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BREAKING: Facts Under Attack From Big Tech

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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February 21, 2022 12:00 pm

BREAKING: Facts Under Attack From Big Tech

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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February 21, 2022 12:00 pm

Is big tech censoring conservatives? Jay, Jordan, Logan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss this and more today on Sekulow.

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X now Sharon's most common call one 800-6843 11 secular folks your right of support for radio on the target of the first couple segments.

This censorship by big tech coming after conservative organizations just because they're conservative and they don't like the message, they don't like the truth if you will, and the fact that you know on our broadcast.

We are very careful. Most of us are attorneys. We were very careful we make assertions or we go through a legal document, a pleading and information like that we are giving you the most accurate information possible that were live broadcast. Everything is not always perfect. We deal with breaking news with Ukraine Russia issue we have to deal with this breaking discussion in the presence they were on the cusp of war for like the last three weeks to get there is not been awarded. Others thoughts of diplomatic meetings really talk about that would record out today, but for our regular radio audience really spending a little time right now because you might not know. If you're not used to watching watching the broadcaster were used to listing the broadcast. When issue with Facebook over the weekend where we were lots of our broadcaster being inaccurately labeled as partly false broadcaster did even link to why they were saying it was partly false. They had nothing to do with.

So we are in the works to resolve that with Facebook, but as you know most of the concerted efforts by these big tech companies who are differently to conservatives to try to silence or D platform, a conservative, so we decided today for our online audience and were talking our whole audience right now to shift over to rubble.

So we just did that message for Facebook mobile viewers we shifted completely over to rubble for the video broadcast of our show it again up this week. We do everything possible to be as accurate as possible. Every day, but we deal with breaking news evidence. Things change that what doesn't. Typically, changes court documents and other things like that. That's what we got at Facebook a mattress and I could get deep into the details, but the truth is, if you can't read from a court document on social media apply for your surreal trouble in America is writing a lot of people have a lot to say about this sourcing the sulcus understand this not only did they mark some of our videos and full episodes of this broadcast is partly false and the inaccurate. Some were not even connected to what the fact checkers put on their connected topic so it completely and accurately tag this is everyone that shared which is thousands of people got a notification and likely a lot of the people who just saw the content from someone that shared it got notification saying what they saw what they shared with inaccurate, partially false, which is again damaging to the organization damaging to our brand. It's a problem. It's just plainly wrong and this is something were to have to address.

We are dealing with Facebook will be of a loyal Facebook audience would understand that without abandoning ship on Facebook here what we are saying is, until this is resolved, we will be on rumble and other platforms that will protect you find this you know, in our situation quite unique in the sense I spent four decades 40 years before the Supreme Court in United States arguing free speech cases with the concept of viewpoint neutrality.

In other words, of the marketplace of ideas must be open to divergent viewpoints, different viewpoints that you don't censor one side of the debate. In other words, content-based censorship. The Supreme Court said is at the heart of what makes free speech allowed. If you don't censor that kind of content viewpoint neutrality is the key nine justices of the supreme word of agreement me for decades. Apparently others in big tech did not.

That's why were on rumble today.

I discussed to say live during the break I discovered a brakes if you're watching right. A lot has a play video packages allow that today we are discussed.

They live through this break had a break this down even more furious or not going anywhere for watching on illicit outward or regular radio broadcasts.

We would hear from you. Give us a call 1-800-684-3110 2000 684-3110 about this big tech to silence serve that absurd can report the news about here. A big tech coming after 1-800-684-3110. The challenges facing Americans are substantial time and are now in freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades now ACLJ on the front lines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member.

Thank you. Not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist the ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the abortion industry and what Obama care means to the prone life in many ways your membership in the ACLJ is empowering the right to question your free copy of mission in life today online ACLJ/secular. We are to your phone calls at one 800 684 31 two that's what hundred 64 3110 big tech because we been targeted by big tech and you were big organization is able to deal with these companies we have teams of people to deal with the fact checkers to deal with Meda which the company owns Facebook. We are contacts there were not let you know were different like an ordinary person. When this happens to them. You can imagine it's it's overwhelming anytime you feel I can just leave the platform were not doing that yet with Facebook will try to work things out but what we are have decided to do today is to take our entire video broadcast over into rumble and we went only for about 20 said about five minutes before the broadcast. And we just told people click the link and what were sorry sees a couple things one that there were a lot more people click that link to Facebook. Even several watching allotment twice the amount so you right there when the wind as this, came in on rumble from cycling addicts and big tech SF self canceling themselves. I love it that it may be that to a significant part of the public. At least half the country which identifies you as more conservative half more liberal, that they may be self canceling themselves to about half of who their potential users could be what meat you can't argue with just your fact now like loading, so maybe they count the numbers differently.

But here's the truth we said switchover to rumble from Facebook on that Facebook be for about five minutes later and said we have almost now tripled what that audience was and initially it doubled and again Facebook inaccurately labeled broadcasts of ours is inaccurate when were very concerned about accuracy because rolloff and many of you got notifications about that and that's why we have taken this action, but I would tell you something I've argued in the Supreme Court for decade when you speak you disagree with the way you handle that with is more speech on the point you agree with and that's with the marketplace of ideas is supposed to mean marketplace of ideas is not supposed to mean that big tech takes one side of the debate, and then shuts everybody else out or labels you partly false, as if that's not significant when they do it which it is loaded yet significant for a couple reasons one ops is limiting your reach a lot of people will not see that content anymore so people share all of that. You see things happen is resolutely out of overtime.

