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Will Biden Allow Iran To Have A Nuclear Weapon?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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October 28, 2021 1:00 pm

Will Biden Allow Iran To Have A Nuclear Weapon?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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October 28, 2021 1:00 pm

As the world prepares to sit down once again with Iran, will the Biden Administration allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to have a nuclear weapon? Jordan and the rest of the Sekulow team – including ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo – discuss. This and more today on Sekulow .

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Sick you as the world appears to sit down once again with Iran. The blind administration allow Iranian Islamic Republic to have a nuclear weapon talk about that former Secretary of State keeping you informed and now this is one thing is clear is that the vitamin is facing is spending a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly is calling the shots in Iraq right now on your file is right see is that the supreme national Council you know what was that revolutionary guard laying etc. I want to hear from you Sharon, call 1-800-684-3110 report that I or director general Grossi told them there are sites in Iran where we have found the Iranians had material in declarant national community. They moved it and now we don't know where it is now your true secular to hear from 100 684 31 two the viewer talked on air. That's 164, 31, two were tracking two things right now. Obviously got more information on these Iran talks which are starting next next month which you know it's probably toward the Internet for they haven't released the schedule yet but what we know is that the US is not technically going to be a part of that because we withdrew from the group hide the JCP away at the the Iran nuclear deal abut Iran wants to move forward. So we will be analyzing this really targeted a former secretary of state Mike Pompeo indexing the broadcast was our team to get ahead on this, but were also track your course are the infrastructure portion occurred started out this morning with the push out a potential vote today. Pres. Biden is addressing the nation as we speak.

I want to go to some of that right now get a break all that down for you to either broadcast with admitted Washington DC was good present. By including a 35% of rural America goes around right now. This pandemic is made clear the need for affordable and available high-speed Internet. The idea of a parent having to put the kids in the car for virtual learning drive and sit in the McDonald's parking lot so the child can access the Internet schools taught virtually is not only necessary for strong trauma just said before these plans are fiscally responsible and are fully paid for. They don't have a single penny to the deficit packet with a talk infrastructure here they are talking about the $1.7 trillion plant.

This is not the, the, the, again $3 trillion, yet it's so that would come through reconciliation.

So what we arty sing while the speech is occurring. It appears that the present is already started losing votes. Now the question is, there were Republicans who supported this first time through the sit if they still hold you can lose a Bernie Sanders typo said he doesn't support this and potentially still get this passed. The house is a different question is 55 members of the progressive Caucus.

Now AOC and final bar they've already said no they come out during the speech and said no were not ready to go on this. Nancy Pelosi's line on this was a while the American people probably don't understand a lot about what's in this package. They do like it and they will like it and you hear the present. He's talk about things like the Internet that's kind of infrastructure that we talk about real infrastructure, whether it's the Internet whether it's roads, bridges, things like that that the do keep us ahead of the curve that I think that something that would be totally bipartisan. It would be 1.7 trillion. But this is this is the the actual infrastructure but were talking about.

The question is how they handle that additional 3 trillion reconciliation and they are saying today.

Right now we want to vote on this today on at least 1.7 trillion and present the weight they reported this to Pres. Biden told members of Congress. This presidency hangs in the balance of this vote is about to go to Europe to attend a G 20 summit on climate change and what sub had a legislative victory to be occurring. Back at home. The question is which were to monitor very closely, as does this have the votes and how they explain this clearly left the American people. I'd like your thoughts on that to 100 684 31 two that's what hundred 684-3110 we get back really jump right into with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Iran on some of the skater function research and bouncing itself again. I share this with you for the family for watching online right back challenges facing Americans is time and are now free to start constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever the American Center for Law and Justice on the frontlines checking your freedoms defending your rights in courts in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success.

But here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms and then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side. You are already a member. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about our life changing become a member today ACLJ only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn life will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists ramifications. 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the motion imagery and what Obama care means to discover many ways your membership is powering the right question free copy mission life today online/we architect your constant mixing broadcast 100 684 31 to constructing those in that we are doing right now by former Secretary of State and senior counsel for global affairs at the ACLJ Sec. Mike Pompeo, Sec. Pompeo jump right off because that love is going on today but one of the breaking news international item that came about yesterday is that Iran is going to rejoin the nuclear talks with the remaining members of that the P5 plus for the put together this deal that won't be the US will be directly involved. You said America will be less secure if we go back into this deal. Now that that that there try to move forward even maybe without the United States at my first what she was what you think by demonstration does to go get ahead of this because it seemed like to be.

