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Radical Left Coming for Conservatives

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 6, 2022 3:13 pm

Radical Left Coming for Conservatives

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 6, 2022 3:13 pm

This week the radical Left is hoping to leverage every moment of the televised January 6th public hearings with a baseless strategy to attack conservatives. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team provide their analysis. ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell joins the broadcast, as well as ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo. This and more today on Sekulow.


This week got bored televised prime time. On Thursday, Friday that works to agree to cover the January 6 series the public part of these hearings, so they're using all week so your study of the week and starting this morning to start going after conservatives going after Republicans hoping that by the end of the week.

This culminates in some kind of what I did half the country to vote Democrat in the fall, though the economy of the foreign policy decisions the world that's which could affect the actual elections got a bunch of Congressman's little committee, which now they're divided out because now in that committee.

They don't want to focus on January 6. I don't think there's that much there to even talk about them. I think everything about that is out there right, it's that they were certain about abolishing the electoral college, or the electoral count active congressional law. So if you need a constitutional amendment to solve your problem. You're probably the mean soft because I could be a constitutional memo. I could have the that is not happening with.

There's there's not that kind of support in the US it would take years to do it is not that kind of support. So the idea that that's the distraction issue they would move there tells you a lot about what they actually have the hearing I think is nothing I ever heard interviews and people working on it say they don't have smoking guns with a what is the point of this is typical of the setting themselves up for failure because I get the prime time slot. Everyone is on Friday nights requested that anyways but Thursday. Let's say that's the big dating from five again you get people intuited you don't have really compelling new info you just repeating the same info you start getting into the electoral college is what people do in office. As I fall asleep. No one wants to hear Jamie Raskin, former constitutional law professor keeping a constitutional office.

They what they want either some smoking gods. It's a big news is gonna rock the political world or or or don't have this so it's what I want to play the sound that we have because it shows you where there goes Dan Pfeiffer much more competent than than the Biden team, but he was a former supervisor and communications director for Pres. Obama listened to the language him make abrupt disease Brezinski are using on morning Joe this morning about conservatives saying that like the Republican agenda is backed up by that freaks on Facebook and said they don't want to do anything about absolutely.

And it is just making sure the 70 characters that Facebook is the most powerful messaging platform for the extreme night a message you address this the same Facebook that puts warning signs when you talk about an issue they disagree with, but you let Facebook what let us copy for freaks, they would not.

That would be an out. I don't think that's right. By the way we do that in my life but I think they use language that we if we used they will be also to morebut here's the point what you're saying see you got to January 6 maybe supposed to be looking at what happened on January 6 was responsible. They have a committee assignment. It devolves over a period of a year to the political situation. What is the political situation threefold one discussions about getting rid of the electoral college will that requires Andy constitutional amendments correct so McGraw-Hill requires three fourths of the states yet to agree to enter a constitutional convention, more likely, the constitutional memo then you gotta get 75% of that's not half and it's not where country was set up number two. They want reforms in the electoral count act will that's good because they're using something or making allegations against people that utilized as a defense the electoral count act so they say they need to amend it to." The loophole where they prosecuting the people that are being accused of violating the electoral count act.

Recovery of illegal February editor there is a legal to do is they want to overturn any election integrity issues by having what same day voter registration limits nationally. I think in the next 72 really gives the insurrection act like change which is very bizarre based off again what they're alleging present from should have been doing that day because it would take obscure is a little hit it would take more power with the President using its ability. How do you than the lead sheet that it would about Nancy Pelosi not telling you the list goes on and we have that tape to get into the would take a focus of this argument intuited the care 1-800-684-3110 have you heard talk about it all your friends and family. Anyone brought it up to 164 3110 is saying here so we believe this weakness is part of the effort every day to start going after conservatives call you names may vertically freaks. I was MSNBC this morning we think about all the political correctness. It has nothing but of course when you're talking about event happens to be conservative or Republican or supportive presence of you can use words like freak on MSNBC is a lot of people MSNBC can use word similar to that about what we would do that right.

We have used words like that one.

If you did you be thrown off all your platform that add to your bad they have the warning though this is content not suitable for your subject the whole thing. But here's what I wanted to get to that would actually tighten the insurrection act to make it harder for President to deploy the military domestically for use on civilians.

