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The Spirit of Death and Hell

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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May 2, 2022 8:00 am

The Spirit of Death and Hell

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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May 2, 2022 8:00 am

Anytime there is destruction or destructive loss, two things are certain: Satan whose name means Destroyer is the culprit,
and God whose name means Creator and Savior is on the scene to deliver and restore.

Panic is not from God—panic is magnified fear, and there is no fear in God. Read more in our devotion, "Panic Attack":


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This is the Truth Network horses just to inspire you relationship with God that empowers things you never thought possible.

Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode welcome.

I'm glad you're here today based on the feedback we received from different platforms, our website, social media, that kind of thing. I just have an idea that the information were going to share today will be really timely for many people. That's why we're going to cover it. And so it's a lot to unpack. Actually, in one podcast but were going to address a couple of things today.

The title is the spirit of death and hell the spirit of death and hell, and first of all I think a brief sort of intro on the topics of theater panic. The oppression that tends to go with those things that we can just look at that a little bit because we touch on these areas. The details can really be vast and sort of analysts because the suffering people experience this way is for so many very very real.

We actually have a title in our book running with horses it the chapter title is panic attack is a daily devotion with the information on panic attack and it's one of our most read most responded to post and so just before we go day or let's get a little grounding here.

Isaiah 54 verse 14. I love this in righteousness, you shall be established. You shall be far from oppression. You shall not fear and from Tara for it shall not come near you. So this righteousness. Isaiah wrote is a form of establishment. It's a grounding and because of that grounding oppression shall be far from you, fear far from you, Tara far from you shall not even come near you said this would be our objective. It's the goal the way that Isaiah described.

It is the way that note the word of God will ground you and whether to believe something or not really weathered even go there, that truth of God's word promises something we can rely on that these things are not from God. They are not, but instead the righteousness of God is your ground. It is your solid rock. It is where you are established, so fear is not panic is not from God. Panic is actually magnified fear and there is no fear in God.

The seer base of panic comes from actually various sources torments develop from an accumulation over time torments the year. Panic is really every fear ever recorded in your character occurring all at the same time like in your brain like it hit your brain says Satan.

Of course, is the source of all of that.

He is the cause of every extreme uncontrollable fear and torment. He is the culprit. Again, this, this stuff is not of God, and suffer many even knowing that the experience of being panic to the point of losing control is very real because really fear and Tara produce an actual chemical change in the body, not just change, that word is plural changes like sweating like rapid heart rate, so the tents skews me the sense of Tara results when an extreme fear of anything that cannot be controlled, reaches the human brain and science has identified the chemicals that are released as a result, and the balances that are produced in basically that kind of research is where in a medical science goes, it's where pharmaceutical cold drugs derived there purpose. So obviously this experience for those who have it can be really devastating. Now here's the good news for the believer. God designed the human mind to clear itself and then to give a cleansed Mann back to you and me. So God designed away from my my brain to cleanse itself and hand, having cleansed my brain. He hands the thought life that results back to me so that those thoughts and memories about fearful expectations, terrifying experiences that had been stored in my mind. He cleanses those and then Reese turns my thought life to me to then be controlled by me. So thus the process he sets up this intentional automatic provision for the human mind to cleanse itself. We know that that is done in his presence with his word meditation in his word and the design there is to cleanse those thoughts to cleanse the brain and then hand the that restoration back to me so that thoughts, memories those fearful expectations, terrifying experiences that have been stored in the mine now. I have control and I can control those going forward. Now when he does that.

My response depends on what I believe what I believe about theaters power to control me and when he does that when he moves and then he waits for my response. He strengthens me to deny a theaters domination and to choose instead to believe that God's love has already numbers this is a present tense reality delivered me from every fear he does the work. I respond, I cooperate with him. He strengthens me. I did not fear any place and believe God's love. Instead, I'm already delivered and him and you can escape mentioning right here. The aspect of condemnation because with the year, particularly with panic and sudden panic is a lot of condemnation because you know we sort of prod ourselves on being able to control and we lose control.

