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BREAKING: IRS Sends Warning to Every American

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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January 11, 2022 12:00 pm

BREAKING: IRS Sends Warning to Every American

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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January 11, 2022 12:00 pm

With more than three months before the tax filing deadline, the Internal Revenue Service is already warning that the refunds many Americans rely on will likely be delayed due to an immense paperwork backlog. Just weeks ago, the Treasury Department claimed it still had six million unprocessed 2020 returns. Jay, Logan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the IRS's warning to those expecting a refund. This and more today on Sekulow .

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Jay Sekulow breaking news the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is a warning to every American in human form and now this is what I hear from you, Sharon poster, call one 800-6843 11 broadcast and were talking about revenue services, letting out to all and that is if you got returns in time because they are running way behind. Now I'm not getting your singular first is I don't not by April. I will write or say that you can file it in two weeks with a window opens up, please do as they are millions but there only 6 million of unprocessed individual return from last year and 2 million unprocessed amended tax returns from last year as well. Now if you'll remember this I said when we challenge the IRS and those targeting cases with my wood that they can do it, apparently because they had the targeting case just a couple months back that was resolved.

We talked about that with a congressional hearing on it so they can still target individuals up in one target. I just can't process tax returns. Now the truth of the matter is there. There systems are antiquated, but they don't seem to be getting money for that. What they seem to be getting most of their money for is enforcement so they can go follow your $600 transactions and try to collect tax on that which are probably reporting anyways if it was actually income rather than helping your students your kids with some expenses which would be to get the nontaxable. So why is the IRS already setting the bar like this you ask yourself this was a said 6 million unprocessed returns last year, 2 million unprocessed amended tax returns from last year. Joe Biden is going to Georgia today to give a speech about election reform, but in those bills there is money to get rid of the learner will which we actually one in federal court, whether the learner will say you can't target organizations are individual based on their ideology, their statements, whether they have a biblical worldview whether they are conservative, for that matter, whether their liberal whatever it is you cannot use that as a basis of discrimination. But, and either try to undo it in the legislation under a court order through legislation that's exactly right. First of all, they come into court in federal court in Washington DC. They admitted and in fact J if you recall, they apologize for having targeted conservative group for having targeted groups that are pro-American that Afro-American names and enter into a consent order signed but signed by Judge Walton says will never going to do this again were sorry we didn't work and are fairly apply the tax laws were not in the target now they've recanted all that and they decided well I don't like that idea. We want to go back to being in the attack and spinal organization, not on process tax returns. That's our primary job not here to collect taxes weirdest five and snoop on going to do it by legislation and undo what we in good faith told US District Judge that we were never going to do again that's your Internal Revenue Service at work and they signed the order actually agreeing to that absolutely enter a lot of people who are comedy right now think they still got the refund lashes a lot of our listeners are a part of the yeah a lot about it a lot. People who work your headset have a lot of issues with the IRS in general that issues that sounds by the sensitive issues with the IRS then viciously be pulled from the corporate structure of the IRS. The lack of the ability of the Internal Revenue Service to do the fundamental job brass which was his processing tax returns instead of worrying about finding out if someone's using the Bible as a basis of their nonprofit go away during the last year that they could do. You could target people based on their religious beliefs are based on their political affiliations, but you the money for that. You don't have the money to actually do just that. Every basic function of your job, which is what every American has to do with file and save tax return.

The most people don't understand Logan if you're watching is wearing a red and black University of Georgia yesterday after the visit for the first time yesterday to everyday flooding.

Her legs are like a little dirty now, but you know the first time in my lifetime. The Georgia Bulldogs are national champions taking down Alabama. Finally, after you have seven whatever what times it played with each other really made it finally happened. It was a great day. Your grandfather people, mom is very excited to have an he was there I was doing was that he was now. We were there the last say that Van Bennett quickly here you are pulling for Alabama greatest of all time, Nick Sabin, congratulations challenges facing Americans for substantial time and are now free to sort constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice on the frontlines protecting your freedoms and rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success.

But here's the bottom line we could not do her work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times.