They are accusing present from not doing that that that light what so again, this is the second law that they want to change, which doesn't make sense with what they are alleging didn't happen while personnel the curlers on it at authorized 20,000 National Guard troops to be deployed around Washington DC during the January 6 timeframe, Nancy Pelosi was one who said no just speaker vows she had the authority to do it, as did the Sgt. at arms in any a lot of people don't know what the Sgt. at arms is, but in addition to the ceremony responsibly is currently the chief law enforcement officer, he is for the Senate for the Senate is is is a yes and it has that responsibility and that really makes those calls and those decisions. Speaker Pelosi did not want the guard called out arrived so you know it wasn't called out of the Sgt. at arms occupies a very important position.

As you said, not merely ceremonial, but in terms of enforcing the enforcement of the law in the conduct of the Congress leader Nancy Pelosi nor the Sgt. of arms nor the security at a cheap capitalist at Capitol police were called by the committee.

So here's what you got you had it resigned.

Now some of their yes and so you had eight you had a situation where you had terrible terrible day of violence in the capital was horrible. We condemned it. We continue to condemn what happened was, instead of doing law enforcement against the individual perpetrators of that crime, destruction of government property interfering with whatever it might be there's a whole series of out of laws. What they did is now saying we want to amend the electoral college which takes a constitutional amendment to do it here. The electoral college why they want to do that folks because they have California, New York, and you have California, New York, guess what you got California, New York, is pretty likely that Germany carried the day on popular vote, but that the founders knew that. So they said to do that work and have electoral colleges in the excitement of electing wars that are put in place for this right the electoral college was designed to make sure that everybody in the United States. All the states participate in the election of the President and not by popular vote, whereas Jay said all you would have would be the most populous states choosing the present United States. You have nobody going to Nebraska or Idaho or India or Mississippi or Arkansas. The choice would be made by the most populous states and obviously those most popular states are typically urban liberal democratic states, the electoral College seeks to balance that out by saying no that's not what it is the votes to include your total number of electors include your senators and numbers of representatives you and that's how it works will forget the direct elections of present Stephen select electoral cotton you voter voted for electors. Initially we can have that set up that way 90 this this again. I think the people understand and why is I will place its Aurora, New Hampshire. They wouldn't but then you got hold when you combine these regions together. They have very unique economies. The need to make sure that there's the represented and make sure their voices are heard because of how there in the in their economies, limited populations may be small, date the effect the entire country. I want to go back to those that this war on conservatives this week and we think that's what they declared there hoping Ellison you know that they think this is going to be groundbreaking. I think what you all know that one talking to realized country very partisan.

Lee divided and so is ischemic convincing independent voter who is paying 5678 dollars at the pump and double for food and can't get baby formula and what you know as we said on Friday were now reliant on foreign aid as the United States of America feed babies, the United States, so the idea that this is going to change how they vote. I think it is is is a pipe dream, but take a listen. His damn fiber keep doubling down on the rhetoric.

Here's by 21 but we have to do is radically rethink how we communicate, everyone has a role player Democrats at the more aggressive we have to invest in building up our own negative sign to compete with the needed and we know that doesn't mean we build on Fox news is it mainly run away from the mainstream media, but we have to invest in progress without the own the mainstream media. They have MSNBC and CNN they own.

On the other, and most of newspapers. Certainly, New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times to take those that and at most. The others they they also have the White House the biggest bully pulpit in the world. They have the they have the speaker of the house and the leader of the Senate. So what else is there messaging made their fight for commuter former communications director what other tools could you possibly have the control of social media which I have control of mainstream media which you sell your late they have control of the bit of the White House and the House and Senate.

What else, why don't you what I need. CNN plus remember CNN plus Lake success will pointed this out. They needed CNN plus the streaming services agreement which lasted 24 hours to get every bit ever lower than that it was up for a month less than 30 days. So that's what they need, but this is the this is this tells you that the substance of the hearing. Okay, the substance of the actual hearing is not going to be substantive. They have moved it to his usage or in a political hearing which is a good way to say that Gary Szilagyi said there's no smoking gun. What is that mean two days of boring TV gal that tried to boring TV carried on by the network CNN and mentoring has amazingly admitted that ABC and BV all the networks progressive liberal democratic media are going to be carrying their there's a there's not only on terrorism. I think they know it's not in a freight at this statement, the committee's legacy depends in large part on what reforms he pursues after the series to prevent another January 6 rapid just the attack on the capital. That's where the United front brake staff. They don't know what to do that. I think we definitely need with the security in place that that that's it you knew it.

