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Fed Fights Out of Control Inflation: Will it Work?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 16, 2022 1:11 pm

Fed Fights Out of Control Inflation: Will it Work?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 16, 2022 1:11 pm

The Fed is fighting to control inflation. Will their efforts work? Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell also joins the broadcast. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Control inflation will work now call one 863, 11 secular to your phone calls at 101 to the 2063, 110 so throughout the broadcast just to the fed made that interest rate hike records are percent, which is a major increase. The Bigs increase by the Fed since 1994. Stock market starts falling again it it's dipped below 30,000 to that 30,000 number went well above it but doubt it has the blows, hang around theirs got up to appear when you listen to us today on the broadcast live would be right now to write around their and the question is, of course how this all affects you. Short-term long-term is that why the Fed does this which a member is somewhat of an independent entity that the President selects the Fed chair and members the Fed the they are not in this is they serve longer terms usually the present. You see a lot more consistency. There not so much partisanship and edits whether or not they acted too late. Whether this will get impact inflation that was the point there is that this is supposed to impact and help inflation, strengthen the dollar so we don't go into recess so we don't go into the R word which is recession now people here recession and they think everybody losing their house in the mortgage crisis in the mortgage bubble of the final year of the Bush ministration and that was a great recession with a cut almost a depression is what what that was. It was right on that line because the amount of people losing their homes and there was also a situation where you didn't have the government include Bush ministration got caught totally off guard and the other way out and they were on the way up, but they were totally apart for not talking about that kind of situation recessions happen to Harry periodically. With an economy setting that's let's define what recession is a people don't panic over this.

So, put simply cherry a recession is simply to consecutive declines in economic growth measured by the gross domestic product figure what comprises the gross domestic product of the production of goods and services. Essentially, as measured by the United States Labor Department to join a row two in a row and that could mean that there has been an increase. For instance in unemployment or there has been a reduction in labor force participation rates on but essentially it means that economic activity has declined, and recession is an ever present possibility. It's not necessarily a likelihood there is an increasing likelihood of a recession.

If we continue to follow bad policies and I think that essentially is what the American people should be concerned about and they should be prepared to work really hard with respect to the November election, because that might put a brake on the bad policy of coming from the Biden administration a question for everybody out there what you take part in the show they be interactive and show today's are you making different decisions about your 401(k) portfolio retirements. If you are getting your tax return. Would you usually put that it back into the market with your best delegate someone who handles your investments.

Or maybe you handle it and you deciding not to is so kind of what you're doing with the money that you do have is how is it impacting your life but also talk to those out there who might be at that those Kankakee moments in life when I hear from you as well. What he hundred 64 3110 because you might your thinking about retirement. Have you put it off years because the situation are you coming out of retirement because it got you need more resources available to you the plan. This way, how is it impacting you. Do you feel the recession nature, not just at the gas pump, not just at the grocery store. But the longer term, feel, and it had a heavy field. While this is about how you feel how Americans feel impacts us as well about this a year from that will be in a better place when he hundred 684 31 to this a number to call.

There's no wrong answers of really want to give three 1-800-684-3110 we have that petition up. By ministration were the American were on the American economy at somebody's field differently.

The type of sign up to 164 30 would understand how you see it. So when you get the news because the news of a huge deal about this and not try to downplay the news or documents of it offices impact with the largest rate increase by the Fed since the night early 1990s.


So you see moves like that. How does it impact you is what I want to hear from 1-800-684-3110 you have questions. Do you does it change more about you knowing that you if you got a 401(k) more about how your planning for the future of the retiring or you are retired and and get out maybe have come out of retirement if you got young kids and that kind of situation as well.

We usually hear from post because one very important part about economics and economic recovery is that the fee at the feel of the country. So if we all feel like this by ministration horrible. They don't know what they're doing decking and it was, I believe that the Fed is somewhat independent of the Biden administration, but if you do feel that way and you continue to feel that way.

