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New Supreme Court Nominee, West Virginia vs EPA, and NC Vanity Plate Controversy

Outlaw Lawyer / Josh Whitaker & Joe Hamer
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March 4, 2022 5:00 pm

New Supreme Court Nominee, West Virginia vs EPA, and NC Vanity Plate Controversy

Outlaw Lawyer / Josh Whitaker & Joe Hamer

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March 4, 2022 5:00 pm

On this week's program, Josh & Joe are joined be fellow attorney Cassandra Nicholas also of Whitaker & Hammer to discuss the hottest legal topics. New Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be highlighted. West Virginia vs the EPA back in the news. Also today the vanity plate is discussed. There is a process to get a vanity plate approved and a person in Asheville NC went through the process and received her plate, but now there has been a complaint filed. All this and more on this week's edition of the Outlaw Lawyer. 

If you have a legal question of your own and need answers call Whitaker and Hamer 800-659-1186. 

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This week on outlaw lawyer Joe and I have a special guest in studio Ms. Cassandra Nicholas and we discussed several legal topics including the historic nomination of Sergey Brown Jackson, West Virginia versus the EPA a very important climate change case and the DMV for trip now welcome into the program, the outlaw lawyers John Zwicker and Joe Hamer Whitaker and him are law firms we can find them during the week managing their pricing attorneys right here in the great state of North Carolina 46 combined years experience and they have offices in Raleigh, Garner, Clayton Goldsborough, Fuquay Marina and Ian Gastonia.

I Morgan Patrick consumer advocate will remind you to Juergen have legal questions of your own. We understand that if you need some advice. Here's number 4800 659-1186 at 800-659-1186. Just leave your contact information will be about the calls about an attorney with Whitaker Hamer will be in touch. You can also email your questions to the program and will answer those questions on a future program and check out the website, the outlaw Josh you have a special guest in studio and I understand that Joe was on assignment, but he is remote. He's joining us. That's right Morgan, I have miss Cassandra Nicholas and with us today.

This is her second time guest starring on the outlaw lawyer Cassandra how are you doing today so far so good early start of it. So far so good. You might remember Ms. Nicholas is an attorney over it Whitaker name or were me and Joe also lived in in me Cassandra are in studio this morning with Morgan are good friend Joseph Hamer is emoting in from the Whitaker Hamer Clayton office on Main Street down and click North Carolina's right to that's right, Josh. I am sad not to be with you guys. I'm also not sad not to be with you guys, but your voices sound great skater coming in your covenant loud and clear and apologize and real real tired today that we we were cortisone on Wednesday morning so you you may be hearing it Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday depending on how you listen to us, but we record Wednesday and I have basically been staying up all night just looking at Ukraine new certain news on the Ukraine invasion just kinda taken everything and following all these different people on twitter to get different perspectives.

That's pretty much been my full-time job for the past three days. Are you guys follow that that tough man at the level of dedication that I have not given to the current conflict in Ukraine kept up with it. I can't say that I have lost sleep studying and following people but is the comment on you being tired when you not been tired to show me. I'm tired a lot.

Maybe she swings his images Wednesday morning.

Is that where you are a good and the rest of the week you get a lot energy center. Even following this closely not as close as you. I watched the scene of the Union last night and though so present I'm definitely interested everything going on. Towards the beginning, mostly focused on domestic stuff though, which I was surprised that he didn't talk more about Ukraine. Yeah, I hung in there for the Ukraine card and then I go to bed.

Part of me being tired to get a bit too early and I get up too early, but I hung in there for a little while, but maybe you know I maybe go back and I started reading the need to treaty you know where the outlaw lawyer would try to talk about legal topics that that come up in the news and try to address those specifically and saw something about you and what was the legal part of this and sauce. I starting my international law so some light reading the NATO treaty Yes, I went to the NATO website which is, there is a thing that exist and then that is whole section dedicated to the original treaty ending the page count is not superlong. There's always amendments and there's there's a lot there on the website registrar thing about that this is you know if you want to put in international law perspective.

We know how to go into the UN and international laws a little a little different because it's hard to punish people by miscast, overseeing right and someone breaks international law as interior rush is done here. How do you deal with that because usually there's no there are some courts, but is that why criminal court. You know, if I do something wrong at the bar and get a DUI or something. I'm going to jail and I would have a court date in the my license get suspended.

