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Breaking: Far Left Seeks Massive Power Grab in Senate

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 2, 2021 12:00 pm

Breaking: Far Left Seeks Massive Power Grab in Senate

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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Seeking a massive power grab United States and live from Washington DC Jay Sekulow phone lines are questions right now just everybody. Here's an interesting title dilemma. You don't like from a court deal fire.

The judge know you will get to do that you have taken upon appeal.

You can result in injury that would ultimately up the ultimate decider fact makes a decision and you don't like. That's the law.

So the Senate as a parliamentarian this are like the judge, parliamentarian's role is to make rulings on questions that come up in part of what's going on. The covert relief plan, which I know you will want to see a bill passed finding the law aid goes to Americans in need has become a parliamentarian battle in a parliamentarian battle is focused on whether the $15 an hour wage increase for the entire country can be included in a covert relief package and the parliamentarian said no, like anyone else's in this little bill that's a little bill. $1.9 trillion an up charge if you will for money.

Planned Parenthood yes, but how could that possibly be in this so they let me go right to you in Washington and get the latest on exactly where this is what J because it's not a covert stimulus bill. It's a liberal leftist wish list of all their policy priorities. About 1/3 of it is covert stimulus.

The rest is a wish list only address this parliamentarian issue first. Jake, as we told our listeners weeks ago that this was good to be an issue. This was not a guessing game. This is a is a procedure and a a provision that is not allowed under budget reconciliation. They decide to try to do it anyway just like we told our listeners would have been the Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth McDonough ruled that it was not in order. Under the rules of the United States and adjacent here. Here's what here's what we have with Sen. Sanders saying that the parliamentarian should either be fired or set. The Senate should override her based on making a ruling by J. Here's what would happen if that happened. If they overruled her and they left this $15 minimum wage hike in their guess what would happen. Joe mansion and Kiersten Cinema would not be in favor of the underlying package in the covert stimulus bill itself. J would go down.

It does not have the support the United States Senate so they played this against themselves and once again the stove covert stimulus package is in trouble. So is Harry Hutchison or Drucker policy is here to court law and economics professor summed up with talking with Prof. Hutchison right now and I look at this and I say okay there American discipline being debate enough for months and by most recently been since January 20 they still have it through. They have to stick an increase for Planned Parenthood of course, which is nothing new, covert relief and a minimum wage increase, which also is nothing to do with covert relief. There people that just the relief absolutely, and I think it's clear beyond question that this bill fails to deliver out left-wingers after failing in their attempt to impeach Pres. Trump twice have now firmly directed their attention at another power grab taken out of a malevolent playbook aimed at subordinating the interests of disenfranchised Americans, left-wingers, and are now urging Pres. Biden to overrule the Senate parliamentarian in order to do what they simply want to continue to wage war on working-class Americans and more specifically to wage war on the so-called unfit this Democratic Party maneuver goes back to the days of Plessy versus Ferguson and separate but equal why the clause a minimum wage bill, particularly an extreme one does what it leads to the increase in unemployment for African-Americans and Latinos that is at the end of the day precisely what the Democratic Party wants the parliamentarian's decision and had that decision made by the vice President United States VP Harris hey state to share this with your friends because this it will be watching on Facebook or YouTube or rumble wherever you're watching the cell parlor platforms.

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I will, I would include our next guest on that ritornello.

I wanted Rick is not a guess though about Rick is a senior advisor to the ACLJ on national security affairs as well as international matters and, of course, was the former direct acting director of national intelligence about surgery. I want to play Rick something you said it. See back in the morning get right into it. Take a listen. As we've seen, even in the first month of ministration America first electoral popularity and strategic accomplishments ensure that it no longer belongs to a single party or politician by successfully realigning US foreign policy with the interests of the American people America first is now positioned to guide our country through the trials and tribulations of the next generation so Rick you gave a great speech by way bulimic didn't really get right into it and that's this the power grab in Washington right now is in really got a covert relief bill was passed in the in the house that has this $15 minimum wage which a lot of economists, including our own Harry Hutchison thinks is going to be an economic disaster for the United States in the same bill. They quickly put it increase the funding for guessing. Planned Parenthood three.

