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ACTION NEEDED: Biden’s Border Crisis Worsens

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 29, 2022 3:31 pm

ACTION NEEDED: Biden’s Border Crisis Worsens

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 29, 2022 3:31 pm

In San Antonio. at least fifty people have died after being found abandoned in the back of an 18-wheel tractor trailer. This is the sort of tragedy the ACLJ has been warning could happen with the surge of human trafficking across the southern border under Biden Administration policies. Jay, Logan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss this awful situation and what needs to be done to stem the tide of human trafficking at the border. This and more today on Sekulow.

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This is Jay Sekulow action needed as President Biden's border crisis worsens 50 dead outside San Antonio. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. This has become the largest mass casualty investigation in our city at least in recent history. Homeland Security is now handling this investigation of who's responsible, but we are told three people are in custody. We want to hear from you.

Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. I don't understand this idea that we're going to abandon everything that works, the border wall, MPP, asylum agreements. We're going to abandon all of that. And today you have a border that's wide open.

You need to go back to what's tested and true, what works. And now your host, Jay Sekulow. Hey everybody, we've got a jam-packed program with you for you today.

Logan's with me. We're going to discuss a number of issues. There's obviously the border crisis is now reaching the humanitarian crisis that we knew was going to happen. Fifty dead in San Antonio in the back of an 18-wheeler because of human trafficking. So when we talk about these statistics, these aren't just statistics. These are 50 people that have died because coyotes were taking them across the United States, Mexico border to the United States in un-air-conditioned 18-wheeler trucks.

I mean, think about that for a moment. We're going to get into that in great detail. The numbers are staggering.

Logan just got a report on one that is, this just tells you what the problem is. And this is just on the border crossing issue. It just shows that there is chaos happening right now. And this just came out this morning that the Biden administration has signed a five-year contract to house what looks like 800 unaccompanied minors, essentially, who have illegally crossed the border in North Carolina.

Essentially in a North Carolina neighborhood in an old school, in an American Hebrew academy. This is where, again, 800 people are going to be housed there for who knows how long. And in a determined amount of time, it is sad. You look at this and go, this is a horrifying situation. Obviously the community is also concerned about what this means for their neighborhood and what this means for this because all of a sudden you have a big, 800 is not a small group of people. You've seen some of these where, hey, 30 people are going over here and 30 people are sitting over here. We again don't necessarily disagree with that methodology, but you have 800 kids.

No, this is horrific. And four individuals from Afghanistan were apprehended last month. Of course, there were a large number, like 50,000, that were not apprehended at the border.

I'm sure that number goes up every month. So we're going to get into this with Colonel Wes Smith from our team. We're also going to have a live report from our office in Jerusalem, Jeff Balaban. There's a lot happening there.

Also a situation with Iran now in Qatar and Doha doing these negotiations with the Iranians, still trying to get into the Iranian nuclear deal. So that we're going to discuss. We've got also posted, by the way, at I think this is important. A couple of articles dealing with the border crossing and also with the Supreme Court victories yesterday.

You want to get those. So we're going to deal with that. We've made an appearance at the United Nations on the issue of Nigeria, which has more Christian persecution than any other country in the world right now. So we've got that. Jordan did a video that was played at the United Nations. That's how you do the interventions now.

They allow some in person, some by video. And that was done yesterday. We're going to play that in the last segment of the broadcast. We're going to hear from a lot of our team today. There's a lot going on. We're going to also take your phone calls on all of these issues and issues of pocketbook concern to you. And that is the rising prices of fuel and food. We're going to talk about all those issues.

1-800-684-3110, 800-684-3110. That's right. We're going to continue the discussion on what's going on at the border and the border crisis. Obviously, the tragedy that took place with many dead out of, like you said, being found in a truck. This is the crisis that we're having right now. And we're going to not just disregard it, move on. So we're going to talk about this in the next segment. We also, like you said, are going to cover a huge variety of topics today and have a lot of guests.

So stay tuned. You can be on the air right now. That's at 1-800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110 to have your voice heard on the air. Check out the work of the ACLJ.

All the great content we put up each and every day from our incredible team here. That is at Again, You can go there. See, again, you can support the work of the ACLJ, but you can also really deep dive into some incredible text and video content, audio content.

Again, We'll be right back. After the broadcast everyone, we're taking calls at 1-800-684-3110.

I've only been saying that number for I think 35 years. 1-800-684-3110. Wes Smith is with us and we've got to go right to the situation. Horrible situation. 50 people are dead in the back of an 18-wheeler truck that was bringing people illegally. Coyotes are called their traffickers.

This is human trafficking, folks. Across the border and they're dead. But the situation at the border is so bad that the President of Mexico is saying it's happening because there's trafficking people and lack of control.

