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BREAKING: Sec Blinken Makes Emergency Trip to Ukraine

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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January 18, 2022 12:00 pm

BREAKING: Sec Blinken Makes Emergency Trip to Ukraine

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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January 18, 2022 12:00 pm

A Russian invasion of Ukraine appears imminent. Russia is clearing out its embassy in the country. And now, in breaking news, Sec. of State Antony Blinken has announced he's heading to Ukraine to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Jay and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss this situation as it unfolds.

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Breaking news Lincoln makes an emergency trip to Ukraine clears sea keeping you informed and now is writing Ukraine faces in the east of its country that gathering of tens of thousands of Russian troops just across the board of mainly on Russian territory, but also elsewhere as well. That is a credible threat that could be given order to crossover and I would really test the Ukrainian minute treatment because of the relative difference in sophistication what I hear from you Sharon, call 1-800-684-3110 Russian and Belarusian fourth to the north of Ukraine may be combining forces and potentially pose a threat. From there as well get a sense that Ukraine is surrounded on three sides current primarily in the side Eastern Ukraine and Russia in the east and that Belarus and Russia. Ukraine is extraordinarily fickle position and now your homes is breaking news is following last week Julie and I say important order. I say that not with hyperbole, watching the news at all them last 10 hours on this.

This move of Russia emptying out its embassies in Ukraine tells you a lot.

So here's what happens after St. Anthony Lincoln has been sent out to Ukraine today as a country.

There is, first facing literally an invasion from Russia. At the same time that secretary blinking his meeting with Ukrainian Pres. Belinsky of Zelinski and the Foreign Minister. The fact is that the Russians are clearing out there embassies in the Ukraine of almost all personnel Anthony Blanco Secretary of State will also travel to Berlin to meet with the Foreign Minister. There as well as the Chancellor Anderson to be a meeting what's called transatlantic quad which is France, Germany, the UK and US. The question that were to be asking throughout this broadcast is there any repercussions for Russia's action here that are little bit better. Realistic and I say that because Germany in particular but but all of Europe is very dependent upon the Nordstrom pipeline gas pipeline and this creates, of course, a situation where their economic dependency is based on the reality that it is Germany that has been the big advocate of this pipeline and then as well as the rest of Europe but Russia controls are they gonna put their countries at risk.

Col. Smith over this.

I think I think they might, and that would certainly make them dependent not just on Russian energy, but on complying with Russian demands as well into one of the things Pres. Trump did during his administration was put sanctions on the Nordstrom to pipeline and he started the process of selling massive shipments of liquid, liquefied natural gas from the United States to Europe so they would not have to depend on this pipeline and all of that just in the last 12 months of gone by the wayside is a real crisis situation and then there's a report also that a bipartisan group of senators were in Kiev yesterday to show support and solidarity what you know about that meeting happen yesterday with present of Zelinski for Democrats. J3 Republicans. Here's the statement from Sen. Shaheen after the meeting she said I had a productive meeting with Pres. Belinsky today and made clear that the United States is united across party lines in support of Ukraine against prudent belligerence prudent will not be allowed to target are your Eastern European partners and allies with consequences. That's great.


The problem is I'm not sure that Vladimir Putin believes that Pres. Biden would actually do anything that he fears and there's some evidence from the United States Senate filibuster in a sanctioned bill, the President Zelinski supported the United States Senate might not be willing to either show Hathor just a little uncertain there and that's I think we'll get into a come back in the breaker that is a big part of the problem here so it will take calls and comically joined by Rick Cornell.

Next, our senior advisor or national security and foreign policy and then former Secretary of State Mike Pompeii or senior counsel for global affairs as well on the show today gives a call one 800 684 31 said that's what hundred 64 3110. Get your comments on social media share right after watching them also are lawyers of the ACLJ working on a case involving a Christian employee case to go to arbitration mediation this week but going on depositions in the case as well. The challenges facing Americans for some time in our Valley freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to the American Center for Law and Justice on the frontlines protecting your freedoms and rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and exceptional track record of success.

Here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms that remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times.

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Well, this is the perfect time to stand with us can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable voice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn mission will show you how you personally. Publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists ramifications.

40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the Washington Street and what Obama care means many ways your membership is empowering the right question mission life today online/joint by Rick Bell, Senior advisor for national security for policy that she said when it comes to issues that were talking about like we are today, Russia, Ukraine, we have a very unique team at either FWB perspective and tell you why this is important that a lot of people how to brush a lot of these things off. They seem to international or why does this really applies.