This doesn't sound like America first is I like special-interest first but give me your sense of what's going on. And of course they want to ignore the parliamentarian because they were the rolled against her and she ruled against them. What's your sense what's going on here. Information is power and what the left is trying to do in Washington for very long time. Is control information they want to spoonfeed us think you know were not so smart and so they leave us out today over classified information and they leak only certain parts that are not accurate it really work overtime holding information that's the only way that Washington works is when they control what happened.

I think within America first agenda with Donald Trump with social media bunch of issues that come together to expose Washington and to bring greater transparency. Washington will not work if we brighten light into the swamp. I mean, we will be talk about the slop in a funny way the swamp is kind of actual argument about Washington DC because no freshwater comes in it someplace that traps all of the water. All of the ideas there's nothing new, and therefore it's stinky and smelly in the same old system think that's it was in Washington. They are trying to control the message and and make sure that we don't hear all information. I look at this fan per second on this because then I guy guy grew the richest and it looks like to me what's happening is there's a real attempt in front instead of getting this bill through which American people do need time to get it through its kit as it could be academic that this process is been a prime example of what Rex talking about Jay because like there were five stimulus packages passed into law in the last calendar year alone, and none of them got fewer than 90 senators are supporting them to the idea that there is not a bipartisan path to the sport that the American people need is just not accurate. But what Rick is saying has played out in every sense of the word rather than take that path of least resistance and provide the targeted assistance that Americans need Speaker Pelosi and later Schumer. I would say, along with Pres. Biden have put together this wish list that they would rather have, then the stimulus is not that they wanted. In addition to Jake. They wanted instead of that in the proof to me is playing out in the United States Senate right now because Sen. Sanders said he's going to force a vote on overruling the parliamentarian to put this $15 minimum wage back into it and Jake. That's a legitimate policy debate to have. But that debate has been had inside the Democratic caucus and they don't have 50 votes for it. So let's say he wins that let's say he wins that debate and that provision stays in there what happens. The covert stimulus package fails he is saying he would rather have the stimulus package fail they lose out on that policy priority of physical Rick. That's what that's exactly like my point here and that is I am looking at the policies and the way we were able to get things done over the last four years and looking at the first in a month and 1/2 year, almost 2 months now a month and 1/2 and I'm saying to myself what is the legislative policy analysis that's getting them to this point because it just seems like you're it's like hitting your head against the wall plays the Democratic remember that all the Biden appointees have been living in Washington DC percent in the last four years, like a shadow government and most of them were just down the street working together waiting just come in en masse and so the priority is to flee the left-wing activists with the minimum wage.

It's not to help the economy because we know the economy is not to help small businesses because we know struggling small businesses right now. The last thing they need is an increase of their minimum wage and a decrease of people being able to abide service and all businesses so it's just the focus of the buying team left-wing progressive art.

Just trying to please people. At bottom, to the party do not think about the people.

The tragedy of this of course is Harry that is the richest set is this does not help the economy as you said and also it's actually hurting Americans that need relief now absolutely so if we focus first on the Americans who have been most disadvantaged by the pandemic.

We will follow that a significant number of African-Americans and Latinos and working-class Americans have been massively hurt and that minimum wage bill goes to the heart of their pain and the Democrats are adamant in their support of raising the minimum wage irrespective of its impact on so-called disadvantaged Americans. They really don't care representative row, has suggested that businesses that failed to pay $15 per hour for their workers should simply go out of business. What is that mean for workers they lose their jobs. AOC has suggested that she supports raising the minimum wage at $24 per hour. What is that mean it means that a little significant number of American businesses go out of business or they have to pay people under the table so it's a policy that cannot stand out Rick looking at the situation right now is you is you kind of look at both internationally and domestically on the international front, what you see is the biggest respect right now is a the situation when China China. I think it's the philosophy of the Biden administration and instead of pushing America first.

They're going to place consensus first so they want to please our allies. They want other people to like them other countries to like them. They want the Europeans to say Joe Biden is great and that's why we're seeing a movie in Europe to allow Germany to not pay its fair share and continue to have a server class at NATO. It's just all throughout Europe seen the Europeans really get exactly what they want you the master for the United States to Germany. You know the situation better than most would know it.

