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A Wild Week in Washington

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 6, 2022 1:34 pm

A Wild Week in Washington

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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Circular with a special sort of circular the most wild week of our broadcast evening you informed and now this is what I hear from below wildly.

It has been earlier this week we started talking about what was coming out, which was was been dubbed the Ministry of truth. The Orwellian style group coming out of the government action.

The disinformation governance board which we thought okay that's good to carry our week to talk about this. The fact that the government is putting together a group of people that are going to censor speech and make sure that you're not spreading out what they deem this information, disinformation, partial truths, half-truths, but no, that's not what happened in that being the full lead of the week. No, because what happened. As we all know is in the first time in really our lifetime. In terms of something of this magnitude. A Supreme Court decision was leaked to the press draft decision ahead of time a dirt draft is couple months old, but on maybe the most landmark case in Oregon in our lifetime. I think there's a way to really go around that mean people are talking about Roe versus Wade and abortion rights in healthcare rights and the fight has gone on for decades and now a leaked decision has come out and the world erupted as you would expect because it was clearly intended to subvert the actual decision whether it was to sway a decision whether that was to keep the decision in place, we don't know we don't know a ton yet about who leaked it, why they leaked it, but we know that this happened it caused thousands of people to protest on both sides of the aisle because people are pro-life activist like we are here, the organization or if you are pro-choice activists identified interesting, it's Emily Elizabeth Warren out there saying they finally did it.

They been working at this for decades now to get this app yet. No kidding. We were working at it for decades.

Part of the organization for decades and I never thought honestly we live to see the day where this kind of thing could happen. Now they are trying their best to yell at the new word of the week. Bill had learned codify, codify, row and out.

We've all gone through all of that we have the leak we have the disinformation, misinformation, Ministry of truth. We have Pres. Biden saying that the magna group is the most extreme and multi but not all time. Maybe just right now there's been so much.

We've had a petition going on about the decision that happened with the draft decision that came out and I petition his head no and 10,000 20,000 30,000 over 60,000 people have signed that petition and that is not all. In this discussion went deep so what were going to do for the remainder of the broadcast will look back at the week that was, if you will show you some of the best highlights of everything that happened this week so you can hear some of the best and best legal minds, so people you know discuss all of these topics as well as it. One thing that we really harped on here. The organization of the last couple years is education, children's education, you've heard that the news a lot what you wear your kids learning well. We created a series here couple years ago called bald beagle.

Yes that's right beagle with a B and it's a kids at a YouTube channel.

Now it's also a kids rumble channel that goes into defined puppet cartoon shorts, their mates recently to educate your kids in American history. We have a brand-new in the came out just this week about Alan Shepard the first American in space.

She can hear little bit more about that later because that just celebrated a big anniversary yesterday is a great video RT mirrors amazingly done. Also job it's of these deadly sins, your kids or grandkids use the classroom with people sitting in video clips of the kid that she watching this in schools, which is also look we did it supplement schools but also see some school taken in three discuss that and so much more it would can we encourage you to support the work of these children and signed that petition, it still going right now that is an ACLJ.Borg right now sign a petition to look at the amazing content about just this week again will be right back with more secular. We appreciate all of you for supporting us. Everyone who is doing this week is secular. We are to your phone calls of this to 100 684 31 to because one of my top concerns of this entire effort is it of course we better for you and to learn more about this group we filed immediately on Friday. It is with department of homeland security. If they don't respond in about 20 days which is about 30 calendar days were to be taken to court June the percent and so to get this information, but it's also the idea that one should the government announces something like this that with the announced a disinformation government support.

It's going to be reviewing all of this speech, it is since scares people was chilling of the speech so there's doctrinal First Amendment research and maybe I won't write maybe I won't go that political rally, maybe I won't up sign in my yard maybe I won't put the this thing on my social media) so it the doctrine is the First Amendment prohibits the chilling of free speech that his activities taking by government actor designed to limit or basically scare people, kill, stop First Amendment activity because you think you might be violating the law now curates particularly onerous because the agency that's been tasked with working this through is the Department of Homeland Security which is a law enforcement mechanism, a law enforcement agency and the idea that a law enforcement agency now has a board of governance with missing for misinformation and disinformation is chilling.

