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Is Biden Sending U.S. Troops Into War?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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February 25, 2022 12:00 pm

Is Biden Sending U.S. Troops Into War?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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February 25, 2022 12:00 pm

With Thursday's deployment, President Biden has now moved 14,000 troops near Ukraine. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the potential for U.S. involvement in Russia's war for Ukraine as well as give you the latest updates on the war. This and more today on Sekulow .

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Sending US troops now Sharon's most common call one 800-6843 11 secular so as it stands with Thursday's the of the first day of the Army's third Street division. There will be 14,000 US troops along with fighter jets and other aircraft that have been moved closer to the Ukrainian border into surrounding nations and we know that Ukraine is. It feels like it's just a matter of time for Ukraine to fall to potent acute was surrounded by troops at this Russian troops at this point, so it's a matter of time. It's a matter of Ukrainian resistance. Ukraine is a put up a fight in some areas of the country that have certainly slowed the Russian plans down. I think significantly but as most military expert says that's about as best as they can hope for the President of Ukraine made a speech to his people in the world, saying, this may be let last time you see me alive. He knows those Russian troops right outside his office with little protection between either talk about potential guerrilla warfare. But the question of the day because were be joined by record out rice yields a T but also Congressman Bob good who's very concerned about these US are US troops being sent over to actors even humanitarians because that is not their job or role, but also that if white food is successful in Ukraine.

The sanctions were not the sanctions that are totally crippling to his economy that he will then look to other countries. Other nations you could go to a nation like Moldova which is not a NATO member state much smaller then after that you can decide the big decision by potent do you want to go into a NATO member status may be smaller like a Lithuania, and then you test NATO article 5.

Are they are with the US really be willing to go to war against the Russian military for Lithuania. Could you imagine trying to explain to the United States people people United States that men and women in armed services are in military conflict because even though there NATO members locate some of these countries are NATO member members that were going to war because were independent Estonian elbow say will that's part of our NATO obligation. This is but could you imagine putting troops in harm's way here. So the question is, can be how calculating Vladimir Putin's good being all this will also look at the international law ramifications. I want you to understand what's really play here legally meet glamour potent and violated the wars of aggression.

The laws of aggression of war completely and of course he ignored territory solidarity and territories sanctity so there's a lot of that going on at the same time. This could escalate very quickly when the commentators last night said had these generals, Russian, Ukrainian, whoever they might be in the Colonia and you don't know what that's the danger of armed conflict and were already seeing it. So if you're listening on radio think he was always in you can call us at 1-800-684-3110. When you weigh in.

When Congressman says Jordan said to be joining us. Also, a former director of national intelligence, Rick Grenell, our Senior advisor on global affairs, is to be joining us as well.

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Rick tweeted out and I retrieve this.

Actually, that Joe Biden said the US would pose an unprecedented set of sanctions if food invaded the Germans said no. So Biden didn't go with swift sanctions. I want to point out right away. Not using swift as it is a term like the word meaning swift switch is a specific banking acronym and Rick because he could not get world buy-in for all this time he had to work on that the Russian still have access to the world's financial markets and the main thing they think that I never even imagined that people were thinking that we were using last year year exactly right. We need to stop for a second claimant so it banking thanks and are the things that the way that everything the bank around the world. God help us with this dumb and so if you would sanction the Russians on that they wouldn't have asked that to the world banking system and we done that in Iran. By the way we've done this before with other country and you know that the Germans didn't like it that they always try to work around us, but I think we have a real problem with German electric within famous for about four years. The Germans have left the Western alliance. They want a transatlantic alliance that doesn't have a Western 18 flavor and I think that's where a real problem and it also I think is particularly problematic for many Americans because generations of Americans have sacrificed for the German and they need to understand that we have the special relationship between the that Germans and the American and we have tried to move on from the atrocity that the then German government perpetrated on the world and yet we rebuilt. We enter many of the new unified and and we really try to move forward and yet I think it's a slap in the face of American, German, Rick Jack, the Western idea continue going toward the Russian pipeline and really I think undermining your NATO and the Western alliance asked two questions regular play soundbite, a movable master? Based on what is transpired so far. Do you have any doubt that Vladimir Putin and Russia will be in control of Ukraine, including the Q within days here. It's really sad for me to even ponder that question we shouldn't be in that situation were only in that situation because Donald Trump is not the President. There's no question that he was the President, we wouldn't be here.

