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The State of the Union is Chaos

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 1, 2022 4:15 pm

The State of the Union is Chaos

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 1, 2022 4:15 pm

Tonight's a big night for President Biden as he prepares to address our nation. His poll numbers are in the tank – anywhere from 40% approval to 35% approval – and these are coming from left-leaning networks. Let's be honest folks, the State of the Union? It's chaos. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Let's be honest folks stated the Union's chaos is what I hear from you today major knife present buying tonight's poll numbers are taken anywhere between only 40% approval to 35% approval in the looks of the lowest balls and latest polls. Those are coming out of the ABC News Washington Post. Conservative posters as so he knows his polls are in the take I knows the people of a lot of issues domestically still coming at a covert, not really declaring victory over that yet. And of course inflation hitting our country at which is being which is just all of these issues are being magnified by a war in Europe so a lot to address. Tonight is not just going to be speaking to the American people he should have to address the world. That includes Vladimir Putin that includes Ukrainian people. The Russian people. The year our European allies.

There's so much on the table in a time when it is felt chaotic at home and it certainly feels chaotic abroad and again you Lisa called Donald Trump. The chaos present except for was at war in Europe that and and who's the real chaos present at the present by an S that that situation is.

He's got us into these terrible situations is even the a lot of commentators of said potent up against the wall so that he's got limited options.

It is only option is to further escalate the conflict in Ukrainian so there's a lot to address.

Tonight the state of the union from a President whose speeches have not have been underwhelming to say the least well and there's a lot of NUG so there's a lot of issues now. The one thing that we're going to get into here or as a number of issues working to get into what is happening in Washington right now there is transit there are three Democratic members of Congress that are going to respond to the Democratic President United States speech is not to say what a great job he did okay these are decent people in conflict with the leader of their own party. The President of the United States and never happen under the previous administration, and then you have a group of sensors that are also than respond in the course of the Republican response to all of that's going on were to talk about the major issues that we see election integrity is a big issue right now. I'm a new, worsening polls on the seatback and others at this is the biggest wording talk about that in this broadcast because both Republicans and Democrats use the word election integrity, but they mean to very very different things and working to get into that on this broadcast you and share this be with your friends after watching our anywhere social media platforms. We encourage you to do it. Were also going to get into this look there is doing propaganda coming out of both sides in Ukraine. Now, what did he is.

He's instigated warriors violated the lower laws of war law is a bomb conflict. He is violating the charters of the international criminal court its acts of aggression, Ukraine is valiantly trying to defend themselves, and I think they may a lot of credit but we have to as the third party. That's what we are here look at this very objectively. So when we get into this. There's a lot of discussion Republicans and Democrats about a no-fly zone, folks. When we look at it with our expertise is lawyers a deal with international law. Law of war.

This could be an act of provocation if they did this mean adjusted clear it really preferred by a no-fly zone means either NATO probably US pilots or US EOF 35's and other fighter jets engaging directly with Russian fighter jets and surface-to-air missiles and likely that means one week before shooting down Russian aircraft and they be shooting down ours. So that's war that's boots on the ground that it's not technically the ground but that is war.

And so when people throw that word around. It sounds nice. Let's create the no-fly zone but to do that you are engaging the conflict. So whether you want to save boots on the ground and not it is US pilots going fighter will support that I'd like to know you will give us a call one 864 3110 you want a US pilots and dog fights with Russians coming right out of the movies of the 80s and 90s reliving it again today if that's something that I mean to get he's got a lot. He could be denouncing these kind of things tonight state give us a call 1-800-684-3110 will be right back. The American Center for Law and just before engaging in coalitions at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom to those who support for that way challenge terms $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus actions the care means to serve the many ways your membership is/is the state of the union tonight. Obviously a lot for Pres. Biden to address speculations. This is the biggest stage. The President gets to address the nation but also at this time is addressing the world.

That's not always the case, but it is with you of war in Europe that is escalating by the hour.