This wasn't just one alert. We got about the Amish are exact numbers but it was many multiple things that we shared again unrelated to even why they would tag us as partially false.

What that did the reason we felt like we had to address it on the air. The reason I said, give us a call and if you got an invitation what you thought, 1-800-684-3110 is notified everyone likely that had shared that broadcast that they had shared something that was inaccurate, it may have even notified the people that interacted with people to share. I also want to say can use this moment to think a radio audience because of our radio stations that were on. We don't have to worry about that part of it on a radio broadcast of alternate stations, local station that you're listening on right now. Thank you for those stations that carry the broadcast and don'ts engage in this kind of censorship of our material.

Remember, this was targeting us that something targeting here Jordan.

They targeted us is targeted by the ACL, Jaden, and in effect that targets are most loyal supporters online who share our broadcasts with their friends and family. We asked him to do that.

They're the people who got the notification as well as the people who really are the most engaged with us online and that is why we want to be unclear, even because I had my and my official account shares the broadcast out so I got all the notifications to and makes me wonder too. And I'm part of the organization. What what how did the start happy when I get 10 of these overnights. Without you we have to address this were also not just gonna go back up on Facebook unknowingly and know of whether it's get tagged that way again.

So until that's handled were also is learning a lot from this day already.

Numbers are to our now higher on rumble than they usually would be on Facebook but for a big break up like a big breaking news day that we were directly involved with lately in the past. The numbers were much different.

Other different algorithms for different advice had different back in algorithms and numbers what it meant was by saying to our loyal audience on Facebook click the link go over here at all of you did that and it appears that there were a lot more view than Facebook's, even telling us are there, that's pretty amazing to see that now let's go have like 500 more type out a house in Florida, but I think we are probably right now the largest broadcast on rumble that life is now made to their homepage to yet so that it is appreciated with a rumble for for helping to help us out, but that's beyond that, this was not that this was affected all of you clicked over. We appreciate right got it. So let's go ahead usually to call shirt was guaranteed in Utah on line 118 for all that you do lay clicked over there is quite a bit of probably online with Facebook. I'm switching over to rumble, but I had a problem last week for three days in a row. I try to connect to rumble and get find out my wheels just kept painting and thinning and go through thereby understand that like it's emerging tech. A lot of things happen. Look at my face broadcast gets interrupted just because of the Internet change itself.

A lot of that is that people were not going to say would never go back on Facebook again by the like.

Our hope is to clarify this, but right now because Facebook has done us no favors. Looking at this code okay well maybe the rabbit run was a really good friends at Rumford rumble since they were early on and I am glad we are and I am thrilled that the now highlighting is on the homepage but folks, this is an issue of big tech censorship understand what this is. The new sensors they are disagreeing with the message, so they say they don't take you off, necessarily, they just label you, partly false that the Internet people wanting a much notifications like that.

They sent their friends that confirmation so then your your reach goes down they start say well this Agrippa keeps getting hit like this buyer algorithm so you put them that.

Yet they will reach as many people, but their post at any essentially your deep platforms like taken off but innocent you are, your reach is limited. Now what is important here is that were seeing this before midterm election.

The reason why it's so important for groups like us to get this kind information get truth out there and deal with the tough issues especially around elections were great. We are getting to close the midterms seat. You don't be shut off, then not have another place to go but imagine how bad this is going to be out take phone calls 164 3110 word another Presidential election. I mean, this is just them testing how to shut us up how to shut us up in a politically heightened time except for right now were talking about getting close to midterms, but it's Biden with extremely low poll numbers and and really disastrous economic issues at Eck at domestic policy disasters foreign policy. The whole country turned on by.

But for his liberal supporters and unfortunately it looks like companies like Facebook have turned in instead of being free speech companies and more libertarian. They have drink the Kool-Aid from the left and if in the instead go by what CNN's Brian seltzer says it is talking point that if more of these type of alternative social medias pop-up that have legs and legitimacy.

I think a lawyer to see Bill Lucas were saying that here today. This command honorable one of her comments said that she received the notification on Facebook and she deleted our post because she didn't want to Jay Sekulow paste look like it was spreading false information, even though she knew it was actual truth and and that's sort of the problem.

That's where it starts to you said it's unnecessarily the platforming.

It's the knowing what's on their page. A partially false notification right so partly false clarify partly false notification for little had deleted even agree with it or you right because they know that of their counters and they will get back it with this whole order to get you censored.

Essentially, it's a it's an interesting time forcing interesting things. We appreciate everyone is calling right now were trying to get through those phone calls we can get some screed that be great But I Want to Talk about the Censorship Aspect of This Because You Mentioned during the Midterms Are Coming up There Doing This Now Okay When I Can Get into What That Was the Date They Labeled a Law Firms Information As Partly False by What Is That Even Mean Latte What It Meant.

Thousands of You Get a Notification and This Is What We Gotta Be Careful with Big Tech so I Cannot Because I Would Think the People Rumble for Rob and Natalie Hosting Us, but Promoting This Today and I Will Tell You Something. It Tells Us A Lot This Experiment We Did Today, Which We Talked about All Weekend. It Tells Me A Lot about What May or May Not Have Been Going on on That Other Platform What the Truth Is This Whole Idea of Part, Partly False Is a Scam There's You Cannot Be Partly False.