The world is saying well in this kind of looking at how America's wielding of power around the world say we don't have to wait for the Americas and the more we can move forward with a plan like this secondhand though. I'm also concerned about what we might be willing to give up just to get back into these discussions with Jordan trying to move on when they try to do that during the trumpet ministration. We put enormous sanctions on them. We will make sure that the Chinese and the Russians couldn't trade with the Iranian leader. I remember the P5 of three European countries but also to true adversaries of United States of America week we can stop them from moving forward without us. We have the capacity to control what takes place. Second point is that more important one administration even if they were at the table that would cut a deal that made any sense day when they Died when Sec. Blanca testified his hearing and others.

They said we would do a deal, but it would be longer, stronger and better than the 2005 Casey POA. No chance feeling and reentering the discussion thinking they can end up with deeper commitments. Remember many commitments from 2015 have already expired, including the capacity for the rating this weapon to go back and that deal which is what that by the ministration told the world they're prepared to do that we will lift all sanction you just go back and we'll get most of the major provisions have expired and Ron will be out of the weapon just a handful of years.

This would be tragic that Abraham accords tragic really that America is Wesley Smith you think about to go back to this we have this commitment. No commitment. They're not going to have a nuclear weapon. But how, how do we address the issue of how they going to unlearn what they've learned in the breakout town. The centerpiece of the JCP OAS lawn as it was, was it we kept them several years down the road for breakout time to getting a nuclear weapon.

Now experts are saying the breakout time is down to a few months. So how do we go in and really address them unlearning what they've learned and increasing the breakout time is that even possible. You can absolutely increase the breakout time for unlearning what they've learned that much more difficult but make them think about is not about having the knowledge that a lot of PhD nuclear scientists that have that knowledge but the ability to execute the ability to manufacture the ability to deliver all the components along the way. That would wipe Israel off the face of your order, Mark is very different from just knowing how to do it. Those things you can stop that person one would want to do is to dine and resource to put real pressure on the regime in the end it's true that this regime decides they want to move towards a nuclear weapon they may well just go ahead and proceed but you have to make the cost of doing so so enormous that the people of Iraq. Amazing people who live in the country you don't want this theocracy don't want these crazy religious extremist in charge of the country will have the capacityto do what they need to do to make sure that a lot doesn't become a nuclear weapon state case of others that the lids off key reports and talked about his, some of these provisions that were delivered were already expired expiring anyway so as this moves forward is the is there a way for the United States as if the sanctions right. It's the kind of pressure to put on that regime because it it and they're not talking that way the buying team is not talking at all that sanctions. The question I think the big question for them is whether or not the unfreeze assets to get back to this deal going to write it down. You heard it here first or second party done that when you have a thank you.

Good game but you failed to enforce it effectively and giving up thinking themselves.

Today, China is importing massive quantities of crude oil from Iran that did not happen on our watch. We never had perfection, but we had that number barrels a day produced by the rate paid in cash to the rating that very low level. Think 700,000 barrels a day versus several million barrels a day that the district hasn't taken that there is and I think that has not only provided money and resources to the Ayatollah in this horrible butcher Iran right now the President of Iran, but it also made them aware that if they continue to fall simply acknowledge that there weapon state and try to manage the risk that that is really dangerous that I Israeli leadership knows that the Saudi leadership knows that the Iraqi leadership met in some some group of them. I am confident will do all they can to make sure that Israel and Iran never gets a nuclear capability that can deliver it to China first on these announcements about these new weapon systems versus hypersonic test weapon everything Back in August out that they got a satellite. It's got arms that can destroy our satellites at the idea that this is all being done and that the buying team is just kind of talking about it, but like like the nuclear it's it's like they just had put their hands up and say well this is the others will be got a deal with but they don't really say strength behind the words Sec. prepare. That's why think the people are hoping to some point here's some kind of strength that were not going to just sit by and allow all this to keep going on the language.

China was pretty good, but no evidence that real actions will be taken that will support that your point that the medication is continued electronic grow, build capabilities not only military space but what they're doing in cyber and in the space around itself within the financial world as well. Ministration is simply countdown out of stock today, one of America's companies.

Apple took the Bible off applications inside of China. But this is the kind of appeasement from both American private sector and from the bite administration that will clean like the Chinese, started continued to impose its tyranny. All across the week. We can't let that happen to cover ministration used to turn the other cheek.

We stood up to the Chinese comic party bully.