I never hunt and live in Outlook. He he he took George under George W. Bush. He took Crimea under Pres. Biden. He didn't do anything under under Pres. Trump.

He did not grant land and rewrite the borders of Europe, but now he's back to his old way and I think you you gotta be able to distinguish the kids plans under other President in its plans under Pres. Trump. He didn't do a land grab and that's because Donald Trump was unpredictable to him. He couldn't figure out what would happen. Joe Biden is completely predictable.

So the long answer to say I I'm actually picked off a that we have to answer questions like that between a terrible type in a really try it if I were in charge and if I were you know going to get to decide the policy of the United States. The first thing I would do it by another bio reserves I would get are the Keystone pipeline finished immediately get a functional night said that the first part of this Rick to come to consensus is that he was in the fall and Zelinski is good to be out or maybe an exiled government in Poland, but let me play for you a question that came from Nora O'Donnell over at CBS and it was Anthony blinking our Secretary of State because this is the next question. I hate that even I cannot believe was I had family members but once I my family was wiped out the Holocaust and the idea that were not on the war in Eastern Europe again is I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. I really did not know the fall of the Soviet Union, but listen to this question will get you to comment intelligence to suggest that present person will advance beyond Ukraine.

You don't need intelligence to tell you that that's exactly what present philosophies make clear that he liked to reconstitute the Soviet empire sure that he liked to reassert a sphere of influence around the neighboring countries that were once part of the of the Soviet bloc. Now when it comes to a threat beyond Ukraine's borders either something very powerful. Standing in his way. That's article 5 NATO attack on one is an attack on all Rick here's my question Vladimir Putin were to attack, say, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania three to countries that bordered directly on him were belt either on my short photos and article 5 was implemented. Troops get in harms way real quick. Maybe it will happen until this was avoidable that you know when you're messaging to the world for week that there's a blood he wore on Wednesday and is an American President you don't take peaceful measures like sanction or variety of other tools of the United States could be peacefully EE when you don't take the matter and yet you know there's a bloodied war coming on Wednesday. I would say that the un-American Americans don't sit back when there's an absolute you know blood war killing spree coming and let's be very clear to Biden said he was 100% true 100% and believe that this was a bloodied war that was coming very soon and that you failed to act so you know.

Luckily we've got to stand for NATO and if if NATO members and article 5 are not enforced.

Then I hear the collapse of the whole. And so I sent you. Rick historically has some dramatic moment in time. You realize how close he will be to be able pull something like that offer trying to direct your anger. There were even at this point got present. Biden was talking to the media on display favorites. It's pretty unbelievable what he said no one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening has to show. This could take time to show resolve so he knows what's coming, so the people of Russia know what he's brought on.

That's what this is all about the record until the dissections that have been announced even yesterday will take more than a month to really implement. I does include the Swiss banking stations like likely include the President and his team. Rick had months months to work on this so that the a sanctions regime could have been put in place. It may have at least would've been the potential to prevent this conflict but is present. Biden said Rick he he arty believe that nothing he could do to prevent this war. Well I am back at 330 today. I am delivering the beach that really goes to the heart of what you're talking about and and in summary, I believe that official Washington has now come into this cycle of crisis and shoving the State Department outside and immediately gone for troops and military action and the State Department is to avoid war and when diplomat fail, then we have more and I think it's very clear that I diplomat failed they failed to stop the war they failed to to use every tool that they had available for some reason official Washington race to the military option without utilizing the State Department to plot diplomatic measures.

I believe that diplomacy with Moscow can avoid war and we didn't have that outline how I believe that that department should be performed how Washington DC should be reformed when it comes to viewing Christ. I just thought of something after I deliver the beach.

I think I will give it to our team and have it posted on the update of our grant that you missed the she can read it at APL. J got a great really appreciate that.

It was mentioned that the policies power was Disraeli who famously said diplomacy is more if you use the power correctly, you avoid bullets and unfortunately this is been handled horribly appreciated. Thanks as always and again folks, this is serious stuff and don't I come from coming up.

Objectivity joins he's very concerned about the US troops and where they're being placed IN Swenson from Virginia, a lot of military bases in Virginia situates but also at the national level. We've got 14,000 US troops rapidly edition on countries that border Ukraine. Guess what they're doing the same job doing in Afghanistan that didn't end so well for US troops 13 killed during the final days of that we're leaving you wanting a neighbor social media apps applications, whether it's on Facebook, YouTube, or rumble, share it with your friends were thrilled to be over on rumble renewal, not to be interrupted share with your friends bring about only one.

