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Psaki: “Who Opposes” a Disinformation Board?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 29, 2022 6:05 pm

Psaki: “Who Opposes” a Disinformation Board?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 29, 2022 6:05 pm

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to questions about the new Disinformation Governance Board set up by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). According to Psaki, "it sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country in a range of communities. I'm not sure who opposes that effort…" Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team give the latest news on the DHS's Disinformation Governance Board and provide their analysis. This and more today on Sekulow.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Close nation's board keeping you informed. Now you want to hear from you. Now your home J secular rockets want to think about for this minute. The federal government through the department of homeland security which has law enforcement and law enforcement capabilities has put forward a governance board on disinformation designed as Jen Saki Press Secretary just said to stop misinformation, disinformation, and then I went to play what she said when she was asked this question because this I think raises. I think this could be the biggest threat against free speech in our lifetime. Listen to this.

What I can tell you that it sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country and region communities. I'm not sure who opposes that efforts James Madison of the author and primary architect of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. He wanted robust free speech as did the founding of our country and as a Supreme Court is recognized, someone's miss information and that is a big promoter think about this. Folks the Department of Homeland Security they have agents they are going to do what they think your information your giving out his misinformation work disinformation, whatever that means that they can then what arrest you or stop it. Have you indicted for this misinformation are disinformation have agents visit you for this misinformation are disinformation. So who would object James Madison to start the rest of the founders as well. The idea and I tell you what the majority this report they thought about can you imagine that we are now living in. And time in our history where a governance board has been set up by all agencies the Department of Homeland Security to silence voices that they believed to be not court that they believed to be misinformation or disinformation. You know the way you handle speech to disagree with more speech, but that apparently is not the view of the United States department of homeland security in the buying administration. So let me say again the greatest potential threat to the freedom of speech is a misinformation, disinformation, governance, board by the federal government through the department of homeland security to me the potentially greatest threat to freedom of speech in the United States today is a government agency, DHS, formalin, security, having a governance board on misinformation and disinformation so that they can stop disinformation and misinformation.

Nothing illegal speech but not saying speech that's likely to cause harm the same information you disagree with, but that government disagrees with misinformation. The ramifications are serious. Jordan secular is in her office in Washington. Jordan I know you people talk about what you're doing up there a moment, but this is become a huge issue as it should. Yeah, I'm glad that this carried over to today and there's more tension on this engine.

Saki is getting asked about it because she says who would disagree with this.

I think the majority of the American people if they just sat back and took the partisan politics out of this. They understand that again in the United States speech is speech is speech in its first guarantee right is the freedom of speech when they start encroaching on that right. It impacts every other right because your ability to defend your Second Amendment rights relies on your ability to have free speech to defend those rights to all of our rights are intertwined in this one most important right of all their founding fathers understood the right to speak your mind on the issues right to speak support the work of ACLJ double the impact your donation right now pose a governance board on misinformation and disinformation in order to stop this misinformation. As I said James Madison, the author and architect of the First Amendment united states constitution Washington Jordan is up there right now. We've a major event going on in Washington right now and this is part of a new initiative that we've undertaken Jordan what's going on right now. I know you just finished speaking. Yes, we have a number of diplomats and folks who work in embassies in Washington DC from foreign countries at our office for what is the first of going to be a number. It's a programmer going to run continuously out of the ACLJ Washington DC, which is a training program and how the US government works. The legislative branch, the judicial branch, the executive branch the political process of the US even some a little bit how that's different between the federal government and the states role how that could impact their countries. The appropriations process. Why think is important to have photos we can put up on the screen and and were doing these kind of about 20 at a time and were spending most of the day with these folks and sending them out, inviting him to our ACLJ DC office and hearing from different people from inside the ACLJ and some of our friends from outside and I explained it this way were doing for two reasons. Obviously, one we want to build relationships with people in different countries all read to the list of just who is here today but seconds I we also if you're going these programs exist. Washington DC and what we want to make sure is that these countries are hearing from people about their government who appreciate the US government who who celebrate what our government is all about. So instead of going to some liberal organization and hearing how bad the United States is and how horrible these institutions are and all that yes were honest about partisanship is not about politics in there, but it's about explaining the US but think about that. We are at that point out our country just taking that role in saying no.

