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DEVELOPING: Israel Begins Ground Operations Against Hamas

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 14, 2021 1:00 pm

DEVELOPING: Israel Begins Ground Operations Against Hamas

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 14, 2021 1:00 pm

Israel has begun ground operations against Hamas. Marking the clear connection between an empowered Iran and the attacks by Hamas, forty-four U.S. Senators just signed a letter to President Biden calling on him “to immediately end negotiations with Iran.” One of those Senators is Sen. James Lankford (OK) who joins us on the broadcast to explain that letter and why it’s important to send a strong message to President Biden. We’re also joined by former Secretary of State, and current ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo to weigh in on what’s happening in the Middle East. All this and more today on Sekulow .

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Secular Israel begins ground operations against Hamas.

We will be joined by US James Langford and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo live from Washington DC sexual line, hence fighting erupted overnight as Israel launched a massive ground and air assault against the factions inside Gaza. According to Israeli military officials more than 450 rounds were fired into the strip tried to target some of the Hamas underground infrastructure. Those tunnels getting targeted but there was also a lot of other destruction. Phone lines are open for your questions right now called 1-800-684-3110.

This is going against the backdrop of United States having made a decision why Americans are providing money to the Palestinians while the Palestinians are conducting care operations against our friend and ally, Israel, and now your host Jordan secular secularity or phone calls to others what hundred 68 31 to 2000 684-3110 as you heard will be joined in the next segment I live by Sen. James Langford will be joined by our senior counsel for global affairs Mike Pompeo as well weigh in on what is happening in the Middle East. We took a cut of a diversion yesterday for that to focus on what's happening domestically.

Our southern border, but we have to reiterate again the overnight Israel launching over thousand different types of missile attacks rockets next back into the Gaza Strip in response to the barrage of rockets that have been fired at Israel.

Israeli civilians have been killed. There were reports yesterday that a ground like invasion had already started from Israel into the Gaza Strip and then later on that was correct to say no.

The ground troops are being utilized ground forces are being utilized that if you been there and you understand how how close this is you realize it you things like tanks and other kind of troop carriers would you say there being you live there being utilized that it's right there there's not a lot is not a big no man's land that no man's land is basically hat where the iron dome operates where it has that split second in time to be able to take down the rocket fire for a bit Washington DC right away can step that I sit or lay for Geordie is next 44 US Senators, including silver, consider sooner Langford Sir Rubio leading this effort he put Esther Langford. Joyce talked about have called on Joe Biden to take this example look at what Iran is saying.

They are praising what Hamas is doing in the Gaza Strip. They are funding a lot of this they are providing the weapons and and stop the negotiations during this is very strong showing from Senate Republicans just a couple of days after this conflict started at 44 a Sen. sign a letter to the President of this magnitude look. There's a lot of things in the letter Jordan. I think this one line sums up where is where the Senators are in this.

It says to the presence as we call on you to immediately and negotiations with Iran. So Jordan. They are not asking for you know some some statement of support for Israel since something as simple as that. They want after the negotiations with Iran to stop and I also thought this is appropriate. Sen. Langford is joining us in the next leg of the broadcast. He tweeted this, he said, I stand with her ally and friend Israel, Iran remains the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism and is behind the current attack on Israel, Marco Rubio, my colleagues and I are calling on the President Biden to into negotiations and stand firmly with Israel, Jordan, that's where the American people are. That's where they want the United States United States Senate to be yeah absolutely so functional to share this with your friends and family.

That's a special Friday broadcast Avenue I these. I guess back to back lives to get here from a sooner Langford alive about what the U.S. Senate in the pressure there in the unique angle of Iran cannot ignore Iran's role. In the Palestinian conflict, and it increases every time Iran has more financial resources there able to play more.

There's also rocket fire coming in that a tug yet, but there is some coming from Lebanon that would be that would be likely Hezbollah, which is even more direct tie to Iran to have severe leg for joining us texted former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo what needs to be done and how do we stand with Israel. Clearly make this not again just about talk about two sides and hopefully that comes to the conflict have stood in but taking sides taking the right side as well. She deftly shares with your friends and family for watching on social media and the Facebook YouTube that severely for joining us coming right out the next segment, the challenges facing Americans were substantial time when our value or freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stand with the American Center for Law and Justice for decades now.

