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Outlaw lawyer This Week Former President Donald Trump charges, MV Realty and NC Attorney General, And Sports betting in NC!

Outlaw Lawyer / Josh Whitaker & Joe Hamer
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March 25, 2023 2:00 pm

Outlaw lawyer This Week Former President Donald Trump charges, MV Realty and NC Attorney General, And Sports betting in NC!

Outlaw Lawyer / Josh Whitaker & Joe Hamer

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March 25, 2023 2:00 pm

On this week's edition of The Outlaw Lawyer high profile legal cases nationally and here in NC. The latest on the charges against former president Donald Trump makes the show. Josh & Joe will get into MV Realty vs NC Attorney General. Sports Betting in NC has everyone's attention including The Outlaw lawyer.

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Welcome in to the Outlaw Lawyer. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome into the show, the legal radio show, and the smoothest and slickest law show in town. Get ready to be seduced by the sultry sounds of legal discourse as we bring you the latest updates on all things legal, from high stakes courtroom drama to juicy celebrity scandals. We've got it all covered, so sit back, relax, and let our smooth voices guide you through the legal landscape. This is the Outlaw Lawyer, and we're here to make your legal troubles disappear like crazy.

Like a smooth, silky groove. And now, Outlaw Lawyer. Welcome in to the Outlaw Lawyers, Josh Whitaker and Joe Hamer, managing partners, Whitaker and Hamer law firm, practicing attorneys here in North Carolina, offices conveniently located, Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Goldsboro, Fuquay, Verina, Gastonia, and now in Moorhead City.

I'm Morgan Patrick, consumer advocate. We hit the legalese every single week, and we also give you an opportunity, if you've got a situation you're facing and you've got questions, you can always get in touch with Whitaker and Hamer. Here's the number 800-659-1186.

That's 800-659-1186. Or you can email questions to the show, questions at What a tremendous intro. Josh, let's bring you in.

And please explain that that that verbiage was not from me, but it was from somewhere else. So last week, chat GPT wrote your intro Morgan, and they wrote it in the style of a 80s shock jock. Alright, so this this week, we went a little different. Joe, what was our prompt this week? We went and this was your it was your prompt, man.

You've got the brain for this. It was a sultry 90s R&B quiet storm style intro. I'm sorry, I gave it more of a tractor pull. That was great. I thought it was very well done. Yeah, very well written and very well done. It was really good.

Way better than the rest of the show is gonna be. That's for sure. I was the peak down all downhill. I missed that, man. I don't know that maybe that lives somewhere on on radio now, but I missed that though. It's there somewhere. I don't know where the quiet storm. Yeah, it's something like that.

Yeah, you walk it right up to the post. I mean, you just don't hear it much anymore. You know, it made me think about that. I got in the car and Amazon music came up. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to listen to on the right over here because I got a long ride to the studio. I was going to figure out what I was going to listen to. And a shot A's greatest hits came up. So I did a little shot A's greatest hits on the way to the to the studio. So I'm feeling very mellow, very quiet, stormy, right?

Yeah, and that intro puts you right, right back. I wasn't mellow, man. I came in here, jacked up. You did. I was chugging my coffee, man.

Pounding it. And so I came in here caffeinated to the gills. Wow. And you're throwing shot A out there. Yeah. And he threw shot A out there.

And I just want to take a nap. I had a I had a I say I had I had a good friend in high school and college and in my early years, he passed away, unfortunately. But man, you keep bringing the sorry, bringing this vibe down, man. But But anyway, one of the things he would do, you know, this is back in the day when you with one of our activities, like one of our favorite hobbies was we had time as as kids, high schoolers, college students, we go to the used CD store, right? Yeah, yeah. What was that place called, man? Was there like one particular one? What was that one?

You know what I'm talking about? Well, there's one one. The one at State. Yeah. What was that one called?

Near Cup of Joe? Yeah, that's not the one you're talking about. That's the one. I don't remember.

Isn't there like a one? Yeah, I don't remember what that was called. What was the one over by?

Was it Mission Valley theater? They have that one called? I don't remember. That's the one I remember as a boy. Yeah, it was beside the Cup of Joe. Yeah. That's the one you're talking about. See, don't ever doubt me, man. Well, we used to go there and he would just bring up, you know, he would just bring to me CDs. He's like, man, you got to listen to the CD.

Why? And I would and that was one of the shotties greatest hits came out. That was back in the day. There was like a three year period where everybody did their greatest hits. I don't know there was any anybody from like the 80s and 90s put out a greatest hits album. And so shotties greatest hits.

But what was the name of that police man? school kids records? Was that it?

Is that what it's called? Yeah, that wasn't Yeah, that was a great spot record bar. School kids record record bar school kids was on Hillsborough Street. Was it also at Mission Valley? This place is it's at Mission Valley now. I'm trying to find what the name of that place was because I remember that place. Yeah. I bought like the first CDs I ever bought there.

That's the true story, man. Yeah, they used to have you CDs and then I'm trying I guess now it's just record stores, right? You go to you go to record stores, right? You can go to anywhere now. You just get it off the Internet.

There's there's virtual, right? But if you wanted to shop for your music, you would go to like a like bookstores. Even like old used bookstores have like borders.

Yeah, Barnes and Noble, they would have a music section. They don't anymore. It's not quite as popular as it used to be, man. So the point of the story is that was the thing that we used to do all the time that we no longer do. That was a thing like you had like, it's Saturday. You know, when you're a kid, when you're students, sometimes you have some leisure time.

You don't really get that as adults. And you didn't have the internet. You couldn't just sit on the internet. You could play video games all day with your friends. I guess you could meet somebody, you get a cup of coffee, and then you peruse used music media. Man, we're talking about perusing.

And you just you know, another thing. The kids these days, man, like, think about going to like a video store, like not even a block. I'm talking like pre blockbuster. I'm talking like a town video store. And just picking a movie based off of the that would be the cover. Yeah, that would be a VHS tape.

Yeah, that was you peruse, man. You can't I bet you don't even have a VHS player. I do have one. You would have the wrong person.

Yeah, I'm trying to get my dream cast working. Oh, well, good luck with that. I got I've got all the old systems up in the attic. And I'm not gonna try to get it.

