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The Heart of America: TX Grocery Store Lets Customers Leave Without Paying

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb
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November 15, 2022 3:04 am

The Heart of America: TX Grocery Store Lets Customers Leave Without Paying

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb

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November 15, 2022 3:04 am

On this episode of Our American Stories, when there was a break in the deep freeze that swept across Texas in February 2021, Tim Hennessy and his wife Deb piled into his Jeep and headed for H.E.B., a beloved grocery store chain for many Texans. Tim shared what happened at the grocery store on Facebook and it immediately went viral.

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Send them to They are truly some of our favorites. When there was a break in the deep freeze that swept across Texas in February of 2021, Tim Hennessey and his wife Deb piled into his Jeep and headed for HEB, a beloved grocery store chain for many Texans. It has almost a cult-like following. Tim shared his story on his Facebook page and it immediately went viral. Tim, who's a big fan of our show, contacted us to see if we'd think our listeners would want to hear it. And we of course said yes. Here's Tim with the story he and his wife entitled The Heart of America.

Very quick background. I'm originally from Chicago and we lived there many years and then we moved to, my wife and I, Deb moved to California in 1993 for an opportunity. And it seemed like California was kind of like the heyday for California.

Things are moving, things are pretty good for us there. We lived there 23 years. And then three or four years ago my kids decided to move to Houston and they basically said, you know, we just can't afford to live in California.

The best we could do is get an apartment for $2,500 a month and it was just too expensive and they didn't want to be house poor. So they moved to Texas and tore our heart out really, honestly. And we caught, we found ourselves sitting in California at home. We still have a son who's in California.

We found one day we found ourselves sitting there going, what are we doing here? We have a grandson in Houston and we kind of, you know, we love California. The beauty, the weather, it's kind of hard.

There's very few places in the entire world you're going to get that kind of beauty and weather and stuff. And we thought it's the best of both worlds. We moved to Texas. We have a lot more freedom than we have in California.

We can save a lot more money before we retire and we get to see our grandkids every single day. So a few years ago, we decided to move. And, you know, I find people are nice everywhere you live. You know, I think it's what you focus on. There's good people everywhere, but there's a, it's a level of niceness in Texas, the people that kind of struck us as soon as we moved here. It's almost like, why are you so nice to us?

What's your agenda? And it's a different kind of nice. And so that kind of niceness, we recognized everywhere. Yes, sir. No, sir. Yes, ma'am.

No, ma'am. And the people wherever you go are just a different level of nice. So right around February 20th, 21, somewhere in there, 2021, it was an historic storm here in Texas, 15 degrees or below, closer to zero, a couple of days for a whole week. And Texas is just not built for that. When I live in Chicago, they had snow plows. They had salt for the, for the roads here.

They have, they're not built for, they don't have that kind of stuff. Cause it's, it's rarely that cold usually maybe gets down to 30 degrees. Power was going out for four days, off and on every couple of hours, it was out. The hardest part was when the water went out.

Cause you're okay. You start thinking to yourself, okay, this is getting real now. How long is this water going to be out? Is this a day, two days, three days, a week? You know, cause you start thinking these stories of people don't have water for a month. So in between that we had snow on one of the days.

And when you get some snow that goes over the ice, it makes it a little bit more easy, traction wise. Cause we didn't want to drive anywhere. The roads were literally impassable. You couldn't go anywhere. You couldn't even walk on the road.

You'd fall down. So we got some snow. So my wifi said, well, we got a little bit of a break. Let's go to the store. Let's get a few things for some friends. We decided we decided to drive to a local store here called H-E-B.

H-E-B is like the dominating grocery chain in Texas. And so we pull in, we were, people were lining up. We got on the line about 50 people. We made the best of it. We were probably outside for about 20 minutes.

Finally, the line started moving. We got in the store and about 10, 15 minutes into shopping, the lights went out and you literally could hear it go, Oh, here we go again. And, and so we looked around at each other. It's like, well, let's just keep shopping until we're told not to shop. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking they're going to come along pretty soon and make us leave.

I was hoping they weren't just going to kick us out and we have to leave our stuff there, but I kind of half expected that. So we shot for about 10, 15 minutes and my wife was going to, Oh, she's, Oh, I forgot the bananas. So she, we started going that way. That's when one of the employees came, came along and said, Hey folks, would you mind going to the front and we'll get you checked out as quickly as we can. We have a process for this.

So don't worry. We'll get you out here as quickly as we can. So of course we go up and we get in line and it's probably 10, I would say 10 to 12 people in front of us. Most people have full baskets, bunch of people behind us. I don't know, maybe 10, 12. I didn't really look, but there's a ton. So I thought this is going to take a long time because there was about 15 other lines.

You people going from the front to the back of the store because everybody's checking out at the same time. So in my mind, I even said to Deb, my wife, I said, well, this is going to take a long time. Are they going to get calculators out?

