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ACLJ’s Massive Fight Across 28 States

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 11, 2022 2:51 pm

ACLJ’s Massive Fight Across 28 States

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 11, 2022 2:51 pm

The ACLJ is directly engaged in 12 court cases nationwide to defend life and defeat Planned Parenthood. In total, we're engaged in legal and legislative efforts in 28 states for life. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team provide the latest updates on our cases defending life. All this and more today on Sekulow.

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ACLJ is 28 states secular.

We are to your phone calls to 100. If you want to be on the units 100-684-3110 are you doing a number of issues they were the first type are the broadcast. We are working in 28 different states right now the Mercer flaw justice 52 different kind of actions and it's everything from being in court for amicus briefs. Policy testified before state legislatures all our life. This is just on the life issue but you know within that issue, you've got speech issues you have issues on new legislation. The state want to pass in light of the input and coming up with the Dobbs case that we I believe will get the opinion on in June from the US Supreme Court. We have states that are doing good things about 26 states right in the country that's with the abortion industry is is double down on that number. They believed 26 states would adopt similar measures to the state of Mississippi's which is the 20 we are the 15 week bad heartbeat legislation so all these different ways. ACLJ is engaging on the life issue in light of what may be coming this from the Supreme Court and then you're also getting a sense out of two purple states, I would say now of what the left wing is planning to do so. In Maryland, for instance, I would get to what happened in Michigan in Maryland, the governor, there is a Republican who is fairly pro-life, a government governor Hogan at an end. He vetoed legislation to expand abortion there to allow abortion to be performed every that this is what he gets up pretty absurd. It would allow abortion to be performed by physicians assistants, midwives and nurse practitioners in the state is actually a pace to use taxpayer dollars $3.5 million to train those physicians assistants and nurse practitioners and midwives to perform abortions, so be doctors anymore and using state resources to do it. The governor vetoed it, but it was the veto was overridden by the state legislature which is Democrat and left control that's again is example of the kind of battle, post, post Dobbs that we can see there started to prepare in Michigan the governor because her legislatures like to do its Republican right now, but the government should Michigan Gretchen Witmer that is filing a lawsuit against a state law from the 1950s pre-row that would be the law of the state if if Dobbs is decided in in the life's favor. For that way. And so she's actually filing to try and get this law to be declared unconstitutional under the state law so you start to seek proactive moves in before sunset reacted to Dobbs is proactive to Dobbs state funding's trying to to remove any state legislation that may still be on the books that was overridden by Roe versus Wade. For all these years, but that would actually become revert back to the law of the state. So what you got is and this is not what we've anticipated this so were prepared for that. So I want to be clear on this.

What we anticipated was that if in fact Dobbs declares Roe versus Wade.

Not the law of the land unconstitutional or even doesn't go that Publix as a 15 week heart bill legislation like Mississippi is in fact constitutional. What you see is states go proactively into their state court systems to try to get a right to abortion recognize under the state constitutions now.

Luckily all the states, but I would say probably probably more than money states will go in that direction at the ACLJ let me table were doing week we got 52 matters were involved in right now were involved in legislation and wrapping legislation in a number of states currently testifying, currently preparing for court of appeals argued that the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals pending the disposition of Dobbs so there's a lot will represent South Dakota.

There's a lot of activity going on when you get into all of that. What it means how we continue Stanford like what it's gonna look like post Roe versus Wade. That's the key to all of this so will take your phone calls as well. You may have questions about what's happening in your state on the life issue 100-6831 10 and let me let you know as well.

Getting into issues involving economy and Syria. Russia and Ukraine and how serious involving his butcher of Syria now in charge of rape Russia and all that is the American Center for Law and just before engaging in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who for their faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ without your support for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition life will show you how you are personally sealed cases powering the right question for you/2 secular to your phone calls 100 684 31 team set free to read it on Facebook. Thank you for your work, protecting the life of the unborn.

This is why I support the ACLJ to get what we go through it. I mean, starting with get 28 states and within the states themselves were doing multiple things up to five different issues working on so you can start in Arkansas where there's again you got an issue involving a pro-life pregnancy center and a law on I heartbeat Bill there's litigation there as well.