Yes yes what that has an impact. So it's how it would people start pulling back spending. Pulling back decision-making. Hiring or come out of retirement take jobs that they're qualified for, but you did to the reps keep working all those things have an impact on all of us at every level at and I think it is reported here for people 164 3110 about interest rates and items like this will start with Tim in California online to hate him like all the crazy idea to raise interest rate what can happen is people have credit card interest rate to go up it going to cut down on spending is going to a negative effect on the housing is going to make the situation much worse and they were to be in depression, go to our lawn economics professor on the because there is a sense that by raising the interest rate you actually will cool things down a little bit letting everything settling but what about 19. By the way, totally understand your concern on the actual cost of doing this due to the American people.

I fill up my gas tank yesterday got $100 and just stopped and I was not empty Harry but Jim raises the concern is this interest rate increase can just make it worse. Well, I think it will make it worse for many individuals, particularly for homebuyers, so it's important to keep in mind that the CPI, which is currently at 8.6%. What is price index.

The consumer price index measures, food, clothing, gasoline, and a raft of other things. But it's important to keep in mind that that index has changed substantially in terms of what it measures.

Since 1983 and essentially it's taken note mortgage rates. There are no lawns or herself or to him. That's always on Tim's if you focus on contents point he raises a very very good point and so since we are already underestimating the consumer price index.

Consumer prices in real terms are probably higher for individuals that share. For instance, attempts, concern on the other hand got us in this mess to some extent because they essentially expanded the money supply by three or four fold over the last five or six years now. Some of this was driven by the pandemic and then you also have a large portion of government spending that was driven by the pandemic. So I think what the Fed is now saying is we are beginning to get into go into a whole. So we need to stop digging. Running the Fed would if you increase the interest rate. Yes, I would've increased interest rates.

I probably would've gone up 50 basis points as opposed to three quarters review done I would've also done it much sooner had I paid if you had done it sooner, then you let of the moderated the inflation rate and so part of the issue that Tim is dealing with is bad policy that is multiplied by steroids getting time with their credit card rates to go up so cost a lot or carry balance of the credit cards your interest rate if you got adjustable straight on your your home that's that change is to see impact every part of your life, immediacy, daily spending your bigger spending mortgage think spending it impacts and we already have had the impact of gas prices and items like that only back to full lot lot. A great cause different angles exactly what we said his that listers and very different economic situations and different different parts of their life. Also so only back to the phone to go to a jury in Texas because Jerry's other stuff in the a lot of us feel right now. Major my call.

I appreciated rate very very difficult circumstances. For me, I've had to stop funding my 401(k) just to be able to survive and to our daily living. Now and so between that gas prices and energy prices. Not everything can be blamed on on Clinton also agree with the PE discussion about hate. We should've seen Nancy started pumping the brakes many many many months ago when the data came out and by the way, I'm an equal opportunity criticalness in the net since I think the fact that the Bush ministration was caught so off guard at the end of their term and it was in the term joint but so off guard that we had an unbelievable economic collapse almost ended up in depression is frankly inexcusable. The Biden administration was too slow to the gate. I agree, Terry would increase a moderate increase in interest rate of 50 basis but they say half a percent increase six months, to lessen the blow on this and maybe tempered some of this down what makes me nervous when all this happens and you got administration like this in place that they will come up with a solution and the solution will be massive amount of government spending influx of cash for you. Influx of cash for you and you will get more dependent on another government program and so they'll still see this they gotta get through this politically like this could help in the midterm, short-term, and can't but long-term. The reelection strategy for Biden or whoever the Democrat nominee if there be okay.

These Republican tax cut is no that's all we need you need more money to you and I today always try to seize on these opportunities at the dinner of the votes the city right now to pass second legislation if they did I do this and that is what they would be doing the beach, creating another major government program, but I think when you hear people say, like eyes. I will stop. I'm not putting money in my 401(k) that's also going to lead to later retirement.

