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Putin's Next Move

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 9, 2022 2:57 pm

Putin's Next Move

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 9, 2022 2:57 pm

Biden's energy ban on Russia will have consequences. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the breaking news coming out right now around this as the world awaits the next move of Vladimir Putin. Florida Representative Mike Waltz joins as well as ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell and ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo. This and more today on Sekulow.


The next move right now some headlines to start this off political house temporarily points on motion about on Russian oil band CNBC's. This is important folks.

Kremlin says US has declared economic war on Russia.

The Hillhouse devoting stopgap measure to avert government shutdown defense news US nuclear forces chief very concerned by Russia, China, cooperation, financial times, Russians closed the sabotaging the Iran nuclear do we talk a little bit about that yesterday, Fox News Russian official says Iran got much more than expected and revived nuclear talks actio's Pentagon rejects Polish plan to fight to get fighter jets to US to supply to Ukraine which was an interesting move. The polls were willing to give up their are there makes but I wanted not to go directly to Ukraine. They wanted to send them to the United States and Rothstein Air Force Base in Germany and then move them to Ukraine and this is how war starts escalated level and you never talk before we went on the air that when you study World War I and World War II. These kind of moves are the escalating factors and this would escalated. I think very, very significantly, has definitely will be. It would be deemed by Putin to be an attack by the United States. In my estimation, or by nano upon his forces in the Ukraine.

Simply shifting the locus of the takeoff from Poland to Ramstein Air Force Base does not cure the problem of what Putin would perceive this to be and that would be a concerted attack by the West against his forces that are in the Ukraine and these are the way these are the small provocations that you've got to think about in the pogrom the Pentagon that I think correctly rejected the Polish plan to give the fighter jets to the United States for now to supply the for the Ukraine, at least for now. Now here's the other aspect of this we have got an incredible group of experts assemble as we always do a Congressman Mike Walters will be joining us. Course he is served in these regions is very concerned about the whole situation with Russia. Obviously our senior advisor for national security and foreign policy Rick Cornell is good to be joining us. Then in the second half hour. Our senior counsel for global affairs, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is joining us.

Then our panel of experts will also be joining us in this broadcast, especially if we look into some of the Ukraine war issues that are going on right now is very interesting. Yesterday Vladimir Zielinski made an impassioned plea invoking the words of Winston Churchill in the House of Commons where he received multiple standing room extended standing ovation.

It was a very well-done speech but I will tell you how I viewed it to some understudied Herschel Churchill is someone that had is still studying church.

I'll be here. It's a lifelong pursuit. I've been to Oxford to study.

I got books here in United States and constantly reading on Churchill. The fact that when reaching this kind of Churchill moment Andy is very dangerous for the world.

It is very dangerous for the will. Remember, Churchill saved Western civilization by championing the cause of Britain and Putin and the Zielinski is playing on those very themes with the House of Commons, but Churchill was afraid of invasion and he said he warded off the invasion of the Nazis by the Battle of Britain but Zielinski picking up that theme of Churchill's already been invaded and he is now seeking the support of the West and he used to very true Chilean language in the House of Commons, the other death. I was listening to him having taken a speech from Churchill in modifying a great spirit speech, but it shows you how dangerous the world is right now. We basically have a war in East that basically there's a warning for your the consequences of that historically have never been good for what we do and analyze it were to take action were to see where we can influence decision-making. That's why your support of the ACLJ is so critical. I would encourage you to join the ACLJ Babbitt make a gift online this month.

It's a matching challenge. Any amount you donate. The ACLJ is getting a matching gift ACLJ.or are lawyers today work on is one of our preparing documents for Maryland on the fight for human life and abortion issues right now but were talking about this the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith. Uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms.

Most only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally sealed/broadcast everyone were doing very good friend Congressman white Mike Welch course represents the six congressional district in Florida. He served in our military graduate from the military of Virginia Military Institute were fine institution served over 24 years in the US Army Congressman I I am watching this very carefully. I my family's origins were Ukraine and sometimes was Ukraine.

Sometimes it was it was Russia. Depending on the but my grandfather on his immigration papers, put them once a country of its and Russia/Poland because he Got his bills kept going back and forth you said in a tweet this morning putting cannot lose in Ukraine.