Obviously, a lot of people watch and a lot of people are curious, yet well this is because we are fortunate to have Rick Cornell not only serving the United Nations for 10 years was our ambassador to Germany Germany playing a major role in this. And, of course, was the director of national intelligence, Rick. We got Anthony blanket has been dispatched 2 PM. We had a bipartisan senators Republicans and Democrats went to Key Avenue as well.

Yesterday Russia is clearing out its embassies.

We been talking you been on this broadcast. We've been talking about this a lot.

What do you sense is going on here and why does this matter to the United States.

Why does it matter if you're sitting here in the United States listening to us it really matters to your safety. The credibility of the United States. If it goes down can create instability around the world and certainly our troops overseas and our allies and even potential here at home. We could be increasing the danger and certainly the threat and we've already seen the problems of an open border. So if you combine the fact that we have an open border with the fact that we are perceived as we and our enemies and others are trying to take advantage of that weakness by moving into areas that would cause us to be less a I think that's a recipe for disaster. Now let's talk about the good news that China always focus on that we have bipartisan senators, Republicans and Democrats in Ukraine sending a very strong message that is a fantastic message of unity now will it be enough to overcome the weak diplomacy of the Biden administration we see Biden week and so does the world certainly, and I fear that with the change in government and in Germany and the Europeans looking for some sort of consensus together that a team is sending just a very strong message of weakness. One of the things Rick and I am very concerned about in all of this is that Russia has the pipeline Germany. Once that pipeline you would be ambassador to Germany does Europe have the this the capability that the backbone here to really do something. If Russia takes action or the economic ties to great, so that they won't question I just had to go back briefly to the trumpet ministration where we believe was much more than just Paris and Berlin.

This current administration. Joe Biden really strongly believes that Paris and Berlin are the only ones to consult and everybody comes along. Now that doesn't help our relationship with Eastern Europeans. If you look at the pipeline. For instance, Europe, and a whole is against the pipeline. However, the strong land governments, the largest economy in Europe plays a bigger role and they been able to bully the rest of Europe into submission. When Biden says Europe once the pipeline that's not true. The Europeans don't want the Germans wanted my fear is not just a gas pipeline at the pipeline of influence all the land in Europe, you know, you're right, it is more than just pipeline it is the influence doctrine that I think plays significantly into how this resolves itself got Ukraine in a situation where basically there there surrounded almost in a sense, because Belarus is also working with the Kremlin. This Col. Westman has a common question as well, that gives them a second place to launch an invasion attack in Ukraine.

It is not looking good. It it appears all the indicators are that an invasion perhaps is imminent. My question to you Rick since you were the ambassador to Germany though, is there any hope as you read the tea leaves that may be the new German government would be a little more hawkish on this issue as a stand up to rush are they just going along with what Chancellor Merkel, her government did well. Chancellor Merkel government had a coalition of Christian party and the Socialist.

The new government is a combination of the socialists in the green party guy I want to oversimplify the Green party of Germany by saying it's not what Americans think is a green party. It is largely wealthy people who care about quality of life issues and so think a lot of suburban women who are charged up in America.

They have a strong voice in America. They have a very strong voice in Germany. I would say the answer is, you know, the German Green party is against the pipeline, but the socialists are for rent an interesting combination to see if the greens can have a very strong voice.

I'm a little bit nervous that the two individuals running defense and diplomacy for the Germans are to individuals who are members of the Green party but they're all very new to their jobs and I'm nervous that they are to be outmaneuvered by the Russians. The rest of Europe and even the Biden administration are talking about negotiations Rick, we have the situation Wendy Sherman who is was conducting major negotiations in this situation just days ago. We cheat sheet she was involved in in previous administrations with negotiations with the North Koreans and with the Iranians leading to the JCP away those negotiations went nowhere and then we had Pres. Biden on the phone with Vladimir Putin. Do you sense what is Russia's risk here under your administration.

Previous ministration, the risk would have been so significant would even be having this conversation to be blunt, I do not see them invading Ukraine under Pres. Trump Mike Pompeii was Secretary of State and Rick Cornell as the United ambassador, Jim just don't see it but what's there.

What state what's the downside for the Russians. Now, what's the political cost to them. The political game of the rest of the planet. They want to break NATO. They don't want NATO to be so strong on their doorstep, so they're trying to negotiate right now to say you need to commit to never allowing Ukraine or others into NATO.