There's also a down syndrome abortion ban in effect that is being held at the Supreme Court that's actually at the US Supreme Court right now pending Dobbs in California, all the net went to yet in California. I did start to list of alphabetically here felt in California because of Planned Parenthood case, the ACLJ can't yet we actually represent Troy Newman who was brought into this lawsuit that Planned Parenthood filed against the center for medical progress that was on all of those admissions of that you saw that Planned Parenthood made as to their operating products. In closing the sale body parts religious zealot body parts and that case is not the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, but CC when you look at the number of states and then you basically more than doubled it with the number of actions we had 28 states 52 current actions that the ACLJ is working on right to fight for life is definitely at at at a height and it's going to continuing our people keep thinking if Dobbs comes down and and Roe V Wade is overturned at the battles of our bed as we can see it's not. Again, we have 28 states that were currently fighting, and 52 actions, and I think that's going to just exponentially increase when the Dobbs decision comes down. I really do think it can happen is that the estates of lucky dissent in Wisconsin though states are looking at some of the ways that rephrasing it.

I think what you can see happen is that they'll rely on their state constitutions as the basis upon which they will recognize a right to Roe versus Wade on abortion right it will go to the state constitutions, and even as we see in Michigan as I know you're talking about and that that issue going on in Michigan. The arguments that they're making in Michigan are basically the real argument that it are at the bad arguments the due process clause the right to privacy. All these basically concocted rights but they're going to now can you see that battle at the states. Arts I look at moving our enemy to move to Colorado State life project they're working on opposing a bill that would expand Roe that Sgt. cannot something on that you be an enemy out as much on YouTube said is Colorado paving the way for stabilizer yet that you're in a state right now were there proposing radical legislation on abortion so would actually be worse than Roe, which is very open-ended on its own. If you decide not Roe and not the cases that came subs subsequent to Roe like that.

Started putting limits on abortion partial-birth abortion hearsay words can expand Roe and this is issue talked about Dobbs. If we win that case, it's a huge win whether Roe versus Wade is overturned or or essentially gutted the law and it's no longer law that really governs the states. You can see some very good legislation states were you get to those as well. The states toward good things than it's not all bad. In fact, it's about half the half states in the country a little bit more. 26. It will want to put forward good pro-life legislation. Some will have to do steps even alter their own state constitutions where it's been slipped in there under some amendment right in the last year 40 years and so a year.

The Michigan law were talking a defect in the 1930s because originally under pride Roe versus Wade. The active abortion was considered the taking of human life and in almost every state was illegal, except usually life of the mother and there were sometimes and then to exception for incest and rape so generally it was a prohibited activity. So if you rollback the Roe versus Wade law and the other laws haven't been repealed, you end up with a pro-life, unique, and it with a pro-life legislation in the state does not pro-life so that's why the governors that are anti-life are going to go on aggressively in every aggressive they are and and just like he said life was protected because the issue was really about killing a baby instead of what they try to make it now medical decisions or healthcare decision. Abortion is not healthcare decision. It is killing a baby and they try to spin it and make it now reproductive health care input right to privacy and so hopefully life will be protected by Santa in Maryland never seen California for the sisters of new blogs coming up on ACLJ.or so going back to California.

We have a lot of listeners there and supporters ACLJ in California.

This is happy your state legislatures. There's a law forward by the Democrat majority committee in the in the state legislature. There, the Democrats analyze this they actually had a their legal analysis done this with a said and I wanted to put this out there because we were your flag on Facebook because of this in Maryland. This is the Democrats own legal analysis for the Democrat majority committee in California, and it stated, quote the perinatal death language could lead to an unintended and undesirable conclusion. They go on. This is Democrats okay. It may not be sufficiently clear. The perinatal death is intended to be the consequence of a pregnancy complication. Thus, this bill could be interpreted to immunize a pregnant person from all criminal penalties for all pregnancy related outcomes including the death of a new board for any reason during the post pregnancy. After birth.

In closing, including a cause of death, which is not attributable to pregnancy complications.

This child abuse. Yes, malnutrition, intentional you intentionally killing that child would not be covered by because they would because they're using this new term which we been pointing at Maryland ^ California perinatal which is is at birth and post birth yeah and you be up to a month after birth. This is will the did get flyby when faced with severe and faithful head on over the rubble because this could get flagged again, who knows but will just tell you the truth, but what's interesting about this is that we are taking it very proactive position as well because were looking at all the states when we can bolster our arguments right so we've actually once we identified this perinatal language we have looked into every single state if they have legislation that includes this language with the delay in getting ahead is there any other dance at Hanley dance letters and so we have a whole project that is is informing all the states. Be careful about this because if you say perinatal like Jordan said yes and enlightenment. If you say that that is up to one month after birth.

