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The Curse And Cure Of Shame Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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January 14, 2021 1:00 am

The Curse And Cure Of Shame Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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January 14, 2021 1:00 am

We’ve all experienced the painful emotion of shame—either because we’ve done wrong, or because wrong has been done to us. Sadly, some homes are even based on shame. In this message we explore shame’s consequences, and then look to the Bible to find God’s cure.

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Raising his voice to Jesus. He found her experience painful emotions of shame because we've done wrong, wrong done to us. Some homes are even based on shame today may learn what this means and then look to the Bible to find God's cure church in Chicago this is Sir clear teaching helps us make it the finish line elixir. As violence increases.

Is there a sense that many people are no longer feeling shame for what they do.

The answer to that question is absolutely is a matter of fact, the Bible talks about those who have shame when they should have shame because shame is something that oftentimes results because of wrongdoing. Now there is a false sense of shame as you've already indicated, and we need to understand that as well. But at the end of the day.

It's wonderful to know that Jesus shamed shame on the cross he endured it and he has an answer for our deepest need for my dear friend. I think all of us agree that 2020 was a very difficult year, wasn't it now as we anticipate 2021. We don't know what it will hold either. We have no idea. All that God has planned for us but I want you to hear my heart when I say that the ministry of running to win is totally committed to continue to get the gospel of Jesus Christ and we do so in at least 20 different countries and through the Internet. Ultimately around the world would you consider becoming an endurance partner that somebody was stands with is regularly monthly. In fact, with caregiving and with their prayers.

For more information go to endurance that's endurance or call us at 1-888-218-9337. Now let us open our Bibles again and consider shame. God's answer to this human need this. I find it almost difficult to get my mind around to think that if I am ashamed of Christ to find a businessman, and I do not tell any person that I belong to Jesus because of shame because it's not popular to be a born-again Christian that Jesus will be ashamed of me, at least temporarily. Someday I stand before him.

Let me give you some of the consequences of unresolved shame and that were going to get to the answer. I want you to know today that I my heart is filled with so much hope and so much faith that God has given me that as a result of this message, that many of you are going to experience a sense of release and freedom from the binding power of shame, and I believe that the Bible is going to help us do that.

But before we get to the cure. Could I take out a moment and simply tell you some of the consequences of unresolved shame and this is true of objective shame the things for which we have actually done as well as the sum active shame that is been imposed upon us because of our upbringing or because of experiences were people of misuse this and so forth.

Let me give you some of those consequences before we talk about the cure. First of all possible paranoia. People are paranoid, why are people paranoid. The root cause is shame. You see, to a paranoid person everyone out there is out to get them and everybody there is really there to to destroy them to reveal them for who they are and they are absolutely terrified they are fearful. Many of us in order to protect a home I put up an alarm system on the door or maybe even the windows are tied into the alarm system.

The paranoid person he sets all the stuff up already out on the lawn. Preferably, he'll build a wall with deep foundations and a high wall so that he can hide himself because those are paranoid for the most part are absolutely in capable psychologically until there delivered by God. They are in capable of taking personal responsibility and admitting to their own sins and their own failures. They are terrified and that's why fear and shame are so closely connected. Adam said I was fearful and I hid myself. They are terrified of the possibility of exposure and therefore they develop incredible secrecy at a protective mechanism that is almost impossible to penetrate me give you a second possibility, and that is a wrong form of perfectionism. Now not all perfectionism is wrong. I had the surgery sometime ago as some of you know, and I prayed all of God, please make my doctor perfectionist. I wanted him to be a perfectionist.

I and there's nothing wrong if something is worth doing is worth doing right not talking about that I'm talking about a sense of judgmental-ism, a sense of hyper criticism often rooted in shame because the person is said I was brought up in a shame-based home and I am never going to be shamed again and as a result of that I am going to build this protective system around me and everything is going to be done right and everyone around me is going to be expected to jump through the same hoops that I jump through and it better be done right. Because if not, what do they fear what others will think. Shame, the shame of what others think.

One day I was speaking to a man whose wife and were not picking on the wives. Here is you'll see in make a great deal more trouble in most homes than women ever do, but he was talking about his wife thinks so critical. You know you know that a line that says that if a man speaks in a forest and his wife is in there to hear it. Is he still wrong but don't clap right.

I said to him was your wife brought up in a shame-based home.

Is that what you mean. Alcoholism abuse over exaggerated discipline of blaming home most of those things were true. He never saw the connection she so fears exposure. Everything has to be done right. This is connected with anger which will talk about next time as well and as a result of that unresolved shame some people number three become a doormat for others a doormat for others.

They've experienced so much shame. They believe that they have to be shamed if somebody treats them well. They either resented or else they put the bar a little higher so that the person cannot jump over all of the bars that they will put up so that everybody is guaranteed to fail them. You know, we don't have time for the others.

