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The King Judges Us Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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September 8, 2021 1:00 am

The King Judges Us Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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September 8, 2021 1:00 am

Many believers go about life unaware that their every deed—good or bad—will be reviewed by Jesus, including every argument, unkind word, and impure motive. Although we shouldn’t fear this judgment, our lives will look different when we take this judgment seriously.

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Marie Morris looking to Jesus phone number for many believers go about life, unaware that their every deed will be reviewed by Jesus.

Every argument, every unkind word every impure motive today more on the judgment of believers, the Moody Church in Chicago. This is running with Dr. Erwin listserv whose clear teaching helps us make it across the finish line. Some believers think their judgment is not a big deal since they're saved anyway. What would you say to first of all Dave I can just imagine that as you are getting your intro that there was already a lot of pushback.

People were saying well are we going to see our sins aren't they all cast into the depths of the sea.

The point that I make is this that legally of course we are perfect in Jesus Christ and God is not going to show us our sins and the sense of using them as a point of discipline.

The sins have been taken away, but and I explained this in the book, but there is a way by which we will be evaluated for the way in which we lived. The name of the book is entitled the King is coming and I want all who are listening to have a copy because I think it will explain many of the mysteries connected with the coming of Jesus Christ. The King is coming for a gift of any amount. This book can be yours. Here's what you do go to RTW that's RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337 and now let us listen carefully because we are discussing the judgment seat of Jesus Christ, an event to which all of us will attend. This is the final place where adjudication takes place. If you think I'm exaggerating, what about first Corinthians chapter 4 pulses don't judge anything ahead of time because he says the Lord will come who will judge even the motives of man's heart. Can you get any more thorough than that and it's there at the judgment seat that finally.

These matters are going to be resolved. That's why it's so important you know for us as believers to take care of all of these issues. While we are on earth, so that there are fewer issues to take care of when we get to heaven you know when the Bible says that we should not advantage ourselves. Vengeance is mine, I will recompense as the Lord we think that relates only to the unsaved all know know know the reason that you don't have to avenge yourself.

Even with another Christian is why, because we shall all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, and it is there that Jesus is going to set the record straight.

Now if you're thinking theologically. This is the question that's on the tip of your mind. I can read it you're saying are you saying that we are going to see our sin sins that have been cast into the depths of the sea. To quote John Murray again. He said that if we do will certainly see them as having been forgiven because it is true that our sins no longer are held against us. This is not a point of punishment. There's nothing like that.

It is to determine rewards, but here's what I think possibly could happen. What if Jesus took all of your works, and translated them either into gold, silver and precious stones or would a stubble and you see all of this pile and then he were to torch it would give you a pretty good evaluation of your life without you having to see any of your sins. However, it is done.

It is a thorough judgment.

You say, well, is Jesus going to be angry know all the anger of God was taken out when Jesus Christ died on the cross but I can't help but think he might be disappointed. He might be disappointed in the way in which you live. With all that he gave you because there you are, and if you are saved so as by fire and the house collapses behind you with that disappointing pulses we should live in such a way that we please him, which means that we can also live in such a way that displeases him even though he loves us just as much because his love is independent of our performance. There's a man who had a dream that went like this.

He said that in the dream all of his life was there in one big heap of various materials that he could not identify because you know how dreams are. They can be very flighty and very confusing. But he says that then Jesus took a match and lit it and he said everything went up in smoke and what was done is just a pile of ashes and then he said he began to go through the ashes and the deeper he got.

He notice little nuggets of little bit ago little bit of silver little bit of precious stones and so he took a little brush and he took all the ashes away and then he just brushed his little pieces of gold silver and precious stones into a little can. Maybe that's the way it's going to be were talking about serious business here folks.

We shall all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, single pastor looks or what is Jesus going to be looking for excellent question. Glad you asked if I wasn't going to answer that question, but I received an email from someone who watches us on the Internet. So Bill, thanks for your email because I'm going to respond to that question. Sometimes when I preach on this topic I preach a separate message on the question of what Jesus will be looking at since this is the only message on the judgment seat. I better give you four or five things that Jesus will be looking for because you should know what's going to survive the fire and is there any question in all the world it would be more important than knowing what is going to be the gold and the silver rather than the wood, hay and straw slimming give you 45 things Jesus is looking for. First of all, the joyful acceptance of injustice and false accusations. The joyous acceptance of the injustice and false accusations.

Did you know that in the last year to seven books at least have been written saying that Christians are the real G hod and we are the ones that America should really fear filled with false accusations. Listen to the words of Jesus. Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my name for great is your reward in heaven. It'll survive the fire. If you respond to it with joy.

Something else and that is of course financial generosity. The sixth chapter of Matthew, we won't even mention it because you know it.