Wow. There's no point in doing it. But I've got them. But yeah, I missed that, man. I miss being able to go and just pick up pick a movie based off of the cover, man. I guess you can still do it with a thumbnail. It's just not the same. You remember if you were going to blockbuster, and you didn't get there early enough?

On like a Friday? How crazy blockbuster would be insane, man. Or if there was like a new movie that came out, they'd have like 25 copies of it, but they'd all be gone.

Now you'd always have to cruise by the return rack. Yes, that's true. Put them up on the wall.

They're sitting right there. And they have them categorized and just kind of gonna sneak by and you kind of look and you see your your title, you grab it. You know what the best part of blockbuster was? That was the when the movies were too old, and they had to sell them for like a month. And you get tons of movies that way. That's how I got casino. Yeah, a lot of movies that way, man. A lot of movies that way. I miss that, man.

Yeah, we'll ever get if I ever just get ridiculously rich. I'm opening a crappy lose money video still purposes of nostalgia. They're still open, man. If you go to the right place. I mean, in Raleigh, I don't think you're gonna find any or Charlotte, but you go to the right places. They're still there. I think they do that at the Alamo Drafthouse place, right? They rent movies there. I'm pretty sure.

I think you can rent like a VHS player too, since most folks, but, uh, and there's still red boxes around. You see him everywhere. Yeah, let's come on, man.

Well, you wouldn't know it. But what we're gonna do today, what we do every week to do this. We're gonna talk about blockbuster for the next 45 minutes. Yep.

All right. This is the outlaw lawyer. It is a show where we me and Joe designed this show to sit down and talk about legal items in the news and answer listener questions that you might have for an attorney. So last week, we spent a lot of time answering questions this week, where there's actually enough stuff in the news. I thought we should talk about and I'll go ahead and preface this by saying, you know, Joe and I, when we're on the show, we're very a political, very political outside of the show, too.

But on the show, we don't take an angle. We don't care if you're Republican. We don't care for Democrat.

We don't care if you're unaffiliated. When we talk about stuff that's politically charged, we try to talk about it just like it came into our office, just like it's a client that's coming to our office and said, Hey, here's what I'm dealing with. And we try to look at it as reasonable, experienced attorneys. And so that's what we're gonna do today. So we're gonna talk about some stuff that is kind of politically charged. So the you know, in our next segment, we're gonna talk about it. We're gonna talk about, we're in the studio on Wednesday. So I always remind people that so if you're listening to us via podcast, or on radio stations, Saturday and Sunday, there's going to be a lot of news that comes out on this. And so we're getting together Wednesday morning, in the studio, we're gonna talk about the Donald Trump charges, right? So there's an a Manhattan da. And that's the big news right now is that there might indict former President Donald Trump on some charges.

And so I thought it would be good. Most of the articles that I've read, are really just focusing on what's going to happen once he's charged, you know, they're worried about protest, maybe some violence, the presidential election. So all the news that I'm reading is kind of Ford focused on what's going to happen as a result of this. I didn't find a lot about what's actually happening as far as the charges go evidence, what the trial might look like, things like that.

And so I thought it would be, again, I use this word too much interesting. If Joe and I discussed the actual charges, and so we're going to do that. We're going to spend some time I know Attorney General, the North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein just spoke out on him, the realty. Me and Joe, our firm handles a lot of real estate transactions.

This is a company out of I believe, out of Florida, that tries to get people to they pay people money in exchange for a contract where if they are in the list, their house in the next 40 years, they will use in the realty. And we've run into that a time or two, Joseph. So we're going to talk about that.

And got a few other things. There's a gambling bill before the house. And Joseph and I are, I think it's fair to say we're proponents of sports gambling. Yeah, man. I think it's a great thing.

I think it's super healthy. So we're gonna talk about that. And then we've got a few listener questions. So we got a veritable cornucopia of legal topics to discuss.

All right, big words on the show today. The outlaw liars Josh Whitaker and Joe Hamer Whitaker and Hamer law firms where you can find them. Offices conveniently located in Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Goldsboro, Fuquay, Varina, Gastonia, and now in Morehead City. And just remember, Josh and Joe are pricing attorneys here in North Carolina, and again, managing partners of the firm.

If you've got a legal situation that you are facing, you've got questions and you need some answers. I've got a phone number for you 800-659-1186. That's 800-659-1186. Leave your contact information briefly what that call is about. And an attorney with Whitaker and Hamer will be in touch and you can always email your questions to the show and we'll answer them on a future broadcast questions at the outlaw

We're back right after this. Welcome back into the outlaw liars Josh Whitaker and Joe Hamer Whitaker and Hamer law firm, the managing partners there and pricing attorneys here in North Carolina. Offices conveniently located in Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Goldsboro, Fuquay, Varina, Gastonia, and now in Morehead City.

I'm Morgan Patrick consumer. Advocate, we hit the legal topics each and every week. If you've got a situation you're facing, got a question for the attorneys, you can always call the firm 800-659-1186. That's 800-659-1186. And leave your contact information briefly what the question is about the call is about. And they will be in touch with you.

You can also email the show questions at the outlaw Josh, where are we going first? Well, you know, I wanted to I wanted to talk about, I can't imagine a more controversial issue to have to reasonably discuss than anything surrounding Donald Trump, right?

Because you're either when you're talking to somebody, it's hard to find someone who's in different. Yeah. Have you heard about this Donald Trump guy? Yeah, he's really out there. He's polarizing.

Yeah, yes, he was a president. I have known from that that TV show, you know, I think as I think as a as a society, you know, we get to we've gotten to a point where I think most most people, most reasonable people can maybe shy away, especially like if you're in the business community, kind of shy away from from talking about anything political because it is so polarized, right? cowards.

So I would never. But anyway, when I talk to people, they either they either, you know, love, love Trump, right? Big, big Trump supporters, or they think he's the devil incarnate, right? And there doesn't seem to be any in between. Usually the in between are the more, like, the rest of the re like the people who are in between, man, those are my those in between people who can see both sides 20, right? There's a few there's not a ton of them, right? They're few and far, especially anyone you just meet that's willing to discuss it with you. They're usually, they're usually hard core one way or the other, man. And here, here are dying to talk to you about Donald Trump have a strong opinion about it. I, you know, here at that lawyer re really try to minimize politics because politics really shouldn't should not play into some of the things that we're going to talk about. They do. We're not we're not stupid, and we understand that they do.