So if that baby is killed or paradise for any reason. They're exempt from any criminal chart we think about that for a moment and they thought they could Salina and here's where I'm really pleased with our legal team. They thought they could slip that in any not get noticed yet and that it was essentially deported out by the way, again I want to point this out as a big tech center Facebook try to flag and say we were making a false statement which by the way they had a correct and said we were not because lawyers actually testified on it so I want to be clear on that.

The Army, the prodigy of 20-year-old fact checkers and College of pride and look up the word perinatal versus prenatal and I did it intentionally be used by the abortion industry to cover late-term abortions, or any kind of abortions at the state level in the states where they got supports what we have to look at this essay Dobbs of the AB incredible victory because you returned the battle back to the states again as I said then about more than half the country but at least 26 states are going to put in good pro-life legislation, they at least want to there to meet help you need assistance to get there.

There can be legally challenged, allow them in the state courts, but the second thing is you can see some of these more radical states taking action to meet California Gov. Gov. Newsom is talked about literally flying people in for free so they can get their abortion like a abortion vacation and and again so that shows what a huge state might do with the resources Maryland taken $3.5 million this past they overthrow the governor's veto. They're going to try to veto it. Do the right thing these $3.5 million to train non-doctors to perform abortions medicament temperament, one that shows your payment into the blue Donders are done doing abortions in Maryland right because it's it's wrong and so they try to find a new group of people to carry them out for money and would take calls we come back from the breakers were getting calls in this 1-800-684-3110. That's 800-684-3110 when I find fascinating about this is this is happening all prior to the decision in Dobbs which we should have its now good tent 11 April. So were probably you know, six weeks out or so, maybe a little bit more, no more than two months out for the decision in Dobbs. I mean it's it's coming and they are ready taking action in these various states to undercut what they perceived to be as a pro-life decision that's really come out in favor of like that's what's going on right now and they're scared about what Dobbs and essay and said they're trying to take in note.

Be proactive and get laws on the books that make sure that abortion is legal in their states and currently 16 states do have laws that keep abortion legal. If Roe is overturned working to have our work cut out that were I wanted to say if the oxygen we are preemptively engaging it already 20 when we say 52 actions in 22 states 28 states.

When a state states you support order ACLJ with matching challenge right double your impact of your donation the entire month of April is easy way to explain it is you donate 25 bucks right now that will be for the group are those that will match that. So it's like $50 for the mixer fly just do the math. These donations what's quick and secure. It's a great way to support this effort because just like the abortion industry say all way we lose this case and were to give up. This is an industry they make money office of billion-dollar urine and so their flight and we have to have the resources to fight back building today only one.

A society can agree with the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally sealed/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those face covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life courts and in Congress ACLJ to support for that. We are grateful is an opportunity for you to help in the way income is 100 constitutional and calls on this 1-800-684-3110 at 2064 3110 school first to read in California on line 3 hiring I were talking about that big time out here with my friend. I have friends or let them speak on the frontlines of the abortion clinic right now, and are concerned about that.

So my question is, what they're saying abortion is not legal under our Constitution designate and stand to reason that under any state constitution. It cannot be legal not mean there will be arguments made like that.

But what we were just talking about this in the free-speech context of the differences that we have the First Amendment free speech clause and to protect from the speech from Association and all this with an free-speech it's it's broad in New York and California. Actually, your state constitutions right to freedom of speech are broader and more protective than the federal constitution. So the question becomes, can a state all the Supreme Court is going to say is it returns to the states. It broke goes this whole issue returns to the states.

