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BREAKING: Elon Musk Twitter Deal “On Hold”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 13, 2022 1:26 pm

BREAKING: Elon Musk Twitter Deal “On Hold”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 13, 2022 1:26 pm

Elon Musk has temporarily put his Twitter deal on hold "pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users." What are the ramifications for free speech? Logan and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. This and more today on Sekulow.


Most Twitter deal on hold hello on a Friday and were talking about the breaking news and honestly breaking news came filled with dread. I was filled with sadness because it may not be a savior for a lot of things but maybe one of the free-speech saviors you on my said his deal to buy Twitter was on hold now what the reason he put it on hold is a reason that I think we could all say if you been experiencing Twitter for the last 20 so years it's been available 15 years you know it you love it there a lot of bots on there. There's a lot of not real people with accounts on their for nefarious reasons you said the Twitter deals temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users that will essentially sign before I dump an overpriced M already going in with an overvaluation offer for do that.

Let's make sure the people on here are actually real.

Obviously this is a moment to raise coming under a lot of scrutiny offer just the idea of this guy a purchasing a platform that is been really seized and controlled by the left well and that is part of an acquisition process when filings are made or as you go through the due diligence.

When you're making a large purchase. Now I personally never made a $44 billion purchase but you know when there's large corporate purchases things like that happen. There is due diligence that you go through to make sure that the asset you're buying actually has value and that what is put forward publicly is accurate. Now when he's responding to this report that Twitter filed saying that the spam or false accounts represented fewer than 5% of its monetized bold daily active users in the first quarter. What you on musk is then saying because I think he probably believes that number is couched in some language is right there trying to make it look a lot better than maybe it is because as we know there are a lot of bots and a lot of spam accounts that are on twitter so he wants to make sure that whatever they're putting down and that filing is a true representation of the amount of real people on twitter before he goes and drops 44 billion. He also did say that he still committed to the acquisition, but I think what's different now is when you see an eccentric billionaire like you on musk. Most people when they're doing due Jill diligence phases of corporate purchases. They're not writing about my hey you know what I'm pausing for a minute. We gotta go through this filing, make sure it's on the up and up, but that's what we're seeing here so a lot of people on the left, like maybe we will keep our precious twitter but it is a part of the natural buying comes out that there are a significant percentage of people that are on there that are not legitimate over 5% or whatever it is and he pulls out of this and I think twitter takes the art he was. Is Amy essentially though there are millions of people use it clearly it had become a dead platform for really conversation for speech. I quit using it and it most people had quit using it in then you have the rise of something like troop social which oddly enough in the wake of the larger truth. Social you have you on musk talking about mentioning it.

Bringing up truth.

Social something you would really do to bring up really could be your competitor and he also talked about in the last week reinstating Pres. Trump and whether that would be good, and he thinks it would be good has a lot of good reasons why he thinks it was a bad mistake to ban him and created what became troop social which I had to say I been on alpha last couple weeks and I have almost triple the amount of followers of troop social that I do on twitter about Twitter for about a 15 years about your social for two weeks and I've more interactions.

There from real people that I had a really any other social media platform that may most popular truth post without today are late last night and tell you that in the next one. Maybe now we are expecting maybe not so controversial it does kinda tie into the whole global narrative. I want to know what your using what you are using for social media look we know people at moved off of Facebook moved off of twitter where you at. We go back on. Give us a call will be right back in secular by the way we talk about the breaking news that has come out this morning that the monumental deal deal on musk and plan to take over twitter. One of the strongest, most powerful social media platforms and the most divisive and destructive.

In my personal opinion can be taken over by at minimum a guy who is all about free speech free speech advocate. They grew them and disagree with him on a lot of other issues but you can at least agree with his point of view is likely on free-speech now. He did an interview just the last couple days talk specifically about the band of Pres. Trump. I think a lot of people know that's where sort of the bigger divide happen. I would say what happened years before that on twitter, but that was sort of the end-all for a lot of people, and to some degree. Pres. Trump was what saved twitter initially yeah because back prior to present from selection. Twitter was really struggling and went so were thinking back now to 2015 and then the Pres., Trump announces that he is running for President and the interaction that people were getting from one Presidential candidate and then that what turned into be an actual US President.