But we try to talk about it from that in between perspective, right? And so and so here the past past week or two, and I'm sure by the time we get to we get to air, there'll be some some news we're not privy to. But right now, it seems that there's a Manhattan da who is is working on getting Mr. Trump indicted on, you know, the I think it's a little speculative.

We know we know the facts. But when I when I tried to try to read up on it, so it seems like, you know, this all goes back, you know, Mr. Trump is alleged to have had a fair with what's her name? Stormy Daniels. Wow, you were real quick with that.

I'm not gonna research research. It's not like I googled her. I'm looking at number 27 on the list. I don't know what number she is.

It's gotta be low. So so he had an alleged affair with with Stormy Daniels. And then there was some kind of nondisclosure agreement that was worked out between his attorney at the time, and and Miss Daniels. And there was some some money paid as part of that nondisclosure. So some people call that hush money, and some people would call that a settlement agreement, some people call that a nondisclosure. But anyway, there was a contract, there was an agreement between the two of them to say, Hey, we're not going to talk about this. There were some other litigation, and then it kind of came out, despite this nondisclosure agreement. Anyway, so the the crux of the issue appears to be from what I can tell Joseph, and maybe you've read something else, the crux of the issue is, is some money, I think it was like 130 grand. So 100,000 plus was paid to Miss Daniels as part of this agreement. However you feel about that, that's what happened.

That's what was done. And so what's happening now is, you know, Mr. Trump's former attorney who helped him on this matter has turned state's witness, right, is was working with prosecutors. And they're alleging that Mr. Trump, former President Trump falsified business records, they wrote wrote this off wrote this out to make it appear as if it was legal fees, as opposed to what it was. And then they're they're taking an angle as well, where I think they're trying to classify it as an improper campaign donation.

So that's right. So the the initial charge, though, is is a simple misdemeanor, right? So if also, and in some states, that's not even a thing that's illegal, like you shouldn't falsify your business records. But in some states, that's not illegal, unless you couple it with something else. There's not like an independent charge for falsifying business records, because they're your business records, right? This is, you know, so they're basically saying that this was itemized wrong, this was entered into the Mr. Trump's business ledger incorrectly. And that at best, that charge by itself is a misdemeanor. Well, we're gonna get into a felony, right? But yeah, but they they're connecting it then saying this is this is part of some election campaign finance fraud, which would make it a felony punishable by at least four years, at least punishable to four years in prison. So, you know, this has been an ongoing issue.

I don't know when the when the thing started. But is that your understanding, Joseph? Yeah, that's you nailed the understanding. So you start at you start at that misdemeanor. And then it's not it's the elevation from misdemeanor to felony is, it comes from the prosecutors are going to have to show that that Trump intended to defraud, which could be intent to commit or conceal a second crime. And that second crime, there the it seems the allegation is going to be that there was that violation of election law. So hush money itself may not be inherently illegal, like you said, like you can call it a lot of things. And it in and of itself may not be illegal. But when they argue that that payout basically became an improper donation to his campaign.

And they you know, the argument being that it benefited his candidacy because it silenced something that would have been damaging to it. I think that's where you start getting at that second crime. To me. And again, I'm just I'm just speaking like if this came across my desk, if this was something I was looking at, I'm not a district attorney. I've never been on that side of it.

And you've never paid off porn stars, as far as I'm aware. But I mean, you look at this, and you know, I just don't see that there's enough there. Like if I was the prosecutor, you know, I don't know, maybe I'm looking at it wrong. Maybe this would have been a good show to have a local, you know, ada assistant district attorney or somebody on the show to talk about their, their angle from the prosecution side.

We're we're defense, right? That's what our firm would do our, our firm would be in the on the criminal defense side. But, man, if I looked at that as a criminal defense attorney, I just don't I feel like that's a tough burden to have to prove a misdemeanor. I like I don't know that they can prove the misdemeanor, let alone like get to that second step.

Yeah, it's tough, man, me, I agree with you. And if you look at all the literature on this right now, it seems like that's the consensus among all legal experts. New York prosecutors, you know, according again, to these legal export experts have never, they've never before combined that falsifying business records charge with a violation of election law. And not just in a presidential campaign election, but in any federal campaign. So it's an it's uncharted territory.

And I think it's very possible, you could see the judge, you know, outright throw it out or reduce it back to the misdemeanor that it was. But we talked about how we're very apolitical, right? And we're going to remove the politics from it. But you look at this and this decision to prosecute and this entire thing. And it's about as political as it gets, man, you know, it's got to be, you know, you know, you might you might be inclined to think that that Mr. Trump, former President Trump has done a lot of things.

Wronged and a lot of things bad. And maybe, man, maybe that's the case. Like, I'm not here to defend Trump. But it seems of all the things, if you if you're inclined to believe that he's done wrongdoing, it seems like this has got to be the smallest of all the wrongdoings you believe. You know, I just it seems so minute and minor. Like you're almost I feel like if if this is politically motivated, I don't know, I don't even want to speculate.

But yeah, it seems it seems pretty weak to me. And I'm just looking at it from the criminal defense side. But I see so many you got to prove he knew about it. You're going to have to prove, you know, your witnesses or a former porn star and his former attorney who served federal prison time, right? I mean, unless they're holding some bombshell that we don't know about. Yeah, that in that that's always a possibility. But at the same time, this is this is something that's been widely publicized.

I think we've we've gotten a lot of reporting about what's going on behind closed doors and what the the grand jury has seen. And I don't know, man, it'll it's super political, right? And like you said, you're talking about one of the he's got to be one of the most polarizing people that there's ever been. Right?

Yeah, I think so. I'd like to if you put a list together of like the most polarizing people in terms of like, you've got people that would just lay in front of a truck for him for some reason, you got people who would run those people over. So it's you got both extremes, man. And when you when you've got someone like that, you see situations like this. And like, there's folks out there who just they hinge on this, right? Like this is everything to them, like him going down for this or him not going down for this. And that's why it makes you a little nervous.

You talk about there could be protests, and there could be violence as a result of this. And you've got people who look at it. Again, it's crazy how you see both people on both sides, man, you've got people who look at it as like, it's everything that he goes down for this. And like, as strongly as you believe that it's not a it's a minor thing. They believe this is everything. And then you've got people who are like, if this happens, man, this is the fabric of our society being eroded.

