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REShow: Don Mischer - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 16, 2023 4:35 pm

REShow: Don Mischer - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 16, 2023 4:35 pm

Acclaimed TV director Don Mischer joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new book ‘:10 Seconds to Air’ chronicling his storied career creating Super Bowl half time shows with Michael Jackson and Prince, his memorable Olympics opening ceremonies with Muhammad Ali, how to determine when to cue the music during Oscar winners’ speeches, and more.

TJ offers up some fantasy football advice for NFL Week 11 with tips on Lions QB Jared Goff, Packers RB Aaron Jones, Bills WR Gabriel Davis, Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence and others, and the guys react to Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa switching up his hairdo.

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I know you're going to love this Chris. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Robert Salas speaking about Aaron Rodgers. If Aaron says he wants to play, he's going to play. Live from The Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

So painful to watch and makes it even more painful to think that Rodgers could actually return and if that happens, the Jets could be done because they can't score touchdown. Earlier on the show, senior writer for the MMQB Albert Breer, Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones, actor, director and comedian Bill Burr. Coming up, author Don Mischer and now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Bill Burr just left our studio. Holy cow, what a great two segment appearance that was from one of the best of the best at what he does.

Making people laugh and observing in a way that is unique to him. It was great to have him here. And then as soon as we say goodbye to him, Chris Jones pops up on the Zoom and we had a chat with truly one of the best defensive players in the National Football League and defending champs of the Kansas City Chiefs. And Albert Breer now our number one.

Your phone calls at 844-204-RICH throughout. I know we just mentioned author Don Mischer, but he is yet technically an author. He is truly one of the most famous directors in the history of the medium of television and the moments that he has brought home to everyone from the Olympic opening ceremonies that he has directed. Muhammad Ali's torch lighting in Atlanta, Super Bowl halftime shows. That's how I've met Don years ago interviewing so many of the musicians that he was bringing home to you in their Super Bowl halftime shows. I can't wait to get the story about Prince in the famed Purple Rain moment in the rain in Miami. And then gentlemen, he is directed not one, not two, but three Academy Awards shows.

Whoa. And I asked him a question I've been dying to get an answer to. Is he, as the director, the one who says, start playing the music to play someone off of a long speech?

And the answer, he said, was yes. We are going to find out the theories and the possibilities and the stories behind playing some of the most famous actors and actresses and directors off the stage. Keep it moving. Let's go. She almost go on.

That was one of my favorite Kirby enthusiasm moments in the last couple of seasons. He starts people start going on too long and telling stories out. Larry, you just sit there, go. Oh, my gosh. Play people off of their stories. So Don is going to come out. I mean, talk about all the greatest hits that's coming up. Eight four four two or four, which is the number to dial here on the program.

All right. Big time Thursday Night Football game tonight. It is the Ravens hosting the Bengals. And as I mentioned, Ravens win, Bengals get swept and they're five and five. And the Ravens are eight and three. They haven't had their bye week yet and they would match the Eagles as the only members of the eight win club as of right now.

And get. A two and a half game lead on top of Cincinnati and sweep them, meaning Cincinnati's path to the playoffs if they make a nice playoff run would most likely have to be as a wild card, certainly. With the Ravens having a tiebreak on them and an eight and three record over a five and five team, that would be all she wrote, one would think for the Bengals or the Bengals win this game in Baltimore, like another team from Ohio did last week to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Ravens for the season, avoid that dreaded sweep and put themselves flat out in the mix to win this division. That's at stake tonight. And then we just talked to Chris Jones about the Monday nighter. So after tonight's game, there are five intriguing games on the NFL docket. Once again, it is time for a I think it's becoming a Thursday staple of our program.

Love it. The top five most intriguing matchups of the week. This is for week number eleven hit by one, two, three, four, five.

Rich's top five. All right, here we go. Here's my top five most intriguing matchups of the week. And it starts with the Arizona Cardinals at the Houston, Texas.

You tell me this is an intriguing to you. I understand the Cardinals have two wins. So what? Kyler Murray's back, folks want to know in his home state in it.

Oh, yeah. OK. Undefeated high school player. He is coming back to the state of Texas. And he appears to be renewed as a new man, a new quarterback, a mature take responsibility type of guy.