There's always punishment serves as repercussions in international law is not always the case is been interesting to see everybody come together is as horrifying to watch what's happening though and I to turn it off. I think it was Tuesday night because I just finally had to get some sleep, but it's fascinating that to think about it in the legal spin on it anyway just wanted to update you. I'm also tired now after hearing hear you talk about reading the NATO tree. I did it for me.

I think I think for this showing us on the arms and pull out the NATO, the North Atlantic tree, and I think I'm just gonna give it give it a read CIOs.

I hope we are prepared to break some some box offices radio link sentences is it's gonna it it it is to do it for people man I can tell allows also. I was also spin on something about you know I don't like dissidents and know a lot about Ukraine.

I don't know too much about just when they were in the news over the past 20 or so years I would I would read it but you just have to be impressed with the leadership that they have and maybe start thinking about you know when when America when you know we thought our war for freedom and I wonder if George Washington was that you know all some back in the day you know if he was okay.

Can you imagine if something a God forbid some I try to invade the US now you think our leaders would stay and fight her behold up in some building a God See Biden with a with a Kevlar vest on with a rocket launcher in the trenches may lose lasting people so the other thing is naming the same thing about always the next time a child in the early 80s writes every movie.

The Soviets were always the bad guys and at some point the Russian stop being the bad guys and a lot of movies but when I was growing up. The Russians were the bad guys in every movie seen anything about Rocky and ED remember Superman for I don't what was Superman four called was the quest for hope right is that right, off P's request for close my hand.

But remember hearing that guy is a Superman for Dolph noted it was Rocky who the guy is that it's a Russian guy right is like the Russian nuclear man did he make us he was related by Holland Lundgren.

You know, I don't know that there's an easy way to find this out. I hope he did know to know this cat's name is Ash got a pretty cool name. His name is actually Mark hello set he looks, like he looks like a he looks like hot man. He's he's got a Lundgren asked looked to him like a little bit more pretty, though not quite as rugged, weird that come out, come on 87 LW 1987 I was one was not a lie. I always asked that question is always close to being the oldest house. My favorite movie back in 87 when it came out moms to put me in front of it in his delivered life will I watch it on explains a lot about you Superman for the quest for peace to the file Superman is Christopher Reeves and I will accept no other person playing Superman like Batman of I've gotten used to some different folks. Michael Keaton is the one true Batman but I can accept other Batman Batman mailing. Point being, was that was the movie with the Wolverines and it Superman movie with Walter Raymond and then there is another Russian may be the Russians and the Cubans are invading us in the cans, all for the Wolverines that's it's called Wolverine. I'm pretty sure it's called Logan no way you talk right now to move the movie where Cuba and the Russians invade writers Patrick Swayze Janice. She group of kids. The resistance force. There's a war about red Dawn Dawn Dawn, what's written on today you were to give you really give you a medal for watching your 11th movie. I have to apologize to her special guest Cassandra because we've invited her in to talk about movies that came on before she was born and Cassandra have you seen any movies that with Russian villains.

No, I don't buy it like a feeling there's a meal at any movies or Russians or the bad guys again.

Is there an easy bad to be good for screenwriters. The tae kwon do Association took away prudence black belt solid is really I was a judo resident within a Judah you think it is think he was like the judo master like he was like head of the judo Federation or something. The Instagram blurb I saw tae kwon do. I didn't look into it further was reading to do my duty to confirm this.

Yes keep talking on conferral. I read an article that students goes by and from the Ukraine. Is that correct seller is like a article that Stephen Stegall was in Ukraine the like do something and it came out that he's actually had been banned from the Ukraine are asked to look at.

I got I update art art are just so your ear correct. He was stripped of his black belt in tae kwon do, but they also they also removed him is like head, like honorary head of some judo Federation as well. Seasonally take a big hit in the martial arts world essays definitely don't mean to make light of it is definitely serious more than a serious situation just unnerving on my my 12-year-old when I did when I was growing up in the early 80s you know the comic books like anything that a kid would absorb what we talk about you know the threat of nuclear war and the Cold War, was everything there is episodes of like my court that focused on the know, the Cold War, so sitcoms and everything so it's it seems like that's all come rushing back to me. The writing is good there was a meeting Russian attack is that where you are is all over the place. Man Russians has this this is before we were born right.

This is when my correct was not before I was born okay Russian attack is a video had video games and I am what I want to research this, what's what. Was it on with system it was that was Arcadia was before you in our game.