If he wants to stay in power. I fear he will do whatever it takes to break the Ukrainian people from chemical weapons. The landmines on humanitarian routes like Russia has historically done in Afghanistan and Syria. What is your assessment on where we are in this work while the one who never estimated military capability and underestimated the Zielinski his plan. He is still executing which is the cut off the Ukraine Army in the test around the IDT hopes do not have to go into Keith and Kai caught the government to collapse and then cut off Ukraine from the black steel which is to take a port Samaria pole and and and Odessa. My assessment is that he does not have the combat power to occupy the entire country but eat and turn it into a landlocked grump state with his puppet government. I think he settled down into a stalemate. My concern is this is honestly not going to plan for Putin and Russian Soviet doctrine is the date they compensate for their lack of ability to conduct precision strike that maneuver with just pure Butte brute force they are going to settle into siege warfare and if you look at what they did catch Afghanistan area. It was literally bombing hospitals selling civilian areas with landmines.

Some were disguised to look like toys that children pick them up and even the use of chemical weapons. It is literally took great that the back of the resisted and my I fear this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. You pretty military is a very immobile job holdings back on as best they can do some complications on with some military are mental talks but that the moment I want to get a realistic assessment for me with your military experience and that is can Ukraine hold them off or does this business government is the Zielinski government fall as you said, a puppet government, places anything inevitable at this point, but I think somewhere in between that and five and fan publicly in any date like a neat guy I believe need that ship to survival mode. I fear how it closed the years. Every time he comes online heat that erupted are trying to deal locate him in and tell him in there or what is to become a powerful symbol of persistence. So I think you could see all the Russians put their puppet government in place. There, but Zielinski and the Ukrainian government differently the last where it is much friendlier territory and closer to apply line from Poland and Romania and essentially settle into what could be some type of of of of I don't think Civil War because that would imply that Ukrainian are fighting Ukrainian but Russian occupied territory and what remained of Ukraine sees that we are also looking at is the sub ban on the President put in place on Russian oil. What impact are you personal what your thoughts on that and what impact you see that having like most things, Biden has done too little too late, including providing arms that Ukrainian should have had beforehand when I was out there last year they were begging for stingers harpoon antiship missiles and more javelin. The White House was sitting on here nor there on on the Russian band absolutely all for bipartisan support, Congress pushed him in the right direction. The question is what he replaced it with and the answer is not to replace it with other US adversaries to make us shift our addiction from Russian oil to Iranian of Dennis Whalen and I could tell you Floridian, particularly our Hispanic community are in an uproar over these talks with with Venezuela. It's just it's unacceptable this internally here yesterday actually because we we do lawn work as you know all over the globe and are seeing a counselor and economy was with in the studios doctrine and history, and the idea we talk with us yesterday and he very briefly on air when we talk about extensively afterwards.

The idea that we are going to lift sanctions on Iran.

Put sanctions on Russia try to cut deals oil from Venezuela from Madero to prop that government up is nonsensical. Yes it is. It makes no sense to go to a dictator and make friends with him when I make friends with people in Pennsylvania and left him drink dig instead drill for oil and I wanted as the Congressman, do you think that it's wise Congressman laws for us to be going to dictators like Maduro to the Iranians or making obeisance to the Saudis and begging them to grab apparently put us on void. Put us on voicemail and so will get back with you what you think of that approach of the President. Well I dated it really something that an 18 month we've gone from generational peak deals in the Abraham court wit with with a number of Middle Eastern countries standing side-by-side with the Israeli Saudi moving in that right direction. Standing on the White House lawn. Peace in the Middle East to now Ron racing towards a nuclear weapon and out of salaries and are very close ally to I thought alongside and Afghanistan embodies morning return, the President's call I and and that's all because of this sellout that they see happening to Iran. The desperation for a deal at all cost at spelling them out in there for security interest as well. It's that you just can't make up how bad this is and they just bad decision after bad decision by the stray ship returned back to the situation on the legs is your military guy. The situation in Ukraine right now that is was talk that Poland was going to provide their mix to Ukraine with the backfill request for F-16s from the United States when Lynn program we've seen that before another worse at worst on lend lease. Here's the question now they're saying the polls. I do know were supposedly our Department of Defense was totally taken off guard. That's everything less I deposit what you know what we don't want to send that the aircraft from Poland to Ukraine.

We rather do is United States Sen. Bronstein Air Force Base. You have them.

