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Court Reinstates Texas Heartbeat Bill; DOJ Tries to Block It

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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October 12, 2021 1:00 pm

Court Reinstates Texas Heartbeat Bill; DOJ Tries to Block It

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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October 12, 2021 1:00 pm

The heartbeat law in Texas has been on a legal rollercoaster since going into effect on September 1st. After the U.S. Supreme Court refused to block the law, the Biden Administration filed its own lawsuit, and a federal judge struck it down last week. Now, an appeals court has granted an administrative stay keeping the law in effect. Jay, Logan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss this developing case and more today on Sekulow .

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Jay Sekulow breaking news after the Fifth Circuit reinstates Texas heart Bill Department of Justice again tries to block you informed and now this is has now reinstated the law which effectively bans most of this comes nearly 48 hours after Judge had halted want to hear from you, Sharon poster, call 1-800-684-3110 in on the merits of the Texas law December the new conservative majority on the venture will enter test on abortion with another case.

In Mississippi directly asked the justice to consider overturning Roe V Wade and now you talking about up-and-down talking about the road. Texas law… There's a Texas heartbeat law that has been challenged that include knowledge on justice judge. The law unconstitutional is made one trip up to the Supreme Court.

With this report with the law going to affect back down to the District Court District Court try to stop the law and then injunction and now this is important understand what's going on here.

The circuit has issued a stay again (he also your counsel for the HL J lay of the land right now. This law is getting bounced back and forth credits. It's a section of heartbeat is basically when the state of Texas not recognizing the life of the unborn child as far as abortion goes, but this is not [probably on its way to the Supreme Court. Again, I suspect, give a select understanding of this breeder September 1. This law went into effect bans abortions.

Once the baby's heartbeat is detected puts the enforcement procedure in the individuals so that's what makes it very interesting and like you said, the abortion advocates they seem.

Texas immediately it went all the way up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court let it stand on procedural grounds. Now the DOJ has seen Texas and we saw District Judge last Wednesday.

Grant a preliminary injunction enjoining the law. But on Friday Texas went to the Fifth Circuit appeals court and the Fifth Circuit appears court granted ministry to stay so as it stands right now, this law banning abortions effectively is in effect in Texas now, the DOJ did answer yesterday and so we will see what the Fifth Circuit says if they can stand or fiddle, be enjoined, pending this appeal involving the life issue that were involved and we got the certification report representing the state above Montana were to talk later broadcast about a pro-life sidewalk counseling case. By the way, the first series of those cases I started handling in 1988 in front of Judge Nick Lambros who happens to be Andy, your father-in-law is what 1988, first division, overthrown fiber, but we been doing this for a long time. Well, that's at least 33 years. Judge Lambros at that times throughout all four congregations that have been brought by the solicitor Gen. of Fulton County against sidewalk counselors and abortion clinics saying I'm not going to stop anybody from counseling somebody not to have an abortion or not to kill their child and we want those cases. I'm proud to say that my father-in-law was the state court judge in Fulton County who handled those cases, but J and you were the chief counsel then and are still the chief counsel Mel 33 years later still fighting the later organization was that figure goes somewhat big.

Don't forget the humble beginnings, and we'll talk later broadcast about that report of also joining the Logan we got a jam packed program that's right we do not suggest coming on the show is going on for the next hour and you will be part of the computer enough to watch a social view which was later listening on radio. You can actually watch and see us in studio each and every day that other social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram on Twitter because what is on you to broadcast a large watching of all those interact with like share scribe do all those things which are more people see it and will be on the hear yourself, you can be one 800 684 31 to say about this one 800 684 31 to the challenges facing Americans was a time when our value freedom or constitutional rights are under attack with the Americans overflowing justice on the frontlines projecting your freedoms and rights and courts in Congress and the public exceptional track record of success.

But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms and the event remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American several injustices on your side. You are already a member. Thank you for your thoughts. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable protect.

Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when the Americans overflowing justice defend the rights of life, we created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn, called mission life will show you how you are personally and includes all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right question for copy of mission life today online ACLJ/secular. We are take your calls at one 800 684 30 went to the ledger open right now if you want to be on the air to great time to call and we also be joined later by Rick Grenell and dad. We are currently discussing what happened in the courts, which is where I could go back and forth.

