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March 7, 2022 4:24 pm


Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 7, 2022 4:24 pm

In the midst of Ukraine being invaded by Russia, it's very likely this week that the United States, along with the United Nation Security Council's P5+1 (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, plus Germany) are going to announce the reestablishment of the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) better known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team to discuss. ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell joins us live to provide his expert analysis on this matter. This and more today on Sekulow.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Breaking news today on secular nuclear deal is now part of the broadcaster 100 684 31 2000 684-3110 course, we continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine but there's a lot else happening in the world. So it's all kind of tied together. You can't divorce if you have it from one to another, but one thing we don't want you to miss retrieved by the administration and the world is hoping most people aren't paying attention to right now about talking about Taiwan being invaded by China.

That's one concern when talking about is that we this week. It's very likely that the United States along with the P5 +1 is going to announce the re-establishment of the JC POA. The joint comprehensive plan of action. The two pages of bullet points that are known to all of you as the Arad nuclear deal. Yes, in the mist of Ukraine being invaded by Russia without provocation. We have Russia bartering our deal with with the rod right now and so were about to in the situation of the world.

Is it right now give Iran the green light in the world. The green light. One of their nuclear program, but to it would lift sanctions on items like their oil and it would allow them to reenter the world's economy. So would be a huge boost to Arad whether or not were sitting them pockets of cash or not, which were not sure about it that they keeps putting on the table.

US$11 billion for them to reenter this deal. But I want you to understand who's brokering the deal between us in Iraq right now Russia yeah J labral up the Russian foreign minister said on Saturday that Moscow wanted a written US listen to this now pokes a written US guarantee that its trade, investment and military technical cooperation with Iran would not be hindered by Western sanctions imposed since in invaded Ukraine in other words, as a precondition of this nuclear deal with Iran, which is a disaster.

To begin with. On 100 different levels, including your providing actual cash. The largest exporter of terrorism in the world.

The Russians are saying no deal with Iran. Unless we approve it and we want written assurance from the United States that are trade, investment in military technical cooperation with Iran.

Iran will not be hindered by Western sanctions being imposed on Russia right now so you're talking now a trilateral aspect to this that wasn't anticipated and yet the Biden administration is running to the door to make it happen. Let me encourage folks to live if you're watching the broadcast right now were on Facebook or on YouTube versus where we are all rubble as well.

We do that special five is for Facebook. So if you want to join us over rubble. You can you know how to go there for the last couple weeks. Majority how to do that, you know, the show will be uncensored will have any flags it will be taken data you can share with your friends and family be part of the conversation over at rubble as well but let let me just ask this question to our audience. I want you to call in and put your face the chat you realize that this administration and this got a big part of the show today.

Reply to Rick Grenell about it or disrupted some ACLJ cases well this administration to alleviate gas prices right now the US which are hovering it out from four dollars to seven dollars depending on where you are the country and the taxes that you have at your state level and local level they want to buy Iranian gas in Venezuela gas.

These are countries that work together to undermine the United States. Their enemies of the United States you want you what the solution to your lower gas prices to fund the Ayatollah, the dictator in Venezuela. Give us a call one 800 684 31 tickets worse to because we might be sitting Joe Biden out to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil as well like you just pick up the phone. They rely a lot on us to see the flyer read God as well give us a call. 100-684-3110. You want your gas prices to come down because of Iran deals with Iran and Venezuela centering the American Center for one just before engaging in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those for their faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ without your support for that way you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 time for the ACLJ. The work we do. Simply constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all sealed cases nations on the care means to discover the many ways your membership powering the right/secular to your phone calls as well. 100 684 31 tenant and is we asked you to weigh it. This idea that were going to alleviate the gas prices here. If you recall the crisis here, inflation here when it comes to gas and oil that we are going to do that by announcing this week and it's likely that we've reentered a nuclear deal with Iran.

Yes, you hear this right while Russia is at war Ukraine and an unprovoked war which is now at entering second week. You also got a situation where Russia is the broker between the US and Iran, you know, we will like sit at the table together.

So Russia has been the go-between.

