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Sen. Lindsey Graham On Air to Break Down Putin Tweet

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 4, 2022 4:21 pm

Sen. Lindsey Graham On Air to Break Down Putin Tweet

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 4, 2022 4:21 pm

You may have seen some sensational coverage over a tweet made by Senator Lindsey Graham yesterday. Today, he joins the Sekulow broadcast to explain his tweet and discuss Putin's war against Ukraine. This and more today on Sekulow.


Secular Sen. Lindsey Graham joins us live to break down his tweet on taking out land we are keeping you informed. Now we've got today.

We in the next broadcast joined by US Sen. Lindsey Graham, you might've seen his tweet.

You might've seen the news about his tweet last night.

Some people are misinterpreting it. We wanted to give an opportunity to talk about it, but also to talk directly to you about why he thinks is important you tweeted this is their Brutus and Russia were suffering through this Shakespeare play Julius Caesar where Brutus assassinates Caesar. Is there more successful critical Stauffenberg. He was part of a failed plot to kill Adolf Hitler in the Russian military. The only way this is this for somebody Russia to take this guy out, referring to Putin that saying has to be a by the way assassinated, but removed from power and notice he is saying it is Russians who would be doing this not Americans calling for the assassination of a world leader is very different. This is calling of the Russian people who are experiencing significant pain themselves economically was nothing like what people in Ukraine are experiencing physically and economically. They are especially their their top oligarchs. Oligarchs face that kind of pain. They got serious power and I think if there's no food there's no horn Ukraine will tell you this this whole situation in Ukraine. You can rest on the shoulders of Joe Biden that administration and there's a lot of reasons well get into that was an event I want to do a flashback with rubber case for Sec. defense had a memoir it was on face the nation.

He was asked by Margaret Brennan about Joe Biden's foreign policy decision-making and success. This is I opening folks share this with your friend Bob Gates, former Secretary of State, secular defense, take a listen memoir kill vital possible not to like quote. He's a man of integrity and capable of hiding what he really thinks one of those rare people you know you can turn to for help in a personal crisis still.

I think he's been wrong.

I nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades what he being effective. Commander-in-chief, I don't know. I don't know. I think I stand by that statement, he and I agreed on some key issues in the Obama administration we disagreed significantly on Afghanistan and some other issue. The vice President has some issues with the military. Somehow he would get along with the senior military and what that relationship would be I just think it would depend on the personalities of the time. Take away most important takeaways I agreed on some key issues in the Obama administration, but he said and he said I stand by my statement. That statement was he's been wrong on nearly every mage in part major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades, the claimant can go back like the Vietnam days and we are living with that as President by making those decisions now, and that's by one the birds of world war. We have a live report from Chuck from Kyiv as well were going to have to be joined by Rick Cornell of this broadcast.

Next up US Sen. Lindsey Graham. So again, this is a pact in show shareware you're watching you watching the broadcast on Facebook on rumble share this on YouTube with your friends and families impacted shall give you that live report from people that the live update consider Graham live with Rick Grenell from Serbia. You don't want to miss any of this broadcast coming up and support the work of the ACLJ official really does show that is more than just a news radio broadcast because we have the depth to get to consider Graham right after he said tweet LSI we are able to get somebody heave were able to go to Rick Grenell in former acting director of national intelligence and pastor Jeremy Wiley said Serbia is part of our team at the ACLJ, I would like some other reports working on two internationally as we speak baby at a poet so I the refugee crisis. There all on today's broadcast support the work of the ACLJ it's a matching challenge month of March double the impact of your donation the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad defending religious freedom. Those who support for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

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We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to as many ways your membership powering the right question for you/secular. We are joined by great friend of ours US sitter Lindsey Graham made a statement last night by Twitter it on Fox news is getting a lot of attention around the world Been a great friend of ours, and for a great friend of the ACLJ's for many many decades.

Sen. thanks for being with us before we get into the particulars of what you have Bob propose a list tweeted out. Let me ask you this. The situation right now in Ukraine. How do you view it and and how do you view that the instability now and read and read in the region, especially with his nuclear power plant apparently under control police forces well number one.

I think the cities in Ukraine are gonna start falling Ukrainians have been brave beyond my imagination. But the truth of the matter is there outgunned thus far in fighting the Russians, but the way to the Russian army will come to bear here, there will be a insurgency like you have seen before so this all will go on for years, Ukrainians are willing to fight to their death. God blessed Ukraine of what I said last night, I stand by the Russian people need to end this madness. The Russian people suffered undercoat for 20 years and the best way for this, and J is for the Russian people to take matters in our own hands and get rid of by any means necessary situation you got a lot of controversy yesterday.

