but something in the new states may be formed as a still shortage but the news moves on, and then you get a headline of the student loan forgiveness and think didn't really talk about that for a couple days. I may talk about how this affects taxpayers by what I remember Ron Moore. It just seems like this one deal.

This is what I think the American people do understand is that it's all got two years left on the deal and it was just handing them money. These bad actors going after allies going after our partners in the region going after us putting agents out in trying to recruit people to kill US officials were so happy Salman Rushdie on stage. There was some contact there with the Iranian Revolutionary guard and were about to make a deal with them over nuclear weapons to near 8 inch, eight years into a 10 year deal back again and and put them back on the world stage as well.

Will I don't much differently than by administration policy toward Russian hyaline. They believed because the Europeans told him a sanctions regime on the right and my plan would be bad sanctions and then we got to Ukraine war and selling the land over calculating how you make deals with the undersigned and client to make in healing the Iranians means you trust the Iranian regime.

He cannot trust so I don't care what they Iranian regime live. I don't care what they say they will commit to the Iranian demonstrated they don't keep commitments so they have to be much smarter deal. Just in the state deal is not good. You don't trust the other side to the deal. The Iranian regime cannot be trusted. No matter what they say this is a six paper on earth get you know this team is that the same position as they are same jobs therein. Same access to information publicly. What we see is the this is it not good after so that I am told by the their whole philosophy going in and that you can't really you can't buy off a a fundament so long you can only bow fundamentalist who is dedicated to this ideology and then evacuation their ideology. What the state is just to be stricken same to me. They got literally people here trying to recruit to kill US officials and we would even think about making the on nuclear weapons again a deal again on nuclear weapons by the relapse rate. You will get back. This is what I want you to understand because that's what this interplay with I was. Rick was ideally's travel that the political race on the ground.

The sick places also. But the highs of security by content highest levels of information and and dealing with it so it if there was something positive to gain anything positive again for making these deals with the devil they can lay that out force but but would you have Israel sitting there and their leadership unified in rejecting these deals. The Iranians limited that they tell you what to get to do it because it putting agents on to kill Americans here in the United States, not just our troops overseas here in the United States and said I get this all be careful though because the politics of pledges. I just want to say that there wheat we like say the truth talking direct on this broadcast when you take the politics of all this you put it all together. That's weird to be the most careful because the headlines and request argumentative the headlines if you get the media buy-in and they write it the right way about student loan debt forgiveness or Iranian nuclear deals work the securities and they forget they take your attention off Ukraine. They take your ticket off Russia. Maybe not pay as much since paid much attention to China.

The supply chain issues you just not focus there. Like the baby formula like the gas prices. The rabbis taught the effort, but it would tell your $0.75 and suddenly relates like everything is good but you still have these massive supply chain issues everyone knows of some target inquiry on this for tried to get supplies, materials, vehicles, and while will see it you know it shop a little here and there. It's not the America that we knew pre-covert where you could buy that the truck you wanted at any time.

If you have the resources you can go do it.

They were the Internet is put in a request six months ahead, put down a deposit on some that may or may not get there and so admit that, whether by computer or car or try to get a refrigerator for home and these are these baby formula, it just makes that this feeling the homelessness crisis. I will say that is seeping into every communities was like a drug crisis see that secret every community and on top of that you have the drug Christ. The homelessness crisis and that that Alisa crime and that feeling like when you drive down the street that just things are right like that. We've always had issues big country you have issues you have criminals you have bad actors you have addiction you need to deal with it, but it when he starts feeling overwhelmed, like there's just too many people and it's every facet of the it's a lot of focus on California at San Francisco's and Portland to New York, but it's happening everywhere. That's where the beginning at least, hubs of media based but it's it's you open your door. You will see more and more, and these are all feeling like joining the government to come safely. Maybe I should just trusted you and that's exactly what we could go to stay updated all of these issues, see Let me encourage you to secular brothers.calm your podcast on September 12 for asking today to go to secular brothers. I can't get you through the eye to this modified leave five star rating and a short review that you're excited about coming really would appreciate that secular

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