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BREAKING: Feds Fine Clinton and DNC

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 31, 2022 1:04 pm

BREAKING: Feds Fine Clinton and DNC

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 31, 2022 1:04 pm

In a massive development, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has announced the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will be fined $113,000 dollars for falsely claiming that they were paying legal bills to the Clinton campaign law firm while actually funding opposition research of Donald Trump — the proven to be phony, Steele Dossier. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team provide the latest details and give their expert analysis. This and more today on Sekulow.

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You see the base spying on the trunk campaign before Pfizer court. The crossfire hurricane investigation, the molar investigation. All of that through the steel dossier. Well, yesterday the FEC is announced that they did the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign will be fined by the Federal elections commission hundred and $13,000, 8000 to the Clinton campaign 105,000 to the DNC for falsely claiming that they were just paying legal bills to the Clinton campaign law firm when in fact they were paying for opposition research to go out to fusion GPS to ultimately put together a campaign document which we call the Payroll opposition research, which was the steel dossier. This of course dates back to the 2016 election in a complaint filed in 2018, so that it took till 2022 but notable here. View the Clinton campaign nor the DNC objected they didn't say they they said were to pay the fine. But they did not object to this characterization that they broke the law, but right now this.

Remember, was the basis upon which a foreign intelligence surveillance Court documents were submitted by the actual report here better but still dossier which is where this all came out of was the basis upon which Pfizer warrants were sought and ultimately issued even though they knew the FBI knew at the time that the information contained in those reports were really suspect. Now this is the first admission rehab two years, more than two years now after the investigation commenced by Bob Muller. This relates to the Bob Muller investigation.

We said at the outset, and that representation the President that this was this whole steel dossier issue was. It was a smokescreen. It wasn't real. It wasn't real information. Remember James calmly went up and privately briefed the President of Trump Tower because they were consultant so concerned that it was to be compromised will now we know that this entire event. As we suggested arrived out of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, who established the link listing it as it was, as Georgia said opposition research decided instead that they would call it legal fees to hide it. Remember, the information was not reliable. The Pfizer court admonished the government for abusing the system. An FBI attorney change the wording in an email. In order to obtain a Pfizer warrant on an American citizen.

This is why this is again an outrage and the finding is one thing hundred $10,000. But what's more important here is that it actually happened and now we know.

Again, between the course number representing the President during the molar nonsense to begin with, Bob Muller, Jordan, when asked about fusion GPS said I don't know who they are and they said you know we won't do this again they that the campaign and the DNC. So if Hillary Clinton were to run again.

We want to take your calls on this at 164 3110 when the wheels of justice. They take a long time a long time that they were fast to try to go after Donald Trump there were fast to go after him, but ultimately here what you see is a the FEC Federal election commission, which is a bipartisan commission of commissioners as saying that the Clinton campaign and the DNC violated election law, they had to pay fines total of $113,000 because they misreported this information course of this Republicans I can even imagine where this would double take your calls out at 164 3110 a dad's a very important side of the people to support the work of the ACLJ cloisters folks wearing a matching challenge campaign and were trying that we have a budget and were behind her budget right now and we are little sore that budget so your support of the ACLJ right now.

Let's pay for the mark campaign by way the bandits can be performing tonight so will all get more information on that.

But do it today.

Last day for the March matching challenge were behind her budget.

We sure could use your support the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those for their faith or that we are grateful to others an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally sealed cases powering the right question for you/the secular folks, if you're just joining us will take her because of this one 800 684 31 two that's 164th 110. The headline your post. Clinton campaign and the DNC fined by the FEC for line about the now debunked semi's been longtime debunked steel dossier. The FEC find them total of $113,000. They didn't object. They can fight back against the FEC and in fact this is what happened. The FEC said the Clinton and the DNC claimed the money given to their outside law firm for the campaign to hire fusion GPS and they put that in there was reported just to go towards legal advice and services, but not opposition research which needed to be in a cam plate campaign disclosures that's directly related to political work by the campaign which is different disclosure than just legal services so that they they were trying to bury this from not just at the the American people, but from the government regulators as well. And now they pay a price. Yeah, I've been one of the regulators that they were trying to hide it from is the Federal election commission, so they were caught in a big that you know they settled it now what is that me music at a slap on the rest of $810,000 in fines. But what's more important than the fines is the fact that it acknowledges what we already knew that this was put up by the Clinton campaign and that there was no credibility in that dossier to begin with. Yet, the FBI relied upon it to mislead a foreign into the foreign intelligence surveillance Court and that is really significant. We got calls coming in on this. I want to take it was. I know people are upset about this. Be watching in any of her social media applications.