Like we said, you've Artie had people show up on show on TV to a cash fertility said here here's documents present #and authorized explosive said no that I think they said no because he wanted a little bit of a scuffle. They realize what they were saying no to could have been as extreme, but that the second part of this to. They were to limit the President's authority to deploy the military domestically for use on civilian so that what would you have done.

The President authorized that. Who would've prevented this newly because it's for crevasses no terror security in the capital grounds present does what they can. But that's not their domain.

MDC did not want the National Guard right there called the National Guard racist and mag and that they were gonna turn and so they want those horrible citizens who serve our country voluntarily to to come and protect the loop with the expectation I I said this on Wednesday. Again, what's the expectation for this committee was mostly factual evidence.

What Took Pl. in January six and truly are. Some of that but the goal of the committee now and there's open discussions on this. Although this pushback, removal of the electoral college reform the electoral count act passing comprehensive election reform to include same-day registration and voting, which as fraught with disaster takes it away. The states are given that authority under the constitutional how to conduct the election. That's right. Examine the Constitution clearly says that it is left to the states to make the determination house of the method means and manner of conducting elections. It is not a congressional prerogative. They try to get out of the stored Duchess to hit.

It's exactly what we said this attack on conservatives.

This is these are all last-ditch efforts along is taken 18 months after to keep the American people's attention.

If result, it's just not realistic because we have to deal with problems that we are families with kids and grandkids get jobs inflation cut out you, not a coded so because of that your people are busier. It is costing extremely at war in Ukraine. We got all these different all these different things were talked about every day on radio to go back to so that been 18 months ago and try to get people to relive that is what they're going to want to do but then have no solutions. Anyways, if we disagree with them. Just shows you how inept they are these the same guys would be before an impeachment trial, the enemy having times of under this event to impeachments and now a a split special select committee that Bob Muller and Lisa. Okay, that had a special counsel to impeachments and this committee and nothings have nothing to say because look what they do every time they set this bar makes it high-end and you know it can happen and ships can ad lib. the evidence, like he did during the impeachment we ad lib. the evidence and then we read with the evidence actually said and they overplay it so that's why they're going to let's get rid of the electoral count act close the loopholes there.

Let's get rid of the electoral electoral college. Let's go ahead and change the statewide voting laws. That's why they're going to that approach, yes, and I think I get weird just to see the beginning today for to be a buildup of nastiness about you melancholy freaks and other gear attacking your ability to shoot it there to attack you. What we do every day on our broadcast they want to shut this down and nearly sitting anymore holy pulpits were megaphones leave the White House, the House-Senate and the New York Times and Washington Post. He said that on MSNBC there, which was also there to the velvet on the Fox News you have one.

And then you even have seen it see that two of the three big site. Again folks there's a lot of time with you but we did have some brief and rumpled Nigeria and the horrible attack that have been there and we can Christians, we are getting it says about the next season country and violence and rumbles inundated with bad news right now but we can't ignore what's going on in the world as well because of the role the United States plays in what's going on in the world and are our fellow Christians in your Christians came together this Sunday celebrating Pentecost, and there was another horrendous attack and assume you brought it up on rumble watch national broadcast today for review got into it where it least 50 or more. Some people say and 70 people, men, women and children killed in the church service celebrating Pentecost is celebrating their faith exercising their religious liberty religious freedom and this is a time in the Biden administration wants to remove Nigeria from the countries of particular concern list even though they are not coming in and doing what they can. Knowing that you know this was a big holiday, especially the Catholic Church where I Juergen have even you probably saw in your own neighborhood churches were busier this week, especially that of the Catholic denomination and you don't put the military in place, you will put the police in place, don't say, okay nationwide, with a lot of people are to be gathering that some people don't like. That's why you should be on that list is your unwilling to protect or you can't protect your own population so the reports are that gunmen and these are usually no Muslim groups sometimes vocal around sometimes. Offshoots are killed. We know dozens. Some, like Jordan said something 50. Some say 70, including shooting at the church service in Southwest Nigeria. Now we've done a lot of work in that region and continue to cc house here, who heads up a lot of that effort cc first what happened here, and this was in a region that hasn't had as much violence right Nigeria at that we see these attacks in the northern regions with the flaunting herdsman and bunker on this is actually in the Southwest section of Nigeria which in out. It is more quiet and peaceful and sell it. That is kind of shocking and it shows that these are to these attacks are spreading across Nigeria.