The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you. Not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about our life changing, member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable in voice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right question free copy of mission in life today online ACLJ/secular here because your feelings on this IRS warning came out this morning makes it across all that's why I was texting with the group is what you talk about. This gives the IRS not only that we know asking for more money, but came out with a warning today say hey everybody, just so you know we need you to file earlier start to file and don't be alarmed when you're here two years down the road and you still haven't received any sort of correspondence from us were saying that the comments by the thousands of people who are saying that they are not receiving their correspondence. We know that this is something other formally say the site, not only because of the pandemic is understaffed because her backlogged. This is had a significant delight me on species delays across the country across the world on these type of things but didn't. This is the general of the small part of the job really do want to be like those all parts of major what they're supposed to do the standard portion of the eye.

That's where the family so it would so fascinating about this if you want to talk to us about this 800-684-3110 is 100-6431 10, so the IRS has 6 million process individual returns right now and am one of the 6 million and is a start of this month which it has more than 2 million unprocessed Meditech by with other people in our office in exactly the same boat. So this is happening to a lot of people were returns were filed and are not being responded to the IRS is said that they closed the filing season with 35 million unprocessed returns a fourfold increase from the previous year was the first year of the major covert outbreak. They now saying that they have a backlog that they cannot respond to the increase of calls for insistence, only 9% of the calls were answered.

Only 3% were answered for the tensile 40 support line. The tax deadline for 2021 is now April 18 and like I said treasury official/or extended.

If not, can do that this year, which would make more sense. Maybe they spaced it out, they wouldn't have this glutton coming in at you in a week. But here's the problem. This is an institution, I've said it before misstating and is institutionally incapable of fixing this temporary menu work for them. I worked for them.

It was archaic when we were there in the dark ages, and now we are absolutely so I don't think the IRS has learned the list, but the lesson of history. So if you look at enforcement. If you look at him, or interference, intimidation, espionage, and if you multiply that by incompetence.

That is an app description of the IRS in the 21st century. They resist change but then now they want to expand their remit from the American people by being able to target conservatives and other individuals tied to a so-called bogus Democratic voting rights bill. Given the fact that the Democrats, for instance, have majored in voter suppression and mayhem that basically transformed US history for 50 to 70 years. I think it's very very imperative for the American people to get engaged to oppose this initiative that Joe Biden is going to advance in Georgia today and also to oppose the incompetence of the IRS all the way down West you know in the Army you served as operational warning for major projects including handling our connection. Here you have a systematic failure that's what you have your systematic failure. What should be the recital. He said that I really believe this. I don't think you're capable of self they're not and are not capable of reports of correction. They are inapt.

What really needs to happen that I think that the lobbyist for the CPAs and the tax lawyers will not let it happen. This system needs to be simplified and really we don't need an IRS like we have it today. We don't need this huge bureaucracy. It is one of the largest federal bureaucracies and yet is one of the most least supervised least accountable, and in we going to court because of that. Do you trust your federal government to do what the IRS is supposed to be doing.

I think most people do not in the Bible the most unpopular characters in all of the Bible were tax collectors. Well, when you look at what's going on with the IRS today you understand short like tax collectors were so unpopular, yet they were probably a lot more efficient in the system was a lot more simple back then than it is now, and by the way, Jack. I'm one of those 35 million people who filed last year and I have heard crickets from the IRS. It is nothing you may think this is what this is. This is coming folks were people that the penalties that personal sure money unit was an overpayment right adding a lot of people know that lobby for just a waiting and waiting and waiting and it is cut is that we a lot of calls come in to a lot of people are really frustrated with this if you will give us call 1-800-684-3110. Those are watching online. Share this with your friends and a lot of people saw the headline we shared social media site. What is the big warning well. That warning is to clarify is that there asking everyone there warning you take to let you know you need to get your tax returns. In particular, dear Hector very quickly in early talk about next few weeks or even same as soon as they open up because if not, don't expect a response anytime soon and with April 18 being the deadline this year. They're saying to people who maybe file in April late April or April 18.

Who knows when. You may ever get correspondence because they are millions behind a cabinet. I get two things at once, and it will take call. I want a personal pan we been fighting somebody's draconian measures that the IRS is talking about imposing what's the status of everything right legislatively. Yeah, I mean yeah legislatively jaded.