A lot of you are listening to radio share this with your friends. Get more people involved will take your calls as well.

At 800-684-3110. Let's go ahead Jordan take a call.

Yet Israel calling from Connecticut online to hate Israel.

Welcome to secular you're on the air you very much for up to do my calling and for all of your hard work on the question is if this was done intentionally and she still run as President and an extra care why because she's nothing.

She has not individually been charged with something that would disqualify her from office so you have a situation where she cheated Hillary Clinton is not been charged for campaign is not a criminal case was a civil fine. So it's an adjudication yes but is not an adjudication. That's a disqualifier for running for office yet think what's more important is this is a vindication of Donald Trump. I continued vindication of the trunk campaign and present Trump that this was a phony document that they tried to hide the sourcing behind the document they tried to hide that they were paying for it. They try to hide that not just from the American people, not just voters, but he tried to hide it from the federal government as well because if this was all out. Which by the way I'm there was that they should've.

Although this dossier was bogus, but if they knew that this was part of opposition research and that this is why Sussman, one of the attorneys at this firm is in trouble is because when he went to the FBI and DOJ. With this information to get those investigations started. He didn't tell them about who was behind it that it was fusion GPS that his firm had hired an outside firm to try to hide that from the FEC that was actually the Clinton campaign's Opto research message and you he said it was he a new client to be very specific here Sussman lawyer lawyer for the Democrats said he had no client and in fact there was a client. It was the Clinton campaign and the DNC and it was a opposition research program that they denied lawyer must Characterize the point where the department justices brought an indictment is not in the final adjudication of that yet, but all this goes to show you they were so intent on taking Trump down from the beginning that they were going to this kind a level and now we just it's becoming very obvious which official maturity only stating the obvious, but it does show you the nature of what was going on here. Let's go ahead Jordan taken a lot of calls come in 800 6A .3110 a signal to call that Carrie and Washington state online when I know a lot of people have this question often when this comes back in the news. Take care. Welcome secular my court we ever see Hillary end up in jail things she's done in the end are doing you to go to look. I would be very clear and something mucus people stood for the surround enough and I know you are doing okay, but the door and casually I want to see this person jail. I want to see that this person indicted what I want to see God wants the justice but I want there to be before someone brings a criminal case against anybody against anyone Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders anyone Joe Biden Joe Biden's son before anybody brings a criminal case against them there better be evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

And I'm not doing that to defend what the Clintons did or what this one did not just tell you you don't throw around criminal exposure as if it's a parking ticket because it's not if you make that the Norman politics is what happened to Donald Trump.

I mean the DA in New York just the largest quitting, dropping it say there's nothing here mean you got that happening, you had the molar investigation you had impeachments twice. I been so this becoming the Norman politics of sending your political opponents to jail that they do something like you said that really illegal and people like that are associated with the campaign. Like Sussman, the attorney who was held to even a higher standard because is an attorney lying to the FBI.

The DOJ yet criminal charges but but honestly the norm in our politics should not be sending people to jail. But what I understand completely from our audience, our listeners is it that became the norm for Democrats that it was odd. Your my political opponent I want to try to get you to G.I. one is either impeach you or send you to jail. I want you criminally liable. We are still seeing that today in Washington DC where I am with the January 6 commission.

Their ultimate goal is to send Republicans to jail because they had a view that they disagree with it and you know it's interesting about all that is that when you criminalize a person you can criminalize free speech now vandalizing the capitals not free speech that those are crimes. But when you when you say that the speech involves criminal exposure. That's a very narrow window but what Jordan said is so right and we got one.

This court will take another call 1-800-684-3110 year which are seen in all of this play out is the criminalization of politics and that is a very dangerous thing and join you been with Congressman and Senators will be joined by Jim Jordan.