And the precocious. For sure, offensive rookie of the year and potential MVP candidate. How does C.J. Stroud follow all of this up? His big time last minute fourth quarter, Stone's not getting deer in headlights wins, especially the one coming off of the one in Cincinnati, Texans, can they go to six and four?

And beat the Arizona Cardinals who come in completely renewed with Kyler Murray. I love this game. Early window on CBS. It's a lot of fun.

I think so, too. It's fun game number four on this list. How will the Browns look with DTR? And the Pittsburgh Steelers coming in with their smoke and mirrors and six and three record where there are no pictures in the standings. Let's go.

All right. DTR didn't do very well against the Ravens the last time. And the Steelers are sending T.J. Watt in your direction. And, you know, the rest of that stellar defense. And can Kenny Pickett score points in the first half?

You know, can they go ahead and meet more than 12 lead? But this is no slouch of a defense either. Two, six and three teams in what is appearing to be entering week 11 toughest division in football for sure.

Somebody is going to be six and four and unhappy about it. And if it's the Browns, then maybe you start getting that sinking feeling that Deshaun Watson being out for the season is going to be a difficult thing to overcome. Or Dorian Thompson Robinson.

It's your it's your show, kid. You got a championship defense ready to roll. Is this going to be like Zach Wilson's Jets or can it be Dorian Thompson Robinson writing his own script here? And it's another magic carpet ride and he's raising his hand saying, oh, I'll give the offensive rookie of the year award to C.J. Stroud just yet. What if I'm a Cleveland Browns division winner?

I know that's a lot of magic and a lot of carpet rides right there, but who knows? It could start this Sunday in a league where crazy things happens. Number three on the list of most intriguing matchups of week number 11. Hey, Saints are off. Falcons are off. You know who's on Baker Mayfield coming off of a win snap at a four game losing streak visiting San Francisco. And just when you think, OK, this doesn't intrigue me.

Rich, why is this intrigue you, Rich? Well, maybe the forty niners aren't as good as what we saw last week, right? That's what you think, Chris. Don't you think it's a 12 point spread? I don't know much is intriguing about this game. I've got I'm saying the Bucks can go in, shock everybody. That would be shocking. Shocking. They would take the lead of the NFC South if they win this game because they already have beaten New Orleans. Who are on a by sitting there at five and five. The Bucks can make some shocking hay here.

And the forty niners. Let's let's see it. Let's do it again.

This is a winnable game that you're supposed to win. And let's see it. This one fascinates me as well. Number two, I keep putting them on this list. And I understand you're tired of them.

I am, too. And and I root for them. But the Jets at the bills are number two on this list because the Jets can go in a Buffalo in western New York, sweep the bills, have a better record than the and have a better record than the bills. This can absolutely happen.

That's crazy. And and, you know, just continuing on with the Jets point of view here. If Aaron Rodgers is showing up in his, you know, the Santas hocus and and and he's not limping and he's and he's he's he's looking the way that he looks. And it's entirely possible that he's coming back this season.

This is it. This is the week it starts, because on Sunday they take on the bills in western New York and can sweep them and overtake them. And then the following Friday, first ever game after Thanksgiving Day after Thanksgiving game against the Dolphins at home.

Rubber begins to meet the road here. But if you lose and you're four and six and you stand a possible four and seven in the face, it doesn't matter how good Rodgers looks. Is he going to come back? I mean, these are the moments. It's time. Whatever the player only conversation was had amongst the offense.

Can it actually cash? And then the Bills have a new offensive coordinator and Josh Allen and the Bills offense. It will be a very difficult defense that they are facing. Could you imagine you're switching up your offensive coordinator on a short week?

You play Monday, you got to come back Sunday. And this is the Jets defense that you're facing. It ain't easy.

This is fascinating to me. It's almost like that was a panic move. Number one on this list. It's a no brainer. Everybody knows it's the Super Bowl rematch on Monday night. Yeah. I mean, what more do you need to know? Hurts, Mahomes and Eagles, Chiefs and A.J.

Brown and Devante Smith and Travis Kelce in this defense on on Kansas City. And and then, you know, you find out apparently the Swifts and the Kelcys are going to meet each other for the first time. Why is that news? You know what?

It's news in the entertainment world. And and so they're going to meet for the first time. And, you know, what better way to do it than and sit there on on the worldwide leader in sports and and watch a game that the whole free football world cannot wait.