There is a time when you didn't get arcade games at the house he had like an Atari and yet some games were shooting it like that arcade games, was it called a Russian attack, as in a rush. Are you SH in attack' okay and I can on 85 I was negative one then so if I was a good year this year we were here, 86, that we might Cassandra here for a reason and that reason is not for us to devolving into these, topics actually have important legal things to talk about so just to just right-click the biggest legal thing. I thing that happened last week and is terribly overshadowed, but the president Biden did make a historic nomination judge can Ty G. Brown Jackson was nominated to take Justice Breyer's retirees retiring, suggesting Breyer's position as a justice on the US Supreme Court. And that's a big deal for a lot of reasons that will talk about but will spend some time talking about that the Supreme Court's unity case this weakening oral argument started my certain Monday, the West Virginia versus the EPA so this is a big case as talk about what the EPA can and can't do that as climate change involved in it so that's off the something we can talk about and then I saw the local story were of the lady had gotten what you call it vanity plate vanity plate with the word fark SART on it and so it's been issued. Semi has complained about it to the DMV's.

The DMV is reevaluating whether that's offensive and serving talk about that system and then how it works but some interesting interesting things to talk about the don't involve the Russians or pop-culture references from the early 80s so the outlaw lawyer Josh Whitaker, Joe Hamer and her special guest today. Again, always a pleasure to have Cassandra Nicholas with us. She's an attorney at Whitaker Hamer as well, but we are to get into more topics here number miser. If you've got a legal question of your own, you can get in touch with Whitaker and Hamer call 800-659-1186.

That's 800-659-1186 and leave your contact information little bit about what the calls about an attorney with Whitaker and Hamer will be in touch. You can always email your questions to the program and please check out the website and the outlaw back right after this at the outlaw, your debts just a way to write or insert president, Biden here this week last week. Checks get nominated very confused on my days filling that was this week to say she got nominated right in the past 6 to 7 days doing a quiz on the status was nominated our president president Biden nominated judge can Ty G. Brown Jackson currently on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit federal judge federal appellate judge is his nomination to be new US Supreme Court justice and we talked about this earlier. Yet this is not only this is getting a lot of attention as this is really change anything on the courts we have more of a liberal justice, and Justice Breyer who will be retiring men's of course president Biden being a Democrat is is probably minimal someone in who kinda fits that mold but but will change the balance of the courts. Everybody seems to be a lot calmer when this is the case, or at least that's my experience.

But Cassandra so far, what week we know about Ms. Jackson so she's only 51s.

If she is confirmed she could be on the court for a very long time. She did three clerkships including four Justice Breyer so it's kind of a nice closing of the loop there that she would potentially be the person taking his spot.

She her mother was the principal of my friends, high school, that's a big time will improve my matter in this for you, Josh.

She was a reporter in her year between undergrad and law school.

Time magazine I knew I liked his casual Catholic. This is like this nomination is is a good safe nomination is, she's honestly know extremely intelligent. I like the fact that she's done a lot of things to. She's been a public defender. She's been in private practice. She's been a federal judge, but unlike a lot of a lot of nominations have been judges for a long time and maybe never even had any private practice experience maybe never been a public defender or prosecutor. Having that experience I think is huge. I think she's one of the most attractive candidates since I followed the Supreme Court like the mix of experience adding one problem in the way you see people who want to prevent her from being confirmed nothing. The attack on her is that we don't have a lot of she hasn't authored a lot of opinions that she has a minute judge for 20 years so she doesn't have a lot of opinions I criticize you don't know necessarily how shall rule you know an abortion issue you are in a Second Amendment is sheepish. She has never had to rule on those type of of cases and so there's some unknown there that probably scare some folks would not read the Wall Street unit base everything I've read loves the nomination or at least can't attack the nominations out the Wall Street Journal, New York Times thing the BBC had a piece on her, but you have been looking at really positive and and I haven't seen the people that are attacking her or just attacking her because like the fingers Republicans if you like they have to contest the nomination in some way since is knocking to be a conservative justice. I just can't see how she doesn't get confirmed. I agree in theory but as nominations have already been held up in the past I don't I can't predict] what we we we hold our prediction record.

Maybe we take it very very seriously. Joseph I don't know if were willing to make a bold prediction here on confirmation or not a man what that the key to the key to never losing a predict anything even remotely even remotely like possible that it will occur. You don't just don't predict. I don't know maybe maybe Cassondra can hurt rather not count towards her record said.

G you ever watch that is a classic Simpsons.