In this case of the Mexican-U.S. border, but also in the U.S. interior. And a lack of control at the border, the worst case of migrant deaths due to smuggling in the U.S. This is what's going on right now. Yeah, it is an abject failure of their own design. So much could be done. People are telling them, the border patrol is telling them things that could help this situation. They're literally refusing to do it.

So what is happening, Jay? We have two factors at work here. One is inhumane. When people die like this and then people crossing the border who are sexually trafficked. The fentanyl.

The guy that was caught this week with 150,000 fentanyl pills in his car coming from Mexico. And so it's inhumane. And if we had a secure border, and by that I mean if there were a wall with orderly ports of entry, and if we returned everyone who crossed except the most obvious cases of a legitimate asylum claim. If we did those two things, a secure border and following immigration law, two things would happen. First, the drug cartels, their business would almost dry up because of the second thing, fewer people would be trying to cross the border. There would be fewer people sexually trafficked. There would be fewer deaths.

There would be fewer drugs. And then the second factor, of course, is national security. This week, four people from Afghanistan were caught crossing the border. In the last year, 50 people on the terrorist watch list have been caught crossing the border. We don't know how many got away.

Those are the ones we apprehended. The numbers we're getting at the goaways are like 50,000. I mean, it's a huge number. It said a high level, this customer in Border Patrol said that they were with over 50,000 what they call gotaways in May alone. Andy, that's interesting that the, of course, the trafficking, and you've dealt with this as a prosecutor, is a problem not just at the border. It's a problem throughout the country because they get the, like Logan said, the 800 kids are being moved to North Carolina legally. Reading some of these reports, because some of the numbers are fuzzy, it may be 800 employees and thousands of children. Wow.

Okay. That's what some of the other, you know, it's not necessarily clear, but I looked at one article I just read, the version of that story is thousands of kids, but they're having to staff up to even take care of them. But Andy, it's interesting, the President of Mexico said it's not just a problem once you're past the border, but also in the US interior. In other words, there is such a system in place that these traffickers, human traffickers get these people in and then they have a whole national network to disperse them. It's affecting everywhere, and even the President of Mexico says that.

Well, it's amazing to me that the President of Mexico is more knowledgeable about what is happening in the United States than the President of the United States. These coyotes who bring them in, not only bring them in initially through the border, but then disperse them to cities throughout the United States. And now the United States is, as Logan pointed out, concentrating them in smaller cities around the country, 800, 1000, whatever it is. Can you imagine the impact of the resources of those small towns and communities that they now have to face in feeding houses and clothing, policing, supervising 1800 people who are now just plopped into their communities? What about the school system? What about law enforcement? What about feeding them?

What about housing them? This is a crisis and it is a terrible situation that the President of Mexico recognizes, but the President of the United States apparently ignores. Let's go to Chris in Chicago on line one. Chris, you're on the air. Good afternoon, gentlemen. One of my fears is that... Hey, Chris, I'm fortunate enough to punch you back on hold real quick. We'll try to come back to you.

There's just some bad wind noise or air conditioning noise. I got a question for Wes. Wes, we've also talked about the border situation from a national security perspective, and this is a very serious national security perspective. And you told me before we went on the air that the reports this last week are that in the people crossing the border illegally were four individuals from Afghanistan.

Absolutely. They obviously did not come into the United States legally. No, they did not. And in the past year, since President Biden has been President in this last year of his office, 109 different countries, people from 109 different countries have been apprehended at the border.

109. And those are the ones they've apprehended. And again, we don't know about the getaways.

Some say that in the last fiscal year, that since October, there have been 400,000 getaways, the Border Patrol estimates. This is a real national security crisis. After the 9-11 events happened, the 9-11 Commission said one of the failures of the American people collectively was a failure to imagine what the terrorists would be willing to do. I think we are setting ourselves up for a terror attack because we could not imagine, the administration could not imagine, who might be crossing their border and what their plans are from a national security perspective. You know, it's interesting because Chad Wolf is a former acting DHS secretary, said this about these kids as Logan was talking.

Take a listen. We have a crisis right now when it comes to UACs, which are unaccompanied alien children. These are individuals that are under the age of 17 years old that come across that border, both legal, mainly illegally. And we have a crisis here because we are seeing numbers of those individuals coming across that border. And the highest numbers that we have ever seen begin because of the policies of this administration. They exempted all minors early on in their administration from Title 42.

So Title 42, which remains in effect today, does not apply to UACs and to minors. You know, Andy, this is a real tragedy. Law enforcement is telling us that they have what they call assist calls. And they're finding, you know, 14, 15, 16 year olds left on the side of roads in major cities. And they'll tell the officers they were taken here by their stepfather or their father, but then they don't know the name of the individual that took them. And if you had to deal with this as a prosecutor, we've got an epidemic of this right now. And it's really causing havoc in cities throughout the United States.