And it's rare that you get those types of issues, man. If someone came into my office, you know, we're again, this is a good time to remind you, Joseph and I were the partners of Whitaker and Hamer. We're a statewide law firm here in North Carolina, but we are only licensed to practice in North Carolina. So if somebody came into my office here in North Carolina, let's say this is something you could even be charged with the North Carolina, I would take that case, man, I'd be like, Hey, man, we got we got some we can work for you here, we can do some good stuff for you here, because this is all going to be hard to prove. And then finding, you know, if this goes before a jury, finding a jury who's not prejudiced already talking about polarizing, like, and he's like, it's going to get appealed, you know, this is not going to be, you know, he's not going to come in here and plead guilty. So the prosecution is going to have to work really hard. I'd be really interested to find out what some prosecutors think about this.

Because if you think he's a bad dude, and you want to take him down, I just don't know that this is the one I would choose to do it. And I've seen that in a lot of media. But uh, but anyway, that's the actual charges. Not many people are talking about what the actual charges are. But that we're talking about a misdemeanor that could be parlayed into a felony. And that's it. That's all we're talking about. Yeah, I think you see that a lot with with Trump again, man, you see the a lot of times you get the extremes on both sides. And again, they're not interested in the facts, like no, neither side is going to look too deeply into it. It's just they see the article, they can see the headline. And it's like, let's go, man, I'm ready to put it.

Let's do it. What do you mean? Like former president porn star? I mean, it's gonna get a lot of charges against Donald Trump. That's all they need to see. And they're like, so I had to do a lot of, you know, I've been following it, you know, here comes the research.

Oh, yeah. So I'll do the Stormy Daniels research, you do the rest. I googled it and I had to I mean, I had to do like nine or 10 clicks before I got to like, hey, what is the actual charge going to be?

Sure. And I think it was an AP story, actually. But I found a good I found a good story that kind of did it.

And I went and looked at some statutes. But but anyway, we'll see what the fallout is. It seems to me, this seems to be what would you say? What you do about nothing?

I think you could you could say that. Yep. All right. The outlaw liars. We are finishing up the conversation on the Trump charges coming up next.

MV Realty. And again, what that means for North Carolina, the lawyers will be addressing that. Now, if you have a legal situation that you're facing and you've got some questions, you need some answers. I've got a phone number for you. Eight hundred six, five, nine, eleven, eighty six.

That's eight hundred six, five, nine, one, one, eight, six. Leave your contact information briefly what the call is about. And an attorney with Whitaker and Hamer will be in touch. And you can always email your questions to the show. Questions at the outlaw lawyer dot com. More outlaw lawyer right after this. Welcome back into the outlaw liars. Josh Whitaker and Joe Hamer, managing partners, Whitaker and Hamer law firm, hosts of the show, practicing attorneys here in North Carolina and offices conveniently located almost everywhere. Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Goldsboro, Fuquay, Varina, Gastonia.

And now down at the coast, Morehead City. I'm Morgan Patrick, consumer advocate. Each and every week it is legalese.

They get into the topics that everybody's talking about them and you get an opportunity. If you've got a legal situation that you're facing, you can always contact the firm. Eight hundred six, five, nine, one, one, eight, six.

That's eight hundred six, five, nine, eleven, eighty six. And you leave your contact information briefly what the call is about. And an attorney with Whitaker and Hamer will be in touch. And you can email us here at the show.

Questions at the outlaw lawyer dot com will answer those on a future program. And I believe we're going to go real estate next. We are. We are.

We'll get there. But, you know, I was just thinking during the break, you know, we're talking about blockbuster. We're talking about how we used to go get used CDs and and how it's not that way anymore. But I think I thought it'd be what is your favorite best of tape, CD album, whatever it is, your favorite.

And it doesn't have to be your favorite artist, but your favorite best of who? Well, you know, I don't have favorites of anything other than favorite to radio co-hosts, which is clearly the two of you. But you know what? A good one. You know, a good one, man. Good one.

Meatloaf meatloaf. All right. Well, that's good. Yeah, it's good. You're you're right. It's good style.

That is so sad. You're ahead of your time there that you were ahead of my time. Come on, man. It's meatloaf.

You were pretty young back then. Yeah. So I like a lot of different music, you know, and like meatloaf. I'm getting there.

All right. My my wife likes a lot of a lot of music. Very, you know, we what's her favorite genre?

What does she like to she's she's kind of she was raised on the 60s, 70s rock. So I think that's where she she's a big meatloaf like meatloaf. Big meatloaf fan. Who's not? I'm not what I want.

For what reason? I want to like other than because you're an idiot. I want to be more of a meatloaf. But meatloaf, I want to be more of a meatloaf. Meatloaf.

I want to be more of a loaf. That's that's what we call the fans. I just can't get there like that. But why? I don't know.

Two reasons. It's too it's too good. Opera, right? It's too is too that.

Like I don't like art. Yeah, yeah. My mom would put the meatloaf on while she was clean again. So much for me is just like nostalgic resonation of these things that I remember from my my childhood.

So that's a lot of stuff. That's a lot of the meatloaf appeal. I have it. I have a theory. It's not a super interesting theory, but it does have to do with meatloaf. I have a theory that you can either be you're either a fan of meatloaf or you're a fan of any money, but you can't get both. OK, man.

I've never met anybody who's like super into meatloaf and super into any money. Both who passed away recently. Yes. Yeah. Tragic.

It's tragic. If I had to choose between the two meatloaf. Yeah, man. I go any money. Who wins in a fight? You tell me the answer that way. Any money was pretty big guy.

Scrappy. Any money would fall on him and it would be over. Do you see if you watch meatloaf do anything and he tries harder than you've ever tried anything in your life, sweating, giving it a thousand percent. And I can respect that.

Does any money give it a thousand percent? So my OK. He's shaking. He's always shaking. Yeah. Hey, you know, meatloaf me. What is with you and not being able to say meatloaf's name? No, me.

What's the respect on that low? Do you know who meatloaf's son-in-law is? No, but he's probably awesome, too. Yeah. Yeah. It's got Ian from Anthrax, his daughter, Eddie Money's son. And he's not that cool. Yeah, exactly.