There's a lot of guilt involved that we can't do better. We can't overcome. But listen, condemnation is not of God, either.

He's not doing this. It's all coming from the dark side. It's all coming from Satan's kingdom. So we know that Calvary has already made provision right here right now. The Lord does not condemn his compassion.

Experience extends to anyone suffering panic. What ever the calls, no matter how deep, no matter how long it's been going on so if you are fearful allow his compassion to feel you cooperate with him receive his deliverance for your for your whole being four years.

Your spirit your soul your body and I'm not going to read but just reference versus right here. Make a note of these.

Romans 1017 second Timothy 17 Psalm 139, verses 13 through 15 Psalm 91 in its entirety. Isaiah 5414 through 50 Romans 1017 second Timothy 17 Psalm one 3913 through 15 Psalm 91 Isaiah 5414 through 15. Okay now the spirit of death and hell were you get that expression. Where did that come from basically any time there is destruction destructive loss anything like that two things are certain, and you have to have this clear like this has to be clear in your thinking.

Satan, whose name means destroyer is the culprit and God, whose name means creator Savior deliver his own. The scene to rescue to deliver and to restore to put things back the way that he intended originally.

So we want to cooperate with him remote to resist Satan, he will flee and we want to drown, not to God because his love, his deliverance is the power to overcome sin to this in the Lord gave our ministry a prayer a few years ago and in giving us this prayer sort of was unexpected. I didn't ask for it.

I wasn't thinking about it. One of those things were God's as we say here on the podcast God just divinely intervenes.

He's got rescue on his heart and he just comes with what you need. Even if you don't ask and he let us know with this prayer that our fate in matters of life and death will increasingly be challenged and this was several years ago. So that is definitely the case now even more so and so perhaps this is because what we really take seriously our team.

I believe our subscribers and followers. Certainly our supporters and those that who are close to this mission.

We really take seriously covering prayer for our communities definitely are nations and we recognize the prophetic aspect of this prayer and we just we just integrated it as a regular assignment, a suspect, especially during times of particular threat. So since receiving this word and the prayer we published it several times on several ministry and several ministry formats and the response is why I am telling you this today. There is a need. There's a place we need to touch so from time to time. It just seems too good to revisit this prayer and course this time on our running with horses podcast so just a brief background of the Scriptures that were drawing from here, which will give you greater understanding is so that you can see the biblical significance of this force that were describing this spirit of death and hell is a spirit in the Scriptures. I believe are helpful because they let us know that there's a place to study right here in God's word to him to learn for ourselves not to take my word for it, or anybody's word for it but to study it, to pray and ask God to show you so not to be severe, but to hopefully uncover the principles that the Lord spoke to us the day.

He gave us this prayer, remembering that evil forces intend fully in 10 to destroy anything this good to destroy good things so nothing new to see here but really to put a spotlight in a reality, and to uncover the force is ours to take to take charge of and defeat because the Lord has given us that authority. I hope this will strengthen you.

The Scriptures here for your study. As I said this is the prayer basis that God gave to us. First of all, Revelation 20 verse 13 speaks of death and hell.

Some translations read death and Hades.

So death and held death. The word says is the last enemy to be destroyed. Hades hell is that temporary abode of the dead until the final judgment final judgment in Hebrew is the deem Yahoo deem the literal meaning is unseen are the unseen realm, Hades, hell, the spiritual area is the unseen realm next verse, Revelation 118 hell and death so earlier in the last verse we read, death and hell. Here we read hell or Hades and death. Jesus said do not be afraid I have the keys of hell and death. So Jesus is now Lord has the keys.

He is Lord over the realms of life and death.

The power of satanic prerogatives because of man's fall in the garden and original rebellion are now avoidable.

Let me say that again stay with me here Jesus is now Lord over the realms of life and death.