It really kind of lifted twitter in a moment where there was a lot of people questioning the future of it to begin with, so they had four good years and then they ban Pres. Trump and it becomes the liberal cesspool that has an think the numbers are wonky. I think they're strange if you really look at what's how social media is controlled look at right now right now and I broadcasted live to you as a listening to this tape watching it later listening on radio but just look at our social media platforms if you will, on Facebook right now we have on the page were broadcasting from roughly 4 4 1/2 million Facebook likes. There are currently 1200 people watching us live on Facebook now take that back few years, there were 10,000 people sometimes watch it live and that's the number they report.

Who knows, that number really does go over to rumble, which is become the free speech advocate. There are more people watching right now it rumble a much narrower base on this jailers hundred 70,000 subscribers and over what was watching on Facebook is watching right now on rumble so these numbers are getting skewed and people are getting aware of it or even in active account medicine really all fake accounts are but accounts like people that signed up for Facebook. 15 years ago. A lot of that signed up for twitter 15 years ago and gave up on the platform they didn't deactivate or delete their account but they just left and a lot of that did stem from political division and it got even worse when Pres. Trump was essentially removed from the platform. Now they asked Elon musk, potentially, the new owner of twitter as we know you right now says it's on hold as a do their due diligence. But he still committed to doing it and and we all hope he does without all will get too thrilled about that a little bit later. Let's hear from you on musk when he was finally asked Ms. what I can really appreciate about this guy is when a hard question comes he doesn't give you some political and out answer. That doesn't make any sense. That's enough if flipping it on the on the narrative and making sure that it doesn't really answer the question.

He's pretty darn direct.

Let's hear from Elon musk. I do think it was going to think it was those mistake because it alienated along the country and not ultimately result in don't voice. He is social school lunch part rights in the United States and so I think this frankly was then having no single form where everyone can debate so they not only putting off to social, but sank yet it was, not correct ugly later on and she says it's more was morally wrong to do that you can decide that for yourself, but it does start a variation conversation and when that happened, when he said to put present from potentially back on. I believe it was wrong that is that is comes in. As of now committed to just be on truth. Social and why would need some platform there are millions of people there. It's yeah fairly nice. I will say that my supposed something and not just have thousands of all you said fake accounts about accounts are accounts paid for members letters to people that businesses that pay for. People pay for fake accounts to then go after conservatives go after that I looked at all media. You say that there are sports products that are made are TV products where there are thousands of bots that are made to go after them because this is sort of the modern wheel technological entertainment warfare if you will. Political warfare. It's not just done in a very clean-cut easy way to understand and obscene have all the international think the Chinese government. You have the Russian government. You have other places that are putting out information is not exactly accurate. A lot of times those are made to target people who they can engage and start a conversation and create that what they said yeah the disinformation there is some of that that is accurate.

That is coming from a foreign governments, foreign influence or influence. Is that something we should certainly take a look at and see what's happening here is again Elon musk. Let's hear from him and Emma talk about truth. Social user morally decision and foolish in history. They think that's a good part. The stock is what he pretty much says that even a little bit later is specifically that permanent bands should be rare and and few not to say someone who is been personally attacked at my family's life threatened on twitter is a little bit of me that's like you know maybe should be that rare there sometimes is illegal activity may wish put people on suspensions but had that happen. I initially had twitter say you know what this person keeps creating accounts is nothing we can do about it. Sorry, no present drop to keep him off. We know how to do that but some Rando who decides to threaten your family because they don't agree with your politics, that person gets to potentially stay on so I have some concerns but overall it's a step in the right direction well in and that's what we've talked about here many times.

Is that what you on musk is saying not necessarily that he thinks that conservatives are right and so therefore he wants their voices to be amplified. What he's saying is that the world in the country and everyone is better when there are competing voices in an open public forum and he views twitter is that and what twitter has instead done over the past years and decades it has been around is marginalized.

Certain voices that it doesn't agree with, and it went to the extreme. When they started doing permanent bands on people that they disagreed with.

Politically, not to mention, as we have many times when people like the ayatollah of Iran or Vladimir Putin. Their official verified account still exists so you know you're getting a real message from the Ayatollah when he tweets death to America, but if it's political opponent here in the United States of what the liberals that run twitter currently are into.