This is why were unique and it a good country and something you want to be like, or try and emulate in your own country of the way we have separation of powers and I all these different checks the ability for a group like ours to take on the US government weathers to a FOIA or whether it's all the way to US Supreme Court that you that idea is is can be very foreign that the that the fact that the President doesn't put forward legislation technically here in the United States. The lifetime appointments on the judiciary but nowhere else in our in our government.

So were doing this for two reasons. One, we want to build great relationships with other countries so that if an issue arises. We know who we can go to whether it's a UN issue an international issue of the military national security issue but second, these are folks who are chosen by their country to come to the most powerful country in the world and represent their country and work inside our system and we want them to understand that were proud of our system that we do. We again that we want to work them through the process because we know there's a large group out there.

Washington telling them how bad our system is, and that we ask you want to turn into systems they use sort giving an alternative view, even though it's the basics it's an alternative view now and data meat that may be shocking to people but that's the world we live in right now the United States summarily notice you a list of who's there. Many of the say the name of the people of his liberal countries we represented Churchill just today and that we got another one of these in two weeks the EU has represented their Finland, Uganda, South Africa, Paraguay, Bangladesh, Rwanda, Haiti, hungry Argentina there's another from a distant from Hungary, El Salvador, Peru, Mozambique, South Sudan assume else from Finland, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Australia's defense Esha today decide to from Switzerland and from Jamaica as well.

That's just today and they they only got about a week notice so and in couple weeks we have a whole new group and just will do these trading programs for them were also be hosting a couple of receptions with folks like Mike Pompeo and Rick were nailing and you with their their bosses with the investors and the deputy investors than and to bring in sort of. There's a twofold approach here utilizing our great offices in Washington DC, Knoxville. It's really exciting process part of a new initiative that the American Center for Law and Justice is launched again as we work on a global basis. I want to go back now to the situation during this year and watch you notice a lot of talk on this right now and that is the situation with this governance review board. I am saying it I think is potentially the greatest threat on free speech that we've seen in our lifetime. The idea that the department of homeland security, a law enforcement agency is been tasked with setting up a governance board on misinformation on speech to stop by. Despite my eyes on I think about what were doing today. Where's were in an organization explaining how the US government work sitting in a company say we do like how you explained that or we like the fact that you know you you is focused on this and not that. And what about all that the problems in and that the the systematic racism and you didn't get into all that so again this idea you can imagine how's as I said that the first part of the broke program every other right kind of flows from that's free speech right I meet so because you got a bill defend your other rights and that comes through speech, sublets, political speech so you want to elect people that will continue to defend your rights that involve speech, your religious views involve speech your opinion on a hot button topics involve speech so it all. Kurt turns back to this idea that you've got a freedom to speak your mind and we have limits but that is you. We have our courts really struggle on putting any limits.

There and it's really you. And so even when it's something really borderline, almost criminal. They get concerned about putting too many limits because anything that might hit week. We appreciate freedom of speech so much in our country that any law that might hamper that that the courts are very weary about. So what do we see here, not a law but something we were talking about the group upstairs actually later on this afternoon is these agency powers that exist kind of outside the legislative system in that gray area where they may have different they may not and they they can have a lot of influence without having to go through the normal legal process, so you I'm holding my hazard. I don't know if you guys can zoom in on this camera, this just came in from the FBI to dress to me this is the latest document dump from the FBI on Colby Spies so just came to her office. This outcomes onset CD-ROM and Tutsis from the FBI sent us here at the ACL. Jason is another example. This orbits as he walked down to be after he was done talking to the group. There have lunch right now, so he just walked this dancing short on radio notice folks associate the nature and scope were doing the American Center for Law and Justice were also taking your calls at 800 684 30 went on this attack on speech.