Why would the Germans with their economy, which is been very strong get a pass will observe any of the largest economy in Europe that made some reckless decisions when it comes to energy after Fukushima Chancellor Michael decided that there were many get rid of all nuclear energy and therefore lessons from Fukushima, but the lessons of Shiva were not emotional in nature. To say get rid of nuclear energy is don't build your power plants on the ocean don't don't build it in a gully at me know a whole bunch of lessons that you could learn, but we also have seen because the parents climate – a commitment by the Germans to get rid of cold.

Now they talk about get getting rid of that's going to be impossible. They are fundamentally relying on call. They just don't want to talk about RC of America is decreased. That's not the case, Germans and so you see this reliance on, and dependence upon any type of energy they can get from this course regardless of the movie about a minute here and that is this Rick the Biden mistresses is a want to get back to the table with Iran, but they acknowledged that the Iranians are not in compliance with the JCP away which is still in force with European countries that signed on and of course Iran so they acknowledge they are not in compliance dollars this year. Even the top negotiators.the Europeans to agree to the fact that the Iranians are not abiding by exactly what they said before, but working in the Biden team wants to go backwards and and really give the Iranians a total pass on their cheating and go back to the days when Europeans get to have trade with Ron.

There's no you know moment what were demanding that Iran comply and act as your same threat is America when it comes to recruiting a senior advisor to the American Center for Law and Justice on our international issues and national security. As always, thanks for your insight. Great speech, its effect by the white excellent really well done by Friday, I thanks your support of the ACLJ here we are in second ever matching challenge were able to hire people like Rick Cornell, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Myrna matching challenge campaign which means any amount you donate to the ACLJ were getting a matching gift for me to group our donors agreed that they will match what comes in from you all this month of March.

Let me encourage you to go to but and make that gift and it will be matched by another donor ACLJ dental back to normal. Only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

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You know we've gotten a little bit with a good four years on the life issue because we had the conscience rights of citizens in our country protected but now I'm reading from a memo that our team a chapter teasing accounts for the ACLJ joining us have apparently read at the rate of healthcare workers including pharmacist nurses and doctors to practice their profession.

According to the religious and moral consciences continues to be threatened and that threat doesn't come just from within the workplace. Hospitals and pharmacies. But from the government itself. Indeed, the new administration is promised and is already taking steps to fulfill that promise to reverse the protections of conscience rights that the previous administration made great strides in establishing a backpedal department or division to protect the conscious rights of medical professionals or did not want to engage in abortion procedures or facilities just certain existing accounts for the ACLJ doing a lot of work on this issue. Jeff, let's talk about first. What's at stake here.

The right of healthcare workers to be able to practice their profession. According to the religious and moral beliefs affecting the fact that if you mean the left gets its way, becomes that of HHS and get his way.

That not only will there be no conscience protections for healthcare workers in hospitals, pharmacies, retail retail pharmacies and so forth are going to think were seeing the light of the darkness at the end of the tunnel here be pro-life healthcare workers are going to be mandated required to actually take affirmative steps to violate their conscience by participating in abortion procedures by participating in the provision of the morning-after pill by participating in medical procedures that the pro-life community partners with potentially disturbing here. It's not just a question of a right to abortion. The left wants for more than they want to coerce pro-lifers into participating in that choice, and all the legal protections that we got these past four years are being now starting there going to be systematically reversed all the lawsuits in those cases are going to be dropped, such as the Department of Justice last December of last year.

Filing a lawsuit against the University of Vermont Medical Center regarding the systematic systematic violation of federal conscience rights in that case, the DOJ is already at people to stay what happened when a client was involved in an accident, we were able to get from the department just really irate in 2017.