Would you be looking at historically taking a leader like Hitler, the attempt on Hitler's life. Unfortunately, I say this unfortunately they were not successful.

Good was saved a lot of money my family members. For instance, from facing the Holocaust when you say that he gets a lot of attention. But the fact of the matter is what you're proposing is the Russian people react and there's never military. Lindsey is saying well that you know we were sent here under different pretenses.

At least that's what some of them are saying. That's just Ukraine pop propaganda but the leader here is making the decisions put in is making the decisions so I can't say it any better, just think how the world a bit different if somebody that could have successfully taken Hitler down.

They tried but that they also war crimes are being committed in front of you. I've been a military lawyer for all my adult life. The Geneva Convention is being violated daily. Using cluster bombs and vacuum bombs that are banned under the law or the military commanders are good candidates to be tried in international war tribunals. You carry out food disorders at your own peril.

What am I trying to do. I'm trying to let the Russian people know my thought is not with you. You're the victim as much is anybody else I am trying to get the Russian people to stand up to this the murderer to Steve and in this and all the way it's going to end anytime soon. It's for the Russian people to bring justice to potent all the sanctions have limitations all the talk and all the prayers are wonderful, but we need the Russian people. I'm not Inc. I'm not it. I don't want to invade Russia calling for that. I'm not calling for boots on the ground in the Ukraine. I'm calling for the Russian people to rise up and in the bed. Jordan is very important because it's a lot of people misinterpret debris just to tweets clearly enough in your references to Brutus, a Roman ads and to the Col. in Germany who tried to assassinate Hitler but failed you're talking about, not American assassination of a world leader but at the Russian people by whatever means assuming that's an arrest.

Whether that's is taking out a power any way to stop this horror that we are all sitting on unfold on live television and social media.

Jordan, you nailed it so rule the log. I believe in order. I believe in you making sure the streets are safe. You break into somebody's store, you go to jail attacked the cop you pay a price the world situation is the same for me as a war criminal, innovative sovereign country. I'm not asking for US boots on the ground in the Ukraine.

I think that's not what we need to be doing. I'm not asking us to intubate Russia and take care of ourselves. I am calling on a Russian spring.

I am calling on the people of Russia to rise up your future under Putin is very dark you'll never be able to be part of the family of nations.

You live in abject poverty. You have suffered more than anybody for very long time and I do believe this is the moment that history makes the moment in their people in Russia there is historical precedent for what I'm suggesting rise to the occasion and say thousands alive and Ukraine and save the dignity of your country. People can fix this are the Russian people easy to say hard to do unless you want to limit darkness from terrestrial life be isolated from the rest of the morning.

Abject poverty and limit darkness need to step up to the plate now here's the question is on very tight alert, because he knows that got opposition within his own leadership's opposition within the Russian people and these oligarchs Sen. are starting to turn on him so heartily. How do we make his situation worse than ours better so that Achilles heal of the Russian war machine is the oil and gas sector in Russia. About 40% of the revenue to fund the Russian war machine comes from all and gas so mansions bill Joe mentions a great bill.

Let's stop buying Russian oil and gas about 4 to 8% of what we use expand domestic production here to backfill and send it to our allies in Europe and in cripple the Russian oil and gas economy which will cripple the ruble even further. That will allow. I think there's momentum building in Russia there living a miserable life.

The more we can make Putin's Russia a miserable place to live, the more likely people are going to end this sucks we saw Germany's aggrieved party which was not so into old-style Power Macs as they are now repurchasing: opening up coal plants. They said it was just a pragmatic decision to make. So I think in line with that were seeing the world. Even some of the countries with leadership was even made even more extreme in some degree new deal Democrats that I think Joe Biden is kind of in the pocket of, unfortunately, can we break through.