Later in the broadcast. You work with a senator yesterday and I was speaking to Sen. Kennedy last week. There is a lot of concern out there on the way the body politic is moving right now. Yeah, I was with the center soon last night to a good friend of ours is the Minority Whip Esther the second highest ranking Republican US Sen. is been a long time since is a Congressman from South Dakota. The Arena representing his governor's document about that last night in South Dakota with the governor. No, but these issues right that the that the opposition I will tell you may Share everything from the discussion, but there were some really interesting information about some of the members of the U.S. Senate. People could probably figure out these names of Democrats who are unhappy with where their party is not a lot of them just a couple handful, but they are really unhappy with where the Democrat party is moving the idea of demonizing your opponents it's not Republicans who started that is the Democrats.

It is the Democrats today who are trying to put Republicans in jail and so I understand what everybody calls in and says why are we trying to put them in jail.

But as you said that what what ultimately happens. Here's a try to smear these Republicans and conservatives. But ultimately, like the DA in New York like the impeachments they fail and they look ridiculous at the of the day what they do and that's why in consuming about molar probe, but we were very aggressive in our defense with a successful conclusion because we knew there was no rush or collusion with the Trump campaign.

We knew that there were no obstruction of justice. The President was saying everything publicly is a way in anything.

There's more testimony given in that investigation and in any investigation, I think in US history. Minimal witnesses that cooperate without executive privilege being asserted it was it was very, very significant and they had nothing so then they came up with Ukraine and on Ukraine. We got one impeachment trial. Coursework was acquitted, but all of this is the reality of what were living in right now and I think that the problem here is when you criminalize the body politic its danger. Let me say this, our concert tonight is at 8 o'clock Eastern, 7 o'clock central. It will be on Facebook. I hope rumble for sure.

YouTube, NaCl, there's a multiple ways for you to be the concert tonight, so again will be on at 8 o'clock Eastern time to figure out your time zone for Mayor of Facebook mumble YouTube We encourage you to tune in and enjoyed that point, and by delivering to continue this conversation with God. Congressman Jordan coming up later in the broadcast.

We had a major move yesterday at the United Nations that we unbutton multiple filings. My say multiple filings folks when I'm holding up my hand for radio audiences about an inch and 1/2 thick 14 countries that we reported on our former European Center for Law and Justice in conjunction with our work here at the ACLJ to the United Nations human rights Council cc Osborne to join us on these progress in some countries, a mapping report, which is what we wanted the end of the day to get a lot more to discuss at 1-800-684-3110 share the fee with your friends back with more the moment and Jordan let people know support the work of the ACLJ little bit behind the budget so we really encourage people to discover that some new news to honor case software case against the HSC BP and ice. They actually filed an answer, not a motion to dismiss, so that foil will move forward in court obligated more that we come back to the break support our work and double the impact of your donation.

That's it.

ACLJ.Ford. It's a matching challenge have until midnight tonight to be part of the March matching challenge donate today.

We need your support is my that's it. We are behind we need your financial support to get there. only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus powering the right question for you,/the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ to support for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and back to secular so we got this new ACLJ guy cases to update you on right now okay to this discussion course on Hillary Clinton, your phone calls on that 100-684-3110 and by the religious Hillary Clinton's campaign, but the Democrat party being fined over hundred thousand dollars for lying to the Federal election commission on the bogus steel dossier, but we have for your case.

We need to refile this case the to narrow it. So it's been would be working on how to double down on the AC it's got its title ACLJ verse DHS department homeland security CBP customs and border patrol and ice immigrations and customs enforcement, you know. Again, this is in response to human trafficking. The by the ministration canceling operation talent, the exploitation of women, unaccompanied minors, the removal of the remain in Mexico policy and is a foil on that and initiated here last night was the deadline for all three government agencies to file either an answer in court or a motion to dismiss. Usually they file they try to file a motion to dismiss like they did the first case we brought this time they filed an answer. What that means for our audience and for every by listing now is the lawsuit in the FOIA lawsuit to get this information moves forward in court, so the battle is not is no longer about whether or not we can get the documents.