Our client was deliberately misled by the provider into participating in elective abortion. She was told that this is going to be a post-miscarriage morally noncontroversial procedure, but once she got into the orange got then she saw and realized that she Rick deceived into participating in the abortion procedure. She knew that right off the bat when she walked, and the doctor told her don't hate me for this. Everyone knew about our clients pro-life beliefs. She called out to think that someone swap in for me here and she was told in no circumstances no and so what we had was the complete dismissal. The complete disregard of her pro-life belief that everyone in the hospital knew about the Department of Justice filed suit against the University of Vermont Medical Center saying that not only what arc with our clients. Federal conscience rights are violated, the peril conscience rights of other nurses in that same Medical Center J since the new administration. Instead of filing an answer to the complaint, the University of Vermont Medical Center said let's stay everything until the new administration gets in place and comes up with new policies and revisit whether or not this case should go for something exactly what's going on is probably likely scenario is that they decide not to proceed with the case dismissed.

Whenever that's exactly right. But there's no private right of action necessary in protecting conscience right so that's why HHS is such an important factor in protecting conscience write something like this become bad of HHS. This lawsuits going to just be dismissed, to be forgotten about all the other protections of conscience at the Savior's administration gave us are going to be reasons people hopeful because I don't want people to despair say well I guess I have no choice not to do this if someone conscience rights are violated.

We have gone to court reporting on jury verdicts. So what would prevented here so we continue to get contacted today by nurses, pharmacist, surgical tax and other healthcare workers were being discriminated against what they can get in touch with us ACLJ now more than ever, especially with the new administration going on and then we can work behind the scenes to try to resolve that matter as we do. Time after time, and if we can't resolve the behind the scenes that we go public and file that lawsuit.

This is the reality of what we got no members of Congress, but the ministrations the sandlot policy here. You will settle on a policy but you're right, especially in this conscience based J there is a little bit of room for some bipartisan protection really gives two reasons for hope for listeners. The first one I Jeff alluded to a bed here.

First of all the laws on her side, and ever since the 1970s.

These turkey minutes for about 50 years have provided this legal protection, but the federal government has never been willing to actually press the suit J that changed under the Trump administration. Now we have no expectation that it will continue under this administration, but people have to understand this is an incremental game. Now that that precedent has been set. We can pressure this administration and every administration in the future to actually enforce that law number 2J Jeff alluded to Javier Becerra, has been nominated to the Department of Health and Human Services. J. His nomination hangs in the balance. Right now he will not get a single Republican vote because he does not have any medical experience in a time of pandemic and J both Kiersten Cinema and Joe mansion have expressed some concern his vote in the finance committee happens tomorrow and we have a letter ready to go to every member of the United States Senate on Thursday morning, making the case, why he should not be the secretary J that would be a win. And if you get a secretary in there with more understanding of the content space you might be able to win some of these fights then you really think there's a chance that he does not get confirmed. I do it's an uphill it's an uphill fight J but Joe mansion has Artie been willing to take down one cabinet nominee of Joe buys he is about Sarah. He has said he has said he is still evaluating his credentials, I'll just tell you this, it's still an uphill fight. He's probably more likely to be confirmed and not by J on the eve of the committee vote to remember that they have to have to get them confirmed to not be issuing a position that tells me we have a chance right so just less than a minute here Becerra. Of course we battle him at the Supreme Court had safely one, but he was trying to force abortion. Pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to provide referrals for abortions outrageous violation of California law against our pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise free or low-cost abortions, paid for by the state because the state that in itself the abortion that means A form provided by the state with abortions done by Planned Parenthood itself should not become the head of HHS folks. This is why we fight this is my room the year. This is where legislative teams and our lawyers are working to protect the right to life. That means you can help us matching Jones camping D2 Mark matching childhood ACLJ downward. Any amount you delete the ACLJ matching gift for and that allows our teams in Washington are lawyers around the country around the world stand up for life and were battling it out right now. Yes it's uphill. That's the task we been called to it's an uphill battle right now that doesn't mean you don't fight effectively to double down ACLJ.the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 becomes 20 oh $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. Give a gift today online ACLJ live from Washington DC Jay Sekulow and counsel for the Center for Law and Justice Jay Sekulow said this is the less power grab in the Senate in manner we see so the parliamentarian says you can add the scripting dollar minimum wage to the covert relief bill because it's it's a substantive law, and that was the ruling they sought a ruling to get a ruling they don't like the ruling so the progressive wing of the Senate and the progressive wing of the house say well why don't we just override the parliamentarian and others we don't like the decision, we got Harry Voss ignore her and install the vice President under procedure to let the vice President make a decision on this. Absolutely.