You can retrofit them and get them ready and you can get the training done there in the next few days and then let the planes fly out of Germany out of American base into Ukraine to me that escalates. This conflict drastically with Russia and calculated in the polls are are making it one thing to provide their making. Note that the document that is one thing to provide ammunition and and other types of support to the Ukrainians over there order another thing to provide yet that the Russians will make it an apple in the birthplace of the NATO country that likely to get hit Russia try to bomb reply, what I think the play for the United States has to step up United States has the lead at the Ukrainian. I agree that we should not establish a no-fly zone that would be our plane shooting down there and bombing their Russian antiaircraft site that's an important piece to, but let's stop this ping-pong. Once he needs help and if we have to provided to give the polls some assurance, then fine.

If Russians can escalate. They're going to leave sometime.that's quite yet.

Just make my point that is Eastern Europe is in a conflict Poland could be the next target. So this shell game of moving it to the United States so the polls and sale we got clean hands on this to me is ridiculous it's going to complicate matters, it's going to increase and capable decreased capabilities in the short term, I think it's dangerous for Ukraine. I don't think hold on that long so I think the polls are playing a little bit Congressman I want your view on this a little bit of a cover shell game hereto, which is typical Eastern European move. Unfortunately when were these kinda complex. I like I absolutely agree with you and and the time for the shell game is over, I do want to give the polls credit, you know, a bright purple for what they are doing but look where either wait, we've made a decision to not deploy directly NATO forces Polish, American or otherwise, but to give the Ukrainians everything they need and we need to stop drawing this false distinction to give them what they need totally agree with you, but if it turns out, the polls are going to do it, then let's do it and let's move out and get it done. We always appreciate having you on your insights. Great, thank you for the great work you're doing for Nellie. The folks in Florida for all of us is an important time. Last question, do you think there is a chance Ukraine can withstand this well. I think they thoroughly can blow it down at night and I think that is going to pass a month really struggled with pain logistically so this is a race with an arms race literally and and every minute that we set on our hands.

They give Ukrainians what we need make them a lot less successful delivery. Should you be with us with a lot more ahead coming up the canal director of national intelligence jampacked program, folks. If you want to hammer social media platform service with different getting everybody involved on Facebook and make sure you hold that product has always overwhelm the senses there are no YouTube share with your friends will be back with more support work the ACLJ got only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice defending the right to free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Powering the right question for you/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in solutions at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life court seat in Congress.

ACLJ for that.

We are grateful to others in a way becomes 100 constitutional and yes everyone and we're so glad that were joined by our senior advisor and global affairs, former director of national intelligence, also former ambassador to Germany decade of experience of the United Nations that is Rickman now Rick in this is present Congressman waltz on I'm looking at the situation Ukraine right on it. It is, it's troubling that I got a note that we have the Iran matter and word leaks out that our go-between has been the Russians. I'm trying see if you wrote this is a book that would label it fiction because nobody would believe it and and the Russians are saying are so so-called go-between score basically fighting and in Eastern Europe that the Iranians are thrilled because I got much more than they thought they never get imagine being in a room where the Americans on one side the Russians on the other and you had a couple of the issues to talk about what is the Iran deal and one is Ukraine. You are absolutely going to package your request to make sure that you don't ask for too much on wine and you switch for something announce on the other on the art of diplomacy for the blind administration is that consensus matters and matters that the other side.

The Europeans in these negotiations are happy and so we've been relying on the Europeans and the Russians to carry some of our water and to make the points when the Iranians imagine that were relying on the Russians or in Iran policy well also trying to be tough on them because of what they're doing on the offense in Europe. This is a recipe for disaster and and I would not put our current political appointees at the State Department in a position where they have to be tough and represent us because we will fail every single time course we are failing. Failing right now and in real time so you become at the top of the term realpolitik in the realpolitik of this right now is there is a war in Eastern Europe and were kidding ourselves if we think I believing in human freedom. Feel free to disagree. I think Ukrainians are people are doing a valiant fighting Zelinski's done a great job you to rally the troops and he gave that speech. The House of Commons yesterday invoking the memory of Winston Churchill looking at it though and saying is that someone studied this where at that point where he's having to go to the House of Commons and get standing ovations because his country's about to get flattened and here's my question at the end of this if you're Vladimir Putin right now. Is there anything short of absolute control of Ukraine that you settle for a good question. I think that his pride and in his pride of country is on the line, and so now I think you know he's he said that he wants to take over Ukraine. I think that he's got to move forward with that remembers not a rational actor were not to be able to put rational arguments on him like oh you're under sanctions and your country seems to be in turmoil and economically and reputational Inc. he doesn't think like that.