So if you ask yourself why have the Biden administration and Jake Sullivan, and those advisors refused to really cut Russia offer the world by cutting off their gas oil, which by the way, our price Artie skyrocketing here so it's not like you could figure out what there's two reasons why they want so bad back into that disaster. Nuclear deal with Iran and they can get it this week and they needed Russia for that we are utilizing Russia for that as we speak. While Russia is shelling civilians in Ukraine right using Russia to negotiate for us with Iran and then second, they got degree new new Deal Democrat problem. So, on top of that, even though as Lindsey Graham told us in an esophageal bigotry is 75 US centers ready to cut off Russian oil and gas and restart the program the oil and gas programs.

Here the US, which would affect the futures market, which bring the price of oil that immediately because countries like Saudi Arabia would have to start pumping more right now is a be considered waves that could be worth as much in a year. So again, it would alleviate prices, but instead instead, we sent a delegation to Venezuela, a failed communist dictatorship state.

Another place where it's people live in total decrypted states disaster disgusting and it's rich with oil and yet their people live in in that it's it's it's it's totally crop of their infrastructure, but networking to prop up a Duro in Venezuela, a ruthless dictator we can keep gas under six dollars a gallon instead of doing something about it here American solutions American jobs Noto it's it's Venezuela jobs and propping up Venezuela dictators and Iranian ayatollahs because when I can open up our own pipeline, but it's so interesting to me. Wes of her was Smith retired Army that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei lever off. We talk about them a lot on this broadcast over the years said this on Saturday and am by center only repeated Moscow wanted a written US guarantee written US guarantee that it's trade, investment, and this is the most important part military technical cooperation with Iran would not be hindered by Western sanctions imposed since it's invaded Iran and_military technical cooperation West in which they've had for a while.

This falls in the category J not of diplomacy but a black male in the Biden administration is Jordan said they are so interested in putting a checkbox in the win column for their legacy diplomacy. They're willing to risk everything just to say they signed an agreement with Iran.

Even though it is a horrible agreement, let me point out for quick things about the difficulty with the Iran deal in our first we don't know where they are in their enrichment program because it's been to 2+ year since we've had any inspectors there. They were at 60% enrichment last time we knew for all we know there already at 90% which is weapons grade enrichment. Secondly, this is the most astonishing thing J letter. The fact that the Biden is working so hard on this. It was signed in 2015 the original JC POA is designed to start going away 11 years after spring sign which is in three or four more years it'll start going away and then also this agreement that the IAEA your director signed with Iran over the weekend into run.

It still exempts all military site from any so that no military sites are inspected and on top of that, listened.

This is the Iranian Revolutionary guard. This a requirement that they were insane to be removed from the terrorism must take a listen. One of the reported demands. The irradiance is that this is ratio versus policy last one and remove the eyepiece. Even a list of foreign affairs was the position that we are close. We are making progress, but we are there still more work to be done and I'm just not in a negotiate.

I hope she did listen to the question and sake I hope that she just had a preplanned response and I can talk about negotiations because if we are close and we are making progress and there still more work to be done and network is to be including removing the Iranian Revolutionary guard from the Islamic Republic of Iran off the go global terror watch list. The largest exporter of terrorism in the world to remove them from the list as a precondition.

What is she talking about hope. She heard it wrong Gabby. Now I want to make this clear.

Every bite we talk about Venezuela that this where they operate is how to get close to the US so that the running Revolutionary guards active there because they give.

That's an ally of Iran in Venezuela and this weekend the Biden administration just the last two days sit a delegation to Venezuela to start negotiating the US purchasing again which we have not done in a very long time.

Venezuela oil specifically because the gas prices here so that they understand they acknowledge the problem they're dealing with domestically. The issue is they want to solve the American problem. The inflation with oil and gas by taking US change in US policy and propping up other bad dictators so it'll be the Duro in Venezuela ayatollah in Iran and by the way saying all this they cut off the Russian oil and gas either.

So who else so it's prudent the Duro and the ayatollah were benefiting from this the most because they are unwilling to unleash America's own power, which would create American jobs use American energy. This to me is what is the most disturbing, that they can't figure out who else to buy oil and gas from this is a lot of bad actors you have it that we have not bought it from a long time, but that should not be our solution.

American we should look to what Germany is done. The Green party of Germany, one of degree. New Deal Democrats here.