Morgan graded best of ACDC live. That's good. That's good. Give me give me another one. You were too quick with that one. Give me a deep cut. Yeah.

Give me a give me your sneaky. They're not. They're just classics, man.

So I love the Rolling Stones greatest hits. I mean, I just. Yes. Did you do yours?

You didn't do, you know, and I was waiting for him to do his and I don't like journey. Yeah, that's all right. I can. That's another one that my mom would clean to man. What's your mom used to clean to like carpenters? Carpenters fan.

Not me personally, but you. But you've got it. Like when you hear the carpenters, you probably think that's what I think of.

So like, man, this house is going to be so clean. There is a if you're so my my my non sneaky pick my main more more mainstream pick as there is a Lynyrd Skynyrd box set. It's green. Okay, it's got a lot of most of the Lynyrd Skynyrd dialogue is most of the stuff that you don't hear on the radio. But a lot of deep cuts is four disc is really good. My sneaky pick is Cinderella man.

Cinderella's greatest hits. I've seen him. Yeah, Myrtle Beach on the way on the way down. Okay. All right. That's good. All right.

Well, back to the law, which is what we're supposed to be doing. All right. All right. So I I've seen this a lot. I woke up.

I woke up the other day to some news. And so the North Carolina attorney general has is kind of going to bring an action against him the realty. And so I think they're based out of Florida.

I might be wrong on that. I can't I can't MV realty is based out. I don't know.

I'll say Florida. I thought I was going to be right here in this article. This is this is a company. There's a lot of this in real estate. There's companies that do things that are by the strict letter of the law may be legal, but are a little bit sneaky and and and in a way.

And so these these folks, you know, I have to be very careful because they're just alleged of doing things that are, you know, the Attorney General doesn't like but I don't know anybody. I don't represent in the realty, but we see him. We do title searches, right? If you go to buy a piece of property, and the contract comes to us, we're going to do a title search.

We're going to look back 30 60 sometimes over 100 years, depending on what the circumstances require. We're gonna make sure there's no liens, and there's no obligations outstanding on that property that your seller can sell it to you free and clear. And so when we're doing these title searches, we've seen these pop up. And so you know what it appears these folks do is they they come to you, and they offer you a certain amount of money.

I've seen 6000 I've seen 2000. But they offer you some money and say, Look, I'm going to give you this money now. Sure, do with it what you want. You sign this agreement that I'm going to record down at the register of deeds. And and when you decide to sell your property, whenever that may be, in the next 40 years, you have to use me as a listing real estate agent, meaning they would be the real estate agent who got a commission for selling your house, they would put it on MLS, they would they would advertise it, they would sell it for you, they would be your real estate agent as a seller. And so in exchange for this amount, you know, what's we'll call it $5,000.

So in exchange for $5,000, you're saying if I sell my house in the next 40 years, which you will most likely do, yeah, right, most people do sell a house and I mean, 40 years is a long time, then they have to be a real estate agent. And it's it makes it hard for you to sell your house, it can be a title defect. And then they don't want your money back, right? You can't you know, they've got this lien and this ends up acting as kind of a lien on your house and makes it difficult to sell. We've seen this kill a bunch of deals.

I've seen it kill two or three transactions, I think. Yeah, it is a lien. It's not like like a lien. It's like it's a it's a cloud on your title.

It's a cloud on title. And, you know, the argument from the the Attorney General of our great state is that it's unfair, it's unlawful, and they're preying on kind of unsuspecting vulnerable folks. And most of the folks who are doing this are folks that generally, you know, need some money at the time, right. And, again, they're, they're entering into these agreements, and they're getting this money, right? Like, it's not that I don't think the allegations are like, they're not receiving what they were told. But I think that it's more that they don't fully understand the implications of the agreement.

So but yeah, you're right, man, I've seen it torpedo some deals for sure. Yeah, this is this is akin to, you know, when you buy a house, there's a lot of stuff going on public records, a deed, there might be a deed of trust. The county, the state, they want a lot of that information for tax records. And so a lot of this is public record. And when you buy a house, you a lot of times get solicited in the mail, they try to make it sound very urgent, like you need to I think it was like 83 bucks, if you pay us a three bucks, we'll get you a copy of your deed, you need this.

And you don't need it, you don't you don't need it at all. But if you pay them 83 bucks for it, and they actually send you something, well, it's not fraud, right? Because they did what they said they were going to do. And so you know, this outfit operates. And it's a little unethical, right?

It's a little sketchy, because they're selling you something no one needs a little sketchy. But then again, the interest of us always presenting both sides of the argument, which is what we do here. Because we have integrity. You look at it from their perspective, and their perspective is like, look, we're offering this program. And if you're selling your house with a realtor, you're entering into an exclusive right to list agreement with that realtor, and you're agreeing to pay them money, but you're getting no benefit out of the gate, they're giving you nothing, we're giving you money out of the gate right immediately. And then if you look at the entire term of this agreement, it's going to be comparable in terms of what you're ultimately going to pay out, and they're giving you nothing for it. And and then there are other argument, this is where their argument falls apart, if you're if you're not an idiot, but there are other argument is there's no liens put on your property. And what we're doing doesn't affect their cloud, your title. And that's a flat out, erroneous statement, you know, I think they're saying that they just file a memorandum that lets folks know about this agreement.

But what they don't understand is that is the very definition of a cloud on your title, you have the cloudiest title that you can have. And I think that's if they are out there, that is where it falls apart for me personally, if you're representing like, hey, we're not doing you know, there's nothing there's no lien on your property, there's no cloud. It's, it's, I guess technically, there's no lien in the sense that they can't, they can't go out and execute anything to foreclose you realize this lien, but it's a billion percent of clouding your title, and it's going to kill your closing dead, unless you resolve it. Yeah, it's, you know, when something gets recorded, it's out there.

You know, we we talk about this on the show all the time. But you know, when we search title, we find old deeds of trust, right? Maybe that didn't get canceled from people to three owners before you, but it's still technically a lien.

We may all feel pretty confident it's been paid off or something would have happened by now you'd have been foreclosed on or but but it's still there. And that's always the worst cause I have to call somebody made it look man, I know this isn't in your name, but 15 years ago, so and so John Smith got a lien when he owned your property, it was never properly canceled. And you're gonna have to take care of it.