They don't want NATO expansion now. The irony of this is that the Biden team is so we are NATO contribution that I fear that is really got a double whammy here. You got American administration unwilling to tell the NATO allies pay your fair share. You got the Germans of the surplus not paying their fair sure their share one thing that the Biden team should focus on is getting more contributions into NATO Trump successfully did that at the same time keeping the Russians that day. I think that the risk right now for the Russians is to overplay their hand and and instead of just threatening somehow want a ground war and then you would unify the Europeans against them, at least in talk.

I don't believe the Europeans are ready to take any type of action in the Biden team is already said were to go along with whatever Europe does so PR disaster, at least on his hands and hopefully he doesn't move into a ground war which would really challenge NATO at a time when not all of our NATO allies are paying their fair share.

It's interesting, secretary Lincoln said last week that the US is planning things that we've not done in the past. If Russia invades Ukraine and then we had a very interesting comment on Facebook.

Facebook said since it appears Russia invasion is imminent. Why is it by the TV sitting strong loud message to rush her to back down.

He needs to show leadership the club people evoke images of real regulators that you think is the President making his moment and I love the questions you may have a lot of questions being asked on that rate, which is good. No moments be made here then you got Anthony blinking saying you were going to do things we haven't done in the past what what what possibly could be talking about. You got to diplomacy. We already know this about Israel famously said diplomacy can be more right to go ahead and update the Biden team is already messed Afghanistan to the point where threats of military action are not credible.

Right now in Putin and she others know that. So the idea that you have a credible threat of military action right now is just dismal and then when it comes to diplomacy.

We Artie gave the pipeline away and we said were enjoying whatever the Europeans want so you really undercutting both options in a Biden administration and that's what is the strong message of weakness or undercutting the military action option were undercutting diplomacy, Wendy Sherman, who is literally failed and everything that she's done I don't see where our strength is right now and and that Paul's unblinking shoulder. He said the policy is, but it seems to be on its back is very true. And here's the concern that I have in this Rick that is world instability global instability. Regional instability obviously within Europe, but global instability when you have Russia already meddling in other parts of the world. China being quiet while this is all happening and Chris were concerned that what their actions are so all of this together only a minute left pre-presents a situation work be very destabilizing US interest to China's whole game plan has always been. Look at rush rush is a problem and meanwhile there quietly getting away with too much and so this plays into their hands right now China is quiet but but they certainly are taking a lot of accident and maneuvering where they can and taken full advantage of the situation and supervisor of national security and foreign policy pretty merciful and just as Rick, thanks for your insights on this would obviously be talking later this week is a big week. Our phone calls, for the next two segments. Also, my company will be joining us for later in the show seems call right now if you still hold 100-684-3110. That's 100-684-3110 said on Facebook and twitter Instagram refined, only one. A society can agree most vulnerable. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice right to life. We've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn mission will show you how publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications what Obama care me in many ways, your membership is powering the right question mission in life today online/challenges facing Americans constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to consider for Law and Justice on the front lines in your freedoms and rights in court in Congress and exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms that remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times.

The American justice is on your side. You are already a member. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing, member today. See if you want to get your 100 684 30 with Bill Scullion while one euro dear Bill: make this a win-win situation for fact that you can tell the world hey look, you're right. I'll withdraw my troops. Sickly recompense station to lend me something like this happened in history some time ago. I don't sense that that is where Wes this is going.

It's not a border issue for him. Now it is part of his ambition to rebuild rush into him something like the old Soviet Empire and think about this. J already as we sit here he has troops in eastern Ukraine to Crimea's troops in Georgia has troops in Kansas and NL in Belarus. This guys appetite for enlarging Russia in the spirit is our it is something I want to go to you in this because we take talk I want to talk about HR wanted to come up staying on this topic for a moment there was a bipartisan group of senators that went and met in here yesterday which with the President Zelinski. I think as Rick said, I think that's really positive that we have this bipartisan sense that in the United States were not. This is a crossing party lines it.