Look at the Green party of Germany and their entire platform is environmentalism is now reopening call coal plants in Germany because they said you gotta make pragmatic decisions when the world is in chaos. Let's go ahead and take Israel's calling on line 3 is what the broadcaster on their Mike Alter, Ella, and in the tent on the question is: on so would love to keep helping our enemies can only see them empowering the enemies and uniting the enemy just out of America against Israel. I received up before the Biden was station is gone be focusing on Israel. With all this power they give into our enemies is very interesting to me that Naftali Bennett, the prime minister of Israel flew to Moscow had a three hour meeting with Vladimir Putin and in the three hour phone call with Vladimir Zielinski so Israel is fully aware of what's at stake for them. But there is this concern Wes, especially with the Iran nuclear deal that the Israelis are very concerned that Iran will end up with nuclear power. The military sites are exempt and it puts Israel in a very difficult and the Gulf region in a very difficult place.

Yeah, the whole region.

It puts them in a difficult place at risk. Basically, here's the thing. J going forward. If the Biden ministration insist on lifting sanctions and going forward with this flawed Iran nuclear deal that will involve totally ignoring what Israel's Mossad discovered in 2018 and that is in 2018.

Mossad discovered keep Amanda JC POA was signed in 15. Three years later.

Mossad discovered that Iran secretly had continued to work on a very robust research and development program for a nuclear weapon. They did this three years after that original flood agreement was that going forward we have to would ignore not only Israelis national security concerns.

But what their intelligence has has told us in the idea. I every time I read this quote from Lazaro F where he says we will make sure that the United States gives us written agreements, written confirmations that there will be nothing that interferes with our military technical cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and engine sake says well were negotiating that yet very dangerous, and in the potential of removing the Iranian Revolutionary guards Corps from the foreign terrorist organizations list at which by the way, is what enabled the trump administration to take out the head of the Iranian Revolutionary guard court which has weakened them significantly because he was powerful leader Slavonic. It was one of the moves that probably define the trump administration. Best when you would you say okay Putin was so aggressive under Obama the pulse back so much of the trap and it gets re-aggressive. Try to get that single move by taking out Slavonic head of a military brat, what with Iran considers to be the head of a military branch but with the US to find as the head of a terrorist organization. Just like taken at the head of Isis or killing bin Laden. And when they made that move ordered by Pres. trump. That is what scares people like Vladimir Putin back into their own territory they don't if they don't start their aggressiveness because they have no way to predict if their next they're next on the list if you heard what his phone calls at present. Trump is talking about out. He said the others calls until it was Henry sitting there right now I know what you don't don't know games here take your phone calls 164 3110 will be right back only one. A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally ACLJ Jesus actions on the care means to serve the many ways your membership is/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington director city fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ to support for that way challenge becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 130 ACLJ the work we do. Simply constitutional and all of this fabric wouldbe joining us to target the Iran deal. This is really good process would make it clear to the replay of old broadcast. We it looks like it's the it's not the Obama administration. This time, but it's Joe Biden again re-try to reenter at all cost. Literally, the, the Iran nuclear deal and it could happen this week.that doesn't mean it when essay start this week but they can announce the reentry. The agreement already at this week tried to and this is their solution focuses will get into later.

The broadcast I want to cause that later to their solution to lower your price at the pump is to go begged the Venezuelans, which they did this weekend. Literally US government delegation by the bite of his fish with Venezuela, which is a world pariah failed state. Led by a a vicious dictator.

Okay, so that were going there to bake for oil and gas member Safeco. That's the at the same time were begging to get back into the Iran deal.

Russia is bartering it force to think there's a reason why we haven't sanctioned Russian oil and gas because there they're the ones dealing they're the ones putting together whole Iran nuclear deal, which by the way they want all exempt from Valley sanctions, the world's brother when it comes to Iran. So I will get that would record album.

We do have an update to your partner matching challenge. We talked about what the ACLJ is doing to outside this broadcast is that only stuff is the breaking news, but the fight for life is still very starting ACLJ that includes the right for pro-life speech and we have been defending this since literally the 1980s Jeff 30s, a senior counselor based LJ just came back from a trial in New Jersey defending a pro-life sidewalk counselor you arrived there Jeff back into your offices and what did you find only a denial of a preliminary injunction from the Federal Ct. in Louisville where we have filed a lawsuit on behalf of two longtime sidewalk counselors challenging that city abortion buffers dumped so you go through one one's child come back and you go up on appeal and another circuit Court of Appeal is described, this limit was the nature of this one. Actually it was a purely political decision. I mean, because what you what you have is little Louisville's only abortion clinic has been yelling and clambering for an abortion buffers on for years.