That's what's going to be the kind the end of this and why say the end of it. The next phase of this which we states like California, to be tough to deal with right so it's not that the U.S. Constitution criminalizes a Russian. It just says there's no constitutionally recognized rights to abortion, generally right and said that the states can say well we do recognize it or we don't recognize it and I think what you give us you will see in the these left-leaning solidly blue states were know a lot of you live in the big states. A lot of times where you got a lot of his concern is a lot of money or if you're in California not as were pro-life and and your deceived radical action taken both in going way past what Roe versus Wade was about. He came to abortion and the subsequent cases on partial-birth abortion but also there to continue to target the pregnancy centers were seeing that throughout our case as well in New York. We will Inc. in California and in other states. You will see and also an attack on the pro-life movement. So this is it's it's a twofold issue that you would talk about speech the ability for the pro-life movement to continue to exist in the states and secondly secondly radical abortion laws. Yes, where you literally and Marilyn. I go back to their limits spend taxpayer dollars to train non-doctors to perform medical procedure with that which can be which can cause seriously medical complications. They went up from there so committed to the cause and abortion the fidelity they will put aside all standard best practices of medicine and say because it's an abortion surgery which it is when I can apply those best practices medicine because were so committed to this procedure of abortion right what Shashi McCandless those who had lately and it says you again. They always try to say you know of this is where about the woman and where about the woman's right when they're not, because if they were done they would want you protected when you have vanilla cleaning surgical that's what acting right fighting and sterile surgical equipment anything that they can fight against it's not about the woman they don't care at all about her. It's about the business abortion comment from Joan on YouTube is interesting because it's that I'm adopted I'm living proof that there are alternatives to aborting innocent babies. Politicians who claim to be against capital punishment for murderers have no problem executing the innocent unborn and you know that's true, and it it's also true that the medical sciences shown clearly that the unborn child is a life worthy of constitutional protection. The medicine is clear what's what's not clear okay is what's gonna happen right after Dobbs and how we move so that's why were galvanizing our resources right now to get deal without sink another call at 800-684-3110 Esther: for Marilyn online what he Stewart little bit but felt that I live in Maryland where there is currently being debated but that are a couple that would basically enshrine the right but abortion that it can be put on the Barrett goal is that that the measure on our ballot. So if it elders it got up at it go deep here and were doing everything we Means that they are allowing the town hall format, but demographic chart don't care this date. They are beholden to this industry.

So that's why I keep telling everybody have a great victory be worth celebrating because it will protect a lot of life's meaning half the country. Abortion is going to go down to a very very small number of seals hundreds of thousands number that we see every year what you were going to see in the deeply blue states is like what you're saying in Maryland where the you know they've pushed through on the trading non-non-doctors to perform abortion or use your money as taxpayers to do that, but it's the second were also involved in the legislature talked about CC because that's legislation where they use that term perinatal like California is trying to do as well, which would expand abortion right up until two bars till birth even after birth right so it's not enough, and someday states that they've protected abortion they want to make sure that they protected like you're saying even after birth because perinatal includes the month after a baby is born and said a baby can be killed for any reason after the concert because it complicates all the state laws that the child services provision right through the newborn children if it was born to a drug addict that there's protections in place right now that in those states that drug addict doesn't take care the child and they die that month. These kind of laws were prevented from from taking action before the child you will never was a government was the governor of Virginia prior to the new governor of Virginia.

What was his 19 members name right now, Ralph Northam, who famously said well even though the baby survived abortion that what we should do is make that child comfortable and that basically to have his should have a discussion about how to handle it.

Now look that we said was absurd. Who could be thinking that way.

Why in the world would anybody want to do that is reality. A lot of states legislators are looking at doing things like that. Yet this is not immune to this, is not isolated to Ralph Northam know it's not isolated to Marilyn because never seeing a pop up in California so we start seeing a pattern in legislation where they start using this new term which was not in previous abortion legislation that we start seeing that a new term pop up that that then covers this. From birth in 28 days longer than 30 days longer.

This is something the abortion industry's office. He coordinated so it is no accident CC that they decided the abortion industry decided to use the word perinatal. Despite the fact that the sensors at Facebook said it wasn't the way it was written.

It was exactly how that at the hearing, and of course there was a hearing in legislation, but that but using that word isn't coming there doing unintentional investments, unintentional mental that's correct. That's intentional and they know what they're doing and again it's because they're not even satisfied once they have legislation because I believe Marilyn Artie has legislation that protects the right to abortion. They want to expand it sent out to make you pay for abortions there to make insurance cover abortions there and elect nonphysicians deal abortions. You're just gonna see it expand and expand and expand. Okay so pollution on Facebook said when these laws are passed by the states art and their challenge in state court.

Is there any federal path for challenge. At that point, depending on what Dobbs decides. I think that were to find ourselves in is state courts because there's really no federally recognized right to abortion. Thus the questions can be under their state constitution. Okay. Under the state constitution.

Is there an authority to have this right to abortion, recognize, and I think the reality is, this is my view that we are really fighting the states, very, very aggressively we get an acceptable moment about what that looks like, but folks, that's why we need your support of the objective is to you might have a very red state with the way your Supreme Court maybe set up that ultimately services might be very bizarre elected officials might have a little role in that several states, and other states they are elected by like politicians and so they may reflect better the state itself can't take for granted.

