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We Will Not Be Silenced Interview Part 3

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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March 4, 2021 1:00 am

We Will Not Be Silenced Interview Part 3

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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March 4, 2021 1:00 am

Incalculable damage is being done to the next generation as our kids are sexualized at ever younger ages. Hitler said, "he who owns the children owns the future." Today's culture knows this. That's why they create sexual confusion, control local education, and compel allegiance to the transgender, gay, and socialist agendas.

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Run with endurance the race is looking to Jesus, founder and perfecter of our Hitler said he owns the children owns the future. Today's culture knows this and that's why they create sexual confusion control local education and compel allegiance to the transgender gate and socialist agendas. When you exercise enough is enough. In his new book will not be silenced from the Moody Church in Chicago this morning to win with Erwin loops are as clear teaching helps us make it across the finish line.

Now along with Pastor Larry McCarthy here is Pastor Luther. Well my friend, this is Pastor Luther and again welcome to this special session of running to win.

I have here in the studio today, a member of the pastoral staff here at the Moody churches name is Larry McCarthy and he is responsible for compassion ministries here in local outreach and I'm sure a lot of other issues, and responsibilities that are on his plate. But Larry, so glad that we can be together today to discuss my new book, always honored to be here with your pastor and your new book.

We will not be silenced responding courageously to our culture's assault on Christianity and today you present to very serious topics for consideration sexualize the children and socialism.

Should we start with the title sexualize the children you actually these two topics represent two separate chapters and I know that they seem somewhat unrelated to each other but you know where doing such a flyover. We have to cover a lot of territory. So let's begin with the sexualization of children.

First of all I want to say this, the cell phone in your teenagers hand does more to shape his or her view of culture and sexuality than an hour of Sunday school, and an hour of church and men.

What we must do is to recognize that we are in a battle here and all of the odds are not on our side that the reason that I called it sexualize the children is because I'm talking about are educational systems. Here Larry and I'm speaking specifically about the transgender movement and how our children are being confused today because of what is being taught. We are in a cultural stream. Now those who are with us last time will know that we spoke about propaganda and how propaganda creates a cultural stream and woe to those who stand against it and that's where we are today in our culture when it comes to issues of sexuality. The public school system. So much of the curriculum is not about reading, writing, arithmetic, it's about transgender issues. It's about social issues. What effect this is having on on our culture in any particular what effect is that having on the children. Absolutely huge. And, you know, I might say this that the new curriculum that has been instituted in some of the states, including hours I will not even publicly talk about some of the things that are being taught because they are very pornographic.

They are very detrimental to the life of children and yet today because the issue of sexuality which touches us so very deeply, that is the direction our culture is going and and another thing, while I'm on the topic. Larry, my heart breaks just recently I spoke to another mother who attended a session where she was going to be told about what her children are going to be studying and she said that almost no parents attend so you have parents today who don't really care what their children are being taught in the public schools and the comprehensive sex education curriculum is really designed to create sexual confusion. It is totally antithetical to all biblical values. It touches children very deeply at the depth of their being and is really in many respects, destroying them, and this is important for Marxism you know that one of the things that I do in this book is show how Marxism underlies a lot of things that are happening in the Marxist point of view. If you have children who are brought up in a home. The nuclear family.

You actually are a unit of overpressure in your unit of oppression because you know children are being oppressed by their parents. There being taught values regarding the church and regarding the Bible, so it is much better that these children are taken and they are educated by the state in a way that is going to destroy that kind of respect.

Furthermore, of course, wives are, you know, in subjection to their husbands, so they are being oppressed so women should work outside the home, and we know that that is certainly happening in huge numbers and huge proportions and I'm not saying that that's always wrong that the point is that family is being destroyed and has to be destroyed in order to bring about Marxism. The best way to train children to accept the Marxist point of view is that if they are rootless, that is to say that they do not have strong family structures. You know I always keep going back to Hitler because I've written a book about what happened in Nazi Germany and I remember this speech that should give chills to every parent who is listening.

He said to the parents. You can take the child. You can clothe him. You can feed him but his soul belongs to the right. That is, you know, to the Nazi right. He who owns the youth I'm quoting here directly owns the future. And so what we have happening today is in our schools. It's very detrimental and for all those who are listening here to the ministry of running to win today. You may think to yourself this is just happening out there you're wrong effect is Christian families are facing this somebody came to me and said you know my daughter came home from school and said Deb you know I don't think I'm transit you think I'm normal. In other words, the way to be cool is to say that your trance is so children are led down the wrong path. Yes, they are told that they need the kind of surgery that is necessary in order to change their sexuality and their sex. Larry, let's take a deep breath and think about this. Okay, here you have a young man who becomes trans and now she's a woman. Okay. All right. He grows up as "woman will a man be attracted to this woman, I put woman."