You know this one release helps her dead gamble. He said I was like season three or four is a long time ago a lot to you, so you may not saw that there's an episode where Homer watches a lot of football and he is a gambling on football and Lisa being the smart one.

The session was to spend time with her dad. She gambles with her dad David they bet on football games in the Super Bowl or the very last thing I don't know what game it was, she stops helping them because she figures out what you love merely useful me to help you to gamble, don't point the story is that they have a giant bay watching on TV is a giant block makes a prediction on the game is a huge novelty Glock is like this is the Moloch of the week is an Arizona bath for over Philadelphia so I thought we Saxons were giant prop days. We make a prediction we can say no same market have somebody play when the rain and I think that radio radio is known for its good use of props that sound effects.

That's right Robin, we have we hire someone just to explain, like really discreet when I was all a member of the black with the over under on number of Simpson references per episode from Josh. My goal is one you get and would definitely want something that usually it's one because he doesn't and it had since I never watch the Simpsons. I can't back them up on it. I think you just like will not hurt Ms. Brown range of experience. It just it just seems like a perfect fit is correct some historical biases on the Supreme Court of the same time it were not. To make an outlaw lawyer lot at prediction, I would at least make a personal Joshua Whitaker predict that Sue that I would personally say the same thing and in the only this is really a true caveat, but you know I'm with you really like the, the, the depth of experience. The variety of experience that a lot of a lot of great things there looks really good on paper. In a lot of ways it very difficult to attack is what you would think. But then we always talk about that the tribalism and just that the blind just the way that some people just blindly stick to their party lines and they know they politicize everything so as difficult as this individual may be to attack there's there's definitely going to be people who come matter strongly just because literally she's they perceive her as being on the other team. So that's a reality that's gonna have to be face having set.

Having seen this anywhere, but just again just kinda talking about is certainly someone will protect the progressive side of maybe the Democratic Party may not see her as being progressive enough that I know she is religious to some extent, and it always doesn't fly well certain parts of the eye Democratic Party. I can imagine you have any Democratic Senate members. You know abstain of getting on the court because of that, but that would be a plot twist. I feel like that would be a plot twist and then it unexpected plot twist. But like a new level of like insanity, though I feel like who knows who knows.

And you know bad thing for her.

Is this a story as this was, it was completely 100% overshadowed by the events and in the Ukrainians mean, I don't know if you are really paying attention. The legal news, how much you would even picked up on this does present some protest against her that it's just not as big of a deal. People don't need to make as much of a show of objecting so maybe so I think we should note need you to get Cassandra talking more that are our most downloaded episode of the lawyer was the episode where Cassandra joined us to talk on an entrance. I'd say the guys name is on mispronouncing Murdoch.

We should put that in the notes for download here is that Cassandra was with us and that we should put that guys name in there to just I think it's Cassandra's but anyway you know we were not really disagreement on this point. So everybody agrees is not always the visitor show prediction are not sitting on it for it's our agony that going with yes kids are here, so here's the way it's gonna work because on the official prediction manager if if it pans out and it's correct. It's a scop if it does not pan out, it is incorrect. It is an unofficial personal prediction. I didn't even make a prediction if that's what happens and it was just Josh, yes, and some popped into my mind. Major but have to turn IKEA right this is like launching a new gang are slightly wanting a new that's very appropriate right. Not a good analogy is not a good analogy at all.

And then I started thinking using two people have to turn the key in Russia. That's probably just one key right, imprudent has it that it was quite scary in and drag me down into my twitter fueled that God is his black belt in tae kwon do bag. I keep them calm. I will smile we can talk about for for Ms. Jackson. Hopefully she will be confirmed. Everybody seems to like her on a professional level. Think should be a good fit. Make something as little more debatable over and talk about the West Virginia versus EPA case that was just a just and oral arguments this past Monday with the US Supreme Court sets up next. The lawyer Josh Whitaker and Joe Hamer you confinement Whitaker and Hamer law firm 46 combined years experience again offices in Raleigh Garner Clayton Goldsborough do Great Britain and Gastonia to the managing partners there there practicing attorneys here in the great state of North Carolina.

If you got a legal situation you got questions.

Here's a number for you 800-659-1186 at 800-659-1186 leave contact information briefly with calls about an attorney with Whitaker Hamer will return that call. You can also email your questions to the show questions at the ball. I We encourage everybody to visit the website and the outlaw by your Don, back right after this versus the EPA before we do that. The newer time I have in like an official sound when we make a prediction just just a minute ago just before the break. Okay and nothing about like a big lock sound, but how about that was that loan order sound. Would you call@on time and being the only thing versus but will that happen. You and me. I don't think that hit hard enough and Basil to go ahead and say that we do a lot of broadcasting from this studio and the iPad has an allure to it, and Josh, you have control of the iPad now need to use it, you know.