It's now how quickly we can get the docs right so we are actually in court litigating it is not a motion to dismiss at this point, they filed an answer, but one of the issues that people sometimes lose sight of on the border and that is you think of all these other issues, but sex trafficking human sex trafficking RCC heil, who has a blubber international work, especially when it comes to UN is just 1214 country reports, but I before even get into those I meet filed this morning, but in some of them you will see that the issue ends up being not religious freedom necessarily, but human sex trafficking. This is a plague on mankind humankind, and any out of the 14 countries that were in the review. The session 4 of them. We focused on human trafficking as you explain to everybody that the plague and the plight of what this is what were dealing with with human sex trafficking. Yes, I truly don't believe that there's probably any member state out of the hundred 93 member states at the land there's probably not one member state that doesn't have an issue with human trafficking, including the United States. There's not one that doesn't have an issue. Of course, really talking about what age person usually on its children and we have examples of you know, an eight-year-old being taken and having to work as a slave and household until she was 40 years old, I mean that they keep them for a long time and some of these countries and and children in the Netherlands. Sadly that's it's very rhetoric children sexual exploitation and the Netherlands and on their when at the top countries because they have legalized prostitution and so it's problematic in every single matter when you go Jordan to win when the border is not being protected like we're having right now. This title 42's rollback.

We talked about this with Congressman Jordan cc if you roll that back your giving an open invitation to these horrible cartels that are trafficking in human beings.

Yes, so if you don't put things in place at the border and you just had open borders. It literally makes human trafficking very easy to flow people in and out and that is what they do.

There are times where people are taken from within their own country and remain in their own country, but usually there taken from a country and are taken to another country and sell if you don't have proper procedures in place at the border year human trafficking just increasing exponentially were in this move by the by administration is going to do nothing but increase human trafficking. Yeah, I mean not just human trafficking and the problems with the human trafficking sex trafficking trafficking of minors. This is also how the drug mules get in and and so we know. I at that said, there's going to be people lining up at the border right when they know that this policy is coming to an end, and their lineup hundreds of thousands that can overwhelm the system there to be really a are they very claim asylum there can be allowed back into the United States and because I got rid of the remaining Mexico policy and ended they got rid of operation talent, which is are the before that we were just talking about getting the answer to from the federal government agencies late last night so that case will move forward. But it's also the fentanyl that's killing Americans. If that's how the drug mules get in and and we seen this from big cities to small towns from the norming is soundly the United States millions overseeing the isolated. It is killing people all over the country who because and by the way that's not just to tie into the drug cartels that emanate and in in the Central America, but it also all relates back to fentanyl is made in China. The Chinese are sending it to the drug cartels to then kill Americans.

That's really what they're doing. They know by using this substance a tiny drop. You could even show you on here because it's like it would be on my pinky like two little tiny tiny pieces that can kill you, little man, and it's being talent out the Chinese are creating it and using the Mexican drug cartels deleted were poor southern tormenting Isis, I would tell you this, and in that we can plan on hitting this, but I will give you the idea we go to the United Nations and file these reports we have filed reports on the government of China yes weekly deal as many times not just wait and we are heading right out there doing right and focus is usually the work unit you said to me the other day she see you look at generally three topics that in any given country because we do what we do. I mean was 4550 reports a year, about 40 K to affect the courts a year to be United Nations legal documents we found when we do these interventions there's three things you look for self or the Universal periodic review, which is the record on each member state that human rights record right and that's the 42 reports that we do, we typically look first for any religious violations that they have religious persecution on and then we go on to human trafficking issues and then usually protection of life and she said those are three main issues that we look for in each member state on the human trafficking how widespread within the countries you since just about every country. Absolutely it is every country that we could write about human trafficking on every single country we try to hit the highlights elsewhere in a country where Christian persecution is higher. We won't address human trafficking but human trafficking is a blight on the world that not just a specific country giving your workaholics and that every single country in the world is dealing with human sex trafficking and mostly it's kids and that's why the American Center for Law and Justice is fighting even in hostile environments.

Jordan like the United Nations you have to be there where there we played those videos of you all making those presentations between the front of the UNR European offices done in as well.

This is serious work. It's important we have to stand for those that can't speak for themselves, and your support of the American Center for Law and Justice doesn't 14 reports filed this morning. I'm holding my hand up your watch it listening on radios about an inch and affect your watching us there you go. This morning she seen her team working on this, the late last night so this is a whale of a project big project art a lawsuit against the by the administration now moving forward. I was a clear sign they're not even they didn't file a motion to dismiss, and that relates directly to the border in their failed policies their bad pop sees at the border.