Yes, and want to marry her. Obviously, they will not be able to have children. People don't think of the long-term consequences of what they are doing and I really appreciate the lead, step back, the view that you given them from a historical standpoint with the decline of the family for any civilization within a generation that civilization falls and so this assault on the children as an assault on the family, which in turn is an assault on the entire culture. How can we even consecrate this technology at time I'm coming to start from what on your point about the cell phones and Internet and the technology and how it's invading the home is there a way to even consecrate that well thank God that technology oftentimes is consecrated to God, you know, we are using technology but Larry I'm very pessimistic. The power of this I can see this in the lives of her grandchildren in all the cell phones. The texting and other stuff that's obviously on the cell phone.

We are really being invaded here by enemy, and we need to recognize it to be an enemy. And it's a huge enemy. That's a good word. These aren't just benign things the right and just put in the hands of of children yeah like a mother said to me. I didn't know that when I gave my teenage daughter a cell phone, I might as well let given her first shot of heroin because it's so addictive.

But here's here's another reason that we need to think about this. You think for example of the pressure that colleges are under on talk about Christian colleges now okay they are being told that you know if you want to be accredited if you want your students to be able to get loans and so forth. You had better get on the LGBT Q plus timeline and by the way, I had the plus because the plus means that other things are being added to that and so what you have is the invasion of freedom of religion when it comes even to Christian colleges and by the way this revolution is not over. Not only is it important for the revolutionaries to say that that which was good has to be now called evil, but that which at one time was called evil now has to be called good. The revolution will not be over until that happens. And you know if you want to know where this is going, and I know we have to discuss socialism yet on this program so I'm going to hear if we haven't seen the end. Have you heard Larry, I'm going ask you this if you heard the word trouble know trouble means a marriage where there are three people may be two men and a woman. Or, you know two women and a man of trouble and I read in a Christian magazine that troubles are now even in our churches. Because you see there's no end to this.

Once you've destroyed marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman, there's really no stopping point and by the way, this is really chilling. The foundation has been laid even for pedophilia and that is happening.

I remember being with a woman who was in the lesbian lifestyle and she yelled came out of that and repented and thank God she became a mother. She got married and became a mother and she said this, and I've never forgotten it. She said without God in my life.

I found no reason to say no to anything and without God in people's lives. Yes, they can say no to nothing. A there's no reason to say no. Now I'm going to get to the response of the church and then let's talk about socialism else or Ice Age. All the pastors and to all the churches out there. We need to give our families resources. Homeschooling may not be an option to all of the people that were speaking to even Christian schools might not be available but I say to the parents out there, God is going to hold you accountable for the way your children were educated so you have to seek God and you have to find out how you can stand against this on behalf of your children. Whatever you do, and I'm just pouring out my heart right now. Don't throw your lambs to wolves, so parents out there, let me say this again. Don't throw your children to wolves say men what we need to do is to stand against this culture and by the way, in the book that I've written. We do have some resources that are listed there that we hope will help parents stand against the culture on this culture that has lost its way. Well it's time for socialism. Larry book is called, we will not be silenced responding courageously to our cultures assault on Christianity pastor America's build on individualism. We don't join anything. What is socialism I would socialism be attractive in a place like America. Yeah, capitalism is the disease socialism is that you are that's what we are being told today.

You know, where do we begin when Rebecca and I were in Russia. I began to understand and this was in the 1980s before the Berlin wall fell, I began to understand why socialism, Marxism, was attractive people under the Czars, lived a very terrible life. They were abused and so forth. So doesn't it make sense to think that if the state took over everything. By the way, when you talk about socialism you're talking about statism you're talking about government ownership couldn't the government distribute the benefits and the money more evenly now that was the hope but of course the hope failed and it will fail again socialism purports to not go that far. It is I mentioned earlier in a previous time together. It purports to become Marxist incrementally so the government takes over more and more responsibility. It becomes more involved in price controls, and too many people out there.

Socialism is attractive because this free write on the free college free healthcare free, whatever. It's free, why wouldn't we be in favor of it, but there are problems women tell us about that.

I want to tell you about them and then let's talk about the bailouts that happened during the covert epidemic. Okay, here's the problem. If you think of the economy is a pie. What happens in socialism is the pieces of the pie are supposedly evenly distributed.

But when the pie has been eaten. There are no more pies. That's why socialism always talks about the distribution of wealth, it cannot really talk about the creation of wealth.

And the only thing that the government can do to keep it propped up is to create more money.