I have several others. But we must hurry on what is God eating disorders and the whole bit that I mentioned earlier, what is God's care for shame. You member in the book of the Joshua Israel had been in the desert for 40 years.

They came to Gill gal and Gill Gal Means Cir. in Hebrew and they even talk there about the circle. The stones that were put up and go go and it's really symbolic of the fact that the shame the reproach of Egypt and their failures was to be washed away.

I mean they had a whole history of failures, a history of shame. 40 years of wandering in the desert and God said, you can roll the shame of the past years away and I want you to pray during the next few moments, even as you listen and pray that God will use the words that I'm going to share with you now is friend to friend to roll your shame away and I speak to those of you have been divorced.

God hates divorce we do to but it's a reality. Some of you still to this day still have a stigma of shame. I speak to those of you who had abortion. There's a stigma of shame. I speak to those of you who have committed immorality and to those who were brought up in shame-based houses. I speak to those of you today who had that shell around you that that absolute total terror that you might be exposed.

Therefore, you struggled with the things that we're talking about. My goal in the next 10 minutes under the inspiration and power of the spirit, and his word is to show you that you can be set free from shame to passages of Scripture that I will only quote to you. One is Hebrews chapter 6 verse six it says this, that if you come to Christ and then go back into Old Testament sacrifices. It says that you are crucifying to the son of God, you're crucifying him again and setting him to an open shame.

My translation the NIV says disgrace. But really, the word is shame.

Now why is that the crucifixion my dear friend was a terrible terrible terrible experience of shame. In fact, the cross was spoken of as the tree all the shame pulses curse. It is everyone who hangs upon the tree does shame cause the destruction of a person's reputation. Yes, he was despised and he was rejected of men does shame silence us. Yes, he was led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth does shame expose our obvious weaknesses. Yes, he was derided he saved others, himself. He cannot say shame lead to abandonment. Yes, my God, my God, why has thou forsaken me to shame diminish people. Yes, it diminishes people he was crucified naked as the gawkers walked by. How did Jesus handle the shame. How did he take it there's a second text in the book of Hebrews chapter 12 we look unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith and for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, the NIV says scorning it what he was saying in effect is bring it on bring it on. Let me bear the shame of the world. Let me take a load of sand. Let me take the Gill here I am crucifying a shame trying to destroy me if you can. And what Jesus said as a result of his death and the subsequent resurrection is this that he says to you and me. Shame cannot permanently cripple shame cannot permanently destroy shame like death has this thing taken out of it, there is a remedy and you need not be cripple by it.

I like to put it this way.

I think Jesus shame shame shame on you. Shame will bear the load and in the end you'll have no authority over me. What do we do with our shame number one are shame must be covered. It must be covered when David committed the twin sins of murder and then adultery. First of all, and then murder to cover it up. What a cover-up.

What a cover-up. And yet David is famous for his sin.

The cover-up simply did not work. Finally when he came clean and he confessed his sin.

He said in Psalm 32. Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven and to sin is covered. When God is so those skins together to clothe Adam and Eve as I've already mentioned it was a picture of the coming clothing of Jesus his righteousness to cover the ugliness of our shame says in the book of Revelation, Jesus said, come, come, and I and and take my garments, that the shame of your nakedness may not appear there is a covering for the shame. That is the forgiveness of God.

It is the grace of God. The first is our shame must be covered. The second is our shame must be surrendered third, surrendered because here's what some of you are thinking you're saying yes I am forgiven in the sight of God, to be sure, but what about of my friends find out there are things that maybe you had done that, if the truth were known, and these things were exposed. You would find this so much shame. David struggled with that terrible amount she was reading the Psalms this week. For example, in Psalm 25 twice. He praised all God let me not be ashamed. Let me not be ashamed over and over again. He said remember not the sins of my youth. Let me not be ashamed, and yet he was ashamed as the truth came out, but the reason the David said that he could handle it. Is this.

He knew that his sin had now been covered by God and forgiven by God and taken away by God.

Therefore whatever human beings could do to him, no matter how he disappointed them. No matter how ill they would think of him at the end of the day. There was nothing that could be uncovered about his life that was not already known by God and forgiven by God and therefore David said I can go on.

I don't have to stop despite the shame.

God walks with us through that shame our shame must be covered are shame must be surrendered or shame must be replaced must be replaced.

I think of the story of Kmart in the Old Testament who was raped terrible raped by her half-brother Amnon and she put ashes on her head. She walked away in humiliation and shame. God says in Isaiah 61. I will take the ashes of humiliation and the ashes of shame, and I will give you instead. The beauty of a garland. He says I will take the oil of gladness and give it to you instead of morning and I will give you the garments of praise instead of fainting.