Just because your red state that your courts are to be either necessarily some are very bad because of the system set up to a point of support the work of the ACLJ matching challenge double the impact your donation that the American server on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secularity or from hundred 6430 were to put this out to for listeners because it's important for people to know what it's like dealing with Planned Parenthood. If you dealt with them in the past. If you are someone who had value over these pregnancy issues and some pointed you to Planned Parenthood. This could bid decades ago at your will ensure that story shared with our audience. They need to know the truth. We put that out a lot, through documentaries and through videos and interviews of people when they're willing to talk about their experience with these abortion providers in the pressure and in the in the issues that go into 1-800-684-3110 if you want to tell people about that so that they understand who were really up against in these battles are 1-800-684-3110 Peterson, who were up against and I I think people need. We need be very clear on this to Planned Parenthood and family sauce, but this is ever present in Washington DC on Capitol Hill.

They are they been able to keep their funding that we saw some of the go down during the troubling discretion but they're able to keep their funding in place even when Republicans at the house and Senate in the White House so you got understand some if you think they're going to give up because the Supreme Court decision comes down will guess again that's not Now, it will change drastically the battle, and little focus the battle but what were talking about the note right now were talking about 52 actions in 28 states that will expand all 50 to all picture. I am also looking I'm looking some of the cases that were involved in right now. We just finished a trial of old sidewalk counselor, sidewalk counselors and crisis pregnancy centers seem to get the focus of the abortion litigation when it's not on some state constitutional ground because the presence of the sidewalk counselor offering alternative or the crisis pregnancy center offering hope and alternative is something Planned Parenthood in these groups tend not deal, they do not like them to exist right because it does to their bottom line. When pregnant women who are considering abortion.

Here are the alternatives and hear the truth thank Jen Jen genuinely and most likely change their opinion and keep the baby and Planned Parenthood cannot have that happen. And remember, in California current HHS Sec. put in place a law that required the pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to have advertising got in their offices on where you can get an abortion. We challenge that at the Supreme Court.

Three cases, all three of those were victories, but just think about how the pro-abortion movement and now they got people in very high places are willing to do this and this is why you gotta fight back and fight back aggressively.

They are a juggernaut. They have billion-dollar budgets you were happy with our budget were thrilled with our donor support is not 1/10 of what they have and were fighting back and beating them in court. We beat them in court in the Gulf Coast region for the significant monetary damage. We just try to case in New Jersey are geyser work in a team is working on one right now in Kentucky we got an appeal going on in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals involving the center for medical progress. We got an appeal from Gov. Nome in South Dakota that we just filed a reply brief. This last week. All of this is happening simultaneously right now as were talking to you and this is why you need to support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice in her matching challenge campaign. I believe you have a great victory in Dobbs that can increase our work, not decrease it. So George let you know how to do this post. We really need you to help us out to write a ACLJ.R you be part of her matching challenge right now doubly impact your donation and what that means is just very simply donate $20 to ACLJ rematch that our donors are ready to match that donation. So it's like $40 ACLJ $50 like $100 ACL GMC understanding double the impact at a time when we have to read redouble our efforts because your document 50 states, the country about half that are gonna want to put in the pro-life legislation getting it legal challenge that can be thought we need to help the language we already doing that many states and the other half the country to go the other way using taxpayer dollars to train non-doctors to do abortion. They wanted they want to use this new term perinatal to cover even post birth.killing of these children, so we have to be ready donate today. The help us compare the battle ahead of the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed/good things are happening. We also want to highlight fight is going on right now as we speak. Because what the Supreme Court might do to you, Gov. Witmer and in Michigan and she can go to use the hurt what state legislature there because it's Republican pro-life, so she she is utilizing an action which allows the governor to bring a legal action against laws that are on the books in Michigan was a believe might be unconstitutional in the state constitution and so there's a 1930s law basically banning abortion, which would be the law of the land. If the Supreme Court were to totally overturn Roe versus Wade are make it inoperable. And it fit in the state of Michigan so she explains why she's doing it in an tweet on Twitter said today in filing a lawsuit keep abortion legal in Michigan because of Scotus willingness overturn Roe versus Wade. I'm using my authority as governor to go directly to Michigan Supreme Court so it also bypasses Jessica's reckless wrinkle. It's bold but necessary.

And here's why.

Now this is here's the big lie.

First, I want you to be extremely clear, however, we personally feel about abortion help, not politics should drive important medical decisions right there she's Artie using the term that allows abortion for any reason at all health in the way that's been interpreted. Courts is that is so open-ended that it's like I don't feel good today.