Sparingly you don't want to run it into the ground.

We had we had a show a while ago, one of our shows and Joe got to the iPad magic yeah I'm pretty sure that's our most downloaded episode in a way was it was last sound effects. We really we really use the board but Supreme Court heard I a miss Iolani Supreme Court cases of a slave is not about abortion. If it's not about the Second Amendment you have is not about gun rights.

A lot of these will fly under the radar and in their all-important some of them are hard to read some of her technical, some of them really only fascinate you know legal folks legal minds in a certain field but this is one that again.

I forgot about now is kind sick a look at what's on the docket for the US Supreme Court was coming up is oral argument started on this one.

On Monday and it was West Virginia versus the Environmental Protection Agency amulet Cassandra, give us a rundown of how this case started. And then, how it got to the Supreme Court, so this'll be fun thing 2015 Obama's administration adopted the clean power plan and that was a rule that sought to combat climate change by reducing carbon pollution from power plants. It set individual goals for each state to cut power plant emissions and gave some specific deadlines. However, the courts and the Supreme Court actually put that on hold and then Trump came into office and instituted the ace rule the affordable clean energy rule and then that kind of sat around for a while and on terms that last full day in office, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia vacated the repeal of the clean power plan which trumps administration repealed that so essentially the clean power plan was repealed and then that was vacated. Is it back in force and furthermore, in the court vacated the ace rule over arcing you just overworking thing here is, there was an act rights of an agency like the like the EPA and agency can only do what the order governing body gives it to do right so there's there executing on legislative powers so you know, the Congress will pass an act or a law and then they will hand it down to this agency to enforce and sometimes agency has some leeway depending on the law or they can come to fill in the gaps to get this over arcing. Rule, Phil and I will.

This is Howard enforcing you can only have this much blank and you know and and water in time to fill it in and then they'll enforce it and you know I'm not Environmental Protection Agency up apologist. I'm sure that's a very hard job to have as a bureaucrat when you are going from an Obama administration to a trump administration to abide administration says are administrations that have some very different theories on what the EPA should be doing temperature. Everybody was confused but has real-world consequences because here West Virginia and there's a lot of plaintiffs in this in this suit. Coal mining companies, you know, there are certain states involved, like West Virginia, but you know if if the Biden if the path legislation that came under the abide administration rules the day. Then coal mining takes a big hit. I think this is the easiest way to say it, and if you had a trump though the legislation. The passenger trump stays in effect, and McKenna relaxes some limitations on if you're in the coal mining business coal burning businesses, little more relaxed is that we cannot figure out where we had met this, how I understood it after after the procedural history on that. That's right or wrong. That was my understanding yeah my convoluted history and I was. I have that I'm riveted so West Virginia and other states.

1212-ish. Additional states sued the EPA saying that the EPA does not have the authority to essentially restrict the carbon pollution from the power plants so that brings us to the oral arguments, and really, there were only two questions at play outdoor arguments. First, whether these states even have standing in this case at all. So the Supreme Court could decide just to dismiss it outright saying the states don't have standing. And second, whether the EPA has been given authority by Congress to regulate this at all. Yes, of course. Course like to do that standing is there certain things you have to have before you can even bring a court case.

So I give for leaving the studio today and I see Cassandra walking across the street.

She says my car. That didn't happen. She is hit my car, I can't bring a lawsuit on her behalf right.

I don't have standing to sue you.

I wasn't I was injured I wasn't involved. Cassandra obviously has a great case against ever hit her with her car but but sustaining is always important and so why Cassandra was saying here, the Supreme Court might have an easy outrageous. I hate you have standing to bring this week will you have to reach a decision about wheezing cases like this before where people were complaining that an agency that was the heart of I don't know the name of the vaccine is a vaccine.

The private vaccine mandate.

The magic yeah we talked about a couple shows a ghost of divorce and AOC. You will have the right to promulgate this requirement and then punish us for not following because you don't have you legislative authority to do that. So this coming and that that same vein, the meals to open and oral arguments regarding standing.