And it ain't gonna be a lot of fun. It ain't gonna be one phone call. It's a bummer of a call to get but but this is to we've had a lot of people who've sold their property, you know, thought they were gonna, you know, get their mortgage paid off and move on. And then we call them be like, Hey, did you take this?

Did you get $3,000 from envy Realty? And they're like, Oh, yeah, yeah, I forgot about that. And they, you know, again, it's usually at least what I've seen. Personally, it's, you know, someone who's been in bankruptcy really needed the money and somebody whose spouse just died, like, these folks seem to find people who who maybe have an immediate need.

But anyway, it'll be fun to see how it plays out. This is another this is another item, though, I'll be interested to see what the arguments are for the attorney who's going to defend envy Realty from these charges, because I think there's some, like you said, there's some arguments to be made. In the realty making the show today, the outlaw lawyers, Josh Whitaker and Joe Hamer, they're your hosts. They're also the managing partners at Whitaker and Hamer law firm, practicing attorneys here in the great state of North Carolina offices conveniently located Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Goldsboro, Fuquay, Verina, Gastonia, and now in Morehead City.

If you've got a legal situation that you're facing, you've got some questions, you need some answers. I've got a phone number for you. 800-659-1186.

That's 800-659-1186. Leave your contact info briefly what the calls about an attorney with Whitaker and Hamer will be in touch. You can also email your questions to the show questions at the outlaw We come back sports betting and North Carolina.

Yes, it makes the show. The outlaw lawyers, Josh Whitaker, Joe Hamer, managing partners, Whitaker and Hamer law firm, hosts of the outlaw lawyers, they're practicing attorneys here in North Carolina offices conveniently located Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Goldsboro, Fuquay, Verina, Gastonia, and Morehead City. Josh, take it away. All right. We've talked about some legal stuff today.

I feel pretty good. Yeah, man. So let's derail this train. No, no. About the blockbuster and Cinderella's greatest hit. No, I was gonna tell you, you know, we were talking last week, if you listen last week, we're talking about the guy who's using a bot to draw all the presidents.

Yeah, all 50 presidents as wrestlers. So he keeps just changing this theme. And I was, what was that guy's name? Do you remember?

I can find it. I'll find we'll say his name if you don't see because I'm not this smart. So I give him credit. He keeps working this president's theme. And so I saw it was yesterday, I think he saw because of the in theory, the upcoming indictment of Trump, he decided to make all the president's cam Harless.

Yes. He was gonna he's he's on Twitter. He was gonna make them all as a comic book super villains. It's fantastic. You really going through it right now.

And I'll give you some of my favorites. I super villainous. He's got a poster. Yeah, support this guy, man.

Yeah, we really should. Yeah, he's doing some good work. He's out there. He's out there doing what I can only imagine.

I'm not smart enough to figure this out. No, he's got Obama as the Joker. Trump is the red skull.

Oh, I didn't even see that one. Joe Biden's swamp thing. I guess I don't know.

He looks like a zombie swamp thing or something like that. Yeah. Anyways, anyways, he's doing good work. Guys.

This guy's bringing the entertainment to the masses. The what what? I feel like you just had I just feel like your brain just died on us in the middle of this thing. It does that once a show.

I just it just it just stops moving. Yeah. What do we what was your last thing? You had a last thing? I thought you had a really off meat meatloaf. Yeah, yeah, meat. No, it wasn't meatloaf. It wasn't. If your mom would have listened to meatloaf cleaning up your house would have been 30% cleaner easily.

She's listening to the car. You can't clean on the carpenters, man. Come on. Can you guys even name besides besides shaking? Can you even name an Eddie money song? No. Yeah. Two tickets to paradise. Oh, yeah.

Good job. Oh, yeah. I want to go back.

I can't name one that compares to meatloaf's worst song. There needs to be there's someone needs to get like I've been reading about it for years is like, you know, the holograms like eventually you're taking me home tonight. How about that? I couldn't I didn't know that was him. I'll give him props for that one.

That's a good song. I've been reading about it for years how we're like on the cusp of this hologram technology where you're going to pay to go somewhere and you're going to see like, yeah, Michael Jackson and Prince and for shit and Biggie Smalls, you can see all these people like one stage, you know, believe you're gonna like believe it's true. Yeah, and they'll have the AI to back it up, man. And they'll go to the point where they'll be able to through the power of technology, they'll be able to probably fairly accurately, like reproduce their personalities. And yeah, that's crazy to think about, man, the depths to which they're going. So I want to jump ahead of that.

I want that technology to come here. And then I want to see like dead artists versus other dead artists. Yeah, like a wrestling. Yeah, yeah, like a music slash wrestling.

You're so ahead of the curve. Oh, they're singing and they're wrestling one another. Yeah, they sing first.

They wrestle later. Yeah, I like that. I like that a lot, man. Like some kind of hologram game show.

Yes, yes. I think what it's gonna be, man, I think we're gonna buy like the hologram thing is great. But I think we're gonna go the the the augmented reality route. And we'll be able to you'll be able to put on those fancy glasses you've got right now. And you'll be able to see zombie Joe Biden right beside me.

The supervillain version. Back to legal back to legal. We've talked about this before. We're hopefully we don't have to talk about it much more. Hopefully it just becomes a thing.

But you know, the North Carolina, I believe the North Carolina House just passed a version of the bill that may allow sports betting in North Carolina. Have you been following that Joseph? I have not been following that Joshua, but we talked about it the last time I thought it was a slam dunk, brother, and he just disappeared. And it just fell off the radar. So I can tell you what didn't fall off the radar gambling. I can tell you people have still been gambling. Look, that's the thing, man. People are doing it right? Yeah, like sure. There's people in North there's a lot of North Carolina citizens gambling right this minute. Yeah. And you know, who's making no money off of that ACC. This the state of North Carolina are not benefiting whatsoever.

I don't understand. I've never understood the justification for the, you know, making certain things illegal. Right? You know, like, you know, of course, alcohol is legal, but it's tightly I would I would argue tightly control. Sure, you know, you know, as best that can, like, how much more like, what else could you do to regulate it?

