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Weifield Group Hires “At Risk” Individuals and with Good Reason!

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb
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September 27, 2022 3:02 am

Weifield Group Hires “At Risk” Individuals and with Good Reason!

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb

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September 27, 2022 3:02 am

On this episode of Our American Stories, it's hard to believe that a company who has hired over 100 “at risk” individuals would be competing for the title as the top electrical contracting company in Colorado AND also the U.S. Let Karla Nugent and Curt Andersen convince you otherwise.

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Here's Robbie with the store child until tragedy struck 1987 lost my brother Brian to motorcycle accident started getting involved with some help all something positive are all downhill from there. I did not stay in school and just from there all the alcohol got worse and worse. 21 years old.

No that was in and out of jail. Have a good job or career short little kids together, leaving control pills started getting felonies trouble with the law for spelling 2000 to 2003. Somewhere was given a chance to do probation for about two months and catching another felony case on felony probation five years. Intense pollution okay with that for about another case, corrections 2000 530. The whole time release late thousand Colorado for parole completed my parole was doing okay was much playoff about for the whole, parole. Once I got off parole. Another felony 2010 six try to make it a ritual crime like your sentence 20 years DOC I was lucky enough to get going. One 9/11 12. Call your claim day is what they call the program graduation percent is only like 11 or 12% of the people program actually completed pretty much try to reprogram your whole way of thinking. The first six months you don't have contact your family chance, click on it. Once you get really in touch with yourself decisions that you made about their talk about was me. I never talked about problem problem. Holick okay the rents bathers fridge home for for five days about running in no so what you really be okay with who you are going your life to progress through the program. I got to go find a job immediately back to the restaurant I was just like the old I was blessed enough to meet somebody program with electrician school is a great company's ethical code 2014 February found chief business development. One of the top electrical contract. We believe just because you have passed doesn't mean parents crying thinking thinking citizens can sentencing down classes that the bad decision making changes made concerning the story is powerful and important and I think I started to do years ago that the right thing to do when we have high success rate might bring somebody in the program and forward and quickly. These individuals plaintiff like me that fission claim accountability ready to go and start menu just listening to Carl Nguyen and she is one of the founding partners of the way field group and again on Colorado's largest electrical contracting companies. What a heart they have for people.

You also hear from Curt Anderson who was just while he was lucky when we come back more from Carl and Curt Anderson here on our American story view of the great American stories we tell and love America like we do for asking you to become a part of the American stories from if you agree that America is a good and great country.

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Make your home and we continue here without American stories in the story of way field group Colorado electrical contracting company finds much of its success in treating people well like people there's more from Carl Nguyen, the woman who helped start the field group and Curt Anderson, a man whose life way field changed the good Christ.

Let me dad I wanted to how we can get back to the community around the same page partnership site that's the right thing to do when we started on my partners new Christ different stories and how they felt trusted mentoring is being planned for right now 18 years later to see how God is not acting in their hearts only care for people here at work and it's become part of our culture right where are values that are packed people advance processes, community interest in relationship everything we do anything to bring back to that place. We want to be no place else on the customer side projects that are experiences.

I'm not the typical person. You probably ran into the inner industry for probably 80% of construction being made up of women.

I appreciate being women in industry and I think I can pull off things that we can make in person that values people about heart peace that may be there construction companies. When you think about and for me I want.

I am pleased to know that we care about job paying for their safety. Pray for that jobs are pursuing not get any project and take care this customer. These are jobs for our right now for over 600 employees and families. Sometimes in construction you can get buried in execution.

If Ollie's activities to on this deadline happen and sometimes the pleasantries can come out.

How do you keep the human element that we have all these things execute our value are heard and collaborating instead of just screaming to motivate you looking at it differently like, please stop on Holly training in Boston believe we do believe there people you care for people to care for customers than he Glances this whole cycle blesses decisions and you look at financially about the things you want to have better benefits than our competition and pay for full health insurance for employees pay for all their training and pass on these things that we celebrate giveaways and play the monthly way to be cared for how we can challenge them to get back to their community enrolled in different charities find folks think about like me electrician the company in community cherry time way better community for hiring through school will go blessed to have Carl Brad James P the first one which you care about what she wanted to go this moment forward, while judge a lot for positive choice. So was blessed us all over, you know, if you know I was just miserable for you always wanted some comments so happy just to have a great future with some, but was told the early or late, so I sure early work, so come Saturday so blessed this opportunity while probably so happy you are about my life. You know there's other companies are out there. You know, you sure that a lot. So many faces construction school will live my life.

The house money is twice as comfortable in life for about great job to Robbie and to Alex for putting this piece together my goodness it is so many of the elements that we care about your on the show that authentic voice of the small business owner.

Her face while there. It is for all to hear what she does all the good that got done because of her faith and also we heard from Curt Anderson in his voice. My goodness is honestly historic honesty about his life and how he lived, and we love when people can come clean like that and talk about the turnaround in their lives. And there is hope in a story like this. My goodness, it comes from so many different avenues that Pier 1 program was essential. Without it, will Curt could have taken the next step. But then came over and came Carl in the hand that helping hand in offering this man a job and by the way: way field group have done this in the low hundreds of times lending a helping hand in a job is at risk individuals.

My goodness a job at this company isn't just a jail be. It's hopeless love and my goodness it's so much more water thing for Curt Anderson to experience that kind of hope in a time when he needed it most, and last but not least, there was a couple things and Curt said really really move me. I been blessed to have these people in my lives.

He said of way field group. There are a bunch of great human being for anybody listening who owns a company runs a business runs everything to be asking yourself this is that what you people are saying about you. He also said I'm grateful to be here hundred and 10% every day. I'll show up early to work stably on Saturday on their that's just the way it is. That's just the way it is way field group there story Carl Nugent story.

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