And wisely, the schedule makers made it where both teams are coming off a bye. So hopefully everyone is healthy and ready to roll. And we say Mazel Tov to the Swifts and the Kelcys. Maybe I should send them some deli meat. Is that a thing?

Not in Kansas City. I think, you know, Stone Street's just go and sing. What do you send him? What?

Send him a brisket. What? OK, Eagles, Chiefs. Most intriguing matchup for week number 11. All right.

I'll give you one more. I almost went the Lions and the Bears, because, by the way, if the Lions win this one, because Justin Fields coming back feels his back. It's intriguing on this front.

I looked it up. The Detroit Lions have not had eight wins going into Thanksgiving since nineteen ninety one the last year. They won a playoff game. And if they win that game, they'll have eight wins going into Thanksgiving. It's been that long. Wow.

OK. But I went with this one because they've won two in a row under their interim coach and they were both against New York teams at home. This one's a different story for Antonio Pierce and Spillane and Crosby at all. Going to Miami and take down the Dolphins coming off their buy with Devin Aichan coming off of his IR stand, apparently looking really sharp and Tua showing up with his new hairstyle and take them out.

Now you're talking. However, the Dolphins need to win. They need to win.

To get that seventh win, certainly when the rest of the division doesn't appear to be very good. This one is intriguing to me. We'll check it out.

Two touchdowns. I get it. I know you keep telling me spreads to me. I'm just saying what's expected. I'm just saying why it could be intriguing or why I'm I'm going to I'll side. I how does that sound? I can feel it. Thank you. Side is a good good word.

Those are my most intriguing matchups of week number 11. Who are you leaning in the Monday night game? You got to lean. Can you give me another day? Sure. Give me another day. I'll ask tomorrow.

Let's get Kelsey on the show tomorrow. Oh, I see. I need to get the information. OK. I need information.

You win an Eagles. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what I mean.

I don't know how many. Oh, really? You want to tell me how you're leaning? I'm leaning. I'm leaning Eagles. You're crazy.

This just did whatever you would have said you would have said. Try the other way. Try the other way. How are you? How are you leaning on Monday?

I'm leaning Chiefs. You're crazy. Yeah, that works. It's a bit. All right. Let's get Don out here. And then at the end of the show, we've got fantasy advice.

And then the tale of two teams in the AFC East. You know. But before we get Don Mischer out here, let's talk about game time tickets. Let's do it.

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Lowest price guaranteed. Back here on the Roku Channel Radio will join us in a little less than two minutes. Ten seconds to air. My life in the director's chair, the brilliant director, Don Mischer, is here on the Rich Eisen Show. Great to see you, Don.

Good to see you, Rich. I was about to say the first time we met had to have been in the mid aughts when NFL Network was just coming to its own. And you were in the midst of an incredible run directing Super Bowl halftime shows back in the day, right?

I think maybe Detroit was the first time I met you. That was the Stones, I think. Yeah, the Stones.

Rolling? Remember that well. Yeah, they're in Detroit, where, by the way, I saw the one in college when they in the Steel Wheels tour in the Silver Dome back in the day. But this was Ford Field. Yeah, well, we were they were planning to go back home and we wanted them to stay four days longer to do the Super Bowl halftime show. And they said, OK, but you'll have to cover our expenses. And we thought fine.

Well, the expenses. One was a Boeing 320 jet that they had to hold for four days. I mean, it was just out of the roof. Was that Jagger's jet? Jagger wanted the jet? Yeah, Jagger wanted the jet. I'm sure. Keith Richards just wanted an ashtray. That's all he wanted.

That's no joke. When I interviewed both of them, Keith Richards, before he walked in the room, they put an ashtray and an unlit cigarette in there. And I'm like, I don't know if they're allowed to smoke in here, even though they're the Rolling Stones. And they're like, no, he doesn't.

He just wants it there. He doesn't smoke anymore. Like, OK, that's Keith Richards that happened. That is Keith Richards. I know that. Yeah, absolutely. So that's how that's how you got the stones to stay. That's how we got the stones to stay there.

Yeah. Oh, my gosh. Well, if anybody's got the stones to say, I want to jet and gets it, it's going to be Mick Jagger, to say the least. OK, the book is called Ten Seconds to Air, and we're ten seconds to our radio audience returning. My Life in the Director's Chair by Don Mischer. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by as the terrific director of so many memorable moments for all of us. And Don Mischer's new book, Ten Seconds to Air, My Life in the Director's Chair.