Didn't the existence of the board itself is chilling to free speech.

Now the question becomes here were looking at this right now we would like to challenge his head on this thing needs to not come into existence and what the problem is already been in existence for over two months. It just now it's out publicly and you know Mallorca says all well and I'd really bite again where he says I could've rolled out better yet, let let's play that way again.

I mean this is this week we learned that DHS is disinformation governance board was coming out and we saw many concerns about free speech. You understand some of this pushback: there is no question that we could've done better job in communicating what it does really don't they know what it does.

That's the time they know what exactly what it does. It's good to put a ton of pressure on social media companies that slant down. It is harder. They don't like the truth. Social launch they don't like the twitters been bought by Elon musk.

They rushed up their announcement because of that date.

They don't like Fox News. They don't like conservative talk radio, but especially where the pressure can be put on is the social media companies because they opened the door to content moderation. That's their fault. They open the door to say let's review these outside groups, outside organizations to moderate our own content and that we've gone through that process before the ACLJ now. There should be a government agency helping them put more restrictions on the content that means more shadow bedding that means more Facebook jail. That means more getting kicked off the platform because of opinions and this is the difference if you want the cartel information which they could do but anyway without that you don't need a disinformation governance board going to subpoena, search warrant specifically Russia right you should be utilizing the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

You don't need to announce a board agreed to tell Russia they are doing it. That's why I don't believe either of those lines because you don't tell the cartels what you're going to do you don't tell the Russians what you're going to do and by the way here Russia target this agency now target these individuals were leaving the same as it it's the it's a game.

He came up with talking points for this because he knew his connect on Fox News answer question you need to did a very poor job of doing it now was interesting but parent brought the steel dowsing mix that was in the barn information aimed at the former President listen to this when number 21 was the steel dossier and disinformation.

I it's not for me to tell paella American in general. I was upright it is not for me to appoint what but wait a minute I thought you have a board of governors. That's for misinformation and disinformation. And here's the rest of his answer CENTER censorship and that's it. That's exactly that's exactly why we set up this working group to make sure that our own work to address allele threat to the homeland.

The threat posed by Russian disinformation.

The threat posed by Chinese disinformation Iranian disinformation the work that we do does not infringe on people's relatively sweet kid a person to head up the organization that has said that misinformation is income.

She wasn't talking about Russia and and I ran she was talk about right-wing outlets right. This is the day I will play it for you gives you understand this is what Nina Executive Director of your new disinformation governance board.

They were paying for their taxpayer dollars sit is the biggest problem bite to highly emotionally content coming from the right thing. Look at the top 10 and less engaged left posts on faith that our trainer and I usually list that are coming from the right and the right highly emotional rhetoric. She was a Wilson fellow on misinformation and disinformation at the Woodrow Wilson Center and I just think about this for Melissa personally put in charge of 32 years old. I don't know if she's a lawyer, not maybe I'd I don't know. I do know this, that the potential chilling of free speech here is drastic. So were not just talking about on this broadcast.

We have taken action putting up on the screen right now. Again, this is the freedom of information act request that we went out on the air with on we announce it. Friday we sent it out Friday.

We are looking at taking direct legal action. In addition to this, which the point will end up II suspect in court because they're either not want to produce documents or what they produce is not going to result in this. The problem is not can result in the real and the real information right at me. We want to look at who are the DHS officials involved in establishing this board other than Mae Arcus and the other named people were members of Congress involved in producing Lotta Democrats pushing for this nongovernment entities. Left-leaning groups were they involved how involved was the White House staff. Again we were even looking for certain words. Election candidate misinformation abortion, reproductive freedom, religion, Christian patriot conservative twitter musk free speech speech constitution First Amendment because we have the words because the IRS will remember the irate beta be on the lookout list within their agency.

This the same kind of problem here except DHS is even more power they to be on the lookout list for as George is listed for specific words and phrases. So we want to know that to we want to know their definition of disinformation where where and how are they going to define what different disinformation is always hurt his talking points about what it's not. And who it's supposed to be targeted at the divorce. None of that makes any sense want to take your phone calls on this at one 800 684 31 to join the broadcast at 2000 684-3110 is attack on our free speech rights is an attack that we've really not seen before. At this level binges trusted by an administration with a ball. I would imagine Donald Trump does they be scream at first, I want it was really Barack Obama in the speech about a month ago who called for this so Barack Obama for President saying we need more content moderators on social media and guess what the by administration does they listen to Barack Obama and they say you know what reported unofficial office of content moderation. This to me is what scary. Here's because people want to have opinions and you should be able have opinions in this country without being deep demonized or criminalized or had the threat or fear of an agency like the department of homeland security, a law enforcement agency coming after you, because they don't like your opinion.