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Diplomacy can work. Diplomacy can be a waste of time. Yet that he admitted after the woman we had, you know what would probably sanctions in place we knew it was actually can approve anything that would enjoy right now by Congressman Bob good from Virginia's fifth Congressional District Congressman so much for joining us on secular happening again.

No cars. I would start off with this you you put out a statement.

Yes, I think it really resonates with a lot of people and in the statement. It made clear that this idea of putting US troops in harm's way that are military instead of winning battles is his head is doing Sedo humanitarian work right on the border of the view crate of a war zone and I wanted you to just to address. That is, I think there a lot of Americans who are just concerned that our US troops could be being put in position right now and if you decide to continue this past Ukraine to be right there.

Reality and reality in the brutal truth that Ukraine is more important) nuclear power direction country. If you welded it to the rest of the world what your appointment, NATO-led United States short ride we found ourselves in the situation we can talk about how we got here, how we could've got here but there's not a lot that can be done in the immediacy Ukraine fighting for itself a bit adult and become great courage on what happened as well as the military but slow down to some degree but but we peer court that Ukraine ultimately conquer what we gotta do is look to the future and what we do to 30 year playbook here to economically diminish Russia. Russia is not a strong comp country economically, very poor country.

By comparison to other world economic powers and will they build it, they met with a bit a continued occupation, whatever have along it goes to the future and a court hi get that is read it it reinvigorating American energy production had done in the past year diminish our energy production. American energy independent and would have strengthened Russia and its influence on the world stage, as well as in Europe. But secondly we have got to build up NATO and build up Europe in terms of encourage them to take responsibility for their own defense. I work with a partner with NATO but did require a crop was right click seven years ago.

Going back 20 today got invest in their own defense. Similar GDP investment that were doing. Percentagewise it appeared in other bad actors fear NATO they fear Europe with Germany in specific. But finally, to your point here is that applied the United States would it be any dragstrip think our administration based on how they focus in the past year that they might be sending you that Matt let Ben back to the Ukrainian troop LPR, but come back and make her other Cooper vaccinated the Russian army that maybe wasn't wearing that had discharged all that unvaccinated.

Or maybe I Ukraine to keep focused on the climate war instead of fighting. He said he hoped is going into Ukraine doesn't forget the priority we got to play the sound bite so I hope will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate. Congressman is living in an alternate reality. Here, John Kerry, former Secretary of State. Now the climates are is not just going Ukraine were taking over Ukraine and decapitating the government there what he's worried about is Wally's going and make sure he doesn't mess up the trees. Listen, I'm all for a clean environment, but really climate change would not be on the top of the list, but I want to ask you another point here that is that consensus is that will will boot and stop at Ukraine is going to take and probably the weekend unless Ukrainian forces are much from everything to get control of all the great is to stop at Ukraine. What if you did go after in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, which is a NATO country what what happens then great point, I didn't think it would occupy all of Ukraine conquer all of Ukraine decapitate the government and I think in the short run yet. That's where he stayed because there can have enough trouble maintaining absorbing managing that if you will of their limited resources economically and otherwise they don't have a real large army. They've only got an estimated 400,000 truth of what I have seen in their army that got maybe 200,000 engaged now, but you are exactly right – that question because what about the future you can only can only imagine the vacant of grandeur that this that this President has worked for the future of Russia or the researchers of the Soviet empire. He may have the glory that That's why it's so critical. NATO cannot be episodic NATO once NATO is challenged. If and when that were to occur, then we don't stand up together for all of NATO together. Then of course there's no existent up NATO.

That's why it's so important for NATO to be closing that Russia would not dare test it right with this. I'd be curious to know what you're hearing from the White House. At this point because it was just last month that the Senate was actually prepared to pass in a bipartisan fashion. I sanctions on the Nordstrom to pipeline and was the White House that shut that down with Senate Democrats.

What is what is the White House telling members on Capitol Hill right now I know they're talking tough, but are they asking you to bring new sanctions to them. What are you hearing from them. Not hearing that the White House but yet what they have done what they would think a moment ago… Moscow what the climate dark and embarrassingly begging all don't don't attack.

