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April 8, 2022 3:12 pm


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April 8, 2022 3:12 pm

House votes to ban Russian oil indefinitely. 

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Think you should do to bring now that's 100-6431 10. Next broadcast by Kevin Brady. He is were the lead sponsors on one of our eyepieces.

Courts in the 11th circuit Court of Appeals now the case. Remember a year ago. The Democrats try to put through legislation that said if you except any of the covert relief fund at the state level, you can't do any thing that would affect revenue negatively.

That means cutting taxes and we want that the District Court represent over 60 members of Congress and the Senate and the house. Carson brazenly all that but there is also big news because the Congress, but the house that was voted. The Senate has voted will go to Pres. Biden has is devoted to indefinitely suspend the US purchase of Russian energy that the oil and gas and other anything involving the mineral. So the question now is what does Joe Biden do when we are kind of the loan country out there, the world right now. Certainly you're a pet which has refused to they said they're trying to get there, but the US is been your credit by themselves up we been by ourselves at their this issue know you right it's very true and part of that is because Europe is so dependent upon their flow of natural gas and oil of promotion.

I would switch interesting to me at all of this is that you had. This is very unusual for Washington DC right now. You had a boat in the hat on the Senate that was 100 and nothing in the boat in the House of Representatives on the bill suspending buses prepping a preferential trade status was 420 to 3 and the bill banning Russian energy imports passed 413 to 9. This is unprecedented in current political and current political environment in Washington DC which shows you that the Congress is viewing the situation with Russ very seriously and it's writing to you talking about a situation to get you don't see this kind of bipartisan support on any kind of legislation Rick talk about it with Carson Brady or is given by the court case as well and it just is bigger picture.

So take your phone calls to 164 3110 because the you think about this. This affects every one of us in every state in that locality because this was an attempt by the Democrats to sneak a bill in so that you could not have a tax cut in your state.

If you accepted these these funds and that I get. The District Court said no this is this is not something the federal government cannot cannot restrict states abilities to govern and how that how they were governed. So again, I know that some of you might be blue states where a tax cut seems that may be far off, but other people, other folks who are red states you that's pretty common limit limit me pleasant surroundings as question would a 2% tax cut in your state, your state income taxes help you or a significant reduction on maybe or an increase in child income credits under state tax returns because the federal government came in and said here's the money but here's the string states we don't want you lowering taxes and then what you lowering truck taxes when we were in the middle of the pandemic.

So that tells you what the policy was of course federal legislation Strings attached with this one really tied to hand last night at the tax cuts that we've seen that have been effective to help ease the burden on inflation would gas what was one of the gas tax. Some of the state consumer to reduce our gas tax that would that that would be an advantage of this yes this is the problem would be creative as a state to assist you at this remember a year ago.

They were in Plano that had inflation of it was getting up there but it was not at the level it is now it comes to gas. So if you're going to vote to Satan. No Russian oil and gas and you cut off Russian are ability to be in energy independence you that those two things and that you're still trying to restrict the state's ability to ease the burden on its citizens. If it so chooses not forcing them to do that if they so choose.

You can understand why, but the binder mistress is fighting this out. They did accept the loss. The District Court they're fighting it out at the 11th circuit will represent the rivers of Congress, Carson Brady will be joining us in the next segment of the broadcast one 800 684 30 what you want. Take your calls as well to get deposited now. That's 100-684-3110 the American Center for Law and were engaged in cool issues at home and abroad defending religious freedom.

Protecting those who were that we are grateful way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally sealed cases McCarron means to serve the many ways your membership. Lowering the right question for you/1 800 684 30 what to.

That's what 100 684310 were joined now by Congress or Kevin Brady of Texas. Carson brazenly got were briefs that we deaf out the 11th circuit Court of Appeals will start first Congress Brady appreciate you joining us on secular with this congressional but we don't see it often these days where you got this kind of bipartisan move 413. Tonight was the vote in the house 100 to 0. The sit and it was for Congress to suspend all mobile trade relations with Russia and band importation of its oil and gas indefinitely. So Carson what has to this perceive that this bipartisan support. Is there any question about whether Pres. Biden will actually sign this into law yet. You will find a new law, but I think you might look so the good news is with these two bills we targeted 100% of what Russia's thousand US oil and energy is about 60% of the special trade relationship that we revoked was the rest of it. So I think is going to do some damage certainly will not be contributing to our finding that war. I think that's important, but you need to know Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate came together more than six weeks together amidst blind spot this tooth and nail, both banning Russian energy purchases as well.