That is their ability to break through those great new Deal Democrats that have his ear to get America back on just by announcing that we were going to reopen and restart this we know we can impact the futures market, which brings prices down for the American people but also as you said continues to isolate the Russian economy and the Russian oligarchs and put himself it puts it in more danger A great conference yesterday with Joe mansion, Democrats and Republicans to support legislation that would cut off Russian and all and gas being purchased by Americans increase domestic production to backfill what we would lose and actually spent some over to Germany and and I saw a headline on the way to the press conference Nancy Pelosi supports a ban on Russian ACID read this bill again. Maybe I'm on the wrong bill limiting how powerful this issue is the Green party and Germany is supporting terminals being built in Germany to receive gas outside of Russia there supporting the use of fossil fuels to get to this emergency situation that would ensue. By cutting off all aghast to Germany. Biden administration is to the left of the Green party in Germany and Nancy Pelosi. They have an insane view of energy. They're not pursuing green energy there pursuing a red energy strategy energy that is full of Ukrainian blood. So 75 votes would exist. Next week the past. Joe mentions Bill to stop buying Russian all gas increase American production in the only reason were not voting is because of the bonded scratch which is less question presented. You got to go left on check does Vladimir Putin is having trouble getting full control Ukraine but probably will militarily does he stop there.

I worry about a slice of medulla coal transverse show that Russian sympathies. I think Mongolia would be next. I don't think he goes to the Baltics, but here's what I worry about if we don't go hard and after 20 years and would let him get away with it again. That war crimes and Ukraine are forgiven like they were in Syria China will was surely going to Taiwan if the Chinese see the world coming against destroying Putin's economy and the Russian people rising up against. I think the Chinese will be less likely going Taiwan important that your from all this is good to have a new color than coast Ukrainians gave up there if we get this right and I think would deter China. We deter Ron if we let them land let them get away with this, then the world is God become a much more dangerous place.

We appreciate you taking time center was a grand great friend Mars referring to this broadcast and great friend of the ACLJ thing center if they considered grand folks.

I get it. Just another example wide support support the work.

The ACLJamison, considered grand last night laid on twitter, text, our team I we text consider Graham is on the broadcast for you live today support our It's a matching challenge, double the impact of your donation Next up very unique. Got a live report on the ground in T don't want to miss this live report on the ground and keep the Russians advance on the capital of Ukraine will be right back only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you personally seal material means many ways. Your membership is/the American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom to those covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life in the court seat in Congress. ACLJ for that. We are grateful to others and help challenge comes 20100 constitutional and back to secular.

We've got a special very special live now coming to you from Kyiv for the bars of musician that my dad is friends with. We reached out to be it. We wanted to get kind of deal provide you live report what it's like in the capital city, so that I want you to the surge in the rondeau and surge is a very well-known performer multi-instrumentalist Singer performer in both Ukraine of course Russia but also here in the United States with the band. I'm a huge fan of Khalil and friends last time Sergio and I worked together was in Nashville, Tennessee. Here we are now and you are still in Ukraine you live in Ukraine. Your bandmates are primarily Russian. What's the situation for you right now I am about a yes I'm hearing Kyiv from the first day off world. When Dave started today and here with my family. My wife cares and my dog and we will woke up at 5 AM because of explosions that was sound of explosions that were aired in the system worked on. The rockets pointed gear and actually rockets where point it all over the Ukraine. So unfortunately there is no database over the country. So right now they for seven days. They are trying to the CD without no success. But besides that there destroying all the cities in our suburbs and on CDs like Chinese horror give almost completely destroyed and I should say that it's very rare CDs with more than thousand of years history a lot of cultural objects as well. Yes yesterday I was asking about that and that is the Russians. Of course in their propaganda machine.

The same were not hitting civilian areas were not hitting museums and and theater and things like that during the arts in the year of your begun recording studio well-known recording studio called personal sound in Ukraine do international audio products over the world where when you're looking at what's happening in the cities that you're in. Are these areas being hit yes last night. One basic explosion happened in the district near my studio. Actually, I even don't know if it's still there so. Oh, I'm highly assigned seating and it's dangerous to travel all over the city in the cities clear for Russian military's bed. There's always an air warning system works every planning minute. So most of people. I try to hide it in shelters right now only ask you about that the humanitarian strays even in your situation for people who stayed in the capital city is it's kind of being it's encircled a the power it seems to be on your able to join us by Skype and that's it.

That's amazing that you're able to do that right now and I appreciate you so much. Taking the time out of your dad really been up since early in the morning with these warnings, but food basic resources are those still available to the people that are they is it limited and running out so far is okay I will tell you the situation because it's like a secret information for the enemy. Well, we are not surrounded yet and that's the good thing so they trying to get us in a circle but unsuccessfully, so we are good we ready to defend LCD and there is no possibility to them and enter with troops or tanks. The only thing they can they can just destroy this city meeting with Howard and Jenny surge your performer.