So we need your financial support. The ACLJ you have until midnight tonight to be part of our matching challenge so that your donation is double the group of donors will match all the donations that come through until midnight tonight where you are were behind right now. So if you can donate donate today the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate, it will be now $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now, this is Jordan secular to secularity or phone calls to 100 C4 31 two that's 164th 110 talked about a lot already today.

I work at the UN work of the lawsuit against the by the administration and DHS ice and you of course the customs and border patrol trying to seek and now we know with the border about to be extremely porous and chaotic again very soon.

I'm there to Democrat sinners from Arizona, Greg Kristin cinema and and edited by Mark Kelly as well and both said please don't do this by the administration do not revoke this title 42, we are going to have a crisis again and it's going to just increase because of the warm weather comes the people come this will just make it worse. But the by administration ignoring even to Democrat US senators from their own party ignoring them, but were fighting back in court and they did not, that it is key in that case just to remind people they didn't file a motion to dismiss.

Usually they do, they filed an answer which allows us to proceed yet lived in a fight is every step of the way the by the way, so this is going to be a ministry at litigation with the department justice on this like this.

Frankly, it's trench warfare. Let me take some about trench warfare, why it's important. Trench warfare is important when you're fighting for kids and when you're looking at the border issues at the end of the day it's you got a lot of people coming in illegally in the name pain and got the drug trade which is horrific, which inspects kids as joints and pencils impacting about every family around. But that six traffic is a big part. I could never understand why the Democrats were not to cite just for the sex trafficking put up a wall and protect our border Borders have to have procedures and policies in place that will catch the sex trafficking and human trafficking that goes on that is true for every single country and that includes the United States until our border needs to be protected from any reasons. Like you said for drugs for terrorists come across but suspect especially for human trafficking bats where you stop it is Jordan. The question then becomes, of course, is why is the buying administration, insisting on not following through with that.

Why are they doing this is because, well, it was done by Trumper not to do it while here's an interesting thing to you know they love pandemic issues and they're already talking about other strains of covert so that it's bizarre that those who love the mask and you know that the mandates in this show your papers would remove this policy but for that it was a trumpet ministration policy that I think you're right into title 42, which allow the immediate removal of those who showed up at the border instead of allowing random asylum claims that were earlier prepared with the right documentation so that people could try to get into the US. The monster in the US. They live in the shadows.

Which is horrible as well. By the way, but they are letting this expire by the end of May. This was done to protect Americans from more spread of covert and more in new strains of covert and there are new strains out there right now as we speak in the world that other parts of the world are dealing with. And while we focus a lot on that migration coming from central America were predominantly most of these migrants to come from. At the southern border.

There's also migrants from Africa, where these new variants are being found. That's why title 42 existed to immediately expel so they could not get into the population and spread a new covert variant so you think from those who love you know the idea of shutting down masking up showing your papers that they would like this policy but it goes against their idea of a porous open border.

I think the thing. The last thing a million a minute was the minutes. This is the administration so bent on undoing what was successfully working that they will even go against quote their own science to do it now. Politics reigns supreme. They don't care about the people of the nightstand is the key thing right there. Politics reigned supreme and you put policies on the second click the second shelf in all this. That's why you have an American Center for Law and Justice to fight back. We can fight back for you. With offices in Washington DC were about to open up another really big office in a really big city not announcing now really big initiative of the ACLJ door everybody note last day to support us that's the end of our matching challenge. You have until midnight tonight where you are to double the impact to your donation of a group of donors or to match all those donations until midnight tonight where you are. So you doubly impact your donation if you can donate donate today the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those for their faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ to support for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition life will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus powering the right question for you/secular to your phone calls to take your calls on title 42 as well will take your calls on the Clinton campaign and the DNC having to pay this fine legal right to the calls those who been hanging on of the longest will start there with Tracy in Mississippi online to hatred. Tracy where one man probation and that it crept away. Disconnect father to get a slap on the rare specimen. As you know if you'll get parts of the assessment case is still pending that indictments were more recent there in the motion phase about case right now when it came to Kleinsmith. He was the one who changed the bill, email, email, and submitted a fraudulent email to the FISA court. Look, I mean it's a slap in the wrist but he may also get disbarred. Although there's been reports that he's already been readmitted. If that's possibly true minutes unbelievable to me that that would be possibly true, but it could be that there is a double standard in Washington DC. I will tell you I Democrats they get treated differently to get treated carefully by the courts to get treated to flee by the justice system. What's interesting to me that is there, the ones actually getting criminal charges against them, not Republicans. The ex-Democrat said it in a minute going after these Republicans for literally since the beginning of the trumpet ministration to today as we speak with the January 6 committee and it's the Democrats and their attorneys, both inside the DOJ and FBI and outside to the Clinton campaign who actually got criminal charges filed against you and what's interesting about all of this is that the criminal charges here are because of the word in the civil cases relates to the FEC is because the they were making misstatements to the Federal election commission about who was paying for what and for what purpose, and then the lawyer that's already been indicted on this because even a false statement to the FBI saying something to the effect of, I'm not. I don't have a client here when he had a client, the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