So what the Democrats are attempting to do is to engage in a massive power grab and this is a massive power grab by one segment of the Democratic Party and it's basically comprised of left-wingers who love elites and they want to perform for those elites. So rather than provide fulsome covert relief for Americans who are hurting base they have said we are going to raise the minimum wage and the clear and unmistakable evidence out there empirically over the last 72 100 years suggests that by raising the minimum wage, we increase the unemployment rate of African-Americans, Latinos and other disadvantaged Americans. So here you have a party that claims to represent the interest of the American people and what are they doing they are performing a worship service for the state.

Number one, and there advancing the interest of elites who really could care less about working-class Americans usually come from set up Outlook take a listen.

There is precedent for not listening to the parliamentarians advised and we are hopeful that the vice President whoever's in the Senate chair will do that in this case so there is happened before and that was right again. I will be able to get away with because like you said earlier still not the boats were to pass since his endemic waste of time. J they can't win under the rules they want to change the rules but look, let's II know I'm hesitant to do this is my quest, I think Rose is the bill get well and in fact it would be actually what we tank the bill and that's what I was good to say even if you give Bernie Sanders the benefit of the doubt which you know it's a dangerous thing to do. But even if you do J and he says his personal view, this is what he said is the idea that we can't have a high-ranking senior staffer decide on policy issues.

Okay, so let's let's say he's right on that.

Let's say the Senate exercises their constitutional rights to change the rules or overrule the parliamentarian or whatever they want to do and that language stays in the bill, then you need Joe mansion's vote to get the covert bill off the floor so right after Sen. Sander said that they went to Joe mansion and then asking is there any chance you might change your mind on the filibuster, which is what you would need to get this language through at some point he turned around J and he yelled at the supporters never white. What don't you understand about never so J Sen. Sanders trying to take down the covert bill looks like. To make it sure does your Logan story is not to know I'm thinking about this on handle this on your run reprogram show but this is the dysfunctional Washington at its worst, what people really do need help as a people need help.

It's always you know what sounds good. Never. It's actually good. You bring up that minimum wage thing sure when you read the headline of the minimum wage of $15 short paper. Why would you before, why would you be for student loan forgiveness. Those are things we look at and go yes people who have compassion. People have a heart you go I would like people to make more money like people have less debt to things that are excellent. I argue that was to think however that here the conservatives have to be the party of the realistic look at ago. While these this escapee how it works. It's it said that he can't work that way. He disappointed K. Talk about that when you talk about what's going to logically take your calls, especially the covert relief we need to hear from people 684-3110 that's 1-800-684-3110 to have your voice heard on the air.

Today we have some lines open right now you want to call this is a great time to do it once again wanting hundred 684-3110 program today. We just did a reprogram on Dr. Seuss's birthday.

This a bigger news in the Seuss world associate world going on the American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom detecting those covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect the courts and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this. For that we are grateful to help me way you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift $50 gift becomes 100. This is time for the ACLJ the work we simply would not occur without matching challenge. Make protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms. Today online okay only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable in voice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn will show you how publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care me in many ways your membership is powering the right mission life today online/thank you for the appreciated related Logan Sekulow reprogram show I do on YouTube each and every everyday but each and every week with at least three times a week, especially when topics like this arise. We just put out a 30 minute episode of the records work unto the cancel culture when it let me take this call on the HHS stuff and the right to cancel cultures with Dr. Seuss about people in Franklin, Florida.

Franklin had my car confirmation hearing about Sarah and myself become Sec. of HHS. What are the financial benefit patients for all North American skin United States locations are that the elites will receive a larger share of the pot. What is that mean Planned Parenthood will see its receipts, its profits and its revenues go up and it's very very likely that the needs of average working-class people within the healthcare system. Space they will see their needs, basically diminished by the sheriff.