As a lifting that special trade status only when he saw that we had more than pump 400 out did he reverse course & Executive Order on oil and that now supporting the yard trade status revocation. So yes you can assignment but my frustration. I think in much of us with glorious you know how reluctant. He's been to engage in a meaningful way to score Ukraine as I was listening last night. Some commentary was looking at some articles of it and post on this congressman and the thing that it's I think hit me the most. Here is not only the reluctant see of the administration to eventually get to the point where, and in your case you get wide but really wide bipartisan support both pieces of legislation but the indecision the critical indecision that's taking place in the situation with Russia and Ukraine and I'm trying for the life me to figure out what is so difficult for them to do here. They got all these supposedly no bureaucratic experts you have better State Department and yet they're acting as if they have no idea how to proceed forward on this bill and maintaining don't you know they have a built-in bias here that the best thing that can happen here is a negotiated surrender. Glad it's inevitable you know in their job is to score Ukraine but but they know the outcome well but the rest the world has changed. Mayor Bowie here.

You know the rest of world.

It is all in for a Ukrainian victory here and this White House just in State Department. As you know, the diplomats just aren't buying this and so that's why think now any of the actions that slow and modest, but the delivery of these weapons and what this funding to actually buying, you know, we see the announcements every week but were not seeing the weaponry on the ground in Ukraine and I know it is a prostration present on three but I think it is, frankly, for both parties and in Congress this idea to visit the American people. That's what we want to do everything possible to id.

The conflict is it whatever we could do to influence to tune into this conflict sooner rather than later, but that it is a question because we see what a go to one of our brief is well you know we saw the by the administration at a year ago. Tell the American people, you know, working to provide you this covert relief, but by the way, we can't. You can't cut taxes you can't guy cut anything that would cut revenue and now your later were looking at these gas prices over time on oil, gas, or heading your lead on our brief the word out. The 11th circuit court of appeals won this at the District Court but the binder ministration still fighting.

We're talking about just the first segment of our broadcast. The idea that there states like your state. I know it takes a look at doing this where we are is is looking at providing relief through taking some of those taxes off gas so that I give her some relief from the inflation we see get this will prevent that, and the binder ministration still in court fighting this issue.

One thing for your leadership in so many really important and conservative. So thank you first and foremost, he looked at his administration that had had a wrong from the get go. And I think that nearly $2 trillion March covert stimulus as they sold it but had very little do with cultivating and mounting it stimulated was raging inflation for the past year, the worst in 40 years music. Frankly, they don't know how to lead this country. There probably have no policy that actually strengthen us. You know that strengthening families or the economy in any meaningful way.

And I think every step they made an thankfully you've been helping challenges for leading the challenge on this year we've had to step four to try to course correct everything to follow up on that and it ties also into the legislation that you lead with ending the importation of raw soil act and the spending, suspending the normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus you're looking I'm looking at the situation and this is what I'm wondering if we go back to the situation. Russian Ukraine what's the endgame here. What's the exit what's the offramp. How does this matter get resolved so that we don't continue to have which I'm calling a war in Eastern Europe.

Yeah, I think the answer is you know when Ukraine and a position of strength in negotiations. I think there is a settlement that still defends their sovereignty and is a settlement that still retains her independence but but that only happens J if they are prevailing on the field of battle, which is why every country in the free world. A lot of the figure out a way to deliver the weaponry they need. Again, no one is looking to to trigger 1/3 world war. I know no one in Congress who has that interest. By the way this is settled in enough freedom loving light is for us to be helping Ukraine minimum skill about you know Thompson, I see them violating any confidences or security issues can Ukraine repel Russia and at least keep a significant portion of their country absolutely using this with with very little help from the outside world you seen remarkable wins there and they forced Russia to change. Their entire outlook and maybe the entire ending in Ukraine and lived there new man on a wing and a prayer. Just imagine the strength or havoc will actually deliver the weaponry and help that they deserve vendor in the intelligence as well to help with the ending importation of Russian oil acted.

