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Dr. Alveda King Addresses Weekend of Mass Shootings

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 16, 2022 3:13 pm

Dr. Alveda King Addresses Weekend of Mass Shootings

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 16, 2022 3:13 pm

After two mass shootings over the weekend, Dr. Alveda King joins Sekulow today to discuss the wave of violence, the root causes, and what remedies our country must consider moving forward. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Circular laughter mouse shootings were joined by special guest Dr. secular city of my dad mother after a rough weekend All address it ramp conversation about it would take a different maybe approach so typically what I should talk about what's happening in this country went after this weekend we had to mass shootings out. That does include I'm see the massive crime that happens throughout the country of Chicago alone there was 30+ people shop just this weekend, then we also have these situations a very targeted attacks and one from a very young man that was clearly and I think irrefutably you're racially based. That came out of New York and then another one targeted at a church in California. This opens up a big conversation that goes well beyond gun laws goes well beyond anything we can do and it goes beyond what people are saying in in Washington and also Dave Bennett is herein talked him to. Because this is a topic that can get politicized very easily as you can see over the weekend. It has been but is this a much bigger topic that we need to be dressing when it comes to the mental health and well-being of specifically our younger people who have grown up now, the world of social media have grown up in the world of division, chaos, and now two years of lockdown and is this a result of a lot of things beyond just what's happening at face value. I want to have that discussion with you and I won't have that discussion as well with our guest Dr. Alvina King and you know her from Atlanta Georgia. She serves as the chair for the center for the American dream, but she is also the daughter of the late civil rights activist, slave activist Rev. Amy King of the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King. You've heard her talk about life for her talk about race relations and I were honored to have her on to the next segment so discussed that with her, but I will hear from you as well.

Give me a call at 1-800-684-3110, 1-800-684-3110 mass to be kind and calm to our phone screener as he tries to address the specific questions and comments that people have on this very sensitive topic, but we can't just let things go breezed by not address some of these big problems that are happening and fan it is something that you gun control and gun rights in the Second Amendment come up all the time in Washington. But whenever there is this your kind of wave of mass shootings, which is horrifying is something I want to live in a world where we have to be worried about this truthfully, I hate that we do. I hate testing across your mind, but it can be quickly be politicized and I'm concerned, whatever that happens, specifically heading into midterm elections that people see us on an inappropriate moment when really we need to be talking about a much much bigger problem.

You are correct to be concerned about that. Logan first look, let me just say what is patently obvious here. This is devastatingly heartbreaking and did the depths of evil and racism and instability are just staggering in my heartbreak slogan for the families impacted here and look I would sell you. We got a duty to ask the questions that you're asking.

We have to meet with asking the question what works, what prevents the next attack for mapping or what starts to heal some of these divides, but unfortunately Logan I will tell you in the town in which I sit there's not a lot of that introspection going on really from any side you will see a pretty quick immediate political reactions and and Logan.

I just have to tell you most of the solutions that are put out there they might feel good on it on a bumper sticker in a campaign slogan about Logan. I'm just not convinced they answer that question. What works, what role can we play to mitigate this in the future. Those are the questions that all of us has to be asking in this town, Logan not particularly good at doing that. Not at all and will be joy like said that excitement by Dr. King to discuss a lot of these topics as well as the life of a conversation and how that all is connected and trust me it is the final segment of this half hour. The first half-hour really take your phone calls so I love to hear from you is a call 1-800-684-3110.

I want your opinion, your thoughts on this conversation that this is a kid who committed this adult, not 18 who was definitely on a watchlist, but some things failed to stop. We discussed that as well, to secular. We are joined by a very special guest today that is Dr. Alvina King, who you may know, could you just see rollover media for for many years, but more recently zero in on Fox's oxidation, but you also have someone who grew up really in not just the pro-life movement.

But in some ways to grow up in the civil rights movements of rights activist father. You may know, as Rev. 80 King who was slain, and obviously her uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King now Dr. King your ear joyous today and were talking the first time of the show we had to talk about what was happening.

Obviously, there was a mass shootings over the weekend, something that they become an altar call common in America. One of them was specifically race-based.

I want to get your thoughts and views on that because if I remember back around New Year's.