Either It's False or It's Not What This Is, We Don't like Your Take on the Facts so We Don't like Your Analysis. If You Get into That Part of the World. So You're All Reading from the Same News, but We Don't like the Way Your Now You're Analyzing the Dues We like What You're Reading into It. How You're Discussing It Even Though You're All Based on the Same Factual Information Is No These Are Made up Categories like Partly False and so Outward Take It Head-On Were Able to Do so with the ACLJ Because We've Do It, You Would Realize How It Impacts Individuals, Especially Don't Have That Kind of Team We Want to Hear from You. 164, 31, Said Will Be Right Back on Secular Only When a Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free and Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Support Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist the Ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the History and What Obama Care Means to Discover the Many Ways Your Membership of the ACLJ Is Powering the Right to Question Your Free Copy of Mission Life Today Online ACLJ/Challenges Facing Americans Are Substantial Time and Are Now Free to Sort Constitutional Rights Are under Attack Important Than Ever to Stay with the American Center for Law and Justice for Decades. ACLJ on the Front Lines Protecting Your Freedoms Defending Your Rights in Courts in Congress and in the Public Arena and We Have an Exceptional Track Record of Success. But Here's the Bottom Line We Could Not Do Our Work without Your Support, We Remain Committed to Protecting Your Religious and Constitutional Freedoms Then Remains Our Top Priority, Especially Now during These Challenging Times. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side, You're Already a Member. Thank You, Are Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us. Where You Can Learn More about Our Life Changing Become a Member Today ACLJ so for Our Audience. Listen to the Broadcast Radio Sirius XM No Difference for You It's for Our Audience That Watches the Broadcast Removed People over Today from Facebook to Rumble and We Want to Thank Everybody Who Just Click That Link You Did That All of You Didn't Even More Trouble.

Thank Them for Their Post Is Host Is Rather Their Homepage As As Cattle Place to Go Watch so Again the Viewership through the Video Broadcast Is Going up. We Also Take Your Phone Calls at 1-800-684-3110. The I Want to Make It Clear to I Were Here Today Because Facebook Start Labeling All These Videos We Had As Partly False and Giving Notifications out As We Ask You Shared All the Time. Anybody Who Shared a Common on and We Went Back and Looked, and There Was This Common Theme of What They Said Was Partly False, but on Versus One of the Episodes We Posted Was about Eight Totally Unrelated Topic That Occurred before What They Were Even Talking about Is False Had Occurred. So We We Started Just Getting Every Video Labeled This Way so Our Dealing with This with Facebook We We Push Our Entire Facebook Audience over to Rumble Today Might Be Tomorrow As Well at an Invalid Future and Also Start to See Some Very Different Numbers Based It Could Be Based of Algorithms, but It Could Also Be Based off Facebook Was Already Doing This to Us without Putting the Labels on but Not Getting Our Reach out Is High, Not Even Letting Us Know How to Reach We Had Because of Course That Has Economic Consequences for Facebook and I like Them As Well That Rubble Saw That We Are Doing This and Then a Feature. This Is Their Topic Is A Lot Of You Are Brand-New to the Broadcast. Probably Need to Address You All and Say Thank You for Coming over. We Do This Every Day Doing the One Eastern Time. So Thanks All the Innumerable Viewers but Also Obviously over 100%. According to Facebook Came over for Us and That Is a Percent. That's Very Interesting.

A Lot Of People Are Commenting Morning Rubble Promoting so You Get You Put All Their We after the Conference I Rumble Exit We Been on Rubble for Long Time to Find Tons of Video Content Is My First Have Been Featured This Heavily. Thank You, but I'll Take the Unit We Have Fought against Viewpoint-based Discrimination.

For Many, Many Decades before the Supreme Court and You Don't Most of Those Cases We Won.

We Won Unanimously.

Even the Left Agreed to and You Can't You Can't Discriminate against One Viewpoint but yet Big Tech Gets Away with It and They Think That That's Okay and That's Not Okay and What's Happening Is They Are Making the Case Worse for Them Because It's an Unregulated Environment, Pretty Much, and Then This Kind of Stuff Happens and People Start Thinking Regulation Which Is Not the Answer to This, the Answer to This Is More Places to Speak Today to Rumble and Are Radio Stations around the Country, but Again to Label Our Information Is Partly False. On Information and Then You If You Click That and Went to What Was Particularly It Wasn't Even the Show Wasn't about That Topic yet.

Luckily That's What That Was a Glitch or a Leader in the System. Plus A Lot yet so in Jamaica in the Middle and in General the It Does in a Pretty Bad Harm to Organizations like Ours and Broadcast like Ours Because As We Said Some Commenters. I Had Occasion to Try to Make People Know You're Not Then Know That the Wrong They Don't Want to Seem like You're Sharing Fake and Impartially False, Partly False Information, so They Kind of Delete It There Goes Your Entire Spread of Audience, so It Is Something That Is Happening Not Just on the Big Level We Are Seeing Because He Will Say They Get This Happen All Time. One Person Commented They Got Flooded Facebook Gel Which Is Usually the Lock yet. This Is a Three Days a Week. You Know You Think They're Going Back Posts, Bots or Go Back Post Five, Six Years Ago As I Will. This Is No Longer Accurate and We Seen so Much of a Him and They Been Proved Wrong Time in the Last Year We Seen It Happen over and over and over Again with Theories and Things like That That Have Come out the People Shared by the Day That with the Whole Pandemic and in the China Lab Versus Right Was a Created and Elaborate in the Wet Market and They'd Labeled It False Information. If You Are Saying It Was Created in Lab until It Was Pretty Much Determined Determined That It Did Viable Possibility and A Lot Of People Then You Suffer the Consequences of That Comes Their Platform and Look. None of Us Are Guaranteed Social Media.