I want our audience to understand exactly what does this do you estimate it immediately and purchase the Russian oil and all forms of energy again next about 60% of what they sell in the United States is about 8% of what we buy on the energy front so you gotta replace that with our belief, American-made energy, but the administration is looking to Canada. Venezuela ran to try to replace that the truth matters.

We are far less energy independent now under present time that you were under Pres. Trump and so you know we sort of got ourselves in the despicable because of horrible policies from the White House. So yeah it's going to help stop any funding, there but secondly I think you know revoking special trade relations focuses on those things.

Russia sells the is chemicals like Indian fertilizer, it would products, it is food obviously includes cost areas like that and so I think we can then build it into more economic damage to the idea to seek Americans to be proud of the Congress is not here by by deleting the world that the rest of the world not ready to take this action, not willing to take this action. Our European allies not willing to do this is either working towards it, but that would cripple their economies right now but the United States with their watch these horrible images and they want to stick what can we do, we ought this is this is a major action by preventing at least some of that money for going to that Russian war machine and I think the important thing is that Congress moved immediately after Pres. gone.

He spoke to us saying it was one), 26 years a lot of remarks to Congress in this. I think one of the most moving. We among the most moving that we seen and Republicans and Democrats immediately mentor that we can't renegotiated of these two sanctions on Russia again with the White House pushing back every step of the way but you wonderful leadership like the present one can make a difference. I can carry on these to build it absolutely motivated and inspired think we really appreciate your leadership on the style.

Thanks for working with us on that brief to the 11th circuit look forward to having you back on. Thank you sir. Take care Dave Kevin Brady of Texas great to have him on the broadcasting and he's the lead sponsor put together by the members of Congress on our brief 564 total includes 11 US sitters 53 members of Congress. If you were to talk to us there till 1-800-684-3110.

Imagine this the binder ministration still fighting your state's ability to lower taxes, including those taxes on gas. While inflation is got Casio for five dollars a gallon, 2064 3110 only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed/American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life and reports it in Congress. ACLJ support for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and Kevin Brady join us that the oil issue but tie directly to that we are now at the 11th circuit Court of Appeals blog about ACLJ.a referral email is as well. Over the weekend, but I once was a time I could be represent 64-bit was a Congress here 11 US sitters 53 members of the house sitter Crapo from Idaho at sitters Scott from South Carolina Arleta the Senate commerce bank said in Congress of Brady just joined SRR lead and in the House of Representatives that it did this involve states so you had number states filing a lawsuit against the binder ministration. Because of this congressional play in order for me because they had this happened a year ago, we wanted the District Court level it's now at the 11th circuit Court of Appeals. The binder ministration still fighting for this idea that they can limit the ability so states can receive these funds, but that they could not do anything that would that would lessen revenue and I said that way because that means not just tax cuts, but a tax credits incentivizing even unlike school choice initiatives in the middle of a pandemic. While we say were start to suggest that right that's probably the most recent example something maybe year ago. They were even thinking about their still fighting for even if there are blue states considering doing goes like this. During this really is one of the most accompanying measures that I've seen move through the Congress in recent years. And remember this was in the middle of a coven stimulus bill that the whole point of passing these dollars. Jordan was supposed to ease the burden on the American people. If you tell states to take this money and that is supposed to be intended to ease their citizens the economics of a situation that you then can't pass any tax measures that reduce revenue during that as you have the opposite effect. You're absolutely right. Any particular issue you can take school choice.

You can take business incentives you can take anything that touches the tax code if it reduces revenue to the state level that would be prohibited under this legislation that this is the reach of it is just enormous and by the way Jordi mentioned Tim Scott. That's one of the biggest reasons that he's one of our co-leads on this because he is trying to expand school choice across America. We work very closely with him on that this would stop all of those measures and were not just throw one other thing in here. That's probably in about her listeners a little bit but this extends all the way through when it extends through the next Presidential election. 2024. Jordan, if that's not a political motivation. I just don't know what is. I've got this question because when you look at from a policy perspective. We want excitement, so probably 1 quart week.

We challenge this represent members of Congress and the District Court ruled in our favor. Stop the 11th circuit which are in the middle of the pandemic. You had an economic downturn you want to stimulate the economy. That's all idea from a politics policy's perspective to type federal funds into if you do reduce taxes states you don't get the money seems to meet totally nonsensical.