I pray that you become a bipartisan issue in this ministration will get serious about protecting Americans from the very real threat of general secretary. She thinking in the Chinese company part of the timelines are present, confirming that there some US military on the ground there was a training function is that some sense of what we want to see out of the beneficiary come start your putting the partisan politics aside, just to see if Road national security for allies national security or is that just you know it is that normal that we got troops there penetrating and working with Taiwanese so I bought a book about leadership for conducting this work that's been reported. If that's the case I think that's the right approach. I think even providing more defensive capability more defensive support as we are required to do under our promises to the people of Taiwan would make Morse. It would make sense. I am confident that Taiwanese leadership would appreciate that. And I know would be the right thing for America that talks about how we know that the national Institute of health and Dr. found she did a flood gate of function research at the Wuhan Institute of virology which they are there on the record deny that they did so, what you what should happen next week people upset about it were hearing about all these other test that we were funding as well. What should what should happen next.

What should happen is when someone lies to the United States Congress, which is appears.Bring them back in and clean it up and incorrect and apologize for you for having lied to the American people like you should be prosecuted for the client and frankly the ministration chip should one indicate Mr. senior face for our battling this continuing threat from that Wuhan virus that this in-your-face credibility completely shot that that doesn't serve the American people what he should he should be permitted to go to retirement and right yet about a book that the person who is not deceived the American people could fit for coming on two years. He has no wall, no place to be an issue about their dollars going to the laboratory is a serious one about the American government and the leaders who acted on that need to be held accountable. As always, we appreciate you joining us with this insight we just hit Iraq China to walk Taiwan and also the gain of function. Research your own country. I met all these us.

We appreciate that.

And again, check out Terry Pompeo's new piece on the very issue about the NIH. Dr. found she gave data function research going on. I appreciate that's her to pop that we come back really upward to Iran what the buying team's sake ever since taking your calls to issue out Iran nuclear deal. What help out how you feel about the pipe team going into these gifts and handling this situation with Iran to have confidence that they should actually doing what your thoughts on it such as to what hundred 684-3110 second is the infrastructure package I have you activated your members of Congress. The house said it because they are pushing for, try to get a vote today go to Washington DC to get all those updates but get to call what have you on the air today at one 800 684 31 two that's what hundred 684-3110 right back only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice right to life.

We created a free publication offering you the ACLJ's battle for the unborn will show you how publication includes all major fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care me in many ways your membership is powering the right mission life today online/challenges facing Americans as constitutional rights are under attack Americans of Justice on the frontlines projecting your freedoms and rights in court in Congress is exceptional track record of success.

We could not do her work.

We remain committed to religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American justice is on your side. You are already a member.

Well, this is the perfect time to stamp can learn more about her life changing, member today Washington DC on infrastructure said that it will be joining us in the second broadcast side to get into that wells were rivers of our team, but I want to play this for you. This is at the White House talking to Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor. Remember it before. Previously he was a lead negotiator of the Obama ministration Natalie Arctic architect of the JCP away.

The joint comprehensive plan of action. If you getting more Washington were bureaucratic talking and you just kind of river was a two page the bullet points.

That's the whole thing they're talking about here, so keep that in mind when you when you listen to the asked has the point where you know is Iran past the point be able to stop them from getting a nuclear weapon take a list by 24.

I'm not fixing the date on that within the plan of action. There were constraints on that program that were significant and substantial.

We had a lid on that program. Now we do not because we don't have that deal. So our first and highest priority is to get back to the table and get back to deal the whole idea here is that they were blames of the trumpet ministration.

But as we just heard from Sec. Pompeo that the toughest restrictions within the nuclear deal have already expired, so if you just go back to the deal that was Artie on the table. It was a tenured deal were pretty close to that. That being.the highest priority should not be renegotiating JC POA which did not keep them from getting a nuclear weapon at all. It delayed it and they've also cheated on it for years. So why is our highest priority. Renegotiating something that is fatally flawed. Our highest priority should be a Sec. Pompeo alluded to keeping them from getting a nuclear weapon if it is that simple. And you know normally when around his were going back to the negotiating table and of course it's the shuttle diplomacy. Our delegation is Indiana. At one hotel and their meeting at another one and then the P5 plus one goes back and forth to negotiate between Iran and the US.

They say they're going back to the negotiating table. You might think that's good news, but in light of what happened just prior to this, that is not good news. On October 13 Robert Malley who is the chief negotiator for the US team said this, the US and its allies must brace for world in which Iran is a nuclear power without constraint numbers started getting into the inevitable as he sees it but at that same meeting, Robert Malley also said we are prepared to remove all sanctions that were imposed by the trumpet ministration.