I don't debate because of climate the ability for them to recognize why we have the military why the military can you not get off of them telling the Ukrainian rate Abraham candy light gray you can understand by doing what he's doing your military's divergent topic of the military you can write into a properly largely straight white men today are on bonded like head unit draft before we can come in. We got 95 Matt to get there and will have our President, EOT coupling, there is Maxwell Pelosi and Harris are behind with the click Thursday about Jerry and said Rusty don't go in there okay when you consider doing this, make sure you anything. Mindful of the climate mindful of the climate. That's what he said she's not going to spend back the climate we presented considers grade. I'm putting that all together that it is what is raging American people try to get back to normal help and it's all the cars as right as we just hope it starts one start opening up again you feel like you could plan some travel plans. Vince certain of it. World war where you place out in Europe.

It could be an expansionist war to start continue to break down fees to respect just flat out told you White House is asking them for anything and President said Sage is working. Working with the whole time. So I guess he knew the entire time they were lying about trying to do diplomatic solutions. They knew that was going back with more on the frontlines protecting your rights in court and Congress on justice is on your side, you're already a member cannot swell this perfect time to stand with you can learn more about our life-changing, member today seeing okay keeping you informed and now is a secular back to secular world issues that are going to impact US summary back to the US in ways little different than people thought out. I still think the price the pump gas. Things like that. The stock market corrected yesterday would present by the announced week sanctions on Russia so they were so weak. Russia would you if you were bank and you have a loan out with Russia sanctions. You will be paid on that loan is not clear that you would still get payment that's would put the markets and in more trouble. But then there is some other big news that's getting a lot of attention. Usually it would, but I think for couple reasons. One, the makeup of the Supreme Court will be changing no justice riders retiring but we do now.

Now the indication is that Pres. Biden has made his decision for Supreme Court pick Judge Kentucky Brown Jackson of the DC circuit Court of Appeals. Read the top of the list. I started got some Republican support. I shall be making.

I guess what that's ultimately announced to make the rounds the US Senate. But what you expect that confirmation battle or will even be a battle to look like what were to find out here pretty soon the announcements pushing it at 2 o'clock this afternoon and yes Catania Jackson judging the DC circuit.

Probably the front runner from the beginning Jordan what that what the confirmation process will look like you're right. She has been confirmed by United three times before once by voice vote.

The last time was just last year for DC for the DC Circuit Court Jordan she got three Republican votes Lindsay Graham Lisa from Murkowski and Susan Collins. Although I will tell you. I thought it was interesting that this morning Lindsay Graham Ashley put out a statement she he said that this confirmation says that the radical left is one Pres. Biden over yet again. Some of that may have been Jordan that he preferred Judge Childs from South Carolina, but all that to say you never quite know you have to see how the first few weeks of this process plays out. Judge Jackson will be meeting with Senators over the next week. Then we expect her to complete her questionnaire have a hearing in the middle of March. Jordan and leader Schumer put out a statement today that says he would like to have her vote on the floor of the Senate as soon as possible early April. So that would be a very quick process. We will see again. It is a nominee with some bipartisan support coming in no interestingly in a regulatory case which is where the Democratic judge appointed judges tend to side with the agencies I see in an emergency, proceeding. Judge Jackson joined Judge Naomi Rao who is a front appointing ruling against the agency. So you just don't need Outlook you don't know. I think she's going to be if she is in fact the nominee. I think you will be confirmed. She was a law clerk for Justice Breyer that seems to be one of the trends going on right now, so the net net is probably the same. I don't know if the left really happy with this one or not because she may only have and I got a sense of that fact.

I heard some Democrat senators and they were pretty much like Ali for our meeting. They were like Ron Ron Ron which means they have their doing the research that will see I that will be very indicative, you will know a lot more about this nominee may suffer short shorts. Her time at the DC circuit about how enthusiastic more far left members of the U.S. Senate U.S. House the way in.

Are they enthusiastic about this would be the first black woman to be on the Supreme Court. It doesn't look like to get it will not change the balance of power on the court. For now, this to be a replacement for the Democrat nominee for Democrat nominee not even sure yet if she is as liberal and her judicial philosophy as I Justice Breyer, who was very liberal's judicial philosophy.

We don't get everybody to do the research that I think what we look for here really going right back in Ukraine, Russia our troops sanctions the effect on our economy go right back to that which will look for striking a lot around Ron Ross from the left. You know it's it's what it's tough questions answers out there for the confirmation. Answer the questions for this Senators the American people remember what they did to our nominees. Never forget that.