He's surrounded by people who just work for his crony ways and and it's like an obvious style organization over there. He doesn't really care about the people he doesn't care about anything other than money and power and so I don't think that he's can I calculate rationally and we shouldn't and the agencies. The intelligence agencies of the United States should put rational criteria around. He's a madman and clearly the international pressure and statements from the UN are not going to work. Regards. I said this just and want to get your take on it today and that is the director of national intelligence you you know this area.

Here's my concern what I was in force and indicates what's the offramp what's neat. What's the way out. What is the way in which you can get the situation under control so that at the end of the day. He can claim some sort of victory is it no NATO ascension is that enough but I'm wondering and you were the day and I based on elements don't disclose anything honestly but based on your knowledge of this guy, Putin is not going to be enough if it Vladimir Zelinski says I'm not going to exceed American requests ascension into NATO. I hope one day about a rational discussion. I mean for you and I and offramp seems logical. It seems like maybe you could calculate you overreached and now you gotta save face. That is not going to happen with Vladimir. He is, you know, let me just be very clear. He's in a different state, and he we cannot subscribe rationality to him if we could bill Burns who is the head of the CIA and who was ambassador to Russia would have been able to somehow maneuver this before they we we saw plenty war unfold, but were not dealing with a rational actor and that's the whole scary part here. I asked this question to Congressman Wilson when asked this question to him.

I'm not asking for prediction. I want to see the look I've said this before Ukraine is got its own internal problems and has had its own internal problems. They have oligarchs there is corruption, there's all kind of problems with the people trying to live in.

The people in the towns and villages are working and they just wanted to go along with their lives and feed their families and educate their kids and was pleased that there were some government reforms look like it was happening slowly but this was not a stable.

Let's be honest was in a stable country. Having said that, I'm looking at the situation, trying to figure out is that you try to figure out the offramp if the offramp for Putin as he has to take control put a puppet government in their then what happens is the military escalation becomes very very significant in the next 24 to 72 hours, which is what the intelligence agencies are now saying well also be very clear that that the case Zelinski is your target and that data will be an incredible bad move on his part. He doesn't realize that he is ostracized forever from the international community had never seen the Europeans make such a flip so fast. But J, I want to make a warning here and that you know our news media are all in Ukraine giving us incredible stories and no one with a heart can look at the situation not want to respond give money or power eight or push their government to do something. But you know what all those media went to the Congo next week and start telling us the stories of the condo we did calling for no-fly zones in the Congo. My question is when do our policymakers put America first. We have to make decisions on what's best for the national security, safety of Americans and you know what is that what is the best for the Americans to put America first.

What's the best thing we should be doing what's the best outcome only minutes left. I have to say that there are terrible and really terrible choices because of Joe Biden that would be to completely replace this White House and diplomatic team and what somebody else and they put us in this terrible situation. What we have to answer questions like this, like, what now, after all of this time we would be in the situation of Donald Trump was in office. But I have to say I am against a no-fly zone. I'm against them to escalate this with the Russians by if they cross at the Russians and crosses into NATO member country.

Article 5 must be enforced and that that's a redline that we cannot back away from this wing were three months I disagree with this is where this linking everyone straight missile and you could have a mess. I really appreciate your analysis is always there sometimes and not having your team to analyze. This is very very helpful are members appreciated. We thank you, really enjoyed coming up in just a few minutes by Secretary of State Mike on embarrassing accounts for global affairs with the ACLJ we have these experts, we have these experts because of your score. The ACLJ but join our team at the ACLJ the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ challenge for every dollar you donate $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you and your family.

You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is J secular got a lot done, but we were joined by Congressman Walt. We just finished up our interview with our senior advisor for global affairs and that is that international security issues Rick Cornell and in the next segment were to be joined by the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will talk about. Obviously Ukraine. There's a historical moment here and I want to get a decent price on this Vladimir Zelinski that we have any of the speech out of rehab because it was translatable. Check to see if we do, where he gave a speech was very Churchill SPE utilized some of the same phrases that we will fight them in the air.