It does have to be in the right person right place that they're being sued Supreme Court separately right place and then there actually there has to be an actual case and controversy so the standing issue is that part whether there is an actual case in controversy because the EPA's interesting argument is that even though the lower court vacated the repeal of the clean power plan. The EPA saying no we are not the clean power plan doesn't isn't in effect ace isn't in effect, you're not complaining about anything because there's no rule regulating your is interesting. Okay that's interesting yet it there's nothing here to educate yeah you will have standing and you don't have a controversy somewhere worse than not having standing is literally not having a controversy whatsoever on so much money is important to this legislation. I would be I would be an insult to me if I brought a case as an attorney and it is probably attorney generals or some private attorneys involved private sector attorneys, but your client doesn't have standing and they don't have a controversy will be tough and then I spent a lot of the time while listening to it just deep diving on the personal lives of the people arguing, so I can tell you a lot I do that as solicitor Gen. and the US solicitor give me a fun fact about each of the West Virginia solicitor Gen. she's been the solicitor Gen. for about five years.

She's only 35 now so I feel like I'm not.

My work is very important, not the solicitor Gen. of the state are killing that lady in terms of accomplishments in life. I found her on Facebook and Instagram, the US solicitor Gen., she had three clerkships that she's only 43 clerkships including 24.

She she clerked for garlands at the DC district level and then clerked for Ginsberg and Canyon so she's pretty impressive as well and was Ms. Idaho 2004 she's all she's all right. How many times she been on this radio show that downloads that she had the you don't get all starting to think about clerkship.

I guess you just gotta have that that mindset I need to do I need to make some jingle and make some coin and he paid for that right clerkships.

You do get paid will anyway be interesting to see what the with the subpoena would Supreme Court knows with that I was going to mention one more thing. Well will save it mixed up talking about the fork truck the infamous fork truck next way to tease it on Friday. Hello lawyers Josh Whitaker and Joe Hamer Whitaker Hamer law firm where you can find it during the week 46 combined years experience and conveniently located offices in Raleigh garner Clayton Goldsborough Fuquay Green and Gastonia. They are the managing partners are practicing attorneys here in North Carolina to get our special guest is Cassandra Nicholas who is also an attorney with Whitaker and Hamer. If you got your own legal situation you got questions.

We got a number 4800 659-1186.

That's 800-659-1186 leave your contact information briefly with calls about an attorney will be in touch with you from Whitaker and Hamer.

You can also email your questions again will answer those questions on a future program were back right after this. Have an answer for you about an attorney with Whitaker and Hamer will be in touch and you can always email the show will answer those questions on a future program I tell you we've been promoting it and now it is here.

So here we go. The most anticipated segment in the history of the outlaw lawyers. I'm kidding of course going to just looking at your sound effects, iPad, and I don't have any first for it. Don't go there.

Sound effects for this. The segments looking three-year, but this is the story and this is when I was when I was a reporter for one year between undergrad and in law school and this is a gift from from the gods here. If this a phone in my lap but this is what I have called the far truck but we have a North Carolina resident who, according to stories, a molecular biologist that lives in Asheville and she's got an older Toyota truck, and she decided one day on a whim to get a vanity DMV plate which is something I thought about a lot but never done it but a vanity plate and she just put fork on their FARC fort so that was her vanity plate and she's had it that he did I get an exact timeframe on how long she said she's had it for a while it was it wasn't on the she's gotten my size it just partners at Fort Weiner one.

Fard, what is anxious for they said there was a SCM on it officially because of you. Now you didn't.

I can't member what it was now theirs you know when you get a plate which you can get like a sponsoring organization.

Yet running symbol or something that's SCM that's associated with it at DMV but we see a picture of it. He just says Fort. She said it for a while. She's people take pictures of it, her daughter so she is a seven-year-old daughter is a big joke when she drops her off at school so it's all in good fun, but somebody filed a formal complaint with the DMV that it was offensive to the DMV has reached out to her molecular biologist to say what it makes asked her intentions why did you get this. What does it mean to you. He's coming questions and in case you don't know the DMV does regulate that kind of thing right you can just go and get any anything on a vanity plate, you won't nurse. Swearwords can have course to having a racist or bigoted. So there's an DMV person or people that judge whether your request for a vanity plate is is okay and so far passed the test early on Feeney's out of the bottle toothpaste out of the two. Jerry has it, but there's a complaint so DMV has it has reached out to her and her reconsidering and and so this is this is the story by Debbie oriole can arrange this kind of a funny story, but it does involve the law of the DMV and and a lot of the little bureaucratic rules that that we have to deal with is as people in and attorneys, but I really liked it when I was growing up I was in a lot I could say fark you. How would that was I was in big trouble for us that far, and I was just about as like the real F word you deftly get a spanking. Josh says I'm in a state on air as many times as humanly possible to do this. I got a few preliminary thoughts about this story because I'm looking for I'm looking through our notes here and I am assuming this is a direct quote from the news article and it talks about how she applied for this plate and she thought it would get rejected and then it didn't get rejected. He said they they approved it.