It was good to be a different decision that the roaches not just the short term impact of an evident spittle election a bill so not funny.

My 401(k) that's a big decision because it does impact when you when you exit the workforce does and if you look at submitted short-term near-term impact and then Harry, the long-term impact what you want to do is get out. If we get not in a recession, it technically went to high inflation. If you get into recession. The goal is to get out of it quickly. I think that is correct and I think the frustration of many of the callers. Many of our listeners is that we have an administration that is willfully blind to the evidence which is right in front of their face and so many people in the Biden administration will claim they do not believe in intelligent design, but apparently they believe in intelligent bumbling with respect to the United States economy.

So the Biden administration made its initial mistake on January 20 when he was inaugurated and essentially what did he do, he doubled down on his opposition to fossil fuels, and so if you look at inflation rates in the United States. One of the major drivers is the rise in fossil fuel prices. So what is the solution. According to the Biden administration. Their solution is to focus on wind and solar, which makes no sense. So we should unleash energy independence.

We should consider strategic nuclear power plant production and we should also consider and this may be somewhat more controversial is helping the Russians and Ukrainians find a way out of their conflict. I'm not going to take a particular side on all of that but if you think about food a large portion portion of grain comes from where Ukraine it comes from Russia fertilizer comes from Ukraine and Russia.

All of these things are combining to drive up inflation and so the Biden administration's approach is our policies aren't working. So why don't we double down on failing policies right for you to take photos at one 800 684 31 two that's 1-800-684-3110.

It's it's only different people different points in life you where the employer employee, whether you are about to retire.

You already have retired. How is this changing your outlook. Are you starting to plan more in the long term.

Since which this and some folks are not done of illustrative is attending a biweekly right now.

But how is that change to because I know who I'm Tigers folks who are folks who have worked there good jobs that their informed folks. This is broadcast either. Still working on small business owners.

A lot of people who are right around that retirement age may be thinking twice about it so I didn't want to hear of your 164 30 went to the moms and dads out there as well. How it's affecting your family and your kids. It's 164 3110 you can do something about this in a sealed stop by the war on the American economy literally what it is one ACLJ #it is a 164, 31, two, that's 100-684-3110 season.

We got a petition up and ACLJ delegates. We had a kind of Sen. Blackman on just a couple of days ago we laid out a plan on energy and things that can be done immediately to alleviate burdens on American families and working very closely with our office office and government affairs Washington others a petition up at ACLJade out of the says stop present binds economic worn American families and I would encourage we just launched it today. I would encourage you to sign it when you get 50,000 signatures were delivered that the United States Senate.

So it's at ACLJade outdoor stop present binds economic worn American families because Harry that's what this is. Right now, whether were talking on the stock market that's down is where online 700 something points or interest rates, taking up it's all more on the American family because they again if they would've done things preemptively we would be in the situation.

I think that is precisely correct and I think that's a brilliant title for a petition.

In essence, it cuts to the chase because at issue here, fundamentally, is the Biden administration's declaration on the Inauguration Day, a war on American middle-class families and it started with energy, its progress to food and the American families are paying it an increasing price with respect to home mortgages. But the Biden administration is simply tone deaf. They refuse to really hear from the American people and I think the American people are increasingly frustrated with that's and so the Biden administration is telling gas and oil companies to be patriotic. Meanwhile, the writing most of the meeting the meanwhile, the Biden administration was to shut down oil and gas in the United States. It makes no sense out, but we are to make sense and we got a concrete plan of action that we laid out to address this to get you a price down open up our reserves don't align Venezuelan in Saudi Arabia. Maybe they'll help maybe they won't. But we got it there needs be immediate fix and we know panic and then the event election coming up Jordan in November that could blunt the rest of the policies. Nothing that we get things through his desk, the President, but you are commendable, and policies.