If you think you're watching the replay you're not were alive right now because last week we said that the Texas law was removed now is back in place. Maybe you can give people sort of a a run through of how that works. Leaning towards what everyone assumes is the inevitable United States Supreme Court case and doing live in a time where all of this ecological state is necessary to have all of the circuit courts to virtually we all know where this is going to court serve about the purpose and that is, the Supreme Court can only hear about 100 cases here London in as you know, they're not inherent outright matter. More like 90 and so the circuit courts were mostly adjudicated, finally bought your rapidly correct when it comes to the issue, the right to life those cases, as you know… So many boats at this report.

Those cases 10 to continue all the way to this report this when it already has an interesting history because we look at the case, here's what's happened yet they passes of our PPL in Texas was immediately challenged judge struck it down the went to the Fifth Circuit.

Texas did want got a status Fifth Circuit objections were made when when en banc a minute when ultimately Supreme Court people were allowed to stay to take place not address the merits will address the merits later, but they didn't see anything that was worthy of a stadium beat of the of the law be put in place then Texas and then with the Department of Justice to the point of justice comes in against Texas is a Planned Parenthood can handle it themselves and judge reissues. The injunction Texas takes it up to the Fifth Circuit Fifth Circuit issues and administrative state.

Let me go to Pam Bennett here because you know it's it's ironic that Planned Parenthood needed the help of the Department of Justice here.

What a great organization.

It would be a data enter into it obviously but it just tells where that with the where the administration is nonexistent what the outcomes is positive thing involving the department justice is missing the abortion lobby is an enormous force in Washington DC. As you know, Jim and I we I would take it all the way back to when Joe Biden was running for President. They essentially got him to reverse four decades of abortion policy in his view on the Hyde amendment his view on whether or not taxpayer should have to fund abortion, but I think it's particularly ironic when you talk about these line of cases. J because rather point in our nation's history where this debate over when life begins and when life in the womb merits protection is really raging in the states and were talking about the Texas law. Today the protect life after heartbeat, but you've also got that lawn Mississippi that's heading for the Supreme Court, they would restrict abortion after 15 weeks of age.

So you really are seeing the process play out in a way that our founders envisioned. But what are they doing in Washington DC J. The House of Representatives has actually already passed a bill and leader Schumer has said he is gonna call it for a vote in the United States Senate in the coming weeks. That would do what J it would codify Roe and he would say all of these restrictions.

All of this debate this happening in the states that would be preempted so J the Mississippi law would go off the books, the Texas law would go off the books.

The other laws. We got the books and by the way, it's not just restrictions that protect the life of the unborn J it's even safety protocols for women hospital admitting privileges, all of those pieces of safety provisions would go off the books. If this legislation were passed which a coordinated effort on the abortion site in Washington DC J there's no doubt about it, but that's go to see how that affected matters ACLJ were funds that will represent the state of Montana, in a major case at the US Court of Appeals for the Asari and right below the Supreme Court are dealing with a life issue, we filed briefs in a course in the case. In the end that's an that is a direct challenge cc to Roe versus Wade so wrote upper direct challenge in the case of some importance in the heart of December and the ACLJ the European Center for Law and Justice, and other entities filed three separate briefs. In those cases adopts case likely satisfying to be heard in December and we did file for a brief second and European Center for Law and Justice brief was amazing because it literally states how European law is is better on abortion, then American law and I think many people don't understand that because they think that the United States is conservative, but we are not conservative on this issue on protecting a baby's life course of the counsel of record for Europeans and flowing justice. In that case, it's a fascinating read because it traces the European law on abortion and European laws much more protective of the unborn child in the United States. I'm ashamed to say that that's the case, J Europeans have a greater feel for the sanctity of human life in the United States does.

We did a survey of the countries in Europe.

Members of the European Union. Those were not members of the European Union and in an extensive brief that we filed on behalf of the ACLJ the European Center are European are centered in Strasburg France, of which I'm intimately involved in where I will be later next month found that that the restrictions on both the mall use the French work on abortion are much stricter in the right and sanctity to live in Europe is much more great is much greater in the European crime present in the United States and is on that sad commentary on the state of the American legal system, and what we feel about life is not a sad thing to have to admit I think it is not really as many Europeans you would think another big they seem to be more progress on some of the issues and you have United States of America leading to the world as far as undoubtedly, abortion providers and abortions being done but also the fact that we are the least protective of life and I know were getting comments refer to come in Logan and you know you we documented our involvement basically back to 1988 I appeared in an State Ct. in Fulton County in Atlanta, Georgia, where Andy's father-in-law was the judge way back in the 1988 Nick Lambros on abortion protest, that later. The problem broadcast and you we want 400 cases there in that big of a proceeding, but the fact of the matter is you know you grew up with this. This is been at us focal issue for us upper for literally for decades, yet some flagship issues of the ACLJ we have documented many times in the movie, we did 10+ years ago now, but thought ACLJ ACLJ it says a film choosing life which is a history of the pro-life movement up until about 10 years off see a lot of trade.