As the destruction Ukraine and the strategy by the Russians to a scorched earth that had a plan, which is what they've done in the past few look at Georgia with a rate if you look at Crimea. If you look at Grozny in Chechnya they went. They went in and flattened it in and they rebuilt it from there. That so that is part of the strategy you start to see much more explosions in major cities in Ukraine. We will be on the phones at 1-800-684-3110. A lot of people call and will start with Robert and Marilyn online one a Robert Ya hi Jordan I just wanted applicable to Butte Pres. Biden in the U.S. Congress are going to a pool of lethal defensive military hardware to the Ukrainian dock on the fourth of help them to repel the Russian invasion date they have additions to under the trust administration that started and about Obama ministration they would not do Obama would not even with the with the annexation of Crimea by food, but under the trust administration wishes it was at some conflict with Ukraine. They still provided to lethal weapon so it started their inward start. We seen an increase. So the US is pledge another 350 million. I was seated also European partners and there is a way in right now to Ukraine is through Western Ukraine on the Polish kind of border that is pretty safe to get that in right now.

Right now, you and the problem there is in this is that the reason weapons really that these are these are shoulder fired weapon is feeling sending a melodically you look the Europeans are set in a situation where they got a war that they haven't seen since World War II in Europe.

This is a European war and was ingesting yesterday Pres. Zelinski tried to really force the European Parliament to prove the ascension of Ukraine to the EU immediately which they did not do, and they did not do because there's issues of corruption. There's issues of governance. There's issues of democratic principles that are still an issue in Ukraine. Having said that his door and said you could get munitions in right now basically true: that's where the risk in my view of the conflict with the NATO countries. If the Russians view that I'm not saying don't do it. But if the Russians view that as a threat coming at everything and certainly they can start with their air targeting those areas. Not like to say something, because the Russian military is out there on the ground, but certainly they have the airpower to if they think there's to go to the concert targeting those weapons increase. But what we seen is the second largest city in Ukraine is being pummeled at the word being used car thief so that that the scorched earth policy has begun.

The second level is with whoever this huge convoy. If it does arrive, and let me tell you I think that that is a also a strategic move by Putin because the world is looking at it say well we can we can all bomb that right all of us could take that convoy out. There's multiple countries. It is the sitting duck target right so he's kind of tempting saying are you going to or you let me roll right into Kyiv and and pummel you start to see buildings be totally wiped out. It's not agent it is different, more than was of even Brownsville yet so technical yet Pamela in Texas online to a panel wondering where you groundswell people for our energy independent.

I'm very concerned. I hear you, Congress spoke groundswell that I need for energy independent by Cantley Crystal Diane heal from our enemy. I just can't believe it will from Russia. You know this is this election has consequences issue. They are obviously the Republicans in the previous administration goddess energy independent and degree new Deal Democrats and the left is of the Biden of the of the Democrat party is opposed all these ideas. So while there there would have to be a grassroots is your timeout have a groundswell for the American people and some mind changing. I don't know how bad it has to get but I think they actually like to see the more gas is expensive.

The board in their ideas here to support these alternative energy all their friends, product projects and you'll see them supporting that because you see that this is not sustainable.

Even though we do have the resources I think is the number one issue. The Pres. Biden has to address tonight because it's a solvable issue if he is willing to take the political battle on not amongst Republicans, but his own party and family are watching the broadcast right now and rumble ship Yep she is rotten and robust right okay yeah call you back to the phones we go was go to Michelle in Texas on my three hey Michelle, you're on the think that we will be going to war with any one the people that are and number can we not rush to get by with will appreciate you calling presented that's not the I think putting US troops were NATO troops in direct conflict with Russia will create a scenario where we could be looking at literally World War III okay because you can and if China joins conflict, backing up rush so I appreciate the call but I want anybody to think this through right and I think this is a European fight in the Europeans may be stepping up there kind of stepping up and I think this is where the propaganda on all sides. You gotta be very careful what we're hearing you put US troops here for time, but the snow flies only when the broadcast is very dangerous because the risk of provocation is one thing but then the escalation point is something else. In these things can quickly listen, it can escalate out of control just with what's going on right now you get one missile going off-line and into Poland and it's a NATO member may exercise article 5, you can have all, the whole scenario, there so we have to be cautious due to the problem here was we did not put on the crippling sanctions until after the war scoop start sanctions after they attack you, not because of present.