ACLJ has been on the frontlines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side. You are already a member. Thank you, are not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition like it will show you how you are personally pro-life and publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist the ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the end what Obama care means to the pro-life discover the many ways your membership in the ACLJ is empowering the right to life question free copy of mission life today online ACLJ/we are to your phone calls to show what hundred 64 3110 so a conflict which is not yet coming to it in the vapid cease-fires. Sometimes that happens after couple days, but this is something I think unique because we start receiving the Middle East. Unfortunately, on fired fan this is. This was not week with her for so many commentators it just seems like there is a vacuum here and the vacuum is the United States government led by our President Joe Biden who is just because of interparty warfare on support of Israel. It's just kind of been a little bit to get like that the vacuum needs to be filled.

This is concerning Jordan because for for decades, there has been broad bipartisan support in both the Senate and a house for ally, Israel. It's it's been it's across party lines. It's really generated from the grassroots up Republican voters and Democrat voters want their members to stand with Israel, Jordan, II think you can hear from sooner Langford here in a minute that maybe still exist, but it's not as loud as it needs to be yet sit or lay for the story is now US sitter from Oklahoma.

Great friend of the ACLJ of someone who fights for all of us read the country sooner.

Thanks much we spent some time with us that God is able to let me ask you first about this letter I 44 US senators, you're one of them who have called on present Biden to stop the negotiations with Iran, while Iran is egging on and supporting what Hamas is doing in this aggression at this aggressive latest act of aggression against Israel the Obama to write up a nuclear Iran terrorist activity of Iran and endless terrorist activities are happening that we just don't want to have a nuclear weapon problem with that is obviously we need right here on the lawn. We need to continue the demo limit directs that the dollar dollar on a model law and to ignore that and just a warning to give them relief complaints and began to pick up Eric participating in nuclear talk doesn't help us solve the issue that the new grill and it doesn't rocket it back coming into Israel. So they need to back off, maintain, sanction, pressure on on our lawn so that the attacks on Israel news reports that the US is preparing to unfreeze $1 billion to Iran is a goodwill gesture.

This is at a time when we know that Iran's foreign minister as a reef was known to the US audience because he's put out there is kind of the the face of Iran has been putting messages to the head of Hamas is validates and supporting the, the escalation of a conflict, it didn't need to escalate a supporting disagree with this aggression we we've heard from other groups.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad say that that the rockets there firing what they did with their utilizing came directly from Iran.

There there there implicating a customs to embody in this, but this whole effort again the idea that while this is happening. The US it's just seems like the US government. The Biden administration sooner. Langford's is always like begging Iran to to go back to the negotiating table want to be able to deal but only focus is on trying to build a result of Iran again exact same thing about that date himself from every other ally in the region so they can reach out to Ron of the Biden team is doing the exact same thing again bad history repeating itself that they continue to tailor clubs and on telling a lot. We think will give you more money.

That money will go directly into rockets that will be fired on Israel terrible decision when the pressure on the Biden team site. Do not lift the maximum pressure on Iran. We need Iran to be able to speak to the Gaza.

We need Iran to be able to speak to you as a law at Lebanon and tell them no more rockets.

They are the ones that can actually do this but it where actually telling on networking and normalizing my summer. Licensor let. Thank you. They will continue to be able to press down with that sooner Langford standing here appreciate you being with this procedure. Voice on this and see your voice and then on the crisis that happening down the border procedures the live streaming you were doing down there.

I wanted to ask you as we interact with the American people every day. I think it's it's important for us always to rear it reiterates and then just how critical our alliance with Israel is everything from security to economics to innovation. We just came through this period of time or that alliance was strengthened through the Abraham Accords and through so many other efforts. But now it really seems like Hamas is involved in that II think that's pretty much a fact.

At this point I'm wondering what you think we can do for for everyday Americans to help Washington DC realize that a strong alliance with Israel is not only in the best interest of America, Sen., but it's also in the best interest of the world. What can every doing everyday Americans do to help convince her colleagues in the Senate of that fact. Continue to engage in conversation your neighbor how important it really is to international purity and stability of we want to be a real court or different nation forming normalized relations with Israel in the last year is a remarkable achievement of administration and to remarkable diplomatic so those nations Sudan or UA claim, or countries in the region. Stepping into the site were going to engage with Israel. What has been blocked a long time opens up dialogue again to say what what start working on religious liberty issues in the Abraham Accords.

They were going to respect religious liberty is a remarkable statement. There are some trade agreements with UA, you will are currently working on a natural gas pedal, providing energy in the weekend with UA operating together.