You were on one of the on Fox news and you kind of had a prayer for for call, but call to call me that we need to all a call don't have any more of these conversations that are happening. What we have the sort of mental health crisis in an so much more happening over the last few years.

I want to get your initial feedback from what you saw this week, yes I can I can. Family American ally America charge member and know that we are waiting but yet I recently helped anybody and that.that will determine whether we people will outgrow the way that we have not yet we pray that my dad, my mom just do not always a terrible thing American anybody. We have with weak hand solutions. I think that's a problem that's a question we post our solutions with these type of things happen. I'm asleep to touch on life will talk a lot about that coming up here, but when you have a weekend like this. What are some of the solutions because we look at I would say is as a dad of young children I see with their exposed to daily, I see the way they're having to deal with even already having to deal with social media in the online world a little differently.

Even the way that I grew up in the 80s and 90s it. It's a completely different world. Just a couple decades later. This does seem to be a problem that goes well beyond just as someone was radicalized by watching a certain a new source or radicalized by something. This feels like a much bigger issue that's in America that she said we gotta pray we gotta get more motivated to really reach out and see what's going on when come specially in terms of our our younger people I know you will partly that we are not about knowing that we have a large part you might be right that human right right now we don't have but now you may be charged by now we do not we pray that you know I do not take from that when it comes to life. This is followed your career for the many decades.

At this point is a pro-life advocate you saw some people in Washington with the least a Supreme Court decision. They look we hopefully it stays were still see all your praying that it does some version with similar studies, but I saw the people on Capitol Hill, Elizabeth Ward and some of the people say this is what these pro-life activists. They haven't told you this with them in fighting for for decades.

I really thought people like my family and your family have been fighting this fight for decades and did you think the oxen were still awaiting a final decision. We always were hopeful and prayerful that we would see a reversal of Roe V Wade, but it is still when you saw that initial news is still pretty pretty shocking to see if someone who is in the pro-life movement for so long you know what Mary and the people who have not.

I'm so I'm very at American now the people who I think of no better way to America and we thank God without so that people can live so they need to be read and about whether there really save so much and so rapidly that it's hard whether this is a human being or not until he got the argument is gone and there even start to acknowledge that it's gone now.

Will a couple minutes but this is a sensitive topic. Look I see noticing more than I thought. People who I know that are conservative are people that I know there's more moderate I I'm pro-life personally or maybe I've had some some decision in the past. This wasn't an easy thing for a lot of people refer you specifically give me a couple minutes of the people who are sort of uncomfortable. I'm sure maybe due to their own decisions.

The past or maybe their decisions moving forward who have had questions about movie Wade.

This wasn't easy for you. You were not a pro-life activist from the start with 90 Right now about being out of my mind now that you know About your now we know that human being like I sure you so much for joining us and I will post make sure we post people can follow you and all of your accounts everything you're working on right now doing great work in helping to educate and inform our listeners also told her story about his gotta be hard to tell that story so often, but it impacts so many people I want to thank you for joining us today. We are to be taking your phone calls and that excitement if you heard Dr. King, you have some thoughts or comments or thoughts on again the horrible shootings happened over the weekend and what we can do about this crisis happening in America is call 1-800-684-3110 will only take a lot of your calls: recap thanks to Dr. King for joining us less.

I didn't catch that encourage you to listen to the podcast goes into it on replays of social media find it on all four channels on a scale were talking mainly about RC.

There is always the shooting that happened at the church in California about the weather is getting a lot of attention.

More to the people perished us was looking to New York and there is 18-year-old brother 19 last spring graduate from high school. All the red flags, including even in one of his final assignments at school brought up the fact that he wanted to commit a murder suicide and many claim to be joking was taken into the question later released when someone has an issue like this. New York has a red flag will to the extreme protection orders effectively. New York (individuals who show signs of being a threat to themselves or others from purchasing or possessing any kind of firearm. I will tell you I'm sure that's controversial for a lot of people who are listening. However, this state put in that law. And guess who was not added to that list. This was after the park when shooting the reasons why people react to these kind of situations differently.

I understand I respected completely didn't go in the database and then went into legally purchase this firearm in New York so this is sort of a much bigger problem. Not only do we have.