It's Not like I It's Not Right Now. Excited I Did That You Would Censor People out Because You Disagree with Their View and Then to Take Another Step Not to Censor Them but Then Label Them, Which Is What Facebook Did. They Labeled and That Was Wrong to Answer the Phones Julie in California Online Three Hey Julie Why You Hear Me Just Go and Allow I Julie Sorry Okay See Him for This Is That John Let Me Ask You to and like and Share the Rumble Broadcast Them. If You If You Get Your Account There Set up You Can Share to You Facebook You to the Public. You Feel Free to Share This You Would Still over There but for Many People Are Right Now. Or, but, but beyond That There Will Be Different People in the Day so People Can Still See This Broadcast. We Are Doing This for As Much for Our Supporters and Our Audiences That We Offer for the ACLJ Because We Know the Impact This Has on You, like You Said You Hit All These Parts, Partly False Flags and Your Information Is Shared to Your Friends and Your Family and That's No Good, but II Think That Dell on Rumble Is Right. Facebook Picking on the Wrong Organization.

It's Easy for Facebook to Pick on Individuals A Lot Tougher to Pick on the ACLJI Because Honest to God into the Day We Donated This Is Truth That We'd like to Work with Them. We Want to Work with All These Different (We Have for Years and We Have for Years and Peak and We Also Want to Encourage Them to Be Better As Organizations and Companies She'll Want to Just Let Him Go Is the Size They Are and Not Fight Back and Say Do the Right Thing Facebook or Better Have Anyone to Call Themselves but at the End of the Day Because These Other Platforms like Rumble of Now Serve That Have Kind of Been Able to Exist Long Enough to Be Tested yet to Make Sure He Can Handle the Incoming Thresher Is a Heckuva Tested IME.

We You Know We Did That You Want Your Team Logan Got Together over the Weekend, but That Even This Morning to Figure out How to Do This. This Transition and Because Were Doing Was Censorship Which Is What This Is and I Think a Total Violation of First Amendment Principles, We Were Able to Go to Rumble and They Were Able to Handle Another Promoting, Which We Appreciate It Makes a Big Difference Because the Idea of What George Said Is Right That They Can Pick on You and Then Now They Take Take on the ACLJ by Labeling Partly False Based on a Statement That Was Not in the Broadcast. And That's What and We Verify That Many Times Logan That They Labeled Something False That Wasn't Even the Topic of the Broadcast of the Partly False, Even When They Did, What Was the Topic. This Is Just a Politics at Play. It Was the Word They Said Were Okay but Not Okay. I Mean, and Not to Get into It but It Was Ridiculous.

They Came up It Was like They Were Looking through Thesaurus for the Same Word Is Did like That Word so You Give Us Another Word so We Can Use This One.

And Maybe I Can Say That I Say That Word Let like the Deal What It Really Has To Do with Is the Origin of That Story Also Came from Fox News, Which Also Got Hit with That As Well so Fox News Uses the Word to the Word Some Words Infiltrate. Instead, They Said Your Facebook Literally Connects It Is Exploit Is Okay to Say the Clinton and Whatever Exploited Is Not Okay to Say, the Portrait Is Ridiculous. It's Not Even That They Didn't Realize What They're Doing. Here's the Word We'd like You to Say I Was at Work. Some United States Of America Now Hears the Words We Would like You to Stay, to Stay on This Social Media Platform That Supposedly Are Okay. We Are Taking Calls Record As We Join As We Do in the Second Half Hour for Listening on This. There Is There If You're Watching Online Not Going Anywhere.

We Have a Full Half Hour Left of the Broadcast. Sure, If You're New to Rumble Welcome to Apply for Mere If You're from Rumble and You Just Say the Show yet Recruit Elderly Joining Us Are Probably a Friend of His and He'll Be on a Broadcast Piece on the Show Multiple Times A Week to Make Sure You're Subscribing to a Channel over on Rumble. If You're There and I Will Be Back Shortly. Again a Check of the Workouts ACLJ ACLJ's Been on the Frontline Protecting Your Freedom Is Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side. If You're Already a Member Thinking. If You're Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us Where You Can Learn More about Our Life-Changing Work, Member Today ACLJ Keeping You Informed and Now, This Is Jordan Secular Secular for Our Radio… Your Excess Exit… My Been a Little Bit Different for Broadcast Take You Take Issues, but for Those Who Watch Our Broadcast Understand That You Were Run A Lot Of Platforms Every Day with Her Broadcast and Rumble Is One of Them, but We Decided Because of Facebook. Went through a Bunch of Our Live Broadcast, Labeled, and Partly False That Also Send Notifications to All of You Who We Ask Our Loyal Supporters to Share Those Broadcast Doctors Notifications As Well. That Was Your on Their Page at the Ridiculous Kind of Things They Partly False, Even Going through That Identify the Prophet's Politics. Solace Is Functional to Get into Any Deeper. It's Politics of Analysis Is Not That the Story We Were Talking about, Which Was in Every New Story across the Country.

It Was Then like Our Analysis of the Story and Force Your Attorneys As We Do Is We Take These Sores, We Analyze Them, or Else Which Is We Just Be a News Broadcast, but Because I Get Facebook to This Recent One Set of Just Playing the Game with Facebook Just to Go Today until All of Our Facebook Eyes Right before the Show, Rumbling, and You Did so.