I'm not saying that kind of behavior but be tough U.S. Senate just give a pass as difficult questions make them think they don't just give up. I agree light here because they're not change the balance of power because they happen to be the first black woman being a member how they treated are not questioning their faith using is criminal activity was second challenges facing American constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever for law and justice frontlines checking your freedoms and rights in court in Congress, the public exceptional track record of success. We could not do more work. We remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms that remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American several injustices on your side.

You are already a member. Well this perfect time to stand with you can learn more about our life-changing member today. See only one. A society can agree most vulnerable. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice Wright created a free publication offering you the ACLJ's battle for the unborn will show you how patient includes all major ACLJ fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care me in many ways your membership is powering the right mission in life today online/secular that one of our top search we talked about that we talked about good is US troops in harm's way playing a role they're not trained to do. They're not trained to militaries yet the guise of how they been since these border countries of Ukraine has been to help with the humanitarian crisis of people going across the border why we are not sitting State Department staff USA staff you got sick person all over Europe they could come together that would help in processing with these brave people like recruit houses they work in war zones in tough countries to do something that they got. They got that more hands on approach. Keep the gods of the head of our military but is all being done under the guise of were there to help the script to Christ which if you see the images coming out to give the people Russian trains and cars you want to be a mass influx of migration into multiple countries surrounding Ukraine.

But here's the question. Is this just a smokescreen to get US troops on the border with Ukraine so that ultimately in a few days. Our US troops are to be face-to-face with Russian troops and we know that NATO countries have already implemented article 5, which is the article that says an attack on Juan's attack on all but Andy. They have implemented. Article 4. Yes, they have article 4 which encourages are three main articles that are in play here. Articles 4, five, and since then this is the name and I reading that people need to know what that is.

I did give you a little background and then it was founded in 1949. The idea was collective defense is the foundational and motivational purpose of the alliance on attack on one is an attack on all they have a diplomatic mission that permanently is scared stay existing in Brussels where there are ambassador mass with lower-level officials representing each of the NATO countries. The Council can be promptly at any time and I go back to what I was saying that the decisions of NATO are not voted upon there made by consensus. In other words, consultations and discussions take place until a decision acceptable to all is reached now. Article 4 is there any party to NATO.

That is, any state that is a member of NATO can call for consultations among its members identify problems and seek solutions before they get out of hand. That's already been it hasn't with respect to the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland jointly called for consultations. I want to put up a map for our audience. So if you look at Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and watch listening on radio. These are three countries that border the Western northwestern portion of Russia and Poland is also called for consultation yes, but these three countries in particular were also part of the Warsaw Pact. They were part of the Warsaw Pact to recall the Baltic states.

They were Fred Russian federative Soviet Republic and Anthony blinking said yesterday that he their concern is that Putin's goal is to get further than Ukraine to get control Ukraine present may take another couple weeks. Another week or two. But if those three countries, Estonia, Princeton says we been attacked. What happened well. Estonia can invoke then article 5 and say come to our aid and the ambassadors have been Brussels would meet and will decide but the important thing to understand is that each country decides the extent to which it is going to give a and assistance to the other consul when you mentioned Jordan troops on the border in harm's way. Let's now listen what Pres. Biden set up.

This is what has me concerned folks about the war in Europe is already one year that goes further. Listen to Pres. Biden yesterday. As I made crystal clear United States will defend every inch of NATO territory with the full force of American power and the good news is that it was more united and more determined than ever. There is no doubt no doubt stationary NATO ally will meet article 5 commitments which says an attack on one is an attack on all the President just said for audience to understand that if there is an attack on it, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, on the border with Russia US troops NATO forces will be committed to exactly what I heard him say, article 5 is invoked, then the consultations would take place in the American troops would be put in harm's way facing Russian truth as part of a net obviously under the supreme command of NATO facing Russian troops do not. My question for this is you, what you call us right now. 1-800-684-3110. Would you support US troops dying from Lithuanians dying at the hands of the Russian military maybe winning but it's considerable casualties of US troops to protect Lithuania because that's what article 5 is really about was NATO doing this a timely thought were so powerful Russia so we can everybody else say it's post-World War II that you know it.

So never really happened will be able to read it through sanctions through blocking people of economically 1-800-684-3110. Would you sing your son or daughter to go fight and die when grandson for Lithuanian rights.