You just work here in the United States is months ago. I'm so you in Nashville but last year our beautiful last. I'm a course keeping up with your team. Let me ask you this, I mean a lot of your people your age are taking up arms and military deployments is that happen in your area yet. Yes, of course, we actually when engine started. All the people of Ukraine needs more than 45 millions people in the together and decided what to do so and is it a lie to enter the military forces right now so even if I wish to go and fight right now. I will have to wait till my line will be called surge you have for the rest of the world where were broadcast all over the world.

What is the message for the rest of the world right now. Well the main message will email yesterday last night. They tried to capture the biggest not follow power plant in Europe or Asia and the main thing that they started shouting it with artillery and tanks and heavy armor that women and that's ridiculously dangerous you. You know we had share nominally in 9660 and 86 and that was a disaster for all the world and this our plan is seven times bigger than Chernobyl and there was a fire and yesterday they did and that the firefighters to do that. Fortunately, we convinced them to do this and you best days. All of the year tax mostly in single districts on schools, children got a lot of sales dying, so the main thing we don't understand what legal estate just trying to destroy everything and and what so it's very dangerous.

There is no logic in the one doing right now, so this should be stopped immediately and the whole world needs to know about it.

It's very dangerous.

You want again next week. Is this. If this conflict continues to think about you.

Praying for you and knob. Please do every let your friends know that the United States were doing everything we can really we can think of. We appreciated and he was very important for said there targeting civilian areas. That's a war crime absolutely is one of the things it is a cardinal principle of international law is that in time of conflict and war. You do not target civilian populations.

You do not target civilian places of dwelling and so forth. In the attacking of civilians and the harm that is being caused to the children. That's what really gets me is to see the children suffering the way they are in the civilians being caught in the crossfire is in fact criminal activity.

However you classified. It's a crime against humanity.

To do this to little children and to get them caught up in a war. Senseless aggression war on the pretext of some nonsense involving genocide that never existed, and I think it's a horrible thing and I'm very much in solidarity with Serge. He speaks excellent English. By the way, very proud to be in solidarity within right folks, we come back second half hour covered up. We got a lot more Johnny Daniels live report from Paul that he's assisting refugees, even as we settle some of the refugees already into Israel is a great organization that is shifted from its traditional humanitarian work dealing with the refugees and Rick are now joyous live from Serbia. So you do not want to miss the second half hour coming up support the work of ACL, JVC,, the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 $20 $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. Give a gift today online keeping you informed and now is secular back to secular folks get a pack showing today.

If you would trigger called 108 or 31 to try to take some of those in the second half are the broadcast at one 800 684 30 with temporary joy by Sen. Lindsey Graham who call for the Russian people take out food and that call get a lot of controversy heads but is also a discussion there's a lot of support for two on the left and the right because it's likely the quickest way to this conflict at the Russian people rose up and did that are ours and his generals are top advisors, then I can continue this war there that would be it into this war in Ukraine and we got the live report from RTS if you miss that you will back the broadcast got more live reports coming from this region of the world. Next opt out from Poland, which is dealing with most of the refugees right ever coming in through Western Ukraine are for Johnny Daniels is a great organization there come from the depths that works on connecting the Jewish history in Poland and and a lot of the the righteous among the nations. Those Gentile polls whose essays and hid Jews during the Holocaust are now his work shifting to assisting these refugees and even some one asked about her already on the path to be resettled in Israel because of his connections varies work for the Israeli government but now living in Poland and we drove by. Rick now he's joining us from Serbia to give again his update. As a former acting director of national intelligence about where things currently stand in this conflict. If you're watching on any of our social media platforms. Let me encourage you if you're on Facebook when course.

Regards, rumble John rumble share with your friends been on Facebook share with friends. You do whatever social media population share with your friends to get more people involved in the conversation is one thing that we have to meet women talk that much that was there is an attack on a nuclear reactor last night by the Russians. This was intentional surge mentioned it briefly in his report from Ukraine. There are serious issues with this and delete not the least of which is the impact that something like that could happen if you were to have some kind of nuclear meltdown or destruction of these radioactive nuclear it's the largest nuclear plant, plant, and in Europe it is. It is this is a facility that was damaged of the facility reactor itself understand was undamaged with the building next to it was damaged. The Russians have assumed control of the plant Ukrainians are operating under under gunpoint from the Russians. That's Roger so that you look at this and inserts also set any that they targeted he's there. In Ukraine there targeting civilian areas.