They base that information to then get a foreign intelligence surveillance act warrant you talk about abusive government process. There is a classic horrible one yells go back to the phones Barbara and Utah online. One hey Barbara well with all things like buying a sitting President that we'd heard from various sources.

Why are we not seeing anybody anything criminal charges and jail time would you believe are there are criminal cases that have been brought the case against Michael Sussman is good and he's been indicted to its pen and it doesn't happen overnight.

There's just talk that in the German investigation, there may be an factly.

More indictments coming so I think you gotta be clear that look.

The process grinds very slowly and part of that is because our Constitution sends up at your presumed innocent and that's important so I would rather have the process take time but have a presumption of innocence is better for the process so I don't get overly concerned about who's been indicted this week or not. Next week is will people be ultimately held accountable in the ultimate accountability frankly is in the election. That's when you have your ultimate accountability and all these things and we'll see what happens.

I mean, if you know the 2022 elections are now months away and is are going to be. There's a report that their indications are to be Republican sweep of the house in the Republic, as may well take the Senate journey been in Washington for the whole week so far. What is your sense on that looks like the house is pretty certain I mean obviously, this still is a lot of time in elections and there's primaries happening as we speak and candidates are important to look at. Take the generic ballot right now because we don't know how those primaries are to come down and you look at the retirements from the Democrats over 30 retiring Democrats from the House of Representatives alone. That tells you you're probably get pick it up about 2020 seats, which is huge. Right now, in a very divided parson country. There's only so many swing districts left in the country that are really purple districts that you can pick up a new district else's.

There's been some redistricting as well. But even there they looked up to predict because some of that redistricting is not finished yet you still doing in courts and state right state legislatures within Georgia. The southern Florida as well. And not just second party is George is probably up a purple state and I would think at best. Yes, absolutely. And while the Senate rate race in Georgia. Looks like you to fit in that primaries not done the above is Herschel Walker. He has Io. He's doing very well in the polls against the Democrat.

There, but you got this primary between two different candidates for governor, and if one of those candidates. One way to what will lose. And if the trumpet divorced candidate who is not the governor right now, loses, and you have the suppression of Republican votes than you can see where things get more complicated that for the Senate for the house. I think people are pretty confident is enough.

Elections were held today. I think that Republicans easily take back the house speaker Pelosi is no more and do and likely would probably take back the Senate with water to at least those who had and takes more phone calls 800 684 31 summary because in title 42, yet was coded a twilight California online three hey Twyla all like all low and about all the people coming from who knows where accountable for the children who who came from accountability to minors mean the DHS is really worried about that to be quite honest. Homeland security is very border patrol agents are saying it's good to create a humanitarian crisis in proportion to what we saw years ago we did of these policies in place and the kids are the ones that suffer and it's heartbreaking to watch it, but it's a policy decision that allows it to happen and that's the problem, instead of working with the governments from the country of origin or with Mexico to say stay on the side of the border and then make sure these kids are our house properly. We end up with humanitarian crisis and no preparation for it, and that's what you're really looking at Jordan taking place were talk to Connors when Jim joined about that in the next segment broadcast here.