He has never been a friend of the American people who believe in the right to life. He has always been a friend of those who believe in the right to death. Have the Supreme Court. Now the question will be whether it be my Capitol Hill and on his confirmation will talk more about that in the next segment, I do want to bring up this cancel culture issue that the Logan has addressed. I'm sure with the with depth and humor on the Logan Sekulow reprogram show which everybody should be looking at and where people was the YouTube YouTube is our price seems pretty people he wants it would look like. Now it's on Sekulow reprogram or just type in my name, click subscribe that would help output on the shows I said quite often. It's also happy podcast modify however you get your podcast were there, but I like the video version today. We dove into this I really cancel culture.

The traditional sense.

This is but it's all but it's also self censoring other Dr. Seuss organization. The company that controls the works Dr. Seuss the trademark up in a statement today on Dr. Seuss's birthday. This is a big reading week. This is the big one that you get every week in school like Internet Dr. Seuss related characters or costumes and Dr. Seuss hair day at school. This is something that we get on his birthday put on statement six titles I have been removed will no longer be published not only here to get a little sketchy. Not only will not be published anymore. If you want to go to Barnes & Noble right now by this.

You got to Walmart sorry that the source of these books and say that exactly which by the way, people also said has some issues just whether or not pulling the cabin had taken a $30 million your stuff, but I think I ran a Mulberry Street and if I read the zero by the top two. There are some sort of ancillary once in here that will will and I discussed on reprogram which is what is their content in this that through 2021… Maybe even before you would look at ago yeah that that doesn't feel right anymore. That feels a little that feels ill has racial undertones absolutely there is their stuff in there that's not great. However, there is also full story Dr. Seuss which someone who conservative activist first-time ideas you got pretty progressive the Lorax those kind of the real shifted his life and really by the end of his career was creating books about being inclusive and was creating books about diversity.

What is an apology to some of the stuff the baby did earlier was clear.

The problem is were saying well that all those works. Early in his career putting a label on it. Even what you could say a lot of people doing Disney's doing for the Muppets or HBO is done for gone with the wind putting a label on it saying hey this doesn't necessarily reflect our views. Now maybe this is one of your kids. We should keep it if you will, of Dr. Seuss should be a baby, kept this is what has become a better way to have a copy of any of these books. If you are not that interested me back today because that's the interesting consumers is crazy. You can get it. But if if I don't rate is covering up under 400 bucks.

So here you raise the point were talking during the break about this cancel culture and their canceling Dr. Seuss books and logos at some of the early ones had some stuff that was was was questionable. The imagery it's not unlike Mickey Mouse being dressed up as in the Orthodox Jewish garb in certain cartoons right is it bad yet so great is the time itself was written in 1934 different but there's a whole series of books that are still published that are directly anti-Semitic and directly prejudice and directly racist and there on the shelves of the bookstores right now. Can a Bible I don't know if I look up Amazon could you get to Mein Kampf.

So yeah, the problem is we have this disproportionate case on Dr. Seuss.

Meantime, you can buy a huge number of copies of mine, you can buy of the works of Karl Marx, these are individuals that were stubbornly races and anti-Semitic and so there is not a fulsome or wholesome approach on the whole, cancel culture and so what we're doing is we are selectively canceling certain individuals I could make the argument based on 30 years of research that supporting the minimum wage is arguably races because if you look at the entire history of the movement going back to the 1920s and the 1930s.

It was linked in part, to whom Margaret Sanger and other exclusionary actors who were out there. So I think it's very very important to have some sense of proportion in some sense of history, but we live in an era in which we want, instantaneous satisfaction, and we walked don't want to actually engage in research or say this, there's a will they're doing themselves, their self canceling themselves they didn't know and force them to remove the six titles tell me that that's true is what's true is yet mobs of people not even real people. These are Internet trolls. These are not real people. You will find someone who really cares about this really cares about the works of thinking about the works. Dr. Seuss is not very many people. These are fictional creations of social media, but big corporations you have Job. I guess they read across America. The David years ago.

Michelle Obama had everyone in the audience. Dr. Seuss out for the characters where she's reading the cat that think does not mention Dr. Seuss something it's really based around his birthday removed so the corporation has to go we have to say something or do something because they're trying to hurt our bottom line. At the end of the day and late like it always backfires from people. The problem is who's kind of the overlords of the overlords to control a lot of this.