We will fight them in the season famous speech got a huge standing ovation. I looked at and said great speech. Great reaction. Very dangerous time very dangerous at times patient historically was because of a very dangerous time and I mean it was on the eve of the possibility of a Nazi invasion of Britain and Hitler and the Churchill stepped up to the plate and saved it Western civilization. In my opinion, Zelinski is trying to do the same thing in his appeal to the British House of Commons yesterday. You know, usually applause are not permitted in the House of Commons is a rare occasion when the speaker will allow applause in the House of Commons usually hear them say here here when they're in favor of something, but Zelinski very deftly and appropriately took phrases from Churchill's speeches.

That is J was alluding to. We will fight them on the bridges will five of the roads he knew exactly what he was doing. Because Britain is a very history conscious nation. Remember the war was fought there on British soil in the Battle of Britain in the 1940s okay and he knew exactly what he was doing and he elicited a standing ovation because his country is under attack and the British supported him. But this also means J that we are at the crossroads of what could escalate into a huge conflagration.

Well, that's where this whole issue of Poland changing the deal of the other state was posing relations based Ukraine Ukrainians would fly them in to attend to their air stations in the polls without telling the United States before the worship in the United States to Riverside Air Force Base. You deal with the mayor and then you decide other deployed which puts us in direct conflict with the Russians. Here's a problem one Eric missile one errant move on a civilian target in a NATO country, and you literally can start a global conflict so we need to figure out what are the de-escalation points in this to figure out the way out so when I do a case.

I always look for with the not by my whole position. What's the offramp silver Vladimir Putin. The plan was, I was in the market Ukraine and 40 hours, I had your great don't think of myself in Vladimir Putin been there for 13 days is not going great. I lost a lot of soldiers it's it's it's a bloodied mass hitting civilians I'm losing world support I got problems here. There are some real issues on having what's my exit ramp Zelinski yesterday to get a lot of attention. Said well we may agree to not sink ascension into NATO now would that be enough, and he would go back and pull troops out. I don't know would be the Crimea is permanently seated over Russia nothing to do this. I'm describing what is the offramp.

Vladimir Putin was a possible offramp would be a commitment in writing and enshrined in their constitution and again I'm not advocating this, but I'm saying is it possible offramp that Ukraine will not seek accession to the European community or to NATO the concession of the dumbbells region which is essentially taken over, and then taking over Crimea, but will Putin accept this or does he want to hold enchilada as we say and he may indeed want to have them swallow Ukraine and Moldova before it's over.

We don't know if you want your social media stations allowed you on rumble and we appreciate that at some proper place to go book YouTube as well share this with your friends coming up the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the guy that sat next to Putin was negotiated with Vladimir Putin and all the Russian leaders are talking about. Mike Pompeo was been in the room negotiating is on-site on all of this in all of this can happen because you support the work of the ACLJ records are matching donation. It's tax-deductible whatever you don't reimagine your poor back normal American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life and the court seen in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help the way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Powering the right question for you/your right to it. We are joined by our senior counsel, global affairs, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mike, I want to believe that a questionable coupler gets you want to send the room with this guy with Vladimir Putin is 13 days into this warrior hasn't taken keep yet trying getting closer is not done. These troops have not performed well I'm trying to figure out do you sense there is any offramp for him to stop this aggression, whether it's God's lives you mentioned yesterday that he's in Oakville. Consider not ascending, not requesting ascension into NATO. Is there offramp or Vladimir Putin that he is willing to take you think you been in that room with them longer this goes on the left effect of his military proved to be the more you feel like you would like to buy team told him about.

We conducted out in a week.

He will cut you will come to see to that the West has united good for good for everyone who stepped up and bustling Ukraine people actually defending their own nation waiflike PT almost certainly didn't test. I'm sure he's going to be looking for an out but he knows this to Jay he knows at this point, but there's no back requirement is so much blood in his hands. What is done.

The atrocity that have been committed under his orders are such a level there so egregious you can. You cannot imagine them big back in the Jeep that the back of the G 20 invited anywhere.