I'm holding it in my hands where all books are can be acquired available now. Great to see you, Don. Good to see you, sir. What's the first thing you ever directed? Oh, my.

Probably my sister and my brother when I was making home movies. Is that right? Right. So then the first paycheck you earned directing would be the first paycheck I earned was nothing, you know.

Really? But yeah, I'm trying to think. I went to school at the University of Texas. I did not study television. I ended up in television as a result of it and got a Ford grant to stay there and learn the craft of television. And so I probably directed some talking shows, talk shows and stuff like that in the in the beginning. But that's where the passion was lit, you know, and where I decided I'm going to give this this medium a shot. Well, then what what is what is what's the first big, major live event that you directed then? Wow.

Probably. Well, the first big thing I directed was not live. It was a show on PBS called The Great American Dream Machine, which at the time Time magazine said was one of the 10 best shows in on the air. It was an eclectic magazine show directing. I think it was probably the first live show was directing. The Houston Symphony, which we did again for PBS, then it was called NET. But, you know, getting in and and trying to visualize and capture the excitement of being in the middle of a symphonic orchestra.

Yes. Right in the middle of some great piece they were playing. So then the sporting event that was your first biggest one would be what then out of all of the sporting event would be the Super Bowl halftime shows. Now, I did opening ceremonies and closing ceremonies for like the Olympics in Atlanta, the summer games and the Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002.

The Winter Games. So there was certainly a sports connection there. But, you know, I it's just it's just what we went through and and and and all the stuff that we did.

It was just a really great experience to do that. And the first Super Bowl halftime show you directed was Michael Jackson in 1993. And that happened because in 1992, the halftime shows were not much at Super Bowls. In 1992, CBS had the Super Bowl and they did dancing snowflakes on the field. And what happened was that they got challenged in 1992 by In Living Color, a black comedy sketch show. And they said during the halftime show, switch over from CBS to In Living Color and watch us on the halftime show.

Yes. And then come back and you can tune, you know, tune back into the game. And at halftime, when the dancing snowflakes came out there, CBS lost 20 million people in like 30 seconds on their radio. And In Living Color is a terrific program. And it wasn't it was right.

So so then somebody reached out to you to. Well, what happened to finish that story is. CBS said and the networks also, the NFL said, we can't like put fluff in the half in a Super Bowl halftime show. We need something that's going to grab people and keep their attention. And that's when Radio City helped them book Michael Jackson and they were going to go ahead and produce the show. I had a history with Michael Jackson and he said, I want Don and his company to do this.

I don't want Radio City Music Hall because I trust Don. I've been working with Don. We'd worked on a lot of stuff. Like what?

Commercial work? No, no. Motown 25, where he first did the moonwalk. OK. Did you know he was going to do the moonwalk that night? No.

I got to tell you how that happened. Sure. When we did Motown 25, everybody wanted to do a Motown song and then their new song.

Yes. Marvin Gaye wanted to do a Motown song and then do sexual healing. OK. We said, no, you can do one song and it's got to be a Motown song.

That's it. And we fell firm. We knew we needed Michael Jackson. OK. And the Jackson five. So he said, I'll come back and do a number of medley with the Jackson five songs, tunes, but you must let me do a single, a new single I've got coming out.

And initially we said no. And then we said I was working with Suzanne DePass, who was president of the Motown Productions. Let's just wait and take a look at what Michael does with Billie Jean. So the night before Motown 25 at midnight, the theater, we emptied Smokey Robinson and Linda Ronstead were in there and Suzanne and I were in there. And Michael came out with the fedora, the glove, all of which you can now see in the Smithsonian Institution.

Yeah. And did Billie Jean. And we looked at each other and said. We better put this on the air. And I said, who's going to take the call on Monday morning when Marvin Gaye says, what's up? You didn't let me do my new song.

Right. I said, I don't care. I'll take the call from Marvin Gaye. Did you get a call from Marvin?

No, we didn't. Nobody would nobody would look at that what Michael Jackson did that time at that moment and call and complain about it. So you you you did know he was going to moonwalk, though, or because you saw the night before? We did not know that he was going to moonwalk. But he did all the moves, you know, and the costume and all that. And the moonwalk just happened. And you as a director was like follow like I just I just followed him. I I the most interesting shot on Michael was a full figure shot.