Biden was able to convince the world) and the US can't do this alone. We can do a lot, but when it comes to a leader like Putin who is still not really cut off from the world because guess what is oil and gas industry that sanctioned right so we think that all other banks are in functioning of this that that hurts the people in Russia. This would doesn't hurt Putin and his allies because they're still able to sell the gas legally.

So while they're doing this to Ukrainians and flattening the country they are able to sell the gas and oil to the world without restriction and I think at that again and we expect to prevent the collar for is this idea that we need to get the world energy independent that that is a major shift, not just in the US but in the world thinking because of the left has been so strong in this portion of global warming at but you know when you're in emergency situations you need me to energy independent.

There was a you a document that came out last night I sent it to everybody. We work from still gluing works of us is about 7 o'clock at night around two of the day starts with a start looking. What can be the news for Morrow so we could be current with you on the broadcast and was a document when I don't have it handy here, but it was basically you know, because of the height nuclear concerns of something were to happen. You had to go to a shelter. There were talk about while you go there you have your master covert is a 6 feet apart that viewed incoming nuclear weapons. I don't think that the top thing on your mind, but this is out of touch they are with this. I don't know far nuclear system should be alert to be raised. Run death, for right now, we've really gone to three with only Donna to acting twice a death come one mean something is imminent.

So for is where we are right now whether they should raise that or not. I don't know I don't have the intelligence on that but it just does that, but we are the height nuclear situation right now. Let's not kid ourselves in the United States either brushes got 500 nuclear weapons always aimed at the United States and we that we have the same or more, and our leaders are starting to announce that so there's this back-and-forth talk now between the Russians and the US government later saying well you know Putin can talk about all he wants.

Ours are always on alert and we got hundreds of them and ready to go giant ICBM Titan. The Titans missiles and we've also got our nuclear submarines. They are always on heightened alert, so they're ready to go.

A lot of talking essays. This bluster or not, but there is a concern that pollutant would be so backed into a corner that he can utilize a more tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine to show the world he's willing to press the button and that within change. I did all of this is Putin is trying to which is it she moved, trite.

He's seeing how much you get away with how far can he go without without stepping into a conflict with the US and NATO, and I think you can push the boundaries far as can we will see if tonight if this convoy that is now 40 miles long. According to our intelligence.

US intelligence if it is in fact loaded with weapons and they unleash on Keefe this evening or tomorrow, or as we get towards the weekend that is in a tell you a lot about what is actually happening. We are getting you to take photos 100-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 was continue to give the state of the union to take your phone calls I eat of.

Again, this is talk about the no fly zone would try to cut through it the least explain you what that means. Whether you supported or not it's war with Russia will get into that more and take your calls. Would you actually support the kind of action which is boots on the ground just in the air they be in direct they be to fight their job would be to shoot down Russian aircraft understand that this is a Russian aircraft.

Their job shoot down US aircraft. What is that it's war right back. Second, only one. A society can agree with the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, freeing our publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed actions care means to serve in many ways your membership abuse is a/the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that way challenge is $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and secular. What we are to your photos, 164 3110 second affair. We enjoyed lie by Rick Rendell, who is joining us from Albania so you be joy from. Again, another former Soviet bloc country and the NATO member who is right there and ate with his perspective on kind of how this is escalating so you don't miss that coming up is also March. It is our math beginning of a matching challenge where you support the ACLJ could double the impact your is the first day of the matching challenge runner email list. You will get notice of that.

But for those you may be new to us who want to rumble. Note this is part of what we do is the broadcast. But it's really extra small part because all the things we talk about. We actually are doing. We have attorneys working on government affairs experts working on a secret support our work this month and you if you donate like $25.