What are they going to do? We weren't sure. So I thought, well, maybe we're just waiting for the power to kick back in and maybe they have a generator. So maybe 10, 20 minutes somewhere in there went by. We didn't, we barely moved. I don't even know if we moved up one cart. And then all of a sudden, within a few minutes we started moving. And as we moved up, a woman's employee says, do you guys have any alcohol?

Like looking at our carts. And I said, no, but if you're giving out drinks, I could use one right now. You know, just kind of make it fun.

I like to have fun with people. And so within a few minutes, I mean, literally just a couple of minutes, we were ushered to an open aisle and they waved us over. We go over there. My wife starts putting stuff on the conveyor belt and the woman said, oh, don't put anything up there.

We won't be able to bag anything today. So I thought it was kind of weird. Okay. So we pushed our cart to the end and she looked at us, looked at our groceries and kind of motioned with her arm, like go home and be safe, drive home safe. And we looked at her like, I even said, uh, who, how do we pay? And as I'm saying this, I'm watching all these carts go out the door and it kind of hit us like, wow, they're literally sending us home without asking us who we are, looking at what we had, counting anything, expecting anything from us.

And I turned to my wife, she's tearing up. It was just this wonderful gesture of this company because we always want to bash companies that, that they're all for profit. This company is literally letting 200 people walk out of this store without paying a single dime, without asking who you voted for, what's your social status, who you are, nothing, because quite frankly, because you're our customer, just an amazing thing. So we started leaving and we're like, this is unbelievable. And we, we get to the, the door and there's about eight to 10 of their employees standing there and kind of greeting us. It felt like a wedding, like, okay, everybody go home and be safe.

They're waving at us. And it became like a festive mood. And, um, I turned at the edge of the door and I said, oh, wait a minute. I forgot the filet mignon, you know, and they all busted out, laugh. And they knew what, what it was, what I was saying.

I'm just kidding. Of course, you know, part of you thinks, man, I should have got the filet mignon, you know, but of course we're all laughing about it. And we started getting into the parking lot and it was very hard to maneuver the carts because of bumps of ice and snow. And without bags in the carts, stuff started falling out of people's carts and you could see everybody helping each other, holding onto other people's carts in front of them, behind them, helping them.

And we all do this every day, but we all do it every day. But in that moment, it felt like I want to do even more. It's just, you know, given that that act of when someone gives you an act of kindness and generosity for no reason, first you feel, I don't know, a little guilty. Um, cause I never felt entitled, but I felt a little not guilty. I don't know what the right word is, but he felt like, wow, we didn't deserve that.

Can I give to somebody else who may, who they need help, you know? So with that in mind, a week, I got back to my car. We started driving home. We were talking about, wow, you don't see that every day. You know, a store like HEB just did that for its customers. So I told my wife, I said, um, I'm going to write about this story and I'm going to post it on Facebook and just share it with a few of my friends. And you've been listening to Tim Hennessy tell the story of an experience in a grocery store. When we come back to Texans here on Our American Stories.

