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Gutsy, Audacious And Visionary Leadership

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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October 31, 2022 12:00 am

Gutsy, Audacious And Visionary Leadership

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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October 31, 2022 12:00 am

Prophetic and visionary leadership doesn’t occur in the back of the room or on the periphery of the crowd; rather, it takes place out in front where every individual benefits from the leader who envisions today before today and allows a tomorrow filled with the collective spiritual and moral genius of God’s people. To build prophetically this way, we need gutsy, God-sent, God-inspired leaders who are humbled by the opportunity. 


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Welcome to Running with Horses, a podcast devoted to inspire you concerning a relationship with Almighty God that empowers you to accomplish things you never thought possible.

Surely Weaver wants to take you there. And now, here's today's episode. Let me just share with you a term that I actually even love, the sound of this word, you know, sort of as it rolls off of your tongue, a Yiddish word, hutzpah, hutzpah, C-H-U-T-Z-P-A-H, as it applies to you and to me, to leaders, to visionaries. It means extreme self-confidence or audacity.

You know, this is real boldness. Actually, looking up the Yiddish word, it goes further. It means impudence or gall, like how dare you.

Of all the gall, my mother used to say, it's bravery that borders on rudeness. That's hutzpah. And if you have hutzpah, you say what you think without worrying about hurting someone's feelings. You're not worried about looking silly. Well, you're not worried about how you look at all. You're not concerned that you might get in trouble. Now, this is a stretch for me because I am innately a rule follower. I was trained that way by my parents, but actually by life as well. And I'm unapologetic. I'm an unapologetic rule follower. However, listen, there's so much to be said for the absence of the fear of man. So it's a goal of mine. It's an ideal. It's the bar.

It's a high bar for me personally. But if you ask me, I'm assuming you're asking me, right? No, if you were to ask me, you know, what am I sensing? What do I hear from the Lord?

I would say that many are holding back the opposite of hutzpah personally or in groups, especially now, especially this is not meant to be harsh, but especially among leaders and visionaries. And if you say, well, I'm not a leader and I've never envisioned anything, I just say to you, you know, you might want to look again. You might be surprised because God's hand on every believer right now, I believe is to lead in some capacity on some level. Now I believe it. And you've heard me say before, this expression is too late to dissuade me because I've already seen it. I know that that scripture, Old Testament scripture when you hear the sound of the trumpet rally there. I believe that word is for you.

I think it's for me. Everyone hearing this broadcast today, I believe, I believe it's for you, that there's a trumpet sounding. It's the mind of the Lord, his wisdom for this hour for every nation, every people group, no matter rich or poor.

His trumpet is indiscriminate. He sounds the trumpet of the Lord and our response would be to rally there. And in the Old Testament example, it was time to build the wall and the people, the common ordinary average everyday person that responded to the sound of the trumpet came to build.

And remember, and this is really, really good. With one hand they built and with one hand they held, or maybe the other hand they held a weapon to defend the building. So we can do more than one thing at a time. We can build what we're called to build and we can also defend both ourselves and the building, but those who are building with us. I always relate that to prayer. The weapons of our warfare aren't carnal, so people are not my enemy, but there is an enemy. So the focus here is do you have chutzpah?

Do you see yourself that way? Because there will always be people who are visionaries, who are gifted with vision and hope and most of all these people have a plan. They have a plan, thank God for a plan. But proportionately, you know, when you put everyone together, the supply of those who are willing to see, futuristically, that number is less. And if you factor in the courage that's needed, actually a steel like steel, like the metal steel, steel like courage for the times that we're living in and the single-minded confidence to follow the orchestration of the Lord, the gap widens even further.

We're just talking proportionately who is willing to hear the sound of the trumpet. So it's why I think we are now seeing an uncovering of what I've heard referred to as hidden ones. So those who, you know, have not been, like we may not have noticed them before.

They're not significant in the natural way that we see them, but they have this quality. They lack a fear of man. They fear God more than they fear the culture or the, you know, what everyone is dictating. So those who should have taken the day, risen to the occasion, didn't. But individuals that no one ever considered did, like they're rising now. These hidden ones made the most of their time of preparation and their single-minded confidence in God's divine leading prepared them for this hour.