I would agree that it is nonsensical but it is entirely consistent with the Biden administration roadmap. Basically the Biden administration has created nothing less then a bridge to incompetence. So this is a policy issue, but it's also a constitutional issue rather than ease the burden on states because of the impact of covert the Biden administration seeks to impose a crushing burden on states in terms of either raising taxes or, alternatively, they can't simply lower taxes in order to incentivize their populace to do things that would perhaps improve the economy in their states, and so I think our members are prepared to stand strongly with the ACLJ in advancing this particular litigation. So far we've received a favorable response from the District Court and I now look forward to the 11th circuit court's opinion.

Ultimately, the Biden administration I believe is prepared to take this to the United States Supreme Court was just about to say that I don't. I think were going to succeed at the 11th circuit, but I don't think that's can be the end of this case I think this is and I want your audience to understand this.

This affects every one of you state. Not every states doing this but a lot of states are coming up with creative ways to reduce the tax burden during an inflationary cycle in a cycle when you have a downturn in the economy and the states governors and the legislators are trying to be creative in Washington is saying no you don't get the covert funds which they needed and do this so here's the problem impact you know, Matthew. This would $650 or something like that in your checking account make a difference for you right now calls at 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110. The reason I come up with numbers like that is if there was a gas tax holiday for just just 90 days for people that drive to be the amount of money they're talking about yet. Advises the people who are in the delivery industry people who are the driving industry that normally rely on those those services. I mean that we and when gas is at your dollar 82 box gallon those services have made since there are a lot of people have you check about his delivery apps right now and it at the high points you in the evening is no one available.

Reason why there's no one available is because it's not worth doing the job anymore. So Huber and all these all the services postdates the deliveries and try to promote any of them of the safe say all of those services that we are used to the reason why that is because people want to work but you talk to these folks in there, but there that they're not even making money. So it's like it's not worth doing the job took been fanned what what comes out of Washington on this me at the end of the day miss the battle between Congress and the states in the White House released well unfortunately J yeah and what comes out of Washington right now on this is something like this time.

Even a hand in the state in the hands of states who would try to do this, you talked about the gas tax jamming and in the state of California just the state portion of that is more than $0.50. So if you have California came to their senses and subordinate group give a break for $0.50 for every gallon of gas. This measure would prohibit that I just understand straightforwardly today. I don't see anything coming out of this Congress or this administration to address it and am going to give it one more data point you said you think this is going to Supreme Court JI due to because both rulings went against the administration on this at the district level when they hear the appeal that the 11th circuit there to take it up. Which begs the question body think we do with this report will I think we prevail in part because what the Biden administration is trying to do is to scratch the Constitution to accommodate one thing and one thing only enhancing the size and growth of the federal government and shrinking the power of state government, and that is contrary to the policy initiative embedded in the Constitution which seeks to strengthen federalism that is state power. So at the end of the day.

I think we prevail before the United States Supreme Court.

I know it's always tricky to predict, but I think we should prevail in this case goes out which is for the work ACLJerry think about this. This one case, which affects property tax income tax business tax gas tax to be real issues right now baby with a year ago would we start file this could predict exactly that we have worn Ukraine toxins issues, but you did know and how that would affect your guest house that gas prices and inflation levels and numbers sweetly file this but would not just filing his ACLJ for filing on behalf of 64-bit was Congress 11 US senators, 53 Rivers. The House of Representatives and we waiting these cases that we are able to represent the service of Congress because the trust we built is the ACLJ as a legal organization. They know they can trust the work will get into.

They want to stand with us. They want to stay with you, our supporters can support the work of ACLJ. Right now we have a matching challenge donate to ACL that W. Patrick donations it's a great time was fresh only what you do with this financially able to do it but if you is like $40 for spring the American civil injustice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular hundred 6430 with recent terror to it, Israel reviewed that issue. The excitement broadcast because it's so much happier the world would you have these major conflict breakout kids to the media doesn't report on other things are happening until they become much bigger will we know is that we start see these actions visually over the last month. You see 14 people killed by terrorism and Isis doesn't merger sub say they inspired by ISIS others. Pallister, by the power of Islamic movements others by Hamas, but what were Stephen uptick in violence.

Specifically focus daily against Palestinian terror.

Once again, inside Israel is not troops are desert soldiers inside the territories because a conflict. These are active terror groups of people and let both these cases are your opening fire or staffing, but people are being killed. And so if this is this is of that was that happy Israel last decade or so. Also, a lot of political flux right now it is Russell get into that exit with a broadcast to do a take some calls on this inflation issue because were fighting back divine administration for every body so that your state can get creative in ways to help you out.