Thank You for Those You Who Went Right from Facebook to Rubble Think Rumble for OCS from the Homepage of the Broadcast to Bring A Lot Of New People in Abbott for Art Are Regularized. If Everyone Who Just Enjoy the Show Right Now I Were to Get into What's Going on the World As Well, but I Ignore Ukraine and Russia Record Now Is about to Join Us That Those Young Rubble Who Probably Know Rick from A Lot Of Other Different Ways.

Rick Is a Part of RC Team at the ACLJ He's a Senior Advisor for Foreign-Policy National Securities on Her Broadcast At Least a Couple Times A Week. His Rights for Our Website so Rick Will Be Joining Us and It'll Just Be like Normal. I Will Beat the Alive and Will Be Talking about the Issues There Really Number One Front and Center Right Now, the World and That Is Ukraine Russia and Continue to Get His Insights As They Talk about These Meetings This Week and All That.

If Those That Are Completely New to Us and Are Just Fine Is Because Rumble Is Featuring Us and Thank You Very Much. I We Do the Show Each and Every Day That Is at Noon Eastern from Noon to One We Put up Videos Also Continually throughout the Day of the Go Live. You Can Interact Be a Part of Broadcast Live Monday through Friday Noon to One Eastern to Fight His Uncle Sheridan Kansas Online to a Shared What Do You Okay with My Right Hand Free M, Bordering on Fast. It's like They're Getting in and around in Indirect Ways.

To Tell Us That We Think There Might Only Take Care. Should the State Get More Involved or Regally. Yes, Here's Here's the Issue Is Companies like Theses Big Tech Companies Have Used a Part of the Law to Circumvent Real Freedom of Speech and That's Because to Allow the Internet to Grow and Flourish Legislators at the Time at the Private Rights Issue and Said You Know What When I Can Let Make Them Liable for Crazy People That Show up on the Site. Bad Things That Pop up. They Got It They Got, You Know They Got to Do A Lot Of People Posting That Contemplate Overseeing Now Where They're Focusing Their Attention on His Politics, Not Trafficking, Not Drugs, Not Illegal Activity, but Political Speech They Don't like Instincts, It Might Still Do the Other. They're Spending a Significant Amount of Their Resources Working with outside Firms As Well to Silence Political Speech They Don't like and They Do It under the Guise of Were Not Liable Anyways. You Can Actually Bring Us to Court.

But Guess What, There's Plenty Legislators in Congress Who Said You Know What Maybe It's Way We Let Them Grow Enough. Maybe It's Time to Treat Them like Big Boys and If There to Start Censoring Members of Congress Presidents Etc. Did What I Could to Keep Those Kind of Protections for Them Anymore. No Be the Property That Would Be the into A Lot Of Groups like Facebook with If They Became Liable to Suit Your You See the Stock in Trouble Trying to Transfer over from Facebook in the Users Ship Going down so Imagine If They Were Reliable All Of A Sudden for the Bad, Real Bad Coming the Idea Lambert Hasn't Asked Them for What Works We Could Use It with. They Think Would Be Appropriate to Get Something Mark Not Part, Partly Both His Is a Little Bit of Thousand. What's Wrong with the Way This Mechanism Is Again Thanks to Our Good Friends at Rumble in a Radio Station around the Country That Will Be Right Back with Record Now If You Will Get Your Phone Call at 1-800-684-3110 You Guys, on Rumbles of the Get Your Comments and Will Try Take Some of Those on the Air As Well. The Challenges Facing Americans Are Substantial Time and Are Now Free to Sort Constitutional Rights Are under Attack More Important Than Ever to Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice for Decades Now ACLJ on the Frontline Protecting Your Freedoms Defending Your Rights" in Congress and in the Public Arena and We Have an Exceptional Track Record of Success. But Here's the Bottom Line We Could Not Do Her Work without Your Support, We Remain Committed to Protecting Your Religious and Constitutional Freedoms Then Remains Our Top Priority, Especially Now during These Challenging Times. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side, You're Already a Member. Thank You Thoughts Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us Where You Can Learn More about Her Life Changing Become a Member Today ACLJ Only One. A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice. Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life.

We Created a Free and Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Gold Edition Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist Ramifications 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the Worship Ministry and What Obama Care Means to Discover the Many Ways Your Membership Is Powering the Right to Question Your Free Copy of Mission Life Today Online ACLJ/Your Phone Calls As Well Recruit Submitted a 160 30 Wanted to Talk to Us on Their Phones Dotting Colorado Online 5A.Great Job All What I Want to Say I'm Not Shocked, but Not like This to You but You Guys Are Lawyers That That Happening All across the Board to Everyone and May I Say Everybody Justly Facebook Let Them Let Them Go the Way of the Law. I Can Remember the Name of the Social Media Site Years Ago, but It Adds Only Your Art Where You Know People Are Leaving. You Would Think to Groups like Ours to Increase Viewership You Would Not Be Trying to Censor and Instead You'd Still Be Going after Actual Illegal Content Which the Law Protects Them from Being Sued over like Child Sex Trafficking Those Posts. They Do Have a Duty to Take down but You Can't Sue Them over You How Long It Takes to Find It Outer Terrorism Drugs Real Actual Illegal Things. These Are Priest Covered by Free Speech in America Is a Very Limited Class of Things Criminal. But What They Become Is the Censorship Police We Know Was Happening, but We Frederick the ACLJ Is to Be on Every Platform Possible Everyplace Possible so That People Can See Us Wherever They Are, Wherever They're Comfortable. But If We but It Is I Think Were at a Different Spot. Logan the Most People Would Be Because We Can We Can Take It to Facebook Immediately.