Everybody knows this is a serious threat yeah I agree it's a positive development Jamie when I heard Rick talk about it. Couldn't agree more with what he said. I still think though that Vladimir Putin is not really that afraid of the United States Senate, and here's why I say that I applaud the four Democrat senators that went over to Ukraine to meet with the President, but J the one thing that the one thing the Senate was able to accomplish last week was actually filibustering a bill that would have sanctioned Russia over the nurturing to pipeline. I know that sounds while J because they're trying to get rid of the filibuster altogether on the voting rights bill, but there was a bipartisan majority of the United States Senate, 55 votes J ready to proceed with some sanctions the Ted Cruz had put forward and 44 senators used the filibuster to block that bill. So again I go back to what Rick said hostile actors have to believe that someone is willing to use strength to deter their hostile actions and I think Vladimir Putin looks at this administration and quite frankly, most of the United States Senate and doesn't fear what they might do Jason Margaret Brennan CBS face the nation ask this exact kind of question to Jake Sullivan yesterday. Take a listen.

We've been talking about the President's approval rating the client think that chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. This is not just a foreign policy but to the President's ability to set bright lines for adversaries look I'll leave the political analysis to you and others. Here's what I'm focused on. Will the United States and NATO and our allies emerge from this.

Whatever happens in a stronger strategic position and will Russia emerge in a weaker strategic position. That's the test and that test doesn't get past tomorrow or the next day or the day after that test gets passed over weeks and months and years went. We emphasize what he said here because this again is so absurd that whatever happens in the strong this way saying what is the test does will be United States and NATO and her allies emerge from this. Basically, stronger what will whatever happens it is in a stronger strategic position will Russia emerge in a weaker strategic position. Does anybody believe on here that Russia is going to resolve the evolving to a weaker strategic position and also dodge the question but starting with luck I'll leave the political analysis to view search Google Jack Sullivan, Bob subject Sullivan is the American political boxer record also serves as the national security advisor of United States and so it's one of the same, but clearly just try to dodge question everyone knows that the numbers are are plummeting for approval ratings and weekly chart during activist and situation will serve the tide turning you for the media.

That was the time or even the liberal media said okay we can get away with everything and I start to see that a lesser Brennan's question was it was an excellent question, and it's it strikes at the heart of the matter in your right look and he dodged this wasn't about political analysis. This is about the perception of our enemies to an American President and his lack of leadership she wants to know what the impact will be.

And he basically refused to answer that question is the national security then you bring up a really good point here me this is the reason this is Obama 2.0 we know that. So Jake Sullivan and Wendy Sherman are in charge of this certainly about politics J but unit is about policy and it is about people who put for the policies of appeasement you talk about the two people we talked about this broadcast Jake Sullivan. He was the lead architect of the joint conference and plan of action.

The Iran deal Wendy Sherman.

She was the lead negotiator of the rondeau.

All of those things were rooted in appeasement.

So if you want to talk about whether or not Russia will be in a stronger place. The only way you keep Russia from being in a stronger place. Jake is by not advancing a policy of appeasement.

If not, can advance a policy of appeasement.

The last two people you said are Jake Sullivan and Wendy Sherman because the but we know what this is good. We know what this is good I will answer Jake Sullivan's question okay this is this question will be United States and its allies in NATO's B stronger strength, and with more solidarity answer to that cement.

Fortunately know and will Russia be weaker in the answer that unfortunately is no. Now they say that there are these things that we have not done in the past two massacre type pumping about that I can't even imagine what those are the domestic situation from over here because fan today. I guess for tonight. There may be an attempt on the HR one would you think of the fail well yeah, they didn't just dabble in the session J they are on debate on the voting rights bill. Remember, just a quick reminder this is the NASA bill that was hollowed out in the two voting rights bills were dumped into it. Even last week we were covering the State Sen. mansion and Sen. Senna came out and said we will not nuke the filibuster to pass this bill. Leader Schumer is on the bill anyway. He is pushing forward without them. And so, just very concisely.

The way this will play out. I expect there will be an effort to bring debate to a close, to end the filibuster and invoke cloture. Probably tomorrow night. J will fail. It needs 60 votes. But here's what were watching for Leader Schumer is meeting with his current conference tonight at 5 o'clock and he is trying to decide whether or not to try to meet the filibuster either tomorrow night or later in the week or not at all J to members of his caucus have Artie said they won't do that.