Since then, it will give yourself serve up an overview that's available for free on our website as well as our films related to life, including abortion increase chemicals into the business side of the above, the abortion business is pretty interesting. It is again our great team here put together you can find out ACLJ as well as all our YouTube channel.

We have so much content or talk about yeah it's been an issue that changed a lot of technology has changed people's toad is changed and I think that there is even undercurrents within the church.

You have to have this discussion now usually pretty they are black and white issue.

It comes that where the church stood on it that's that's shifted a lot. You change your tactics in the 80s were out there protesting on the streets.

Maybe things have to be different now when it comes to how we deal with the life issue holistic well and on that holistic aspect of it is more about ceasing the medical science has advanced so much for the life of the of the unborn child that is affected. A lot of the ways the states are in fact a regulating abortion because the life of the child and their doing surgeries in 20 weeks in utero so that the there are still subaccounts, as we thought about that at the end of the broadcaster near the rock at the back of the matter is the medical science has advanced so much that arguing that this is not a life really that whole argument that this is not a human life makes absolutely no sense when you just look at the signs, absolutely.

And I think Planned Parenthood knows that they are losing the battle there. People know that this is a baby. They try to spin it and I try to make it about women's rights in a women's right to access reproductive health care they don't want to talk about this woman is choosing to terminate the life of her child received it.

Like in South Dakota where where we are fight are representing South Dakota. Their common sense laws in place common sense laws that require informed consent. Informed consent.

It should be when you're making a medical decision to terminate the life of the baby and so we see that states are implementing common sense laws and I applaud them.

Common sense laws and different animals that usually what we were doing with the VA circuit really advanced informed consent provision of the Montana statutory scheme, and frankly I think it's unique. It's important to give women that may be in a poor situation. Opportunity to get counseling is a requirement for the get the abortion that is I thought. Again, these are unique approaches and I think very worthy of of fighting in the American Center for Law and Justice are European Center for Law and Justice are all engaged in this issue front and center.

The men we are on top of this book we are in the Supreme Court of the United States with re-breached with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals were in a trial court were about the Third Circuit in New Jersey so we are heavily invested in standing up for life. Logan absolutely will be joined in the next segment by Rick Grenell is a correct disconfirming yes that's a record out pretty interesting development is coming of the Pentagon is one of the main software chiefs quit claiming that China has already wanted, he just threw the towel and said that the global tech winter prepared what we have to offer here in America really discuss that with Rick Grenell. His thoughts on that coming up someone who would know a lot about that. If you have any questions related to that or to the issue of life that we are handling gives a call 1-800-684-3110 that 1-800-684-3110. Also check out and as you saw yesterday would be the first know about a brand-new series revenge of the Taliban and go to sentiment only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition life will show you how you are personally support publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life Jesus were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists.

The ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership of the ACLJ is empowering the right to question a free copy of mission life today online ACLJ/challenges facing Americans for substantial time and are now free to soar. Constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades ACLJ has been on the front lines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress. In the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success.

But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms than remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member.

Thank you. Not well this is the perfect time to stand with us where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ secular. We are joined by Rick Grenell on secular today because this came out of it so that we should talk about pretty aggressively. Rick maybe you can give us a brief understanding of this topic, but a sense about told our audience before this was that the Pentagon when the software chiefs said you know what China has won the global tech war.

I'm out really scary.

Think about what that mean an admittance that were failing and I've tried to say before Russia is a problem, but China is a Chrysler and we've got to be able to understand that American company that are doing sensitive classified work for the American government should not also be working in China with junior partners. If you are a junior partner with someone with a company in China. That company is beholden to the Communist Party of China. There is no question about that. Anyone who is listening to their classified intelligence briefings will tell you that this is the way that China is manipulating data and getting the best about this individual at the Pentagon who has resigned because the commitment supporting the changes that he believed we need, we can continue to have Chinese partners when it comes to our drones for our microchip. They are using backdoor techniques to get our information and the best of this is basic I don't understand why Washington can't figure this out as a technical difficulties, we got our message that she served as the director of national intelligence, I think is important to say that all the time is as if everybody knows what that is. People don't you explain as we talk about this topic what your job was for the administration as the DNI sure what what the director out and and it started after 9/11 when we realize that our intelligence agency had all the pieces leading up to 9/11 you.