I feel is a your past is past. All background checks and all of that went around the legal way.

Not only do we have a problem in terms of someone putting in the information just getting information out there.

This initially on a watchlist which seems to be time and time again. The problem that happens as these people are known in their community as potential risks with a lot of issues and I think it stems back way beyond way beyond nonzero this manifesto that is racially charged and horrifying, but we need to get to the core of these problems that are happening in our country, especially with kids. We live in a completely different world and mental health, something that is sadly still not talked about near enough specially in terms of kids who just went through two years of especially New York and New Jersey remote learning. It went through a lot of things over the last few years spent a lot of time by themselves. A lot of thoughts can happen is that age identified your household.

I think that's something that we we don't talk about very much at all, which is if your child seems to you know your kids better than anyone your grandkids better than anyone.

You know how they're feeling often. Sometimes the stubs are kept and often is hard. It is very hard as a parent to identify if your child is going through mental health crisis feel like failures. But at this point we have to realize they are been putting under so much pressure that we don't understand, just we don't even we can't even fathom what they're going through, and even the youngest of ages at five, six, seven years old are dealing with things you never had to deal with as a kid instead of making this a political moment where we pick right left we decide what will you do politically to vote for, which is very important. This is it that issue that this issue is a doesn't matter if your left or right your conservative or a Democrat or liberal or how everyone identify yourself. That doesn't matter what happens is it's the hearts and minds of our especially for the situation are younger people and trying to relate to them in a way that's a lot harder then simply politics will take some phone calls. Our first call is coming from Dineen in Buffalo New York. I thought there there will be someone who needs to kick off the phone calls needed to be Dineen if you want to be on the air 100-684-3110 yet about four minutes. Dineen draw the court. You all carry on Facebook constantly.

Just wanted to say cursor community in Buffalo and other communities around here are churches of communities even are our Buffalo Bills team that we are stepping up or supporting a family prayer through to anything we can do and we we do have a great community here in Buffalo and surrounding areas.

Second of all I'd like to say that it definitely has been politicized here in Buffalo and in their communities here governor focal she's already made mentioned that the rhetoric from our past administration tools list.

She was also the President is supposed to come here tomorrow. Yet he's it's funny how he's missed other mass things but he's coming to this one because race and gun laws are such a huge issue with being prolific, politicized, and it's fitting their agenda which stinks because as you said it shouldn't be a doesn't matter.

You know it we need to step up of her children for their communities. But it's really even even some of the churches in Santa Fe are politicizing politicizing that sin and that is very fast. At first everyone in Buffalo that community as well stay in the church politicizing we all know that it can can quickly become the case, but in Washington DC and the surrounding areas and everything that's happening. We know that the politicization of an issue like this. Of course there are obvious connections to politics because you have the right always talking about your gun laws of your restrictions. Second, memorizing the left who are constantly going the other way about it, but with our mass shootings. It is hard to to really not make this politics when it comes to even your church. I think it's tough because that's the first place, your mind goes, is sadly that's true versus regular houses can affect your local community housing effector laws, said you think there's a natural inclination to go political. There's also a danger Logan. I think to step out of these issues altogether because it's difficult to find footing for solutions and that that's honestly why I appreciated what Dr. King said so much because I actually think Logan that the role for people of faith and especially our churches is actually disproportionately large and an issue like this one. I mean look. All of the issues we talked about on this broadcast heavy mix of solutions right some of them are political. Some of them are personal. Some of them are societal Logan I think on an issue like this one a dramatically larger portion of it is societal and personal. I mean, you talked a minute ago about how New York had a red flag law.

Clearly this is an individual with a red flag so Logan it did not prevent this from happening, but we as people of faith, we as institutions of faith churches. We need to be able to identify people that are not living out of a sound mind and come alongside them and try to remedy it. So I would say to Dineen.

I'm glad the churches in Buffalo RRR stepping up to the plate and I have no doubt. Certainly, the politicization has is infiltrated churches as well, but loving this is an issue where that really is a threat to finding a way forward. Absolutely it's it's a big problem without easy solutions that you said is something really keep discussing sure the coming days.

Now, in the next segment of the broadcast. Those watching right now, what should be aware that we really come to divert place and stuff that we talked about over the last week. Is there some important issues that you may have missed a lot of people were out a lot of people traveling and we really want to dive in that.