Well, Jay, you're absolutely correct. And I did have to deal with it as a prosecutor because we had so many of these migrants and illegal enters coming into the United States and just deposited in places. Railroad yards in front of communal hostels, banks, just deposited on the streets in cities and towns, in front of police stations, in front of firehouses and abandoned like they were animals. And then you had to care for them. You can't just let them out there and let them just be exposed to the elements and be homeless. You have to take care of them. But what is law enforcement supposed to do? What are medical services supposed to do?

How do we house people like this? How do we deal with the crisis? The President has just ignored it and said that it really doesn't exist. The vice President who's supposed to be in charge of the border has gone down in some planned event in El Paso. The President won't even go down there to look at it. And this smuggling of people like the other day, like the Texas incident outside of San Antonio.

I can't even think of a refrigerated truck that wasn't working with 103 degree temperature and think of these bodies in that truck. It's something that reminds me of the horrors of World War Two. And it's happening right now in June 2022 in the United States of America. And let's hear actually from the White House spokesperson about this.

What do they have to say about this situation and the crisis and the current? But the fact of the matter is the border is closed, which is in part why you see people trying to make this dangerous journey using smuggling networks. This is the border is not closed. I mean, this is this is this is preposterous. Yeah.

What a break from reality. The border is obviously not closed. And you know who has operational control of the border? The cartels. Yesterday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas said the cartels don't care about these people.

My question is, sir, do you know perhaps individual? I'm sure individually members of the administration, they care. But the policies of this administration are uncaring. You know, I think the net effect of this is, Logan, you're trying to verify that report we've got. This has now reached the levels where we don't have control on the situation. Now, we're going to get probably, Andy, tomorrow the remain in Mexico policy decision from the Supreme Court, another big one. And that may have an impact. But if the if the administration doesn't have a plan, it's not going to help anything.

No, it doesn't. I mean, we trust that the Supreme Court decision is going to uphold the remain in Mexico policy. But one of the things that the President Biden, the first thing he came in was reverse the sanitary policies of President Trump. The wall, the remain in Mexico policy, all the policies that President Trump had put in that were working.

And then to come out with a ridiculous statement through his press secretary that the border is closed. What are you talking about? Who do you think we are? Idiots out here? Well, this is no, I mean, this is that was a preposterous statement.

All right. Coming up in the next segment, we expected this. It has now happened. Kentucky, Utah and Louisiana, all facing lawsuits. Louisiana and Utah.

A judge has enjoined the state law that put restrictions in place on abortions. We knew this was coming. We're going to get into this in great detail. We'll take your calls at 800-684-3110. Frank Mannion from our office in Kentucky is going to be joining us. We've got a lot to discuss.

That's right. 1-800-684-3110. We have some phone calls that are on hold. Stay on hold. We'll get to you when we can. Obviously, a few lines are open as well. So you can call it right now.

1-800-684-3110. Continuing this conversation, you said we're going to shift in the next segment. Talk a little bit about what's happening in the life situation, obviously, with the overturning of Roe.

What that means state by state. We've seen a lot of things going on. We're going to cover some of those, specifically what's going on in Kentucky, in the next segment. We'll be right back.

We'll get some phone calls later on, so give us a call at 1-800-684-3110. We're still talking about the border crisis, but we're going to be shifting in this segment to talk a little bit more about, obviously, a historic week for life. Historic week as Roe is overturned. But now, as we expected, it's going back to the states, as the Supreme Court ruled, and that is going to be 50 new battles.

Literally. In states that, you know, initially people thought, well, the states that have kind of a pro-life majority are going to be fine, and then the states that don't, you've got to work in. But Frank Mann, your senior counselor to the ACLJ, Frank, you and I have been doing this work for, you know, I don't want to date us, but let's say 40 years, that's a good number. We were thrilled with the decision in Roe, but right there in Kentucky, where your office is, you've got a challenge there. There's been one in Utah and Louisiana, and in Utah and Louisiana, the courts have issued temporary restraining orders, not allowing the pro-life legislation to go in effect, even after the Supreme Court decision. Yeah, Jay, and we're not shocked by that, I guess, and I don't hold out a whole lot of hope that the court in Kentucky will do anything different than the court in Louisiana and Utah.

You know, Kentucky is generally considered a very conservative place. The Supreme Court justices are elected, but in the past, they've never confronted an abortion issue directly because it was a federal matter until Friday. So we don't really have a track record, but I have to say that, as you know, these cases are filed on the basis that the state constitution does protect the right to abortion, even if the federal doesn't after Dobbs. And there is a significant amount of right to privacy case law in Kentucky already, which is what the ACLU is banking on. They've already sued.

They sued yesterday. They've obviously been waiting for this because the filings that they filed yesterday are from the ACLU National. This isn't the local Kentucky ACLU changing the name of the states, you know, and the case law that they're citing.

So they're ready to go. Frank, I've said that a lot of this is going to ultimately come down to the state Supreme Courts. So like to take Kentucky, for instance, I don't know what the situation there is. How does your court view these issues? I think I'm not that optimistic with the state Supreme Court because of their long history of sort of mimicking what the Supreme Court has done with privacy and bodily integrity and all that sort of thing.