That's a real folks is a very hard question in a very real question because think about this was your age group by the military for Mary Jane and I don't know. I think that they are more inclined to say we must keep NATO aligned. I'm not good at but I think that the next generation down by generation NATO looks looks useless.

They look like they can't but fight their own battle now that we had time to get these countries enough weapons and military and technology cells so that we can just play a background roll and I'd be fine with that but a background roll instead of being the only country I can see in NATO that is enough troops to deal with Russia is us the rest have little tiny European size militaries don't invest money in their gods, they don't invest money in their ammo.

They don't invest money and technology they don't invest money in fighter jets would be us fighting the war but when you said is also how would your start, because if in fact a civil Lithuania.

Let's say it was Estonia we want a sudden daughters go fight for Estonia will the French and Germans. Andy put their NATO troops in place on that in my opinion, no that is not so NATO is very fractured piece related on that point to point were question whether NATO survives what Putin's goal was with Toronto NATO and to show that it was a fragile organization is not an organization that was effete and no longer able to do anything in the and I don't think that answer your question directly with the French of the Germans are going to die for Latvia and this is this is this this is the situation not potent is a is is calculating dictator calculating is calculus and what was wrong wedge between NATO.

He did that go to what's wrong wedge between European countries. Germany saying we don't want restrictions on Swiss banking. He did that the other goal was get to Ukraine. Article 5 countries. Attached is there any kind of voting mechanism or you just don't know. There is no voting Jordan the way for Germany saying though they technically must go.

They have to content attend the consultations, but there is no actual voting procedure as to whether and it's all done through consultations on the ambassadorial level in Brussels among the leaders who are our country into this well that is not happened so far. I mean they've worked with and what were well that's an interesting thing because in 1949 was a such thing as cyber attacks, but today the word that is used in the in the Trinity is armed conflict on that. So I think that may be interpreted cyber may be interpreted, armed or not. I don't know cyber war the traffic without really want to protect our infrastructure attack that was cyber attacks and fix your cyber gap that you go to Jason Pennsylvania line 3 hey Jason, I have a question to you Ukraine by Russia. What does that mean for China and secondly I want to be very clear I want is God if this is this ghost success, which looks like it will be for prudent Taiwan by now part of the CCP. Yes, so it's a good question, and the Chinese are looking at. This was no accident that Vladimir Putin Andy met with German G. The great premier now China is back in his efforts and by the way, it is usually without back efforts to take Annette take another independent sovereign country that's not what he is here. He basically met with both she and he says I'm going West you go east if that's what it sounds like inside is the much bigger player here.

Obviously when he comes to world economy technology that it was evident in the military to military, they have it's a much more modern military only throw this out I looked.

I thought about this last night you didn't say what we could take Russia's military down really quick because the United States military strong with China was backing up.

The Russians got World War III. That is, World War III met World War III 11 World War II undoubtedly kind of weapons that are available now, no one wants to see that the Questar step-by-step.

We don't want to see.

They will be destroyed either it is that serve a good purpose.

Whether or not its purpose was ever really fulfilled because as Rick said earlier, the broadcast European date of the states never pay their fair share.

Every really built militaries that were sizable didn't want to spend their money on that rock peaceniks and you know that we don't warriors or allow the US to come in and save about. I don't think were country and the President wants to that country support only one.

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Well, this is the perfect time to stamp ACLJ.where you can learn more about her life changing, member today. See two secular question about what you what you said your daughters and grandchildren fight for a Lithuania against the Russian military you we wouldn't beat the Russian military. This really question the question is serious bloodshed, serious loss of US life.

Lotta young people dead didn't attack us. They attacked the ally of ours so this test coming up.

NATO is it's become. It was a hypothetical that is starting to become more and more realistic as Putin takes Ukraine. I want to go back to the phone 100-684-3110 page in Georgia on my want a page welcome to secular call.

19 and when I really like the conflict.

How likely is that giraffe we entered into the conflict with Russia would depend on the nature and scope of the conflict got into a war with military that size over to them as I was at age we did have a draft during the Vietnam War, which was a conflict like you said you think. But why are we fighting, no nonsense, and it was a get well Harriet was the Russians and to me it was that was asymmetrical warfare in the sense and it was the United States fighting in Vietnam with the Russians on the other side well with the Russians and the Chinese backup yet.

So basically we were fighting communist and if you think about it.

