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Looking Back To Planet Earth Part 1

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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December 16, 2021 1:00 am

Looking Back To Planet Earth Part 1

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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December 16, 2021 1:00 am

Sudden illness, a tragic death, a natural disaster, a job loss. Everyone who faces calamity asks “Why?” How can Christians live the tension of three truths: God is good, God is all-powerful, and evil exists? Get the answers today. In this message, you’ll take a walk through the pages of history from creation to the flood to the relationship between the church and the state today. Imagine seeing planet Earth once you can see it from the vantage point of heaven.  Click here to listen (Duration 25:02)

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Race is looking to Jesus, founder and perfecter of our sudden illness, tragic death, a natural disaster, job loss, everyone who faces calamity asks why I look forward to a future reckoning of all accounts a time when the "why" questions get answers to find out more about that coming time stay with the Moody Church in Chicago. This is running to win with Erwin Lidster was clear teaching sauce make it across the finish line vasculature will eternity reveal the answers to all the lies of life.

You know Dave, there are those who say that when they get to heaven are going to have so many questions for God that they want answers to.

On the other hand, there are people who say you know maybe when we are in God's presence. All the answers to our questions will be very unimportant. I'm not sure exactly which side is right. Possibly we are going to receive a lot of answers.

But the good news is that were going to have all of eternity to worship God and during this Christmas season.

We are so grateful that God sent his son that we might see the father even as Jesus said, he who has seen me has seen the father I have in my hands a book that I believe will be a tremendous blessing, especially as you begin the new year is entitled the Bible code finding Jesus and every book of the Bible.

For example in the book of numbers. He is the bronze serpent that Moses put on the pole in Deuteronomy.

He is manna, and so forth.

These readings of two or three pages each can be read every week of the next year they will encourage you they will bless you they will remind you that the Bible is a unified book for gift of any amount. This book can be yours.

Ask for the Bible code.

Go to RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337. Now let us listen carefully to God's word. Once again, as we emphasize the triumph of Jesus might entitle the message today. Looking back on planet Earth because someday when we're in heaven will be able to look back upon this earth and understand more fully then understand today what God was up to through 10,000 years of church history. I think that once we are in heaven if we can see planet Earth from heaven, and I assume will be able to will be impressed. First of all with the tiny size of this planet in comparison to the vastness of the solar system and the stellar universe and we will again be amazed that God should choose this small planet to be the one to be that stage upon which good and evil and justice and injustice is played out and we will be overwhelmed by the fact that we had a small part in that drama that I think secondly will be impressed also with the shortness of time you know 8000 years 10,000 years seems to be a long time if you live 80 years. It can be a long time, but once we're into eternity. We will be overwhelmed with the shortness of time in comparison to any eternity that has no and then we will be swept up in the incredible grandeur of eternity, but I suppose the one where there in heaven. One of the things were going to do is to finally get a chance to ask God.

The question that plagues the minds of anybody who's ever done anything at all. That is the question why why all the suffering on planet Earth. Why all the grief why all the earthquakes while the tragedies while the heartaches while the broken families all God, what were you up to before I try to answer that question let me just take a moment to walk with you through the pages of history. Remember, after Adam and Eve were created then generations began to come about in those generations turned away from the Lord and interning from God began to serve pagan idols and the whole world was so corrupt with its immorality and its cruelty that God says I'm go to start over all that he had left was Noah and his family. So a flood came on the earth, we read that too quickly in the pages of the Bible.

Have you ever thought of what a universal flood would mean here are families being swept away as the rain begins to pour. They go to higher ground. And finally, little children see their mommies and daddies being taken away by the pass, thoughtless, harsh, current, and they're gone and the children are crying in their weeping and their shrieking on their crying out to God, the rain doesn't stop until a single human being is drowned. God starts over what you read about no. And soon you find that he also was involved. He and his ancestors involved in turning away from God. The whole Babylonian Empire that begins with its cultism and remember that whenever you have all cultism you always have cruelty. That's why is the United States swings toward the occultism of the New Age movement, cruelty, barbarian is always in so during that period of time. You have many wars you have one nation conquering another nation you have brutality on a scale that you and I have never seen an generation goes after generation and the knowledge of the true God is practically nonexistent upon the God decides to choose Abraham and Abraham becomes the father of course, of the Jewish nation you know that through the life of Abraham. God began that nation but when you stop to think of it, Israel was a small nation in comparison to all the other nations of the earth, for one thing, and even within the nation Israel. There were relatively few who really knew the living and the true God. Most of the people ended up just going through the formality, they were not necessarily God's people in their hearts all that after Jesus Christ comes to earth when he's here. How many people really do believe on him.

Yes, a few hundred.

Yes, a few thousand. But what about the nations that were developing such as China years ago my family and I were in China and we stood upon the wall of China and were told that much of the wall had been built 200 years before the time of Christ. Whole civilizations do not know anything about the Savior and never find out. As year after year goes on and in one generation, comes in another generation go on. I know it's true that through the church year became Christianized, but I think of those 300 years of persecution when people were taken and they were thrown to the lions and they were killed in so many barbaric ways and many of God's choice as people cried up to the Lord is God deliver us heavens were as silent as brass things happen during those days that would be enough to bring tears to a rock and got after that period of time.