You could end up with a permanent band, you could end up with a block on your account which is you must delete your speech or else you cannot use your account and so what he's getting at with that entire statement about Pres. Trump is not necessarily like I want to hear everything Pres. Trump has to say. He's saying that because they limited the open public forum that those voices aren't going to be silenced because that's the way that this country works so they're gonna find a place just to speak and instead you're separating people from being able to get their points across and to discuss with their fellow citizens to get us a little bit back to serve the headline if you're just tuning and I want you to make sure that we are coming and not just talking about twitter in general, the breaking news this morning that Elon musk said on twitter that the deal is currently on hold as they do some investigation into bots and spam accounts is a bit of a conversation from Fox news earlier Brian Kelly denied Charles Payne display that's income to give yourself a little bit of a around or discussion of what's happening despite 29 5% does not seem like a lot when he think he's getting it out violet so you want to your local grocer you want to buy 100 bags of J Ford for a good price and he said without pay thing about 400 eggs company are broken guys as well 5% or less. It's okay, I'll give you X amount of money then you buy them and find out notes 10% of her broken sort of the same kind of thing here. How much is twitter worth if a large degree of the actual email accounts. It's worth what it's accounts are right, it's worth the Beaux-Arts worked with the daily average user account is if most of if they cannot mow some, but a large percentage. I think it's well over 5% I think really what's going on here is a lie. Musk is probably try to get a better price could be the case or could be just making sure and doing his due diligence. What's funny, it's in the eggs, true social Logan Sekulow you can find verified the checkmark you find there and follow it again I guess I got a triple event people there that I do want anywhere else alleges that YouTube the only ones that compete with with the numbers for me personally, but twitter it's pretty hostile pretty strong debates become eggs last night around 11 o'clock at night.

The whole family going to bed. I was still up so them up on truth. Social I tweeted a picture when the guys here he is, chickens, and they is the I procure some eggs from him. Every so often right eggs great X top-notch eggs locally sourced eggs. I guess right that you called that mean they are local unusually high tweeted sorry to think about truth it out truth out paying welcome friends or chickens. But great eggs. Look at these. I posted a picture as I found out the true social crowd.

They got chickens and they've got eggs because over 1500 people, I believe, like that truth is our gallery that truth on twitter. They would say, how dare you subjugate these check out but no thousands of people, our garb liked it. Hundreds of comments hundreds of recruits.

My biggest truth on record. In all it was was about eggs and I kinda love that because it may be political sphere. People with me, but want to talk in a genuine discussion if you're on truth for euro twitter still don't hear from you can call 1-800-684-3110 secular Willison got a question coming from YouTube.

Yeah this is from Sharon on she asks what does this mean for satire account, would they be considered spam or not a real person and that is an interesting comment, but I think that for the most part. If it's a satire account that's creating genuine content, not just used it to go in and be an army of bots that go after certain posterior to do is understanding what a bot is not talking about a news source or a satire pager something that's made with intent. A lot of these are accounts that are made for destruction are accounts that are made for goodness disinformation are there made for a lot of problems there. They're not real people, or even if they are real people. They are paid to cause trouble or you have again spam bots, stuff like if you never look look at any celebrities responses or Instagram page of instruments best way to see that when a celebrity posts within about a minute. There is about 20 people trying to get you to invest in some form of fake crypto currency is those are spam accounts. They are not real people. These are bots that are created to comment, comment immediately when a verified account or someone with a prominent post that's more what were talking about here is what I believe that's what he's talking about right here now. I was a people bit panicked about this a lot people woke up and read that that article this morning. Read the headline this morning that he was putting on holding people like me you viscerally were not thrilled with that because I would love to see someone like you untaken over and then you have the people on the hard left to been panicking for the last month he was going to take over their beloved platform and this came out from media matters of a resource in Briarcliff to support that on it for us. They put out this and I signed page with you know a lot of people that you like will get to the end who that is.

This is to whom it may concern I can redo the whole thing to steal the art. This is way too long and highlight so I got the highlights is yet Wells got the highlights. All I do stop start with the first very happy to take on their to whom it may concern Elon must take over twitter will further toxic fire information ecosystem would be a direct threat to public safety, especially among those already most vulnerable and marginalized.

All right, let's just start with their okay and then there's the greatest hits as of 20 reasons why Elon musk again.