Then it says the quote is I got it in the mail and I was so excited. I was jumping and I can't say I can't remember the last time I was so excited about anything that was literally jumping around this lady, this lady must. She must be a true fan of. Not that it would necessarily matter like who she is what her job is that she is a molecular biologist turn software developer and I just like picture her a little on the nerdy wrong with that. Absolutely not. The mental image of her jumping around soccer mom minivan software developer people driving by her always give her a huge thumbs up.

One of her favorite song is jumping Jack flash of the Rolling Stones.

It's a gas casket's the wheezing meeting of the reasons it away from it. We need to make a prediction on undoing and make a bold outlaw lawyer prediction. No man had been alerted out. I I don't think they will protection. I don't think they will either I think.

Whichever DMV employee originally approved it like new what was happening and was excited for her own fault manage their own fault, like who, she's put a special frame around the case. Veronica Summers and tried to get off her car now and whoever whoever complained about this license plate. I can guarantee that person has parted like a thousand times in their life and that she needed the energy it takes to do that me the energy it takes her to write a letter or an email or anything relating to this is just to get couple on man and I don't know the process here.

North Carolina is to get vanity plates approved in the first place is. But I will tell you about the process in North Dakota, at least as it was in 2005 I was in driver's ed and we had a DMV representative come to our class to recruit us to serve on this committee as volunteers that would approve or deny vanity plates as a volunteer committee that they purposely included teenagers on because they feared that young folks that get things by an older inappropriate vanity plates as a morning email every single week of all the proposed vanity plates and would approve or deny them, and I think that would offensive. I might sign up for North Carolina's vision of that I think DB should release a list of disapproved anyplace like every week like Monday like like the third knows this is everything that is easy segment is just rated for 10 minutes and then is very interesting it's it's it's always amazing to me that somebody is paid money to to deal with this and I understand you can't have people I guess you can have people to put anything they want. I don't know that society would break down if if that happened, but there are people whether some things that I could like there someplace I could come up you give me that number of characters for license plate. Whatever the maximum is I can come up with something that would be offensive would understand someone writing a letter about an taken issue with the one recently here that isn't offensive, but it was surprising I've noticed you can put symbols in your license plates apostrophes; colons so someone's license plate was CHK space you are space: symbol check in the public eye. I hope it is a Dr. Guy: it just brings back sign for his income, I'm Kramer asked man. I mean you say the area and blowing it week is probably apposite to be done. Not knowing how to change a lot of things for me were to find a name change, I think we need. I think we need a list of what we what we can say and can't say no, no, we don't need to think because I've just been relying on is George Carlin.

All this time. That's kind of where I got my yet know those are good start there and it's not going will see how that works out.

Hopefully DMV leaves her loan officer.

Enjoy your funny.

I'm sure that seven-year-old it's a blast out of it.

I was, until the kids out and talk about this today I get a chance to set off like there's a threshold, though, like where the seven years and age were the seven-year-old to get to know what that age is where the fire truck is knocking to be cool anymore. You agree with that, like there's been a be a time when that kid that come less cool and there not want mom to pick pick them up in the fire truck and timidly have Emily disagree with that.

I think that's all anything right now it be funny to me but you kids get to that you get to that point where you're like embarrassed by your parents don't want you know that on the bold prediction. I'm not it's not official Michael act not a lot not likely to regularly approve that one that now we only made the prediction on the far truck license plate not being taken away because were never to follow up on the story after the a there is no way I beg to differ. We have Josh. We are gonna follow I'll be glued to my to my twitter timeline to see soon as that's taken care of but I was reading all all night about the far truck dates until I fell asleep at 6 PM and we would come in order today because I was up all night reading.

We've exceeded the limit on the F word for the show today. The lawyers Josh Whitaker and Joe Hamer. You can find them at Whitaker and Hamer law firm 46 combined years experience. Again we we say this often, but their offices in Raleigh Garner Clayton Goldsboro Fuquay Marina and Gastonia.