During this time, which doesn't seem like it's coming to an in anytime soon so we have to get get creative to give people the relief they need. So we continue Congress to continue work continue getting things reopened in our country.

164 31 Tillis for Katie in Ohio online. What hey Katie, I great growling and because payment were ongoing. I can even afford to start my car and I'll hundred dollars on my car and where it states Katie to where you don't. We don't have the worst taxes yet so I'll you probably like we are you going to Katie and Ellicott everything is adopt the child.

Things that are in now.

That shouldn't be listening in on the fact that like I told somebody earlier and I took a seven-year-old woman I was living on the street to left everything that is under the house and now I not that I could report you, but we get in and she finally got her own place, not just in one thing after another know it's it's like the hits and nine on the calling of hits is much like the issues keep on coming and modest and creative because he's not huge tax cuts, but of relieving some of the burden on gas taxes and maybe even a gross. I could see states that some states God by this suspending tax sales taxes on food purchases and and necessary pharmaceutical yet is the short-term relief of a net of the subaltern allows it to be creative in the way that helps their people in their state like Katie said, that's my private five dollars accounts of Jessica's about 20 gallons in an SUV of those kind of size because that's about where we are here. Other stickers could hundred 4050 fits a vehicle set because of the amount of tax and on the gas on top of the inflated prices to get it and what you think about the shelves in the United States America the that that's happening again.

Yes, this is the second time two years ago during the Qubec, but this is again and I don't used to say woo woo because a cathode is not like a big deal but the fact is that there is not getting there. These normal kind of basic things used to be a walking by as much as you wanted it or you can get it from Amazon you now get alerts from Amazon say we don't have this, but we don't have basics and that did when you start not having basics in order to feed your pet.

Feed your kids you start both usurp mass by when you see it so that the next person comes into the store. There's nothing on the shelf and then this is the and this is the order so after living what has to happen here is what can we talk to them. Bennett and comes from Brady early broadcast.

The Congress is going to have to take some initiative and the pushback on the President nothing to push back on the present, with these two pieces of legislation while in Russia believe even though assigning it. Trust me.

He did not want to go there. This is not where he wanted to be but he had to go there because Congress was United seal we need the Republicans and Democrats to work together to protect the American people don't have the binder ministration challenging us that the 11th circuit. What were trying to win benefits for your families and I say that collectively every families affected by this and that's what were doing at the ACLJ at the 11th circuit I suspect will be doing the same. The spring for particular calls at 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110.

Don't forget support the work of the ACLJ matching challenge campaign the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad defending religious freedom. Protecting those for that.

We are grateful way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice defending the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed cases/the country in several years that because of covert because of terrorism.

This is it Israel shooting on April 7 is yesterday's the fourth lethal attack in Israel, just since March 22. What's different to about some of these attacks is the use of firearms which reads as were planning involved.

It's tougher given out a weapon like that. Of course, but but also and again last night. It was three people killed at a bar in Tel Aviv ran out on a Thursday because Randy as shooter comes up and there was a manhunt, they ultimately did kill the terrorist in this situation. Some are saying that they have been captured or inspired by Isis others by groups like Hamas and Palestinian terror groups in general but get this increase in receipt of just 2 1/2 weeks 14 people down killed.dozens of war injured in these attacks and the question is not unlike that others a couple things we could point out it is Ramadan that you also Passover and Easter converging at a similar time so there's that always put stitches higher cities like Jerusalem receive this in Tel Aviv receive a try.

Go after the Mood and going up or Tel Aviv. The triangle more up to the financial center of Israel did more of that where a lot of people live until these big populist Jabal Msgr. counselor.

The ACLJ has a work in in Jerusalem just what you read on this. It's interesting to me that and concerning that this comes at a time when the government itself over there is not stable to say the least able to elect people.

I mean it what it does in terms of our relationship or consider Israel had been. They used positive or they support Israel.

They make nightly, but it's become clear that there are also rewarding to carry rewarding without the authority even of melting authority continues to pay for slate continue to pay for terrorist and its leader elements in the party in the Democratic Party, which may play into this electronic dimension, even, and personal means that it is ruffled until you approve of it becoming open season on is on the UB will evaluate the situation for us as military analysts big Keno was used, they use bulldozers performing the been on construction sites. They were there was the knighting attachments include attacks on Americans in Israel.