The guy who put more money into sustainable energy and electric vehicles then anyone is now not only not the Savior of the left but is pretty much did the devil himself to the left just for purely for the fact that he would like twitter to be less toxic for 50% of the country and for the world but will it go through some of the greatest hits of this again. This signed boycott if you will of twitter you in this letter was actually sent to Brandon's last week asking them to commit to standards basically commit to help. Twitter is right now or else they will not advertise on the platform now this went to big brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, which has their own problems as it is right now craft but other large companies that would be advertising on twitter so basically this is almost like a boycott divesting sanction time move these and many of these groups are involved without against the state of Israel to have their ammo like twitter BS when they're saying musk intends to steamroll the safeguards and provide a megaphone to extremist who traffic in disinformation. The new favorite word of both the government and the left, hate, and harassment under the guise of free speech. His vision will silence and endanger marginalized communities and tear at the braying fabric of our democracy.

Yes, this is your talking about twitter here people. Advanced process pool for a decade or more. Worried this worried about it. I'm not worried about it. I also think when you take back disinformation you attracted it was was right about him, they call him fake news that he would like him to start using it. We start using disinformation everything they say now disinformation exactly when I get back all of a sudden were selling disinformation T-shirts were start our own society. The disinformation for citizen farmers to is there a membership at a here to get involved Congress of the distant farmers as hard to argue the distant farmers you need a distant form mitts this informant generate your informer right got it tip line, yet handsome disinformation. What was it the left. So let's go through this letter will continue on site at that site. But let's get through this.

Maybe who signed it because you know who signed that you think it's gonna be some other major corporations or maybe you know some very moderate St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Yosemite, teachers, and like the ACLU or someone that like maybe the ACLU only says there feel free speech, but doesn't really fight for free speech anymore. Maybe you think they'd sign right now when I think when the ACLU twitter account realize that Elon musk was a big donor of their selves and went from this is gonna be horrible, like with the truck should be back out to pay for Ron love so funny looking through some of the budget to couple the top might my favorite really of this is that it shows with the conversation we've had this week between the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion to the left really trying to codify Roe versus Wade. Some of the names that jump out at me on this list are NARAL pro-choice America. Obviously a pro-abortion group religious coalition for reproductive choice. Obviously a very pro choice grid their whole mission is religious in their just throw you off and we have the women's March, so there is a whole list of about 20 different people that are a lot of tear the top tier of of the organization so that quote social justice organizations and or pro-abortion organizations are who signed this house on people that are pro-abortion so concerned about speech they don't like because when you tell the truth online file folder particles mind start to change.

Yet I think they're seeing a big rising look the whole to sit the draft decision around.

We just saw two of our biggest days in the history of the organization do that magic moment we did earlier this week is because I do believe they thought there would be a bigger outcry then there was when this leak decision obviously leaked, likely by someone within the court with liberal leanings to cause chaos and it did to some sense because a lot of chaos, but didn't see it hasn't yet. Maybe when the decision comes out, I'll be your incredible talk to me later on in the summer you didn't see other than a couple cities in front of the Supreme Court you didn't see mass protest.

Ethan, he's the protests in front of the justices homes yet which would, I would not want to be my home protested but were comparatively very exit to some of the other protest. They been able to organize.

There were not as many people turning out for those as you would expect if it was as galvanizing of ammonia as they claim was eye-opening. Actually, I can refer for both sides of what this topic is right now and and where people are, maybe they're not as motivated as passionate about it as we thought on both sides. That's an interesting discussion that can be had. We should talk about that some point, but because this didn't become the protests of the summer hasn't yet where people are taking to the streets in mass and there's destruction and chaos like there was two summers ago and people going know clearly something is happening in this country is freaking everyone out they think having twitter be removed somewhere where you can just need to have a one-sided conversation or you can cancel people for their political points of view because that's the way they been doing it that maybe that's not the best bet because if Elon musk again not conservative activist by any means is gonna run this company and said all we should have free speech on the field share have discussion. Maybe if she can discuss maybe there could be intelligent conversation that's going too far for the radical left will be back for second half hour of secular view gives a local radio station to broadcast live for another half-hour of social media is operable where there uncensored will be right back decades, ACLJ has been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena.