I could easily see them siding with with the ACLU on this. But the good news in Kentucky is the issue is on the ballot in November. In November, we already have a referendum which will decide whether or not there is a right to abortion in the Kentucky Constitution. So in a sense, the court matter here, the litigation is a bit of a sideshow because the voters are going to decide this in November. And Kentucky voters historically have been extremely pro-life. So I'm much more optimistic about winning there than I am about winning at the courts.

But we'll see. But then you also have a very liberal governor in Kentucky. A lot of our comments, a lot of people from Kentucky that are listening. So that does put a weird counter about you think of Kentucky as a very conservative area.

Elected officials you think would be representative. But Kentucky is kind of one of those anomalies where it can kind of go either way. But Frank, you raised the point of the legislative initiative and ACLJ action. Our 501c4 is looking at these states because we came to the same conclusion that you're not going to just be able to rely on the state supreme courts here. That it may take constitutional amendments in the state legislature to get through that the people actually vote on on these issues. So what does the fight look like in your view here? I mean, are we talking about 50 states probably or possibly?

It's quite possible. And yeah, I mean, this is exactly what what Dobbs said, you know, people are freaking out about it banned abortion. Well, no, it didn't.

It gave it back to the people. That's what you know, the conservatives on the Supreme Court have been saying for decades, as you know, this is a matter that should never have become a federal judicial matter. It's a matter for the people to decide and people in places like Kentucky, I suspect, are going to decide in a very pro-life way. Other states will decide differently.

And you know, that's the way it is. I will point out that Logan makes the point that we have a liberal governor, but we have a very conservative attorney general, who's completely at odds with the governor. So he is vigorously defending this particular law.

I did in camera, he also happens to be running for governor. You know, we've already reached out to his office and told them, you know, contact us if you want to make us support anything else we can do. But I am very confident that that this law is going to get a top notch legal defense from the attorney general's office. You know, sometimes attorney generals, when faced with laws they don't like, kind of put up a half-hearted effort in defending these things.

But that's not going to happen here in Kentucky. Yeah, like you said, Laura on YouTube said, Kentucky is a very liberal governor. What is his role in this? So what about the conflict between the governor, Frank, and the attorney general? Well, it's interesting because our current governor used to be the attorney general, when we had Matt Bevin as governor. So those two went at it all the time, and we're seeing sort of the reverse thing now with Beshear as governor, and Cameron. Cameron has already announced, and I'm sure they're in the process of filing today, that they're going to vigorously defend this law.

So I don't have any doubts that the governor doesn't have much to say about it at this point. So the ACLJ action, just so everybody knows, is looking at it legislatively, constitutional amendments. ACLJ is looking at it from a litigation standpoint. Frank Mannion, senior counsel with the ACLJ, appreciate your comments on this, and being with us.

But I'll tell you this, Logan, this is exactly what we said was going to happen. Now it's happening quickly, but we have been prepared too. The decision in the Supreme Court was great, it returns it to the states, and I think the fight's going to be in the states. Yeah, and actually I'd be interested to hear from people who are more pro-choice than the fact that I feel like they're putting their money and their time in the wrong places. You see people supporting Planned Parenthood, you see people putting their time and protesting, when really it's the Supreme Court decision, it was what it was, and now it's where litigation is going to take place. It's where they're going to go to the courts to battle this out, and inevitably go to the elections and upcoming elections when this happens.

So that is to me an interesting part of this. I think people's natural reaction on either side is take to the streets and protest and donate to these organizations. They really can do nothing, even if you're a pro-choice person.

They can't do anything right now. The Supreme Court has ruled, so now it takes it to the court and now it's going to get interesting. I hope people get more educated on actually where they need to be putting their support. Well, I think that's right, and there's going to be a lot of talk right now, and people are trying to rush statements out, and we're saying we have to do this thing very strategically, very wise, very smart. You look at a state like Kentucky is a perfect example.

Republican AG, Democratic governor, conservative legislature, looks like a pretty liberal Supreme Court in Kentucky. So then you've got to look and say, okay, well, we could go with that challenge up to the Supreme Court of Kentucky, but also we may need something else legislatively. And that's where it's going to take real analysis, and we've got teams of people working on this right now, I mean literally teams of people in our office in Washington, in our office in Kentucky, around the country, to deal with these precise issues. So again, I want to be clear that these are big issues, we're prepared, we're just being really strategic on how we engage this. I do want to take this call, we're going back to the situation on the border from Mark. I think we should address it. We'll take more calls at 800-684-3110.

Yeah, absolutely. Let's go ahead. Is he on the air? Mark, you're on the air. Hello, Jay, how you doing?