They finally got it last year and the ordinance says that you cannot go within 10 feet of the entrance of an abortion clinic stores. They actually of the ordinance as all healthcare facilities but the abortion clinic is the only entity in town that's requested that the zones be put out there when apparently might not seem like a big deal to many drinks.

Ask any sidewalk counselor to get the same response. Every second counts known. Sometimes a woman thinking about whether or not to have that abortion is going to change your mind at the very last second, so that 10 feet is an important public space were sidewalk counselors need to be able to go counsel women let them know about other options that are available that abortion is not their only choice, but because of bore it of the abortionists are in cahoots with the city Council they get there no speech down and there we are in federal court so this is a political mood centricity is with the same thing happened many years ago, Jeff and Amy, sitting right next to me into these cases with us in the city of Atlanta where they decided that the only place a bestand way zones would be in front of the abortion clinic is if the abortion clinic gets its own sense of rules and regulations on free speech but everybody else is treated differently when that's exactly what I when we did, we did. But these cases that you are referring to J that you and I were involved in, or Aslan ago. Aslan ago is in the 1990s. So we have been fighting for free speech in the fairly MBA base was allocated well that that's good, that's a long time ago to have been fighting for free speech and the ability of these counselors on the streets of Atlanta or Louisville or New Jersey to counsel women who are going in to have these horrible procedures performed and to and perhaps the decision doing so and not from doing so. But these fights that we have thought of going on for decades. I'd say, 80s, 90s 2000 and are going on today and these are homicide hospitals.

That's what they are.

This just call them what they are. That's what they are killing fields, and we have got to be a vigilant and are fighting for the ability to proclaim life in these areas free speech in these areas on public sidewalks which are traditional public forums and to fight the battles in federal courts and state courts all over J so Jeff where is this window now use Court of Appeal six circuit US court circuit are opening brief is due on April 11 and expedited because this was a denial of preliminary injunction.

I replied with a bit, it would make oral argument. Shortly thereafter.

This is what we expect to see it every time I think same case, the 1980s and 90s if if the case the Supreme Court is her Joe Biden's rhetoric and state of the union on this issue even without everything else around the world, he made sure to talk about abortion rights and protecting abortion rights and from his initiation. This will be part of their plan is that if if if the Dobbs case Nozick for life is since opening the door for states across the country to put to put into to most abortions, but to be honest about and not have to stay to the country have state legislatures and governments ready to do that.

The other states and municipalities. By the way, you might live in a red state by bent your your your large city in your state is not run by Republicans is only a couple of the whole country that are so that municipalities in the cities or to respond to state action with. I think what will be even more aggressive and more outrageous restrictions on pro-life speech on pro-life pregnancy centers get those battles will all be re-fought people think that this case could be the end it will be the beginning. It's just the battlefield, Mike Schaefer, federal court, to state court.

For some these cases but ultimately they all of our constitutional rights at all end up at the federal court so that door opens, you will see your play. Still got $1 billion a year there industry is docketed just back down and rollover know what they are going to aggressively try to shut down pro-life speech that includes the sidewalk counselor. It also includes the pro-lifers he centers it. Jeff you.

I look at its it is the sidewalk counselor. It is the pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. Also, doctors and nurses who don't want to engage in these procedures. Those of the three friends of the abortion battle right now. That's exactly right. And we are aggressively moving forward on all three of those counts and I we had the occasion found in the Ninth Circuit went to the Supreme Court and defensive driving crisis pregnancy centers.

We now have one issue of that window we have the sidewalk counselors that would bring you know that we are fighting for in New Jersey and hearing the six circuit and were looking ultimately J with our sidewalk counseling case they get up to the Supreme Court to have it overrule and renounce guilty Colorado case that you know very well.

I think this is discouraging. I think it will just despair when she was on the Seventh Circuit jointed opinion saying that guilty Colorado has been radically undermined by subsequent district. The Supreme Court was only the Supreme Court can overrule it. That's likely explain these cases make it up there that's ever taken a minutes ultimately goes. I gently appreciate the update look exit is a become standing for life.

The American Center for Law and Justice front and center on all of these fronts. Your support for the ACLJ allows us to do just that in Federal Ct., New Jersey. Now the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit getting ready for the case is going all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States.