The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thanking God's well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing become a member today ACLJ you informed and now this is Logan Sekulow is truth post really answers to most of secular right now I don't know. I read with my brothers account you can oppose the rumbling as the eggs now hello, here is my breakfast, say give me a call if you want to be on the air safely. At some calls will usually do that us do it with that number, about to type it in 1-800-684-3110 Miss a call if you want to be on the air and make sure you tell people I did ask that we put a bunch ;-) emotions that I purpose how you put a bunch of 30 and because I click the emoji, but there well this is a this is so not what you know there is one thing I do want to bring up because we were talking about all these nonprofit groups that were going after advertisers try to get them to boycott and how they were trying to essentially keep the twitter as it is kinda try to preserve the way that twitter controls and manipulate speech on their and we been talking about the disinformation governance board that the DHS had set up and the leader of that, Nina Janco, it's who has had just a plethora of wonderful things to say about free speech and what she calls disinformation, but this is one. This is from a zoom conflict is a native egg whites, which I have to tell you something about we do have an interesting tidbit that Arsenal experience potentially with banquets, but if it I think this is interesting what she thinks. Twitter should become from people with those blue checkmarks that we love to get our information from us when played by one eligible patients being verified are legit. In my opinion. I mean they are real people that they're not transfer any rights of their people can and that's the same site related Wikipedia estimate contacts to certain tweets, and that is a wild one nearly impossible with the amount of people that are on twitter to try to somehow have a editorial board that is good to go through and go.

Let's give you more context they doing now my editorial board. It's like Wikipedia, where it's just people with blue checkmarks. It's not even employees for four hour or eight some sort of oversight organization to tell you the way I the blue checkmark while she would probably say that you're a real person. We are not legit in her opinion mean you're real but not trustworthy. I know that you know how we know that she is legit show minor card here as well because like I have no judgment. I can pass Anita Jake which do this because I was in attendance so as well set for him under the bus to thank you hyper. She we once that once made multiple times. Went to see what is called look just like hear me out frightens you to turn off the shelf or to say this out loud.

There was a time in a place where Harry Potter ruled the country.

Harry Potter you know with a boy boy who lived we get to marry here with a little bit but I Harry Potter books. I like the movies you know why there an allegory for Jesus. Look it up to Carolyn's tech tells the whole story just bearable Christian therapist like Narnia before you start me about wizardry first look at the but beyond Nina Janco. It's was one of the members of the wizard rock band yes is a Harry Potter themed rock band the moaning myrtles and will and I attended one or two.

Maybe those concerts. Yeah, I don't remember her specifically but we saw Harry and the Potters area is not an anomaly in the middle of learn all again. I can't say anything because I was there, but that may be why she got verified with dyslexia. She was a member of that band that wizard rock band like a folk duo is more what I would call it, but she was a member that way before. She was the disinformation's gifts at least 10 years and wish it was better for us if there were 20 years ago.

But really, think he lost like 400 but to define tidbit of information we are taking your calls right now I want to hear from you. This half-hour 1-800-684-3110 that's one 800-6843 will 101 also thank everyone for supporting the magic moment this week but it really meant so much to continue to fight for you, for your values to everyday and that is that the Facebook audience does not care for Harry Potter or Harry Potter related conversation. So here's a mask Facebook share this with your friends and let's have some fun here today we are talking about mainly the Elon musk clause that is happening on twitter, but as one person said in the comments get to the story nerds. So now let's move back to the story at hand is probably not wrong and you know what I understand. Sometimes we get a little out there whimpers with Jay and Jordan are much more serious.

Also, Andrew and I would get a that is rarely fair statement.

That's true sometimes it's Friday.

People chill out without some thought, okay journey. The Jesuits is running the disinformation ministry of the ministry ministry matters. I call yeah I mean to do the people's points on on Facebook that aren't Harry Potter fan you if you already weren't a fan of the disinformation governance ignored the fact that my friends is a former member of a wizard rock band is now the head of that if if it doesn't already give you the feeling some sort of dystopian wizardry. Maybe you're right. At the lowest numbered her favorite now that's what I heard about this and Gladys are clearly don't parlay Pharaoh does love the film's budgeting who does well act provided to people on Facebook not pants. I don't care.