I don't have an abortion right so she's everything that they say abortion is carefully crafted by the abortion industry and living church. But here's what I get to here's here's the kind of silver lining in this. It takes her 123455 tweets to justify your action to people because she knows in her state, which is a purple state now was not deeply blue that in her state. This is a borderline issue so she has to try to explain away. Some even necessarily that I support abortion, but I want abortion. No restriction on this is how she does it she says in them. Looking at the second tweeter. You may not know what Michigan had you may not know that Michigan has an abortion ban on the books from 1931 by the way most every state did.

Currently this outdated, unconstitutional law was unconstitutional because Roe versus Wade is superseded by the decision Roe versus Wade which may well be overturned in the next 6 to 12 weeks. However, Pharaoh is overturned in a few weeks.

The ban goes into effect. Abortion becomes illegal. So let's stop with that one for a moment. So what she's saying right. There is she's taking preemptive action at the Michigan Supreme Court under the fear CCed that something might change cramming Utah about the minute you got give him this, they are committed to their abortion agenda right and and what's interesting to you again. Yeah, she uses the reproductive freedom and health which this is a baby's life. It's not about it's not healthcare it's not reproductive freedom.

They never want to talk about.

I want to uphold the right of a woman to kill a baby and what's interesting she wants to get the Supreme Court, but there is a 1997 Court of Appeals ruling that says the Michigan Constitution does not recognize the right to an abortion said there Cicely why she was going to say Supreme Court case on the Supreme Court to see if they'll say something different because her Appellate Division yield 1 quart bloated. Artie said there is not that right then the next one says if that happens, talk about if abortion becomes illegal.

Nearly 2.2 million women lose access to legal abortion. Let me put it into perspective for you.

They loss they lose their reproductive freedom, economic freedom and are denied the right to deny the right to track their own destiny without a song.

This is again it's this idea that it's a right that we are to take away from women. If we have any restrictions whatsoever. Let me go back to what the Mississippi law does. It's a 20 weeks. So what in and that was too much for them. Try to flip this in about half the states in the country to say as I Say it's not about that. We want to we want that we now need abortion post birth that that's where they're going with these laws and why they're using the language perinatal. Definitely that's being obviously pushed by the abortion lobbyist but then she goes on to say like Jordan said this takes five tweets sent to get this out.

Then she says no matter what happens to Roe. I'm going to fight like expletive omitted and use all the tools I have as governor to ensure the reproductive freedom is protected today in court. I represent all those who deserve the freedom to choose their own future.

That's a fight worth having. She has already filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Michigan to try to get a preemptive decision that if the Supreme Court says Roe versus Wade goes into effect there ban on abortion in Michigan is out the window realize what you're dealing with here. This is how aggressive their fighting.

Now how do you fight back you gotta be very aggressive supporting happy briefs in there and say well that's what would be in fact constitutional.

We have to look under the Michigan you know Supreme Court decisions, but this is it to be a very technical battle coming up Larry Welby and again I think people think that you know stops comes down the right way which wheat we are hopeful that it will that abortion goes away.

It is not our fight actually just began again.

And now, and every single one of the 50 states and it's very different fight when it's you will be of the dots coming down the big help because it will eliminate the be a lot of pro-life states were good.

There, but they are to focus all that money that they would've spent on 50 states. The focus in on the 22 they think they can win yeah exactly on end and that there still and in some your red states, the way your Supreme Court selected is not necessarily so great and so you might have in ways that these judicial boards that decide and really put Ford nominees to the to the governor who can pick from this group and the people who are nominated to be on those boards are not necessarily always so conservative from a lot of academia so you could be a solidly red state, and it could still be at a not a battle so much in the state legislature with the governor within a battle in your state courts again and again.

We also have to remember that there is a Democrat House and Senate with a Democrat pro-abortion President in office right now.

If this I could see them and I think it be an uphill battle in the Senate, especially, but pre-midterms trying to codify abortion is a federal right again.

They tried to do this number of times you in light of what the Supreme Court does, and they got a President who would sign it by would sign it. So the question is can I get it through the Senate. I don't I don't think they got make the 60 votes but is pretty darn close look you go to New York with no support.

We got two cases in Europe right now you know this is a pro-abortion state so in the first case we got a board member of the Adirondack pregnancy center that's these are the pro-life pregnancy centers. The centers received initial approval from the village to proceed with its building operation, but the high peaks socialist Democrats of America is campaigning to have that approval rescinded yet and which are sure to see these groups from across the country. The psalmist groups started to lead opposition receipt see how it that the far left again. Which is really taken over the Democrat party because as I said if they couldn't get through the legislation out the Senate right now they would would codify grow as a federal right as soon abortion is a federal right and I would sign Uranus written watched that's on the federal level to the watch very carefully because as a couple squishy Republicans on that issue as well. In the U.S. Senate so so that I don't know if they get to the 60 votes rush.