This is the thing that distresses me so much.

He says Miriam you're watching I think it's the children that are bothering me, being harmed the way they are. When I saw this children that were these children who were evacuated from a cancer ward and this little boy who lost all his hair because of the chemotherapy shivering underneath the city of Kiev in one of those subway stations.

What did they do to deserve this, why the children, why the children yet again.

And not only that I want to say because being a historian. The historical sites that are being bombed and battered to the ground, the Holocaust Memorial that is being bound. I think that may have been a targeted divebombing J to prove a point on the part of Putin but these historical sites that are being destroyed randomly. This is a horrible thing to have happening in the 21st century, and I agree with everything that Sen. Graham said. I find this reprehensible conduct absolutely reprehensible folks we encourage or support the work of ACLJVC

This broadcast system shows a great way showing the connections we have all over the world with people that we work with people work for us, the people are part of our team like Rick now people that we just have connections with because of all the different work ACL Gatorade international affiliates to us. This a great time to support our work. It's a matching challenge a month of March, where you can double the impact your donation ACLJ.or just explained that for people who may be new to us a $50 donation you make that unlighted that's what you're charging your credit card. It's tax-deductible. Our charitable organization within a group of donors will match all these donation. March your $50 is really like $100. The mayor consider law and justice. It's a great time to support our work and I think this is a great show due to us just to show some US senators, former acting directors of national intelligence, live reports from Steve that what's coming up next live proposal in dealing with the refugees. Got it all here in one hour 40, the American Center for Law and just before engaging in coalitions at home and abroad defending religious freedom. Those were that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help any way challenge comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed cases nations care means to serve the many ways your membership is/are submitted to studio with us before his organization or from the depths of the nursery is Washington DC before talk about the work that they do with the righteous among the nations over them in Israel.

The righteous Gentiles who helped Jews during the Holocaust that it across to eat at Eastern Europe or where these concentrations to care for set up by the Nazis and include Ukraine, where a Johnny's organizations from the depths.or Johnny's in Poland and of course you know folks. Poland is dealing with the refugee wave and I just want to get Ahmad Johnny want to just explain what it is been like in Poland as an organization. It's kind of a shifted some your focus to help these refugees in my life. I would ever imagine protruding. Thousands of people, Ukraine 818 party children are almost no question ignored by people leaving a light behind just to try dialogue, majority show.

He shot a difficult so one of the most incredible try Johnny's social media sticks place. It was unique because you got to refuse to work with the Israeli government in the Israeli government now living in Poland about your Israeli as you do a citizen you you have actually started assist some of these families in relocation to Israel, pretty proud and proud of my country. I think you Ukraine will follow each small group community is made out to about 150,000 people. People who drink Ukrainian Jewish people the right to the state of Israel itself to take a clue to have the right to treat regional meet plugging out on a relocating object is what it take you.

You like that site for about a hold of you not getting involved with these particular vaulted yesterday. You know, I took a young mother and my one-year-old son adding my first her close to convicting how to be sure he meant a shortage of God to the people astray. You know it, the people who have studied much will she have the capital to achieve poetry under siege right now. You can't get porridge pizza Richard Starkey to install Johnny. I think about the law of return that allows Jews from anywhere in the globe to come to Israel that happens, usually during times of crisis and in Ukraine right now because of the Russian move by Vladimir Putin to attack unprovoked in Ukraine and he has created this crisis so it's great that the sum can utilize the law of return in and get to Israel, others, and only making their homes at least temporary and temporarily in Poland.

What is the sense Johnny that your hearing from Paul's as to their concern about this encroachment onto by Russia onto Ukraine then bordering right on Poland.

You got a good guy. He agreed to pick a fight with all of the negative ability being a major player.

However, they reach the spirit called by you people are getting very worried by check today to try and take out cash like the cash I got for week might be people of very good people are thinking of making the movie by Country without getting ready to really want you know that you will have to get along. But, of course, here in Poland is that the nuclear plant is now under the control of the masses.

Ukrainian scientists are running it at gunpoint.