Let's move on to have a little fun again on Friday here but really you are looking at a deal which is may be in jeopardy. Right now there's a lot of talk that this is to just devalue Twitter speaking come in with a lower cost and that is part of the conversation that's happening not so sure I feel like people don't treat Elon musk, in a way that I think is a brilliant mind but I also think he's fairly upfront, right and I think he's fairly honest with how he's feeling. I think this guy said I think there's a lot of bots here. I think there may be more than they're saying. Or maybe I just want to confirm that it's low enough where I can justify this acquisition. I don't think there's anything natively wrong with that happening regarding due diligence of the $40 billion purchase absolutely do your due diligence you go to the Carfax you go to the Consumer Reports when you're buying a vehicle right you go you make sure if it's a used car you're making sure it wasn't in any major accidents that the cosmetic look of it isn't because they completely rebuilt it doesn't have a salvage title.

It is, you also look to see other people have.

They have a good experience with your Corolla that your purchasing that type of thing is normal when you're making a large purchase.

That's that's terms that we all can understand the Carfax never made billion-dollar purchases but that's the equivalent if I have a never never say never mean if you get to that point you'll probably be helping me hide behind the mall and you'll be on the board. Okay if if I making billions of dollars of purchases I'm gonna need your help Logan. We been together a long time, but all I can say is that if you understand making a big or you get an inspection on the house. If you purchase a house like these are things that happen when you're making a large, absolutely. That's the spate they've agreed there in contract it under in housing terms.

There is no doubt of the inspection process and make sure that what you're buying actually has the value that you put the price on because you can say I would spend 44 billion because I assume as an outsider.

These are what I have SR but if there are no bones to the house if it's rotten to the core then then it's worthless to the floodplain floodplain will get you every time I had a house whenever contract flood damage.

We pulled out the note. I don't what happens. Just imagine that on a much larger scale right like 100 billion to emphasize well when you check that math and suddenly that's a bit of a silver estimate but I don't know action on the close because hundred billion times more is to say all right to hear from you. We spent a lot of time talking taking calls or comments. Today I would love to hear from you via comment couple more segments left about this whole conversation what's going on social media, not just with Twitter but you sort of the divide that happened in social media to hear from you. I want to hear.

Are you still on twitter do plan to go back to twitter. If this goes through our you want truth or is true that a lot of people are on iOS devices currently true social only on iOS devices and note apparently that's going to be fixed soon. But as of now I know that that's smaller so what are you doing how you engage with people on social media and some you may say I'm not.

But really, for those people are watching us.

Thousands of you watching between platforms lesson Facebook give us a call. I would love to hear from you. I know you like on social media now. You happily minimize us and call us, but I would love to hear from you and have this discussion, to hear from people like twitter maybe fill the box I would hear from real-life humans, 1-800-684-3110 and be kind to our phone screen or you won't make it on their some people haven't been kind already. I'll just go and put that out there and there's a reason not on the air, but we shouldn't he lay he should play this because it's not a show reviewing me hosting without playing bite from our favorite Brian Stelter and he was weighing in on what his analysis. You know, the host of reliable sources. The biggest misnomer in television history. He was asked by CNN anchor Kate Baldwin what she thought he thought was going on with this whole move was played by 30 Brian what is here and say this is all about money, even though musk says he wants to review the deal because of concerns about spam or fake accounts on Twitter. He tweeted out before dawn, saying that the deals on hold while he looks into the ceiling to an 11 day old Reuters article about the existence of bots on the on the site. He says he needs to review that lease sales commit of the transaction. I think we should be incredibly skeptical of this, the markets have been taken in recent days. Elon musk is not as valuable as he was before test. The stock is declining. Tessa sock was the main way he was securing the financing for twitter so as boomers. Tim O'Brien said his pockets are feeling lighter now, he may need a way out of this deal, but with Elon musk. You never know for sure we'll see what he does is true there are things that happened to the stock market crypto is going everything is going to been on the down so there's not 100% accuracy here, but I do believe that this is a much broader issue.

Elon musk is also the richest man in the world were also living pockets are feeling a little lighter yes has across-the-board urban economic impact.

If you have any sort of holding in the stock market Weatherby 401(k) personal investments, or if your company is publicly traded like you on musk is there is truth to that statement, but it just rings hollow when Brian Stelter says things like his pockets are feeling a little lighter his net worth is over $200 billion now. Yes, a lot of that is tied up in his companies in the stock there, so it's not like he has that cash on hand.