It looks like he's gonna try it anyway is what I know what the responses we are that from him on Facebook said the questions of Russia invades Ukraine what happens with discretion what kind of late planted it sort of what they said for Afghanistan as well, where they can take action listen and listen to who they play. If Russia does move we will take measures that go at their economy that go at their strategic position in Europe that strengthened the solidarity of NATO and what we just saw this past week in Brussels at the NATO headquarters was 30 allies speaking as one after years under the previous administration where NATO was fractured beginning to lose focus and wasn't fractured. NATO countries had it's actually support NATO which got them more engaged and more involved. Col. Smith. We were more unified under the previous administration at NATO there was conflict the beginning because Pres. Trump told the truth, you give us the money but they were paying up at all. Not only that, whenever Pres. Biden unilaterally decided on this chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. He did not even inform our NATO allies to understand in advance that fractures talk about a lot more, full half hour coming up just under local station finds broadcast live right now. Social media Facebook to search Jay Sekulow is available on YouTube search ACL to channel their right now broadcasting live recorded find the rest of the show also. Later on, archived on our socially platform smiles on our podcast is used directly for you to watch the show each and every day for the work they so Jake is a call 164 ACLJ frontline protecting your rights in court in Congress on justice is on your side you're already a member.

Well, this is the perfect time to stand with where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ keeping you informed now J is there's a lot going on emergency situation. Restrictors data Anthony blinking has been sent to Ukraine that follows up on the day before yesterday six or seven members deny state Senate for Democrats, Republicans went to Ukraine met with Pres. Zelinski brushes on the border with massive a number of troops and armaments Belarus President announcing that they too would participate. So you've got a potentially huge conflict.

EU nations are now concerned whether they'll do anything or not is is debatable but as Rick Grenell just said this all has a direct impact on the United States because world global instability cost us money cost us energy, and energy resources and puts us in a vulnerable state.

And it's always dangerous for the region and for the Middle East and this is happening simultaneously by Secretary of State. Lincoln says the US is planning things that we've not done in the past massacre type pumping about LSU kernels but because that doesn't sound to me like there's a plan.

No, no, that is a hollow threat other than advancing Ukraine's application for NATO membership there and aspirin, which is too late to do that now and arming them with offensive weapons, which we been really really slow to do on the previous administration of trumpet ministration get on yes yes wasn't that long ago yesterday and so they were getting him last night. United Kingdom step that is going to give them antitank weapons, because the by demonstration refused to give them antitank. What can I say something here and this is where I get, folks. You gotta pay attention as I know your this is how I'm not saying this will happen here.

This world war start yes this is how you glow I would say: world war was called global conflict because now you got is Wes just said you got England, United Kingdom saying we will provide armaments to Ukraine United States saying we will do things we've never done before. Whatever that means. Germany doesn't seem to want to really get engaged know that is a very fractured Europe what we need to do is try to keep NATO cohesive. Even though your perspective, this hard to do. Here's the thing JR adversaries, not just in Europe but around the world are watching this something we do have seven members of the states that were there yesterday. That's not insignificant. It's very significant jamming, look, I think the message to the oppressed is actually a pretty good one right here in the seven bipartisan members of the United States Senate. I traveled over to present Zelinski's reiterated their support. Supposedly Secretary of State blinking is doing the same thing today. I hope he echoes their message of the question I would have for secretary blinking is actually not so much about his message to Zelinski what about the message to the oppressors. J what is what is his message going to be to black Vladimir Putin because he can say all he wants to Pres. Zelinski at their going to back him up, but unless he gets a strong message to the people who are harassing Zelinski.

I'm not sure if that's going to get to do much a certain good message from the Senators a good message from the secretary today, but what are they saying to Vladimir Putin, located on Facebook about that specifically said this from Lisa said zero concerned about Biden doing anything or consequences to his plans of Russia think a lot of people feel that way, which is its doesn't matter if it does of these are NATO allies involved because the next year, but I don't think straight and feels threatened. I don't think feels that he's unguarded.

I don't think he saying I think he's calculating with the consequences are in the clock consequences are not don't appear to be significant, and then you have on top of that, and I think this also points to this the Belarus President coming out West and saying by the way will help you if you need help absolute.

On the other side of Ukraine is exposed right they actually are threatened from the south with Premier from the East with the Russian troops.

And now the North from from a joint exercise code" which in Russia and Belarus on the Ukrainian border is incredible and we got on my Pompeo for secretary stay coming up our senior counsel, global affairs folks will give you just talking points given you real analysis because were engaged with this in Washington.

Frankly, around the globe at the United Nations.

We know this issue and it's very very very concerning.