It's not getting better it's getting worse. The number of Christians killed in Nigeria. Focus is breathtaking proportionately, but this why we and why the government might present binds administration secretary blinking took them off. We put the previous administration put Nigeria on the list of countries in particular concern.

This administration take some of what's happening with Christians generally in range attacks once so egregious about this country. Of particular concern it's designated as that specifically for religious persecution. Say you have Nigeria where a Christian is killed for their faith every two hours every two hours a Christians killed for their faith and the amount of Christians murdered in Nigeria last year, 20, 21, was greater than any current country actually accounted for 80% of Christians murdered world wide. See you think of any country is going to be on this creek country of particular concern list it would be Nigeria, which of course the trump administration put them on rightfully sell and and the Biden administration secretary blinking remains demand and the same week.

Actually, he removed them the same wiki nets with the President, Nigeria were taken some direct action on this and one of things were doing is number one. We got a letter that's being drafted right now that is going to secretary blinking and it talks about exactly what Cece just said that in Nigeria Christians killed for his or her faith every two hours that letters being worked on.

Right now, in addition to this letter that's going on, holding a draft of it in my hands right here is still being worked on. This afternoon we are also sending out a freedom of information act request right and so we get to the bottom of this.

If the if this station remains Nigeria. We want to know what went into making that decision. Obviously the facts didn't Ellington act because more Christians are killed in Nigeria than any other country. So what we want to get to the bottom of why was Nigeria removed from this list yet. I think that this is a get over going to is there has to be some kind of reason. Is it because of economic issues. They also oil country in office offshore and is it because of those issues like that because we've cut off our domestic ability produce a movement from a country that could export to country has to import and rely on other countries oil and gas sources. Does it have to do with egg in any like a Venezuela like Iran and NY because there is no explanation by but for there has got to be some kind of economic reason or policy reason and it deserves people are being killed there because they of their faith.

These mass numbers it deserves a response. It deserves an explanation to the American people about why are we okay with what's going on in this country just treating them like a normal country and treating the government like a normal government and what you what about the people in Nigeria to hoot who have the US now single. Everything is fine so the United States commission on international religious freedom. On Wednesday condemned the Biden administration for removing Nigeria from the US Department's list of countries of particular concern that I'm reading a quality USF USC IRF is disappointed that the State Department did not adopt our recommendations in designating the countries that are the worst violators of religious freedom so you have a situation where the our own US commission on international religious freedom which is a joint White House and Congress committee commission said to have them as part of the they should be listed as a country of particular concern. That recommendation was totally disregarded by the administration, said the, the State Department's office of international religious freedom and now ignored usurps recommendation to put Nigeria back on and and it's factually based e-service letter was factually based, just like we say, not every two hours. There's a Christian killed Nigeria is the same place that Leah Sharondale was abducted when she was 14 and she is still missing. Two. To this day, simply because she wouldn't recant her faith as a Christian and you have all these Christians who are attacked continuously state the government will not help us and sell action needs to be taken in a need to be on this last week said the former sending a FOIA in ransom for all records of communication buyer with Sec. Lincoln involving regarding removing Nigeria from the CPC list all records and communication with any other department state official at a GS 14 that's the second highest rank level or higher within the secretary's office involving regarding removing Nigeria from the list. All records, communications or briefings created, generated or forward transmitted by the Department of State's officials within the Bureau of democracy and human rights and labor. This is a comprehensive demand. We also have a letter going to secretary blinking as well. So we are taking here Jordan direct action on the skin. That's right, and getting a bill of sale.

This once rescinded often and have prepared by what you ask a twofold approach, one going directly to secretary blinking, and to using our legal abilities to go to their FOIA office and likely that when we know that that the were you have to take that into court ultimately but it is is calling for an explanation and those of you who list our broadcast involves news closely already knew about this attack. It was that big of a story that happened on just yesterday and Nigeria and that meant much loss of life and you want to know why is this administration which seems like it makes such bad foreign policy decisions over and over and over again what happened here when I can let it get sidelined and not pay attention. That's what they hope you will do they help you out its Nigeria is confusing.

I don't really know what's going on there so we don't pay attention to it.

There's a reason why they made this move they've got the need to explain his way.

People are being treated in Nigeria is the same if not worse. If it's even getting worse so to lawless place where Christians aren't protected, we got former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo coming up, former director of national intelligence, Rick Grenell, both of which are part of our team here at the ACO J they will be on in the next segment of the broadcast date to the lot warhead support the work of the ACO J back normal for decades. ACO J is been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena.