This is a regular kind of normal match that was crazy when you see the status of these messages where it's double the impacts of $25 if you donate with a group of builders in a match that. And so it's like a $50 donation ACLJ because you've got a take that initial step that initial action of donating to for the match to trigger so we encourage you if you want to support the work of a steel J it's a great month to do it so there's a lot of Berkeley codefendant very quickly here family had a win yesterday on the Roe versus Wade codification issue. So let's announce that that was some good news. Yet while all this was happening J, the first vote in the Senate took when he came back from research was on recess was to make Roe V Wade permanent law of the land, regardless what the Supreme Court does last night they took a vote on that. I J a bipartisan majority. Joe mansion crossed over a bipartisan majority of rejected that bill every single Republican, including Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins rejected that building a Joe mansion joined them and it was defeated by a majority said RJ. No matter how you cut this is a big win obviously with margins as small as they are in ramifications hard. You take the wind J you're not getting failing.

Great job and your team having the idea that that will greatly know that what they think is coming is overturned of Roe versus Wade or something very close to it. So what they're trying to do is position themselves to codify it and that failed she that bill would bipartisan support. Now this may a lot of talk tonight on the stating I suspect on election integrity and both sides talk about election integrity, Republicans, Democrats, everybody talks about election integrity. But Andy, election integrity means different things to different people right. It does, election integrity demand was an ACLJ means preserving an election consistent with what the law and the Constitution requires the voting rights act does not wholly displace the broad discretion of states to regulate, not through nondiscriminatory time, place and manner rules how elections are conducted so the states provide that it is the state legislatures, not federal judges, not state judges, not state governors, not state officials, not the Secretary of State but it is the legislature that bears the primary responsibility for setting election rules so thin, there is an attempt in Washington to load to penalize out as well. Absolutely Jade's been an ongoing one, and this actually is a perfect tie from the abortion vote because they're following the same strategy when you're losing on the state level, they just try to federalize everything J. Other than multiple bites of the sample from a federal level to federalize everything that Andy just talked about everything from registrations to polling times to whether or not you can harvest ballots, all of it J they want to bring to Washington DC. They have so far not succeeded in that. But when a state J. Ted has made an effort to shore up their elections in a number of states of dynamo who made the one that got the most attention was the state of Georgia.

When they passed a very mainstream state law to try to fix some of the problems that they saw in 2020 J that was immediately challenge and so at the ACLJ what we did is we went to the federal officials 57 members of Congress, including members of leadership Steve Scott Lisa Lisa stuff ionic among them, and filed in defense of that state law Jake you know honestly and III actually think that the law is a very good one in Georgia but even if you disagreed. You certainly don't want Washington DC telling Georgia or Texas or California or New York how to write their own laws that it that would be a surefire way to make sure you undermine election integrity saying ouch wanted let people that we've been working on the case in Georgia since August, 20, 21, we represent as members of Congress but also ill again making sure that it's clear an area I go back toward our blog.

They added more days to vote early or early voting in Georgia mean they tried to accommodate voters but still have election integrity. No one wants a repeat of the last election cycle where people lost faith, whether whether it was right or wrong, good portion of the American people lot people talk to.

Right now, a lot of us lost faith in whether we can trust the state election systems, assuming they were just added control utilize coven Jaws mail mail out ballots in all these may drop off boxes and kind of unregulated rules and rising Republican state secretaries of State and legislature learn their lesson. There which is they will if you enact those kind of new procedures will be utilized by the left and and that conservatives won't, but I just want you all the know we been in this fight since it started, and we others what the goal of this is to get back to a place where whoever wins with the American people except that that's how you have a functioning Democratic Republic if they have to country does. It doesn't matter if the left is all their crazy crazy you get a divided nation. We have a divided nation right now is half the country doesn't believe the current President won the election again whether you believe that or not.

We don't want to be there next cycle. That's why election integrity is critical in importing up on the screen right now for our audience is religious on either television or social media platforms. This is the brief that we filed in United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

That's because the United States America department Justice filed a suit against the state of Georgia. We filed an amicus brief representing 57 members of Congress all the Republican members of the Georgia delegation included in that and it's very rare Andy for the ACLJ to engage at a District Court level, but we thought this case was that important yesterday. What we are doing is actually looking at the line saying that this law was drafted, been passed by the Georgia legislature meets the constitutional requirements of the elections clause of the Constitution. Other words it's constitutional and that's why we entered the trial court level, which is you said is rare for us but not unheard of, but we did it because it's important we believe in voter integrity. We oppose discrimination and racism in any form and this rule of law allows absentee ballots and gives two additional days of early voting Saturday and Sunday. It expands the hours of voting and it requires IDs well let me tell you something on IDs in order to get into the Atty. Gen.'s office in Washington you have to have an ID to get to the Supreme Court. You have to have an ID to get on the airplane. You have to have an ID to get into a facility that is gonna run by the government and whatever that might be like a federal courthouse.