Where this is going, it's escalating very quickly like Mike joining his next excitement. My Pompeo beyond we take your calls as well. What hundred 684 31 to 100-684-3110. You will be on the air.

This a great time to do it how you feel like this impacts you in your life and what Russia Ukraine really could do to America, call 1-800-684-3110 more challenges facing America is sort constitutional rights are under attack.

The American justice on the front lines defending your rights in court in Congress and exceptional track record of success. The bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms that remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side. You are already a member. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with ACLJ.where you can learn more about her life changing, member today only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice right to life, we've created a free publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later Planned Parenthood Obama care me in many ways your membership right mission life today online/secular senior Celtic global affairs and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who will be joining us just right now.

We got life that's we talked about earlier is the expertise of the people who could build these panels for the ACLJ which of these topics that maybe or your number one headline stories, but the story really is the number one you should be focus on right yet so my great to have you as back on the broadcast and we were talking about this like last week and here we go again.

I want to get right into this Anthony blinking your predecessor or successor is said that the US is planning things that we've not done in the past as it relates to Russia if they invade Ukraine made you think that this threat of invasion is for real and what could those possibly babe things were not done in the past. Thanks for me today. That threat is very real challenges very serious doesn't have any concerns about mistress will do something that will pose Broca's items. I think that makes the risk all that much greater. To the West. I don't think he believes NATO is unified think he thinks the Eastern European countries in the Western ones have a different view of the risk. So yes, this threat is very real and let them reboot will use it in a way that aggrandized himself, keeps himself in power for service is the spirit of influence. Glad to see secretary blinking is going there to support the Ukrainian people. That's the right approach. We should send increase armaments weapon systems we should make clear that by letting Ukrainian sovereignty is unacceptable. Something we will not stand for when he said things were not done before. I don't know what he's speaking about. But it's possible that there are sanctions beyond even those that were put in place in the trumpet ministration they would be prepared to do, including potentially disconnecting Russia from Swift is really the global economic system. The global cash transfer payment system. Is this what this would be a significant section. I think I would have to think twice about taking action. If you believe that the by demonstration had credibility with respect to that. I hope secretary blinking can convey the seriousness with which they're taking this on that front. Let me let me ask this on that front just doing the feasibility of basically disconnecting Russia from the greater economic systems. You think my concern here is what Europe will tolerate.

It would Europe tolerate that kind of action, especially the Germans first. If this is largely effectuate this on its own, it would need some assistance but we did it with respect to the Arabians during our administration. The Europeans tried their darndest to get around that.

Instead, just never worked because of American economic power. So I think this could actually execute this in a way that would effectuate that objective with whether the second reason that I think if the Europeans fight, it is because we couldn't do it because the vitamin restriction won't next trip to Germany said hey we we need. This is the former Chancellor runs a good jacket is a ton of money off of this we need to move over this pipeline that states acquiesce to Russia and Germany. It might well happen again here so in addition being Secretary of State.

Of course you a director of the CIA under Pres. Obama.

The CI director acting CIA director was Michael Morel is one of them. He said this about America's credibility sippy back down from our support of Russia invades we lose credibility. The tragedy that unfolded with our Afghanistan withdrawal girl already severely damage the US credibility under the bond administration did that embolden Pres. Putin to make the Ukraine portion of the worst in our exit from Afghanistan, and the way we did it impact because it seems like the moves on Ukraine. It happened since then. I doubted that world leaders across the globe friends. Those who try to figure out what they want to be friends and our adversaries all watched the way in which Pres. Biden evacuated Afghanistan tragedy 13 Americans killed lots of Americans left behind without a plan regular consulting allies in the sufficient where I think they all saw that and it's caused them to be able to witness often the gas risk for the United States of America so I know what I hear Mike Burrell who I know and who did work at the CA for many years and I hear him say that someone who was deeply part of the Democrat establishment is really quite something. I think I suggest this is in partisan. This is a political spy keeping Americans from my home state of Kansas and California New York all across the country safe from the threats that are that are presented to us by what happened to preserve the American way of life means we need to keep the American traditions that includes defending our friends when they're in trouble.

The second and third order effects of all this going on I think are alarming. You know, the UAE was attacked by three rebels with this drone attacking over the weekend. I'm wondering you know we seems like we have backed away not only from our allies and other places. But in the Middle East.

We weep all sales to the UAE for for their airplanes and we quit giving Saudi Arabia.