How do you feel by Outlook. It's a law enforcement agency DHS department of homeland security is supposedly securing our borders instead in order to do stop by whatever means I'm still not clear at Munich I guess the user current process. The department of justice and important homeland security with the disinformation could governance board that's kind of like the ministry of information that you would have had in the old Soviet Union we think about this for a moment. That's how dangerous this is. We got calls coming in at 800-684-3110 Stig Daniels calling from South Dakota Daniel Walker broadcast on their thank you for taking my call.

Here you are speaking about this information board. Game my mind.

I used to live in Paraguay years ago and during the whole time a live there. There was a military government governing the people there and it's like we we could not say anything bad about the government or otherwise will be in big trouble and soul in the US government is leaning towards going in tomorrow but thought it looked ugly. Ms. them if I can speak the races yeah and you are adjacent the right distance to me. I am still stocked that they put discolored and then when you see the person that they picked to run this in the statements that she's made it. Donald Trump did this they be calling for impeachment.

Not me, but I think is a violation of free speech ropes. I think this could be the greatest art to bring the speech in our lifetime and we are to be taken next.

We are looking at every angle on this immediately when she said to NPR that we gotta do something about all full but lawful speech that's what set me off because all full speech is still free speech. It still protected speech. She acknowledged that but they want to change that. So she knowledge right now all full and by the way you want to give up to the government that the way to determine what's awful or not. Because guess what democratic governments are going to think that hey saying bad things about us is pretty awful and Republicans are to say say these bad about us, that's awful. So we don't want the government deciding what's awful if it's lawful speech.

It's protected speech. And we gotta stop this new interest in a new way that they're trying to create that outside of the progress a a speech police in the United States that is so troubling.

We have so many people come to our country because of our freedoms they think they think they wait in line to immigrate because we are the greatest country I would give all these rights by folks we are the last radio day of our matching challenge to maintenance tomorrow but we meet we are exactly $84,000 behind where we were last year. We need your help as a matching challenge campaign. Any amount to donate to the ACLJ we get a matching your port that's ACLJ Donald, let me encourage you to make that gift today.

Also follow us, and I'm happy to say now at true social at Jordan secular at Jay Sekulow@Logan Sekulow@ACLJ on truth social as well import referral to be on rumble as we have been for the last several months. Again ACLJ back to normal disinformation board is now set up at attacks and affects your free speech rights. What's the view.

It would take calls at 800 684 30 went to. What is your view Jordan right now in Washington but milieux got there yesterday about this issue is it is becoming the dominant story certainly within conservative cycles because it's the greatest challenge to free speech. I think in our lifetime.

The government government board on disinformation and misinformation. Thankfully we got good members of Congress.

They're not in the majority and in either party either House or Senate right now, but that are that are not to let this go away and so they're fighting back in there there exposing this. The Democrats were trying to get ahead of this that they they had it done through a Democrat congressman yesterday at unison to get this information out so they get ahead of the story and the person who's heading it up. She tweeted out the cat's out of the bag and the fact that they are so loosey-goosey William we're talking about so such are basic fundamental right either gets the most important right we have these. I don't think you get the other rights you don't get to the other rights without the right to speak because you got a bill defend your other rights. See if speak it to do that. And so for me, and I think for members of Congress.

This is not to be one that you to see for two days and it goes away. I think there's going to be like we talked about yesterday the FOIA work is one thing but also whether or not this is such an affront to the free speech that it alone by existing squelch is or has the potential to squelch free speed could be that is subject to legal intervention immediately able to spring court is said that I brought policy laws, rule, regulation that quote chills free speech is subject to constitutional attack and I can't think of anything that shows free speech more than a government agency that is law enforcement, Department of Homeland Security having a misinformation governance board designed to stop misinformation that the government thinks is misinformation that would mean by the way. Many times we had this now three or four at least with Facebook where they equilibrate coming about four times when they come in and say all the information you gave us false or it's out of context. So be misinformation or disinformation and then we challenge it and then about a week later they come back and say okay you're right. It wasn't. Could you imagine now that was being forced by a forget Facebook that was being enforced by government agency with law enforcement, let's go to William and Virginia online to wait and go ahead. I why members of the prayer screening about this attack, re-me like they will be the main one yet.