This time it swept its firearms right and imported what's going on. Hamas is encouraging this, if not directly directing it because the last time they attacked Israel from the Gaza Strip.

They were decimated pretty much are still rebuilding.

They have actually come on record is encouraging other Palestinians and Israeli Arabs and others to do their work for them and Dave as she told him to launch these kinds of attacks that's part of what's happening but there it as as Jeff mentioned there's a line of convergence your J weakness invites aggression. You got a government, for example in America that is tacitly supporting Palestinians and their capital tacitly and tepidly supporting Israel and think about this Hamas I was doing some research this morning. Their weapons, their direct hands on training your technology and or Intel comes from the Islamic Revolutionary guard Corps in a ran a what are we doing were getting ready to take them off the chair watching Iran is the biggest larger sponsor of a state sponsor and export of terrorism in the world which interesting to me in this below to the Jerusalem Post headlines.

Hamas is looking for battles with Israel away from Gaza.

Jordan, you and I have been to the border at Gaza during a conflict, but now they're taking it from those border zones, which are more prepared to handle it to the streets in Tel Aviv after tablet is very quiet, covert, every Israel still not really reopened to take back to Arcturus today that the work the way that we saw Israel just like doing their own country were just kinda waking back up to normal life where people are out of the streets of mass and the moment they were to the boat with Israelis just like we are going back to board more to larger events at the Elyse. The moment they were these terrorists to be prepared.

And I think it is because there is also the lack of US leadership, the lack of support and doctors.

The tent that the idea that that does not support this.

The binder ministration handing out money to groups to say Gord is doing report to underwrite Israel. That's exactly Jeff I was in talking about this you just returned from our offices in Jerusalem. Just a couple weeks back I know you're about to head over there again. What was your assessment on the straw when you're talking to leaders you were talking to both in government and NGOs and out in the in the territories what what what we're hearing are that pork from the patient is not what it was and very much in flux.

Concern and the right to be concerned that even without the authority did not deserve the treatment that it's gotten because the parking authority had been sponsor literally paying for care, but now it looks as though even, which was universally required as a terror organization across the board by American politician, try to normalize itself and become the official public voice for the Palestinians which renegotiation, tremendously concerned that this entire issue advice and we talk about this a lot with that. The tone is important the eye.

The way the ministration presents itself.

They look at Afghanistan to look at. They look at these terror groups look at how the US is responded or our lack of response they know that the world's attention to somewhere else right now gets it said it's in Eastern Europe and add that out with another debate about Nazis and others have a backup get so that at least they know these terror attacks will be front page news absolutely and they take advantage of that.

Plus you have an administration here in the United States that is actively as we speak.

Negotiating with Iran on renewing the JCP land therein, negative nuclear deal, giving them billions of dollars if it goes through, allowing them perhaps to take the Revolutionary guard Corps off the terror list all of these things together and what happened in Afghanistan are our total response in our own southern border. This perception of weakness and this is just an accurate perception invites all the bad actors around the world to to act malevolently because they are convinced they can get by with that right now. We went through four years when there were so little terrorism in the world because of a strong administration here in Israel and that is not the case today looking at the backgrounds of the recent attacks in all but three of the attackers of been Arab citizens of Israel were citizens of the state of Israel were believed to be support believed to support the Islamic state. Then you had two gunmen in Tel Aviv were Palestinians from the Janine area in the northern part of the West Bank. One of them. The shooter in Tel Aviv had no history of militant activity.

The gunmen in the name Brock had previously served 30 months in Israeli jail for conspiracy to commit manslaughter so you look at this kind of variety of people with no experience in terrorism.

The lease that's known up and then these others that you know I've already served 30 days or 30 months in prison for terrorism activities.

It tells me so. It tells me that the message of the terrorist they are targeting a broader base of support to acquire the actual terrorists themselves. Jeff was like what it's like on the street of Israel as well as meeting with Israeli leader and that time you need to enter an area we do a lot of work there and be the actual encounters between Judah and between me and there is cognitive overall so different after experimenting with their living under Israeli sovereignty is actually all Israeli control is actually a good life for them.