This is a country founded on radical opinions negotiating opinions that are outside the norm are okay opinions that I get it, opinion, and then of course there's people have a tough time now. Who defines facts of truth. Now is also a game because it really depends on what media source you go to define what is a factor. What is absolutely true, and sometimes in many situations like in war is hard to get truth because it's a messy situation you did his best information as you can but sometimes in that best information comes disinformation from one of the two parties in the conflict. You know, I'm looking at some of the post.

The comments are coming in and here's what's interesting. A lot of people think enemy I can understand why think this this can possibly be real on is this is this possibly I think was it was one of the centers out of was Josh Ollier when the other ones used in little letter Tom Condon saying I thought this was, not real.

When I heard about and somebody are saying the same thing. Could this possibly be real will not only is it real, it's been in existence for two months and they only leaked it out because it was about to get out.

That's exactly why they leaked it out, but you have to understand when you got this, Jordan set the stage on this one is chilling of free speech here can be dramatic.

If you let this stand desiccated because I again the average person who hears about this.I'm not talking about to even most of you listen this broadcast watching this broadcast the average folks out there who you know gets towards election time. They decide to say something online or tell gifts or talking to friends about who they are to vote for maybe put the yard sign up for the bumper sticker on their car may be attended event. This makes him think twice because they know right now the party in charge. If there conservative doesn't like those events and is looking for a way to demonize that speech and criminalize that speech and block that speech from ever seeing the light of day so you can see this chilling effect it might have on unjust average folks who would against postelection time when I have an opinion of the candidates they choose the issues they care about support, but I want to hear from you. One 800 684 31 tickets 20, 22, this is happening in the United states of America was her call 1-800-684-3110 secular figure phone calls to a lot of us get to 100 684 31 that we know it's not that the draft of us is going to address. It is not the final opinion of the court and add so I did the Chief Justice is made that clear. There is a law enforcement investigation going on now to find out who was the source of this to politico.

I will note the politico brought in a national security reporter to handle this article which would be outside of their beep that would be normal, the situation where they were like dealing with almost classified documents so they do what they were getting into as well.

This is a strategy for the left to try that influence campaign and that of course codify row yet, so I would quickly go back to that motives would just at the protest is a client of ours Pat again. I want you to focus on the one thing here that I thinks important for honesty dishonestly in a tremendous breach of security and attack on the institutionalist report. I hope this opinion which is now been authenticated by Justice Alito actually becomes a majority opinion of the court will be tremendous.

What a victory that will be for the pro-life community, but that you said there are young people out there today in droves. That is encouraging. Tells about that.

It was very encouraging. In fact, we had a part news conference are probably part prayer and I actually felt like 68 years of age. I would buy at least 40 years. The oldest person out there that kind of energy that we are seeing and I looked over at the pro-choice side and you could tell they were a little taken back.

JI Bennett Supreme Court cases for over 35 years on abortion related issues. Betty with you. This was one of the first times where our crowd was much younger than their crowd yet is really an extraordinary moment out. They Received a call impact thank you. That to me is the encouraging thing. The other thing that's encouraging a course is if Justice league opinions holds and I say it because justices can change this to you. This is a majority opinion can become the dissent that is happening cases. But when you were. I read the entire opinion yesterday and it's gratifying on a couple different levels. Number one, it's a complete repudiation of Roe and Casey clearly another point and whether it stays in the opinion or not. Who knows, is right in the beginning of the opinion under actually section 1 a which is the first legal substantive.