If you are part of the ACLJ get our emails as an email today about this case we are in our matching challenge.

Right now we can double the impact your donation to the ACLJ we are much more than a broadcast that with the attorneys across the country and the world fighting on issues like life, free speech constitutional rights to your liberty and we need your support is a great time to support toward the ACLJ because you double the impact your donation very matching donate $25 right out is a group of donors or to match that throughout the entire month of March with the dollars ACLJ building today ACLJ that are be right back. The American Center for all and just as critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate, it will be now.

$10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 rejecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you in your beautiful gift today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular is provided to be destroyed is that last minute ACLJ case life speech that we start the broadcast is it is a nuclear deal imminent.

They may ask yourself who were talking about.

There I met a Russian Ukrainian would have at the US and Russia are we talking about don't know what I buddy Ron again.

That's right, this week a Russian brokered reentry of the US self question why by administration will not actually put real full sanctions on Russia with their oil gas is because your gas prices here, it's because Russia is negotiating the reentry of the US and Iran back into this two pages of bullet points literally to Paige about putting the JCP away so the midst of the chaos in Ukraine the world try to figure what how to deal with vibrant food and also the third concert about China taking Taiwan in the mist of all this chaos and the inflation and the gas prices. What's your US government doing to alleviate it for you leasing the team to Venezuela to start negotiating with the dictator Maduro. There, a country which is been a failed state which its people live in squalor I and those who haven't left and who is been propped up in the past by Russia China in Iran but because of sanctions on Russia right now and Iran.

Maybe they'll sell us some oil and gas, which by the way that Meijer propping up a ruthless dictator.

And guess who else they want gas from take a list of this from Jen sake. They don't want just a nuclear deal, try to prevent Iran from nuclear weapon.

Even though there are to have the nuclear material necessary, they still we don't know if they have the deliverable weapon yet take close to what you might get out of this deal that potential for a lot of the olfactory supply considerations at this point I would say that the biggest priority with the Iran deal is having visibility into and preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Obviously, as a part of that if you go back to the implementation of that IDC POA would be the availability of oil but I would say that our first and foremost priority focuses on preventing Iran from acquiring an we can't just pick up the phone to her ally Saudi Arabia know this.

Think about sending Pres. Joe by Maria God have him beg and kiss the ring for OPEC to version is more a release more oil onto the market and then want to produce more oil because they're afraid that is soon as Iran's first putting their oil back out to lower the price. Also in the US longer term policies to basically cut off oil. So this thing is very happy about that and it toppled all of this I said is the beginning the broadcast surrogate lever off the Foreign Minister from Russia said that Moscow wants a written US guarantee Andy that its trade investment in military cooperation with Iran will not be hindered by the Western sanctions imposed incident in Ukraine well from the body administration.

He may very well good from the body administration email login as Jordan pointed out in the new survey we've gone hand-in-hand to a dictator in Venezuela, which makes the Venezuelans in Florida who have fled their very happy you know that we've we've asked for oil. We have gone now into Jen sake said yes. We don't want the nuclear weapon to be had by Iran but a little side good deal of that would be to get their oil and then were going to go to Vince on the crown prince was the effective ruler of Saudi Arabia and who the President of the United States hand-in-hand, going over there begging them to give us all why don't we start drilling in the United States. Why do we open Federal land finally opened the Keystone pipeline finally become more energy independent, like solar results around middle-aged and party rights, or yes it's all about the green new Deal Democrats. So there. And by the way they love going to Maduro.

The far left property of these comments received and anything to prevent this from the about US jobs US gas US oil we come back regional director now our supervisor for policy nests. Talk specifics of this run. It was Rick's had the jobs and people in the ministration now this is their top goal has been to get back into this Iran deal and are using the crisis grade war there to try to justify the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Those who face covering corruption in war that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me the way for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge becomes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms most to you when you forgive today only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally ACLJ conditions on the care means to serve the many ways your membership right/Jay Sekulow join our supervisor for foreign-policy and national security record now and Rick. I will write to you on this because in the midst of the war in Ukraine and the Russian aggression.