Well look, there are members of the presently my friend Sean Hannity yesterday spent most of this program on this boxes at this consistently covered what the liberal press is in Cumbria. They love the idea when they're in power squelch during the other side yeah that that's true. I mean this is the interesting interplay here in and what I want to point out to people is that it's got to be us defends the speech rights for every body. One day maybe they'll think us. Maybe not, but that we defend the speech rights for everyone because right now they think that all because they're in charge of the White House think that they they know they have a tough election cycle coming up what they used to be the ones who weren't supposedly supportive of all the protest movements in the that the the idea of being the liberalism in there that they're not there authoritarian dictators there. The actual fascist and they they have their television programs to skew their fascist ideology to mock us. I'm fine with that mocking, by the way, and their ideology. It is long as you let me have my and let me have my freedom so it's it's an interesting interplay that will be us. The conservatives who were defending that awful but lawful speech will tell you what it is they'll like this governance board as long as they are in power because you know what they know when the Republicans are back, and concerns about we would never enforce a governance review board on them will do it on us right talking about speech we were in federal court the US Court of Appeals for the 11th circuit yesterday. The case involves the city of Ocala Abbey's Sutherland Senior Counselor. The ACLJ was litigating the case may those organs.

Abby tell everybody at first what the case was about paramedical department and partnered with community leaders for help and hinder a very high following a crying brain to play for trying to catch back up and and the community can't conform right now like every week in the country and community and gather for an athlete department encourage the community to be a part and an insulated call and their lumpy to prevent any interventional complaints is attached here is on speech which happens to be prayer. That's number one number two the District Court ruling declared that the government officials can no longer encourage us with the court said citizens to pray amid even amid a difficult time in their community. So you made the argument yesterday to the 11th circuit. What was the court's reception action meaning here, meaning that mean I might impinge generally find out and contact in a vacant band {core FRA and I laughed and Anglican injury can bring a claim containing and knotting there had the establishment clause issue itself to get to that the arguments were short, the brace along the argument was short and incorporate a broad and strange connection And when Direct connect category as 5K and benefit a very important will have to wait back that are argument that our next few hundred years of conditioning history client cannot abolish that and cannot, and really bentonite left with a jacket that allow very good. We get that opinion is months away folks again the ACLJ in court so long were now looking at how we very Think you were to challenge the situation with this government speech governance review committee suppression committee. The censorship committee.

I call it were also in court defending the constitutional right to prayer in the spring court said the prayers protected speech boy. Could you imagine these misinformation commitment by the Department of Homeland Security from you I want you to think about this mostly a whole half-hour coming up on a talk about this meant a lot more red. During last 30 seconds or so. Here you're going back in more meetings with representatives from dozens of countries in our offices right now. New part of the ACLJ's outreach globally is right and it saves egg and those are the folks who are available today.

I will will have a different group in a couple weeks and they'll course, tell their colleagues about it. There's a lot interaction between the diplomatic staff here in Washington DC but I think we were able to do is not were providing them a service were making were building relationships but were also teaching them about the United States government from a positive viewpoint and I mean I know that sounds almost ridiculous. That way that you have to do but our folks know it because the other side it CRT. It's how horrible the government it's. It was built off systematic races in the Constitution was written by old white guys and really doesn't matter so they're getting a view that still says this is the best system of government in place in the world were proud of. I think your doors will write back into those musicals really take your calls and 800-684-3110 except our coming up a lot to talk about here full-time with the censorship review more dangerous support the work of the ACLJ were $84,000 behind our goal for this month but have your get double matched you donate 40 we get 80 do today ACLJ that will cure the speed with your friends no matter where your thing back to normal as the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is J secular press secretary Jen Saki said about this governance review board report misinformation and disinformation to this press conference when she's having to defend this greatest threat to liberty.