It is, is it any surprise that in light of these two statements that 12 days later, around announces okay were going to come back to the negotiating table. That is no surprise at all. There is that there is a flawed strategy here.

The Biden ministration is negotiating from a position of weakness not strength and in the real commitment should be at at whatever cost. We will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon not going back trying to lift sanctions and negotiate a plan that is flawed from the get-go. Go to the phones to the California online what he to welcome the secular you're there all my question is why so determined to make it so Iran can get a nuclear weapon.

I like to say why make it easier for a nuclear weapon instead of heavy sanctions. This is a terrorist state. This is a a threat to the United States. It's a threat to our allies. It's not just about Israel.

It is also about that that the Gulf states and we want to see a nuclear arms race in the Middle East because how do you tell an ally whose made peace with Israel, like the UAE was right there on that the Persian Gulf Arabian Gulf to put you talking to about that.

Add to say you can't you look at the resources we need to have nuclear weapons ready for them to leave the house at a US base at cutter do we have what you or we can continue with an arms race because the UN, the head of the UN nuclear watchdog said that they can no longer monitor rot. It's not intact repair. This is how ridiculous he gets west prepare the cameras you would use to monitor what the key facilities with a enriched uranium and erotic. She said I when I couldn't repair these cameras. They broke and they said they could never did figure out you can't reconstruct what was going on exactly I mean this is this is insane is a true break from reality on the part of the ministration already there enriching uranium. It is 60% is a short step from there to 90% have a weapon they'd increase the number of other centrifuges that are high-capacity. Here is the most disturbing thing this come about lately, we discovered that they have one facility that is doing research and development of shockwave generators shockwave generators have one purpose and that is to miniaturize a nuclear weapon can put it on the tip of the missile. We know they're doing that. They've also of course research and development on ballistic missiles and have the capability to deliver the weapon. Once they have the weapon so all of this is a break from reality to think that her land will somehow discard the progress they've made, it will only lift the sanctions and give them what they're asking for. And yet it appears the Biden administration is more than likely going to lift the sanctions. No information gets a nuclear weapon.

It should be. Despite the efforts of the United States not because we help them or you will by default allowed it to happen and that seems to be where were going. It's very alarming. Robert Malley has taken over as the US chief negotiator with Iran on the nuclear deal. This is what he has to say about we just talked about how you got it into this with tougher sections. That's how you answer these threats without using military forces section, you cut them off from the world economy crippled crippled economy, we see that work time and time again with Iran. That's not where the Biden team is take a listen to Robert Malley, then the exact opposite.

You cannot be more diametrically opposing for policy ridiculous by 28.

We are prepared to remove all of the sanctions that were imposed by the trumpet inconsistent with the deal and therefore we can get back to the business that we should think about that will remove all the sage. That's what they're telling the world before Iran's even agree to allow the US back into this negotiation, or allow the US to be part of this. All the sections that are inconsistent with think it's good to find. We will lift your artists you giving away so much west before you've even got back into the room, which I again I think you could use just sanctions and I get back into the room and encourages other countries as well make it like Sentry Pompeo said make it basically impossible for them to legally do business with Iran and cut off the rotting oil from Europe which started to flow again already because there back to the deal just discussion right during the Pierce administration. We really had around pretty much isolated in even put our allies in other nations on notice that if you do business with them. We will cut you off from our business as well. We had them where we wanted them to try and push them towards knotting a nuclear weapon that is all being abandoned and you don't almost makes you wonder if somehow secretly, the Biden administration either thinks this is inevitable or unavoidable and that there they're going along with this, knowing that in the end they're going to acquire a nuclear weapon. That's why Malley's statement earlier was so disturbing to me because that is not the case. We can still prevent them from getting a weapon but you have to be willing to do it and to take a tough stance and if need be, increase the sanctions and Jordan walk away from the table and say no were not doing this that kind of resolve is what we need at this point, the kind of strength second half hours covert operative report of our team in talking to Rod if you got questions about that. What hundred 684 31 two that's way hundred 684-3110 we are to get bigger update on what's happening this massive legislative package on the infrastructure deal.

Remember the made provision were telling us to the IRS that's in the reconciliation that's a different vote, but there is a lot of money for the IRS in this infrastructure package which Democrats are trying to have force a vote on today.

They were vote today so we get all of that question about that massive spending bill that 164, 31 to ACLJ on the frontline protecting your rights in court in Congress and in the public on justice is on your side you're already a member.