That's right would take this call. Because this is exactly what we were. We had this exact conversation or meeting up today that if this scenario came up to Greg in Michigan online. Six. Hey Greg all gone and I called Greg what all folded you on the first of all, I retired about four years ago.

Not like by choice had to buy one ongoing thanked their money. I do have right now I am filling out a deposit slip they pay yourself for five. When you can well collect no big deal at the secondary issue is I have my mother's estate still been closed out my nightmare now is when that trust account get closed out. Well not well me to do if it is a position to give you financial advice that is not what we do and the broadcasts were giving you overall where we see things economically and policies that could impact that you need to talk to an investment advisor about what he said on the sidelines mean that the train right now is people that cashed out sitting on the sidelines markets going down the government go back and when they think the bottom near the bottom. Some people that were not near that yet so unlucky but we want to be given that advances become a real decision in a item in and wait for Greg is a situation where he's got some present cash resources is not decisions to make everybody such as living weeks with the therapist. Also, the longer-term decisions apply here and I think that's what's important that we keep your for all these different perspectives to listeners to our broadcaster and vastly different situations in their life where they are age wise where they are with their parents left money to eliminate this estate, closeout, and if you see that he's in a stay closed out what he probably usually would've done and it is in this economy is going out the window right that's the big news there. People are kind of route, starting from scratch on the planning what I think that's the that's the important part of this was taken on the phone call get back to phones we go it's 164 3110 is for Edward in Ohio online one Edward printing recall my question is I'm on disability and I only get so much a month and then on top of that I can have a savings over $2000 which is very crippling for me because and what in the world can we do about this because yet that puts you outside of the this is the difficulty with the Social Security disability areas a little difference like that again put you outside the obtaining your benefit. Which by the way you pay for when you're working. That is a system that needs total redo. I think that is correct but rather than focusing on bread and butter issues. The real frustration Biden administration is focused on climate change.

That's much more important to them than the bread and butter issues that affect the American people how they pay for gasoline holiday pay for food and essentially the Biden administration has issued its own plan to deal with all these problems it's called disdain. They disdain the middle class. They disdain the working class. They disdained the things that occupy the emotions of people who are really caught in the middle, perhaps because of no choice of their own regular and in California on line 3 vastly out for people with different situations and different twister making a different points of life. This is important for everyone to hear because we had people on this trip was a life listening and welcome secularly on their call from California high inflation and how difficult it is scarcer. About four years ago really milder home and now with the extra on our mortgage where you now faced with you know are returning to think like you look like what we had planned. So in this you are. If I could. I cannot count the amount of people that are saying they are moving from California to Tennessee or California to Texas or California to Florida.

It's breathtaking, which is The real estate market up in these areas very significantly, but these are you don't, your hearing with these are very important story for us to hear because we can then translate these into the United States Senate princes develop Tennessee. Your center will be Marsha Blackburn. She is on top of this were working with her. She's being aggressive about this. We are on top of this to get relief to the American people, but you're probably making a very wise getting out of a high tax state to a no state income tax date makes a lot of sense yet me that so that the people are making moves in retiree retirement and decide to go that process sell the house move cross-country to a state with a better tax system or bit different economy will get more of for what they with variables other housework so will continue to careful because the second half hour coming up Rick Reno's can be joining us for politics as well because there are obviously this all plays into that that elections come up in November.

So with the economy with the elections results that Wilde surprise Republican with that of Texas.

Any 13 point favorite Democrat district Republican with a special election.

I me that that they can be assigned to comment also that the nastiness to be level with some you get side of things come when they have Kevin on policy issues and start running a person to give 164, 31 to be on one line open whose demographic, one 800 684 31 to sign a petition, stop by. Demonstrations were on the American family.

The American economy is doesn't cost a thing to sign the petition for decades. ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side. If you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us or you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now, this is Jordan secular bring it back these issues. Rick Nelson enjoyed his next segment broadcasters you know with Rick to take her phone calls to fertilizer coming in right now. I know we got people beholding society will get you first.