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This last year we've gotten bombarded with nothing but bad news and maybe even the last decade or two it just seemed like we get more and more bad news and because I just saw that as this is the time to get back to because I just saw that as this is the America that I know and love and that's what I was going to title the story this is the America I know and love not the stuff you see in the newspaper on the news all day you know all the time so and my wife was thinking about it for a second she said why don't you just call it the heart of America and I just liked what she said it just hit me I said you know what that's what I'm going to call it because it kind of is more succinct this is the heart of America it truly is so then she said you know I took Tim I took a picture and I said you did she goes yeah I didn't really want people to know I was taking it and she said I just want through her tears she said I just captured that moment for us it just it was just a unique thing to see I said well send me that picture I'll include that with the post and I literally just wrote it I actually gave it to my wife in a word document she's my editor because I'm not the best speller I hate to admit that I read voraciously but I can not spell for nothing thank you god for a spell check like the word separate forget it I put an e a i don't know if it's e in the middle a anyway I'm getting off topic here so she she's edited for me um and I just posted it and then I think our power went out again a little while later and then we woke up on on the Wednesday after I posted it and then sometime in the middle of the day I thought well let me check my Facebook uh post just to see if you know a couple hundred of my friends what they thought of that story and I thought oh my how does this happen at that time it was like 12 or 13 000 shares a couple thousand comments and probably 10 000 likes and I'm like I don't have that many friends how does this happen how does this happen and I actually called a friend of my daughters who works for Facebook and I said Jesse what the heck and she says Tim what the heck I said well you're supposed to you're the expert don't tell me what the heck how does this happen and she said I don't know Tim I think the story hit a nerve at the right time I think people needed to hear good news through all this so then I then I got worried okay I did not expect this to go like this I was literally sharing with a few friends so I got worried so I called the store said have you heard about a Facebook post about your store going viral he goes yes we did I said is it okay and it was the manager I asked for it and I said is it okay because I didn't really I didn't know this was going to happen I didn't want to get anybody in trouble he said no it's all good sir I got the impression without him saying that that is a very positive thing for that store right so but I wanted to call their corporate office too for a couple reasons one I wanted to double check that it was okay and two I wanted to find out what their charities were and so I got a hold of somebody there and they said the local food bank is one of their charities and also they directed me to their website and she also mentioned this place called lady lodge and it gets it's a family Christian based camp where people go and the donations help pay for families who can't afford it and there's no cell service or internet it's literally you're going camping and it's a few hours away from us here in Texas so we my wife and I wrote checks to both of them for more than what we would have paid in groceries because we felt like it's just such a great gesture it was our way of giving back somehow right but the next day that story just kept getting bigger and bigger and it was over 30,000 shares 3,200 comments more likes than I could ever count and then the phone started ringing I got text messages email messages direct messages from various news organizations CNN, Washington Post, Fox News, NBC, People magazine, ABC basically the who's who of of media and then I still got a little bit nervous about it because I thought well I don't want this company this is a very private company very humble company they do a lot for the community HEB does a lot they're almost always whenever there's a disaster they're almost always the first there for water and food supplies a very generous company in Texas family-oriented and so I called them one more time I said you know I've been doing these interviews I don't know if anybody saw it but have somebody call me back and let me know if you want me to continue or stop because I'll stop today because it's not about me I just wanted to not necessarily promote the store but just to show the goodness that there is in this country because there's a lot of good things in this country we see it every single day we see it all across this country we see it in our neighborhoods how many of us go out every day we help somebody but it doesn't make the news because that's what that's what we're supposed to do that's what God wants us to do that's why we're here we're here to to be good to each other right and so they call me back whether their corporate spokespeople call me back I don't know if it's the next year that same day I can't remember and we talked about a half hour on the phone and he said Tim he goes let me he goes let me just tell you something he goes we're not going to stop what you're doing we love what you're doing we're getting a lot of phone calls right now about if that story is true or not and all we do is tell them yes it happened but that's as far as they go and basically because they don't want to toot their own horn they could easily they could easily point to their back and go look at the name of my back of my jersey this is HEB aren't we great but that's not what they want to do that's how great of a company they are oh I wanted to add one more thing so and this is for my wife so I have to give her credit this is my wife Debbie I have to give her credit for this because this is her she says this all the time and that's why she took that picture too she says this following phrase God only needs a moment right God only needs a moment and and and the phrase that I one of my favorite quotes that I kind of live my life by is from Albert Einstein and it goes like this live your life as if there are no miracles or everything is a miracle I probably botched that quote a little nervous right now but um so I live it as if everything's a miracle and when you look for good things you look for the miracles in life it may seem silly to go wow you think it's a miracle this guy let everything these people walk out the store I think it is that's what we look for the moments and again I got to give my wife credit for God only needs a moment you look for these you these things you see them everywhere they don't get reported all the time but we see them and I'll give you an example of another moment or a miracle happened during the same week I saw this story it was in San Antonio Texas I believe it was a 7-eleven and it was either the owner or the manager who wrote this on twitter and she went to her store one morning and all the water that's left out outside on pallets was missing she said over a hundred cases of water were missing and she thought well I guess people needed water because we're having issues so she understood it and she goes to open the door of the 7-eleven and there on the floor was $620 in all kind of different denominational bills so in other words it wasn't just one person who just put in $620 they put they slid through the slit of the door not like a mail slot you know like some doors a mail the slit of the door they slid in $620 in ones twos tens twenties and there's a picture of it that is a miracle right so we see these all over the place and and I'll give you a couple other examples I don't know if it's a great example but in my neighborhood and probably all across Texas people were out walking driving when we could going house to house checking on people how are you doing did you know you can melt snow and ice to flush to put in the back of your toilet to flush you I didn't know that okay great and we see this everywhere all over this country like I said thousand times a day how many times have you heard of a police officer this happens all the time maybe somebody stand in front of them doesn't have enough money to pay for their food or whatever and that officer they're not they're not making the most money in the world will take out their own money and pay for that right every once in a while we hear that story but that happens all the time those kind of things so miracles do happen every single day this world is a miracle and we're all here and the sun rises every day and sets every day we take for granted that's still a miracle you know when I go turn the lights on now I think twice about it because we didn't have it for a few days when I turn the faucet on I think twice about it now a week ago it was like not even in your mind those are miracles if you if you think about it that way that some waters come from some plant it's treated the electricity is coming from someplace it comes into my place and it gives me light gives me the power of my refrigerator my tv my stove all these things we take it for granted we have delegated some of these things in our lives as just mundane but they're miracles and you've been listening to Tim Hennessey the heart of America the story of the Hennessey family and H-E-B a grocery chain a grocery chain that wanted nothing no credit no adulation they just did the right thing this great story here on Our American Stories so you never became a soccer star but you could still show out during the FIFA World Cup 2022 with cool soccer swag from Frito-Lay the official USA snack of the FIFA World Cup 2022 look for the golden world soccer ball then pass the ball 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