It just seems so ridiculous when you put that when the next richest family and it's a family has $100 billion less than let's be very clear when you say pockets lighter. It's not like all of a sudden you made a bad gamble here on none some investment and you're now completely bankrupt. It's a different situation for this person. Yeah there are a lot of comments come in and a lot of calls accompanies it takes more colorful to those people you give us a call just mobilize 1-800-684-3110 you put your money where your mouth is what 100 684-3110 will take a lot of calls in the next AMEX at the last segment of the data. Let's start with one maybe you'll feel moved to call as well as go to Laura and his calling and Pennsylvania on lie to your on their hello go ahead with your comment on I 71 years old and I when we didn't even have color television, let alone social media. The only reason I say on Facebook is because I have friends all broke into the military and the company keep keeping to contact the But I got untrue social and I love it. It is a fun platform is a lot of fun on it and others a lot of comments people say on Facebook announced on Facebook and I left twitter personally on Facebook have about you like as well.

That's not as active but I'm on Facebook. Why, because the exact reason you do there for people who have been friends with for decades now. That's the only way I can try to keep up with their lives at you I'm sick people want to see pictures of their families, their baby pictures and all that we've actually seen Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is on the other site that is actively where they're trying to kind of read guide Facebook which is kind of away from it being a a sphere of people commenting and hating and end all of that divisiveness, back more towards don't want to see your grandkids. Pictures are dressier kids pictures and I like that. Good for them. I hope that that's where it goes.

As someone who's on Facebook and we do this broadcast. I will say that sometimes Facebook recently has the baby come after us a little bit for certain things will usually be cleared up, usually not that benign outer damage was done after the damage was done. I tell everyone that we said his bacon and allow did some searching, we found out you know what y'all are and a lot of lawyers that legal and all were directly involved with.

Turns out you were wrong. You are right to guess what damage Artie done so, I've his issues with Amy Facebook Bradley, but I do like the personal side of truth.

Truth is right now is kind of blessed and hope you follow me there and more people follow me there in 24 hours. They did on Twitter the deer Facebook. The only other places. YouTube is comparable only other spot move people over rumble people over to truth is a lot of fun new the comments are blessed sure you're in there right now.

If you're on rumble.

You have the that's what we want to do here. Give me a call though as we head into the last segment of the day. I'd love to hear from you. One 800 843110 that 684-3110. The very fact in this segment. Love you on hold will do our best to get as many as possible but there's still actually to open lines right now. So when hundred 684-3110 let's get to it with go to Kim calling from hey I'm wearing the shirt great state of Georgia, can your on their. How are you doing today go back over my original stated no.

With all the things that are happening in the world. People tend to overestimate our own input and what we say have an actual no one remembers the AI that used to be in the 80s we had the great sci-fi movies. Everyone thought it was far-fetched that I was controlling everything in bite accidentally go to war with each other.

Well how we know that's not what's happening right now control our paycheck. They control our stock market stock market.

Remember, it shut down the stock market. One day, because it's all something you didn't like well and can do your point to some degree the algorithms that are embedded in the tack behind Facebook behind Google behind YouTube behind twitter is AI is artificial intelligence gather by private company and when you hear the algorithm right. That's really what were taught yeah I hear it's not far-fetched candidate to go where you're going. We've had the last couple days. If you probably seen it and what I've said is a bit different, but if I seem like the profile pictures you can do that look like oil paintings there really cool looking and it's a great app that creates this but wasn't really doing. According to news reports sharing your data information with our Russian companies now. I got my face already. Let's just be honest they got your face already, but there's never just is never just what it seems very rarely is it just what it seems. In terms of the apps you download to pursue free apps a social media platforms. There's not there's like the surface level you gotta read all the fine print which no Windows well into Ken's point as well is that it did is not just these companies, which we know manipulate the way we buy things, the whip manipulate the things we see Constance AR get you to believe things, which is what the left is admitting to when they don't want it to be more open when they want to keep certain voices off, but it does kinda bring up that sometimes it's a surface level conversation about speech and a component of that speech is the way that speech is controlled from attack level and what is unit. They may not ban you from Facebook but the algorithm can deep platform you or shadow band. That's a lot of times. What were talking about is when your speech just isn't being presented to people and when you have in some cases platforms that have millions of followers that there's a disproportionate of either amount of eyeballs on your content then should be that tells you that there's something going on that tells you that whatever their tech is there artificial intelligence. It may not be in most cases is not an individual.