When we get back to the phone to just hold on because there is some ACLJ issues want to let you know about that are specific to our work. Legal work that we do with ACLJ religious liberty were to rejoin and recover the economy cover politics as well. But there's a case that we talked about back in Easter force was attacked by an anti-Christian group on a VA Hospital store during Easter because of the reselling too many religious Christian books: inspiration was initially was the Easter display as of the did and it was be clear crystal like he wants election to be clear and that's fine, but the course loves attacking these things.

They went after the Easter display and then because of that people that were hostile to religious messages then said all but in the bookstore. There also selling in the spindle books nixing this in every hospital bed is impeccable title that is private. If these are inspirational books and a physician at the hospital demanded them to come down. We had sent a letter and in our letter that we sent to the VA we specifically said that the DNS was in Albuquerque I had requested removal of Christian religious literature from the patriot store based on a faulty understanding of the establishment clause 12 W., the VA hospital in your bedroom course play a very important role for veteran absolutely is better. I have a service-connected disability receive part of my care at a veterans hospital Easter of courses is a religious holiday. It is a Christian holiday.

But in that hospital you have wounded and ill veterans veterans having surgery and their families. They look often for comfort and hope in their religious beliefs. That's why these books were in the bookstore. It's the same reason, the VA medical centers have chaplains because people in crisis need to lean on their faith in the VA is trying to facilitate and meet the needs of veterans and are being attacked work yet, so I mean that's important for people to stand and also what we did was we sent a letter to the VA when all the started breaking. And we also sent a freedom of information act request and we got a series of emails and eat where it went from the Easter display to an attempt to remove all Christian material from the bookstore and by we compelled to buy it but to remove it from the bookstore.

That's right, today.

One of the six emails in the chain of emails particularly appalled me. It was from the primary care physician and she signed yourself as the mindfulness as instructor and she said she went into the religion of the VA patriot store at the VA center and says today I was in the patriot store again and I went to the book rack to check it out and I'm sorry to say I counted 32 clearly Christian books on the rack! 32!

The few others there are secular.

This is not prohibited by the Constitution or the laws of the United States and here's a good thing. The follow-up in another 15 emails. We haven't since we met to go to court on those, but the VA administered got our letter also and he said very clearly to be clear, you are not to pull Bibles choice books and merchandise books on the spindle as they always have these at Easter plate. They removed because a promoter one religion that was their view of the establishment clause was very clear you are not the pull Bibles choice books to continue to put up inspirational's if that's what they choose the vendor that's selling and that you are making business decisions here. Obviously the reason why they had mostly inspirational Christian books is because that's what was selling at that particular VA right bookstore insert they should be able to make that decision about what books they want to sell based on when unhindered space of interest that hinders from these nuts and like you I think that's what it is saying and he's going after VA bookstores and I think that when you act you act that way you think about the position is people's earlier in the hospital. I think you sent that again we had to fight back. We'll let them know stop the fight was well past Easter were still fighting back ACLJ that's the difference I to support our work ready to take your phone calls as well. At one 800-6843 12 the 2000 683110, but I think it's a good reminder that these angry groups are still out there as much time on lately they haven't made as much news significant winning court so occasionally they can get a VA Hospital to do what they want court noted that even a debate there's another line open, so some grab that 160 3110 I we are talking of course about the economic situation the Fed increase also the politics of all this to because again were getting towards wearing primary season got special elections, amazing special action Texas and Democrat +13 I district it was on a lot of radars were the Republicans up winning by seven points and etiquette picture shows and red is a very conservative Republican 84. He spent 84% Hispanic district in Texas. Sourcing these moves and I think is researching primaries wrapping up towards the end of the summer to see the unifying movement of conservative conservatives and also just getting behind people.

November because this is how you Launcelot is bad policy.

So the record now this Rick right off the top.

Restarted we wish to start to get a good sense of primaries across the country.