A Putin is deeply embedded in a communistic system ex-KGB officer. He sees strong cultural ties between Russia and the Ukraine and he wants all of the satellite countries back to Jeff in Florida online.

Six. HF in my car and where China I think I was yesterday where they are blaming the United States for this. Secondly, I believe there is a good chance I like your opinion is that China will join Russia and what's to stop Russia from playing the coalition together. If this continues, I think China would be the lead, China would be play because it is a stronger power. But that's exactly we're talking about is that if you get into engagement with Russia and China starts back.

Russia your back and to be at your back into Vietnam.

Part two with way more powerful weapons yet and and a lot of Americans being killed and it could be a country like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, that that becomes the battleground kind of thing at a place we have no connection with. Here's the question I have for you. Prof. Hudson taught law and economics and that is economically China were a big trading partner for China. So how does that play into their calculus.

Well, I think it strengthens the Chinese hands of the Chinese government realizes that it has United States over a barrel, particularly when it comes to drugs and medicines, particularly when it comes to high attack. So at the end of the day. We are far more dependent on undependable powers, and if you think about it you could see a coalition involving China in the latest Jordan correctly suggests drawing by Russia.

Russia would then bring in India and Pakistan. So at the end of the day, then you would encircle the wax from the Far East and then you would perhaps pick off Serbia long-term. There is already discussions from the European conservative that the whole country of Bosnia-Herzegovina that is fracturing. That's an opportunity for Russia and China to exercise influence and then move perhaps into Serbia and Moldavia or mulled over. Sorry you look at him with older they want that this is a little bit of its it goes right up to the edge and would give them another another access and he said is trying to get to know each publisher goes west me that's part of what's going on back of Brandon in Texas online to Hebron on all wanted to add the thing about how you will take up for how they would feel if we had a larger military presence in the name okay now US troops are being attacked in the country that we are how I that's what would say goodbye just doing right now. He's putting the troops in harm's way in those countries because there could be face-to-face if if Putin is successful.

Craig falls like they say the US is predicting by this weekend. These are ordered and Russian troops on the border in Ukraine would be facing US troops. Remember, Ukraine is not a NATO partner. Secondly, we are to have 100,000 troops in Germany that were not including this number having more troops.

That's almost as big as the entire Russian. That's the third of the Russian military.

We arty have their input is not going to shoot at executive target American intentionally no way right but but if we put ourselves in the middle of it. He's got China back in a whole different will is good care for civil rep get into subluxation talk to Carol best to slide three a little late, not a fire to the NATO country and the US border and work on building our military back up again. Absolutely I would not send my grandson this is interesting because you know my grandkids. I don't think you said you get your generation you think would support.

I'm not so sure Harry mines would either. I don't know here because it's been so many years where they could've been building the United States cannot be the world police. We've seen what happens. Nobody wants a world where we certainly don't want to China which brings in this statement present fine. Harry said sanctions were never going to deter.

That is precisely the opposite of what Kemal Harris recently said that St. Shanks thank you and sorry will in fact her pollutant and now he is saying we got all allowed least sanctions to work the problem has always been Joe Biden and his absence aforethought is absence of leadership. Keep in mind Russia was massing troops on the Ukrainian border for almost an entire year and what was the Biden administration focus.they were focused on climate change and they were focused on all sorts of other peripheral issues that have strengthened pollutant and measurably allowing energy prices to explode upward. We have indeed financed. If you will not Putin's aggression so that sanctions are right, the sanctions that the current meaningless stock markets are up in the United States that I suspect they say that that we did that were not severe sanctions. I think that is correct and we see the world moving forward as usual Ukraine about the fall and ultimately that will affect food prices so give folks that it is a lot to continue to bring something.

Think about because it is ascertained outside how the starts affecting the American people that we had a commander-in-chief, I think you have no problem Joe 511 Something Pl. in our country supply chain issues the kick it out of their covert mindset.

What's the best fraction US troops ever been so good at that already been watching that they been in office withdraw from Afghanistan on the rise against terrorism ever start to see in the state not following up on the Abraham records me.

The list goes on and on their horrendous board policy can't repeat what Barack Obama said about Joe Biden but he said they say don't trust this policy for decision never gives up. Now he's a commander-in-chief, so it would take mass protests in the street on the frontlines of protecting your rights in court in Congress and the public of the American Center for Law and Justice is on your side you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ

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