Clicking a button to turn down your influence, but the machine learning is deciding to do that and so there is also a cover for corporations many times when there like we don't have someone doing that to you are not doing that to you are a smart computer algorithm is deciding that's not what people want to see why because we trained not to like conservatives. That's just it's artificially intelligent with the artificial part we told it what to learn what these comments right now, and in this is for Mary's instinct is that I do not deactivate my twitter account. When they deactivated present drop. I don't love trump, but I love the Bill of Rights so there's an interesting point that there are people who are not even conservatives not even trump supporters if you well. If you are if you do identifies a trump supporter who maybe just said MF and I think that happened on Twitter and they have none of these have a lot of platforms where there is that sort of mass exodus.

Maybe some people don't even deactivate their account.

They just delete the app they just stopped going to stop looking at becomes toxic.

There therapist said maybe you should get off of Twitter that is happening. Time and time again and it's pretty interesting.

You know, I think there's a bite from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, are you trying to get no one to watch when I visit really lost in with the Harry Potter a rock concert story now yes you seems like she could be a character in Harry Potter is some leverage outlets here. I got it out first because it may seem a little bit off topic from overtime but I think it ties it all together because in this statement from her.

You have both disinformation and a portion of it which kinda goes against the Bill of Rights.

So let's go ahead. This is about the post vote on Wednesday before that when the Democrats try to codify an extreme version of Roe versus Wade. In the Senate, and it failed. 51 to 49 with center mansion voting with the Republicans to block this, but this is a response from Elizabeth Warren after the vote by 22 I believe in democracy and I don't believe that the minority should have the ability to block stainless that the majority wanted Dennis not the Constitution.

Right now are the individual rights and liberties half the population of the United States of America. I think that's enough to say it's time to get rid of the filibuster. So first here's the disinformation portion of this which I would think the DHS disinformation board would maybe want to look at because she says I think that's enough to say it's time to get rid of the filibuster based off that vote if it were just a straight majority vote, they would've lost. It wasn't the filibuster now. Yes, that was a vote and technically it was filibustered because they did not get to 60, but if it was just shut this vote bill pass or fail like they do in the House of Representatives, 51, said no we do not want to go forward, 49, said yes we do want to go forward. The majority was Republicans in the matter and one Democrat so that nothing to do with the filibuster except for the semantics that that was the filibuster vote just to something else in their to make it seem like that's what it is.

So you can have that talk but it also says I don't believe the minority should have the ability to block things that the majority want to do. There is a reason we have representative democracy and not a straight democracy. Why were a constitutional republic and not a straight democracy is because there are protections for the minority in our country it isn't straight mob rule.

But what the left wants to do is go to straight mob rule. They want only what the left wants to go forward and that's what you see on Twitter, it's what you see out of the administration. It's what you see out of senators like Sen. Warren, is it they know why they don't want the Bill of Rights to protect the free speech of the minority class and that's when you look at Twitter they don't want what they consider on Twitter the conservative minority to have a voice that is actually against what our country was founded upon. So when she says that's not the Constitution that's just not true. That's why we have the Bill of Rights you look at records that really got a minute left here but look at what happens in media, which is you have what we assume 50% of your customer base is on a different political side, the most the people creating meet Billy create content that's aimed at that audience. Very rarely.

In fact, usually just told to do that yet most of us have done or conservatives who dealt with because we can separate our art or music television or film from reality and know that you may not have the political speech that were looking for the were interested in are that we agree with for about having the conversation. There are people who are stepping up there.

Make it interesting. Movies are telling interesting stories, TV shows about Bigelow children's YouTube channel which uploaded a video last week to check it out for people bring great content to stand up and say something there just get assume just like every other conservatives that are so for free speech that we can disassociate ourselves.

They were smart not to disassociate its associated self from our musician favorite musician having a different political view. Well that's good over the show today and for this week was back on Monday you for all your support again of the ACLJ this week greatly appreciated. Visit

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