You know when we were there in a hotel and I visited a number of Marxist countries. Early on, especially in the 80s and 90s to, you know, we stay at this hotel and it would cost 2 million ruble okay right well it might be 50 American dollars right and I always wondered why that why is the currency so out of control because the only way that you can keep it propped up is to create money. You cannot really create jobs and furthermore you undercut all incentive because why should I work hard I mean we were in one country where we were told that doctors were not paid much more than the other workers in the hospital will who wants to be a doctor who wants to be a doctor if you're not going to be paid a lot more but there was income equality that was so important, so it stifles ingenuity.

It goes against every fiber of our being, but all my how it appears to be such an answer to human need. One other thing, and I know you want to give to the bailout that took place. The kibbutz in Israel guess they decided that they would run this according to socialist principles. Okay, you come there you work and you get free housing, free this free that well people began to bring their dogs to meals. They began to sleep in. They began because you see what you're doing is your rewarding oftentimes laziness because you get the paid the same anyway right and somebody said that that had to end because I hope I get this right. It is a paradise for parasites and they said we had to put them into one other quote from Churchill before you ask about the bailouts. Churchill said this, the great vice of capitalism is the unequal distribution of blessings. The great virtue of socialism is the equal distribution of misery. All right.

You've teased us with it for a few minutes here and in this in this section so socialism is going to give everybody a piece of the pie. We just had as a response to the covert, 19 pandemic crisis in America and unprecedented bailout. I'll call it trillions of dollars. Isn't this what the government is supposed to do well isn't that interesting.

I'm not qualified to decide whether or not that was absolutely necessary. It certainly seemed it because this is the first time, probably in history were governmental people not to work, you know, usually it's because the economy has fallen into a pit or whatever. And this time the government actually caused it. But here's the thing.

I read an article which I quote in the Washington Post, which is a magazine that most of us don't get your news from necessarily and it says we have crossed the Rubicon were going to look back on that bailout as our lunge, basically into socialism.

And you know I can't help but think that there is some truth, at least in that that were not socialist yet because the government hasn't taken over business and all those things. But the point is this, that the more you give to people and the more you create X and they fill out I love that expression is Latin for out of nothing.

Yes, the more people are going to expect that that is done now there's a danger right because now the expectation is made that they'll do. Let's just print up another 3 trillion yeah exactly and another 3 trillion yeah and free everything else right and what will happen is inflation will explode now. Larry, we have only a few minutes I want to explain to people why I wrote a chapter on socialism after all churches have survived in all kinds of different economic kinds of systems capitalism has enabled America to become very wealthy and you can go around the world and you think of the mission organizations in India and Africa in all kinds of countries they're all sponsored by American dollars yes and Americans give $400 billion to charity every year. No socialist country could possibly come near doing that yes and my burden is that we might not use capitalism in order to become wealthy, but that we might use capitalism like Jesus said we should do with our money in the gospel of Luke when he said, use your funds to make friends of people so that when you die and enter into everlasting habitations. They will welcome you. So in the book I give a strong pitch for people to understand that God has given us money, not to hoard it but to share it and to recognize that capitalism has been a blessing to people and that we must continue to fight for that which is going to create wealth so that we can share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and I give examples of how this can be done.

Yes, the name of the book as we will not be silenced responding courageously to our culture's assault on Christianity faster. You know I need to say that Tim were so thankful for the many people who listen to the ministry of running to win and you know because of those who stand with us, with their prayers in their support this ministry is now in 20 different countries were so thankful that we are throughout the Middle East in Arabic about 100 stations throughout Central and South America in the Spanish who couldn't believe the growth of this ministry. It's because of people who have stood with those who have said that we believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ and the application of Scripture to running the race of life is very important and as you heard us say many times we want to help people make it all the way to the finish line.

Next time I'm running to win this part for this compelling look into the very near future future in which radical Islam wants to destroy America. With the help of their friends in Antigua and other leftist organization radical Islam on a mission to destroy America. That's a bold statement. There are those who would like to see America destroyed and rebuilt. People fly planes into buildings because they are all pressed in America is the great Oak presser. I think what Jesus is saying is you forgot that the world is your anomie and you have allowed the world into the church and people's garments are spoiled. I didn't write this book to reclaim the culture. I wrote it to reclaim the church in Pastor Luther's new book, we will not be silenced will be sent as our gift to you as you support running to win at this crucial time with your gift of any amount. Just call us at 1-888-218-9337 that's 1-888-218-9337 or write to us at running to win 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago Neu 60614 online resource RTW that's RTW Thanks for listening.

This is Dave McAllister running to win his sponsored by the teacher

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