You have to have an ID so to turn that into arrangement right religion is a racial argument is ridiculous. The reality is, is the law constitutional or not. We have looked at it in our view, the law is constitutional. And that's why we are defending it at the trial court stay which we just brought to the Court of Appeals and into the Supreme Court of the United States, folks.

This is why the American Center for Law and Justice exist. We give you the information on all this, but we actually have lawyers involved in this, or government affairs people like man's support the work of the ACLJ's door and sit where the matching challenge campaign. Great time for you engage is right support our and this is what really full-time donate $10 new to the organization you like our work you like this broadcast. You will get more involved donor will match that.

So it's really good point out donation $10 in your part donation do it online throughout the entire month of March with a credit or get later into the month is very critical for us at the ACLJ is missing 22] second coming of the American Center for law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be managed. $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular, and secular. We are to your photos to 164 30 what's it's a big day for the nation was. I mean, I know that all is not real excited to hear Joe by speaker should be applauded by one side and in public if it also is just as not been very compelling or clear but this issue tonight for our country take aside Joe Biden are present is addressing not just us. That's first and foremost yes the American people with a lot of concerns her own country. But there's also war in Europe. She look at the divided nation nuclear economy look at inflation are you look at the debates going on in an anarchic country where his priorities are versus where half the effort the country parties are plus war in Europe. Please that's could be addressing us to be addressing the world is a be addressing Vladimir Putin, the Russian people. Ukrainian people are European allies and the Chinese is quite a task for a President who has not been very exciting or uniting when he speaks know you hundred percent correct. We got great calls coming in at 164 3110 and we designed this program were taken throughout the broadcast. Let's go ahead and take him Scott's call from succulent Scott Walker broadcaster on the M stain you served in the military for 22 years in the Army and you're listening on Sirius XM that's great with her and make right now is putting American soldiers under NATO consultant that we've never done any good on a date when they given NATO go about and ignite NATO commanders are not always Americans oftentimes non-Americans actually sell you your concern about the whole NATO situation. I just think Jordan, that is the that's the when you're in war things happen and interesting breaking news development.

Right now, which often gets you to the edge of war. This is to get you to the edge of war, the EU, which is not NATO this year. Economic union not a military union has just like an emergency vote accepted Ukraine as a November now that doesn't trigger war necessarily, but certainly if you allow them into your economic partnership part of the European Union you're getting closer and closer say you had to fit in an unwarranted and economic another year. AMI may vote yes it it and they weren't going to yesterday but listen, here's what your bike think is it will get some of our credited to you. They are well because I think what they're hoping is that they can put enough pressure on the European countries may be compelled to have military armaments available to me and I think the Germans are realizing that now they were part of Russia. The clue concerns me this Putin on the brink of something. The problem is done necessarily take Putin takes one of his generals, and now you got there interviewed the ascension of of Ukraine into the European Union as an act of provocation, absolutely. And it innocence it is because let me tell you if this wasn't going on. The European Union was not ready to accept Ukraine was to corrupt. With this model might not try to be dead. Is there a lot of people in Ukraine were bravely active the Prez. Ukraine is bravely acting. Let's put the side he puts his political opponents in jail to shut down media outlets that are critical. His government also is not as strong a spoon.

I think he's try to stand up for the basic rights of his country and everybody supports that they support Ukrainian people but but by taking this move, I think Europe also pushes us closer to conflict because were the hammer.

We talked with Patrick yesterday.

They have no military's these countries. Now we have got anything back on the blending that is sizable enough to take on a Russian military guess is that we country the world is theirs.

The Russians as the Americans is Chinese is the is the soup does the depth that had Zielinski just tweeted that he had a conversation with the present United States, the American leadership on anti-Russian sanctions and the princesses that Ukraine was discussed. We must stop the aggressor if it is possible. Thank you for your support. Folks, this is quickly escalating and I think it is he would is going to quickly escalate.