There, Jesus is laid up for yourselves treasures not on earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up treasures in heaven, then he's talking there about our gifts to think that you are a stingy Christian should make you wonder whether you're a Christian at all because Christians are generous people and so I need to ask you, are you generous in your giving. Do you enjoy giving because God is given so much to you and you give in such a way that you will need it again in heaven. Let me give you another real real important way to have gold silver and precious stones. Hospitality 14th chapter of the book of Luke, Jesus makes this remarkable story. He says them when you hold a feast. Don't invite your friends because they might have you back he says go out and find the lame and the blind and the infirm than have them over because there to repay you. And then Jesus says this. If you do that these are his word. We shy away from rewards being thought of as payment.

But Jesus didn't. He says if you do that you will be re-paid at the resurrection of the righteous. Look for somebody who can pay you back and invest in their lives and you'll have something that will survive the fire. Few more faithfulness in your vocation. Let's suppose that you go to work tomorrow and you don't like your job at all. You don't like the boss. Paul says in the book of Colossians. He says that what ever you do, do it heartily, for the Lord and not for man, you don't like your boss don't work for him work for Jesus instead and work for your boss as if he were Jesus. This is what the text says for from the Lord, you will receive the reward of the inheritance. A joyful attitude heartily working merits reward, and then another one. Loving the unlovable. Jesus said this in Luke 635. He says love your enemies, do good in land and expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great. God brings somebody into your life who is unlovable, completely unlovable.

Maybe they're sitting beside you today, why, why, that God says I bring them into your life because I want you to have lots of rewards. So start loving them in your reward will be great to realize how faithful Jesus is the Bible says that even a cup of water given in my name and you will not lose your reward. That's why the Bible says in first Corinthians chapter 4.

When is talking about Jesus revealing the motive of men's hearts. It says that then shall every man have praise from God. Everybody can have some thing that God is going to praise them for every Christian will have something undid the ashes. Now I do need to clarify something. At this point because some of you who are listening may not be believers in Jesus you've never trusted him as your Savior and your misinterpreting everything I'm saying you're saying to yourself, so this is the way to get in good with God.

You are kind, you taken the poor you give money you learn to love those who are unlovable. Maybe that's the way to heaven. It isn't all of our works are tainted with sin and that's why the Bible says that we are saved, not by works as long as you are looking at your life to find some reason why God should accept you. You are looking in vain and all of us want to accept things, I just heard this past week that in Japan for example, in a shame culture where there's an emphasis on shame that many people when they are fired from their job.

Don't tell their families because they want to save face and within time, they may not even go home. They may become street people because they want to acceptance, and this is such a blow to their acceptance that they can't handle it. We all want acceptance and most assuredly we want acceptance from God, but it only comes through Jesus Christ and receiving him as Savior because he was accepted, and so we get to be accepted on the basis of his merit. You say will Pastor Luther why is it that before a person is save his works are of no value to God and yet after he is saved, they become so important to God. Couple of things.

First of all, because after we are saved. It is an expression. It is an expression of our devotion to Jesus as his children. That's the first thing secondly even now, as believers, all of our works are still tainted with sin and Jesus takes them cleans them up and makes them acceptable to the father. Bible says that we are to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

There's no other way to be accepted, even in these works. My friend to bring it down to the bottom line. There is no good in us any good that is in us is Jesus Christ. That's what it comes down to, and now I'm back talking to believers again couple of lessons that should transform our lives, we should leave here today and listen to this message as many times as we need to until we internalize what I'm gonna say right now. First of all, it's very clear that every day is either a plus or a minus every single day is either a loss or gain so far as rewards are concerned. Whitfield was a great preacher in the United States of America and he died and wanted this on his tombstone. He didn't quite get it, but I understand that the quote is close by the manner of man George Whitfield was that day shall declare takes your breath away. Whitfield was criticized for his preaching. He had disagreements. The newspaper sometimes didn't like him, and wrote articles against in that day. Nothing like that will matter because the manner of man George Whitfield was that day shall declare the manner of man Erwin lutes. Or was that day shall declare, and the manner of person you were that day shall declare nothing but reality while one day Diane Sawyer was interviewing Billy Graham and she said to Billy how would you like to be remembered and Billy just looked away. He didn't really answer the question.

He kind of looked away and said well, I'd like to hear well done, thou good and faithful servant. But I don't think I will. And then he turned away and if I remember correctly that was the end of the interview to thoughts immediately crossed my mind. Number one, Billy humility is good, but aren't you overdoing it, just a little bit and then a second thought was this Billy. If you're not sure that you're going to do well what about the rest of us. But what Billy said is true. From this standpoint is not going to hear well done because he preached the large crowds that was his calling. The real question is not going to be how large the crowds were or the number of people who accepted Christ as Savior under his ministry. The real question is going to be Billy. Were you faithful with what I gave you and that's why we can say with truthfulness that the people who are going to be rewarded.