But we call a head to toe. And so I had had that all the time on him in case I needed it. And when he started the moonwalk, there was no question about it. I was also at that time working with Mikhail Baryshnikov, the best ballet dancer of our century, defected from Russia. He said that is the most amazing piece of dance and choreography I have ever seen. You know, and it lives on in history. Don Mischer is here. So many great stories.

Ten seconds to air the new book by Don about all of these stories. And so Michael, doing that halftime show, what was that like for you in the truck, in the chair, whatever? First of all, we had to figure out a way to get a stage out there that would not damage the field. So we designed a stage that came out in about twenty two pieces. It weighed tons.

It was on soft balloon tires. It could be rolled out, connected together. It had a little dressing room for Michael. It had his band.

It had wind machines, pyro machines, all this stuff mounted in it. And part of the fun was seeing, can we get this damn thing together? And the three and a half minutes, we had to put it together and we just made it. And but Michael, you know, Michael, it was magical. I mean, Michael was a guy who if he came into this room, he would just sit in the corner and be very nice and polite and all that. And but when he gets on a stage, he takes control.

I will always remember the first meeting with the NFL and with NBC. I brought Michael in and Michael said, went around the room and introduced himself quietly. We sat at the table and the first thing Michael said was, and the first thing I want to do is move the start of the game four hours later so that my halftime show will be in the dark.

That's in L.A. I just said it was silence in the room. And I said, Michael, you know, that means that people are going to be seeing you at midnight in New York.

It won't work, man. So that's your way of convincing Michael Jackson. Yeah. The Super Bowl halftime is not going to move the kickoff. Wow. That is that's one of the things dealing with the artists on the halftime show.

Yeah. The first thing you say to them is this is not your show. You're not 100 percent in control of it.

It's not like going out on tour and playing a big venue like the Hollywood Bowl. You are one cog and a whole wheel that is called Super Bowl Sunday. You're one little piece of it. And you have to obeyed by they have to obey and follow certain rules and preconditions. Well, and some of the rules and preconditions, as it turned out to be. And I love hearing how because, again, we take it for granted now watching these halftime shows where the stage comes out and it just goes like clockwork and it's elaborate.

And it's something that's remarkable how they put it together so quickly. And you were doing it for the first time and how Michael Jackson and everything else involved. You know, Prince, I remember part of the part and parcel is you've got to show up on a Thursday and you've got to have a press conference and you've got to do this and that in front of the sports media. And Prince, I'll never forget, said, I am not taking questions. I'm just going to do a couple songs.

Yeah. Well, Prince said to me, I don't do press conferences. And I said, but there's going to be 500 people from the media here who want to see you and all that. He said, look, I'll pretend like I'm going to go up and ask her a question. But what I'm really going to do is sing a song. And that's what he did. He just sang a song.

Unbelievable. It was truly one of the most remarkable things. And I thought like that would be the takeaway of Prince's week. But then, of course, yeah, well, no, the rain, the rain. We were always I was always worried about the rain. I mean, Prince, his stage was designed out of Mylar. It was kind of a mashed up male and female symbol conglomeration.

He had two dancers called the Twins, real long hair, Aiden Shields. And it was slippery to begin with. And when it rained on it, it was treacherous. And so I was just I didn't sleep the night before because I said, what happens if one of them falls down? Do we just keep going and step over her? Sure.

Right. I mean, what do we do? And the funny thing is, is that counting down to Prince, he's underneath the thing, ready to go. We're like 30 seconds to going on air for the halftime show. All of a sudden, the heavens burst open and it just started pouring rain.

What do you think? Well, what I called him immediately on my walkie talk. I said, hey, man, it is really coming down now. Hard.

I just want you to know. And he said to me, can you make it rain harder? He did say that.

He said that to me. He, Prince, saw that as an opportunity and he used it to give a performance of his life. I mean, The New York Times still calls that halftime show the best halftime show ever. And rightfully so, Don. And even people who maybe haven't seen 50 of them or half of them, obviously, that used to be up with people and stuff like that.

But that is truly. So you're sitting in the director's chair and you must have had. So many options of iconic imagery, right?

Yes, I did. And that was great because a Super Bowl is covered with about 26, 27 cameras. And I had a few of my own in there and a few of my own cameramen.