Long time listener, first time caller. I was just curious, like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, why couldn't these governors deploy their National Guards to shut the border down? Because there's been a conflict between the states calling up the National Guard, the governors, and the federal government nationalizing the National Guard, so to speak. So this has been an ongoing battle. And what we're really hurting on the border, whether it's the 800 or so kids that have been sent to unaccompanied minors sent to North Carolina.

That is in a residential area by a target. Yeah, I mean this is like a disaster waiting to happen. Or the 50 people that lost their lives. When you have bad policies, you get really bad results. So again, we could have a stay in Mexico policy, we could have Title 42, the adjudications, and release them out. But this administration doesn't want to, they are ignoring the threat on the border. Maybe now with the death, unfortunately, of these 50 people. These are human beings, lost their lives, trying to get to the United States. This is an administration that's so out of touch, let's see if they respond to it.

We'll be back with another half hour of the broadcast in just a moment. keeping you informed and engaged now more than ever this is secular and now your host j secular everybody welcome back to the broadcast welcome to the second half hour of the broadcast if you're just joining us we talked about the border crisis we talked about the situation on the litigation now over the outcome of roe vs wade this next half hour i want to focus on some international matters in fact we're here from jeff balaban from our office in jerusalem in about five minutes to let you know what's going on in the middle east there's a lot happening there but also we're going to get into what we're doing at the united nations with van bennett jordan made a uh what's called an intervention that means an oral statement to the united nations on uh a situation in nigeria nigeria unfortunately was removed from a list of particular concerns by the state department we talked to mike pompeo about that yet in nigeria a christian is killed for their faith every two hours and from october 2020 till september 2021 ready for this more christians were murdered for their faith in nigeria than in any other country and yet um and when by the way that number is 4650 during that period nigeria accounted for nearly 80 percent of the christian persecution death cases worldwide and the state department takes them off of the country of particular concern lists this is how out of touch they are and again you're talking about basic fundamental human dignity the right to believe in your conscience your faith and to not lose your life for it what's the benefit to them for doing this for removing it so they get to focus on other things they can have economic benefits there's there are things that they'll do yeah but when the united states you're taking them off the list i think nothing that outweighs the right death toll that's taking place here this the nigeria was on the list put on the list by the trump administration mike pompeo was written about it on that's one of the things i want to talk about i mean look at the people that we have that we're working with former secretary of state mike pompeo former director of national intelligence rick rinnell both of which were cabinet members uh in the previous administration so i mean we're dealing and they're part of our teams and not just on radio they're helping us on a whole host of areas and i i think you have to understand the nature and scope of what's going on as we go to an international focus here that this is really serious and we've got to be concerned when people are losing their lives for their faith whether it's in the middle east whether it's in africa wherever it might be we have got to be concerned we'll take your calls on all this too at 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 i am concerned also that as we talked about the border situation in the last half hour of the broadcast that we are about to have a migration crisis worse than any we've seen do you know that the number of what they call contacts last month i mean the numbers are staggering 239,000 almost 240,000 migrant encounters of may of 2022 and it was high last may in 2021 at 180,000 so you've had more than 60,000 additionals and it's also higher than the 235,000 encountered in april of 2022 that's every month a quarter of a million encounters on our border and and and you've got the press secretary saying the border is closed so all of these affect international matters that's why the aclg with our resources around the globe can fight on all of these fronts but we have got to get border security in place folks we have got to get the immigration system fixed we cannot have people coming over in an air conditioned trucks we need to remain in mexico policy until your case is adjudicated this is unacceptable period and it's a violation of basic human dignity we are taking your calls on this and the other topics at 1-800-684-3110 once again that's 1-800-684-3110 clear through some of the calls we actually have quite a few open lines right now so if you want to be on the air. This is the time to give us a call again that's at 1-800-684-3110 and whether it's on the border crisis whether it's on a life laws will take them on all the topics we've gone over and we'll keep going if your questions that are about those and we'll take some more at the end of the show as well so again that's at 1-800-684-3110 we encourage everyone to visit as I said earlier not just a place to go I know we say go support the work of the aclj go donate obviously that's what we'd love you to do we'd love the support however our team creates incredible content so make sure you are on there checking out all the videos all the articles have been posted all the blogs at and on all social media platforms broadcast everyone taking your calls at 800-684-3110 we're gonna go right to Jerusalem where our leader of our Jerusalem office Jeff Balaban is right now and Jeff there's a lot in the news there's a lot to talk about let's kind of unpack it one at a time we just had a report for those that were watching on our social media platforms about what is going on with Iran and their nuclear capabilities and this big concern that they have advanced significantly yet at the same time we're finding out that the United States is in these sort of talks with the Iranians in Doha Qatar about still trying to get into this Iranian nuclear deal what are you hearing on the ground now that you're in Jerusalem people are absolutely stymied they're trying to figure out and they're asking me as an American what on earth this administration can be thinking you know if you wanted to stabilize the Middle East destroy all of America's interests side with brutal dictators over their people encourage massive global terror and ultimately give nuclear weapons to the enemies who declare that America is the great state and Israel is the