Some of the defensive missile systems and I think the hoodie rebels were embolden course their proxy overran what you see is is the connection between this perception that we are weak in places like getting with prudent and how it impacts China, Taiwan, Middle East, and in all the other countries where you just missed Jeremy Fire missiles should the list of involved leaders is pretty long.

These authoritarian regimes understand one thing they understand power military power exclusively economic power. All things one does in the alliances when they see weakness.

You see, the move went with the what the Arabians did talk about it being the Arabians that the who is a bunch of tribesmen radio missiles file file from Yemen by the Arabians themselves into Abu Dhabi. When you see that they recommend that states responses to go to Vienna try to cut a deal to try to appease the Arabians that protect bad things in each of these places weathers with China initiation gator chairman Kim and North Korea, and Russia, they will all see that if you threatened and coerced, you can make moves in the United States won't do that. Simple things to preserve American defend our security here at home. Back to the situation with Russian Ukrainian you wrote in pieces posted called priority for strong secure American 2022. This what you wrote reports from just this past month indicated the team. Biden suggested that Ukraine seen its authority over the non-best region, making it an autonomous zone, rather than territory under the control of the Ukrainian government in order to cool tensions with Russia. Where is that end up leading the sites that I step at a time when we went we all know precisely how this moves forward, especially today when that threats are now both physical and kinetic but also cyber and political and economic we know precisely how this control will be continually exerted. I harking back to when Vladimir Putin be engaged in activity that we like and we pushed back. We immediately saw that he met steel, he saw that he met steel and we had very different conversations after that. This is how diplomacy and power are used around the world. Hope this administration figures out how to do this.

I part of this early but Benjamin Disraeli famously said that diplomacy is more me really wrote an entire chapter of a book on diplomacy is an act of war in and in its thing you could use diplomacy for impact as if it was warming because of the of the nature of the type diplomacy.

My question here is you've sat down with these people, you, you know, Vladimir Putin, you know, the Foreign Minister of Russia you know Pres. Zelinski.

If you were in charge of the government in the United States. What would be the next move that we wouldn't have got yes.

But given that we're there that the next move would be, precisely what you just saw your second estate Ukraine but you wouldn't send in their unarmed militarily you would send in there with a toolkit where he could credibly speak to the Ukrainian people he could credibly speak Ukraine company could speak to poll the polled Estonians and the Lithuanians all of whom see themselves as the next meal on the table for Vladimir Putin, NATO and the United States don't step forward and provide the security that those are the things one would do that about sending tens of thousands of soldiers that we are ministration didn't behave that way. And yet we were to push back against these very regimes that this ministration is struggling to secure freedom against last question for the people that are watching what you sitting Kansas in in North Carolina in California wherever they might be the risk factor here. If this is not handled correctly. The risk factors that over some period of time, we will lose our capacity to be that defender of freedom and what we lose that risk is that we lose our freedoms here at home as well that they're not one-to-one perfect agency but there there deeply connected and for America to abandon an ally are friends of the strange the Japanese South Koreans.

Europeans are friends are our friends in the Gulf besides the MRIs they will see this and they will begin to cut deals with authoritarian regimes that leave United States and its economy out of the quintessential places that we need to be in some studies today talking to the Chinese on energy and way they would've had to do John's iced I saw that you know is exactly what you said is right, Mike.

That is the repercussions of this of this weakness will have impact and the rest of the mattress region in Europe, but the rest the world by Pompeo Senior global Council for global affairs. When the secretary state, former director of CIA tremendous that we have you as part of this team.

Thank you, Mike. We appreciate right will be back with the last segment of secular for the phone calls and last chance that 100-684-3110. The 31 to 2] more secular. Only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defend the rights of life, we created a free publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care many ways your membership is powering the right question mission life today online/challenges facing Americans constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to the American center for Law and Justice on the front lines defending your rights in court in Congress and the public, and exceptional track record of success.

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And in this leading from behind, which is Pres. Obama's theory was Obama Biden policy rather than America first and leading I think will have disastrous consequences. But since I Pompeo mentioned Swift which is the economic system that that everyone's tied into disconnecting Russia from that could have significant consequences.