That's the big corporations and if that will kowtow to what's going on social media and said it's a sad day necessarily just for the six titles. Again, these were deep blockbuster Dr. Seuss titles more than we would have to have this discussion this is that book burning in digital book burning of the big concerns of the really talk about witches this show this Jay Sekulow live secular radio. Whatever you been doing Logan Sekulow reprogram every movie ever watched that it's been a the last 20 or 30 years roasted last 10 years of a post-physical media world is… Dr. Seuss books there's millions of copies of those available. You can find a car shopping like milk but you can find this.

I do the same thing on any of our shows your shows us what happens. They just disappear because it's all on a cloud. It's what we said in the digital book mark because it's not just about will you get the book, not more dense disinformation.

And look, I'm not saying to be the person, the person's going go by your DVDs. Now you see something that you like your maybe create a hard copy maybe create something to be removed is discovered.

Dr. Seuss is coming from for anybody mean it. It's really sad to get to do with the traditional cancel culture kind of mind, but it is a it's accepted is that this is the right thing to do. Again imagery that I would not want to associate my kids attend these books. That doesn't mean you said we go by much. Copies Mein Kampf guess were not saying what I think those need to be removed publishes Mein Kampf. By the way that she is a copy of my company can buy dozens of versions of Mein Kampf. Maybe you can buy on the public domain public amid the point is we are now reaching the point in our culture, where Harry this is become acceptable absolutely. So the entire environment.

Our entire cultural discourse has now been poisoned and there are certain magic words or magic people that you cannot talk about without risking your career, and I think Logan is absolutely correct.

One of the key actors in the space bar. Large corporations what Rod Dreher called surveillance capitalism. They're basically saying we're going to remove certain content why because we are so focused on the bottom line, but it also underscores a much larger point and that is we've allowed many of these corporations to get larger and larger without fully enforcing antitrust laws which will allow for diversity of opinion in our public discourse is interesting. I do hope Rob program on the whole, cancel culture and maybe the Dr. Seuss way is the way to do a 30 minute programming should air that on our entire broadcast platform to share it under social media to share it with in the show.

Maybe we can share get the YouTube link and you can watch it again or to subscribe on the Logan Sekulow reprogram YouTube channel. Sekulow reprogram to search for, find first thing really Logan Sekulow there like subscribe since coming to the brain ever so just drop the last hour all about Dr. Seuss and what this means. The future threat to be working.

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The work we simply would not occur without your generous matching challenge make protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online okay and we talked about the minimum wage of $15 an hour the power grab in the United States Senate attempt anyways. We talked about conscience clause objections were Cornell doctors about the major issues facing us internationally domestic. We talked about the cancel culture with Logan and Dr. Seuss under attack and were now the last segment will retake your calls at 800-684-3110.

Let's go ahead to Marsha: on line 5. You want to talk to is 800-684-3110 call Rochon and mind California dollars an hour while I dollars an hour about the rest of the country dollars, which I don't know where they got that from Bennett on that because that means I think you raise a good point. Let's let everybody know what is the status of it. The bill is now delivered to the Senate with the $15 and there yet in the house could've taken it out when they knew it was to be a problem. J the parliamentarian ruling from the Senate came down before the house, considered it, but they decided they were to leave it in there anyway. So the bill is in the United States Senate right now and they're going go through a process on Thursday that they call voter barometers can be a lot of amendments there's been a lot of parliamentarian rulings on this minimum wage provision will likely be stripped out. Here's what's can happen. No Marsha Sen. Sanders is going to go down to the floor.

Knees can probably offer a motion to overrule the ruling of the parliamentarian.

I think what's can happen.

It's always a little bit dangerous to predict this, but I predict that note that motion by Sen. Sanders is going to fail because Joe mansion and maybe a couple others to vote against it and Marsha hear the points you make about California is exactly why I think that vote will fail because Joe mansion looks at a place like West Virginia and says if we put a $15 minimum wage in West Virginia is not to raise people's income is actually going to cost them their jobs in the CBO which is a fairly left-leaning budgetary office here in Washington DC that scores these things says that it would cost 1.4 million people their jobs neck it's back to Harry's point about who this would impact it would impact the low income and would people and impact people disproportionally in places like Mississippi and West Virginia and J. That's the beauty of the system we have people come to Washington DC from all different states to represent different perspectives and it's not because of the rules. The Democrats are losing on this. It's because they don't have the support that they need in the United States Senate. They can't get the 50 votes to have a comment from AOC which I think you like about the $15 an hour minimum wage. Let's go to that from MSNBC. I like your message to Joe mansion tonight mansion person team dollar crazy socialist dystopian dystopian capital on paper.