small state this is exactly what you would do so why are they doing it and that's what people are asking they're asking me for the answers they don't see the answers yeah so here's the question though of course the United States is not doing these directly right Jeff I mean this is the subterfuge of all of this they're doing this through what do they call it you know intermediaries third party governments but why would you put I mean it makes no sense to me with all the progress that was made in the Middle East with the Abraham Accords and so many other issues you and I were there for the embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem these were historic moments in the Middle East did not explode in fact to the contrary things got much better and much more stable but now you got you give Iran this kind of rope and then you have Saudi Arabia now has relations with Israel Jordan Egypt UAE a lot of the other Gulf states are saying Iran with the nuclear weapon will wreak havoc in the region and will be deadly literally and they are the largest state sponsor of terror look okay I don't want to play amateur psychologist here but all I can think of is and this is what I'm telling people to ask is this is consistent not with America's interests but with the left's utopian vision of themselves as masters of the universe it's the same thing as pretended they're going to change the climate and defeat a virus and you know there it seems to be their ideas wouldn't it be great and demonstrate how godlike we are if we could rehabilitate the Muslim Brotherhood and the mullahs in Iran and the Palestinian authority and make them not terrorists but peaceful statesmen and we're going to solve the world okay that's great except what it actually causes in real life is massive destruction bloodshed death and it destroys America's interests as well as any of our allies and you're right Jay we just saw spectacular success with the Abraham Accords and yet they seem to want to walk exactly in the opposite direction so we got this shift going on you had the previous talks with the Iranians were mostly done by the Europeans and Russia as an intermarry go figure that one out and now and those were in Vienna now they're using cutter as the intermediary how dangerous do you think this is Jeff I think it's it's on a road to disaster exceptionally dangerous look and I said this the last go around when the Obama Biden administration was moving in this direction you know forget about the nuclear warheads for a second the fact that Iran already has into ballistic missiles ICBM they don't need them to reach Israel they can use them to reach Chicago and we need to recognize that Iran openly states its desire for our destruction all the time and we have more and more evidence thanks to Israel by the way thanks to Israel and their and their missions their dangerous missions to reveal what I read actually how they've been cheating etc we have evidence of how much they've been lying and cheating throughout so why do we want to go back in there again yesterday it is dangerous and besides the ultimate danger for us in America of course this means massive increase of funding of terror and destabilization especially in the Middle East but often around the world all right so I want to go to the domestic situation politically in Israel because obviously big news last week with the government falling so to speak what is the latest development there maybe we need to actually explain to people how the government works I think we hear the headlines and look sometimes I'm confused so maybe we need to break it down a little bit because we're so used to American politics it's not a constitutional republic in in Israel Jeff so I think it's Logan actually is right let's start from the beginning here and describe this poll it's more like the British system this coalition government how does it work so here you don't vote for like the two major parties and you don't have direct elections for a party there are numerous parties and people vote for numerous parties and then the parties have to see based on how many mandates or seats they have to be in the Knesset in the Parliament try to group together to get a majority of 61 okay and that's where the fun begins because the coalition building is then becomes a lot of horse trading it for me it always resembled the most in American politics what the Appropriations Committee looks like where the Democrat Republican matters a lot less than dealmaking and so it's the ultimate dealmaking and for the first time the last government or this present government was formed by a couple of groups on the right breaking in completely new direction and actually forming a government with Arab parties now there have often been Arab members of Parliament that's not a surprise in Israel but these are parties that are not pro-Israel parties these are parties that actually side openly with Hamas a terror group Muslim Brotherhood parties and so it was a shocker when supposedly extreme right-wing Zionist parties formed the government with them and people thought it wouldn't last and for a year it lasted with a lot of tension and then it looked like things are beginning to collapse and Bibi Netanyahu who has been the opposition leader because he couldn't form a majority government last time looks like he was gaining power because the right was realigning saying they don't like the current situation we know that it could fall like on a moment's notice right I mean it could just literally fall apart which it did because some of the coalition partners pulled out where is it now there's a lot of talk that Netanyahu may be coming back and try to put his own coalition together does that look realistic or not so realistic right now what does it look like you're there it looks highly realistic a lot of the schisms existed among the right which is to say that the national religious parties the Zionist parties the secular Zionist the pro-Israel parties I guess we would call it even though a lot of the other side here may call themselves pro-Israel they don't like what they've seen in the last year they think certain red lines were crossed and so even though some of them may have issues with Bibi Netanyahu's dominance and he's been a major dominant the major dominant political figure for decades it seems they may be aligning and that's the hope and that's actually but it's by no means clear that that will happen because there are a lot of personality issues and there are a lot of personal political futures at stake so it's a race against time to see if Bibi Netanyahu can put together a coalition of majority and that's actually why the current government are the one who called for this government to stop so that they have a chance to quickly reestablish it and not allow Bibi to have a little more time to call for the government to end so that he could have already established this coalition people are on the right generally are hopeful that Bibi will be able to pull it together again but it is by no means when do you think we'll know?