Right? Yeah, well, you know, I give the example, you know, I go to New York, and they regulate a lot of stuff, right? You know, I have a concealed carry. But I, you know, when we travel to New York, I can't concealed carry. I'll go to prison, right? Yeah, for sure, man.

I know that hurts you to have your burner on. But you you walk into like a convenience store in New York, you buy any liquor you want to write and you just I'll get the six pack of beer and give me eight bottles of Jack Daniels, you know, there's no big deal. And down here, I could carry a gun anywhere I wanted to. But like, I can only buy my liquor at an ABC store Monday through Saturday, certain hours. Yeah.

So this goes back. But that argument goes back to I think marijuana in North Carolina. It's it's it seems ridiculous. Same concept, man guarantee a lot of people smoking on that marijuana in North Carolina and the state of North Carolina making zero dollars off of that. Why why spend the money? So why spend the money to criminalize gambling, criminalize marijuana, you know, have our officers out there, you know, lives on the line defending these laws to make the stuff illegal when and the resources required to prosecute to do, you know, yeah, I'm with you, man, as opposed to making it legal, heavily regulating it. Educating about the drug is it's not like we're sitting here saying like, if you go smoke a bunch of weed and just gamble, like that's not it's not like that's a slam dunk for a good life plan. Like there's definitely drawbacks. And there's people whose lives have been ruined by absolutely, absolutely.

We're not sitting here saying like it's the best thing ever to go do it. But at the same time, like there's the reality is there that you're right, people are doing it. And there, there's a lot of places where this has been legalized. And you've seen just exponential benefits to the state in terms of revenue that was generated.

And I'd be interested to see scientific studies about, you know, the drawbacks, right, like to the citizenry, like all the fact that it's legalized, you know, has had these places just fallen into just complete disarray because of it, you know? Yeah. Well, back to sports betting, people are doing it like it's very, you can, you, you could do it very easily. The, you know, the NCAA, you know, people pick their brackets.

And, uh, my kids were asking me, my kids want to get into like an NCAA pool. And technically, that's a little late. But yeah, it's a little late now, but now's the time to do it, brother.

Now's the time to do it. State first round. It's over.

It's India. I'm not going to want to send it, man. I don't want us to bring it up on today's show, you know, like state, Duke, Carolina, all night, all out of the tournament or not, not in the tournament as the case may be, but it determines over. I care less what happens. What does ACC have left going into the weekend?

Oh, that's right. We do have Miami and I'm pulling from Miami. I'm not going to watch him play. I'm not going to pay attention to any of the results, man.

I'm very disgruntled about that. That tournament, man, about that tournament. You know, I was really hoping the ACC would show up for that, man.

And we do. Yeah, Duke had an unfortunate injury, man. And then had to play a football game. Unfortunately, you know? Yeah, it was a very physical game. Yeah. Tennessee called for seven less fouls and they were called all year long and they were just out there mugging folks, man. I like a good mugging. That's the third best defensive team in the country. And now we know murder people.

Yeah, when you can outright murder people. You know, it was fun, though. You know, the tournament's over and I don't care who wins it. I'll never remember who wins it. It doesn't matter to me. I don't even know if it matters who wins it, right?

I don't know if Princeton wins it. We'll remember that. I'll be fine with that, too. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'd be okay. But again, I'm not gonna watch them play.

No, not at all. The World Baseball Classic was fun. Yeah, yeah. And hockey. You watch that instead of hockey. What's up with you not supporting your North Carolina hockey team? I think everybody knows I love hockey as much as a, well, that's not true. I was gonna say as much as a native North Carolinian who grew up not knowing hockey or understanding hockey or even realizing that hockey was a game. Sure.

Could like hockey. But it's growing on you, man. That's what it does.

It grows on you like a fungus. It's very fun. It's great, man. And you just the more the more you get into it, man, the more it's gonna start taking over. Well, and it's been around for 25 years now.

Yeah, it has, man. And the kids, man. The kids love it. And it's extremely popular. It is.

It's among the kids. This is the time of the year, though, like, you know, college basketball is number one to me. That's the number one sport. And when when that's over for me, as it often is as a state fan, right? So when it's over for me, I go right into this is when I'm super excited about baseball. I really started getting into the braise for like a month.

Yeah. And then I fall out of it. And I'm like a free agent until football starts. So let me let me ask you this as a bar owner. What season is best for you from a patron standpoint? I mean, drinking season is 365. NFL.

I think it's NFL slam dunk. Yeah, I think that's that's one of the only sports people are, you know, willing. And I don't say people I mean, me too, like willing to leave their house or to watch it with other people who are fans.

It's good to go to a bar. Do you have a fan club that meets at your establishment? No, no, we were very close. We were very close to putting together a bills fan club. As you may know, I'm a Panthers fan. I the bills are a okay with me.

My wife is from Buffalo. So the kids have gravitated towards Josh Allen and the bills. I think the Panthers are gonna be really good next year, though.

Slam dunk, brother. I think we got a chance to win them back. But uh, but yeah, we have a lot of bills fans who like to come out and watch the games Panthers. We didn't have a lot of Panthers fans. That's what's tough to be. You gotta really try to be a Panthers fan lately. It's work. It's hard work, man.

It's really hard work. You guys see Cam Newton was at the Auburn. Yeah, Pro Day. Yeah.

And he worked out. Oh, yeah, I should be a backup somewhere. He probably would.

I mean, we'll see, man. There was last year, right? No one signed him last year. No. And and you know, he came back for the Panthers not long ago and had that one decent game and then it kind of fell off a cliff. But can we blame him for that? If you were to bet on Cam Newton being a backup?

If you were in a in North Carolina, making sports bet? I don't know, man. I can't pretend to be knowledgeable enough to know. He's done. I don't think he makes it back. He's a better quarterback than Eddie Money. I'll tell you that right now.

I don't know, man. Probably a better singer too. Are you talking about Eddie Money in his prime versus Cam Newton now? What was his prime? Come on. I think you take a 1979 Eddie Money.

Yeah. And he might be better than a 2023 Cam Newton. I bet Meatloaf could tackle Cam Newton, though, right now. Maybe he'd have to catch it. Yeah, I think he'd give 100%. He'd be a good right guard. He'd be a good.

You put him anywhere on that field, Josh. And he's an all pro. Speaking of all pros, the Outlaw lawyers have to take a break.