Some people getting candidates they want to wait another sometimes not your preferred candidate as he gets. Also, I would not at the healing phase. Yet in some states but in other places.

They are when they have to come back together and say you got this bigger battle that we are fighting and I think it's one way that people can blunt some of this economic bad news is to get more Republicans in the Congress. I really think that the gap right probably the number one issue in most campaigns and it's probably in a few where you couldn't win just talking about gas prices gallantly about wasting them trouble and people don't understand that. I think that's why so many Republicans that are running who haven't been on the radar suddenly are winning. I also think it got a little bit to do with the phenomenon that happening in the Republican Party where first and second generation American have decided that the conservative side is verified there being located on fashions a a march towards totalitarianism. And many of the first and second generation American left country where fascism was on the live date DM media that keeps trumpeting the ruling party message is that that's filled with unbiased advocacy and though they were rejecting that will see what happens. We got Missouri and Arizona coming up to big states August 2 that seems to be the next big focus and will see what happens in those races, but clearly there is a there's a huge shift in the electorate that you had a district in Texas that the publicans and hand over hundred years and it was a +13 Democratic TIF district and the candidate.

The Vulcan wins by +7 which is a 20 point swing. I think Rick what you're saying there is new generations of leaders are emerging second-generation from immigrant families like like I am second-generation from immigrant family and all of a sudden the conservative view tends to be the better one politically American people that I also think that that this woman who just want to contact this tool is not expected to win. When you look at a commercial here is a Mexican born American and she's talking about the border she's talking about having a strong border in a secure border and her husband is a border agent. Now that's not the last narrative. The left wants you to think that if your for the border being secure that somehow your anti-immigrant and II think it's just completely the opposite. If you waited in a long line you don't want anyone cutting a line you sent right first second-generation she was in Mexico. Some of her that she should see oceanfront pro-life sent running away from core conservative issues either try to play out like the sum either not mean she ran as if as written very conservative Republican as well, but she was able, I would associate this assumes the bill talk to the district's 84 spent 4.84% Hispanic speaking the language.

She also is understanding the culture understanding the concerns and the issues it can speak to the way different than any of us can and so I think to. That's why you invest as a party and is a movement into even longer term and this was on the radar of the NRC savvy deprived plated down because the answer plus the teacher overplay position because one is will you donate money like candidates and you usually in a race that usually get an influx of those is not what I was getting influx of a request for go to the phones are little people takes a causal Rick is on about the commonality of Sean's collar California life through his younger person that it is different to choice a lot of our where other colors but they shot during the night. I called in the evening I'm in California I be calling.

Everything at Diane on the neuron the opposite 35 years old. Not a super higher nerve, but beginning of this administration, turnover, about $50,000 with baby fight that disorder typically grant now a lot of guys that were smarter than me though are smarter than me.

I should really consider selling anything security life by guide our electronic card that you made a big profit on valid notebook, thereby little bit. I taken an approach on this that the trying and get out of this bad situation and saw something this is way before the even had my network has dropped from omelette $50,000 to the low team. This is the problem I Rick this is the problem.

There's a young man working at a $60,000 $50,000 net is agnostic was investing like you like Americans do.

And Rick now his investments are down to 15,000. And because the market is price about 6000 points. This is a real problem fail. I keep saying to people Rick elections have consequences.

Those consequences are policies bad policies also report bad consequences whether no question and I have to say that you know the Democrat most of my life have tried to and maybe maybe could argue successfully own the middle-class and young people where they were able to stay were for the working class.

I think the whole thing is flipped. I think Donald Trump brought in an emphasis on the working class on middle America people who are union members who are struggling paycheck to paycheck and they saw their lives so much better under Donald Trump taxes were cut Low their 401(k) what just exploding and they look at the world and they heard Donald Trump, a other people around the world. Allies need to start paying their fair share. Don't align American taxpayers to pay everything that really allow the stock market.