I think I've seen in our lifetime. Take a listen. What I can tell you that it sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country and region communities. I'm not sure who opposes that efforts like James Madison, the author, the First Amendment, although Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, George Washington they might oppose it. Could you imagine the founders debating can we set up a government think about this in Philadelphia sitting around the table and Independence Hall. What you think. You think we should send a plague a government review board of speech. The government doesn't like will call it a disinformation governance committee and will use our law enforcement agencies to enforce it. Of course not. But this administration thinks that's perfectly fine now, who's heading this up Nina Jesuits here is what sheep for those that are watching you to see it.

For those that are listening on radio. She does a spoof on going after speech. He disagrees with.

Take a listen to this is okay, but here's what we've got. American Center for Law and Justice up on your screen right now. This is a letter that we are set have sent out to the US Department of Homeland Security supreme of information act request. This is against honestly aimed at this.

The secretary for information regarding this disinformation governance board there to fight us on this like you can't believe folks I mean this is going to be a battle, but we're going to get the information. So rather than just talking about this problem put it back up on the screen folks that, by the way the woman is heard is now the head of this governance committee review board. This is already out.

The next thing that will be up when they say they're not can respond is going to be the federal lawsuit you support the work in the American Center for Law and Justice folks we take action. Let's go to Rena calling from California were taking your calls to 800-684-3110 Rena, thank you for being there like that are problem fathers today because that's exactly what they would be saying less obviously their pushback on Mark and obviously Chinese in control of this country because they have biking in their pocket, so we need to address exactly that fact okay, there's been a coup d'tat. It needs to be overturned and what can we deal with you in regards to stopping that because the bottom line is God still rules. Everybody can be praying okay keep cranking. That's our war machine and you tell us in the meantime how we can help you in regards to present day. We started you know Gracie is a we take action with out about the spokes within the same day off it went to the department of homeland security say what are you talking about here, folks you can't do this, you can about federal law enforcement agency enforcing speech codes on the American people. So we sent out the freedom of information act request. When they don't respond will be in federal court. That's what we do. That's how you bite, but to do that we need your support of the ACLJ very simple folks matching challenge Lansdale radio for this Jay Sekulow band concert Mark you want to miss it. All the people that pay play with us over the years. Some of the most famous musicians around her to be in this one you want to miss it go to support the work of the ACL date like as it were offered old buddy $4000 when you make that up today more we come back in the break words 2022 goes down as the year that freedom of speech is assaulted in a way that we cannot imagine. And I believe folks that we are seeing one of the greatest threats to freedom of speech. The idea that homeland security is put forward a board of governance regarding misinformation that the government thinks is misinformation with the law enforcement agencies to talk about law enforcement agencies were happy to have with us on on-air and let me tell you it is also going for very important position as Arizona Atty. Gen., Abraham, day and a you and I've talked about this, your intelligence intelligence officer in the U.S. Army.

You have just returned from a 14 month long deployment to Saudi Arabia. You've dealt with these issues you've implemented enhanced security bending responses to terrorism attacks when you know this area very well. The idea that the Department of Homeland Security is setting up a misinformation, disinformation, review board, how does that strike you all doesn't shock me under this by administration maker looking at the same DHS also said that white supremacist is the greatest threat to domestic terrorism right now, so it doesn't surprise me, but it's obviously the greatest that were facing me. At this point when I come back from my tour in Saudi Arabia, J. Know what I was out there to prevent another terrorist attack like the Pensacola 2019. Insert from ever happening again.

But now you have our own government labeling parent to speak out at a school board meetings as potential domestic terrorist to this is what's going on. This looks so much more frightening and insidious as now that there is a sub suddenly a Ministry of truth and a knowledge the odd timing of it all, but the other disinformation misinformation.