The ability of the region that lowers the level of military force needed in the region to be able to bring to call their that is good for everyone that's good for our project for world peace. That's good for trade relations good for economic development that is a positive thing, but what you're seeing right now is a rise in the left of people saying the Palestinians are private people Israel are the oppressors and people on the left here in America rising up to be able to speak out about the following is our the opportunity to be able to live in freedom and safety and security, but Hamas is not providing them has a lot not providing that them so we want stability and freedom for the Palestinian people, as well, but living under the thumb of a terrorist does not provide that this idea to so much progress is made as semi-for such positive progress is made in a region that can be very volatile. Since showing that this week, and yet interestingly the Biden administration nowhere to be found on this what you what you getting back really sit the letter it's it's getting everything so much Joe bite present by himself. Clearly the party, the Democrat party. His party's is now is you said it's fully divided on this issue. It is a loud there's a loud anti-Israel pro-Palestinian voice pro-Palestinian voice. It's not.

It's not like you said about the people so much as it is about these political movements and terrorist movements are so important to help member. We want to be able to stand with Israel without it right into Baylor. It really is not the aggressor in this area and the reason I corrected that object. I would tell you liberal officers in the house, but that again bombarded with all activist liberals across the country thing. Israel is the aggressor, week by week sanctions on Israel. We should cut off under eight Israel we should support the Palestinian leadership and that that's what's coming from the left right after I counterbalance that would be very important for people to be able to hear what I know you believe. Please make sure you hear from a clear light we need to be able to stand with Israel. Israel and not the aggressor. Israel has the right to Baylor protector and sovereignty and the Palestinian people have the right to Baylor one day not live under the thumb of parish leaders consider this in a nice way to quickly ask you what you're hearing from your Democrat colleagues.

I know that you've a good relationship with Syracuse for one. I know that he and Sen. Murphy were over in the end, negotiating alongside the administration for the deal I denied. I know in many instances they have been with Israel on these key issues and I'm wondering if you can share anything about what you're hearing from them and if there's an opportunity for maybe more than to come alongside those of you that are in this letter.

Any in anything from them. All of them there really aware that their interest on trying to be able to bring peace to the reader what everyone does. But I think the best way to Baylor to hear from people is going to stand firmly with Israel that sent the message to everyone in the region to say when were knocked out which way America's going we know which way back going and that brings peace and stability in the region, projector screens and other I won't speak for them, but I would figure that are very supportive of Israel very engaged. Everyone wants to form as a peaceful negotiation here, but at the end of the day. The best way to do it is not to empower God powering a Ron Howard, Darris Langford, Sue James Langford Oklahoma, let me thank you for taking time out today this busy time I to talk about this issue and help educate our audience as well. I would appreciate so much and for standing up for our ally Israel.

Thank you, Sen. Great, thank you very much hi folks, we come back again and that you're doing live information here from US senators consider Langford we come back for Secretary of State arts our senior counsel for global affairs Mike Pompeo will be joining us as well to discuss this will get that perspective.

Someone who was at that in the State Department Secretary of State Forcier Dir. what is happening in the region share this with your friends and family. I want to interact with you second-half are the broadcast one more time to take your phone calls to take your thoughts and comments start getting those in now.

1-800-684-3110 that's 1-800-684-3110 will be right back only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold mission will show you how you are personally and the publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist the ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the worship ministry and what Obama care means many ways your membership is powering the right question for you, mission life today online ACLJ/challenges facing Americans for substantial time and are now free to sort constitutional rights are under attack important than ever to stand with the American Center for Law and Justice on the frontlines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success.

But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you, are not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing, member today seemed okay great discussion. That's the arty nonsecular, we were destroyed by a US centered. James Langford about the letters to call on Pres. Biden 44 US senators signed that letter to call prison by the stop the negotiations with Iran.

While we know about is supporting the Hamas aggression against Israel. We are now joined by our senior counsel for global affairs, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Sec. Pompeo.

Let me go right to this, you tweeted this morning that Hezbollah and Hamas know that they're about to be flush with cash so their efforts to undermine Middle East ability that Abraham accords in Israel security will continue appeasement of Iran is destabilizing the Middle East and it's shocking the Democrats don't understand this you believe that this is going to continue to escalate, or sometimes things get a little quieter on Friday at Shabbat is the Friday prayers as well. Then they can quickly ask escalate again about the ability for the terror attacks on Israeli block, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad that are responsible that the perpetrators developed in the West Bank that nothing to stop it.

But make no mistake about it, they are underwritten, supported militarily and financially by the Islamic Republic of Iran. And while this is taking place. While these rockets are landing on that are of Arabian origin and Arabian support United States is sitting at the table in preeminent negotiating to hand over billions of dollars in financial assistance to the very Arabian beginning that if funding have a lot in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It makes no sense heard what Sen. Langford said with James that he is spot on in that ass quickly.

We need to stop that that the company that I was a part of.

Stop putting that the UN at the VRA that Palestinians turn that back on. We providing money to the very people that are engaged in terror. This is deeply inconsistent with our commitment to throwing out a stop.