But now that Israel is looking like an bad odor in Washington DC support not only to what were saying about about Iran as leader of terrorism but essentially guaranteeing them nuclear weapons.

And you know that the Obama Biden ministration actually try to prevent Israel to prevent Israel from going after Iran's nuclear program more aggressively. So there seems to be now incentive to to actually become militant infected that wasn't there before until people who would otherwise make a long are now being sent?

It longer to become your side apply to be violent against her. You see, less a link between our failed foreign policies, and this increase in tech terrorism and now you're about to see could see the government and is rashly full or absolute. There is a nexus between what's going on United States and Washington DC was going on Indiana regarding a ran and what is going on in his room.

So you got folks what was the same.

Which of the same to Gentiles together you can't or look at this in the back missing was just one is, and it's not. It's everything. It's a lousy pullout in Afghanistan.

It's a war in Eastern Europe. It's indecision and parts of the United States normal funding of research against Israel from the State Department. It sends a very mixed message. They were cutting a deal with the Iranians which the whole golf region, including Israel, says we don't want you to do all of that together is producing, then terror on the streets which harms the individual Israeli citizen yeah and it was a time, remember this is as it may take advantage of all the situation.

Everything is listed, plus the fact that people are just starting should go back out right. Tel Aviv is a lot like Miami.

It is, it's a it's a beach city huge lots of people on the street they been.

They've not been on the street last couple years.

Israel is you see like smaller countries like this to David very careful about Tova because you that had a spread with nearly a population of 7 million I can be really detrimental. But the moment people are back on the streets. These tears are now functioning in it. I think for us because we get a little bit unfortunately used to gun violence in US that is not common in these other countries.

It's hard to get a firearm. So if you're getting the firearm. It's a planned attack but were planted at night and the loss of life in the amount of interest because a more lethal weapon. So you see this increase is only a couple to have weeks and in your servicing to get the political uncertainty in Israel and the fact US government doesn't have his back. So this is a serious situation better off. It's their support in a sealed only when a society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to serve in many ways your membership powering the right question for you/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ to support for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes 100 constitutional and secular poster, it's 100 684 30 what if you are the show right now 100-684-3110. This came in for Pierce on YouTube broader discussion of retirement. Since we had Carson Brady on the first half-hour shoot. She writes remember those four years would trump the documents into a major conflict not of the war. It does seem like the type that Ukraine and we talk about Carson Brady were happy to take the lead in the world to be at. And yes, you can save even the US is drag its feet. Outs of these items. No other country say what I could buy Russian oil and gas don't know what no one else is really cut you think sees some guys yachts came. That's not at impacting the Russian war machine. It's it's the $35 billion a month that they can guarantee right now from oil you're selling to Europe yet so what's what's interesting about this to me is that with all the talk of Europe and alternator press conferences. The reality is that Europeans are not doing much. Let's be honest, and they are taking in refugees. I will say that and and that's that's been a good thing on the refugee situation is is riveting. It's up 5,000,005.2 many people have left Ukraine, so the depopulated Ukraine which is one of the goals of the Russians but at the same time and I think this is important for people to recognize we have to get an understanding globally of what really is a play here. It's a very difficult balance for the United States so you know we been critical of the Biden ministration but it is not easy answers on a lot of these thankless bits. Be realistic. But one thing there is an easy answer on back to what we talked about beginning the broadcast economic relief to the American people that would be an easy one that they tie up that eventually passes but you waste all that those months in litigation. Three months now in litigation and still litigating because I don't want to give the American people the break that the American people actually need and that's what makes no sense. So you can focus on other things. We got calls coming we should take airtime on Iran and less of the broadcast Tim Carter from Ohio online, what hate to call you make in the POA and my question is, do not fall under the treaty, and if so, would it not follow the jurisdiction of Senate approval and what can the Senate thing to do about the limitation of this are restricting it treaty declared it was the treaty since it doesn't have to. What they could do is they can they can have this like the ability to as a decade ago or seven years ago that it was a Deluded Pl., River this deal. I want to remind everybody everything we talked about it. The dealer time and hoping to get back into his only three more years setting that you know the idea that we put a ride with Jeff talked about putting Iranians path of nuclear weapons were to talk to for the last seven years of this 10 years ideal of the US Clampett know it was it. It is two pages of bullet points and no inside it is really just a mechanism to get cash to Iran. Remove sanctions from Iran, but it is not a treaty. The Senate has this ability. There's a question right now if they could do it it would not present a vote slightly but they think they could they could vote to deny that that but the question they are devoted to supported seven years ago. Do they have to David have that vote again.