There, there's a lot of other moves going on around the world and one that could be announced this week which I get a lot of our listers has it what's not taking the forefront in any news but it is it is they're buried and is the Biden administration could announce this week that we have come to an agreement to reenter the Iranian nuclear deal, the two pages of bullet points in the joint comprehensive plan of action or the JCP away and they are admitting that this would be to one of the secondary issue be that this will unleash Iranian oil for the US market, there is no possible way that we can have an Iran deal without cutting a deal with the Russian now think about that. The priority for the Biden administration has to get is to get any deal in Iran in order to get a deal in Iran. You have to deal with the Russians and you have to make sure they're not too angry with you.

What is that mean that means that when the Russians are doing their offense of moves in Ukraine and the Biden team cares more about an Iran deal. They are literally letting the Russians get away with murder because they are more focused on Iran deal. Where is the DC needy. I want to call people like Julie pace from the Associated Press who fails every time to keep the pressure on the Biden administration.

She's the one who's constantly saying we don't have a problem with supply issues when it comes to energy because she's more concerned about climate change and she puts forward arguments about climate change that are somehow a bit higher priority than gas prices that Americans are having. She's dismissed the idea that buying oil from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or possibly Iran is a better idea than the American government, allowing Americans to supply our energy. We have the ability, as Sen. Manson said, but we are not some supplying the energy that we need because somehow were afraid of the environmentalists claims that it cannot harm climate change in a Rick. I pointed out earlier, broadcast, and I want to get your sent this because the me this is a really troubling statement that came out of the Foreign Minister from Russia. Lever off regarding the Iran nuclear deal in this when he said this is been reported on Saturday. He said that Moscow wants a written US guarantee that it's very important here that its trade investment in military technical cooperation with Iran would not be hindered by Western sanctions imposed by its invasion of Ukraine.

That is what the Russians are demanding from the United States as a precondition for this horrible Iran deal that your sense of that. Okay. All right. Well, maybe my sense of it on Skype gross.

This is not only horrible negotiations but sets a weakness. Andy from the United States from a strict negotiating standpoint that were dependent upon where allowing Russia to set a precondition.

Go ahead Rick, your ear meet you had to say I did.

And you know Jane, this is the problem when were negotiating in the Biden administration is negotiating and not putting America first. Putting consensus with the Europeans first for putting consensus with the others at the UN first Biden cares more about having a deal where other country say yes we are with you and were in a sign off on this agreement. Rather than protecting America, you cannot be negotiating an Iran deal right now with the Russians because the rest of the obviously have a whole other offense going on in Ukraine and you're not. It's not all it is. It is literally not something that Americans are going to benefit from. If our government is trading policies between Iran and Ukraine with the Russians.

And that's exactly what's happening in the Foreign Minister transfer minister said he would not allow any foreign elements to undermine its national interest and he was waiting for further explanation for this is gotten very complicated very quickly. Yeah Rick what they would as she balances specific to knowing this, we now know US the Biden team sent a delegation to Venezuela and since kind of eyesight that for second Venezuela leafs that we stop buying oil and gas Venezuela. They been isolated. They had to rely on Russia and Iran and China and it be one thing I think we are trying to reengage Venezuela and say that you maybe this will cause political change.

People there living in squalor. It's been a failed state.

But words were coming to that. It seems like instead.

What's happening is we're covering and begging to come up with a deal which is not going to change. This way the politically second provide more human rights to Venezuelans or really improve the day-to-day life of the Venezuelan people. But there's been a lot of reports about the President from sending me to New Mexico to negotiate a a secret deal that we were having with Venezuelans a conversation that we were having. I haven't really ever confirm that publicly, but it did have, and I flew to Mexico to to negotiate a deal where the maduro team would leave in order to continue with a bilateral relationship with the Venezuelans and move the Venezuelans forward and clean up the mess that maduro has put it in Venezuela. We felt like we needed to move on. This is a process policy from the Biden team where there engaging with maduro and there's even been some senior officials at the White House who say our policy is different than trauma because we are going to engage with maduro and and we're going to negotiate with him again. I go back to Wyoming buying oil from Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and possibly Iran. When we have the ability to supply energy ourselves here in America. Let's do it ourselves and the others that is historically when you start when it went ardent leader of United States government goes to the extreme of going to dictators yes to to get what is an energy energy for the United States energy we actually have. But the historically when leaders have done that it does not end well. Now I mean I what an ambassador.

Now I think would agree with me.

This brings back Munich 1938 Chamberlain going to Hitler and saying let's work it out.