They are practicing attorneys here in North Carolina and they are the managing partners at the firm accented necklaces are special guest today. Also, an attorney with Whitaker in Hamer if you got a legal question that you are facing and you need some answers. We have phone number for you 800-659-1186 at 800-659-1186 contact information briefly what the calls about an attorney with Whitaker and Hamer will be in touch. You can always email your questions to questions asked, the outlaw and please visit the website.

The or back to wrap up the program right after this managing partners there practicing attorneys here want a 46 combined years experience between these two and again offices in Raleigh Garner Clayton Goldsboro Fuquay rename Gastonia if you got a legal question you are facing.

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I don't see the Eagles are coming to see I see the Eagles elect Eagles. I love the Eagles have not seen them.

I am I am so excited by this and I've never seen them is always been too expensive, but this year I have been skills with them and in skill. I think took most of the Glenn Frey Park since Glenn has passed away in England for a son yes stores with them. I believe it does.

One or two of his dad's a great show. Very excited about that. My tiredness level already this early in the day is is is making a need to get home and maybe get a nap in or something because that heals concert so the client told midnight for doing all of the hotel California album and then an intermission and then a greatest hits compilation so if you go to the concert check and can you never leave there doing their don't hotel California with I think people from it like a knothole symphony, but I think I will allow people to Nancy Symphony to be there and they are like a backup acquired its famous on its own and only the name get into hotel California from beginning to in a long intermission. It was an hour or something some crazy long intermission's greatest hits that become between like 1145 12. This is a Wednesday get a nap, and during intermission you done for which he did on the show tomorrow and if it is been you just usually start are certain to bed around 915, 930, I got my stand up late. Unisys is here when you're with hotel California release Josh I know I'm disaster 78 7619 76. Born Joseph was again I was born to 10 years actually if the Eagles were coming to North Dakota. Cassandra being from North Dakota, where would worded like people go where did you go to see shows Dakota the Fargo dome when it's completely following it's the third largest city in North Dakota. While the dome itself. They have these in the hall there.

These old pictures that they have on these giant lock light boxes so there there covering large portions of the wall and there's one showing a blizzard in like the 80s and there's a guy crawled up under the hood of his vehicle, like fixing it and my dad is walking through the fiber dome and he likes me or my jeans. That's my common name for a stadium dialogue are much cooler than that PNC arena.

How do you compete Fargo PNC and PNC still ESA, which was a terrible thing to begin with, but had neither one is a good thing. They come up with something like pirate dodo can use you can do stocky folks wouldn't appreciate that you get Valvano on their think that's that's a whole yeah yeah so another conversation, I guess, but you do something, but the Valvano Coliseum. Did anybody yet have a sports team that plays there's I just come from North Dakota State University okay yeah we are letting professional teams but advising her a big deal they got lots of national championships. They've got players that have come out of their think I think I see that they one like Division II football championship flight not out of the weather there there and it's FCS Josh SCS the distinction between SCS and Division II but no super successful football team ran well, you know, I try to keep up with what's going on you. No doubt there and the Eagles concert is that I like even see past tonight because I would know what you know we got smart.

The firm is on thing about is is gets the Eagles concert early beat the traffic as well. People want to do oriented tailgaters can be beautiful. We are where we get there early to take the truck and end until it a little bit and then get in there and I guess what you're in there you're there for a while I got a bold prediction, this is Camille Locke play the sound we play the song after Josh Whitaker drinks more than two alcoholic beverages tonight. Probably not someone else tries about this for track lighting. We need to get such a fair and efficient conversion of the interesting you begin thumbs up all the way home will just a quick reminder that we have a lot of fun on the show enjoy. Sit down and then being able to you to get our voices out there and then and discuss this legal information with everyone. We hope it was fun, but we also are practicing attorneys in the state of Carolina and so every Whitaker name or if you have a legal problem. You can get in touch with us. Maureen always gives you those details, but Joe and me and Cassandra.

We are all in our offices doing work most of the time. This is about the only time we get out to do the show and then go watch concerts or happy to help you with with any legal question you might have. Our firm handles a broad range of of things anywhere from personal injury to, you know, real estate transactions that total in the millions of dollars family law. If you're going through divorce, child custody questions, general civil litigation. Yet criminal charges. You know it. There's not much we can't advise you on.

We have a lot of attorneys a lot of staff a lot of experience in our six or seven offices. However, many we got we got going these days and so where were always happy to help and always want to remind people that we we

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