Col. Smith is joining us here in our studio. Col. you just written a piece called Ukraine, Russia, and the dangers of wider war. I was just at Johnny's in obviously's in Poland so I was just talking with him about this. One of the risk of a wider water well the disconcerting thing about it is, is that we don't really know. We just know that the risk is wider, the United Nations and NATO. They were established to prevent the very kind of thing the world is witnessing and yet the fact is J the nightmare of war in Europe has returned even as we are sitting here and we do not know how was going to and there's the potential for other nations to be drawn and either accidentally or intentionally, and war has an inherent unpredictability built into it and the thing about Vladimir Putin and appreciate Johnny's remorse.

We literally have over a million refugees living on Europe now because of that reprieve, he is evil and he is unstable but evil and unstable people rarely see themselves as evil and unstable and that gives this unpredictability to this Johnny.

I wanted people are saying if he was a poor to point out to how this is affecting poet run on the banks tough to get cash. People think about moving their bank accounts and and you're in a country that is taking the bulk of those refugees. We just talked about the world is seeing other Polish people step up organizations like your step up. I put in our live video chats. We got the link your organization so people can support your work. I directly from the depths of Starscream from the depths.or, again, it talks about even the effect you got you got these elderly, righteous, and their families who are stuck in Ukraine in the new Jerusalem post a story about your work.

Try to get supplies to them, but also it does seem like there is a crisis brewing in Poland, invasion, or not take the I don't think that's where Putin goes back to write about that part in this place like a dove another place and become more concerned. Right now, but it is causing a crisis, a humanitarian crisis poet is trying to take in all these refugees, but it's becoming difficult on the citizens as well just to go about their daily life and to help people like you rewrite to make sure that we have right now. I thought you ready steps for people to help. Thank you. You are providing food and shelter like a cat. But you know just from where I am right now. I never thousands of people and children. Grandparent like with the close of that back to help think that right now however. Part of the situation quite large right became like unfortunately got the company go to White Gold that we you Ukraine were mainly how object before like around the country and already have become stable, even if Ukraine working right. But if it got a lot of people want to go back not put such pressure on all the political society also states opal people, he would absolutely nothing on the motor. We children don't forget to remind you 80 on the flight articles a big mental health Daniel for the left with women and children. It takes very very difficult to make money. It's a pretty scary target procedure is talking through Instagram last night and that it's it's a seven as pessimism since 40 5 PM, or Johnny is in Poland, but I would encourage you folks out to support his work as from the is in the chats on online as well. She could see that there Johnny retro truly appreciate Johnny's take that time to join us value in the midst of helping everybody can he see social media people.

Jewish people are not Jewish, but even I thought is just unique that Johnny was able to coordinate already the movement of Ukrainian Jews who had fled right already relocated his writings right lets they live during the break here because I want to go over couple things with the West Smith to talk about before were joined by Rick Grenell coming up severe neighbor social media platforms for now share with your friends radio audience do know that's Rick Grenell's coming up but you are seeing on this broadcast the reach and extent of the ACL. Janet, I am alive not to give away the big announcements unbecoming in the months ahead. But that reach of the ACLJ is about to expand your it's fair to say tenfold with what we will be announcing in the months ahead because of your support ACLJ so I would encourage you right now to make an online gap to where matching towns camping what is that me the owners of got together and subordinate match what ever donors put up in the notice to $20 working at $40 is usually up to its usually I get the exec one is usually over $1 million match so that the match is significant.

We need your support to continue to expand the work of the American Center for Law and Justice, the European Center for Law and Justice in our offices and reach around the globe in Washington in Jerusalem in Strasburg and Africa, back with more only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free our publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed nations care means to serve the many ways your membership is/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those for their faith covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way challenge comes $20 gift becomes 100 constitutional and US Sen. Lindsey Graham was called for the removal by the Russian people of Vladimir Putin to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine is made clear Russian people doing this on about American sitting assassins over something like that and we had him we got a live report from Keith from musician. A good friend of ours who was there.

The capital city well-known musicians at his bandmates also rushed me to show you that the Nate into this conflict and how tough it's getting the capital city I were joined by Johnny Danielson: he's assisting those refugees there edit and focusing on some Jewish refugees were being resettled already, into Israel are some positive stories and his refugee crisis.

But he said it is melting as well as we speak. And now Rick Grenell joining us live from Serbia.

He is our Senior advisor for foreign policy and national security, and Rick. I want to go to you right now where do you think see this as it stands, it feels like that second wave of this Russian aggression is taking hold in Ukraine and it feels like it's just a matter of time up to Putin as long as he's in control until like at the capital city falls well I think you're right and in personal greeting from Belgrade, Serbia, I would. And earlier this weekend Tijuana Albania and this is obviously a region that has experienced quite a bit of war, the Balkans have had their fair share.