Yeah, We've Had Very Been in Discussion with Facebook over the Last 48 Hours Federal Holidays. Well, Yeah, We Were Talking to Facebook As Recently As in the Last Hour We Had Our Social Team on This so Again Were Not Taking It Lightly. We Know Thousands of You Got That Notification of Them Were Also Going to Try to Work with Facebook to Get This Record Correctly Because We Want Is for More People to Be Able to See and Hear Our Voices and What We Have To Say What You Want Us to Share. That's the Support They Can Make Sure That We're Not Silent, We Don't Just All Abandon Ship of the Sky Things Happen, but When They Do Happen, You Have To Take Action.

We Got Rick Cornell Joining Us Directly Been Talking about This Whole Censorship Issue with Facebook That We Been Dealing with over the Weekend. I Want to Get Your Sense of Talk but Ukraine and Russia to Your Sense on the Censorship Issue with the Deck but I Think That It Will Only Growing and We've Got to Be Able to Push Back a Minute the Supply and Demand Issue. We Have so Many Conservative Who Are Demanding That Their Voices Be Heard on Social Media, or Other Platforms and When They're Canceled at the Silent Pain of the Conservative I'm so Happy to Feed the Truth. Social Launched President Trumps New Social Media Platform I'm I'm Excited to See It Because I Know That That Conservative Will Be Silent and Our Belief. It Won't Be Centered in Any Way. So I I Think That If You Have a Business That You Have a Belief in Social Media Even If Your Commenting You Seen How Facebook, Instagram, a Whole Bunch of Social Media Platforms Are Beginning to Take the Conservative Boy and Silent Them and and Shadow Band Them and Put Warning Labels on Their Opinion That Getting Out Of It. We Were Labeled a Number of Her Videos Labeled Partly False Sameness to a Legal Organization Which Is Either the Irony of That Is Is Is Rich Horse Because They Don't like Didn't like the Story It Was out Because of Who Is about. They Didn't like the Analysis and It's It's Not Again It's Selective Censorship. It Will Be the Downfall Those Companies If They Continue It Because That That There Will Be New Places to Go. Once You Start Losing Half the Country to New Places to Go. I Mean I Get These Companies Are Always Dealing with How Do They Stay Relevant at You. It's Interesting Because We We Saw Not Only This Repugnant Shadow Banning.

We Also Saw and We've Seen It. When Our Call Was Brought up on Regular Route yet, but It Is since It Was Already Undermining the Effectiveness of Many of Our Post, but We Just Weren't We Can Figure out Why Little See the Bakken and Rick, That's It. That's Another Part of This Is That Even If You Don't Get This Partly False.

You Know You're Not Reaching Even the Amount of People You Should Be Who Have Signed up to Get Your Notifications and Alerts Will That They Are Controlling That and That Their Power and so You Know When You Control Act, the Happy Country You Can Really Make an Impact on the Effectiveness of the Methods or Abatement and so I Think That We Gotta Move Back to the Day Where You Know When I Grew up, My Dad Would Take Didn't Listen to the Other Argument Right Become Offended It There and Listen. Don't Just Talk over Someone, but You Might Learn Something.

If You Fit in with That That Whole Tolerance and Diversity Argument Is Really Now with the Conservative Clinic Conservative the Other One That I Think It Hear Me out before You Scream or Shout Me out or Run Out Of the Room Used To Say, the Supreme Court Cases That the Way You Handle Speech You Disagree with Is More Speech, but That Is Not the View of the Left, I'm in. That's Clear. I Mean, by the Way Crystal Clear on That. But Rick. We Also Want to Get into What Is Happening Right Now, the Latest in Russia and Ukraine and We Want to Get You Quickly Got This from You That This Potential Meeting Thursday between Our Secretary Of State.

Russia's Foreign Ministry and Then Maybe a Meeting between Pres. Biden and Pres. Putin. After That There's Been Some Back and Forth on That. We Were Told on Friday Again by Pres. Biden. The Invasion Was Happening in Days.

It's Been Days or Has Not Been a Full on Invasion Has Been Some Conflicts in Areas Where There's Really Been Conflict Going on for the Last Decade, Where Art Where Were You Think It Stands Right Now Knew That Just Taking the Politics Out Of It.

Between Whether or Not Rush Is Going to Invade Clearly Mobile Equipment into the Borderline. And We Know That the Russians Have Always Been Very Bad about Being Belligerent and Only Part of the World, and Though What I Think That We Have To Be Able to Do Is Utilize Every Possible Diplomatic Tool. He Will Measure before We Just Assume That the Blood He Wore Going to Happen and There's Not Much That We Can Do about It. And That Plan I'm Supporting Thanks and Marking to Thank Send Banking Sanction. All of the Things RP Will Measure and There Diplomatic Measures That Have Been Stepped Aside and Perseverate Joe Biden and, Hair and Anthony Blanket Are All Talking about a Bilotti or before They Implement.

Think like They Want to See the Blood in Order to Believe That This Is Gonna Happen They Get There out There, Met the Gene That the Intelligent Is Verified and That the Blood He Wore It Coming, but I Don't Understand Why We Believe the Blood He Wore It Coming. Why Don't We Utilizing People Measure to Stop the Present Ukraine Addressed World Leaders at the Munich Conference. Ricky Said Exactly What You Could Say This Broadcast Last Few Weeks Is It All This Talk about Sanctions the Better Happen Now Because after My Countries Invaded the Sanctions. No Matter Anymore.