It says the constitutional analysis must begin with the language of the instrument talk about the Constitution. Bennett said there is no constitutional recognize right to abortion and then the court acknowledges on the next page that there is a theory though that is been bantered about by the courts where this the right to abortion has to exist because if not it's discrimination against women, and then this is what the court said, and this is very gratifying to us. I hope it stays and you never know the regulation of a medical procedure that only one sex can undergo does not trigger heightened constitutional scrutiny unless the regulation is a mere pretext designed to affect an invidious discrimination against members of one sex or other as a dip and as this court has stated the goal of preventing abortion does not constitute invidiously discriminatory animus against women. See Bray versus Alexandria women's health clinic which I argued twice once and 91 and 1 to 92. Then the court went on to say later that they Constitution's First Amendment jurisprudence has also been disrupted by the Roe versus Wade decision and it talks about there had been. The court has and it says it's flouted ordinary rules on Brinson says and they have distorted the First Amendment doctrines in the case they cited was Hill versus Colorado.

They cited the dissent of Justice Scalia and Justice Kennedy that was another case that I argued so there is a weather will stay in there not I don't know. But the fact that those cases serve as a basis for what is now then be the most historic opinions reported separation is significant since you had a chance to read the highlights on the page opinion here what your sent. I think it's great opinion.

Again, if it stands, and it's great that it goes through, you know, the fact that abortion was not part of our history and it keeps hitting the point that abortion is not found in the text of the Constitution which we have argued all along. It says that Rose decision was on a collision course with the Constitution. From the very beginning because the Constitution unequivocally leaves the question of abortion to the people at cell and that Roe and Casey didn't end the debate, and so they are trying to end the debate with with this decision.

I think you know automatic back to the states right and and I think one of the most important decision our statements was that political or public response can't influence this decision so you know if this was a and try from the left to try and influence some justices to change their vote on any opinion itself says you know the public or political response to this opinion cannot influence what the decision rose on a collision course with with the Constitution. From the day it was decided and Casey perpetrated perpetrated his errors then the court says we therefore hold the Constitution.

If this becomes the opinion we therefore hold that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion.

Roe and Casey must be overruled and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives. But what you have happening right now is a attack on our representative constitutional Republic yeah this is attack a lot of the coequal branches of government, and it is the judiciary.

I which, unlike other branches, but you know it's enforcement arm is based off the fact that we accept their opinions that we follow the rule that that there are orders that you like them or not. That's what makes and gives the court legitimacy. On top of being one of those coequal branches of government.

When you start doing playing politics with the court like it's legislation we can get, or draft legislation we can get it. Even the least we saw the White House and places like that. If this becomes the norm for court operational as well. This is not good for our country, but it plays into hyper- partisan ship inside the court that the entire legal process in our country will become a political process even more so than it already is today, so I think that everyone needs to understand one thing clearly here the left there not giving up on Lou Nozick this case, no, no, no, this might've been a last-ditch Hail Mary attempt but they tried date they commit somebody to do it put their career in jeopardy and certainly output potentially would you go to jail because he thought there was an opportunity they felt like there's somebody all that court. That might be all that he does want that they could influence enough with this public campaign of your.your life is going to be miserable by him even be in jeopardy because of your decision here and that is very dangerous cc for the court as an institution and I want to say this is a draft opinion they've authenticated. That's a draft opinion of Justice Alito. We think we know what the lineup is 531 which is a win if it holds, but there is unbelievable pressure there trying to put on the just as I think personally backfires, but that's my view that you and I would also think that anybody who has ever wanted to be on the Supreme Court at any point in their life.

Maybe thought at some point, this case would come across their desk. Of course I hope that they already have the resolute that eating at their decision as this is how I'm going to rule and I'm going to stand by at a stand by the courage of their convictions and by the Constitution. And let's not forget the river Job. I was looking for anything this will distract from January 6, the economy, anything to distract from what's happening in Ukraine is a distraction inflation. The list goes on and on. All these tests are yet yesterday time at the DHS governance board all those things that have been rolled out in a hurry. This way, and handle supporting the border. The list goes on and on. So if you can get your base that's always from so that your base to at least get excited and angry that they think they might have some political chance. You know they know that I can win over conservatives with this position. They had their having trouble even getting their base support. We come back retake a lot your phone calls we withhold not really get right to him to share this with you for the family for watch the broadcast. Give us a call at 164 3110 find out more about the ACLJ is always an AC right back second half hour for decades. ACLJ is been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular feeling nebulous this broadcast voted for Pres. Trump twice for Prez United States will guess what if you did, if use supported any of his candidates. He's endorsed, or if you even like his judicial nominees were now the US Supreme Court.