The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now, this is Jordan secular secular.

There's a lot to talk about what we believe, though this week that it we need to be ready for his conservative because the attacks are beginning in the pregenerated this morning in the likely places MSNBC's the world by the vision of a buildup. Buildup to try and get more American sexy. Pay attention to January 6 in the lease here. He said these are this. What's unique about this.

It's two days of live hearings in prime time. It's it's it's 8 PM Eastern time Thursday probably the biggest day because Friday evening. Its prime time, but people have a lot else going on. Here's what they gotta do is I don't think they're trying to associate Democrats of any note you Democrats can turn it in here their own thing Republicans not persuadable.

They're trying to get the small group of independence left in the country there's another ton to could somehow say what they learn from this hearing is can impact what Congressman or Sen. they vote for in the midterms coming up that's Artie tough connection because the present election coming up, so they're saying things that we don't have enough voices there calling you freaks that's literally display that again, this is Dan Pfeiffer, former Hilltop Obama for a fish ladder it for communication directed White House got a lot of his former underlings running the things of the will, at the current White House right now is the language used by Mika Brzezinski on emissivity method is shocking but just remember the double standard hypocrisy of if you use this kind language about anyone on the left are you saying that like the Republican agenda is backed up by that freaks on Facebook and said they don't want to do anything about absolutely.

And it is just making sure the 70 characters that Facebook is the most powerful messaging platform for the extreme night message for first of all I get you to look at social media in totality. Not one network-I think it is true that on Facebook where he says, is like the most feared and engaged answer the most followers will should engage pieces have to be conservative because a compelling right so Shay's liberals communication problem that they can't write you twice as we don't need more MSNBC limit Celia figure out of their messaging Morrissey community was designed and screaming fail so they brought in IMAX for the people to know on Thursday they brought in a for this former producer like good morning America and Nightline to produce so because he wanted to be a shift shift of the Congress that it was BS so the January 6 committee has brought in the former ABC News producer to try and get you to watch a rerun of so that happened 18 months ago that the people of Artie talk through the defendant a lot of elation about we know there's no smoking gun to another. The puppy's new imagery of short videos out of the Catholic I think that a lot of you will probably tune in, because you will know what items it's up to you but I can remember they're trying to reach an audience is not Artie this TV into the news that like our audience.

People listen or watch the show. Right now they're trying to reach dad the kind at that the normal voter who engages maybe the Republican maybe the Democrat made it independent. They really engage until a week before election day yeah or or the election itself but the difficulty is that they've already shifted what it said to be about certain inevitable. What happened on January 6.

What led up to it. I'm sure the be that but now it's the solutions are doing away with the electoral college, which would take a constitutional amendment that separates the electoral count act because as of right things. They brought charges against individuals, yet with those individuals have done may well be within the exemptions within the electoral College act this way. One quote clause close the loopholes and then they want same date nationally same-day voter registration for every state which of course constitutional. It's that decision be made by the states themselves to what you have is a shift going on during you and I've done this. We have been on the halls of the Senate would been on the floor. The United States Senate.

They set these expectations way up here and then they just can't deliver them when they can't deliver what happens is, then they go to these other things and it's going to be right. They don't want the Adams ship show again. Let me take some that's very boring and having debates over the electoral college that is not relevant.

It's not real. You can have those debates were trying to type this is absurd. It should be a separate discussion and it's very academic and SH academic because it is not happening. It's like a law professor typical for Seattle office Jamie Ransom federal run hypotheticals and supposedly committee so divided on this. They have no solutions is very typical Congress is eager to see flashy show that it is likely meaningless. But again, this is buildup this week is to be a hot hyper- partisan attack on conservatives all week you need to be prepared for secular folks this week. I think the theme of this week I was to be there with January, 6 m of his attack on conservatives attack on Magnetek on trump supporters attack on Republicans.

I received this we right away on the liberal media. Buildup to try and convince Americans to use their a Friday, Thursday and Friday evenings to watch Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin again on on TV like you haven't seen them enough the last few years to again present you to something that has no conclusion that as a no smoking gun. Admittedly, for their team's colloquial flashing. I think that that's what they say look professional. We have referred that from them before and it doesn't really come together because that mixed-media of trying to put in flashy media video bites is not a clear message but we know it's happening. You record deleterious now the supervisor for necessary foreign policy. Ricky tweeted out as a troubled start World War III literally made world peace. We talk about that a lot is broadcasted, we now come to this. Where January, 6 inch, focusing on that. When we got war in Europe when we have potentially of this Taiwan issue were worried about China I were worried about baby formula regular time on Friday were now relied on foreign aid like we talked on the show Friday this idea this this this attack on conservatives but we do feel Rick that it is a heightened attack this week trying to make something out of this primetime hearing. One thing very clear about January 6.