Still a couple of efforts you outlined a couple of in the beginning the broadcaster trying to get $80 billion to the IRS and build back better. There also trying like you said to bring back the Lois Lerner world which would outright allow the targeting of conservatives and others at the IRS or against look at. I kinda boil it down to do these two things jamming. If I had my policy prescription druthers, I would actually like to see the IRS a clout responsibility be drawn way down. I just think they've shown that they are incapable of handling this responsibility we should simplify the tax code and take some of the responsibility away, but J when you go to Washington DC when you go to Capitol Hill. In the meantime while they have this authority. Let me tell you what would enable them to upgrade their systems. They could actually probably get more money out of this Congress if they were using the money that they were already being given to conduct that targeting jamming when they come to Congress right now and they asked for $80 billion.

You know what Republicans and Democrats. Some Democrats say in response. Why did you leave is the last tens of millions of dollars that we gave you to target American citizens want to use that to do your job and when you do that, come back and asked for more and maybe we can talk a J that's just not the priority Friday for the IRS. At this point, you know, in the also bit. They started the targeting. We had the court order in place. Jovan becomes President and they have no money to process a return for that money to go after taxpayer in Texas, a nonprofit that had the Bible is the basis of their worldview and they question that with that ridiculous lexicon of initials and and are equal a democratic republic equal D and W was the word of God was obnoxious but they plenty of time to process that. Well of course that's that's for the belief that he died in the office with the ending and on ever growing federal power grab. The idea that they want to make federalized federalization of elections.

The idea that they want to make laws that apply to elections of the central government in Washington DC, which as we know is an unconstitutional attempt to thwart the constitutional mandate that the states of the ones that make the decisions with respect to the time, place, manner and method of elections, so this is what it is.

Really, it's an unprincipled power grab on the part of the Democrats that they can continue to win elections and so they disregard court orders that they signed and agreed to.

They bring lawsuits against people that, are contrary to the learner rule that they agreed to that they signed on to that a federal judge entered into with their consent and they decide within a disregard all that now, and under the guise of cleaning up elections and letting everyone in the world vote whether they're qualified to do so or not and whether citizens are not. When you have ideas or not, put it under a federal mandate and you know be done with the Constitution and it can go to the four winds. Who cares, you know, this is this is exactly why went to federal court. So we went to federal court on this one and the iris entered and can consent decree to stop all of this but instead what they do, they double down while they send out a warning American citizens file early before April 18 because we can process these returns. We can't respond to your inquiries. We can give you information so all of that goes in place and that the same time to say well that you were doing the best we can. The truth is the best they can, is not good enough they got present buying going down to Georgia recently talking about election reform, but the reality that election reform is tucked away. Of course, information about guess what the internal revenue service and and money for the IRS not to get all their systems.

Current not to get customer service but to get more agents out in the field.

This is the problem.

This is where you have this kind of missed opportunity and in the end result of that missed opportunity is the American people paid a consequence we got up bank full of phone calls were to get to those we have a lot to talk about that a lawsuit be filed by the end of the broadcast, briefly filed on the George election issue 1-800-684-3110 Stacy Abrams is not appearing with Joe Biden. At least that's the latest right William Ella people are deciding that going through that even on mainstream news or time boarding so should be interesting to see how that all plays out our phone lines are complete weekly jam right when lodges opened up give us call 1-800-684-3110. Those who are on hold or get to you in the next segments. So stay on hold 100-684-3110 share this with the print check out all the great content.

Great work of the ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists ramifications. 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is powering the right question mission in life today online ACLJ/challenges facing Americans for substantial time and are now sort constitutional rights are under attack important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice on the frontlines projecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress to get in the public exceptional track record of success.

Here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member.

Thank you. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with us ACLJ.where you can learn more about our life changing become a member today ACLJ hundred 6430 with the right moment. The President is going down to Georgia this afternoon. It is actually in Georgia right now our office there, but what so interesting to me is the presence that they were doubling down, kicking into another gear were going right to the belly of the beast Ground Zero voter suppression voters and obstruction what so fascinating about this is that when you look at what is it issuing Georgia elect really, with the litigation that were involved in representing all the Republicans in Georgia and that in the house in the complaint was filed by the Justice Department.