So the next half hour. You can see some content serve the best of the last few days Rick talk about what happened with you on musk and Twitter were to talk about a lot of problems that are happening and maybe we can offer even some solutions.

We have a lot of crisis is happening right now you have the border crisis formula crisis. The tapping shortage. Now you have a weekend of gun violence really tough time to find called SRT and called for in society. Gas prices every day there's another new giant problem. The role having to deal with, but encourages stay calm as you talk to your family. Discuss these issues discussed mental health discuss race within your home.

I love that what you took away from the show is to maybe involve a little bit more what's going on in your family's life as they

Make sure you go there to really support to see some incredible content produced each and every day by amazing team on the frontline protecting rights in court in Congress on justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking well this perfect time to stand with ACLJ.where you can learn more about our life-changing, member today seeing okay you informed and now is secular folks. The vote in the US and we won that vote 51 nine the extreme abortion legislation where they attempted not just allegedly Roe versus Wade. But to legislate abortion on demand through the nine months no restrictions leaving the restrictions a bit in place under Roe versus Wade would be would go.

It was 51 to 49 all 50 Republicans plus one Democrat that one Democrats Joe mansion on the issue. There watching Joe mansion's Artie said that he would be good with codify Roe versus Wade that legislation exist by two Republicans, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins who voted no yesterday on the more extreme legislation. The question now is, does the abortion industry give the green light to start a legislative move on that that codification of relevant LB basic taking rowing and exactly codify it into law, which again would be bad because it we we believe in our legal analysis that we could beat that in federal court, but again it keeps the issue in the federal courts instead of actually two of returning it to the states like that draft we can.

Talks about so were update you on that. Just to update you there. And of course a big thank you everybody participated our matching moment we doubled our goal. The original ghost I toured $50,000 raise over $500,000 in over those two days so a huge thank you to people participate in the matching moment so we have the resources to get this work done Harry Hutchison or director policy has a piece CoPresident binds extremism. We just went talk to this department just is going after parents and school board meetings and then we got on top of that the new misinformation, disinformation, governance, board, run by some of the things they could say they could edit your tweets on Twitter that she should have the authority to edit and put contacts in your tweets.

So in other words, you have free speech date they can correct your speech you look at all of this, Harry, and it points to a very draconian environment where the government's heavy-handed is that the people's free speech, which is always dangerous, absolutely. And I think if you look at Nina Janco. It's for instance, she doesn't believe you're entitled to have speech unless it's approved speech, which is directly contrary to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

So one of the things that we should notice is that the Biden administration typically hires individuals who failed to respect the United States Constitution. They failed to respect the rule of law and they hope that they can continue to get away with it and I think again it's up to the American people to respond to this infringement. In my opinion of their constitutional rights by getting engaged and by going out and basically supporting candidates who support the United States Constitution and use it. Also what the Department of Justice has done his weapon eyes the FBI. It is the FBI has become gun mortar, a weapon, just like they did with the IRS that we beat back and they are now taking the FBI and they're saying if you don't comport with the speech that we like the speech that we approve the speech that is within the parameters that our food to use Harry's excellent phrase, our ministry of truth says is the speech that's permissible.

We're going to make you a target were going to make you a terrorist were going to open the file alone you in Washington DC, working the tail you were going to come to your house and were going to get you. That's exactly what they're saying here don't think it's any less than that. Congressman Mike Johnson who co-authored this letter which American Idol essays can be joining us in the next segment of the broadcast eyes which understand the what examples of the whistleblower was a Bob.

The FBI investigated after to her. She was part of the quote right wing moms group. Yours called Bob's liberty all its right wing that investigate that these are people at the FBI come to the FBI file opened up on them because they had the audacity to speak out against elected official is a public official school board member at this again basis of trying to set up, sit down and not follow. As reported, there's a letter went out to Atty. Gen. Mayor Carlin from Congressman Jim Jordan Carson Mike Johnson Carson Johnson shortest as a ranking member of the judiciary committee subcommittee on the Constitution, civil rights and civil liberties. I Carson Johnson will write you with this letter because you got whistleblower reports now that can contradict Mayor Carlin's testimony to your committee about parents being investigated by the FBI for voicing their concerns at school board meetings and big deal.