oh I don't think we'll know for quite a while months? look I wouldn't be shocked and that's also what I'm talking to people here including I talk to some of the best well known political analysts on both sides of the political spectrum and they are up in the air with this it could happen anytime it could happen quickly or it can drag out possibly for months three or four months alright let me ask one last question here Jeff and that is we do a lot of representation at the International Criminal Court in The Hague you've got all these complaints being filed regularly by the Palestinian Authority but we also do a lot of work in Judea and Samaria you were just out I think yesterday or the day before give us the latest and describe again let's go back to what Jordan Logan said when we talk about Judea and Samaria tell people what we're talking about sure so what the world likes to call the West Bank for the last couple of decades is actually sort of a hostile name that was given to a region known as Judea and Samaria literally since Bible times and the world knew it was Judea and Samaria it was always Judea and Samaria except when the Jordanians invaded so that Israel couldn't have its state in 1948 they took control and they called it the West Bank meaning the West Bank of the Jordan River that whole area and we don't have a map here but maybe next time we'll do a graphic that area is very contested but it is in fact very much the indigenous homeland of the Jewish people it is very much the Bible talks about all the places in the Bible are there Jerusalem is part of that area and so now it's it's being disputed and once again the Biden Administration like what they're trying to do apparently in Doha they're trying to rehabilitate the idea of a Palestinian Authority which really for decades has demonstrated no interest in peace and just interested in terror and they're in control of the Palestinian population there and the Israelis are controlling the general security borders there and there obviously are Jewish communities there and Arab communities there and they're much less integrated than they are in this in the main part of Israel and so yesterday I spent the day in Judea tomorrow actually we haven't talked about it the plan is to go to Hebron and then on Thursday to spend the day in Samaria catching up with people who are local leaders seeing what's going on in Syria seeing what's going on the ground there what kind of challenges they're facing both in terms of the future of sovereignty and control and security there and how we can help them you know let me say this it's not many groups have an office operating in Jerusalem and have a senior lawyer like Jeff Alabon running that operation so that we're involved in all of the not just the political issues the legal issues the sovereignty issues for the Jewish state and we've been committed to this for 40 years we've made multiple I made multiple appearance we have as a group at the International Criminal Court in The Hague successfully we're going to continue that fight no matter what jurisdiction you enter anyplace else to defend the right for a Jewish homeland including Judea and Samaria which is part of biblical Israel anyway so it's you look at it that way I wrote a whole book about it called Jerusalem we'll be back with more in just a moment thanks Jeff Welcome back to Secula I would wrap up today we actually have a very interesting segment to get to including my brother presenting at the UN today maybe Dan you can give a little brief understanding of what that is and also Than Bennett is joining us from Washington D.C. Dan is our Director of Government Affairs and our UN representative I want to set the stage for this a little bit and give a little aspect before we go to what Jordan actually did at the United Nations today and that is Than when we talk about these interventions on countries of concern that we have is because we get a chance to speak to the entire General Assembly or at least the Human Rights Commission or whatever it might be explain this to our audience so they understand exactly what we're talking about before we see that actual video Yeah Jay I actually think this is one of the most important components of our international work and it's important because we're one of the lone voices that is actually going to represent an ideology of freedom an ideology of democracy and actually just independence Jay this is why we work so hard through our European Center for Law and Justice to get consultative status so that when the United Nations would meet whether it's the General Assembly in New York or today like you're going to hear from Jordan at the Human Rights Council they're holding their 50th session in Geneva Jay inside those rooms if we weren't present a lot of times the atrocities that you're going to hear Jordan talking about in just a minute they wouldn't even be mentioned in these councils even though they are allegedly meeting to address human rights abuses so we got that consultative status especially for times like this when the US administration Jay is not going to be very forceful in showing up and pressing the case for persecuted Christians around the world that's what we do and even during a time of COVID where even now some of these presentations are done virtually our status Jay gives us the opportunity to be inside that chamber in Geneva and pressing the case for those who are persecuted And this is particular interventions about Nigeria which was listed as previously as a country of particular concern to the United States we sent a letter on June 8 to Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressing concern and outrage frankly over the lack of understanding this difficult situation that Christians are having in Nigeria and in fact that the delisting of Nigeria as a country of particular concern we actually went directly to the State Department on this This was an inexcusable decision by the Biden administration Jay and this actually gives a glimpse of how we're going to address the issue in Geneva we're also going to address it domestically I heard Logan ask you in a segment before why in the world would the US have removed Nigeria from this country of particular concern list Jay I really think there are two reasons for it number one is maybe more broad it's because it supports their policy of appeasement they just want to sort of let everybody get away with things around the world but Jay here's the second thing and people just need to hear