And I think, this is my personal opinion, that they're the ones that God is tapping right now. And when the Lord unexpectedly shows up right in the center of the marketplace, we know that he shows up in the congregation, you know, in a church setting, but does he show up in the marketplace? Does he show up in the halls of government? Does he show up on the battlefield? Does he show up in the home?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes, all of those. And in the center of the places where we see him now appearing, is this prophetic and visionary leadership, which by the way, does not occur at the back of the room. This voice is at the microphone. Actually, we have a devotion in our book, Running with Horses, that basically says, hey, we have the microphone now. And that is really a call to those who are willing to speak. You know, if God is moving to vindicate his righteous cause, and the church does not speak up and identify with the way that he's moving, I believe there's a price to be paid for that. Because the word is clear that that is the case. And if the enemy is moving in an unrighteous way, to dupe the masses and to prevail upon them, and to require of them unspeakable things in the name of just being culturally correct, or, you know, inclusive, well then, you know, there's a day of revelation for all of us, where all of that is concerned.

And that's not part of our topic today. But it's all woven here together, because those that hear the joyful sound, those that have heard the sound of the trumpet, and are rallying there, they're not quiet. They're not at the back of the room.

They're not on the periphery of the crowd. Rather, their voice is out in front, where every individual can benefit from this leader. I mean, we didn't think they were a leader.

They probably didn't think they were a leader. But they envisioned today before today. In other words, they envisioned today yesterday. And they knew what to do and how to do it. So the Old Testament speaks of that, of that possibility of that equipping, you know, in the tribes of Israel, that one of the tribes was able to discern what, what the hour was and what to do.

That was their special gifting. So this single minded confidence in divine leading has prepared present day visionary leaders, they're the ones that God has tapped for his unexpected appearing, prophetic and visionary leadership. So this allows what's happening right now. And think about it, just think about this, it allows for a tomorrow of our collected spiritual and moral genius in the congregation of God's people. You know, some people think that the God's people, the congregation of God's people are buffoons, that we don't know anything, that we're not savvy, we're uneducated.

Well, you know, that's not true. We know how to build prophetically because the prophet Jesus lives on the inside of each one of us. And you and I need to be just like we need visionary leaders like this, we need leaders and visionaries like this, you and I too, we need to be gutsy.

We need to be audacious, we need to have audacity. And we need, as the congregation of God's people, we need gutsy, God sent, and we need God inspired leaders who are humbled by the opportunity to be identified with Almighty God. That's pretty humbling.

It's humbling for me. We need added strength now. And these leaders need added strength. They need our prayers. We need those leaders who have and are now holding the line because there are some who have already stepped up and are paying such a price, such a high price. But I mean, I just see them.

I mean, it looks to me like they're unflinching. Again, they're unapologetic that they are holding the line for you and me until we have the courage to step up and say what God is saying. If you are on the Lord's side, say what he's saying. If you are in opposition to God or his word, that is as unfortunate. That will not serve you well.

I pray that you're waking up if that is the case for you. We need the entire body of God's people to step up en masse. En masse, the French term is en masse. E-N-M-A-S-S-E. Two words, en masse.

It means as one, as the people. We have to be this way for these times. We each individually need to be visionaries. For example, our home. If you are a parent or a grandparent, you need to be a visionary for the home that you're leading.

You need to have sufficient personal chutzpah so that you can speak what God is speaking to offer. Get this. Hope. H-O-P-E. To the world. We got to do this. We have got to be bold.

We've got to be Joshua. We've got to be bold. We've got to be strong. For the Lord thy God is with thee.

Let's pray. Father, today we see it. We see you.

We see that the psalmist said that you ride the clouds. We see you. And we see you high and lifted up. And so we envision today what you're showing us. We envision as you envision and we lead as you lead.

That is our confession and that is the strength of what we believe now. So, Father, anoint us. Enable us.

Help us. And God, let today be the day that we imitate you like never before. And that our chutzpah, our audacious and bold activity in the name of the Lord attracts those who are looking for hope for your righteous cause. We say, yes and amen. And we agree with the plan that you have. In Jesus' mighty name, we pray it and we declare it.

Most of all, we believe it. Amen. You can have personal chutzpah because you have the mind of Christ. You can think like him. Oh, wow. God bless. Amen.
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