That's right, outlets go to Beth in New Jersey online five hey Beth, one evening only question will stand for in title 22, hiring that evening Hank right now but so are people need a way right now look like the title 42. It look like it being enforced right now people are being turned away, not let me play Congressman Jim Troy from Texas. His district is dealing with. This is what he said the secretary of homeland security has announced that he is ready to end the use of title 42, our southern border. This, as we speak.

While in March we had 100,000 apprehensions. The first half of the month, barreling towards 200,000 of which have been able to be turned away under title 42, when the secretary and title 42, there will be a delusion at our southern border. This is no Jordan, the rim of the cayenne and by the way, the border patrol is saying the exact same thing that they are preparing.

That's why they're opposing at the ice unions are opposing it because they're saying the exact same thing is going to happen and it will happen with a rapid rate. Border officials have expressed concern that without the rapid turn that policy they will quickly be overwhelmed by migrants as according to the Wall Street Journal, leading to dangerous overcrowding, border facilities and releasing people into the US who have not should've been either jail or deported. So it's a very dangerous trend yes and we know what this is happening exactly the timing of this move by letting you make it come to an end and at sometime at the end of May. That's the warm season in America. That's with these migrants make the journey and also tardy a very dangerous journey, but they don't do it in the cold so they do it and when the temperatures warm up so this is happening at a coinciding exactly the time when there's already as as you are from Carson Roy. That clip is already a massive problem at our border. This will increase it day it tenfold and you will have people lining up as they know when this date comes they will start lining up those caravans will start again and we will be repeating the process of creating unwanted pizzas get creating human catastrophes and and and crises humanitarian disasters you realize we talk so much that about the Ukrainian that the amount of Ukrainians that have fled Ukraine. It's in the millions now it's even tough to get the exact number that so many people were dealing with our border yearly right yearly at the southern border of the United States and and what comes in and that southern friend Ross that through the court system yet, but that doesn't work good gentlemen of immigration judges and then his Jordan. As you mentioned, and CC mentioned between the human sex trafficking and the fennel which is killing cute young people, adults mean it's a plague on our culture.

It's affecting almost every family in United States, if not every family in United States is horrific. I build that wall to keep the drugs out and to keep the cartels out with the sex trafficking that would've been enough for me, but they have to play politics in Washington and say oh it's not compassionate table.

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Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and secular folks, we are joined by a great friend of the ACLJ in this broadcast Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio confident Jordan will get right into it. The title 42 of the by the administration. Even though you got even to Democrat US Sen. from Arizona that pleaded with the administration not to do it. They are dropping the title 42, a protection program at the southern border at the end of May which is when immigration and illegal migration increases exponentially because it's called the warm season your reaction. I Congressman two. Why the administration. I mean, is it really just because this was a trump policy that they they are removing this now go by what we do know now. There is no way to interpret this other than intentional I get I said I became a year ago. You don't, your ability to market the hyperlink on record for illegal crossings of migrants until the month of April and in April with a hypothetical Band-Aid with a hypothetical unit, but I slept until July make 2 million in in in it and in one years time, another to take away something that helped us stop people and and and actually have something about present on the border to to limit the 2 million and negative take the title 42 away so it it's intentional, it's deliberate, it makes absolutely no sense, but everything by the administration to have done makes no sense why we think the best and they got you know what is 63% of the country thinks on the wrong track but I kinda want to meet the 37% they do commit with. Who are these Hutu communities keep looking for things going right.

Congress is Jay Sekulow here and I wanted to ask you first.

I appreciate so much of service of the country. It's been great working with you for so many years, but I want to get the situation on the border you know we just we we do report to the United Nations. We talk about the influx of sex trafficking that is impacting literally every country on the globe is no country immune from this we got this note, the bond administration wants to dismantle anything. The trump administration did that was protecting our borders, reducing sex trafficking still was a problem not singer was and is still used problem then you add the fennel to it, produced by the Chinese sent over to the drug cartels in Mexico to the United States and that's impacting just about every family in the United States so I don't understand politics and when you and I live in that world, but there would be a part where you think is human compassion would say shut this down. We all know communities will know families and individuals have been intact by Sentinel and I lost a loved one in their family that pouring across the yet it all that likely said 2 million illegal immigrants coming into the country and in in in one years time. And here's the here's the take away have to it.