So I had like 30 some odd cameras. And we were what happened with that is. It prompted Prince to elevate his performance and meet the challenge. The water started hitting the hot lights and it created a steam effect that kind of floated against the stage. Water hit the camera lenses and created hexagonal stars. And it became I mean, it took my breath away.

It wasn't planned. It happened. And it was just magical, ethereal. And it's what made I think what made that show so memorable.

Can you make it rain harder? Come on. I love that.

Don Mischer here on The Rich Eisen Show. Muhammad Ali torch lighting moment that was as moving as any Olympic opening ceremony, closing ceremony moment. And how did that come about? The we decided in the beginning this had to be a surprise. And I thought about this for a long time. And I and it was it was like playing Russian roulette in a way, because Muhammad Ali no longer could speak. He had Parkinson's. His hand was shaking. And I kept thinking, what if he dropped it? Could he pick it up?

If in the act of picking up the torch, would he light himself on fire? I mean, it sounds weird, but that's what you have to anticipate when you're doing this. Sure, of course. And the main thing was I wanted to keep it a secret. So we had a garbage room underneath the stadium, a garbage room, full of garbage and cement blocks where we met with Howard Bingham, who is Ali's guy. I knew that if Howard Bingham walked into our office in Atlanta, people would recognize him. There were four hundred people in the office and they know we're going after Ali. It had to be a surprise. And I just wanted him to come out and stand there.

No music, no introduction, no fanfare. Just stand there. And I was cutting the camera feeds and I let him stand there for like 12 to 15 seconds on a wider shot, because I wanted people to wonder, who is that? And they did. And they were saying, is that Ali?

And then I took a closer shot of him, like a waist shot, and the place just erupted. I mean, and the people were crying in the audience and it became one of those memorable moments. But keeping that a secret, had everybody known it was going to be Ali, it would not have had the impact that it did. And even Bob Costas and Dick Enberg, who were narrating this, commentating on it, I said to Dick Ebersole, we cannot tell them who this is going to be. He knew Dick Ebersole, obviously. Dick Ebersole knew. There were about four or five of us who knew. And Dick honored that, did not tell them. And Costas, when he was describing it, it was very, very eloquent. I mean, that's Bob. You had the right moment for everybody involved.

So anyway, that's how that all worked. Surprises in my business are real important. And they're rare. They're rare.

And they're rare. And it's hard to keep them a surprise now, too. But, you know, the deal I had with Howard Bingham was because I didn't know if I could trust the Ali camp. I said, if word gets out that Ali, even if it's as late as the morning of the opening ceremonies in Atlanta, if the word gets out that Ali is going to be doing it, I have the right to change.

And I'm going to put Evander Holyfield in, who is also from Georgia, you know, and let him light the torch. Because I had to play tough on it because I didn't want it to leak. Wow. That's tough. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, that's the real deal. You know, wow. Don Mischer here on the Rich Eisen Show in a couple of minutes and I have left.

I can go in so many different directions, but I'm going to go in this direction. You directed three Academy Award ceremonies. Yeah. And you, you as the director are the one who decides to start playing the music over speeches that go too long. Yes.

How how does one go about this process? Don, that's really like playing Russian roulette. I'm telling you, here's what often happened when I did that. OK. You're pressured with getting the show off the air on time. Of course. The ratings stay good if you get off the air on time.

This is constant pressure. Keep it going. Keep it going. So I would sometimes have to make a decision. I'd have to play people off and start the music. And it never failed that some guy would come out to accept an award. He'd start thanking his agent, his lawyers.

Is this is that a litany of all these people? And finally, I would say I got no choice. Music. And then the next thing he would say is and my mom, who I lost two weeks ago, I've been having mom. We did it, you know, never, never, never failed.

See, if they started with mom and then, you know, then go to the agent. Suddenly I'm going, no music, no music. Did you ever run into an actor or actress who said, you know, what gives? Did that ever know?

OK, no. So then who's the most famous actor or actress you played off the stage? Oh, my God, I don't know that either. Probably Barbra Streisand or something like that. He plays Barbra off the stage, John.

Come on. No, I got to tell you, it's it's that's the award shows are tough, man, because you can't control who wins and you can't control what they say. And those are the two things that make award shows memorable and successful. And that's where the heart and the emotion is. And as a director, producer, you can go wrong more than you can go right on an award show.

But they did put my kids through college. This book, everyone should get it. It's called Ten Seconds to Air My Life in the Director's Chair. That rhymes.