We got Rick Cornell joining us next. He's part of the team here at the ACLJ senior global affairs advisor to well guess what I just talking about were engaged in these issues. Your support of the ACLJ critical right now would encourage you if you haven't donated a lot of new people watching on our rumblings of the other platforms and donate to the ACLJ. Any amount you donate were getting a matching it works tax-deductible back with more just a moment the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad defending religious freedom. Those who support for that way challenge comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice defending the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus is the cure means to serve the many ways your membership is/is happening right now so you get breaking news at the European Union they have accepted Ukraine as a member state of the of the EU. They voted to accept that after the wasn't the speech by Ukrainian Pres. yesterday. This was, not ate the EU was not ready to do this, but other feeling compelled to do it this this would not have occurred, I can confidently's say is not occurred. If, but for the increase Russian aggression and that the Ukrainian people fought back yet. So now, now that it's not NATO. This is it economic partnership, but it certainly gets you closer and closer into other parties joining the conflict a legal right to recruit now nurse our senior vies for foreign policy security's former acting director of national intelligence, Rick a year in Albania right now with this breaking news about the EU are some of our concern is that, again, this is kind of pulling the world towards world war. Well, I think what denuded the European Parliament is saying hey let let's consider adding Ukraine now one thing of note is that the European Parliament also had led to Germany.

Don't build Norton string to it wasn't a very good idea number one thing that Americans need to understand, and I think the American media that a really terrible job of is that Europe is not just what Berlin and Paris says or thinks it's really much broader and we in America and then the American media are trapped into this idea that we just think that the EU in Europe in general is controlled by what Germany and France think and there's a healthy debate. There is a much larger debate going on within the EU. Remember the EU now #because it breaks it, and now they're looking at the borders being rewritten in Europe and that scares a lot of European members, especially the Eastern European members and that's what you're seeing that right now with their speaking out today and wait a minute were the ones who live close to Russia left to be united the European Parliament you Europe in general. There are men there some countries that are members of what we would pay Europe, but they're not membership of the year. What European Parliament so this is real life what's happening in many countries are nervous as to the authentic nature of the Russian stock here that the administration still said you know they are not to support a no-fly zone that there is more talk by dippers on both sides of the aisle about the idea of a no-fly zone.

It will be to try to just educate our audience on is that is is what that would mean which is a that is a war that when you have to implement that because that's either NATO or US aircraft or mixture of both, whose job it would be is to shoot down Russian aircraft Russian air defenses would be ported at US and NATO forces so it might not technically be boots on the ground but it is first, it is boots on the credit would be if if these numbers are Congress get their way. It would be the US entering the conflict needed, had it not both on the ground, but certainly going to be led by American that's what you want. I would say that we should be very cautious. I would not report a no-fly on that America entering the conflict as you said exactly correct. Look, the reality is that it different this is a complicated issue, but we should be able to stand with Ukraine over Russia. But what if that means it needs for Americans is that we should've spent the last year really supporting the Ukrainians by allowing the Ukrainian government to buy weapons from the United States.

This is something that were seen in play out that the Ukrainian people are fighting hard for their own freedom.

That's exactly what we want and American to happen in a conflict is that you don't want America to come in and and just fight when the status in the country.

Don't we want to see on the front line people who are fighting for their own freedom. There cause and we can support them and we can sell them arms but I don't see a path where the Americans should be doing a no-fly and really risking American men and women right now.

That's not where we want to call Mrs. Galindo is calling from Texas Island and thank you for taking my call. I wanted to say that I agree with your completely on your analysis of the no-fly zone and was wondering what could we maybe shall Ukraine drones and let them employ grounds against Atlanta convoy use as some of the drone aircraft. They do have some aircraft remaining at me as he drove to probably be easier to deliver the actual aircraft, but people are concerned that the wind the area to get all these weapons are that all these countries are starting to authorize right now.