Of course the church begins to collapse into traditions as church and state are unfortunately united ended.

True knowledge of God is again almost extinguished. Apart from a few groups and then you have the Reformation word.

People began to go back to the Bible again. But then you think of subsequent generations and you think about taken the grief Soviet Union were my wife and I were 2 1/2 years ago 25 million people killed by Stalin 7 million farmers in the Ukraine systematically starved and another 25 million people killed in the second world war and those two events were going on almost simultaneous. Can you imagine the heartache of the earth. And then we haven't mentioned China were the United States Congress said that Chairman Mao killed 60 million of his own people in that revolution that ended up with the triumph of communism in China and say about North Korea and Eastern Europe and you look at the history of the world and how you characterize it. Nothing really except suffering a heart. I used to always say the 20,000 children starve every day and then I get Christianity today of recent articles is 50,000 starved every single day. What can we say about the United States of America.

This great country in which you and I live we can see things going downhill.

We talk about the fragmentation of the family, the heartache, the, the kind of immorality that is so destructive and we can see that the influence of God is being stamped out were headed for a new wave of persecution in our home. We don't get the Tribune regularly. We usually by though a Sunday, the effect that's one of my heavy responsibility. Saturday afternoon is a copy of Sunday's trip.

I sat there and I read it and I look through it.

Did you see yesterday this article were talked about the University campuses of the United States. Do you know the trip says that one out of every four girls attending our universities are involved in what is called date rape. I read that yesterday and I was angry make you mad, you can't even think about what kind of a society.

What kind of cruelty and barbarism are we really rearing in the United States. Anyway, God, what is it you're doing.

What is the plan anyway and when we get to heaven we can ask him that question and today were going to find out as much as possible before we get to heaven. One of the world God was up to. Aren't you glad you came.

Another was a poem that was written that I think says it all. God's plan made a hopeful beginning but man spoiled his chances by sending we hope that the story will end for God's glory. But at present the other sides winning, you know the philosophers for years have said that there are three propositions that US Christians speaking about us as Christians, we believe that we are believing a contradiction and the three propositions that we are told, cannot logically exist together are first of all that God is good God is omnipotent, that is all powerful and evil exists because the argument is this, that if you have a God who is good and all powerful. She will exterminated the evil. Therefore, we are told that we as Christians believe a contradiction. Now if you deny any one of those three propositions. The contradiction does not exist. William James, who had a great deal to say about American education believe that God was finite.

William James believe that God was doing the best he could to exterminate evil, but he wasn't all-powerful, so we can pull it off and William James said we ought to help will if you have that kind of a finite God that you resolve the contradiction you look at the mess that is in the world and all that you can say as well. This is the best that God can do what you gonna do with the God who is in full power. That's not the God of Christianity, the God of Christianity, the God of the Bible is a God who can speak and it's there. Our God is in the heavens. The Bible says he has done whatsoever he does, please. Nothing is out of control with the God of the Bible. How do we put it together.

There's only one way that we can possibly solve the dilemma of those three statements and that is to say that God is using the evil and the suffering of this world to produce a greater good.

A greater good and what could that be.

Could it be a good that is related to mankind. Is he doing something that's good for man, not necessarily when it comes to Christians.

Certainly God is doing something that is good for us and we know that he uses suffering for our good, but there are many people in the world who do not know Christ as Savior, for whom the suffering of this world will never ever turn out for their good Jesus said about Judas.

It is good for that man. It would have been good for that. If he'd never been born. How much better it would have been for Judas to not have seen the light of day meant to have stood next to Jesus Christ and looking at Jesus the way to heaven liberally choose the way to hell and nothing that Judas will ever do nothing that will ever transpire in the universe will make all that suffering. Good for Judas and millions like him who do not trust Christ. What is going to well what I'd like to do is to since we entitled the message looking from planet Earth for back to planet Earth. The only thing that we can really do is to take our Bibles and to look at the book of Revelation where I want to point out the superiority of God and that God is using the evil in this world to display himself to put himself on display. Let's begin in Revelation chapter 4 I tell you why. Like the book of Revelation, much of it is difficult to understand but this is the book in which we see the church of Jesus Christ in heaven along with all the angels that God created and they are all singing songs and are making statements, and we have every reason to believe that they are theologically accurate know in today's world we have all these theological controversies well one thing is sure that when we get to heaven. All of those controversies will land and will all agree theologically, I was teaching at the Moody Bible Institute. I used to jokingly say that I don't care if you disagree with my theology in less than 100 years, you'll know was right were all agree.

When we get to heaven. I want you to notice what it says in chapter 4 verse 11 worthy art thou, Lord and our God, to receive glory and honor and power, for thou didst create all things, and because of thy will they existed and they were created because of I will. I know that the King James says because of my pleasure. And that's not a bad translation.

Everything was created for man's happiness. Though our happiness is important to God, especially that of believers, but everything was created for the glory and the honor and the power and the just play of God.