I don't think they can but it would not wheat we can't put it past them, even at the federal level to look on the New York case. I was just talking to see that the socialist Democrats Americas is get a political party here that is trying to shut down the crisis pregnancy center where Jeff Sir tees and Frank Manion are handling that matter right now it's under review pending right now the question is why are they so opposed to a crisis pregnancy center being able to offer an adoption on abortion God option which could include adoption. What's that, because they have focused on these, like a laser beam and talk about this for 40 years right crisis pregnancy centers are always the target because they are the centers that offer alternatives to abortion they will let you do fidelity free ultrasounds and when a woman sees her baby. She typically chooses to continue to carry that baby and not have an abortion. They give you lots of options for adoption.

It will help even afterwards. It is an economic concern. They will help you with providing for that baby getting diapers and things like that. I'm getting you kind of set up with other organizations that will help and cuts into the bottom line at Planned Parenthood which is in the business of abortion killing babies and they don't land they don't want baby St. Emily through New York. Here is another one in New York. So here's an New York right now. The New York office of the state probably are we data a case with the New York Department of consumer affairs versus EMC pregnancy centers we represented for many years they challenged. They issued summonses to the the center the summer. The center responded, the city filed its response on March 2 we know of an appeal pending in Manhattan on that one number just through New York. We were going to North Carolina yet but and and in North Carolina we get time or we do the excitement it involves the situation with crisis pregnancy centers again.

What I'm telling you this one is just an application for life or participate in the event the others a crisis pregnancy center folks. We have got to fight for life it's coming on a lot of different levels.

I didn't really get a good decision on the Dobbs is either to overturn Roe or Lisa recognized the heartbeat as a legitimate point for states to say no you can't do it after that. But we are not fight like the Dickens user expletives to maintain a pastor for life.

We have to be unapologetic when we get what they want is for you to stay open when that case great move on some other issues. If we do that were to lose in the majority of states because you had a mix of bad state courts and in blue states. But if we fight back we can save a lot of life starting on day one of that decision coming out in states want to do the right thing or sense of already working on the legislation Artie passed to the right.

Just be prepared like and Marilyn really given out millions of dollars to train non-doctors to perform abortions think about that. That's how that's how old they are to this industry. They pay for pay for the training with your taxpayer dollars only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stay in the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, freeing powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition will show you how you are personally sealed/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful for an opportunity for you to help me way comes 100 constitutional and secularity are close to 100 684 31 two that's 100 684311 is manifest in any program. I hope people understand the scope and nature. What's really going on in this industry. It is bad news you ever start to see that the left taking action in states and in the socialist Democratic Party getting involved. Yeah, every which is more active in 76% states like New York where you get these multi-political parties, backing candidates, it happens on the bright side to but I mean that literally communist, who are trying to oppose a pro-life pregnancy center.

The idea that they want to shut down pro-life speech as well.

They're not going to give up that they find friendly states will take all the fight states are so friendly that the pay people for the abortion industry which is flush with cash to billion dollars a year's play parent alone. Of the nearly 500 million mark federal taxpayer dollars and there to take more taxpayer dollars.

The state of Maryland to pay non-doctors to train them to do abortions would still get paid for this understanding to take your taxpayer dollars to train non-doctors for a medical procedure invasive and have serious complications and then those people get a charge money. It's like it's like to try to answer, here's a new career and that you have to wonder too.

There must be a real problem with the abortion industry fighting actual doctors to do going to do this in Maryland because I don't want to but I was no point out on this. The proactive nature of what the ACLJ is doing to holding my hand a brief that we follow the Supreme Court of United States and by the way it was against health and human sec services Sec. Vaquero. This was in defense of crisis pregnancy centers. We won the case.

The Supreme Court of the United States, that was it. That was a victory at the same time CCU had a series of cases that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals also were. They were trying to target Chrysler legacy centers.