Don Mischer. Don, I could literally talk to you all day and I appreciate you coming here. You are a legend. You are a legend in this business. And it was an honor to have been anywhere near your halftime shows as I was in the in the early parts of NFL Network and getting to interview some of these acts that you then brought to life.

Yeah, it's awesome. But thank you, Rich. It's fun being here and fun talking with you.

Same anytime, anytime. Don Mischer here. Everyone should get his book.

So many great stories in it. We'll be back to wrap up the show. Get you ready for Thursday night football in a moment. Rich Eisen here. If you love football as much as we do here and want to be in the game every day, there's something the guys on my show have been enjoying. Prize Picks Daily Fantasy Sports, the number one daily fantasy sports app. Brockman, tell everybody about prize picks and your strategy this season. Rich, it's fun and easy. Pick two players or more based on their stats and place your entry.

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Visit slash pigskin. First off, there was no meat on the pizza and I didn't see Prince eat any pizza. We would go to his house, man, for the house parties and it'd be Stevie Wonder playing the piano, Malcolm Jamal Warner on bass.

You know, Rochelle Pharrell singing lead. It was just amazing, man. And then you would get into like five o'clock in the morning. His chef is serving you breakfast.

You're like why am I at Prince's house at five o'clock in the morning, man? Love it. Love all of it, man. So much fun. Stream the NFL on Westwood One for free. Sponsored by AutoZone all season long. You can listen to every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL Live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports or on your Westwood One affiliate stations digital platforms. Kevin Harlan, Kurt Warner and me this coming Monday and all season long for free. And you can get in the zone with AutoZone.

The free AutoZone fixed finder service can help you find a fix for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone. AutoZone.

I don't know. There's so many stories that Don just told, Don Mischer just told in the stories. I think my favorite one is Michael Jackson telling NFL executives in his first meeting, can you push kickoff four hours? So here in the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, it can be at night. I'm shocked that they didn't do it. And then instead, Don, Don, Don doesn't tell Michael, listen, it's the NFL. They're not there. Can't move the Super Bowl for you as much as we love you.

The answer is just like, Michael, that'll be midnight in the East Coast. Oh, OK. So just keep it the way it is like that story is my favorite. And then just the confirmation of what we've heard in so many NFL films. I think the there's been coverage of the Prince halftime that he said, can you make it rain harder? Because I told Don as he's walking out, I'm like, what?

He could have easily said Prince could have easily said, let's wait five minutes. You know, is there lightning? What is it? What is the radar said after the game? Can we can we wait?

Just just just give it a couple more minutes before just see if it passes. You know, what does the radar say? Wow. And instead he goes, can you make it rain harder? And if you're the director of this year, like and you're seeing thirty five shots in front of you and everyone is more beautiful than the next, you're like, OK, it's go time. And then Prince, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Really cool. T.J. Jefferson, it is time for your weekly fantasy advice update brought to you by and sponsored by our friends at prize picks. Hit it, please. Yeah, like we do it this time. We could love it. Let's get you guys ready.

Let's do this quick. You know who's him this week? Jared Goff, believe it or not, against the Bears. Bears allow an average of twenty one and a half fantasy points per game. OK, posing QBs and in two home games against Chicago as a member of Detroit, Goff is averaging twenty three at home. You know, he's been a star on the road.

It's been kind of tough for him, but they're at home. I'm looking for God to keep moving, keep it rolling. You got the Sun God. You got Sam Laporta. They've got a great running game. Lines rolling, man. Let's go. Aaron Jones, Brockman, believe it or not.

Here's the deal, right? Every year, it seems like Aaron Jones has that one game will have like a three touchdown game, a four touchdown game. He does it once or twice.

He had a decent game at the beginning of year. And then you haven't really heard anything about Aaron Jones. Right.

But I feel like this man. The Chargers are number four. Most fantasy points allowed to opposing running backs. Nine backs have scored at least 13 per game against them. So I'm looking for Aaron Jones to be him this week.

I'm looking for him to have a big game now. Not him, unfortunately, is a guy we party with this guy, Brockman. We drank beers with him. You took your shirt off with. I did take my shirt off.

Yeah, that's true. Davis. I know. I thought you is Bert Christ. You're not him. I was actually there with us that night.