We never want to call out media and how complicit they were with the Hunter Biden suppression stories Raven member back when the COBIT initially came out of you.

Try to say that they know that the code actually leads from the Wuhan lab. So this is what was right, everybody agrees with this happen.

Yes, it is a process that your lawyer, I'm a lawyer. The idea I was thinking I'm trying to really stresses with our audience around the country.

The idea that the Department of Homeland Security you worked on the Pensacola terrorism attack. You know how significant these acts are that's you, criminal conduct member to have DHS take resources number one, away from the board will talk about that in a moment, and apply them to a governance board to stop misinformation.

I asked the question and exactly how they planning on doing this, and stop misinformation to seek warrants. While they've Artie been effectively silencing us J Matt's no is no longer just big government we have to worry about.

Obviously it's always the case.

But when big tech is in collusion with the big government as well may look at the Canadian trucker situation.

If you donated money to the Canadian truckers in a go fund me was about to send that money off to radical leftist organizations. It was actually state AG to prevent that from happening. So what's going on right now I'm trying to stress this enough.

The last few years we've been ambushed. Every single damage just every week something you pops up right Disney whatever thought we were going to be ill at odds with Disney and Disney paying into this and now they have the other government setting up a Ministry of the truth essentially try to prevent disinformation, misinformation, bursting it you know all across the world right now how much it's applying with Ukraine and Russia and he know that the media is complicit with it, but would be that we have to always be on guard.

Big government right now is encroaching our lives, and Joe Biden at 1415 months.

Think about how much our country is changed, but I need you to talk about like the Disney thing with his arguments on both sides that Disney has free-speech rights and and the government doesn't have to provide benefits you can argue about that day and night right. Those are legal arguments so right policies to fight those out in a in a regular court or in the butt at the ballot box. When your government through the Department of Homeland Security, a law enforcement agency is setting up a board of governance to stop misinformation, play, distance occupied for UA by Bertie given my reaction to this, but let me play on a be here and I want the audience to hear it again. Take a listen. What I can tell you is that it sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation misinformation from traveling around the country and region communities. I'm not sure who opposes that effort. James Madison, I said your reaction to that statement then living in a different world.

J and it doesn't surprise me.

Which is sad because there's so much coming at us all at once were being ambushed because a radical leftist infiltrated every single aspect of our lives. And yes are going after freedom of speech, which is so critical because it was a silence as we see how powerful it is a journey of Twitter silencing Donald Trump allows you know, the Ayatollah and allows terrorist like the Taliban and on Twitter so that's that's what going on right now and what I'm trying to wake up at me every great civilization is only last about 250 years, Jake and the rate were going and I'm really worried and concerned about our country, especially when you have the highest levels of our government really taken a dystopian 1984 viewpoint of how they're going to treat her citizens and maybe even worse because government has the authority to pardon him whiskey from something looking the greatest threat to free speech in our lifetime. Think this is potentially huge. We have a lot of calls coming.

I want you to answer some of my late if you want more information about even the campaign a bit worse place to go. Aim for a before okay, let's go ahead and undertake bills called from Pennsylvania. Go ahead Bill Ajay hey I just a quick comment. I am deeply deeply disturbed by this really ruined my day and I hope that liberals and Democrats that might be listening. Understand that this will fall on them to totalitarians do not discriminate. Whoever talks down on them will certainly you don't base their wrath and with that you know you guys are when you that speak out for truth for us or America.

I really want to encourage everybody listening.

We need to make donations to your cause.

Your be a very busy group of people there so I hope everyone has a pillow will will make some kind of a contribution on a we sent out a letter. Yes, this is after we sent a letter because as you know from information act request letter getting the back right now to start because when you make a legal challenge is always good to know what's the history what was going on behind the scenes, but your brain for Atty. Gen. Interestingly, and I represent a number of Atty. Gen.'s encases the Atty. Gen.'s roles here in the states to be very very important primary think at this point where you looking at so many before AG's roles.