Eat up the Czechoslovakian Z given the Sudeten land and he comes back wiping it why waving that stupid piece of paper saying peace in our time was a piece for a time. There is some question about that, but that's not what you do, you don't go sucking up the dictators coming back with concessions that dictators make, which are no good, and what he did give us ultimately or what I'm going to say, the reality is that we had these conversations in the 70s and 80s because we were tracked we were not able to provide enough energy ourselves we needed to import energy and we had to deal with a whole bunch of bad actors. I didn't like it that. And I certainly don't like it. Now that something fundamental has changed. And that is we can supply our own energy. We can become an energy exporter. This is unbelievable. It happened under Donald Trump. It's not like we're talking about pie-in-the-sky. It's not like were talking about something that hasn't happened.

We did as Donald Trump says not only were we and energy exporter, but we were dominant in it. We were able to really change the whole game of foreign policy. When Joe Biden is doing is laying down for the environmentalists and instead of supplying the year looking the other way as the oil pumped in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Ron Russia. All of these other places. They still have the same environmental concerns that our environmentalists have here but Joe Biden is looking at that, he's pretending that somehow we have to buy oil by energy from dictators and we don't have to.

Rick's eyes we appreciate you joining us on the broadcast of chicken ACLJ that org is not your people like Rick and I cocktail a writing weekly for ACLJ. It's all their so we get into the details about the view of the discussion we have here so that you're able to. Another way to share with you for the family to read more. To learn more about these issues.

Any Rick just let us know on the air Trump administration's engagement with Venezuela, which was done with said they so you want to reengage less you're gone you as a regime are gone.

But that will save your people, because will reengage with you and ultimately the Venezuelans and maduro government was not willing to do that but you not you were going to get that anywhere else today, instead know what we do know publicly is the Biden mistresses down there begging. That's how the Venezuelans saying for political somehow to politically when this fight with rising gas prices, so they're willing to make a deal with Iran and Venezuela and their hope. Just don't care, as it might keep your price hitting 56 dollars a gallon US postings is higher than some places very high. State and local taxes already on oil and gas is there hoping is you will look the other way if they can bring your prices down there begging the world begging the world dictators to do that for them will be right back on secular give us a call. Get your phone calls, one 800 684 31 to only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, freeing powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally ACLJ nations on the care means to discover the many ways your membership powering the right/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help way for limited time you can participate in the becomes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms most beautiful gift today secular figure phone calls to this idea, even would want this or would you rather pay a dollar more per gallon or for the Iranian regime is a dollar more per gallon or find a communist regime on a backdoor is is it worth it to you really. Or would you say you know what, I'll pay the five bucks a gallon, from four dollars right now pay the five not to fund the Ayatollah to run because the day that the Biden administration is playing is that they think that one dollar gallon will be the reason why you don't care that they reenter the Iranian nuclear deal and it will give them a pass on that and will give them a pass to Lester Venezuelan immigrant who fled these regimes probably give a pass so out of South Florida will make a lot of news to give a pass on that visit, dollar, gallon out to get the dollar gallon that's up this 20 almost 20 bucks extra every time you fill up but but would you be to say I really want to fund the Iranian Revolutionary guard. The number one state-sponsored terrorism to save my dollar gallon. That's their equation right now. One 800 684 30 wanted to talk to us on it.

Carolyn Wrobel asked this question, what would it take to convince bind to open up the Keystone pipeline. I think it's maybe the midterm elections of Forsyth that they that's too long because right now Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to prevent these votes from formatting on the floor. The votes are there. I thought I getting the house to be closer because there's not as many mainstream voters is a lot more to know that there are audio file to hear if there a lot more pragmatic Democrats in the Senate and are the house others, and that's just kind of the way the houses that you consider that both sides probably get but I still think the votes would be there right now.

Biden got his leadership on lockdown so that Schumer and Pelosi will bring this up for vote, knowing that it would end up on his desk, and it looks like there's enough votes in the Senate to override a veto. Yes, the problem is way I see it is he is so beholding to the left part of his party that he will not let you that's exactly Roger he is so beholden to the leftists have taken over the Democratic Party that even with Pelosi calling and I heard her say that we ought to do this and putting pressure. I never thought I would agree with Nancy Pelosi on anything and I think Schumer sees that the same thing but the left has got such control of the Democratic Party. Right now, in his green agenda in this climate change business in these ridiculous statements that John Kerry is making hoping that the war in there in Ukraine does not affect climate change in some oblique way. All of these combined to just basically causing paralysis. They're not gonna do it. But listen to the Sec. of energy.