There were bad actors. We knew that they were trying to start a 883 per thousand United States things we knew that they were garnering the program that they needed to do that.

The pack, but we didn't have it all put together A+ B+ C+ D and so George Bush, President Bush decided that after 9/11 in order to get eight to talk about the pellet that we could create another bureaucracy to force them to talk now I'm one that doesn't believe that that it works. I think that this siloing in all of our intelligently that the director of national intelligence in theory supposed to take all of the intelligence from all of the different intelligence agencies of the United States, get them talking get them coordinated and make sure that the program that we have are not duplicate and that is a real problem because with so many agencies were having agencies compete against each other and that means leaping tax dollars. So the technology chief of the Pentagon resigns and he says I resigned because the Chinese Marty peters were were 20 years behind.

We got really low quality low grade you know Internet and computer technology going on right now and then makes a decision that and says you know what this is not good for my kids is not] how serious is this very. Because the NF and put you doing quitting because he's saying the changes that need to happen are not being done that. The public policy leaders are not taking the threat. Apparently enough and therefore he'd want to be a part of something that somehow give validation to a process that he thinks it is on the wrong road that is dangerous and that is somehow moving up toward a a relationship with China with a pita and he doesn't have any part of it.

But make no mistake, J he has a solution that he put forward to say this is how we think of how we can get America away from China to have our process better and no one is listening to him so he resigned as a question for you. If we has the edge of my meeting with the Taliban of all these things happening, but he announced a virtual summit with China now just curious, how does that help what's going on locally already came to a lab. Got a letter right that they are aggressive in their diplomacy there now threatening Taiwan when we decide to have some sort of a diplomatic meeting with them.

If you really need to have diplomacy that has muscle we need to have US policy that has consequences and that means look. I I've been a big advocate for for having a law that says if you are an American company working in the United States government contracting world, will you have a contract with either TOD the State Department or intelligence agency. If your American company doing sensitive work for America's intelligence services. You should not be allowed to work inside China. This is basic wall that we should have except a whole bunch of people in Washington who won't go along with that, including the public.

It is not a Republican, Democrat issue anymore. We got Republican who are absolutely again barring US companies from doing business, both with China and America unsent. Intelligent contract and to me, that should be instituted immediately. I asked this Rick really got two minutes left. I will people lose hope that this is a problem we can can run.

There are solutions that first recognized that China is the Christ, the tule that they are trying to grab our data that they are not an honest broker when it comes to what date do you know that they don't have a rule of logic that they manipulate our rule of law by pursuing our court. This is something that we can't get we can't do them in their court have the proper but they will delight our process to benefit them and manipulated the WTO and they manipulate. Currently, we have to get much more. Without pushing back and having real consequences for China. Rick really appreciate you. Your comments and insight and course also appreciate that you're a key part of our our team here at the American Center for Law and Justice of the ACLJ again Rick, thanks for being with us great insight locally got a great Half-hour coming up to you get on your local station if you're listening on the radio. You can find is live broadcasting right now. I live on Sekulow to search that YouTube search the ACLJJ legacy will broadcasting live there right now. Thousands of people you discussed because of CS in your belly or 1-800-684-3110 have your voice heard on their conversation about China also talk about the life issue the text. A bill has been reinstated and taken away back and look good is because all that and so much more. Here the second half-hour of secular means. I visit Natalie to support the work here make a financial donation check of the amazing blogs and news stories check out amazing video content, the new series of into the Taliban coming out just a few weeks find that setting up first about drive back more secular ACLJ's been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thanking God's well this is the perfect time to stand with us where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ keeping you informed anything now is J secular ritornello discussing majors cybersecurity that is very serious are our chief technology officer basically for the Pentagon resigns, saying that were so far behind son were not getting up and then we been talking about the life experiment on whether the situation would sign for a moment your logo to get your input is because this impacts your generation, more so than anybody else. This was a very troubling development when the CTO chief technology officer. The Pentagon quits. That is a strong and dangerous signal. Scary to see those headlines coming across a word now was the actual words he said are government systems were kindergarten level and look if you've worked with government, you know that's true.

Sadly am sure that there stuff.