You know, we have been investigating the Republican committee. We have never department doctors and all the women investigating the Biden administration's misuse of law enforcement resources. Part of that has been the target concerned parents. They been doing this since last fall. Remember all the angry mob affairs and all that work meeting. They were protesting. They were letting the voices be heard. Their exercise and they were letting these go more local level know they're not on board with the TRT non-they didn't like the mass mandate that all that part of our profit problem. The Department of Justice and the FBI targeted and consider them a threat. Now here's the deal. When Mary Garland came in front of our committee in October. We asked him under oh right in front of Judiciary Committee when it was true or not. He said that those parents that never been targeted now we have a whistleblower that confirms our work. Thanks Mike, this Jay Sekulow will write the letter in sworn testimony before this committee. You denied that the system or Carlin denied the Department of Justice or its components using counterterrorism statutes and resources to target parents at school board meetings. We now have evidence that, contrary to your testimony the federal Bureau of investigation has labeled at least a dozen of its investigations into parents with the threat tag created by the FBI's counterterrorism division to assess and track investigations related to school boards. We just were talking about Mike that that you put all this together all the actions of the body mistress blossom much the governance board for misinformation and disinformation date being the screen of the President really targeting anybody that disagrees with them is ultra Maca and then you have parents been targeted by the Department of Justice. What do you what do you want to see happen here. Well, ultimately we need accountability we better make sure that not weapon become a political arm party exactly what they've done today, albeit certain real dystopian development unit is prescribed and many others lead only to one logical conclusion that the DOJ is no longer neutral arbiter that the agency that's in charge of maintaining our justice system and making sure that the logging of the law is equal everyone equal law under it all out the window.

They're using that to advance political objectives and go after political opponent and family and very unfortunately not a dozen.

But now we know because this whistleblower dozens of parents who have just shown up their local school board meetings to show their care and concern for their children to be exposed to labeled as domestic terrorist.

This absolutely happened. The threat tag. By the way is EDU official that the FBI pack but could only smile and in their treating these people like their enemies of the state. It's unconscionable and jaded at the end of the day.

The greatest threat here. You and I both know is that it's undermining the people's faith in our institutions.

If we lose our faith in our system of justice brother in a constitutional republic.

Where is the exactly what we had. Do with the IRS when they target the same thing.

Based on the names liberty 9/11 freedom that became be on the lookout list and then we had the I'll never forget in the discovery getting those emails from Lois Lerner where she said let's get in touch with the FBI and the FTC and bring a criminal case because that will shut this down so we know where this can go and we took action in the courts. We won but you had to take legal action to do it well right and ended that may be a component of that in the meantime you're denying our letter to Mary Garland: listen number one you have to now produce all the documents and materials that we have been sending this request for 18 months now. On this issue and in things related to it. They haven't been forthcoming. They haven't shown us what they are required under the law to pray for Congress and we demanded that we also said right now and immediately to preserve a record responded to our letter because you know what to get rid of the evidence so this is serious because of the highest level.

This is the top law enforcement official in the country and remember what's so ironic about the Garland they told record you well know, J lately: the lion of the smartest man of the highest integrity on the left and it turns out he just raised his hand and went to Congress. This is really really serious.we're not going to let go to is the idea that some music. Most of these examples it someone who is using political speech saying you know what you get rid of you guys the school board officials there and there elected the school board members are elected officials and the idea that in America you can't save so you over to be you politically rerun candidates to get you that suddenly that makes you a threat. It makes your inciting violence.

If you express displeasure with their policies this idea. Again, I what I'm concerned about is that there's no longer this idea in our country is not shared by both political parties anymore that we protect free speech. In fact, now saying that your free speech absolutist is a bad thing in America but we preferred to use a by this disinformation for the awful but lawful course there defining what awful is I think here the there's the there's the disillusion with the institutions of government, but then there's the at the second idea which is they really just want all these parents and everybody who may have been politically motivated to get involved to sit back and say you know what I would make the calculation. I'd rather not have the FBI knocking on my door so I'm not to show up undocking to voice my concern. I'm not getting involved three of us have been serving the arena in this arena defending our freedom to create your own careers because we saw a day like this may come one day and were here now right you have the government the highest levels of power in the country. Labeling citizens who have disfavored opinion. Thirdly, we had a press conference yesterday to defund that this information board give it our best shot Jim Jordan on Longboat and other and we stood there in front of this whole cadre of of the hill reporters you know Washington capital reporters and I said to them, I everybody wake up at your stupor and remember this is not who we are in America.