Pres. Biden believes that you are part of the most extreme political organization that's existed in American history. The most extreme political organization that's existed in American history when the Prez United States take out these politician also. But when the President of the United States makes that comment about so many millions of Americans. He is telling his government to target the because if you if he honestly believes that what it's about politics or not. If there that extreme will certainly you don't, you got eradicate that yet eradicate that political movement. You gotta make it where people are afraid to say that they support Donald Trump are they support America first or they support these other candidates that he's endorsed you say again you start people this that whole idea of how you chillout speech, what is to force moderate on the content taken down with the other is just a silence story Juergen have to make decisions like do I want to say this or will my job in jeopardy. Or if I post this is the FBI coming after me or the IRS. That's their idea and signaled by the present signal by the United as telling these agencies with the disinformation board is just the latest example of how they are putting people in place to put that pressure on that board what it appears to be doing. It appears its purpose will be is to pressure social media and content platforms to limit or remove conservative speech and just using magna to describe Americans who say America first is a good idea. Maybe I don't support Joe Biden's inflation America this idea again to demonize your political opponents this way and that is what they're doing. It's not to say don't vote for them because I'd strongly disagree with their views is the demonization that we see the weaponization of these various agencies of our government. And I want to hear from folks, how concerned are you about this because were getting into.

We are an election season right now in the midterms. This is all in prep for the big election. This is their testing different messages now because he's got a run for reelection.

Ultimately, once those elections are over, but they think they may be. They've got this moment to reverse course with how bad things are looking for Democrats in the November elections. So what you think 164 3110 does language like this from Biden make you think twice not because you got a patriot because you put food on the table. You keep your job, you will lose your employment or have your social media accounts shut down because you happen to be someone who supports the America first agenda that's somehow dangerous in our country.

I would hear from you.

1-800-684-3110 let's some new joints in early in the broadcast.

And it's gotta be repeated and that is this issue is being signal from the top of the presently on stage with a short bite of that would play at six seconds this magna grout is really the most extreme political exam organization that's existed in American history.

And then he's then four days before that, we find out that the President of the homeland security department, security desk put together a board of governance for information of misinformation and disinformation were already on top of that, if the ACLJ's. We will let you know were working on it right now will take your calls. 800 684 30 went to limitation of else another project we want to educate your kids. We continue to do that. We have our bald Beagle project without a lot of great success with that. May 5 is an important milestone date in American history because it marks the anniversary restaurant. Alan Shepard journey into space. In 1961 at front Shepard became the first American to leave Earth and explore space historic day. We got up video it's up there on the screen and that talks about this is a great way to educate your kids on the greatness of America. That's how America was made great what you want. Take a look at that picture that with your family will be back with more moment.

Second question that the minute I want to start off first with they admitted our director of government affairs wanted to walk through exactly what the Democrats are planning to do that. Remember they're doing this all based off a draft opinion that was leaked from the Supreme Court they are going to try preemptively get out ahead of the actual court opinion and make abortion the right to abortion a codified law at the federal level that to do that they gotta jump through some hurdles but it is a different battle that some of the previous hurdles with the filibuster because there are couple Republicans. It would be interested in joining at least on the codifying abortion as law she got that but will would they must got a couple Democrats who aren't supportive of ending the legislative filibuster.

So let's go to Tampa to Washington DC for an outlet. Let's walk around there planning on beginning this process next week during there really I would say I would kinda put in three different buckets three overlapping issues here. The first, as you rightly described as the effort to codify Roe versus Wade. There are two Republican Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski that would be willing to vote with Democrats on that issue now Joe mansion, a Democrat from West Virginia opposes it's a sort of in that universe.

Jordan, you have 51 votes in favor of that.