We don't see video dealing with them. From a day-to-day basis. Whether it's the IRS or whether it's you know anything you've ever had to do passport system. It's all antiquated and it does feel like we were living in the 80s but when that's confirmed to you by one of the chief computer strategist chief software team members of the Pentagon, it does make you feel uneasy when they say you are China's one they got global dominance. Nothing we could do about it like there's nothing wrong with have these conversations talk about how we can get better were still with the global leaders in creating this tech we have is there than sending it to try to get made, but is not something that would have to be the fix that salute problem which is manufacturing that is such a huge deal that is all you can just flip the switch because again the efficiency of the technology. It's all being made in China and it's all being done better. So it is a concern for sure that you in Washington. What's the reaction to the situation with China right now. How do you anybody feel about that with $0.40 yeah but I think the comments of Rick made about needing a renewed bipartisan focus really. People need to take that to heart because like I think there can be.

We can be lulled to sleep.

J that the threat from China is not as real. It is this what we need to say very plainly. They aim to be the world superpower and they aim to do it in the next decade or two and J here's the thing that they're willing to steal to do it.

They do it with an electoral property all the time. They're willing to subvert to do it. They're willing to spy to do it. They're willing to take economic advantage and so whether it's this administration.

The next administration. This Congress of the next Congress. We need a bipartisan decision to get tough on this to Logan mentioned bring in manufacturing home. That's certainly a big part of it to remove remove leveraged from the Chinese. But we also get to get gotta get tough on trade.

We've got to be willing to use a sanction leverage in the other JJ. This is something that you bring up a lot.

We actually need China but they need us to do in order for us to to mutually benefit from each other.

We can't play by two sets of rules and we need a bipartisan decision to say working to be on team America, we want to be partners with China, but were not gonna let them steal from us to do it. Were going to get tough on them were to make them play by the same set of rules as the rest of the world, and J when they don't.

There's to be a price to pay. Republicans, Democrats and Independents. They should ball be on the same page on that front. No and he would talk about the situation with China a lot were looking at some issues right now with China.

This is a very serious threat. I'm in one of the most serious global threats. We have all that is in danger and one that we did that we have not really refocused on in the United States like we should have the events that occurred today when the chief technology officer in the Pentagon quits and says were nothing more than kindergartners with going with in comparison to the Chinese should scare us to death because in technology that is that that is where the 21st century is added and when we are just like in the kindergartners with respect to the Chinese. That should cause us to really take stock to isolate exists in the 15 administration needs to wake up we can go through another 3 1/2 years being kindergartners for the Chinese might be an interesting freedom of information act Logan to find out what kind email this former chief technology officer was sending out to get a handle on how bad the situation is working.

Take a look at is will take a look at the site is no response. Sometimes we keep pushing keep pushing to get answers questions the answer say it's a good guess: 800-684-3110 phone lines are open right now if you like to be on the air. It's good time to call `comments questions we can backup Job 1 800 684 30 when Tim gets ACLJ NACLJade I don't like subscribe do all that will be right challenges facing Americans as time went on freedom. Constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stay with the Americans overflowing justice on the frontlines checking your freedoms defending your rights and courts in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member.

Thank you. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with us ACLJ.where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable voice is. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice defend the rights of life, we created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn life will show you how you are personally publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists ramifications. 40 years later, when Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is powering the right question for copy mission life today online/brought a lot of thought about trying to talk about the Texas law on abortion. We talk about the case were doing at the deal for the Eighth Circuit dealing with the issue of abortion and we got another one in the Third Circuit released the New Jersey Third Circuit now probably back to the trial court beginning the broadcast we had been standing for life, including everything from the modern technology on life and defending people heart pills and that kind of thing to sidewalk counseling and as I said in 1988. We will hurt County state court representing 400 protesters who were speaking out for life, including sidewalk counselors. They were all charged with crimes getting a great victory in that case, and as I mentioned in the economy. Father-in-law was the drive is a dragnet glamorous and Terry smiling down from heaven right now and that was I'm it's hard to believe. I believe that was all those years ago. But there was 33 years ago J fighting for life.

Just as you're doing today. You are chief counsel of ACLJ then you still are, and we were fighting for life before judge my father-in-law who said very clearly, I'm not gonna stop anybody from counseling somebody on the street against murder and that's exactly what he said and that's where he put his ruling in his judgment, but all those 100 protesters were being prosecuted for crimes that were criminal cases. J if you remember no go to jail faces over so yeah those digesters is yeah just certainties, senior counsel for the ACLJ that was 32 years ago was and he said we got one right now the background is based on the New Jersey city of Englewood, New Jersey adopted an abortion bumpers on the ordinance that prevents sidewalk counselors and others.