Well, this is the perfect time to stand with you can learn more about our life-changing, member today seeing okay keeping you informed and now secular culture. What hundred 684 31 to 2 issues of right because we talk about this throughout the first broadcast. We spent a lot of money Rod Wheatley open the show present by was addressing the nation on this infrastructure bill which they want a vote on today. This is, again, I told people last break.

This is different to the reconciliation package which has that troubling provision that the IRS its intervention in a post to, but as we talked about earlier before the air.

This is still big question about whether not this one to get to the house in the 55 progressives because we've Artie seen AOC in Ohio bar while, while present, by the speaking they said no. We also saw Bernie Sanders of the Senate say no this is to the $1.7 trillion, but it was a bipartisan support for this so that they don't have have every Democrat. I guess what you think the stance that we actually see vote on this. They washed well is so convoluted Jordan. To be honest with you.

Both of these bills are running together now and this is something that we warned about when the Senate did pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which is a little north of of $1 trillion. Like you mentioned Jordan that bill passed with 69 votes in the United States and it's a 19 senators on the Republican side voted for that when it passed the house, Jordan and look at me to depend on your interpretation but I think it probably at least half of that bill is untrue infrastructures. I think that Bill came up for the house is in the house in a vacuum. I think it would probably pass in a bipartisan fashion, but today what you're seeing as you're really seeing both of these bills being conflated to make money just back up and kinda describe both of those bills. The bill that you're talking about the one is just north of $1 trillion could be taken up in the house today if Nancy Pelosi wanted to do that.

It passed the house. The Senate in August, but what Pres. Biden distinct journeys. He came out and he talked about both of these bills and he is claiming to have a framework deal on both of these bills and is asking the house to move them but here here's while there's a litany of problems during that been the biggest problem for him procedurally is the only bill that's ready for a vote in the house. Is that bipartisan infrastructure bill. Now he is claiming that he has a deal in his caucus on the larger reconciliation bill as well and he's put out three pages of bullet points totaling $1.7 trillion in spending and then he says he also list a few bullet points about how he's gonna pay for Jordan we can get into some of those details if you want to, but like you mentioned his big problem on that literally before he came out to speak. Sen. Sanders and members of the progressives in the house that you know what we don't know we don't know if we will go for this and let until we see a legislative text and the other probably has during the same member said were also knocking about for that bipartisan bill until we had that legislative taxa were waiting on Speaker Pelosi now to come out in and tell us when she is going to schedule this vote on the bipartisan bill whether or not it will be later today. I Jordan we will see what she says usually have at this moment Pres. Biden says he has a deal on both of these bills and when in reality he doesn't have a bill deal on either of them with inside this the infrastructure bill and we see your Harry, there's $555 billion for the green new deal. There's $400 billion in IRS investments, which is different than the provision by getting people's bank accounts, but you could see how that could be utilized. Do the same thing because that's a lot less of the 80 billion that they need for their 80,000 employees, but there's a lot of stuff in this the people that there's a reason why did get. Bipartisan support. It's not basic infrastructure such as roads and bridges or are you expanding that even to the Internet and Internet access. We saw that as an organization we assist a lot of families who did you print present by talking at that during the woodwind schools with virtual we assisted families and making sure that the school district prepare provide what they needed.

So I think if you talked about those things and that was it gets real, but we talk we take a 500 billion to redo deal that second. This is why they don't get into the details with us. I think that's correct and consistent with your point of this particular reconciliation bill also commissions alignment police so that they can look at every single energy transaction. You and I engage in post, we come back. Further to this, take your phone calls at what hundred 64, 31 to 4 on Iran as well call will hear from you as you specifically on Iran.

Interestingly, this is dealing with these issues internationally worse not better by their actions by their work will lift the sixth 2064 31 challenges facing Americans is no constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever with the American Center for Law and Justice on the frontline checking your freedoms and rights in court in Congress and in the public exceptional track record of success.

The bottom line we could not do our work. We remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms that remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American justice is on your side. You are already a member. Well, this is the perfect time to stamp can learn more about her life changing, member today only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice. We've created a free publication offering you the ACLJ's battle for the unborn person publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist 40 years later, when Obama care me anyways. Your membership is powering the right mission in life today online/secular to your phone calls were to get tracking reconciliation watches and also that the structure built see more comments after present speech he's heading off to Europe on a climate summit so later today.

So the question is does this would occur while were on the air today, but they are try to push for this to happen as we speak sometime today. At least out that the opposition it's come out to it merely has been from inside the Azerbaijan party. Most Republicans now on you can search sparsely parsing that they stuff are you talking about the structure built or the reconciliation package, which what's actually good to be voted on all that are clear and in very similar listening to Nancy Pelosi yesterday very similar to will find out what's in it after we pass it.