They said that they want their challenging things like third parties grabbing ballots. We don't think that's right. If you want to mail in ballot email and the balance in one drop in the dropbox monitor dropbox and wanted to be monitored. I don't want other people to be able to get these ballots in and basically harvest this is activity that goes with the state and they have the right to do it and any just quickly hear what you we talked earlier about those months ago about these ballot boxes next to the newspaper stands with no one watching them and this is what the department just suspending its resources on that's exactly right. J there were ballot boxes along Ponce De Leon Ave. in Atlanta next to the old newspaper stands where you put 1/4 in and get a newspaper out and he just dropped it in there was no one monitoring no one watching it with this again is a federal power grab try to inject the federal government into what is constitutionally a state matter and I resent the use of the word the belly of the beast in Georgia because we have a Democrat United States Sen., another Democrat United States Sen. was African-American. Many of the members of the Georgia legislative delegation to the House of Representatives are African-American.

The mayor of Atlanta is African-American, so to say that this is the beast down here that we are the beastly super red racist state, which is what this a lawsuit said it was filed in federal court that we file the brief in is a false statement and a mischaracterization of the state of Georgia which I personally deeply resent take some phone calls this our phone lines are jammed was go to Tim Colling in California on 91 temperature on the air. Thank you my call.

I think time that we picked IRS and totally reconstructed because we can't control it and the next question I have is what we have to do to get IRS job part of its leadership and its focus and it's focusing on what they're supposed to be doing and you said something that's interest. We need to restructure the IRS we been very we've been saying that for a long time here. We've said that it's institutionally incapable of self-correcting and apparently I mean they're now admitting it. I think that is precisely correct and so one initiative that I think would help is to literally move the IRS and all of its offices out of Washington DC and move it to let's say Kansas or some other place were common folk live who basically have common sense. The IRS has become a politicized institution and it is one of the most politicized least trustworthy institutions in the federal government, and it now. Admittance admits excuse me, its relentless incompetence and it doesn't seem to change, irrespective of whether the President is Republican or Democrat. And so we really need to restructure the organization and make sure each and every employee is held accountable so that there is no repetition of Lois Lerner and number two so that the American people can get their tax returns process on top. But they did return to Lois learn that that's part of the problem with this immediately, and this is what I'm trying to wrap my head around. They immediately fell back into this.

They put the stuff in writing immediately as soon as it was over that boom you got 1/4 a consent decree damages paid in the immediately go right back into it's like they repeat West or bad behavior is like they were waiting for their moment to be able to do it again. Absolutely, when the leadership change they went right back to their older old habits in their own ways of doing things that are unethical and illegal to which is worse to have a bureaucracy of the government is so huge and powerful, or one that is inept what you have in the IRS is both you have an organization that is completely inept they cannot do their job. Yet at the same time they are huge, powerful, and little supervision know it's it's actually correct. I let's go. It would take more calls and hundred 684-3110 is a good whereabouts and people MSB good to go to Branson is calling on line 3 Brinson earlier I Brinson all taken my phone call and God bless you guys what how the faults that are waiting tax return yet to be processed at a bit of file their taxes this year because as part of the tax return, you Brinson, you raise a really important issue. So they got all these what we were getting calls from people with people in our set that have not had the returns process from last year were there were questions and they answered and they don't even respond acknowledge the answer and now you're saying will respond early and working to get it resolved. Now there is a taxpayer Inspector General fan that operates in within the IRS nine. I don't know what their position is on. I don't know if there's any legislative help on this. But when you look at what the IRS is talking about requesting their $80 billion increase in revenue.

This is not to correct that problem.

For the most part correct that mean it's it's for new initiatives. It's not. I mean you're talking about an $80 billion request. More than half of NJ about $45 billion is simply for enforcement and by the way, we haven't even talked about the money that the requesting for the Department of Justice additional money for the Department of Justice to partner with the IRS to prosecute and look, I'm sure buried in these budget request RC it is some money for improving systems. But Jake until they can show that they're not targeting literally every penny that they get should go to the core task of getting their job done.

Getting people up to speed. The callers exactly right. You have taxpayers that were in an impossible situation.