Not sure Ed and we road passed out its interest. We haven't heard a lot about it last couple weeks not to has scuttled a lot and I think so Russian was in there negotiating to believe in and out as the median mediator which is insane when you think about the other thing you had as you had leaders on the dance Bureau of one of the leaders there called the Israeli Israel whisper that was involved in the process and he's out so I think the thing may be falling apart. I think that some of the reason you not hearing about it is because this gas was happening in Israel right now on the streets of Tel Aviv is frankly that's export from your in the Islamic Revolutionary guard and Iran.

We get a hold documentary on it was called the export and that's what was about 17 ACLJ films it's been available for free.

It really is eye-opening. We had the leading experts in the world on this Iran is the leading exporter of terrorism in the globe, yet he did this it to me. I think when you would you look at those these big issues retirement on a broadcast you look at this this this week on the show.

I guess it just this week of the ship. I would talk to at the border.

The way that the states I can engage get her sitting title 42, two of the top ranking members of the House of Representatives, but on the broadcast this week, but that is on his guess there ought to because you represent the record representative cases. Steve Scalise, the today Kevin Brady elite. We talk about all the issues whether it's the free-speech issue would type out with Rick early the week Ukraine and Russia, the UN human rights commission our work at the UN human rights Council I work in Jerusalem existed that all of that is actual work soberly talk about all of these issues which are in the dues for us and for you who support the ACLJ that is not just talking to talk about broadcast never been about talking to talk. We tried to continually make the broadcast warbler accepted that even if you just to do five minutes from that five minutes you can take something away.

It's different. Talk he has on cable news with your embedded discussions, you know, one of the things we we sat down at the beginning there will was evaluated night we said to our team and we had a big meeting with our production team and in our our folks and on on our broadcast and said when you speak have something that you say that when it's over with our listener says I didn't realize that or that I never thought about it that way and that's what were trying to do each and every day is broadcast so we bring you our expert analysis. We bring you our expert team about what you see is a really nice leading studio and cameras in the lighting which you don't see behind the screen is six or eight people managing this broadcast for an hour to get in on their and then another group of people that are helping put content together as well and in the social media department that gets us out into bites so we can get it on social media platforms all over the country with some of our our pieces end up in the top 10 of Facebook shares coming we know that even with the difficulty we had deal with free-speech was Facebook. Remember the other day I was preempting every word I said same. By the way, Facebook senses I'm reading from page such and such of the brief of the United States Department of Justice under the Biden ministration. Here's what they actually said was on the Durham matter and that tells us that where or what it shows is our ability to get a message out and then you hear from Van Bennett and were taken direct action Capitol Hill. You just had a Jeff Valmont was heading right back to her office in Jerusalem, so you know understand the scope and nature of what's happening and we are in our matching challenge campaign ambience with your will behind march was when we missed our target we missed our target weight week when we hit a realistic goal.

I would say but we missed our target.

We always have an expansion target and we got some major expansion issues coming up, so we need to be expanding not to setting an existing target. So this is where you come in and I went emphasize what Jordan said this is only if you're able to do this if you're not in the financial position to do it. Please don't pray for the ACLJ pray for our team. Encourage others get side petitions for timeshares and I guarantee you engage in our social media know everybody can report with the with the price of gas and food and fuel and everything else. But if you can.

We really would appreciate your support for the ACLJ were in a matching challenge month e-marketing property are matching challenge months. George let you know how to do it folks. I'd love to end the week on a positive note, there yeah and I at the interest.

It is a time when I again it's more more difficult to get your message on the in the social media platforms were in a time when you give to today with Elon musk, is having to ask. Ask him anything with the Twitter staff are so mad that he bought shares and invested in the company because he wants to open a backup to figure free-speech platforming value to the company's largest share, so I'm hoping that we are to see this this kind of rebirth of free speech and free discussion and we don't just an everyday sense label to be of the state take a different position, which is currently how it feels right now if you don't if you're not in line with the government's position, your enemy, or if I don't agree with you, we become enemies on an issue is for all American brief of us today to support the work were doing to ensure that ACLJ.the American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online

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