So I Think This Don't They Get This to the Ukrainians Right This Is Cheap Talk by the Biden Administration Will Look I Have To Say That When There's a Cry for It Matter Who the United States Put Forward at Their Top Diplomat, or at the Negotiator. We Think That That Negotiation in North Korea and Iran, and Now with Russia.

We Had Tony Blanck and Who and a Terrible Negotiator. He's Nervous He Cannot Permit He Paid Them 10 Wendy Sherman the Deputy. Her Reputation Is to Give Away Everything That Color What You Want. Wendy and She Just Give the Other Side Exactly What They Want. Now We Have, Harris Going Unit 30 Conference and If You Thought Her Speech or Her Interviews.

It's Embarrassing That She Is the Lead Negotiator for It.

She Doesn't Talk Top like a Diplomat. She Doesn't Have Epic That a Diplomat Should Have.

She Is Not Giving the Reaction of What the United Date Has in Their Arsenal to Stop the Russian Associate. She Failed in Trying to Blunt the Russians and Getting Them to Further Action Now Were Being Told That Joe Biden Is Going to Be the Next Negotiator Again. I Think Pres. Would Love That Place Only 16 Seconds.

This Was the Present Zielinski of Ukraine through Translator but Telling the World This No Sanctions Now Is a Disaster for Them.

We Don't Need Your Sanction This Last Season, All Embodiments Will Assess and Often Country Will Be Fired so We Will Have No Bullet Is Not Often That We Will Have No Economy of Constantine, Congress Will Build to Abide by What We Need Those Sanctions Then and This Is a Point Really Got Less Than a Minute Here Doing the Sanctions Now Is a Preemptive As You Were Saying Versus Waiting to See If There's Bloodshed Makes No Sense. I Think That We Can Talk about It without Talking about That during That and What Made Our Biden. They Are Trying to Look Top. They're Trying to Pretend like They're Standing up to Russia and Therefore They're Going to Allow Bloodshed in Order to Improve Their Messaging and Their Image, and I Think It Atrocious.

We Should Be Sanctioning the North into Pipeline, Which Is the Russian Pipeline or and Putting Banking Functions on the Rest of Rick Grenell Senior Advisor to the ACLJ Former Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany. Of Course Many Decade a Deck over a Decade at the United Nations. We Appreciate River to Be Back with More Just a Moment.

That's Right, You Can Join Us on Checkout Right Out Of the Broadcast Is Tilted on Only One. A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice. Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive.

And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free and Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn, Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist Ramifications 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the History and What Obama Care Means to the Pro-Life in Many Ways Your Membership Is Powering the Right Question Mission Life Today Online/Challenges Facing Americans for Substantial Time and Are Now Free to Start Constitutional Rights Are under Attack Important Than Ever with the American Center for Law and Justice on the Frontlines Protecting Your Freedoms Defending Your Rights" in Congress and in the Public Arena and Exceptional Track Record of Success. But Here's the Bottom Line We Could Not Do Our Work without Your Support, We Remain Committed to Protecting Your Religious and Constitutional Freedoms That Remains Our Top Priority, Especially Now during These Challenging Times. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side, You're Already a Member. Thank You.

Well, This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us Where You Can Learn More about Her Life Changing Become a Member Today ACLJ Secular Talking about Big Texas Certificate Update You on Ukraine Russia. This I Did It All This Talk Sanctions Would Come after the Invasion You Heard the Present Ukraine Even Say This Is That's Absurd Richard Nesbitt Type of House or That Is Put Those in Place to Prevent War, You'll Do It Is Not As a Punishment for Bloodshed Because at That Point. If You Are Not Preventing Anything Is What Sanctions Are Trying to Do Is Prevent You Know It Nuclear Ron Prevent a Russian Invasion of Ukraine. The List Goes on and on Saturday Sets of You Do to Punish after the Fact That You Tried to Diplomatically Prevent the Bigger Conflict Prevent Bloodshed to Prevent the Invasion to Take to Prevent Any Iran within a Deliverable Nuclear Weapon. We Talk a Big Texas or Ship As Well and You Will Be Able to Because What Happened to Our Facebook Page at ACLJ Level to Write to the Phones up All Even North Carolina Online.

What He Probably Know, LJ Is Going to Do about It Taking Facebook to Court.

What Court Listened As He Heard That First Part of Our Broadcast Legally. Right Now They Are Almost Impossible to Take Facebook to Court over Anything about Content Because They Are Exempt from Even Illegal Content That They Have a Duty to Take Things down like Trafficking of Children Are Drugs or Cells of Illegal Firearms or Promoting Terrorism but Just Because It Pops up. They Don't Get Hit by the Government As You Know You're Your Hosting That's True for All Social Media Companies. There Has Been Discussion about Whether That Part of the Law Should Be Changed and the Reason Why the Discussions Happening Is Because No One's Has a Problem Going after Those Bad Criminal Actors Is Criminal Actors Are Protected by the First Amendment. But When You Start Deciding What Speech You Do or Don't like the Start of a Present from Now You Know Goes to Groups like the ACLJ You Don't like the Analysis of a New Story and Suddenly Your Label Information. The Slightly False One. You Will Be Punished on Your Own by Your Audience and Facebook Is Artie Said See Some of That It Internally and A Lot Of That with the Stock Price. But Second, Groups like Ours We Could Fight Back with Facebook and We Are Doing That's Overusing All the Channels We Have, to Push Back against Facebook and This Is Classic I'm I Said This Earlier, Any Business Classic Viewpoint Censorship. What Big Tax, Particularly Facebook Did to Us by Labeling Some Are Many of Our Videos, Partly False, Some That Had Nothing to Do with What the Labeling Was for When I Really Doing, You Know, the Important Thing to Realize Is the Importance of Freedom of Speech.