I'm going within 8 feet of an abortion clinic entrance driveway. Although agents of the clinic today, including so-called escorts are permitted free passage and if you can believe that this ordinance is almost entirely work for work the same as the Massachusetts buffer zone law that the Supreme Court unanimously struck down as unconstitutional, and 2014 Emma: 2070; the Coakley when we sued the city on behalf of a long time sidewalk counselor who in the rain and cold. You know, no matter what no matter the weather wants to speak with women entering the clinic and Michael sidewalk counselors. She doesn't want to. I show them graphic pictures of things and yell at them or anything like that.

She would simply want to tell them that God loves them that help is available to them and their children that they are not alone. Well after extensive paper discovery. Numerous depositions multiple rounds away from we got summary judgment from the District Court.

It was a resounding victory when the court where the court held that the ordinance violated both the United States and New Jersey constitutions.

While the city appealed to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and because of a panel not exactly how shall I say ideologically friendly to our clients position the court reversed the District Court now.

The court didn't uphold the ordinance, the court said that the constitutionality of the ordinance couldn't be decided without a trier of fact making certain factual determinations. So that's what I get ready for now were currently hard at work on reviewing and putting together the materials that are needed for this pre-final pretrial order which is due on December 3 and just four days after that, we have a final pretrial conference and the trial to be scheduled soon. Right after that so I think people understand the scope and significance of this actually made history here actually maybe trying this case by Sue. We may be trying this case by you know we've heard a lot about the Supreme Court doing stuff by teleconference and a lot of the Court of Appeals doing things by by Jim and here we are doing a trial with numerous witnesses, numerous documents and all of that, all being done via Zune so it's to get that it's a new day and will will see how it goes.

Are working hard to make sure that we have all that technology into a few practice.

It's very different. I'll tell you that I've been depositions. I did an arraignment on about two weeks. It's a very different process but I want to focus on for another moment here that that we the ACLJ the Piper life, your father-in-law, this is I know will bring up the sow's ear that mother has the listing accounts with the ACLJ when we mentioned the case in front of Judge Lambros, your father-in-law, Pat Monahan and I were caught were already working together and he was my cocounselwe have been doing this for decades.

It's amazing and defined you know we have victories along the way and we that defeats along the way but we keep fighting every day every month every year we keep learning not just for the right to life, but the right of sidewalk counselors to be able to speak about life goes to show you this current ministration used to be.

We would talk about the Clinton administration. Abortion safely going where it's not that it we now have an all out all abortion ideology at work in this administration and the current ministration doesn't want to want to ensure access to portion they want to force people into painful in the case of medical professionals even want to force people into participating sidewalk counselors are literally on the front lines of sharing the pro-life message for those who need to hear it. Most in shutting down that speech you know it's it's not just offensive to the right of free speech which you have been working on my father-in-law's been working on for four decades now.

It's an insult to those women who are entitled to hear that abortion is not their only choice and actually just have to say it all relates to our case in the Eighth Circuit representing the estate of the soft abortion is an irrevocable choice with enormous consequences. Why shouldn't women contemplating this choice be counseled about the options that are available to abortion ideal ideologues would prefer to keep women in the dark, and ignorant of those options and all just goes to show that the pro-life cause which you and others have been working for decades now is not. John asked for a defensive line for the unborn life, called the pro-life cause and those pro-life laws are pro-woman you know it's it's interesting you said that Eighth Circuit case because there is one where They just put forward a new idea. Again, like that seen in Texas. These are new approaches and this was informed consent where they were before the woman has actual abortion. She would seek counseling. It will be provided no cost. Just make sure it's not a course abortion because that has actually been a serious issue and even that Planned Parenthood and the subject they do object because they don't want women to be fully informed of the choices they are making in the case of Planned Parenthood.