My question witnesses will Europe tolerate that consequences would have consequences for them to yeah it would definitely think Mike Pompeo is right that we really have the capability because we are the largest financial girl in the cage taxi to force it away, and any be difficult for them to get around it back to Barbara's question real quick that was the Biden initiation duties got to think it has to do with your worldview. The naļve worldview they they want consensus versus US leadership, they they fail to really protect our United States strategic interest first and that somehow there they have an aversion to conflict, not just military conflict, they have an aversion to political conflict and they refuse to take a stand and somehow they want to believe. Even though it is proven over and over again. This is an incorrect belief they want to believe that the rest of the world looks at the world the same way that we didn't have the same motives and they don't like it. Very interesting question coming in, going on every level.

Actually I Joseph said it's a stark comparison of the same time, there is concern about Russia invading Ukraine recent Democrats try to force takeovers of elections pushes for the Constitution also for Michael who said watch this ministration dropped the ball with Afghanistan harvest was to trust in dealing with Russia.

I think the situation and can send up a lot in Afghanistan. The weight was mishandled is the reason why he feels in bold. We could not handle a pullout with out of Afghanistan and in in a failure of I think a significant proportion of family tragic loss of lives both of Americans and our friends in Afghanistan. We let the Taliban control and it was just it was a it was a series of errors that were made that had devastating consequences.

So does that make things look weak for the United States. Yes, at the same time I think we have to be cognizant of that Europe's appetite or engagement here, even if Ukraine's invaded may not be that strong. They may not. Col. Smith have the stamina and ability to say to rush if you do this year to be out of the economic system which will be devastating.

By the way the Russians but I'm not sure that Europe has the stomach for I keep saying I know you and I have the same doubts. I truly do this, this idea of removing Russia from Swift, though, is probably the strongest card we have to play right now because we're not going to take military action. What concerns me. J also is that word having all this going on with Russia and Ukraine will forget you know after the Olympics is more than likely that China is going to invade Taiwan and were not talking about much in the media right now but we don't even know how close our land is to a breakout on the nuclear weapon we have three dangerous hotspots in the world and we are not we are not doing a very good job of addressing them and prepping for them. Russia and Ukraine.

In the end he puts aggression writ large China and Taiwan and Iran limit plan as we get ready to close a segment out close the broadcast I don't want to. We touched on it so briefly that it would give it to her attention and that is HR one, which would federalize elections was is going to be an attempt like I guess there's an attempt to move on that tonight is the plan yeah actually J while we've been on the air later. Schumer took to the floor. The United States Senate gaveled into session and actually verbally said, look, working to try to make an effort to change the filibuster rules change, the President of the Senate in order to pass this legislation and here's the true Chad to shoot her listener straight. He does not have the votes to do this Sen. mansion and Sen. Cinema have already told him that they will not go along with nuking the filibuster to pass this but J the United States Senate is on this bill. Right now it would take over control from the states of the electoral system and they're going to go so far J as to a probably tomorrow night.

Maybe Thursday, but I think tomorrow is probably the most likely timeframe he so dedicated to NJ that even though he knows he doesn't have the votes to do it for the first time in history the United States Senate is going to try to nuke the filibuster for legislation. It's a pretty significant move that leadership is making here. You do think, than that we are going to prevail on this one and will be back HR one I do and it's good to be a significant window for separation of powers and federalism. II would tell you I think there and fall short of the 60 votes on cloture J and then what if they do take the boat to nuke the filibuster height. I don't think they're getting it over.

48 maybe not even 48 which be big when folks within on top of this working on this now for months. This would be a federal takeover the elections of death of the Constitution doesn't authorize my pregnant were more common in the coverage you to reset what policy changes of cause these moves, Russia and China since I've last ministration had everything a check for possible projected strength because we were stronger military was the strongest it ever was or diplomats were given tools in their toolkit. We were in direct negotiations with firm with Kim Jong-Il and for instance was now flying missiles again it into this China staying over for Japan we we were discussing at the highest levels with Vladimir Putin. They knew we were serious, they knew we were top were not projecting that right now.

Weakness invites aggression and perceived weakness also invites aggression from our adversaries and that's what so I think it's how you yourself may call this for present. You gotta be there. You project something like that something very important here what's in the toolkit for the diplomats. I guess it does really said diplomacy can be more if you can use diplomacy's work better have ammunition in your toolkit to really back it up for such circulars that it is and I just want to say something to our members and friends out there and that is this your support of the ACLJ. Let's have Mike Pompeo as part of our team Rick Cornell and all the experts are saying on this broadcast today to actually take action, we appreciate that support the work of ACLJ talk tomorrow ACLJ on the frontline protecting your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena on justice is on your side you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ

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