However, two things need the next two things I would bring up the bill that they're gonna put forward next week actually isn't just a codification of row. It's also an elimination of every pro-life restriction. It's already on the books in the states and on that issue. It looks like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are probably okay. However, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are the main sponsors of a narrower bill that still codifies Roe V Wade so what I'm concerned about. Jordan is maybe they will try to pull sleight-of-hand here and maybe instead of putting up the same bill that they've already put up and that that already failed they might put up a bill that looks like the one that those two Republican sponsored and then ask them if they might be willing to provide the two votes to nuke the filibuster that Joe mansion and Kiersten Sinemet won't give them. That sounds like a lot, Jordan, but I want to boil it down just to this yes they do have to get to 50 votes twice they have to get it to new to filibuster and they have to get it to codify Roe, but Jordan they don't have to use the same mix of 50 votes to get to those two so they can use a couple Republicans to clear one hurdle and then use all Democrats to clear the next point that if they did not have the legislative filibuster. Right now they have the votes in the U.S. Senate to codify Roe. They do they have the votes to codify Roe.

In fact, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are the space sponsors of a bill that would do that now. I do want to clarify during the bill that the Senate has already voted on in the past is a much more expansive bill that's the bill that has already passed the house for 218 votes, but you're right, they do have the votes to codify Roe if the filibuster was gone. You know the saboteur who did this, I would be really clear this the saboteur who did this at the Supreme Court.

This is exactly what he or she was hoping would happen. Still, the opinion link it to your friend at the press put it out there that this is that the court having to say yes this is Alito's first draft. It's the real opinion of the at least one is being circulated. It doesn't say that it's the one that can be the final opinion. You do all that for the saboteur is getting what he wants or she wants by having this bill. This legislation being put forward, then number two. Try to federalize the right to abortion know where we got word working against that. Now, for trying to figure out the angles on that, but we could be looking at a clash that is unreal, but understand something this saboteur has gotten what they wanted to have a got court packing a Jordan but that's already been discussed. They haven't got the legislation. But it's being introduced. They are trying to intimidate justices of the Supreme Court.

That's not gonna work. But you know they're up to no good but it's happening evaluate the intimidation attempted on this is, again, I think. Then when I wanted to just boil down to is that because this battle is next week. This battle is not after the court opinion. Ultimately, the final opinion comes out which they don't even know what it will be yet, but they are trying to utilize this draft authenticated draft as a reason to maybe get a couple of sinners to act in a way they would not normally act and vote the way they would normally vote hundred percent Jordan is purely a political play there trying to take the news of the day and Jan their preferred policy preference on the abortion issue down the throats of the American people and look and make it federal. II want to really emphasize this journey. Codification of row putting into statute would be bad enough, but as of now the bill the leader's humor is gonna put on the floor this and it's way worse than that. Jordan yes it codifies Roe which is a terrible terrible move, but it also says things like making sure that an abortion clinic has reasonable health and safety standards for women Jordan eat that's even something that states would not be allowed to do on this so it would centralize all of these decision-making processes, and quite frankly it would we would make abortion go up. Certainly it would also make them decidedly less safe for women. Jordan that's what will be on the floor. The United States Senate unless leader Schumer changes his mind or serenity watching this very closely very carefully set. They say court packing is the second issue don't look too silly to try to do it legislatively. They got moved court packing, Schumer said, your first time starting with the legislation so that's where they're going to start first. Also, the distant disinformation review, but we get a lot of calls coming about it. I would go to Julie in Iowa online to hate Julie. One thing very irritating me all this information. That information because information is information being a lie, but this information is alive and sent when the government and the rate to tell anybody. They're not allowed to lie. If you record you get try to get trouble from line law enforcement officials. Obviously they determine they don't define it this way, it doesn't rely know it's opinion just your opinion to be missing from your opinion can be misinformation and your people shift opinions. I have opinions that change over time based off the information you learn based off your agent based off your life experience, but you still have opinions and that's part of free speech is the ability to use of those protesters who out there who are 20 years old today might have a very different opinion on the issue of abortion. 20 years from now, but they still have the right to have their opinion today and their opinion.

20 years from now, regardless if there on the pro-abortion side of the pro-life side and it'll that is that's my issue with it is it it gets its way more than line which by the way, they still should be in that game, but it is so much more broad that yes offenders obviously there's a big number of senators spoken out against this, the DHS puts out affectionate was to me doesn't help really all this is all after the fact that they got caught and but we do have a board of governance of misinformation and disinformation. We researched that there is no published notice of proposed rule proposed rulemaking on this.