If you save $15 employee is economically double every employee salary felt great economic case for the eight dollars an hour people by member so it needs to be capital driven, not for one of the big issues is inflationary, particularly in Mississippi and West Virginia, so prices have to go up and that hurts what people who live in flyover company country and the Democrats apparently disdained them. Let's go ahead and take some phone calls 100-684-3110 Chris Maryland on line 3 Chris Chris. A guide questioned why the Democrats would definitely want Sarah for HHS is not a liberal or a leftist that has some healthcare. That they can nominate that they can cram in.

I'm not understanding the logic is why they have nominated him to begin with and why there wasn't another candidate with healthcare experience that they would've nominated US a great question and I wondered about that. To hear that the most rapid pro-abortion nominee that they could possibly come up with for HHS except he is no healthcare experience.

You just answer this. Yeah. I mean look. Of course there is someone with significant public health experience that could be easily confirmed in the time of the pandemic and JII really believe Javier Becerra wasn't so radical on abortion if you just had mainline pro-abortion views which I am viscerally opposed to, but he was just mainline sort of interest in line with the left in Washington DC he would not be confirmed because he does not have that public health experience, but the dedication to the pro-abortion agenda in Washington DC, is so absolute J that they don't think that they can take down a nominee with those extreme views. They're not willing to do it even though he doesn't have the public health insurance. I really think those two issues play in here.

I was going to go camping is calling in Utah on line for carrying on the American put them get away with readying Dr. Seuss how much longer they're going after the Bible, take it seriously. I think you're right. We need to seriously look again at their schools and amend by buying those cases, and I this comes in at your preference and striper from a microswitch} I post about this this morning that their whole gimmick. The last 30 years to throw Bibles out during the show that's there is a pro it's always been something tonight is the least it will become specific what these venues say you're not allowed to to do that anymore. Letter printed by valid to attribute the Bible now at these things windows that become culturally accepted to the stuff of the Bible I murder the Bible last going on the Bible that you don't necessarily not everyone can read about you fully.

There's a lot going on it but I don't think that the people say you're jumping to a a big yellow conclusion Dr. Seuss to the Bible, but it's not that far removed because doctors will get their self censoring himself to protect our business interest. Secondly, what people can keep missing the Seuss organization, which is in no I think we should pull six titles. I got a lot of corporate pressure and they had to do it and that's what happens. That's what happens to Disney when it comes to apogee to Karen with Ms. Gloria this is what's happening, which is too much pressure on these organizations where they have to say something or do something that may not be in their immediate best interest will be the best interest hopefully for their stockholders, or the Corporation. Overall because their nervous get scared. In this way.

He was a good customer and the consumer has to show the reason why the prices of of the books today skyrocketing, but you can't buy care due to action figure right now you chronologically and not just because target took it off the shelf. They were told that because the demand was there is people speaking upside the problem with the whole canticle try to.

It's not coming from the people it's coming from a very small loud group on social media within can somehow control and dictate multibillion-dollar. It is really a real son. I think it confirms the analysis offered by Connor Sweeney, who argues that secularism has become an alternative form of religion which basically is grounded in the notion that there is indeed a god and the God that they worship is the state today some the whole program was canceled.

I think they said so much news breaking that we had this other right 10 second stand on this important covertly because people needed to go down. What happens next 20 seconds. I think J that Joe mansion is to win on this. The $15 minimum wages can be stripped down to be passed into law, but is to be way later than he should have been J that I guess I think will win it for the covertly but what a battle I post.

Don't forget matching challenge take to that's anybody donate tax-deductible you matching your work so I really encourage you to participate in the ACL days matching child and ACLJ.ORT also Logan Sekulow reprogram on YouTube.

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