this truth they did this Jay right before President Biden made his trip over to Nigeria so it was sort of greasing the skids for his trip so we're going to show up today Jordan already did you're going to hear this audio in just a minute and tell the truth when the Biden administration specifically did not Alright we're going to go ahead and play for you Jordan's intervention that was played at the United Nations just hours ago take a listen Thank you I recognize the European Center for Law and Justice Thank you Mr. President Nigeria has the third highest number of internally displaced persons in Africa such displacement is caused by the violence perpetrated by terrorist organizations like Boko Haram and Fulani militants These groups operate with impunity murder Christians because of their faith burn down their homes and kidnap their children from schools In Nigeria a Christian is killed for his or her faith every two hours in fact more Christians were murdered for their faith in Nigeria than in any other country Boko Haram and the Fulani militants have already carried out numerous attacks against Christians causing further displacement of innocent citizens Most recently on June 5th over 50 Christians were massacred while attending a Pentecost service at a Catholic church In May ISIS extremists ruthlessly executed 20 Christians to avenge the death of ISIS leaders in the Middle East Also in May the Fulani militants killed 8 Christians including 2 children looted valuables and destroyed Christian homes Hundreds of residents fled the area as if the initial violence was not sufficient Boko Haram placed a bomb in a camp for the internally displaced Fortunately a bomb squad was able to defuse it The ECLJ asked the council to hold Nigeria to their international commitments and stop this bloodshed, protect innocent human lives and punish the perpetrators Well there you have it, so Than when Jordan does those or you do those or CC or some of our international team, who are we talking to? I mean this is what people need to understand, we just had a report from our office in Jerusalem now we're talking about work at the United Nations Who are we talking to here? Well today you're talking to every member of the Human Rights Council which essentially is every country of the world Now there's going to be times where maybe a country or two cycles offer various reasons In fact you remember the United States left the Human Rights Council under President Donald Trump for a brief period of time But essentially depending on the venue Jay, you are addressing the entire world And I actually think it's against the backdrop of this administration that makes it so important Because typically it would be the US government that would be making this case Jay Standing up for those who are being persecuted around the world You're not going to hear that from this administration That's why we stay there during these times to do it And Jay, you know Nigeria is in the news so this is particularly important, the intervention that Jordan did today But this is just the latest in a long string of these that we've done Earlier this session, Christoph Foltzenlogel from our Strasbourg office delivered one on Myanmar In just a few weeks Jay we're delivering 14 universal periodic reviews for countries all over the world that have similar abuses So look it's just another opportunity, you called it the Ministry of Presence Jay It's literally Ministry of Presence around the globe You know we're playing this today, we've covered a lot of topics Because of kind of the breadth and scope of the American Center for Law and Justice and the outreach that we have around the globe Thanh I want to go to domestic politics for a moment here as we close the broadcast out What is your sense of what, we've got this disaster on the border A horrible humanitarian crisis, 50 people dying in an un-air-conditioned 18-wheeler truck Crossing the border illegally, coyotes, human traffickers And the Biden administration says oh well the border is closed It's not, but it's more than that, is there any talk in Congress about doing anything to fix this mess Or just not the votes there on anything Yeah I mean there are proposals Jay, there have been proposals there for some time But unfortunately the real truth of this is the Democrats in the Congress, both the House and the Senate won't provide the votes Even necessary just to stop maybe trafficking Jay I mean take that issue, that shouldn't be partisan, it should be very easy to come to a conclusion Marsha Blackburn's had a bill pending in the United States Senate for months and months and months, it has not moved But Jay I think today's story is a specific example of something that you've said on this broadcast many many times Closing the border, making sure that you have operational control of the border Guess who that is most compassionate to, it's most compassionate to the people who are trying to come to the United States for a better life Because it gives them an orderly and a safe way to do it without operational control of the border What happens to those people? They die in the back of trucks Jay And then Logan reported earlier in the broadcast that there was a report, we're trying to get the numbers But it could be 800 unaccompanied minors are being sent to North Carolina Thousands yeah, unaccompanied minors across the border being sent to North Carolina To essentially live and work in a school, an abandoned old school that the Biden administration has leased for the next few years So it's a very sad crisis, the headlines seem wild, but you do have to remember they're human beings behind all of this Alright folks, thanks Dan, we gave you a good look at the work of the American Center for Law and Justice Let me tell you ways to stay engaged with us, at jaySekulow, at ACLJ, good ways to do it, we're also on a lot of social media platforms too That's right, we're available right now on all your favorite social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter You can also find us on Truth Social, you can follow all of us At jaySekulow rumble, at Jordan Sekulow, at Logan Sekulow, we have rumble and YouTube We're available on all of those outlets as ACLJ and as individual personalities So make sure you go follow all of them, we appreciate it, we always put up great content each and every day There's some incredible content made by our team, you can find all of that also at We'll talk to you tomorrow
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