I can be of complied this year because they don't have the returns back, but they let me just tell you very distinctly this the reason they are institutionally incapable of correction is because this is the most powerful tool that the federal bureaucracy has to exert for control of the American people's life is not an accident.

J they don't want to give it up because it's such a powerful tool you're actually correct.

If you take a step further and I will. They had enough power and authority to not practice not process your return. West Meininger others but also what they had enough to get in revenue agent and IRS agent in Texas. I believe, to write a letter to a nonprofit organization and say we don't like the language you are using about the Bible is the word of God and the principles a lot you pro-Israel, which aligns with with the departed, which equaled Republican and they put this in writing this in writing that they have money for that they have the bill. That's when you gotta go to cornets when you find out that's what we had to congressional hearings on this. You fight back. We'll just take this from them take it up one more notch year without talking too fast talking to Beth again animated on the I have been saying this for a decade for a decade I have been saying there are institutionally incapable of self-correcting. Now were all getting warning letters saying hey we can process yourself, but we sure can quantify what they want to spend money. Follow the $600 transaction that they wanted to they just can't process your return right working beer for another 30 minutes.

Without a lot of calls will take more calls will get more information coming from Murray on Facebook said don't forget also to declare stolen goods of this year you still return them if you have returned or your bride should get that handled early to go.

Don't give us a half-hour coming up on second love you give us life. I dislike broadcast live right now on Facebook, YouTube, NACLJ got right back for more secular ACLJ on the frontline protecting your freedoms and rights in court in Congress and in the public arena on justice is on your side you're already a member.

If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today NACLJ keeping you informed and now is J secular handling the iris hotline here of the questions that are coming in because they the IRS is sending out notices will give you the details of this with her, telling everybody in the United States. All taxpayers prepare supper. This one folks. The IRS is letting you know they can't do their job is coming out this morning.

Every New York Times, even the time I just come from some conservative press and you think of this conservative talk live New York Times, the IRS warns of messy tax filing season to watch the posttest. The IRS tax refunds could be delayed.

Treasury warns IRS offers warning ahead of possible frustrating tax season. That's the today show to talk about from all mainstream publicity are press you talking about from all mainstream outlets saying there is going to be a major frustrating tax season and what they are telling you to do is to make sure you file as early as possible that the warning coming out not only defiles early as possible. Also, be prepared to not get much correspondence if at all, and I would sue for a lot of people don't inspect refund when you said there are millions behind and that is eventually look at there's like when our orders you just write a questions about that that have withholding should you change your people ask usually change withholding or unit we we do this is like a for saving some people do that. That's not that's not generally a good idea, but I will tell you this that we have a case right now representing organization in the southwestern portion United States and there was a series of questions that the Internal Revenue Service had we responded unit we heard so far, crickets, nothing's been months months barely got an acknowledgment of a response but this tells you that what were dealing with right now is so difficult and is hard on people. I issued just a few months ago.

Just try to get the EIN implanted patient numbers normally offer an LLC usually get it in three seconds.

There was some problem I call them there like you have to faxes, facts and facts and wait 90 days and maybe I would hear back. I dissolve the business and restart play because it was such a hassle because it was like this name was like one letter too close to another was so complicated yet you take a bank account after 90 days, and what I can give you the EIN and it's just a mess that this really does hurt small business units. A perfect example of this really does hurt very small businesses has a real impact.

I think it Dodds and I also think it hurts the overall economy.

It hurts the level of employment in the nation, and it hurts the future of the nation. But I also think that the bureaucrats they are blind to the consequences of their misconduct and their incompetence.

And so one of the things that I think we probably need is a more efficient way of firing either the incompetent individuals in the IRS or those that are highly politicized and so one of the big questions is where are the consequences. So yes we have incompetence and it's on full display.