This tells you what all of this is about. Take a listen or work intern energy transition, and we better start by adding energy and the reality is we have to take some time to get off of oil and gas. We recognize that this is a transition this. This sounds really like you know how it might appear in the middle of the world, Ukraine and Russia. So you got a hold pipeline issue you a Iran is about to get some free pass from the United States, with Rossi asking for guarantees from us that we won't interfere with their military operations with the Iranians so you know what I would be drilling in the United States. If I were them to do it. That's the best. By the way elections have consequences. That's one of my psychical barber in Utah and lied to he barber welcome to secular euro near my call wondering why they can't do something to stop or to interfere with the Executive Order signed on the Keystone and also shutting down our oilfields with the state to go in until the federal government what to do only to federal lands or federally controlled value. No infrastructure and then you got. Supremacy clause issues at there's a conflict between the states and the and the federal government. The federal number wins so that the problem is that is not the political will right now to do it. Here's the question you asked the right question Jordan. Are the American people willing to pay five dollars a gallon for gas another dollar to not be in business with the ayatollahs and to not let the Russians dictate our arrangements in the Middle East. That's really the question and it's a serious question. I know it has economic consequences of the Biden team thinks that euro given a pass in all of this for computer price that an they're knocking to do it by investing in America and not doing it by investing in US jobs are doing it by propping up a dictatorship and in Venezuela. By propping up Ayatollah Iran, and by reentering a deal brokered by the Russians we are we the third part of this if you like the imagery Ukraine that the reason why the Russians can continue these offensive for weeks at a time is because all the sections that were placed on them when one thing that we didn't touch was 1/3 of their country. Oil and gas is flowing to the world including right to your car here in the United States so you're propping up the Russians carry out their war on the Ukrainian people you've given them prop up the Iranians, which again will be an influx of cash for them and guess what happened usually after they get an influx of cash they start getting a lot more adventures to in their region of the world. The Syria and involvement.

There and ended in a rush and engage with them in Syria.

Those towns like Aleppo, which is sort of like the towns in Ukraine all funded by you and on top that added a South American dictator who works with Iran and China and that it and Russia to survive. This will be going at your car. This is what they think you'll be okay with. If they can bring down the price a dollar. They will invest in the US they would invest in the US either in US oil and US jobs that would bring to keep the Keystone pipeline shut they will prop up dictatorship for you.

So back to phones of Roger in Minnesota on my three hey Roger McCall I would pay the extra money so that the dictator would not get profit from, and in that, but what's to say it's not going to turn bad anyway because the way that the administration is just creating everything for one example, solar cells on them in Chennai has the dominance and not producing solar cells This is the big issue and again I appreciate use your support to stay up so you if I knew it would actually be a policy decision for the preclear is a country the real estate up and say no vernacular support you Iran I can support you. Russia what I can to support you. Venezuela by your human rights abuser wired starting wars with countries that didn't do anything to you by your exporting number one export of terrorism around the world. I mean, it really should even be a debate they were having on the broadcast. Right now, but yet that is what they hope to do and only hope to do with the fact of the matter is again so beholding to the left side of their party.

They will do anything they can in this regard. To do and that means getting a listen and listen. The party doesn't have any problem dealing with Madera and no not at all. Of course now they welcome them, you see is a comrade right he's part of their socialist agenda here in the United States so they want to deal with them. They would then all my doesn't matter died.

That is why is our producer will hang said keeping this maxim in mind America first was so important, and continues to be so important today. We've lost that were not doing it anymore's it's let's be consensus and funding, and happy with the Europeans.

That is been.

They have different goals and we doing different objectives than we do will refreeze to recognize that in the Biden administration, folks. This is why it's important to support working Americans in law and justice on all these issues, we are fully engaged with analysis, with information working in Washington, working around the globe, encouraging good ACLJade outerwear matching challenge campaign.

Any amount you know that we get a matching gift for little bit behind last year so we got some mice that make up some ground good If you donate $10.

We got donuts matching again that's ACLJ.Ward support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice, especially the month of March matching challenge campaign at the broadcast day talking about the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms you give a gift today online

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