It's almost like you when assay ministration will like it one hand you said what you want to spend 22 billion when Joe Biden was 22 billion more dollars of American tax money for COBIT but now were going to get excellent but you know because were concerned about COBIT and at the same time or Working to get rid of title 42, because no COBIT not a big deal to title 42 is because the help that you can just optical come in it.

So we you can't have it both ways, but this is just again typical left-wing baloney from mom from the by administration. I wanted to go to the issue as well so we know the southern border, but there is breaking news out of the judiciary committee. I was sure the ranking member from the Republican that that the judiciary Republicans are launching investigation we can talk about this all week on our show Congress and Jordan were target cars and Jim Jordan of Ohio folks is the ranking member of the house Judiciary Committee that judiciary Republicans are launching an investigation into twitter and Facebook following new reports on Hunter Biden's laptop tell people why they got the letters are that you sent to both the CEOs of those companies tell people what you're looking for waking him up to go under data for the collection are most important election we we all knew that You know that the laptop was real and and a course twitter and Facebook, colluded with big media and been Democrat and that none a no no no Russian this information so now we know, because the EU, Washington Post and New York Times are writing about it.

The laptop was reveal the eyewitness Hunter bubble. It wasn't but certainly real that the email documents were real.

It was all true and and it did II think the big take with her for me right now. Why is the media suddenly coming forward and telling it all yet. We've confirmed what we all knew was true a year and 1/2 ago.

I think there's a big question there. Why, what's the motivation behind immediate outcome clean but our concern is as the fact that Twitter and Facebook. Working with the big media the legacy media that working to keep this information from the American people truly a conspiracy L and it wasn't just twitter and Facebook and and what is big tech and big media. It was at an Democrat. It was also 51 former intelligent people who wrote the letter you talk about a conspiracy to keep valuable critical information from the voters from we the people in the run-up to the most important election. We have so we we passed what we want to know all the communication you had regarding if I can make this decision like it. It and let's hope that they get that information to say something of this because we we've been battling with the Facebook for the last couple of months we had one whole series of of posts labeled false by Facebook and partly falls. I should say I was reading the reading the indictment from the Durham investigation, but as you remember, I have a vague familiarity with that since I was a President sounds like a guy right okay so then they say partly false and then we complete pound back and say nope. Here's this this and this may set up your right were to remove those men while they sent notices to you know could be out millions of people. I know I did weep 8 million people collectively and Facebook pages and then this month we get one labeled I'm driving what they said about that when I think that when they said was that which is false and it was a case we were actually handling. They said the legislation was not up in the Maryland house. They said it wasn't decent. Had been introduced. There were no hearings.

Our lawyers had testified at the hearings and then they say what's your right, but still, we think there's a problem of context. So these big tech companies hide behind section 230 and get away with anything they want to look, Lord willing, if we get the majority we are going to work on legislation have legislation.

Overall, 230 take away their liability protection that needed to buy, not assign it, but were still in the past those good things so that we can help frame up the 2020 core rates when when I when you and I hope present trump runs and then I think you going to and I think you don't win by but did week we will focus on like we will have legislation.

Republicans, if were getting a majority to deal with section 230 that that's that's just one step and other things we have to do a net debt area but yet the power they have and so but this one was a me this was was amazing because were talking literally days we talk in late October when you have an eyewitness come forward and you have you had asked McCarthy the have emails that say 10% for the big guy and and and did the same big guy who just that. As you know what that with the impeachment J that that the same big guy who pressured Ukraine to fire the prosecutor because the prosecutor was looking into the company for reflux company the same company that was paying her Biden thousands of dollars till that's a concern and know know know that this information will get to keep it from the American people and now the last impose the New York Times. They know now it was it was all accurate information which of course is a test we all know it because we appreciate you joining us and we sure do appreciate your leadership of the House of Representatives counsel Jim Jordan will have good friend of ours like Samson right folks. Let me encourage you, you got until midnight tonight to support the work of ACLJ and be part of our matching challenge. That means you will double the impact of your donation. We have a group of donors will match every donation that comes through until midnight tonight is the way our system works is where you are at midnight for $20 donation by 4040 like 80 you got it.

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