In America we do not trust the government to be the arbiter of what is true and acceptable speech that is called tyranny guys. You hear the Free Press right the First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech and free press. Guess what, that's in jeopardy right now because the government may disfavor what you say tomorrow right were all in jeopardy. We have to stop this week week we have to keep government and check.

We have to defend freedom and it's never been more important to do that. Mike Johnson, a good friend of ours for a long time fellow worker and and prefer religious freedom for First Amendment freedoms and is always great working with you Mike and I'm thrilled that you're heading this up with our friend Jim Jordan. This is really important. Thanks, Mike Johnson's rights are committee hearing what you understand today our state of expose this now there to be able to say that America not that it's not just an idea that the FBI might be doing this. They have a whistleblower was provided the information they get federal protections that whistleblower to provide information to Congress because again they have the oversight they have the power of the purse they can like you start defunding the the idea and even when you're the minority party just on the committee's you have the ability to seek information the eye that he hears is no longer just hypothetical right got the evidence now that the parents are actually getting the knocks from the FBI and I'm wondering if these parents you look at what their civil rights claims and violations of been there could be very significant. So what were saying is we're looking at all this in totality. As we put together our efforts and you saw how successful is ever skipping the pro-life situation will be able to fit that bill and I were looking at the legal work and hopefully illegals the note leaked opinion will be the opinion will be a big day for for children in America and stop the slaughter of unborn children that is taken place for four decades now, at least reduce umbrella say this these kind of encroachments on free speech and fundamental liberty are the reason the ACLJ exists and I want to again and join Jordan jointly with this load enjoys with this whole team joins us.

Thank you. We had a moment that we realize it were rent expend significant resources in a very short period of time because of the leak of this opinion and to combat the attempt to intimidate judges the attempt to get legislation through, or maybe even pack the Supreme Court and we had a really quick and we did it. It's called was called a moment we never done it like that before we had a matching challenge for a moment. It was literally Tuesday, Wednesday, that was it and we met our goals exceeded our goals because of your support of the ACLJ and I know I filled up my car with gas yesterday to folks I know what it's like out there. It is on believable $105.50 to fill my car up your favorites and SUV and I was low on gas but hundred and five dollars. So knowing that you all sacrificially gave makes a huge difference, and so all of our entire team at the American Center for Law and Justice from the people that you don't see behind the studio to the lawyers and government affairs people to our entire teams around the globe. Thank you for supporting the work of the ACLJ is Logan Sekulow by the way we talk about the news that has come out that the monumental deal that Elon musk and plan to take over twitter.

One of the strongest, most powerful social media platforms and the most divisive and destructive.

In my personal opinion to be taken over by at minimum a guy who is all about free speech free speech advocate. They grew them and disagree with him on a lot of other issues but you can at least agree with his point of view is likely on free speech. Now he did an interview just the last couple days talk specifically about the band of Pres. Trump. I think a lot of people know that's where sort of the bigger divide happened, I would say what happened years before that on twitter, but that was sort of the end-all for a lot of people, and to some degree.