Rick is Western Ukraine which is the border with Poland, which is fairly open right now but it any point with with more Russians in Ukraine. I think you start targeting those convoys to of the of the convoys of the European and American supplies because they didn't get in before the conflict began before where I can move into the angry faith because we shouldn't be in this position as America let let's declare this would not be happy about pop up, but let's also be clear is that the American government under Joe Biden has spent the last year, literally, not helping the Ukrainian they they spent all last summer, not allowing the Ukrainian people to come to the United States for a meeting.

They delayed the meeting they delayed diplomacy date delayed sanction date delayed help to the Ukrainian government through military aid. Now were scrambling and this is my criticism of the Biden menstruation and everything seems to be last-minute shoot from the hip men at the map we saw that Afghanistan and we need it with other conflicts.

We are in this terrible position of watching the Russians move into Ukraine because Joe died midweek Joe Biden ill prepared. Joe Biden is too slow to react, Johnson, Missouri online to recount like your response. This webpage I spoke to secular Jesse Jackson on you to go ahead.

Just well thanks for taking my call. My question is you know you see everything that's happening with Ukraine in your heart goes out to what happened that one of the neighboring countries affected: decide to go in and fight alongside with the Ukrainians. Does that automatically get involved with that different did an article 5 NATO situation. If the country voluntarily decided they were attacked but they wanted to go sit in their truest that's not necessarily a triggering article 5 is an attack against one is attack against obligor Henrik about that. Exactly the case that if you know the Polish troops want to move in and help the Ukrainian somehow that would be much different than I want to point one thing out is that there's a big difference in my criteria for America and whether or not American men and women are to participate in a conflict. My criteria is.

Is there an immediate threat to the American national security.

My heart breaks at the caller just that my heart goes out my heartbreak that the description I join him. My heart breaks for what happening in the Congo for what happening in Guatemala my heartbreak constantly when I look around the world, but that is not the criteria to get American men and women involved. Wow if it was, we would be everywhere and that's kind of why we created the United Nations back 50+ years ago looked at the idea that you know nation come together to solve conflict and not the American government's responsibility is here.

If in fact the NATO member was attacked by Russian this conflict that you you look at the Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, do you think article 5 and comes in the complaint, there is called consensus which is unanimity and that we would then be compelled with Arnet with American forces with NATO and. Yeah, we would have to defend the NATO alliance that the NATO alliance breakdown, I pray, what would be next if there is no NATO alliance are not important than I think the entire world is sent a terrible message.

I think the Americans are going to have to lead a repot NATO country is attacked at the different store. I think we present Rick Canal Senior advisor global affairs calling from. So there you go with yesterday's affiliates's locket.

This shows you the depth of the American Center for Law and Justice, and the reach of the ACLJ&R European affiliates and our lawyers literally and government.

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What a Patricia hello, thank you for all that you and your team do every day home and around the world. You really do bring hope to during this time of great. I don't know if our military equipment that was collected and now being used by Russia against Ukraine and I don't know if it's being used.

Yet by the Russians, but with literally within the day that we left. The reports were that the Chinese already and they were already in Afghanistan reviewing all of the equipment that's my understanding.

I think that is correct and what's really important.

There, with respect to the Chinese and they may have shared this data with Russia is that they have looked at all or equipment to ascertain the weak spots with respect to that equipment and to the extent that the Ukrainians have American equipment and that makes them more vulnerable journalists talk about this EU move here. Your penis is just breaking news folks as were on so the EU has approved their status as a candidate. Ukraine is a member of the European Union had the rest of the process is kind of just like the forms and and once you make that step your base again after a minute, extension, and they should change. If the Ukrainians did something that they really disapproved up but here's why that's very unique one at all basis us of people I work with who are very pro-Ukraine. By the way, they will tell you, for the most corrupt countries in the world and not say that to pooh-pooh every everyday Americans who Ukrainians were fighting back against this aggression right now, but you have to know who you're getting involved with here so that that is why the US and NATO and the EU previously were concerned about sitting up too much money so much in many weapons exiting allowing them into these clubs because there corruption level is on the same level as Russian as to what's happened is I think Zielinski is in a very good job of this. He's heightened the awareness of what this attack is looking like he's made it a European problem, but summer rush is going to view this in my view and eat Russia will view this as an act of provocation and of course it is a minute to see it in that fashion because it may be necessary since the winds weren't really what it is giving a candidature status is virtually tantamount to admission is not in the granite raises serious questions. The oil question comes to the fore the question of who is there going to be a European war here.