Within hours of individuals breaking into the capital and committing vandalism me and many other Republicans were very clear to say finding each individual whose committing vandalism and arrest them.

This is unacceptable and by the way many Republicans were saying this the previous summer before when Seattle and Portland in Minneapolis and Chicago were all attacked by BLM. There is a difference between Republicans and Democrats on January 6 and that Republicans generally condemned both sides of the violence whenever it happened. Democrats didn't Democrats were totally silent when it came to BLM. I'm so tired of them playing one side in Washington DC. We didn't have nightly hearings when it came to all of the BLM attacks and people kill and properties damaged. We didn't hear much about that. We didn't see DLJ going after those individuals, but we do see that when it comes to January 6. I'll say it again and I'll say it, I will in the face whenever we see violence or vandalism.

I don't care who did it, you should arrest them and we shouldn't play politics at the left is doing you Rick, you should be simply politics but here's the reality which just happened with what they're saying now and what their leaking out from the committee. It's gone from what will let you know what happened on January 6 and the build up there to have this note show, so to speak on Thursday and Friday. The problem is what they've already done it started moving the ball and they moving the ball by doing this we really need to be talking about is getting rid of the electoral college. We really need to talk about is corrections in the electoral count act. What we really need to talk about is nationalizing voter registration even though the Constitution rest that authority with the states. So they've Artie showed their hand on where they moving the ball here.

Look, I think that is really important.

Republicans on the offense here mailing balance due individuals on a voter list creates also the chaos because people get multiple now balance and we all know that you see them everywhere. You're getting multiple ballots there trying to get people to vote more than once by flooding the zone.

What we should do is we should go back to paper ballots. We should go back to one day voting and we should have very limited absentee ballots you should have to requested and you should have to have a good reason. Otherwise, let's show up and let's produce an ID and I think that every state should require an ID.

If you are against a voter idea means you're cheating you're trying to cheat. I agree.

I did make some for positive case for this to think one person the whole world that mean that South Korea and the US launching missiles in response to North Korea missile test yesterday.

I would receive course was happy to Ukraine and Russia, China and Taiwan amended these issues. It just seems like while we are again focusing on these these issues at home and some I mean are very important. Like the inflation but others like this committee hearing, like ignoring what's happening around the world while while they're out taking on this primetime space up because I'd I think that our standing in the world has been so diminished that every country who doesn't like us is testing the waters on how far they can go in whether to provocations in their own region or yellow testing ballistic missiles later this week on a DLJ data are talking about how we are having to receive foreign aid. The United States under the administration is really outrageous and this continues to happen. I'm so glad to show that week that I put out which is really taken fire because they told us that Donald Trump would cause World War III in the opposite has happened. Joe Biden is causing World War III. Donald Tromp actually brought us the Abraham accords you brought us world peace and well Washington DC can't say it. We know the truth. The play of the world was so much better off with Donald Trump in charge. It was more peaceful and countries were signing peace accord.*The fact you know I Rick and following data we need to take a look at the Abraham accords I think are probably the best example of unbelievable progress in the in the region tremendous, but you don't see the bind administration really building on that is that their inability to bake the Saudis civil phone call to Rick produce more oil we talk about that on Friday. Maybe you response to my audience on the concerns there but I look at the way the world is right now and this reminds me a lot of this is younger than me, but it reminds me of Jimmy Carter and and maybe worse because I think that that the lethality of things are worse. And in the politics of the moment are worse but it feels like a flashback to 1977 where if you were working as I was as a federal government lawyer in the Department of treasury we could have our heat in the building.

Over 67 or 68. I had to get into my whites was teaching school and I would take excess paper that we had and they would use on the other side to make copies for the students and it's like not getting baby formula. This is absurd on what is happened and I think, and then you have on top of that night got the January 6 committee launching into. Let's change the electoral college so we could really rake the system by changing the electoral college, and I think this is just it shows you how desperate they are. Knowing what's coming up in November. They know this is going to be red wave house, probably the Senate and then showed bind is lame-duck for the next two years here Jimmy Carter analogy sound like current day California yummy. We literally don't have enough electricity and water and that state is running commercials saying, conserve, conserve, conserve, we lived on the ocean.