Why, I will for thy pleasure they are and they were created, Hg Wells, and on one occasion that if he knew that there was an omnipotent God in heaven who had the power to put an end to war and yet did not use his ability to do it. He said I would spit in his empty face. That's one possibility when you're confronted with God. There is another, as we shall see what I'd like to do is to show God's superiority and were going to look just through a couple of verses were angels and man joined together in the book of Revelation and sing the praises of God. First of all, God is proving his superiority in holiness.

Notice what the four living creatures in chapter 4 verse eight and I take this to be a reference to angels, the four living creatures, each one of them having six wings are full of eyes around and within day and night. They do not cease to say holy, holy, holy is the Lord God the Almighty, who was and who is that it was to call what an awesome state.

The only attribute of God that when it is mentioned in the Bible.

It is frequently emphasized three times in succession, holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of hosts, I want you to realize today that holiness does mean wholeness. God has it together we can put that way, but also I want you to realize something else and that is that God is holy other. That is to say he is totally different from us as human beings totally different from us, you realize that anything that I say about God today anything that I say about God's will in some sense be in adequate because God is to beautiful God is to pure God is too wonderful God is to holy for us to adequately express who he is.

There was a little boy who was drawing a picture and the teacher came and said what are you drawings that I'm drawing a picture of God. Teacher said. Nobody knows what God looks like. He said oh yeah they will. By the time I'm through only answer is nobody. Nobody knows what God is like. It says that no man can see God directly face-to-face and even live to tell me how could God possibly display his holiness unless there was the contrast of sin to show it off if I may put it in the language you see, God is using the evils of it against the back drop of human failure and satanic rebellion.

We can see in a way that we would never possibly understand the wonder and the greatness and holiness of Almighty God's superiority and holiness. Secondly, his superiority and power. For this we go to chapter 4 verse 11.

Again worthy art thou, old Lord our God, to receive glory and honor and power of the Greek word is due to mess from which we get the word dynamite God is displaying his power in creation. Yes, the heavens display the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork.

He showing. Also, his power over Satan. I've already emphasized in preceding messages several times that God is trying to show that no creature that ever poses him can possibly win God is absolutely King. He is the superior one. He is stronger than Satan and God allows Satan to work in many this lays on the earth trying to thwart God's plan here trying to block and they're trying to do this to him and that to him in a warfare and combat situation and all the while God keeps total control of what is happening and in the end he will prove that no preacher whoever opposed in the he-man or Angel can ever win by the way, are you thinking that your winning today. Those of you who have some sin in your heart you're going to make a simple decision and you know it's sinful and you think it's going to bring you happiness and in the end you're going to win the wrong never once in all of God's universe can sin ever be profitable because God sets up the rules and he has the cards in his hand and then third, God wants to prove his love. Notice in verse nine and following in here. I put love and grace and mercy. It says and they sang a new song.

This is chapter 5, I should point out chapter 5 verse nine and they sang a new song, saying, worthy art thou to take the book and to break its seals, for that was slain, and didst purchase for God with thy blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation may ask you something. You think it's hard for God to level the Angels that do his bidding.

I don't think that's too hard for God to love angels who haven't sinned and they do what God wants them to do but it is very difficult to love a man who had stood with Satan in opposition to God. Pulses in the book of Romans that when we were enemies. Christ already loved us.

You see what God is trying to do is to show that his love is not just to his own time is love does not extend merely to those that are holy, it can actually reach beyond that and to reach people who are very very holy people like you and me. We are very we would never possibly understand the depth of the love of God.

Once we understand our sinfulness and know how far we fall, we could never possibly understand the depth of the love of God unless God were willing to reach down and to love fallen creatures who are distinctively unlawful and we would never know the height of his love for us.

Were it not for the fact that he would take us from the quarry of sin and shows a loss and then exalt us and put us at the right hand of God the father kings and priests with Christ would've never happened were not for the fact that there was evil in the world. So you see, God is displaying his incredible grace, his love: humanity and so God is showing his superiority in love and you know my friend, this is Pastor Luke to the Bible is actually God's love letter to us. He's expressing from beginning to end. The plan of redemption of courses. Love is seen throughout his justice is seen throughout. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered what Jesus told the disciples as they were walking to Emmaus.

The Bible says that, beginning with the book of Moses and the Psalms of the prophets, he expounded unto them things concerning himself, wouldn't you love to be in on that conversation. I know I would. I'm holding in my hands a book entitled the Bible code finding Jesus in every book of the Bible, maybe in this book we have some kind of an idea of what Jesus might've said along that journey, this would be a great book for you to have as you begin the new year once a week. Read one of the sections. Only two or three pages of the various books that indicate that Jesus is there. Indeed, in every book of the Bible.

I suggested you do that on Sunday morning read the book, the Bible code think to yourself. This is another opportunity for me to see Christ in the 66 books of the Bible for gift of any amount. This book can be yours. Go to RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337. Let me give you that phone number again 1-888-218-9337 you can write to us running to win 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago, IL 60614.

Next time when Blitzer wraps up this message. A look back at planet or a view we ourselves will take from heaven, this is Dave McAllister running to win is sponsored by the Moody Church

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