So what Jordan says is exactly correct Planned Parenthood as a plan and a strategy and they always go to states or even counties within states that are pro-abortion leaning and so we had this issue with that loss going after crisis practice centers in New York and Austin Texas in California and that was when they were trying to make them provide advertisement for abortion and basically it's compelled speech and we won in New York and actually that's the case, it's this pregnancy service center code that we actually one on that now our client is back under that in New York their wedding night, and again same thing again. Now look, let's go to North Carolina state employee was not permitted to take community service leave for participating in a 40 days for life activities outside of Planned Parenthood so we got a demand letter going out to that we bought was in an open letter to request which basically print information act request. Also, North Carolina agents of preferred women's health center abortion clinic have been harassing our client to the point of publishing false and misleading information about him. We have sent a what's called a preservation of evidence letter to the clinic and to Charlotte for choice agents of the clinic and activist groups of the escorts of also been notified. We had been retained were representing this individual in North Dakota litigation over the past. Heartbeat builds in Arkansas, North Dakota result in laws being enjoined, but some with some good language in the Eighth Circuit about the need for Supreme Court revisit the viability test that cases opt out that one sort was denied. But here's what's different. We now have another case in South Dakota join this important point out where we represent the governor were reported by the Atty. Gen. the governor to represent their interests on an informed consent bill requiring a third-party informed consent rather than just the abortion clinic food doesn't really provide much information in our view, that's right.

And those are to be again laws which states are also to be able to enact much more easily in red states and in pro-life states. If the Dobbs case goes away and the Planned Parenthood knows that as well so you have informed consent laws take you out of the abortion clinic and she go somewhere that Guinness is neutral and since it just gives effects that this is this is what the abortion is going to do their you know this is what if you if you would do an ultrasound.

This is what your child looks like right now and those kind of laws on top of good restrictions. You could see very quickly the number of abortions go down to the United States, which is good considering the only two countries in the world that have similar laws to the United States are North Korea and China. That's who were the company of people think Europe is so liberal they already have these loss they have very similar loss to Mississippi, and in most European countries in the most liberal of European countries have these kind of restrictions at 15 or 20 weeks very early in pregnancy 12 weeks. I think a lot of them in the European countries is it at 12 weeks and then it's gotta be for you know a real morale yes problems after that she look at Pennsylvania got five active cases live in Pennsylvania. One of them is we represent, and these are sophisticated practice to get cases, folks, we represent in OB/GYN practice associated with a hospital that was acquired by Penn State. The state is now not recognizing the conscience protections of these OB/GYN's to not engage in abortion procedures. We have already spoken our investigative process.

Frank and Jeff are handling that one Weaver nurse was a religious objection to participating in the procedures that she uses an aborted procedure again. We got we got that case, Kelly Ortiz, emergency room physician, so nurses and doctors medical professionals at a private university also does not want to prescribe a particular medication induces the abortion. She's concerned the hospital will not accommodate her religious beliefs were. This is just in Pennsylvania but here's also Jordan go to South Carolina the South a pro-life state.

We have two cases there Planned Parenthood South Atlantic versus Wilson. They challenge the post heartbeat build man provision South Carolina heartbeat act, the federal district court granted a primary injunction not just against the man section, but against the entire act, which contains independently functioning valuable provisions were filing briefs.

In that case, this is in South Carolina you think you would ever friendly audience you got. That's why folks we are going to have to fight aggressively. I can't get through the entire all 52 states, all 52 actions that know it we can't have the broadcast today, but it just gives you the wrath of the different kind of cases and issues that you have to deal with when you're dealing with a edited industry and and you are the opponent of this this industry and you are in a sense wit where it at the forefront of COD funding at the forefront of saying you know an end. Instead, now that the battle could very well shift at a Washington DC to your hometown and like CC said it's important point out that it's not even just state-level.

They look at counties, cities like the city of New York. It will be more friendly to the city with commissions and councils will be more friendly and that's where they try to take their more extreme actions or try to silence the pro-life viewpoint completely and treated as somehow a different kind of speech united states of America. I think that we have to be clear here is that this is a fight a war fighting the that's going to get very intense.

Yes, a post office, we have to be clear that it's going to get very intense.

I would Dobbs. I'm expecting a great victory but we have to be prepared for a real battle and a lot of different level right policy litigation information across the board right and not just in the states. We think a proportion but just like Jordan said Lester pro-life because they want make sure they have good laws in place solely helping them as well so folks get. I encourage or support our work area. If it's an issue that is going to get really nasty to get there going after people personally and some of our case it like we just went through a personal defamation. Individuals running for life energy centers so you have to double down for this battle.

If you really want to take on the abortion.

I believe I think you believe every baptizer right now is worth it because you're saving lives human lives. American lives to support the work of ACLJVC for matching child's entire month of April. She could double your impact. There is a great time to support our work and make sure that if we get this victory better levels report ready to go across the country. All 50 states of the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online

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