The greatest are not necessarily the people that you have heard about going to be the car dealer who actually ran an honest shop.

It's going to be the missionary who was in far-flung corners of the world that nobody ever heard of, but was was faithful with what God gave him or her.

Those are the ones who are really going to be rewarded and every day is either a loss or gain so far as rewards are concerned. One day a man took me to an airport whose wife had a disease and she was very, very difficult to get along with the stories that he told me as to why he continued to love her work overwhelming. I won't go into detail, but many dropped me off. I said to him tongue-in-cheek.

I don't expect to see you in heaven.

He was a little surprised at that.

But I said no I really don't expect to see you. I said I think that you're going to be so close to the front and I'm going to be so far back that will probably not meet, and I know I meant it have humorously but also meant to truthfully. The people who are going to be most rewarded are not those that you hear about, but those who are faithful in their calling, whatever it may, but every day is either a plus or minus. It is true you know that little ditty that we sometimes thing only one life will soon be passed only what's done for Christ will last second, what is it that we are able to gain what can we gain what we can gain is the approval of Christ and reigning with him.

I'm not suggesting that all Christians will not rain with Jesus. But it is very interesting that in the Bible there is frequently a connection of reigning with Christ and faithfulness. For example, Paul says if we suffer with him, we shall also reign with him in the book of Revelation, you have repeatedly said he who overcomes, to him I will grant to sit with me on my throne. Now there is one sense in which all Christians are over comers because they had believed in Jesus Christ as Savior, but I cannot believe that somebody who is saved, yet so as by fire.

As we illustrated. I can't believe that somebody was life was lived selfishly for themselves is going to be rewarded. Obviously, the same way as somebody who was faithful disable everyone in heaven be happy everyone happy. Just like a chandelier that it may have boldness of different intensities in the very same way everyone contributing to the glory of God. Everyone serving but not everyone in the same position of responsibility because they were unfaithful here on earth and didn't care as to what survived the fire and what wouldn't so we can gain ruling with Jesus. What an honor and unthinkable privilege. What is it that we can lose. Well, I take the point of view and some people disagree with me but I take the point of view but not everybody is going to hear well done. Again, I refer to that selfish Christian who is saved in who thinks to himself I can live now.

However, I wish because my salvation is secure. I don't think I don't think you're going to hear well done. Maybe I won't either. We shouldn't take it for granted. You know, in India there is a story that they like to tell about a wealthy Roger he was coming along and is beautiful, expensive chariot, and there was a beggar along the side of the road and the beggar had his bowl of rice and the beggar thought I wonder if he might stop to give me something and so he held out his role as the Roger Altman to his surprise, the Roger got off of the chariot and went over and said to the beggar beggar give me some of your rice. The beggar was angry.

Who is this man to ask me for some of my rice but gingerly and with anger. He took one grain of rice and gave it to the wealthy man.

Roger said beggar give me more of your rice by now the beggar was furious, but he did take another grain of rice and handed it over to the Roger.

Roger said beggar give me more of your rights by now the beggar was in a fury. He took one more grain of rice and gave it to the wealthy man who then got on his chariot and rode off in his anger. The beggar looked into his bowl and noticed something glitter. It was a grain of rice was actually a grain of gold, I should say the size of a grain of rice only looked more carefully and found just two more grains of gold. The signs of his rice. When we come to Jesus. We trade our rice for his gold and it's the kind of gold that will survive the fire. So my question is what are we withholding from Jesus anyway, are we hanging on to that we say this belongs to me, not Jesus. When eternity is coming and we shall all appear before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account for the deeds done in the body, whether good or this is Pastor Luther I've given a lot of thought to the judgment seat of Jesus Christ and I find it to be very, very sobering and you know the reason that these things have been revealed to us is so that it affects our values in this world. It is always intended by God to be transforming. That's why I wrote the book entitled the King is coming. The subtitle says 10 events that will change your future for ever for a gift of any amount.

This book can be yours.

Here's what you do go to RTW Of course, RTW offers all one word RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337 ask for the book that King is coming sobering events still in our future in which all of us will participate call us at 1-888-218-9337 you can write to is running to win 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago, Hanoi 60614 running to win is all about helping you understand God's roadmap for your race of life in Revelation 19 of voice from the throne of God says right. Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb. These cold ones have an engraved invitation to attend the wedding feast of all time on our next running to win. Listen as the king marries his bride. Thanks for listening to our series on the return of Christ. This is Dave McAllister running to win is sponsored by the teacher

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