Is there a military component of this that can be invoked by Ukraine to assume require you countries to come to military, those are all the issues that come up when you talk about something like this, Jane, Jordan, and it's the kinds of things that are now going to really be having to be seriously discussed but it focuses again on my absolute fear and that is Ruben have a European war break out because out this even really more proposed bill arriving on line 6. He built a small dog are there. They like about all I made a penny that I can like a question but is it okay for us to send weapons over there to help the Europeans help but Ukrainians of the post of boots on the ground as well as minorities and blankets to Ukraine to fight the prison front. There was an increase on the prisoner buying a prospect present Obama. They did not do that. They sent the joke was blankets but there's the questions of what we can do.

Here are relatively love European countries yesterday increase. Munitions what they were sending to Ukraine to fight this off. If this convoy is as big as they say it is will Megan eat everything they have and now with the ascension of the candidate status within the European Union input views.

This is a as a provoked provocation.

The next thing that can happen is is no flies on in the European Union. There is more an economic partnership every treaty, because the Treaty of Lisbon which is about EU countries when they face external threat at a mutual defense clause so there you go shopping. It walks you the European Union countries and bypasses dado into potential war.

That's a serious issue.

Jordan, you will get a summary of his or any other Lisbon invokes nuclear having skews me mutual defense obligations on the part of the parties, then you have a conflagration like breaking out folks yet we were to get more information will get a team on that this afternoon.

As it relates to that we talk about the no-fly zone. During the reign of the way to say no, no, no, not to do that that would be another provocation absolutely and the White House is not notable for its consistency in terms of foreign policy.

Remember it's the same White House. That said, we will not leave any Americans behind in Afghanistan so it's very likely or at least possible that the Biden administration could change its policy, but we cannot forget this would be an act of provocation, accepting the Ukraine in the EU. That's a provocation to poop and so this is illegal under international law course they have the right European Union had the right to recognize Ukraine is a candidate absolutely and no one is defending on this panel potent aggression at the same time, the imposition of a no-fly zone, a proposal which tracks with what globalist billionaires like Bill Ackman and George Soros has have said as well as House Republican member Ensminger. He is now saying we need a no-fly zone swat that essentially is an act of war, which could lead to a nuclear winter in the United States. So we better think long and hard about the implications of imposing a no-fly zone on Ukraine. I think also Jordan we will get into this Lisbon treaty and what it means, but you understand why the Ukrainians and why the print present Zielinski is seeking this because you got. If this information is correct that this 40 mile convoy of a munitions from rush is really on its way into the cave in your ear could be looking at annihilation of a whole city yeah and and the whole resistance will be done, whatever that may convoy it said what I think Zielinski is looking for is someone who will take the County area that would be the country that would say maybe voluntarily it wouldn't invoke dado because they haven't been fired upon, but they would say you know what would not allow this atrocity to occur in our backyard. So baby European country. They've all got fighter jet they could take it a sitting duck now. There's air defenses by Russia, doesn't mean you not your airplanes are to be shot at and you have to risk the life of your soldiers and pilots, but I think that is that that is what Zielinski's is hoping for is that he's convinced the world to Barnett combo and this is was assuming no I'm really apprehensive and I agree with Jordan's analysis on in the convoy is what is looking at anything and bearing down upon his capital city and he says, come and help me take it out. I will talk to our listeners that are listening on radio or whether in Facebook or YouTube or rumble wherever you might be hearing this All of this analysis comes to because were able to put this broadcast together. That's because you support the work of ACLJ we say working in a group of lawyers on the Lisbon treaty issue today that's been because of your support.

We have the lawyers and internationals that they can do that with Dr. Rick Cornell from Albania because he's a member. The ACLJ team. We had Patrick on yesterday some from Slovenia, Slovakia will get him involved in this Lisbon treaty is because he knows it is well there international all of this happens because you support the work of the ACLJ first day of her matching challenges. Today I want to start this month way ahead and make a donation online in any amount will be matched stacked deductible.

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