Conflict and war over the last couple of decades and I think the reality is that Europe and all of the surrounding areas of Ukraine understand that this is a cry of epic proportion, and I think Americans need to understand that the Europeans completely in turmoil here. Countries are trying to figure out what next their theme. Pres. Putin and his focus on taking Ukraine I have to tell you Jordan, I fear for the Linsky life. I think that Putnam Putin is focused on taking over and removing anyone stand in his way. The data evident and that we have to be able to do is email support the Ukrainians in every possible way and and certainly prepare our European allies in every possible way is to support them in every possible way, what is actually mean what what what concrete actions need to be taken. I still understand why we know the sanctions on the Russian energy but admit those things is or are not in place. What did the concrete things that need to be done right now.

You're right-I think that this is where we are with even the conservative movement and cannot find on the other side of having the same conversation. What does that mean what is that mean I'll partly go. My opinion is that for Ukraine that we need to at this current moment.

Do everything we can on a humanitarian level.

Certainly we can push the UN to do more. We can personally demark the American really the whole article that the mid to rise up and give money.

Personally I've had somebody reach out to me and play with the charity in Ukraine. My heart is breaking. I want to do something so Americans respond. I think from a diplomatic standpoint year, you're right. We need to be really focused on the peaceful sanctioned portion of death rather than just respond with military option. You know, I reject the idea of doing a no flies on that one Conflict with Russia and I do think we can sell arms. We should've been telling arms to date Ukrainians. I would say a year ago. Even though even before then and now working have to look and see what's happening in some of the other former satellite Soviet country and see what can be done. I think we can sell our military equipment let them fight.

I am encouraged that the Ukrainians are fighting. Unlike a lot of what was seen with Afghan Iraqis actually get Smith on this quickly because Rick was mentioning the military aspect of this we have set up a D conflicting situation room. Basically, with the Russians directly.

What is that me, it means that your interior space around the area that we communicate with each other stood to avoid conflicts unintended conflict like that because as Gen. Steinberg stated yesterday Rick, you know, US Air Force pilots are flying missions 24 seven with some of her allies in native throughout the NATO angle here that is there really will need to be prepared if there is ever an attack on any NATO country were watching Paul and I think very carefully here, but we we need to be prepared for that next faith. I think you Ukraine and the non-NATO member. We have a different policy and when the conflict moves to a NATO member. We have a tree application. I think we must react quickly, and I hope that the Biden team is ready and planning for that.possible take to certainly here in Europe. I can tell you that people think. This is not going away that this is not ending date date and that something had happened with President Clinton and that he is hell-bent on taking Ukraine Rick Graham earlier and he talked about abilities cosponsoring the center mansion some bipartisan support.

He said if the vote was allowed right on the U.S. Senate, 75 US senators would vote to open up all of our all that we need to do for energy in the US to get back on the path to energy independence which would affect the future's forecast, which would affect the price the pump for Americans in it. I get it would isolate weeds. Any import of Russian gas and oil you hold up is the Democrat leadership in the Biden administration, which to me is almost sickening because you got that kind of bipartisan support to unleash American power. You have 75 Sen. that will find something that that led unleash America's energy power. My first reaction at the state takeover 25 senators that are against it and thrown out of office immediately if this is ridiculous to think that anyone would say that we should be beholden to Russia or Middle East oil. What are they thinking where we can get our energy found that we can start paying for the people that it doesn't make sense to to put one arm behind her back and not have full energy independence.

We had full energy independent under Donald, we were able to do it with a renewable clean energy like liquid natural gas by the way I like to remind people that the Obama administration, and very far left Democrat told us for a decade that fracking was bad. We could have been doing liquid natural gas 10 years before we get we could have been off Middle East oil and being energy exporter 10 years before we actually did. If we would've done the science on tracking tracking the face and this is the science you want to talk about honoring clients and listening to science tracking is safe and it took the Obama administration way too long to come to that conclusion. I appreciate you joining us this week for both Albania and Serbia to give your expertise on the situation is correct or replace of support role here open up their whole mindset to go back to call the Green party in Germany because he said they'd make a pragmatic decision, not just one about the policies really interesting phone support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice where the magic sounds.

He saw the just the scope of the ACL generates globally.

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