It's not just that they are 100% behind the abortion ideology is that for every abortion. It's money in their pocket, and that's how that's how underlying criminal it is and that is how why we should not expect Planned Parenthood agents of Planned Parenthood to be getting counseling regarding out for women's contemplating abortion about her options ridiculous. We need an independent third-party counselor to objectively gives the woman were informed of the options that are available to now she hears all of that and wants to go through with her choice and that is her decision but right now, what we need to do is ensure that women are able to give full and informed consent regarding this irrevocable choice with enormous consequences will tell you this yet even fighting this now for decades to amaze you and I think that you and Jordan that hold our whole team Eric Zimmerman Basseterre this whole group of lawyers in their noun. Therefore, a poke some coaching, 50 that had been fighting this in this fight will continue. We are not going to stop this fight and Logan, you had mentioned earlier that we have a lot of resources a lot of content available on this yet. We've had 30 years of our four years must've archived content on this issue started very early days of the pro-life movement to how things have changed. What were doing. Now multiple documentaries whether choosing life, which was histories of the 80s and 90s pro-life original movements are Lottie listening were part of that movement go back with so much great footage from that time periods is really interesting to watch the kind of crazy, both sides erasing logic and relay that about 10 years ago that's available on ACLJ More recently we did felt abortion, Inc., which shows on whether the CD business side of the abortion industry.

If you will that's available as well on the ACLJ and all the apps also believe it's available on the dams we have developed for Roku and Apple TV could find that the ACLJ app. Beyond that good to find a YouTube or Facebook jail. There's so much content on this topic, whether that's news a blog you can read keep yourself informed where that's fully documentaries with clips things you can share the glad times you may have problems kind of figuring out the words to say when you want to post about this issue is very sensitive we provide a lot of content a lot of content you can share a lot of new science events that are happening related to life topic as well as plenty of other topics that are within the scope of the ACLJ you can find that follows.

Also, sleep levels, as well as posting stuff related to this, even these were the big cases are smaller once happening is obviously historically so many we do here to should you get involved in many other ways its alter ego, the financially support the work of the ACLJ earlier in the process working on a brand-new series, revenge of the Taliban suckled from yesterday. Great multi-part documentary review series. Some of the leading names with your Jay Sekulow joint cycle recruit out by Pompeii of other people like Kelsey Gabbard, Sen. Langford and person you will ever list only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you personally. Publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care means many ways your membership is powering the right question mission life today online/challenges facing Americans for substantial time and are now free to stored constitutional rights are under attack with the American Center for Law and Justice on the frontlines projecting your freedoms defending your rights and courts in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms that remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times.

The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with us where you can learn more about her life changing, member today ACLJ secular. We are taking your calls and your comments at 1-800-684-3110, 1-800-684-3110 comments coming up that I like to address. This is one from Diane on YouTube. Jesus will Supreme Court wait to decide to take a case like Texas delay after they've made a decision on the Dobbs case when we get people briefly back on what the Dobbs cases and how that all worked.

The Supreme Court, that's a great question. I think all of the cases including what we just mention of the HR Court of Appeals, the Fifth Circuit case will all be impacted directly by God.

Dobbs is a case that has actually a direct challenge to the constitutionality of Roe versus Wade Supreme Court and he were to decide row is not the approach that would be going forward that they return it to the states. All of these laws would then be impacted by what happens in Dobbs Dobbs arguments in December. I suspect we don't get opinion probably till June of next year. Yes, I think arrived J Dobbs is a critical case. It's an extremely critical case because the Supreme Court could very well decide they dodge the issue. I don't think it will. I think it will decide the constitutionality of Roe versus Wade and is Justice Thomas has said there is no constitutional provision granting the right to abortion. I read the Constitution. I was somebody who says there is would show me where the Constitution of the United States. Justice Blackmun came up with this idea that there is a constitutional right to abortion. There isn't. It's not there doesn't exist and I want to leave his conservative justices on the Supreme Court to say so they have the opportunity to do so crippled in that case puts its front and center on Roe versus Wade but then raised an interesting point and that there's already an attempt by Congress, and I think they would need to expand on the subject, to basically undo this decision, or at least try to think in right eye. I think that changed that effort in watching the news isn't rooted in a motivation because the left and the pro-abortion industry sees the dynamics of this debate.

Shifting toward life and you talk a lot about the medical advances in the fact that when a woman has information. There are more and more choosing life.

So what were seen both in Washington and across the country J is an effort to call off the debate altogether. I mean, in the case that you just talked about with Jeff there.

