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We Will Not Be Silenced Interview Part 4

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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March 5, 2021 1:00 am

We Will Not Be Silenced Interview Part 4

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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March 5, 2021 1:00 am

As radical Islam partners with the radical left in America, the net effect is the ultimate destruction of all we hold dear. These are perilous times, and we must be determined to not be silenced. Will we compromise or confront this problem?

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Looking to Jesus and the enemy is at the gate as long over violent groups intend to tear this country apart. Only the church stands against the swelling time when Luther's new book, we will not be silenced, gives us a roadmap days ahead statement church in Chicago this morning with Dr. Erwin Luzerne was clear. Teaching helps us make it across the finish line. Now along with Pastor Larry McCarthy here is Pastor Luzerne. Once again, this is Pastor Luther and today we have our last session discussing my new book and with me here in the studios.

Larry McCarthy is on the pastoral staff here at the Moody church. The pastor of compassion and local outreach.

So Larry, today we have a huge agenda that were going to get into. We do indeed what I want to remind the listeners of the title of the book, we will not be silenced responding courageously to our culture's assault on Christianity that today. Boy you coming right out of the starting blocks radical Islam on a mission to destroy America. That's a bold statement. You're right, Pastor Larry and that happens to be chapter 8 in the book where I talk about the left and when I speak about the left.

I'm not talking politically necessarily that has to do with the cultural stream. In America there are those who would like to see America destroyed and rebuilt, and because in this chapter I talk about Muslims and Islam. I want to point out that, of course, the majority of Muslims in America have no intention of destroying America. They accept American values and the American way of life.

But the problem is there are some radicals who exercise a great deal of authority who would like to see America destroyed. So what I do in this chapter is to try to help people to understand that were living in an era where Islam often times is being praised by people. Yes, it is being praised Christianity is spoken against, and the hope is that eventually Islam will become a part of a movement that will help destroy America pastor. How would you respond to those that would say that will listen. Sharia law compatible with our Constitution certainly is not people have no idea what sharia law is if they say that sharia law does not give freedoms like we understand the Constitution to give us sober living at a time when we must understand that time there is a version of Islam out there it's an American version that seems to be compatible, but if you look at Islam carefully.

You understand that it is not compatible with our Constitution at all, but let me mention why I bring this up here in this book. Okay, the reason is because what you find among the left, they often times defend Islam and that happened even after 9/11, you know, the idea was look we got what we deserved. People fly planes into buildings because they are all pressed and America is the great Oak presser and so what we need to do is to exonerate Islam, even in the face of this kind of violence and terror now, let's fast-forward what happened after 9/11, which is kind of scary is the fact that Islam was being taught in schools. I mean I'm talking about the five pillars were being taught children were asked to try to understand Islam and were being taught Islamic doctrine I give examples where the ACLU was defending Islam. Yes, nowhere was the ACLU.

Could you imagine Christianity being taught in the schools and the ACLU coming out in favor of it and defending it. No I can't. Here's my confusion. This is an accidental, but the people who would support this and push it. Islam attempts to nullify everything that we elects to hold dear in America. The freedoms that we have so to speak, they would nullify all of that.

Why would they stand up and want this to be fit to be part of the American culture of the America to replace America when it would nullify everything that we stand for Larry if I understand your question correctly. I want to say this is the reason that the left which has such different values is willing to team up with Islam, which, as I emphasize already has very different values yes is that they see one another as allies just for now to accomplish the same purpose, namely the destruction of Christianity and the destruction of capitalism.

So on that they are agreed as a what you have is in the military. What does the expression say he who is an enemy of my enemy is my friend, so they team up together to accomplish that flow and what we must recognize is that this is happening where the ACLU will actually defend the teaching of Islam in our schools and when parents objected and brought a lawsuit. You know they were vilified on social media. You know you're intolerant to your racist your whatever and by the way that social media is totally 100% out of control. There's one other thing I want to mention and then we have to get to this subject of the next chapter and that is this that according to the American textbook counsel K. Islam now basically has veto power over our textbooks and I encourage parents out there you're listening to this, would you look at your children's textbooks that are being used in the public school on history read them. Don't assume that they are going to teach about the greatness of America or put Christianity in positive light.

I know examples of a textbook that gives 60 pages to how wonderful Islam is 14 pages to Christianity.

Christianity is that you know based on imperialism.

It has no denigrated women in the whole bit. And many parents don't even know that this is what their children are being taught in school, guns, the good word press you know what I like about that. Would you just that it's so practical gives parents something they can do and for a lot of parents who went to sleep during their time in high school now is a chance you can read those books and get the education you're supposed to get back there right so parents, as I emphasized in the previous program. God is going to hold you personally accountable for the way in which your children are being taught and you need to seek wisdom to make sure that they are being shielded from the issues of sexuality that we talked about in the last broadcast but also the idea of history.

So we must take note of that and as Christians, how do we respond well first of all what we discover is we have to be kind to Muslims. We can befriend them in our neighborhoods and so forth. Most are very interested in our religion, but at the back of our minds. We also need to understand that there are the radicals out there that are trying to promote an agenda that is totally contrary to American values. The name of the book, we will not be silenced responding courageously to our culture's assault on Christianity.

Pastor chapter 9 vilified vilified vilified if there is one word that would describe the sentiment in America today would say it would be simply anger.

Why are people so angry.

Now that's a very good question. Of course, politically.

We notice that we are so divided, where there is so much rancor on both sides of the aisle and you have all that that undoubtedly fuels anger the other thing I think Larry is social media because people can now go online and they can just vent and they can just say whatever they like and use whatever words they want to use in their outraged about this in their outraged about that. But the point of this chapter is where I emphasize that even those who go along with the leftist agenda are being vilified today. I give an example. For example, an angry mob in Canada. There's a woman speaking in a library and she belongs to feminist current, and she's pro-abortion. She's pro-gay rights, but she has the nerve to disagree with the transgender movement.

So here you get this angry mob shouting shame shame shame might think of how liberal she is in these views and it still isn't enough. In other words, you come over to our point of view completely or we will cancel you.

We will demonize you, we will shout at you and threaten you because there is no such thing as suitability discussion talking like we used to think America was all about. All that is gone and we live in a culture in which the person who shouts the loudest seems to be the winner and that that's why it is so difficult in the book you talk about extreme tactics.

Do you want to address that just briefly yell Larry and you know I've been using the expression the left and of course I hope that people understand that I mean the radical left. I don't mean it politically. What I'm talking about is a form of secularism. Yes, that all of us need to be standing against, but since you are talking about real radicals on us a word about NT 5 okay okay now what we have is let's go back to the time of Hitler thank you note when his brownshirts are really the ones that were roaming around making sure that justice was being served in various ways and teeth doesn't have brownshirts. It does have black masks but here's what I want to say regarding everything that is happened in America all in the year 2020. It's very interesting that Kristallnacht, Which Took Pl. in Germany that was the night when Crystal was broken.

That's the idea. When you have all of these gangs roaming around, destroying Jewish businesses okay and there was a pretext for that. Whenever you have a revolution. You always need a pretext. Okay, there was a man by the name of Ernst von Herat. He was a German diplomat who was put to death in Paris. He was shot by a Jewish student. So what happened is Hitler and Goebbels got together and they said you know we have to respond to this and so they in effect, told the police and the fire departments don't intervene

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