There is not. It was not even a press release or mention of the disinformation governance board on the DHS website until last night at 5 PM when DHS publishes online fact sheet. What is the sense on Capitol Hill right now is worse with the Senate the acquirement of outrage J in the fact that you noted that this board has been operating with the four really anybody knew about it that's that's one of the things data we really want to get at it is freedom of information act.

What what what actions did you take before this candlelight that was one of the questions a secretary Americas is really pushed at today in a Senate hearing. By the way JII think maybe the most telling thing of all of this is that the person in charge of this is actually one of the worst disseminators of disinformation that you can possibly find a mean you know the Hunter Biden laptop.

The steel dossier.

All of those are things that she put forward.

So, by the very definition in this fact sheet you're talking about. She would be disqualified for leading this border very quickly. Jack I think the Senate action that we need to focus in the most on is a bill that's being put forward by Sen. Tom cotton's got a number of cosponsors, Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn, Jim Resch, it would defund this board and say that any other board like this may not be set up inside the department of homeland. Scary Jake. I don't think it's going to get any Democratic support, but we ought to put pressure behind it until the shame for setting this up causes the secretary or, quite frankly of the President to take this board down and again I want to go before 2064 3110 to go to Bill and wildly online 5K built like wailing there was about the leadership that make my narrative. He does know all you want to talk about it. Am I wrong or what he's doing, which is youput in place near the sports dues acting surprised and you know I did so easily to these questions from senators to do know she said this. You know say that McKenna dances around that, but again he knows exactly I know more we can do not give them the idea that they don't know what they're doing there and they know that they don't have the issue they know exactly what they are doing and he's peddling disinformation in a sense by acting like he doesn't know about what the disinformation board does so it's all a government game, but we have to make sure you understand the you are up against who we are fighting their smart, they're tough. They planned it out there. This is this is not by accident, disinformation, governance, board is up by accident.

They had protesters their barricades ready to go with work and that they Artie had legislation ready to go. They suffered leaked draft opinion for the Supreme Court's art accident. These are preplanned political attacks us little tax on your free speech rights, political attacks on the US Supreme Court political attacks on the life of the unborn child in the list goes on and I'll become backward and talk about the problem with these leaks that is plaguing the federal government in causing serious harm to the US government. Join our petition stand for life Tissues growing site.

It will be right back. Severe phone calls at 1-800-684-3110. If you would be with us on the broadcast Laura Scully from Washington state online. Three.

A lark pro-life leader and actually are other public organizations here in Washington than in front. The local Planned Parenthood the last 15 years and myself only will act on it, but I want to let you know that we are standing for our rights for preevent feet, freedom of religion. The company will find that they prayed and abortion every day.

They actually count the cost frequently can post a sign Kendrick think that offer help when I wanted truly is what I observed on Monday before it became news about the leak. The Planned Parenthood share the parking lot suddenly filled out and very odd hour and it was a patron with all kinds of cars, the affiliate mentioned in Seattle are building chair across the street, and the most beautiful in the state that is certainly in Seattle and in Olympia. The preprinted kind showed up that day. Now I'm not telling you that I think the Planned Parenthood the end of the week and I know they work to tell you this Laura litigator Planned Parenthood Jordan SEC house with us. He has there always to be prepared for these moments when that decision was leaked.

They were in front of the Supreme Court thousands of people. I know that is lifting him like this that they don't happen in one day. This was a planned story. So the White House knew this was the talk at SPF so they were caught off guard and let me tell you something Planned Parenthood so entrenched inside the Democrat party rightly so there's a new and we talked to one of pro-life pro-life protesters say half that night was all the pro-abortion protesters were preplanned ready to go in for the US Supreme Court by the next day was pro-life. It was more of a balance, if not even favoring the pro-life protesters so it was obvious that they knew because the mainstream media was political but it all starts spreading around because there entrenched inside the Democrat party and the fact of the matter is they are trying to get get this opinion modified by threat mean I do say that bluntly, but that's what it is. This is an intimidation campaign targeting in my view, the Supreme Court of the United States is what I think they're doing absolutely. Planned Parenthood always have. It has a plan they're not planning parent head but they're planning attacking anybody he stands for, at the right to life, and they're worried about this draft opinion because it's incredibly strong and it upholds the right to life and the unborn baby and they can't tolerate that the kid tolerated and its extensive it's a 68 page opinion repudiating the false basis upon which Rome was decided which even liberal commentators, just as legal sites is liberal commentators says was wrong from the it was wrong from the start, but because it's abortion. And then what happened was, which was so interesting. It didn't really get them the kind of rally they thought they would get. And now, what are they doing LGBT kids can't go to school under this opinion which is the exact opposite.