She said will, people don't really know what's in it, but they will like so it's it's safely from Washington. I think this to be is what these are massive spending bills and so the fact that any of these ribs are Congress specially are talking about the 4035 House members, most of which are not in the leadership most of you who are getting their information from the leadership they even know what there can be voted out of this if they vote today answer that is no Jordan, I mean I'm holding the three pages a framework in my hands that Pres. Biden has released two of them are bullet points for expenditures.

The third one is the proposed revenue that will be generated. You have to read revenue as tax increases during this is why we said several months ago that if they just brought up a clean infrastructure bill they could probably get knew they could probably get moved in a bipartisan fashion.

But as soon as you move to the reconciliation process, Jordan, that is an intentional decision to go it alone is intentional decision to block the minority party out of the room and you have to get it done with your own voting so all of the debate they were talking about today on this new $1.75 trillion framework for reconciliation.

Jordan that's all inside the Democratic Party that is not dependent on any Republican votes and you have to get both Joe mansion Kiersten cinema and the progressives like Bernie Sanders and AOC to go along with it because they have razor slim majority's budget based on what's in it during any let look, just give me a couple of examples. The bill says that they're going to spend 1.7. The bullet points. I'm sorry say they're going to spend $1.75 trillion unless they can get the parliamentarian to agree that they can also put another hundred billion dollars in for some sort of immigration proposal. Naturally, all we know about that during Seattle hundred billion dollars on a topic as important as immigration and they literally don't give you any details of what's in it and as far as how they're gonna pay for Jordan. I mean, there's been some sort of breathless report reporting that this IRS provision that were so concerned about is not in here you're not willing to buy that yet and and for this reason, one of the main bullet points in here about how they're gonna pay for it is called tax compliance and they say they're going to invest in IRS enforcement and it says IRS enforcements to close the tax gap and the number that they list for that to raise revenue is $400 billion for Jordan when we get legislative text back. I'm just telling you.

Don't be shocked if something that looks like the IRS snooping provision that we've been talking about is what they mean by that bullet point there. This is any to be what what is so it's always got me that Washington DC is the rushing have a vote. With these members of Congress who have staff but still there's no way like this at the basis of a three page summary of bullet points and ended that the passage that we we we find out the the horrible's are there as they go. But you know what the authors the top vote for this, the White House, Pelosi is the world the she was about they do know when to be empowered the federal government. The bureaucracy was they love so well yeah they do and they love the they love the bureaucracy below the federal government.

They love the central government getting your lives, and don't tell me that Shuman Pelosi don't know what's in the text. They do know what's in the text of the bill and it sounds when I heard this Pelosi statement while you love it when you see it. Don't worry about it. It put me back in mind of Obama care when she came out with a big gavel saying you know we you going to vote for this we haven't read it. We haven't looked at it. We haven't analyzed it, but when it comes out you can see it in your gonna like it. What kind of legislature did legislator does that. What kind of legislator says you gonna love the bill just you just trust me, you just go ahead and vote for it and didn't get on the bandwagon and supported little be fine. I am still concerned about this IRS provision is snooping in the spine provision and where it fits in. And I said yesterday, and I say again today we are going to create an army of internal revenue agents and revenue agents within the snooping to your personal bank accounts to find out how you spend your money. This is a militia. This is eight 80,000 new revenue agents. Where does this fit in this package. They don't say how does it come if they don't say it's too vague for me. The only person Joe mansion doesn't support that provision, but on how this works and how the language is written will even know what they're voting on baby suck to be so directly west of the present by this is the reporting White House hasn't said that it's not true or not accurate but had a meeting with House Democrats on the hill he had at this morning before he addressed the nation for the White House is really helping. "We badly need a vote of both these measures. I don't think it's hyperbole to say the House and Senate majorities and by presidency will be determined by what happens next week.

I me that this is about a spending bill that they could talk, but I feel like for months. I don't want people to get the weary and bogged down by because this is how they try to move things. It's always about the last minute Ari will put the pressure on there to see if they could test their usual Democrat strategy which is ultimately stick together and at this point. Unlike most of these Kaiser controversies in DC is not the other party that is blocking the bill. It is their own party because they can't come to agreement and what they're trying to do. They're trying to push this through as if somehow in the last election. They obtain significant majorities in both houses of Congress. They did not they can only afford to lose thinking correctly three or four votes in the House and Senate is 50-50 and what they're trying to do is radically transform the country as a massive expansion of the federal government, massive tax increase to pay for its it's troubling, and there is no wonder they're having trouble pushing this through their own members of their own party have serious doubts and reservations about it and that's only the ones we know about there probably a lot of others in the Democrat party will also have serious reservations about this bill. These bills when he gets this big like direct nested people even know if you be voting on a vote today.