We should have a water problem in California. This is total mismanagement and yet what we seen constantly is the left completely taking us to a low state even farther laugh where where asking Venezuela and Ron and others and by the way, we should talk about the fact that the Saudi trip just got post on the Iranian Israel trip doubting that Rick we read into that got canceled was bone without the Saudis absolutely don't want Joe Biden coming he he made him a pariah state. Remember, one of the first things that the acting DNI did or sorry the DNI Gabriel Haynes what she did when she came in office is repackaged that Khashoggi Intel to stick it in the eye of the Saudi's when we were trying to move on to two week we made our lessons very clear to the Saudi's.

We send strong messages to them. To say this is terrible. This should never happen again.

We were moving on to grow the relationship. Yet they repackaged the Intel in order to send a message to Iran that they knew how to be tough on the Saudi's. It's a really terrible manipulation of intelligence is one that I mean, maybe, is to get as much attention, but also the Summit of the Americas mishap in Los Angeles this week and the Mexican President just announce he's not going. Please have your public spat an interest interest unique that that there there are.

They had to try and convince the Brazilian President to come if you spoke in the present. Biden yet. They are having trouble getting I get countries that are not that that the leaders of these are the China's of the world rush them over there important to the United States. Our relationship with the right on the border the country right on the border not even showing up this week. I mean he's innocent. Someone else was government but it's a big messages shows you exhaling to Saudi Arabia.

Think Rick they don't even want to to show up because they they think that there is no reason to Saudi Arabia and we talk about these issues because those newsrooms in Washington DC are scrambling today to hide the ball. They do not want anyone to know that Joe Biden on the world stage is humiliated and being mocked. I can tell you Eastern Europe to Europe to the Balkans.

People absolutely are embarrassed that the United States is led by Joe Biden. Please likely the first to repost some of the Americas since the Clinton administration. Most the time those leaders from those countries upon the world that kind of attention to get that kind of right focus from the United States government father hosting it would be on the first trip to Los Angeles, and the fact that the country most influential in that region of right on the border Mexico.

His presence is no and is a few other countries that say they might not going all the way down to Argentina family. This can have huge consequences. Get so embarrassing to the United States on the world stage. They try to bury you from even knowing it's happening the rest the world does not rest will seeing this great secular during a fight for stricter state like Pompeii are sheer counsel for global affairs. There is a new piece up a seal Jay Leno today so encourage everybody go check it out. Does anybody know what our policy is toward Taiwan were just talking about these foreign policy issues that art should be getting more and more attention. Socially, than the January 6 at prime time here is produced by the former ABC producer we should be focusing what's actually happening in the world right now. The eye states I we seem present.

Biden firmly states three times since becoming present. The US would militarily defend Taiwan's AIDS walk it back so as secretary Pompeii.

I will write to you what is going on the White House who, what, what is the position of of the United States right now when it comes Taiwan to be with you. I don't know the answer to that question, and dangerously, I don't think our adversaries in the world know you are and are confident that the people tell a lot about that either is incredibly confusing when the President said that somebody from the White House walks walked out and changes it, then we are the President upset with them changing it in the end that the things that delivered to tolerance for nations just just any any contributor but do not fit the particular delivery determines what prevents us from ending up in wars across the world. What keeps America people tape across first is American deterrence to clear, unequivocal statements about the things that matter to us when you get all mushy and you're not clear or you are confusing the bad guys will drive a truck through that gap. They will assume that you are weak and not prepared your allies won't stand beside you, and I'm afraid I Taiwan. That's where we are today. I could not tell you what that by demonstration policy is with respecting with respect to Taiwan, and frankly the broader SAPI dating challenges we confront as well. There is no doubt in my mind Mike that when your administration your secretary state under the previous ministration that time it was not chemical waltzing into Taiwan. I do not have that confidence right now my question is this. If you are presently United States and in China were to do this were to attack to take over Taiwan.

What do you quell double courses, but the fear of God in them. They could convince them that the cost will exceed the benefit of a military invasion. Second, there are lots of tools the United States had been attacked. They can support the people, so they could on their own sake and can go into all the details, but suffice it to say we are we are not without resources. In that regard, and I think the Chinese government party is aware of that as well.