The Ability to Express Ideas That Are Even Offensive to You That You Don't like and It Reminds Me As I Read so Much of French Philosophy of the Philosopher Voltaire Who Said I Disagree with Everything You Say Violently, but I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say Because We Used To Think That the Way Harry, You Agree with or Dress Speech You Disagreed with, Which Was Would Be More Speech That Censorship. I Think That Is Correct but Fundamental to That Particular Conclusion Is the Necessity of Competition. So If We Go Back and We Look at Section 230.

I Think Retrospectively. Many People Are of the View That That Particular Section Was of Was a Mistake. That's a Section That Limits Liability, Precisely, and Second, We Should Look at What Has Happened to Local Newspapers and so If You Look atLocal Newspapers throughout the United States. By and Large They Are Owned by Very Large Conglomerates so That There Is an Absence of Competition and If There Is an Absence of Competition. It's Very Difficult to Sustain Viewpoint Neutrality.

So Big Companies like Them That They Might Own the Louisville Newspaper the Tennessee Newspaper in Nashville.

In My Home City of Detroit You Have the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News, but Their Own, Precisely by the Same Company, so There's No Real Competition. So I Think That's a Fundamental Issue.

We Need to Think about Going Take Another Phone Call.

But While You're at It.

If You're New to Us on Rubble.

I Want to Say Thank You to Hit That Subscribe Button to Get Maybe Get Emails and Patients Are There System Works, but Also Their Version of the Thumbs up on YouTube If You Will, Are Alike Is a + so You'll See It Right Out Of the ± Hit That.

Plus It Really Does Help Us and Help Also Let Rubble Know That You're Enjoying This Content in the Want to See More Content like Ronald in South Carolina. You're on the Air.

Thank You Very Much for Taking My Call. Yes, That Jordan Was Alluding to Lightly Earlier with the Fact That This Could Be an Effort for the Big Tech to Literally Undermine the Concerta Company Such As Yourself a AC LJ in and the Fact That the Information That You Regret Not. Especially about Biden's Policy and Performance and Things of That Nature and Leaving a Bad Taste in the Mouths of the Liberals and so They're Just Doing Their Best to Literally Kind of Remove You Out Of the View of Conservatives to Companies like Facebook and Looking Every Day to See How They Could Ban You Completely If They Could They Would Say Look and See If You Will Promote One Thing We Discussed One Item Where They Could Just Completely Shut You down, but If They Can't Completely Shut down What They like to Do Is Make You Less Effective. Like You Said Writer We Were Artie Saying That We Were Artie Being Reminded in Shadow, Then That's like 100% Man. So We're Getting More Interaction That Certainly We Were Getting the Reach That We Got Again.

I Know A Lot Of Hats Are Happy.

A Couple Years Ago for Obvious Reasons, but I Think There's Also Look at the Way Facebook Runs Away Any of Them.

Ron Twitter Roberts Also like You Said, It May Not Be an All out in a Band like It Does to Some People Would Be More the Situation of Your Content Just Doesn't Quite Get the Audience of Which You Have Earned and You Have Got You Last Decade. Plus You Put on Facebook Date Would Facebook Use the Phrase Andy Partly False and They Applied It to Something That Had Nothing to Do with That Topic.

Even the Phrase Partly False Is Damaging, It Is Damaging Because It Makes It Thing That Were Deceptive People Were Not Deceptive Notifications on Yes and Were Not Were Very Careful about What We Do We Prepare Diligently for Our Programs.

We Read the Facts. We Read the Opinions of Others.

We Cogitate on What Were Going to Say We Think about It Very Carefully. We Analyze It Very Carefully. J What We Do. We Don't Just Come out and Just Blunder out Things That We Think about It Very Carefully in Our Facts Are Right yet the Problem Is with Big Tech and in the Situation and Again I Thank You to Rumble and Think It All the Radio Stations. The Problem Is Harry Is in a Sense, Viewpoint Discrimination, Which the Supreme Court Is Consistently Said Is Unconstitutional. All Nine Justices Agree with That. I Think That Is True, but I Also Think the Justices Are Not Necessarily Fully on Board and Applying That Rule, Which I Think Is a Good Rule to Private Companies, and so I Think Fundamentally Fight Back and You've Got a Fight Back but Be to the Extent That There Are Alternatives Available. We Need to Take Advantage of. We Did Appreciate That Our Friends Available for Outsourcing and so Encourages We Do Each Day to Support the Work of the AC LJ Were Not Just a Broadcaster Registered News Outlets.

We Are Legal Organization Policy Organization Offices around the Country and World. You Can Support the and if you're learning who we are through these new platforms are run. If you go to ACLJ that are you'll see exactly who we are the kind of work that we do the issues we focus on at the AC LJ. Often times, a lot of that work were not able even to get that all that on the broadcast because of what's going on in the world what's going on in our own country, but I want to thank everybody to today officially our Facebook audit moving over to rumble and I will let you know tomorrow where things stand as well.

Think rumble as well for promoting this on their homepage of rubble rethink them as well and I think this is a lot more interactive with rumble as well. Getting her to go to AC AC talk tomorrow AC LJ is been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena on justice is on your side. If you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today basing LJ

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