No, that that is should not be acceptable in Washington for either party on any kind of legislation they need to at least know what they are doing especially again the significance of this spending because what this will likely trigger is that a vote on trillions of dollars of course. So you would put 73 trillion Abby. This gets so this vote would trigger that vote and then talking about a massive massive expansion federal government filed a bills cut on a rod retirement at issue two because it rotted out yesterday. They're heading back to the negotiating table with Germany, France, the UK and Russia and China.

The US is not yet part of that group again so we don't abide. He wants to rejoin a bill for secular euro the comment about that I the bank by that you help me out with my confusion on this Iran deal with this administration expect to get making a deal with Iran's legacy is the deal when it stops Iran's nuclear program. It's about the Obama Biden legacy by tried to with the same people Jake Sullivan Robert Malik try to redirect that Wes and that's where that is. It's it's a you took us away from this, we want that deal back there. They're desperate for a win even if it's a hollow man and there are things about this that are so very troubling and again as we mentioned, no moment to go into bills point they are much more intense and committed to renegotiating the Iran nuclear deal, then they are to actually keeping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon because even the original deal did not stop it delayed it. They want to go back and renegotiate a deal that simply eventually allow Saran to become a country with nuclear weapons. You, the world's most dangerous country possessing the world's most dangerous weapon and you are correct Jordan is all about legacy and this political win in their column. Even though our national security is on the line because of it. They don't want more oil from Iran that I want to hear that the greater dealing with that all God so you know it's it's not like that were like like to talk about the bill it's there's not like exchange here. It's like begging Iran just to allow us to have this idea that we convince tell people what we have a nuclear deal with it. I think that's correct. I think the Biden administration wants to be seen as a firm member of the global elites so I think the primary benefit for the Biden administration is that they convert to signal not only to themselves but to the rest of the world that we believe in collaboration. We believe in openness. Well, maybe Iran gets a new computer bomb out of all of this, but we feel better about ourselves. It's all about their own selfish interests. First, we come back to take over because it what 684 30 went to infrastructure. This vote within 20 pressure that the rush to vote today, what would you tell your member Congress gives a call one 800-6830 went to that's what hundred 684-3110 tracking closer will be back. I we come back on second only when a society can agree the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice right to life.

We've created a free publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn.

It's called show you how publication includes look at homemade were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist 40 years later, Obama care means many ways your membership is powering the right mission life today online/challenges facing Americans freedom rings are under attack more important than ever to consider for Law and Justice on the frontlines checking your freedoms and rights in court in Congress and the public exceptional track record of success. Bottom line, we could not do more work.

We remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms than remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side. You are already a member. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with us ACLJ.where you can learn more about her life changing, member today. See two major issues what Iran because the yesterday as we told you we broke the news. It rotted out they were going to rejoin nuclear talks. There were a lot of details that list was there US push there. I doubt that like that the US is not at the table. I will be at least as of right now between now and when they do they hold these talks I've ever feeling the Biden team party doubts the world at the rate lift all the sanctions you have Artie told Iran that Iran wants something more than what unfrozen assets.

About $2 billion so I abide the documents tell the I could hear the party saying to you like to talk about this bill paid for itself. That's not really giving Iran anything that's not like were giving Iran money.

I it's their own body was frozen yet that in the during the revolution with the hostage crisis and because they continue to support terrorism be with Those funds frozen, but it's actually costing the American people he think that's what they have to do if they want a seatback in these discussions instead of ratcheting up the stations make it tougher. Russia, China to do business with Iran so that that is obviously time as you know, at issue were tracked very closely continue to go back and update you as we need to, as we are close.

These talks I do what I get to Lisa I talked about that the spending bills because these two massive spending bills.

There making a push for votes today that that that was the announcement from the White House came out Pelosi's come out. She was cut out there not 100% thinking they could actually finalize voting today.

They can leave the vote open will get into some of those details as well. But Lee said I'd highlight what he Lisa look the secular euro.