He will be a pariah and for that reason. My senses are you going to demand an awful lot before he called off the dogs of war look like this look like a new government in Ukraine looks like what is your objective was, which was to gain political control in Ukraine, whether that with the current leadership at end with his guys really pull it all the strings are completely new leadership probably immaterial. In the end what he has what he wanted for a long time at the capacity to say I restore the greater ex-Russian Empire. I'm not controlling the huge piece of real estate which is granted this is not a small country and I think that's his ultimate objective is to stay at that until one of two things happens what he either achieves it or second he no longer have the combat force capable of actually delivering the ultimate solution so he is either going to achieve this, or is a lot of Russians voted in the diatribe you as you do a lot of slot appear before the national criminal court and three different times, which is unusual for American lawyer representing US interests representing Israeli assistant in various cases. But I'm thinking now that the war crimes that they have been trying to put forward but it sounds like you all the other work. I'm sure is adjudicating body here. Probably not.

That's reality. So then you look at this move with the aircraft: says will send over the mix well. Then XA will send over the megs, but not directly Ukraine. We want to send frames then ran Stein Air Force Base, which is U.S. Air Force mail database controlled by nine states, and then United States you can retrofit them, get them ready and you can have Ukrainian pilots come over and take them out of ran Stein dangerous or not for the United States to do that in a way forward here today. We talked about maybe two weeks ago about the thing was just beginning to become clear so much work you have been done so many months ago. All of these things could have been done in a quiet way, in a soft way, where there was less risk now. It highlighted it on the news everywhere. It could be very good watch U.S. Air Force officers way the airplane off the exit ramp and has created an enormous amount of risk attended by the skills incredibly threatened that there has to be a way to get this hardware to the Ukrainians a little bit more complicated that it sounds like at alert by the particular. There probably more to it. You gotta make sure you get your script or computer all the things that go into actually delivering yet it could talk to each other that the hard work and jump in but this is something that deeply within the agency and capacity United States America and we ought to be doing and whether there are talking services. They work collaboratively something more open like the polls been talking about Pres. Biden announced that he was going to ban oil and gas imports must be said that our European partners cannot do the same so they you failed to secure coalition. What does actually do this do anything to put as this was just the right move.

Maddening we we warned them years ago.

This would be the situation being dependent on this energy would put them at risk were now living. So I guess it's not the right kind that told you so but but it does spend left to the United States as we move forward about our dependency on others for energy as well.

We should all think through that very carefully thought out about that about that boy.

We we warned you and that other than to remind there's there's a deep national security implication indeed to be in addition to the economic ramifications of not having American energy look but betting ratios the right thing to do with as a moral matter what we saw this in the trust administration.

If you're not prepared to put secondary sanctions. That is to make sure that no one else can buy the oil either. It doesn't have a significant impact of the Russians will find other markets and must backdate this note can't go there last thing to say on this is that we did that and there's a piece of the Wall Street Journal. I think today five of Frank Fanon. He was my assistant secretary for energy and he talked about how we manage this, we were we took 3 million barrels a day at the park between Venezuela and Iraq and oil prices fell and we do that we pull all that oil helps the market price that we did it because we had American drilling drilling drilling at home. We had our friends and allies in Saudi Arabia and other places that produce crude oil that you gotta go help South Koreans the Japanese who need access to your product. We did that diplomatically.

We had a full on campaign to make sure. Not only that states with the whole world had the energy that needed these folks just shot themselves in the foot they destroyed the relationships of the Middle East allocated get a phone call returned. This does not bode well. This is the diplomatic malpractice to say the least and the American people are going to pay the price for that. Economically, he now driving the car is called a call from the President's. That's pretty amazing so you just in timeline you call me nine states recognize Taiwan as a free sovereign country what it personal power.

The Taiwanese reacting to what's going on with Putin in Russia and in Ukraine heartened by the fact that Ukrainian people event the couple against essentially a communist built military machine to give them give them some idea that maybe that attorney, the parties military is implied. It was the thought that built up to date. But more than that. They are big. The that the United States was late to the game and they're worried that in defending them and letting the support that they need to defend himself, but do not speculate to the game as well as one of the reasons I wanted to go Wednesday.

Remind them that the United States could be a great security partner for them.