We'll be back right after this. Welcome back into the Outlaw lawyers final segment of the program. Josh Whitaker and Joe Hamer managing partners at Whitaker and Hamer and also host of this show. They're practicing attorneys here in the great state of North Carolina offices conveniently located in Raleigh, Garner, Clayton, Goldsboro, Fuquay, Verina, Gastonia, and now in Moorhead City.

If you're facing a legal situation, you need some answers. I've got a phone number for you. 800-659-1186. That's 800-659-1186. Leave your contact information briefly what that call's about and an attorney with Whitaker and Hamer will be in touch. And you can always email your questions to the show.

Questions at Josh. I got two things for you, Joseph. In our last segment, anytime we do this show, especially when it's just me and you, especially when it's just me, you and Morgan, I was going to say thank you more. Morgan's here.

Don't forget about Morgan. I feel like I have to remind the listeners that me and Joe are attorneys. And not only are we attorneys, I would play it on the radio. Yeah, we're definitely attorneys. I would argue that we're good, knowledgeable attorneys. You got to argue it, man.

I think the facts speak for themselves. I feel like when we talk about silly stuff. Sometimes we have to remind remind the folks who may be listening that that is that is, in fact, the case that we are real attorneys.

So that was the first real people to Josh. That's the other. Some of us fixate on any money. Yeah, some of us.

Yeah, we're gonna give you some some give you a couple of black marks for that. But otherwise, man, now, and we've talked about some legal things. I think it's important at this point in this juncture in the show, the last segment, we have to point out that we've talked about three legal topics, right? We get one random. The random crapshoot for every three legal topics we discuss.

So I thought the best thing to talk about for our last segment, since we've done our duty, and we've talked about three legal topics is a spillover from last segment. So let's say let's say you got yourself an XFL team. Oh, yeah. All right.

We said we gotta start plugging that XFL, man. It's fun. It is fun. Yeah. By the rock. Correct.

Yeah, it's love it, man. We like the beer snake. The DC was a DC defenders, DC defenders. You got an XFL team, but you can only have players who were also professional musicians, and they're automatically in their prime no matter dead or alive. Who's your first pick? It's a draft. Don't you take like Henry Rollins?

You could Yeah, yeah, that could be your first seems like he would have bring the intensity. Where are you putting him? I'm putting him at middle linebacker or defensive end, maybe an outside linebacker that can kind of be a hybrid and he can come he can he can get into three point stance when he's in the game.

Point stance when he's needed to. So I'm taking notes. I'm taking notes of our put this team together. How about you? I'm Morgan Morgan.

Don't say don't say any money. We're gonna Toby Keith. Yeah. Okay.

He's got the experience. Yeah, I do see that. I can see it.

I can see that. I'm going with iced tea. I'm gonna take you want to do you want to give any commentary on why I just really I just really like iced tea. I think iced tea would be a good energy guy in the huddle getting the team maybe like a safety. I got I got one.

I got a deep cut for you. Um, who's the big Hawaiian guy that sang the somewhere over the rainbow song? We're taking that guy.

We're putting him at a we're putting him at nose tackle. I don't remember his name, but when he always on oxygen, give him some oxygen. You talking about you can't have oxygen. You put that guy and keep put a pity.

You're mean jock. You're talking about oxygenated version. We're talking about prime.

You said they're automatically in their prime automatically. This guy's jacked in his prime. Obviously, you're making him like a nose guard.

Yeah, he's Vince Wilfort, baby. Yeah, you're not getting. What are you gonna do? All right, he got Morgan. Who's next? Chris Stapleton to do what to do?

What? Just tied in title. He's a big fella. Yeah, I think I think you had a good tackle. It's my turn, isn't it? I'm going offensive line, by the way. I know you're stacking up your offensive line. Sometimes you got to who's the guy from the harmonica guy from the nineties band? Blues travelers guy. Really? I'm gonna put him on the line. He lost a ton of weight.

He lost. So this is prime. Maybe you can. Maybe you pick. Maybe you don't want prime him because that's probably him when he lost his weight. Maybe you go fat him, right?

You can pick the stage of their life they're in. All right, that sounds like a good role. All right, he got next. I'm taking a Markie Mark from Mark Wahlberg when he was Markie Mark in the funky bunch back when he was committing crimes and stuff like when he was really had an edge to him. I'm putting him at running back.

That's what I'm gonna do. All right, you got Morgan vanilla ice. Really? It's a lot of the same lines. Yeah, he had a lot of energy, man. A lot of good energy. He did.

He did. I'm out of people. But, uh, you know, I think we still got some time left, right? So I, uh, this is neither here nor there. But I played, uh, I played basketball yesterday for the first time in a long time. How you feeling? Terrible.

That's what this is about. You always told me, man, I was gonna get old and decrepit like you are. And I didn't believe you. And about half the time, I was gonna get old and decrepit like you are. And I didn't believe you. And about halfway through, I realized I was like, this is the worst I've ever felt in my life.

This is the most helpless I've ever felt. For me. For me, it was. It was really 38, man.

38. I made a, I made a stat. I mean, I tried to, like, play like, you know, and it was like I was having to take aspirin before I played. I was having to take aspirin after I played. I think I've still got, I think if I, I've not been trying, I think if I try, I think I can still salvage like another seven months, man. But I got to try, like, starting today. I have to start trying. You got to live it, man.

And get in that window. But it was bad. It was really bad. And all I could think about was like, I'm turning into you, man. And, you know, for better and for worse. So for better and for worse, the outlaw liars.

We have another show in the books. Remember, Josh Whitaker, Joe Hamer are your host managing partners, Whitaker and Hamer law firm. I'm Morgan Patrick, consumer advocate.

We will see you on the radio next week. Now while you're associated by an attorney licensed to practice law in North Carolina, some of the guests appearing on the show may be licensed North Carolina attorneys. Discussion of the show is meant to be general in nature, and in no way should the discussion be interpreted as legal advice.

Legal advice can only be rendered once an attorney licensed in the state in which you live had the opportunity to discuss the facts of your case with you. The attorneys appearing on the show are speaking in generalities about the law in North Carolina and how these laws affect the average North Carolinian. If you have any questions about the content of the show, comment below and let us know in the comments below. If you have any questions about the show, contact us directly.
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