Third, we would. We should continue to provide them the things that they need to defend themselves week we should wait for that moment in some sense the patient is already on right. She has made clear his intentions with perspective how I we should we should be treating this as is an ongoing challenge in providing the people to want today as were on the show all the things they need to defend themselves and then finally the last pieces should she take but such a outrageous step. We need to make sure that we've done all we can to provide support to the Vietnamese without great strength Japanese the Philippines. All of the countries in the region. This will quickly come to envelop them as well as difficult to get to Taiwan without moving through Japanese economic zones for you. You already going to have a very complicated, both naval and air conflict. We need to make sure that we are there in that moment to support those nations efforts as well and we got out the talented people do what they have been preparing for for a long time and that is become an independent nation that the capacity protected sake and demonstrate that you can have a nation in that region. That is a democracy and a successful economy, she tells the people. The only way to do it is common is in the monitors in the market. It's not true. Taiwan matters to the American people would help people is as we got into some extent that is just we sought what is kind of didn't. Where is the policy if the policy was in the truck ministration right now. What would be towards Taiwan. What would we be to the chase. It was, would it be. It would be clear to the American people that it was apposite. This is what will do is not working a deal. You know this is had a week as we arm them a lot more with US weaponry, then Ukraine had, I would get with much more intensive US weaponry. So under the present. What this restrictions back and forth. You don't know who to believe.

Before that, what was the direct policy I give Taiwan was invaded under that and under the truck ministration. What would happen the next the next moment in our public policy with the same as during the Reagan administration was the same set of ideas. There was there with the concept of strategic ambiguity and we hewed to that line as a public matter, but if you look past our statement that we look at our actions, whether was putting pressure on the Chinese economy building out the American military. As discussed, we provided lots of tools weaponry, some of it you can see, some of which was intelligence related activities. The things that the Taiwanese Midsouth. Not only did we maintain a policy that was pretty clear. I think the Chinese Congress party go into other two are the drivers of deterrence. First was the weapons we provided them and the final one was. I think they understood the truck ministration right when the rain began to move about the cabin. We responded strongly when Chairman Kim was fired missiles. We told enough you. You gotta stop every 17 missile test just just this year in North Korea. It was this global idea of deterrence that we had built up over the course of our four years that I think was a powerful test but to the actions we would take communicated the Chinese Congress party a way that would've prevented them from even contemplating such an action against the people of Taiwan stark difference between when you were secretary state in your predecessor entity. Blinking is North Korea fires eight short range ballistic missiles from multiple sites. Basically over the weekend and which caused from provocation. South Korea responded with some initial firings of their own and then the US purportedly issued sent one missile as well into the East Coast Korean Peninsula and the water now you will have direct dialogue with the North Korean leader and that kind of flying missiles over Japan's nonsense stopped. My question is, now that we look at it you got Pres. Biden was going to go over to Saudi Arabia because he wants more oil production that is now been postponed and we don't look at a date when when that's gonna take place.

What do you think's going on there some interesting Your earlier segment. Two things are all deeply related to her Gellert Southwest Airlines that belied you are now free to move about the cabin across the world of our feeling that way. So you you demark what's going on in our career. We talked about Iran. Israelis can see that the knuckleheads in the Gaza Strip getting more active as well. Things are all a result of American weakness, a leader in the White House that our adversaries don't fear that are our friends. Right. So our Saudi friends are a variety partners partners in South Korea and Japan, and Australia. Not sure what to make of it and went when Emma sure what to make without two delegation traditional hedging behavior not become closer with the Chinese Communist Party is dangerous for Americans in Nevada and in my own state a candidate in New York. These things matter to us an awful lot. We can all see the gas prices today American leadership in the world makes an enormous difference domestically here at home and we got it wrong. We got a leader sitting in the White House today.

The people are confused about what he believed are America's interest that is really a danger at the risk of cascading crisis beyond what's happening in Russia and Ukraine. Today, the risk of cascading crisis is real and serious appreciate secretary, is always a senior counsel for global affairs at the ACLJ analyses 265 and Artie tree that is out on on Nigeria and the situation there in time to get to it. In this segment but as the idea get it of these were leaders for our country who did pay attention to densely hunt in the world, and in some of those countries don't get their prime time media placement and we forget that they were mock for what they do with North Korea or don't pay attention what they did in Abraham's gigantic for the other leader.

They can't because they get past the cake has Palestinian is take a test. This is sure that if just be prepared for this week.

Both the leaves could be a war on conservatives all week leading up January 6 public hearing beginning on Thursday.

You need to be ready for

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