One of the things that I believe we now need to do in light of this as being in the my sheet-metal is direct, you can see that when Ukraine so we ought to do the common sense thing, everyone. Everyone acknowledges there's not American political leader or anyone with any common sense. He says that Taiwan is actually part of the Chinese cognitive parties mainland. We ought to just simply take the simple step of thing able to recognize and repetitive degradation and then and then provide the Taiwanese intelligence capabilities. They need the military capabilities that need so that they can prepare for solid defense so that she's thinking will be deterred from what Vladimir Putin did in Ukraine. Finally last question involves the Iran nuclear deal that we find out that the Russians are basically our go-between which is incredibly some about to sanction Russia what were about to take off sanctions on Iran and the Iranians are bragging as are the Russians that they outmaneuvered and not negotiated United States in this deal. You are the Israeli military leadership today or frankly the military leadership in the emirate Saudi Arabia or any of the Arab nations that have had to confront the she a theocrat, Iran.

If you have your your unhappy if you have the law or your the human you are thrilled and if you're in the rush of the ratings in the Chinese you are chuckling that you have will be American. The deal that puts the West. All of us at risk. It is so disheartening to see what appears to be a shorter deal a week or deal with even less verification and by 2031, a pathway which would I have as much rich material as they wanted it incomprehensible to me. I hope they reconsider. And I hope that that I guess my only hope is perhaps the committee will reject this bill as well like they may want to deal. Scott also appreciated secretary was always, thanks for being with us you know and tell you this. You look at the situation with Iran and Andy we know they are the largest state sponsor of terror in the world right and were removing sanctions off of them and putting them onto Russia. Not that we shouldn't make so much. I agree with that but to take it off of the Iranians. Well, it's just with the secretary Pompeo said this is diplomatic malpractice in the extreme to be in a position where you are using a adversary like the Russians to negotiate on your behalf. Think about that in a deal that would give the Iranians billions of dollars of money in exchange for really nothing but possibly buying oil from them instead of doing what secretary Pompeo said drill, drill, drill, and I mean in the United States.

Well, here's what you got little time to play upon the point. We come back and that is look at his front, establish the old USSR was like ourselves from. Can we get an offer and we maybe think about that wisher we have one, as we said plan, but this is this complex stuff work will play nine dimensional chess here with the world waiting your support of the ACLJ allows us to give you this analyst announces broadcast on the air engages issues in Washington and around the globe including the UN support the work of the ACLJ ACLJ.only one.

A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, freeing our publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn, called mission will show you how you are personally sealed/American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life and the court seat in Congress.

ACLJ for that.

We are grateful to others in a way becomes 100 constitutional and 684-3110 is a number that's 800-684-3110, what Smith is doing his work on the phones again 800-684-3110 Pete is been holding Peter on their possible off ramps for food in the committee simply stops and takes his army back home.

I way the Ukrainians would give me satisfaction act out of that. It would seem like there's so much destruction it brought already that there's really nothing that could have been positive. If you were to take his troops to leave for Ukraine. Let me be clear, Alice Col. Smith this if the Russians decided this wasn't going well enough and even though there's been a lot of destruction, a lot of loss of life or medicines.

The Russians were to pack up and leave and go back to Russia. I think that's a win that is absolutely. I don't think it's likely know, that's the link sees his goal. He wants that to happen. Forget reparations.

Forget about immediately how you rebuild the country.

Here's the thing that's interesting about the subject military strength and political will that is the key to deterrence. If you have a strong military and the geopolitical neighborhood and your enemies believe you're willing to use it. No one wants to pick a fight with you. What is happened with this whole deterrent issue J is that it has turned the tables. Now he is deterring us instead of us deterring him.

So here's the intro this an interesting comment from William Burns, CIA director, take a listen to this. Number 24 is determined to dominate and control Ukraine to shape its orientation.

He's been stewing in a combustible combination of grievance and ambition for many years but Andy, you talked about this historically this is back more than many years. So yeah, I mean that I agree with with Amb. Burns is a statement this is not anything new. Putin is looking to restore the Russian Empire under the czarist regime that was established by his namesake. They Prince Vladimir, and this goes back to the 10th century, 988 with the Christianization of the rules and their baptism and acceptance of Christianity don't think that the Russian Orthodox Church. The official church is not behind Putin there behind boot know hundred percent in this because they work with the Russians became baptized when and where in Kenya have in the caves of KF and he sees this as part of the historical Russian Empire and he wants it back. I don't think he's going to retreat J and I don't think so either. It now the question is, is an offramp, so let's West Auckland offramp is the Ukraine statement yesterday from Zelinski that they would consider not seeking Ascension into NATO.

Is that enough of an offramp for pollutant or is he committed to the territorial game. I think that is enough of an offramp in the short-term, long-term.