By the way, Jay hasn't been as strong as they have been lately. I mean I talked to former Virginia Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli. He gave me an interesting statistic from 2009 to 2017 state AGC Obama administration Republican 87, about 80 times when Donald Trump took office in his first year democratic AGC him about 90 times and this is where Democrats play to win Republicans and playing nice and we got to go on offense. So you haven't seen the FOIA request that you put on there but no. I think when you get to the bottom of it either implementing so many of these changes, I think, quite frankly, they think where the enemy at the mirror they're looking at where and how many political hot.

But this idea is basically it's a witchhunt and they want us to process and silence is not just with the tools of big government. We have to remember big corporations and big tech can be as tyrannical as big government as well, and that's where you know you're right. I am thrilled by the way that that Elon musk is making the move that he is on Twitter on thrilled that true socials now lawns were on there at Jay Sekulow at George like you went Logan Sekulow at ACL, JA Batt walked on your Abraham holiday through social and it's been a fun platform to use this nice little platform where you know not everything's April and both sides of the view, but they haven't been executed. Now that I think that's changing. Let's go and take another phone call about was calling from Pennsylvania, Barbara, go ahead and I want to know the idea that I do not present Biden that I think that it would have come from the White House and I want to know who idea and how did this get started. White House is responsible though because the White House is these agencies are in the executive branch of government so with the present. Biden initiated himself will find all that out with a lawsuit that will be following up a story letter does not respond without delay. The fact the matter is a it came through the executive branch DHS. That's the White House control. Exactly. And remember this is that this is new jamming look at what Obama did with weapon eyes and IRS targeting conservative groups right. I mean, this is exactly that Alexis right and is exactly radical apps you know and love.

So this isn't surprising right now, but Republicans have to be forcibly camping week and I think there's something that we got a priest about Donald Trump. You know how to fight back and we saw that with the atrocious Brett Cavanaugh hearings and all the lies and slander there any other typical Republic. I'm sure would've withdrawn his nomination so this is where Republican AG's accompanied governors. I tell folks never forget the states are the ones that created the federal government and under the right state leadership will be the one that save our country. We have to have a backbone and start pushing back against the federal government right now. May God bless.

Anybody want to go to DC right now to be a senator and it's it's miserable. You go and hang out ill and Omar Pelosi that you know this battle is in battles there to the battles or the state.

If you want to get information about a drawing for a reason. Tremendous backgrounds very said folks good friend were criminals as well forget the people want more information. Aim for a before a big screen with us.

We really appreciate it all right folks coming up and take your called 800-684-3110.

Absences to join me.

Let me tell you great challenges to free speech great opportunity for the ACL to go and asked when they did with the IRS which owns only one who took it down will do it again. is match where a $4000 behind last year, you're able only. To support the work of ACLJ.

We encourage you to do today. think the restaurant calls at 800-684-3110 at 2000 684-311-0431 10 Harry play the super time I played it today, but appointed engine sake statement because folks until you greatest threat to free speech in our lifetime. That's what this is what I can tell you that it sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country and region communities. I'm not sure who opposes that efforts James Madison from I would think I can list others that might Harry Hutchison, a spec might very I think you're precisely correct. So if you look at the framing of the United States Constitution clearly prohibits the kind of activity that the Biden administration wishes to engage in. And so it raises a central question who guards the so-called guardians if the Ministry of truth were properly constituted and it was really going after Miss information if it was going after fabrication. If it was going after all these would have a full-time job regulating who the Biden administration itself. Engine sake. In particular, they are the font of many lies and fabrications. If you witness, for instance, what is going on in Afghanistan where Joe Biden stood before the American people and he said that we will leave no Americans behind that was a fabrication. If you look at the record of Dr. Fauci with respect to the pandemic. She has been on three or four sides of the issue, that's Miss information that has misled the American people. So at the end of the day.