The power of satanic corrupt prerogatives because of man's original rebellion. The fall of Adam in the garden are now avoidable. Satan's power, his prerogatives, his plans, his efforts are now avoidable next verse, Revelation 68. Death and hell death and hell again. Death and Hades death. In this verse is a reference to the pale horse rider of the fourth seal of Revelation and Hades are hell followed with him hell followed with death, hell, followed with the pale horse rider. The rider of the pale horse in the fourth seal of Revelation.

So the pale horse rider. If you remember, and if you don't recall, go back and read this study it out is not difficult to understand. Just get it in front of your eyes, stop and take some time. This pale horse was given power over 1/4 of the earth and hell was following with him with the pale horse next verse, Revelation 21 verses four and eight, first of all, another grounding verse, verse four. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain for the former things are passed away. This is the promise to the believer to the follower of Jesus Christ. Tears are wiped away. No more death or sorrow, no crying, no pain, those are former things there passed away and then verse eight. The wood begins with the word but the cowardly, fearful, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, all liars, beginning with the cowardly and fearful going through some difficult descriptions ending with liars we say here that there is an open door actually a connecting door that could next to death with these conditions ultimately connecting to Hades are hell sick.

So here again the clear contrast. Revelation 21, you know, Revelation 21 is one chapter away from the last chapter in God's word the 22nd chapter of Revelation closes out everything from Genesis 1 to the end of Revelation 22 and were right here at the next to the last chapter. So here's the contrast God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain for the former things are passed away, but there is an open door connecting to death and ultimately connecting to Helen paraphrasing here for the cowardly, the fearful on believing abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, all liars, there is an and completely different from verse four for those conditions so we know that God has set up deliverance for all those anything that is cowardly or fearful.

Anything that is lying on his set up a deliverance to be part of verse four not part of verse eight.

So you see why we can stand firmly on the prayer that God gave us and anything that you don't understand the Lord will speak to you, he will give you everything you need to notice I'm just gonna read this prayer and we can just allow this prayer to go out like like a washing a blanket of delivering word. I'll just try to keep it pretty much intact here. So here we go.

Father in Jesus name I verbally enforce my covenant of life and peace with you today declaring that Jesus is my peace. Declaring that the spirit of a life of life is upon me by virtue of the shed blood of Jesus Christ at Calvary.

I prophetically declare that death is absolutely ultimately powerless as powerless as all evil forces compared to the spirit of deliverance from Almighty God, and that in the wisdom of Almighty God. Death will be the last enemy totally put under my feet, but already and even today. Jesus has the keys of death and hell, and the power of Satan is locked up where I am concerned there will be no death and no devilish activity in my life, nor in the life of my family.

According to the word of the Lord, and according to his authority. The one who holds the keys to death and hell. I further take authority over the spirit of antichrist already in the earth, including the working of the spirit of the pale horse rider who will be released in the final time of the antichrist. I declare the influence of death and hell has no power over me over my house over the area.

God has called me to rule. Therefore I bond the spirit of death. I bond the spirit of hell and bind the spirit of death and hell working together to illegally advance against me against my family are against areas where God has given the authority to rule now bound. I speak to you spirits of death and hell and I command you to leave leave this region leave this area of my authority and I release and loose into every place of my authority the spirit of life, the spirit of peace and the spirit of life and peace.

Working together and I say amen and amen. So be it. If you've prayed that prayer say that prayer rehearsed it, use it, announce it, declare it and let me say again for you and all those you love and everything you care about Isaiah 54 verse 14. In righteousness shall establish shall be far from oppression. You shall not and from Tara for it shall not, I agree I agree for you and with we thank God for this. See you next time by explicitly if you enjoyed this episode and you'd like to help support this project, please share it with others. Post about saving media leaving leaving and review resumes and visit you can subscribe to Shirley's email list donated ministry and purchase your very own copy.

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