And we had a great time. I know. Unfortunately, he scored nine or less than four of his last five games. And he has a horrible history against the Jets. He doesn't play well against them. Rich, you know, your defense is very tough in his past four games. He has 10 catches for one hundred thirty five yards.

No touchdowns. Unfortunately, Gabe Davis this week got a better option. Said him because he's not him. Trevor Lawrence.

Also, not him. Look, man, he's he's not playing great as a fan. As a real quarterback, sure. The Jags are wrong, but we're talking fantasy, right? He scored more than 20 fantasy points just twice this season and only three cubo. These have more than 20 against the Titans.

They're sneaky. Good as a defense. So Trevor Lawrence, unfortunately, guys don't see him being him. Now, you know who might be him.

This is the header gut section or two guys. I think if you got a chance to get them on your teams, you should do so. Ty Chandler running back for the Vikings because Madison's out. The Broncos are number one in most fantasy points allowed to opposing running backs. Now you got Ty Chandler. He had 15 for 45 yards in a touchdown last week.

Pick him up if you can. He might be him. And Trey McBride tied in for the Cardinals. Last week, I thought Hollywood Brown was going to be him. It turned out it was Ty Chandler and not Brown. He's got eight catches for one hundred thirty one yards on nine targets. You know, we love the high target rate. And that's what makes you successful in fantasy. So Ty Chandler, Trey McBride, look for them.

If you can get them, get them, because they just might be him. All right. Thanks very much, TJ. Our fantasy football update sponsored by prize picks. The number one daily fantasy sports app. If you're ready to test your skills, join the prize picks community. Must be present in certain states.

Visit prize picks dot com for restrictions and details. Dave Davis is killing me. When I saw Tua Tungal Vailoa in Germany, you know what he was doing? He was clutching a little figurine, a plastic figurine, like a toy. It's his son, Ace's toy.

And he was carrying it around because when he's on the road, he wants to have some part of his son there and his family there. So it made me feel even more stupid saying, why aren't you more salty? Which I did anyway. And I'm like, you know, I don't know if you you know, if you know, I do a segment Salty Tua. He either didn't care or didn't know about you, but that looked like mine. And I told him, like, that's the guy I want to see more of. And he basically said, my upbringing is not that.

You know, I respect my elders, you know, and I'm like, so all the meteor elders like I was done pushing. I'm like, I just want to see that guy, the Salty Tua guy. And I had no idea what was more possible was a corn row tour. He showed up from the bye week with a new lid and it was all the buzz at his press conference. Yeah, I got him done last week. So it's been in for a week and a couple days. So was it your call or was it was my call? My hair was my hair was outrageous. So I thought if I if I didn't braid it or if it wasn't long enough that I just cut it.

So I thought I'd just get it braided. Twitter's already kind of a blaze. They think you look like Drake. But Drake. I don't know if I look like Drake. Drake. Can you rap?

Can you rap? Wifey likes it, though? The wifey likes it. She loves it.

Got to get a redone before the game. Sweet, sweet Tua. You seem too nice. That's why I said I want more salty.

I want more salt in the diet, but that's just not him. I guess we have we have the split screen. What do you think? Pretty good.

Pretty close. But as for the opinionating on it, I have to turn to my right. The only guy in the studio with hair at present. Yeah, that's a good that's true, because I can't comment.

You can't comment. Felly, you're out. Yep. What do you think, TJ? Oh, he pulled him off. He does. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. He looks he looks clean. I like it for Tua.

Now, what if he starts importantly rich? Yes. Misses to Alexis. Plain and simple. And I totally agreed with that as well. Like that obviously happy wife, happy life. That's the way it goes.

But you guys know this already, right? Do not refer to Susie either in person or with her not in the room as wifey. Don't do that. Adding the why like that was wifey. That was interesting.

I don't know who did that. That's what I'm just I'm just just caution. I'm just trying to give you the yellow light on that one.

Well, now you're going to have to say it to her. You might be the only one who gets away with it. It seems cool. I know that that was fun to a. Two thumbs up. I like it.

Call me on my cell phone. No, you did. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today, Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form. We have Michael Azerrad, who was Nirvana's very first biographer. I'm not sure how many people realize how many of the best songs on in utero were written way beforehand. To be fair to Kurt, he was also a new father. There was a lot of stuff distracting him. It wasn't just drugs, although that was certainly a major factor. Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen.
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