Okay, maybe working to start spending on our own infrastructure to start spending on our own situation are our own people, and that in turn Brad a a huge stock market increase faith in the American system that has all imploded under Joe Biden, and now what we need on a daily basis. People filling up their cars its way to the extent that the 401(k) imploding and the biggest thing is fear about the future. That's what the Democrats have given up Demetrio in Washington state and so she can supply the tape intake also gives, keep hearing your stories keep you in your thoughts where your your situation at 1-800-684-3110 at 2006 843-1103. Try sell your information up on the call screen when you write to a welcome the secular you're on their Lord regarding my family. Allocating and realizing that my paycheck versus my spending went out or average about $800 a month $82,000 him alive not working. Thank you mom I am needing to my earner. I think that I have any car payment or a bank or mortgage in our body. A lifetime ago is making a parable. But honestly, I'm looking at the line are struggling and we have right now a lot of family record your family very housing on them from entrance. I returned on different other curtain around us as well and it's pretty hard and it's hard for them to Mike to live in this area and I California or New York Wednesday Julie Brady from Ukraine correct and you help a lot of folks that have been written for me to point and one digital are called screen was that all this blaming Putin talk is is you got your concern. I want to go to Rick on that because Rick that is the message in the White House is tripling down on blame Putin for everything quite like it's actually laughable because I'd I'd like to meet somebody who actually believes that the fact that the Biden policy of taking away energy production.

The Biden policy of taking away prompt sanctions on the Russian pipeline have contributed more to the war in Ukraine than anything out Senate Democrats join the fight in the Thracian to do that and they cannot complain and completely blame Rick's eyes. We appreciate your insight and execute more and more the politics to integrate every helping to analyze offense races all over the country have impacted the bigger picture as well. 164 3110. As we said we want to hear for people to take your calls go to the financing. The broadcast different situation her for 35-year-old investor here for an immigrant from 15 at who immigrated from Ukraine 15 years ago inferred from retirees for for people planning on you what to do with that their inheritance issues like that 164 3110 secular tearful calls 100 684 31 to the 2000 684-3110 want to hear different folks. Different economic situations of the red fed rate hike. We talked about that earlier broadcast. The segment is about all of you and taking your phone calls, one 800-6843 11 Germany go to order our people and hold onto the sandy first and North Carolina State appreciate Holland you're on the problem. I call that afternoon and I'm going to North Carolina.

My husband and I are Internet 15. We parked all bylines work hard and put money in time on major help Triton hit in 2014 for me and as they stay at home mom, I'm not able to collect this ability and because my husband then commence well so we are paying. Thank to Obama care. I would like my insurance been overpaying everything from my health care out-of-pocket and with me. We were just making out with Trombley regulating a little better we are at. We had room to breathe, which is a blessing now because of the hike in gas and food Jeff to be able to afford food gap and my medications out-of-pocket. I'd actually had to take on a remote working to remote working part-time jobs just to be able to help my husband cover my medical expenses than my medication, food and gas as the kindnesses were six people reentering the workforce to.

There are jobs in the workforce to look like them or not unnecessarily jobs jobs you could live off the wage, but because of the inflation. But if you need to supplement income.

Those jobs are available for people, but it is making them make decisions against the tough medical situation. So probably would've made two years ago. So here's the thing. There is a solution to the energy crisis, which is so much of this is driven by the cost of fuel and gas. We know that and food and but the energy crisis can be slightly opened up the pipelines that would almost on being built. We went from energy exporter to an energy dependent country in 20 months, 18 months we can reverse these policies. Marsha Blackburn's working very aggressively and is working with her. I will also tell you that I believe that in the November election.

You can see a big ship in the house and the Senate and that will at least stop the crazy policies.

Policies that are causing to make it worse because part of this is something you said the other. Jordan.