Try to call off the debate by not allowing that woman to have the information that she needs to make a decision, but here in Washington, J the bill that has already passed the House of Representatives. I called the abortion on demand act. They call it the women's healthcare protection act J. It basically says all of that debate across state across the country and all of the state legislature all the various approaches whether it's safety protocols where there's a 15 week band, whether it's a band once you know the most recognizable sign of light of the heartbeat is detected. All of those approaches, J would be thrown off the books would be the federal government saying you absolutely cannot pass on the state level. In any restriction for the right to abortion that has already moved through the House of Representatives and leader. Schumer has said he's gonna put it on the floor of the United States Senate for a vote very soon. So what you have is a situation where the less as well. You can't really win the debate over whether or not you should be able to terminate the life of a child with the beating heart.

Working in that debate altogether. Working to pass a law that says all of the state laws are off the book that way we don't have to defendant JEE got a final levels in the courts and the federal government in Washington DC and in all of the state legislatures you know any ACLJ is so uniquely positioned Logan that we can handle the litigation. It said when the Supreme Court three breaks in the Supreme Court on on the abortion case and then of course taking it a step further and that is estimates and then he got a deal with it in the state legislatures and in the federal Congress where they are on all of these fronts and it's because of the support of our friends around the country allow us to do this absolutely and that we do a couple calls noncommunicable comments is going take some of these calls and then some. Every nuance plus go-ahead trials good Janet Pennsylvania line, one euro near from the pro-choice people if you don't like before birth.

Why light are Shenandoah women have the right to terminate the life of her baby stay up to one month of age. If she realized it caring for her baby becomes too overwhelming. There's no friends.

This conversation comes up a lot is a conversation that both sides have what's often said to the pro-lifer which is what you really care about the baby when the woman is pregnant you care about it. After that you get the other side of the argument saying this situational tekmar lecture if you care about when after the baby is born and what you want to make a call Dobbs to be had, serve those disturbing comments came out of the state of Virginia last year from Gov. Northam said that it's not that far-fetched.

It's even think about those things. Yeah, and the truth of the matter is that all of these issues are somewhat dependent principle so much riding on the Dobbs case because if there was ever a chance Roe versus Wade O'Neill return. This is going to be it mean and even got the most conservative Supreme Court we've had in our lifetime. The issue squarely in front of the court. So when you put those two together that and then every question you have about what the states can or cannot answer their yeah that's absolutely right, to the godly Roe V Wade decision in the 1970s and the companion case came out of Georgia. No one remembers that Dovie Bolton which was part of the Roe V Wade litigation is now squarely before the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court wants to take it, you know, the court can do what it wants to do but if it wants to take it. It can squarely take it we have thanks to Pres. Trump. Let's not forget it.

Thanks to Pres. Trump, a conservative majority on that court a pro-life majority on that court which we hope will now say that Roe V Wade was wrongly decided. Like other cases that weren't before the Supreme Court and that these now are matters that are do not that that there was not a constitutional right and is not a constitutional right to abortion, and that these matters should be left to the discretion of the sovereign states with just got word that the acting solicitor Gen. of the United States is going to write an oral argument. They got additional time also granted for that argument by Logan asked Sibley about two minutes now the most conservative court in your lifetime you have this case up there how they blow and how does this become something where you get up there and is just pressure what is it what you know. I mean, you know, the courts, mostly about politics and about pressure and they try to listen to the Roberts court is trying to avoid major issues in this with pretty hard to avoid it out to be quite bright but procedural ruling or something it doesn't appear that's the case, it appears that what we are saying is, in fact going to be the answer as to whether Roe versus Wade is the constitutional framework going forward on the abortion issue were to know that literally a matter of months. Everybody needs to be in prayer. This is your our teams of ACL tear really heavily involved in this. As you can imagine its absurdity said it's been going on for four decades and our market will continue in Washington and around the globe.

Actually, as we stand for life is important is to watch and Supreme Court of the decision comes out to give it a minute because half the time it says you want to get lost in the other time you lost in the actually want you know what's in those documents see that happen on the news countless times over the last few years with the Roberts courts will see what happens if you it's worth working ACLJ to do right now that to make your donation you keep.

Make it recurring.

It's worth were not only do we do legally Dobbs keeping this show on the air, giving our film studios going all that we have going on here at the ACLJ running for you to great content.

This is an advertisement driven shows is a different type of work here. The ACLJ we could use your support don't go there.

Just don't go there for each and every day. Incredible, commentaries of the top leaders in this entire country that see that I was a checkout show each and every day Monday through Friday scribe like do all those things of social media to keep it going, and engage your friends on these issues tomorrow. ACLJ is been on the frontline protecting your freedoms and rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side. If you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ

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