But are these individuals able to keep their jobs. Based on my limited experience working for the IRS. The answer is yes we got a great time to take that is about to go to break, but I will tell Barb on line 6 is a CPA hang on the line should be a first call we do when we come back from the break is a really great call. Also taking your calls at 1-800-684-3110 and at the same time present blindness today in Georgia where he is basically with and his people are announcing this and they're the ones releasing this information and get more information this on the last broadcast unless a mother broadcast but they are saying that this is the calling of Georgia the belly of the beast for the election. There, also saying that they quickly follow lawsuit against the state of Georgia. We respond by the way whether St. George is trying to suppress the vote in the morning is some basic voter integrity like you, happy show driver's license before you or some form of ID. These are the things are objecting to working to get into all that we come back and break a little raising a lot of phone calls to as I would love to hear from 1-800-684-3110. That's one 800-6831 10 a few lines open right now to arrest questions related to this morning the IRS in general, future comment statements will be happy to solicit as many as we can get on the ability also say thank you again for work of ACLJ it's ACLJ not only don't forget if you want talk time to do it when 800-6431 10. Looking back, they malign open 800 684 31 challenges facing Americans for substantial time and are now free to start constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to the American Center for Law and Justice on the frontlines protecting your freedoms and rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side.

You are already a member.

Thank you.

Well, this is the perfect time to stand with us where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called will show you how you are personally publication includes all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists ramifications. 40 years later, when Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right question for copy mission life today online/684 31 to go to Barbara's calling line 6 in Maryland you're on the air. I think like all I want to feel that the LJ does not give money right polite. I'm a CPA license in Maryland and now I'm listening you're outraged they incompetence of the IRS will not top half of because DDA here. We consider ourselves unpaid employees of the Iraq. We've been called upon to do things like gatekeepers or the individual mandate Obama care on the affordable care act I can get a lot I don't want all the things that they ask you which we really consider not our job by their job, but I guess they're spending their time and their their resources going after the conservatives which have no problem with that. Find the money to have revenue agents send that ridiculous letter to conservative organization, but I was asked you this. You have a lot of clients that are in that same 6 million rightly people that haven't had the returns process. What would you tell well really not a lot we can call. We have our practitioner hotline that I think does tend to get us through more easily and you actually get a personal a person on the other end of the line and we just we try to be a possible either through snail mail correspondence calling them because they won't respond enough, they don't use email at all. Anything to transport back and forth. You have to transfer back yet.

The deeper you stand now or back section, but we appreciate you calling that one piece of advice that may medically be sufficed when the marks is if you have a tax professional and have an initial cleantech professional because they do have a hotline problem is more seamless in cases and any worsening.

This, in the case right now you can come to respond as excessive a box that they're not responding know that is not answering that they have bigger fish to fry. They're more interested in targeting conservative groups and say whether you spent $600 you spend that $600. Whether you use these personal applicant apps for paying your your bills and snooping around and being spies rather than doing the southern job of serving the public.

And that is as you said earlier on in the program, J getting your money back to you but the refund is money that you have overpaid in your tax return, and your seeking a refund of your money is the Internal Revenue Service of job to see that that money is repatriated to you the taxpayer. They don't have time to do that but they have time to enter into all these other things on Judy's car from Alabama online for your on the right. Thank you God are you doing anything or the people the government quickly, dark and big Shabbat well had Alabama and I got a it was a great game and you got a great coach and a great team was just Georgia's time we just think you're the bulldog that they can't get anything like it to be going after people like the lady that the reason they started to think that hundred dollars they been trying all the time that competent legal abatement financially. I think they came up with the to try to get him to legally download this is a good point and that is stand.

This puts the IRS the $600 if it goes through into everybody's business.

Met Judy yeah J we actually did the math on this when this proposal first came out when you if you have to hire more than 80,000 agents and you can give in this $80 billion budget it works out to more than half $1 million a year pay for each agent. So how many audits that wouldn't happen before can happen now with everyday Americans in the Logan talked about how it's how complicated it is for a regular taxpayer to comply with the law as it is now, that's gonna look easy compared to millions of Americans that shouldn't be audited getting audited under this new procedure and I couldn't agree with you anymore.

I really do think that the primary policy goal behind it is not finding tax cheats, J is getting access to the personal information American people policy agendas J can be push. I think this is no.

I think this is precisely the problem. The question is, was how to fix it yeah how do you fix it.