I don't think is a fixed point to the University shorter if if that would cause a transport. Yes, I what I think that's a possible offramp for him.

For now, however, my concern is going forward since 2008. This is his third invasion Prince third invasion.

So going down the road you look at the other three former Soviet republics that are now part of NATO you look at Poland. I think his desire in his ambition is going to come into play again but for now I'm putting the next year to three years. I think if you think it also Zelinski said tomorrow a mechanistic matter what he complained of, but he said yesterday.

Yes, I think his desire is to take all of Ukraine but he's been humiliated. His troops are suffering to estimate between 45,000 Russian soldiers were dead, I think temporarily. He backs off argument in maybe I tend to think he is so committed to this and then I can serve in the military side. Wes's judgment on this better than mine, but I think he so committed to this politically. That is, say, facing faith, saving measure here may be something more like this heat they put in their constitution and I can seek NATO membership. They can see that Crimea is part of Russia. The two done boss regions are now part of not just separate but part of the Russian country. Maybe that doesn't. I don't know why would include those think Jack forgot to mention that Abdullah okay yeah maybe it's like he screwed Jenny's feels like he got territory that he has some security on the other hand, I think it's equally plausible that he just options we haven't seen the full Russian military might have with no absolutely not. He is pulling his punches a bit of it or not. So we seem to have we seen the full force of the Russian Air Force bus. No, absolutely not. And it is a very very large Air Force one cannot Air Force due to Ukraine. They can go in they can establish air superiority. They have not done that which is curiosity because they have they needed it. That's what I exactly, but they can do that and then they can all use it. They can use Air Force to to select targets and devastate whatever part of Ukraine. They want to devastate. They can also knock other infrastructure. They can basically do a siege combining air and ground forces, and they can starve Ukraine into submission and I think ultimately that may be what is tactic will be evident. Zelinski just sends us out okay this is where I want to take you back a little bit. I know little bit about Ukraine because I have of impeachment involving okay I am I think Zelinski's done a great job.

I think your speeches have been great.

The people of Ukraine as are most of the people Russian good people. These are not stable governments. These are not non-corrupt this corruption in Ukraine their oligarchs in UK but what that does not excuse at all. Vladimir Putin is doing to the people of Ukraine. Okay, but let's let's know what were dealing with.

I think war crimes have been committed.

I'm not sure the ICC is the adjudicating body, but this is business, which is confirmed. This is just confirmed.

Zelinski said consultations with European Union partners continue talked with at the European Council President discuss sanctions against Russian aggressor. The need for coordinated pressure on Russia to ensure the security of civilian support for the Ukraine in our struggle and Ukraine's membership in the European union Andy well of course that is not what Vladimir Putin that's not acceptance of that's not an active consider of conciliation or reconciliation. Let let them become a member.

Now remember the European Parliament, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly hundred and 13 votes to 17 to recommend that candidature Ukraine, but that only happens by a vote of the EU member countries, but this 20 does not sound like a person who is prepared to reconcile, and to cut a deal with food.

So then Wes you got the Poland same were to send them eggs and then we find out what the sender makes but I want to send to our base and ramp sign in Germany. They just very dangerous and and is not the way to do it as the Pentagon is said yesterday is not tenable. Poland does not need a middle man on this deal.

They had one they do, but as a sovereign nation.

They have to make the call.

And of course as you not discussed at the risk it if Poland were to do that. Does Russia then attacked Poland, which invokes article 5 of NATO and were still in a larger war, and will exactly.

So this is so Poland may be right to not send them directly, but that doesn't mean it's right for the United States to send them this very complicate evokes nine dimensional just try to break it down for I don't want to happen between today and tomorrow like you and praying for peace and bring to the people Ukraine complaint for people Russia.

This is not good for anybody we had on a friend of ours who was is a well-known Ukrainian musician who also is in a band that's mostly Russian people in the report and heart when it would happen with these kids is horrible but we this is failure policy on a global scale and we got a praise if we don't enough in World War III with all this fabulous pray for, pray for the leaders of these countries that got heart. The king is in the hands of God does not forget that lesson is so pleasant over the broadcasting and support the work of ACLJ were matching challenge campaign just over If your neighbor social media application would certainly prepare for the mobile arena were not to be censored when were on the air. Make sure your liking, your error or subscribing to the various feeds will talk to you next. The American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 and $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. You forgive today online

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