The I think I think of the bill is one of the major way to collect data on our you know like like China because they will be able to wear our finances are going everything that goes along with data collection and force whatever their agenda is further let's it's figured out every aspect of your life with with government with the government sign off with a check or so that they don't have to go to court Lisa to get that information about you or any of us so very similar to chatty system, or maybe even somewhat more invasive because we know that the IRS is more sophisticated, more feared and more more open to political bias in our own country, but I think it would be moving towards a Chinese like system here. If we allow the IRS to stick to just go in and look at every transaction from everyone without needing court authority. I think Alisa is absolutely correct.

So the IRS provision.

In addition to the climate police provision allows an enormous role government intrusion in our lives.

It's also important to keep in mind that the proposed reconciliation bill contains a provision to reduce pass-through deductions. What is that mean it raises taxes on small businesses.

It's also important to keep in mind that under the bill, at least as proposed.

There is a provision which would find businesses up to $700,000 per year as a penalty for each employee who is not faxed on this is simply a statutory vaccine mandate proposal. So if you look at the overall Biden framework. It basically would achieve two things.

Number one, it would wreck the economy. Number two it would wreck the lives of the American people. So while Pres. Biden has taken a victory lap today with respect to the so-called framework. The Biden victory lap appears to be just as empty as his victory lap surrounding Afghanistan. When I see that as Lori brought up the issue of the Chinese planted their social credit system. The truth is that as bad as that plate is what the Chinese are committing genocide against their own people that play is localized. It's actually not run by the central government in China that this IRS plan and every time we give the IRS more resources and more staff that is run by a central government is run by the federal government. It it federalize the program. It's it's not a localized system citing text you worse. What what the Chinese are trying to get to in their country. I agree with your naming. This is not hyperbole from Lisa. We know from very recent history.

What the IRS does when they get this kind of data from the American people. They let politics creep in and they discriminate based on viewpoint Jordan. This would give the IRS not only advancement additional data. In addition to the tax-exempt status. In addition to the tax reporting forms that you already file it would really give them a green light to go to the financial transactions of virtually every American state to them once they're in there. Jordan once they're conducting an audit.

They get everything so look is Lisa correct to be concerned that eventually they would use it for some of the same purposes that the Chinese are doing. I think absolutely right to be concerned about it because what they've already done it with the information they've Artie had and you're just_something that Harry said to Dave now said that they've cut this $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill in half and it's only $1.75 trillion, but Jordan the original bill that was reported on the budget committee was 2500 pages long. This this week. Right now we have two pages so we really have to pay attention at when they do get into the legislative text what is in there. I mean I Harry mentioned the $2.6 billion for vaccine enforcement. Jordan later in the bill. They say it will add border security. You can't check the infection status of the vaccination status of people coming through so the duplicity in that larger bill. It was rampant.

Can you imagine if they put something together on 24 hours notice and then put it on the floor of the chamber, how many provisions like that would be in a bill like that they would be writing this right now, they would be writing it last night and I don't they put that together but it or they can use a piece it that started past legislative text well so they would have to do two things. The only bill that would be ready for a final vote on the floor of the house today, Jordan would be Bipartisan bill that passed the Senate in August they could theoretically bring that bill up and pass it across the floor today. I don't know how they would begin moving this larger $1.75 trillion bill. I think what they would do. Jordan is take that larger framework that passed out of the budget committee and maybe just literally strike through the provisions that they're removing and begin the procedural process. Maybe they put it in front of the rules committee and reporter rule out for it and then try to vote on it over the weekend, but Jordan that Bill is not going to be able to be finished and across the floor in the House of Representatives today speaker plus is going to try to cut a deal and convince liberals that whatever process she started is gonna finish but Jordan, I haven't seen them trust her yet. So color me skeptical that she can accomplish that to be. This is present by these is putting his presidency of the light about this. I don't think that's it's not where the bishop replied.

I think think think they can keep the house and said if they pass something like this but on the flipside, what we do know I think the Democrats due to while students start heading out but it American people.

You can ever kick in those programs.

I think that Sen. Rubio was correct when he said in the clip that we play that if you get a socialized program out there and you start given and handed money away for a senior services, child tax credits electrical plug-in stations, etc. and listen to the litany of things that he said once you start handing government money away. It's very hard to repeal it and to take it back or to stop it because once that train is left the station.

It's almost impossible to stop it so security and more recently the affordable care act, said grace to do that. What you start giving these out programs at the very people even if it starts out, not exactly how you want to give anything away people. People are very tough on both sides now I will tell you very tough to get that that that's why get change culture change society with the top that we are facing okay and your rights in court in Congress on justice is on your side you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with where you can learn more about our life-changing, member today facing okay

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