Immediately they are going on TV.

Sec. Pompeo there saying that the head of house Islamic Jihad and wondered when their leaders went on palisade television set reading the weapons were getting our food were getting everything from the Iranians and I think sometimes there are. There have been there.

Is this to the kind of divide in Washington thought that even when the leaders tell you that themselves. Although some these groups are really soon me and Ed, Hamas is not really good to be friendly with Iran and Iraq that they not.

It's not like has most of the savings.

Same kind of group but it seemed over the years it's become a much closer relationship and almost another night out was you could call it another proxy for Ron. I don't know if you recall it that 2020 years ago, but it certainly did kind of evolved into that were devolved great value.

You can certainly a PIK about proxies that are acting in a way that is in support of the effort to destroy Israel and their unambiguous about that. I am reporting this morning that the head of the IRG see the Irani external terror organization was in Lebanon, meeting with a lot if that's true, that would suggest also that this is a coordinated effort, and we need to hold them accountable. We need to make sure that the American leaders are just softly supporting what is making unambiguously clear United States only defense Israel's right to defend itself and we will continue to support our friend and ally defending this important place. The undivided city of Jerusalem and know that they have America's whole support. In doing so, this is something historically, we seem bipartisan support.

But that is changing me that this new group of far left Democrats, the same ones work from the Bernie Sanders world of radical schools radical thought it it's becoming more mainstream inside the Democrat party ethic in our country, but inside the Democratic Party. If you think that's why some type of phakic Escada shrug of the shoulders kind of response from Joe Biden absolutely you have a element inside the Democrat party that is pro-Palestinian antidiabetic and bordering in some cases and actually passed the line on anti-Semitism at the people who are deeply against the existence of the right for the Israelis to exist in this place. This Jewish homeland.

I think that pairs up the Democrat party. If you go look at Joe Biden at 30 or 40 years ago it would've been a huge supporter of Israel today.

It is a grudging support that they provide to Israel when it that simple thing to protecting its own set of them from rocket attack for the killing of civilians and they respond in a way that is going to protect and defend their sovereignty about this administration will find the right words make unambiguously clear that we are supporting Israel.

We understand that the terrorist of the Palestinians Israelis got tough decisions to make. They have to decide if they if they take this this aggression by Hamas and try to use the, the, the conflict is a way to go deeper into Gaza again to eliminate more of this activity. They took it.

It's easier safe. We don't do it now.

This will happen. You don't happen to get another year though the build up there. This will supply the build up their tunnels again to destroy the fire the rocket to get a will just keep repeating this up, but there was a time. I where this was much more difficult for a Hamas to pull off for about 56 years. She like these didn't have the capabilities and the resources and do you think that was directly because the Iranians were being cut off from the from the economy of the world. We know that, but we know that the maximum campaign that we put on Iran tonight.

The proxies resources we saw that they were able to pay. So both the money to go around to momentarily thought I absolutely believe that they believe that they, the Iranians and the Hamas terrorist believe the going to be flush with cash that the American let off the maximum pressure campaign and so attack of this scale. Now I understand. Over 1500 rockets launched would have been much more difficult for them to afford or pull off Corky Brock at the preserve just now 120 days ago final question asked tape because you treated this. It was something home with me because this is someone who is now the US special envoy for Ron Robert Malley say he got a mistake. If you have a look at Hamas and Hezbollah at all the charity work that they do, how, and I taught he stalks that he has relationships with them and he is after you leave the in Vienna. Now these are people actively out on they are not academics. There inside the the the US government as the envoys to Iran speaking out for the by administration and making comments. I was in the past, but I think it is even even that the fact he would command correct that it's shocking world.

We messed a special envoy to try yet like the situation that the language he used in support of the Palestinians, or the terrorist is simply outrageous in the American look, we know we know Robert O'Malley we know his history negotiating with the rain.

I can predict with almost certainty of the kind of deal that Robert O'Malley would find acceptable. Because when you think that Hamas is a charitable organization and you would win with your loyalty when you when you get this. What you bring to the classic to that's okay again I think I just take all that information. Take your phone calls and would be back in a couple minutes after next break because then there's a lot to break down here that from Sen. Langford and from Sec. Pompeo.

There really is my biggest take away from those two segments during the vast majority of the American people support Israel that spills over into congressional support.

But here's what I'd say Jordan, there's a way to back up that professed support with action you heard Sec. Pompeo talk about the maximum pressure campaign. There's a bill all the maximum pressure act that would put the maximum pressure campaign back on. I'd love to see senators and congressmen supporting that bill. Now more than ever. This would Israel leave the US and if any of the support one another.

Support is coming.

The American people as well be right back

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