It takes leadership to fix it starting with our government in Washington DC and all the way down to over the over the decades, the IRS bureaucracy has become more and more complicated dislike is complicated by design is also unaccountable by design. It seems you know I'm not a tax kinda guy, but it seems that we could actually have more tax revenue. If we would simplify the system and get rid of this huge bureaucracy parent down and make it more efficient. But who's going to do that. Sometimes I think our political leaders are actually afraid of the art.

Like, here's the interesting thing here and we talk about the Internal Revenue Code's technical title is the intro IRC 1954 Internal Revenue Code of 1954 okay that I was born in 1956 that is older than me and this is the problem were a get breaking news alert the world and the economy is different than it was in 1954 amended at 9 billion times, half of which doesn't make any sense. I think that is correct and I think the IRS basically lacks real in-depth leadership, but one initiative that I would like to see in a new amended ire.

See code is the institution of criminal penalties for misconduct by agents because right now they don't really have an incentive I think to comply with the law. Now I know that will be difficult to get through Congress. But unless criminal penalties are imposed for misconduct.

I think this process could continue that we exit a phone call come up with go to Moses is coming on line 3 in Florida. Melissa you're on the ethics Melissa right direct this is. This is reality and the reality problem is people are getting answers. Tables can happen Logan they sent out that warning everybody tell you what to expect for 2022. A disaster worse than 2021 yet because they wanted last time this time that they come and I think you know any goes back to take them to court they need.

There's all this talk about them reforming but it doesn't happen it's in this bureaucracy that is out of control.

All that is and I think Prof. idea is the right one and that is get it out of Washington DC audited Topeka, Kansas. Let the people with a sense of the country run and not the Beltway crowd get some IRS agents who can laugh some empathy with people who are looking for refunds try to do the things in a practical fashion. Get rid of the typewriters.

If you're still using at the IRS IBM stop using fax machines for heaven sake come into the 21st century and stop targeting people for their political 21st century and stop targeting people for their political views and start processing refunds. In other words, do the job that you're supposed to do as the IRS just coming online to Jeff, and I think her take my call. My question is with the IRS and sending out the notice they use it almost as a point-to-point back and say we don't have the resources to process all these claims, so we need more. We need the resources and use it as a ploy but here's the point. It's a good question Jeff where the most. The bulk of the monies going is not to processing it's going to agents to compliance on additional tax matters. It's not the bulk of this is not going to get the systems up-to-date to get the taxpayer outlines and yet are using that excuse as we speak.

J but that $80 billion and build back better literally 45.

It is earmarked for enforcement.

Now I look to the other accounts very, very little of this is used for modernization.

I said this earlier in the broadcast. Congress is going to say what and why did you use all those resources for targeting J if they were focusing the resources they had on the right thing and they came back and said look were still not getting there. We have a shortfall.

Guess what, I bet they would get from Congress more money until there using it for the right think they should get another dime and speaker Congress given our next segment, Congressman Rick Allen about Alexander from Georgia.

To help coming up in the next segments of stay tuned for more segment and will try to get some calls as well. 1-800-684-3110. Check out the great work of the ACL. All great content. You just watch the one hour a day small sliver of the incredible contents available all the social media platforms which are following like inscribing also directly at ACLJ.Ord ACLJ.MAKE a donation receipt that check all the great resource. There content.]

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We are to I left it in that I lived in Atlanta for a long time and went to law school in Macon at Mercer so and that was of course the Allman Brothers Tuesday blues.

I think that is in your own your district broadcast Congressman, I want to get right to this because he got present buying coming down to Georgia.

His his his team at St. George's the belly of the beast on election irregularities and election reform needs you taken the lead on brief that we filed with the court with the US District Court in Georgia on the Georgia law when you tell the folks there was this broadcast with the laws designed to do. Well here's the deal about it ministration Democrats attacking Georgia like law because I want to follow elections.

They all George's laws to look like California, New York.

Their claim that George's bill will suppress voters advice is given example we had a municipal election in the city of Atlanta in November.

Under the new law and turnout rose by 17%. In fact, it's easier to vote in Georgia than it is in the President's home state of Delaware.

The Democrats will every state selections like this.