I'm going to give you something to substitute for that awful Shane and it will be put away so that you can march on must be covered. It must be surrendered must be replaced. I conclude with a story. I have a man who is a very good friend of mine if you would've asked me 10 or 15 years ago. Name the three top friends in the world top three or four I think that he would have been among them is just the kind of friendship. You know that when you meet. You don't have to try to even reestablish things you kind of take up where you let often where you can just relax and you know that your accepted and then he committed immorality and then in order to deal with the shame he disappeared and actually went to another state and changed his name trying to disappear off the face of the earth about six months later, his identity was finally found out and shortly after that I was making a trip to that state and made it a point to contact him God use me as one of the first people to minister to this dear man, who is living in such unbelievable shame that he seemed to be unable to face anyone ever knew. I member sitting at the table and he was talking and he said just think of it this way since think of an onion. He says and you peel away one layer and then you peel away the other. He said the opinion of people meant so much to me. He says my board my congregation.

He said everybody they meant so much and now I not only had disappointed all of them in this way, but also in trying to cover it up only increased my shame. He said that it was as if all the peelings of the onion were peeled away and there was absolutely nothing in the center. Nothing I did not have one friend in the world I was despised I was spoken about people, people said. How could he do it. We thought higher of him and was just is just awful. He said when I got up in the morning. My first question was, do I have the strength to take one step and then take another and then 1/3 step can I get through till the E and then he began to understand God's forgiveness and God's grace, which he of course accepted and slowly he asked himself the question what do I do about my shame. Do I just live in isolation. Do I just say no to all of my friends for the rest of my life. They thought know you nine nothing to do that if God has forgiven all of my deceit and my sin. It is covered. I can surrendered that shame to him and I can go back and rebuild bridges and he did. He went to his parents which was very difficult. They were godly people. He went back to his friends because he said I will not permanently be crippled by shame.

I member driving down the street with him and he said I'm gonna put in a favorite tape of mine and I said go ahead and do it and it was Dave Moyers singing Calvary covers it all and has that song began to come through the stereo system of his car. He pulled off on the side of the road.

He was weeping too much and we just sat there right together.

Calvary covers it all my sin with its guilt and staying we could say it's guilt my guilt and shame I guilt and despair. Jesus took on him. There and Calvary covers it all.

Today, this man is being used of the Lord is, it was not the same. Though my course is not the same wasn't the same for Adam and Eve. They couldn't go back to paradise. There's no going back to the beginning, their consequences here but is not the end of the road because remember the purpose of the cross is to repair the principal's why Jesus died is to die for things that could never ever quite be the same again I say to those of you today who are what shall I say your prisons a fear in your presence of Shane your prisons of insecurity absorbed by what people think about you because the possibility of being exposed.

I say come to the Savior. Your Shane can be covered can be surrendered, replaced with God's blessing for the purpose of the cross is to repair the irreparable.

Let's pray father please deliver your people. Please father send your blessed Holy Spirit into hearts that are locked into hearts that are fearful into hearts that refuse all possibility of responsibility for who they are and what they've done yesterday father that you will make us a people that don't have to be perfect who admit our sins and weaknesses because we've all done those things of which we are really really shame and we ask today that you might bring about deliverance for all who have heard now before I close this prayer, would you talk to God, would you lay that Shane at the feet of Jesus, you talk to him because he's talked to you father. Don't let people go until you've healed them. We pray father that in these quick moments that you owe God by your blessed spirit might bring deliverance and if there is no deliverance yet send these dear people home to CQ until their free and if you've never trusted Christ as Savior. The Bible says you can believe on him and be saved.

Your sin and shame can be covered in Jesus name and my friend, this is Pastor Luther, if you're dealing with something in your past, especially something that affects other people. I would encourage you to go to your pastor or go to a reliable counselor and help them to know how you can process it. Perhaps you have to be confronted by someone else or you have to confront them. Whatever God is there with you, helping you to bring about emotional wholeness and to give you hope I really mean that. And you know we're so pleased here at the ministry of running to win that we have so many people who stand with us regularly monthly with their prayers and their gifts.

If you're interested in doing that. Here's what you can do, go to endurance that's endurance and in a moment I'll give you a telephone number you can call but let me thank you in advance for so many people who say yes we believe in this ministry and even as we are in the new year.

We intend to become a part of it. You can call us at 1-888-218-9337 you can write to us running to win 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago line 60614 running to win is all about helping you find God's roadmap for your race of life. Ever wonder why some flareup in anger at the least provocation winning in life's race means giving up pulse of anger under control tomorrow.

Will the source of the destructive emotion. Don't miss Erwin Blitzer's message on their roots arrange running to win is sponsored by the Moody Church

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