Will get in that moment, the exact opposite of what Alito says interracial marriages is going to be bad as sailors.

Thomas is literally so I want to go to Bob's column. Alex is a really good call because as part of that, the Democrats plan a Bob earlier. Hello break, I presume. If Congress succeeds in codifying Roe V Wade there.

Legislation will be carefully crafted to align with our court precedent regarding federal privacy and I'm wondering if Justice Alito's draft opinion gives us more grounds to fight that on the basis of deferring to the states and the fact that powers that are not explicitly granted to the federal government belong to the state's clash between the 10th amendment and the supremacy clause, and work believing where researching all that right now I don't politically we got was in our government affairs team is already working on this so we got a team working on this legally. We are also working on with forcing actually her first draft, the kind where we think it could be Friday is I think tomorrow Franklin right yes and and and the issue is, if that the Supreme Court is saying there is not a constitutional protection for abortion.

There is no right to abortion found in the Constitution, and are specifically saying this is an authority and a right because back to the states. There is an argument to be made that that it's not an issue that can be decided at the federal level, but it will be litigation in its articles. We need to stop it at the at the legislative space. That's right because that what they know is that if they can do this at the federal level keeps the battle and stuck in federal courts, the princes states are moving forward with putting the restrictions that their state legislatures what to do because of everything we could stall them to be you who has the rightmost date that they've got a strategy in place, but it can be defeated. It's a political strategy. So it's not automatic but it is they are moving quickly like as soon as next week. If so, you know here with her talk another time. It is a three-pronged attack and were fighting back on all three problems with our recent appointment information out requests on the other on the misinformation, disinformation, governance committee on this one. What were doing is addressing a three ways our government affairs team is already pushing on Capitol Hill to have the pro-life centers in conference stand firm here were encouraging. Of course by broadcasting for the Supreme Court to stand firm.

If in fact that's their decision to not be intimidated by an unbelievable breach and institutional internal insurrection that is taken place inside the Supreme Court and then third, this important don't allow this to be court packing, but Chuck Schumer just what 40 hours ago. Here's what he said the conservative court majority is likely to be around for a while. Democrats need to look more seriously for expansion. Look bottom line is our first step is to have the boat that were going to have next week and the bottom line is that within a look to these elections in November and I think it's going to the American people are going to speak loudly and clearly that we need some change. He says the bottom line is regular look to these elections are memory think it's going to the American people go to speak loudly and clearly that we need some change in the report was asking questions about court expansion. So there you have it yet. They lived there demonizing the judicial branch and and and what I think what you got understand is that this is not happening without waiting till November the starting next week, and it's not all just Democrats.

There's a couple Republicans at play here to with Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski say got a whole politically we thought we broken down initially with family to break that again and in future broadcast. But we gotta be ready for is the that that to fight that back legally because they are preemptively River.

There's an opinion that there is no official opinion out. It yet understand there's no official opinion out yet. There's trying to rush through a federal codification of the right to an abortion in the Congressional law tried to use a couple Republicans to get it done it, but we should make no mistake about it, they will do everything look.

They note that we know that this is authentic and independent so there thing it is, what may well be it the other may be modifications to it probably happened, but there thing and this is for real. They are not Planned Parenthood is not stopping now. They'll do anything to undermine this draft opinion if it is real and I mean it is a real draft opinion benefit remains the same.

They are running scared and should be because it's a very strong for life and they will do anything in their power to undermine a process why we want to stay with America surfline just got a brand-new petition up over 50,000 people signed this leads I get that strength in numbers standing up together letting the government know that no they are not the majority view and would have to be demonized for the shut up Rex go sit by and let them do whatever they want to, or to intimidate justices to stand up and fight back do so by side or everybody does it. What can I do can I do something else to get those to the Health next week.

That battle begins.

Artie begun start legislatively so you think you may have won the judicial battle baby since 1973. You go right back and were ready to Congress next week go to a sealed

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