Pres. Trump was what saved twitter initially yeah because back prior to present from selection. Twitter was really struggling and when. So were thinking back now to 2015 and then the Pres., Trump announces that he is running for President and the interaction that people were getting from one Presidential candidate and then that what turned into be an actual US President. It really kind of lifted twitter in a moment where there was a lot of people questioning the future of it to begin with, so they had four good years and then they ban Pres. Trump and it becomes the liberal cesspool that the numbers are wonky. I think they're strange if you really look at what's how social media is controlled look at right now right now and I broadcasted live to you as a listening to this tape watching it later listening on radio but just look at our social media platforms if you will, on Facebook right now we have on the page were broadcasting from roughly 4 4 1/2 million Facebook likes. There are currently 1200 people watching us live on Facebook now take that back few years, there were 10,000 people sometimes watch and that's the number they report. Who knows what that number really does go over the rumble, which is become the free speech advocate. There are more people watching right now it rumble a much narrower base on this trailers hundred 70,000 subscribers and over what was watching on Facebook is watching right now, rumble. So these numbers are getting skewed and people are getting aware of it or even in active account this early. All bank accounts are but accounts like people that signed up for Facebook. 15 years ago allegedly signed up for twitter 15 years ago and gave up on the platform really didn't deactivate or delete their account but they just left and a lot of that did stem from political division and got even worse when Pres. Trump was essentially removed from the platform. Now they asked Elon musk, potentially, the new owner of Twitter as we know you right now since it's on hold as they do their due diligence. But he still committed to doing it and we all hope he does without all get too thrilled about that little bit later. Let's hear from Elon musk when he was finally asked Ms. what I can really appreciate about this guy is a hard question comes. He doesn't give you some political answer that doesn't make any sense. That's enough if flipping it on the on the narrative and making sure that it doesn't really answer the question.

He's pretty darn direct.

Let's hear from Elon musk was to stay because it alienated the country and not the result of voice. He is social school lunch rights in the United States and so I think this was having the same single form where everyone can debate not only putting off to social, but sank yeah it was, not correct ugly later on he or she says is more was morally wrong to do that you can decide that for yourself, but it does start a very interesting conversation and when that happened, when he said to put present from potentially back on. I believe it was wrong and I said is comes in. As of now committed to just be on truth. Social and why would need some platform there is millions of people there.

It's yeah fairly nice. I will say that my supposed something and not just have thousands of like you said fake accounts about accounts are accounts paid for members let us to people that businesses that pay for.

People pay for fake accounts to then go after conservatives go after all media to say that there are sports products that are made-for-TV products where there are thousands of bots that are made to go after them because this is sort of the modern wheel technological entertainment warfare if you will. Political warfare.

It's not just done in a very clean-cut easy way to understand and obscene have all the international think the Chinese government. You have the Russian government. You have other places that are putting out information is not exactly accurate.

A lot of times those are made to target people who they can engage and start a conversation and create that what they said yeah the disinformation there is some of that that is accurate. That is coming from a foreign governments, foreign influence or influence. Is that something we should certainly take a look at and see what's happening here is again Elon musk. Let's hear from him and Emma talk about truth. Social morally foolish administrative I think that's a good part to stock is what he pretty much says that even a little bit later is specifically that permanent ban should be rare and and few not to say someone who is been personally attacked at my family's life threatened on twitter is a little bit of me that's like you know maybe it should be that rare there sometimes is illegal activity they wish put people on suspensions but had that happen. I actually had twitter say you know what this person keeps creating accounts is nothing we can do about it. Sorry, no present Trump to keep him off.

We know how to do that but some Rando who decides to threaten your family because they don't agree with your politics, that person gets to potentially stay on so I have some concerns but overall it's a step in the right direction well in and that's what we've talked about here many times is that what you on musk is saying not necessarily that he thinks that conservatives are right and so therefore he wants their voices to be amplified.

What he's saying is that the world in the country and everyone is better when there are competing voices in an open public forum and he views twitter is that and what twitter has instead done over the past years and decades it has been around is marginalized. Certain voices that it doesn't agree with, and it went to the extreme.

When they started doing permanent bands on people that they disagreed with. Politically, not to mention, as we have many times when people like the Ayatollah Baran or Vladimir Putin.

Their official verified account still exists so you know you're getting a real message from the Ayatollah when he tweets death to America, but if it's political opponent here in the United States of what the liberals that run twitter currently are into. You could end up with a permanent ban.

You could end up with a block on your account which is you must delete your speech or else you cannot use your account and so what he's getting at with that entire statement about Pres. Trump is not necessarily like I want to hear everything Pres. Trump has to say. He saying that because they limited the open public forum that those voices aren't going to be silenced because that's the way that this country works so they're gonna find a place this to speak and instead you're separating people from being able to get their point across and to discuss with their fellow citizens. The show today for all your support again of the sales.

It's greatly appreciated as a sale data

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