It looked like New York and California but I can tell you that's Not Main St., Georgia is also remember the objections move the was the All-Star game in the major-league baseball move the All-Star game out of Atlanta to I think he went to Colorado which had a more restrictive voting issues which Georgia had more voting for absentee bigger windows of opportunity may fall by the way, the point of justice and all that is the Atlanta Braves of the World Series winners were sick. Georgia won the college football championship just to make the point. This idea that the politics of this Congressman, what's so outrageous here what Georgia has done in its election law is no different than every other state, including states in the Northeast that are supposed to be the paragons of virtual voting are more restrictive than Georgia, including Delaware, as you said President binds home state but I day requirements have 75% of American people and government entities to mail unsolicited apps ballot applications and regulating the use of aptly absent the drop boxes in ballot harvesting is illegal in the state of Georgia and their HR warning and also the John Lewis law has no law has nothing prohibiting ballot harvesting harvesting is legal in California state could decide they want to do with it is no prohibition against it is not a very good voting practice.

But you know you mentioned about dropbox, our senior counsel in the accomplice years in Atlanta and has said many times as broadcast is worth repeating drop boxes all over the city of Atlanta with no security needs and no security around it. No one knowing who is putting things in there or not. Putting things in there and requesting an ID is now kicking into the Justice Department building without showing your ID. This is before covert, but you can vote in an election in the am and this is what so absurd about the politics of what's going on here. I have Congressman Allen exactly you cannot get on the airplane. You cannot go into a hospital or clinic facility. You cannot do the fundamental things that you ordinarily do, getting into places without a registrant without an ID and if you don't have a drivers license and get government issued ID but you can vote without it.

We all know it's weird, it's rude. It's ridiculous. Andy and Congressman Alan. You know you would lead you are really ran the leadership for us on this brief that revolve filed and had 57 of your colleagues on it but state control of elections is one of the hallmarks of federalism in our constitutional set up Congressman is what present buying this challenging year and the justice department is over there wasting a lot of time on trying to ram this voter voting. Voting federal voting elections down the American people tell you something you don't like the state to go see the federal government if they pass that law signed and then it's going to go to Supreme Court and in and I think the Supreme Court upheld the Constitution. So what they've done is they've wasted all this time David beaten Joe mansion Europe Sam and copies nothing and we got big problems in this country that need to be dealt with and their ignoring the problems in trying to ram this down our throats again because they will every state to look like California and New York.

You had small businesses represent a lot of the culture industry in your district.

I know it well and we were just talking about the problems of the Internal Revenue Service right now and them sending out this morning.

Today, to taxpayers and try to follow because were so far behind with this federal bureaucracy out of control is impacting small business and you represent a lot of small businesses given example that right now can export their products. The importance okay that they're not taking time to load ships to go back there going back empty. This is awful Prof. Hutchison that problem with the document has a ripple effect throughout the entire economy absolutely and so Congress continues to ignore real problems that affect real people throughout the United States. Why because Congress is basically it has surrendered to ideology on steroids and the move to take effect have a federal takeover of elections in the United States is grounded in progressive ideology and it really takes us back to the days of the 1930s, when the Democrats basically advance suppression on a major scale with respect to African-American worker Jim. We appreciate your leadership on this and appreciate you taking time out of your schedule and again thank you for your efforts and go dogs grayed out and yell. Keep up the great work.

Thank you thank you guys really appreciated this last: I'm trying to get help as many people as we can go to Christine's going or going online. All you will call it call you later cannot get all this is comprehensive. We got to get comprehensive tax code. I said the tax codes are older than me and is going to be a simplification J just can't be leaving the power leaving the cloud, leaving the authority it's gotta be a simplification to get the IRS out of the lives of the American people outside this day. In the meantime you they had transfer some of those personnel who are targeted Americans over to the division where the action process returns that might be good for you that would be really good with quickly or 20 seconds. That's operational leadership absolutely, and we need leaders this could happen broadcast. David Wright waited be involved with the ACLJ go to all the platforms with course ACLJ.ACLJ that are all content back tomorrow with another five hours but until then there's a lot of including some Jay Sekulow man about the IRS coming up Facebook social media pizza state for decades. ACLJ on the frontlines of protecting your freedom and rights in court and Congress on justice is on your side, you're already a member not well this is the perfect time to stand with us where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ

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