What we need is a robots Free Press to guard us from the so-called guardians at the homeland security department. I think Harry's actually right folks at Mrs. incredible attack on freedom of speech will write to the polls, Rebecca New Hampshire you're on their I'm wondering.

I understand if you found a player to get down to you why they did it, but I'm can we not just go ahead and file a lawsuit at challenging them to do even before they sit down on their first meeting, I mean is going to work like we do the 41st we will know how to whose idea this was how it started, was the genesis of all kinds very hemp helpful information is when you go to court yet one-shot, so if you go to court over the FOIA litigation on this as well and then it is a start implementing regulations.

That's when the challenge goes forward. So it's gonna time everything right here and you gotta have the reason were so successful is Harry were so thorough before we do it, but we Bartlett's in the letter is up on the screen is out. The boiler went up yesterday. There it is. It is already in process so it'll move quicker than you think.

But you gotta get the background information first.

I think that's precisely correct. So I think it is clear that on its face, the United States government has launched an unmitigated attack on the First Amendment rights of rank and file Americans who they see as deplorable human beings, but in order to have a sound legal foundation challenging this unconstitutional board. We need to engage in information funding we need to find out the foundations we need to find out who was active in the involvement of this DHS board. Keep in mind that this board apparently has been active for at least two months and we had and has been hidden from the American people he exercises it when she announced it gets right, and I guess it's no now.

Meanwhile it's in the department of homeland security which is getting everybody concerned. Absolutely.

So what we should, at the end of the day conclude is that the Department of Homeland Security is a clear and present danger to the United States Constitution and to the American people and we should not rest on single hour in trying to ferret out information concerning this misconduct is the United States to try to protect the border this what they do I were to go to Timothy's calling from Tennessee Timothy 14 go at your own there dialoguing about the right, but I am a security expert had been for more than 20 years and several of them individuals that I know have been contacted myself by assessing which is a cybersecurity of structure and security agency to join this new MDM team task force as far as individuals who are going to be reporting to them on activities that we find an end this Indian board is the amalgamation of this information. Team and so this much was formally the counterfeiting foreman influence task force that was formed by 2018. So now they've made it this and back on the 12th of a general labor lease infographics stating here is what you look out for and here's how you look out for all the IVF you love this party that you download this from their from their site, but that they actually have a list of things to look out for of recognizing a risk questioning the sources that they're coming from.

Checking to see if there's something that could potentially be cause harm or be something that is that a manipulative person or change a social group's opinion. So you dedicated pro-life position and now you're changing some other important position are you trying to persuade which is exactly by the way what Terry with the First Amendment is designed to protect absolutely.

So what we have right now is that the DHS has unleashed on a countable group of government bureaucrats and they have been charged essentially with attacking rank-and-file Americans. Meanwhile, it's important to note that many government players or politicians have been engaged in their own form of misinformation.

So for instance if you look at the Russia collusion story that was misinformation but the Biden administration Hillary Clinton and the Democrats they loved such information because it harmed Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, legitimate information, for instance, involving Hunter Biden's laptop that was suppressed in order to favor one candidate over the other with respect to the 2020 election.

So at the end of the day. No one should be fooled at the end of the day. This is an attempt to maintain power by deep state bureaucrats who'd offered nothing but disdain for the American really try quickly.

Christie got 10 seconds you had your on their all and it really toward controlling the question, yes they want to intimidate speech and folks that's why support this laissez-faire radio for the matching challenge and email you going to the ACLJ were getting a matching gift for folks were try to make up a gap of about $84,000 and giving the exact amount that's were try to make up the gap for your support. Any amount you donate to us. It will be match. That means you donate $10 we get another $10 from another donor so we encourage you to do it also follow us on all the social media for rapid announced were now on truth. Social Jay Sekulow at Jordan secular at Logan Sekulow ACLJ sign up for those there as well talk to you over the weekend, folks may be developed, but not Monday

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