They Jordan I think is right. I think part of this they wanted to happen and then it got out of control that were too far is that yes they certainly wanted to change the makeup you the ideas they wanted people think, who were in that car market range they can afford electric hard to think I'm choose electric are now doing this is thinking that everybody's have to buy one because the gas price would be at 789 dollars, but they wanted people start making the shift who could make that decision with 13 or what I'll go through that had a hassle he really people Elon musk admit it's not ready for everybody at grid is not ready is not set up for long-term travel, yet, so I ever this Wall Street Journal article is about how it took. How many additional hours it took to go from you, like New York to New Orleans and electric carpeted plot at all these different places of the charger was working was it wasn't working, and again is what if your short commute in a city that's a different set so they got to that point, I think the poor may consist then got out of control and they don't doesn't seem like there is a captain of the ship that has confidence Joe by this was that he's very angry, but that anger doesn't get you anywhere. Policies do and in the blaming Vladimir Putin. Even if you honestly believe that my reseller hereby does, nor does he believe Ukrainian immigrants causing simply that even if you didn't believe that, but the solution right. At least they say it without a solution also. So back back the phones we go. I will keep going people, but will not even in Georgia online five-call for a while now and night Ellicott been living in Crete this past January right by your account care premium that I have to pay every night when I just over 14% right after work and making me right right but the minute you make to match your social security get in now. With everything going ethic like okay so what do I have to give up now we have to do to change the rules because here's what happened. Even your situation you paid tax on that Social Security money when they took it out your paycheck while you're working.

It's a double tax. Now to try to tax it again in these roles during the dam was withdrawn by the Terry where it can penalize somebody for making just a little bit more money has to stop. Got to get those change and that's where leadership in the House and Senate and ultimately the White House will make a difference. Everything that's shocking to people who are in that situation to hear that you not to keep it under an amount or else you lose your benefit any right down to like the dollar and so I didn't get dessert policy changes that can be made quickly to constitutional amendments and take Supreme Court cases that take years of litigation is policy and and Congress when it comes the economic I think was there to be a lot of things presented by Republican House and a Republican Senate present by these can reject most of them there might be a couple that actually get through and they're certainly not can be thinking about raising taxes is that I have able that they don't have votes on that now.

The subject and have votes on that after the November election was to grab another call Darlene in North Carolina online one hey darling, how are you so I just wanted when compass and not my 401(k) will I mean it. Fantastic, and I just retired this year and I'm on Social Security income and with everything the way the prices are like everything that I had an was secure and now is very unsecure and very difficult if it wasn't for my family. I would be able to get along so this is where this might redo this broadcaster we can communicate all this to our representatives in the House and Senate blouse want to tell you this, look at the market right now it's down about 700 Park 685 to 7 points is under 20, 30,000. Here's a thing but nobody should be panicking. Okay, nobody should be panicking. We can work on this. Working a policy in place their actions we can take. We just got a big restlessness.

Yeah, I think this is what what's scaring people now is is was the short term. Ask over there was a lot of elitist from so things your socks would do fine for his return. Find it goes with a financial cost of things is going down because people were buying as much spending as much to driver traveling anywhere people are nervous now is that they they see no end in sight yet because Joe by next it's Joe Biden's leadership that it would target that with Harry just to feel the feel is important what it there's a mobile is I don't trust these is gabfest Kareem Jean-Pierre and did economic team he has in place of these kids to get us out of this so you you know we talked about this in our meeting. So much of the stock market. For instance, can be, there's the emotional factor I: for instance, when you dropped under 30,000 or 30,000 is the floor we can limit that and go back that it drops to 29,990 hoping will get the party that was close over 30,000 this because the policies were torn things right. The policies are wrong and when the policies are wrong. It's bad and that's what happened Torture sport C of J Weber today still J.or also sign our petition. Stop by the restrictions were on the American family.

The American economy is for to Brandy petitioner Sanchez check that out as well that doesn't cost nothing and we go again.

We need scenes of Republican certain victories that are adding up.

I am places that are even unexpected build on it into November. So because we know that that's the way out, but ACLJ.or support our work. We will talk

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