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051 - The Mega-High Priest

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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July 17, 2021 1:20 pm

051 - The Mega-High Priest

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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July 17, 2021 1:20 pm

Episode 051 - The Mega-High Priest (17 July 2021) by A Production of Main Street Church of Brigham City

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One. Is there something here for me. I mean it's just words printed on paper right it may look like just print on the page but it's more than Inc. join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our as we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than Inc. you know any high priest, you mean those people who hold all the high spiritual secrets and don't let you into them and they got to represent you know… Oh were talking about Jesus yesterday and Hebrews will find out that Jesus is our high priest today on more than Inc. well, I'm Dorothy and Jim were sitting here in our dining room table, ready to back into the word of God when we are in the end of Hebrews for beginning chapter 5.

Oh my gosh this is favorite portion of Scripture is a big deal so well, glad you're with us and if you're if you don't have your Bible open yet. We hope you will. In the second as you need it donated.

Yeah, we got we got into the first part of Hebrews 4 and there's an unfortunate had a chapter break coming up your boat last time what he finished with is the goal. The inner sense of God's plan for mankind benefit from God's life promise of life. P promise God has a promise to mankind and he uses the R word rest rest to enter into his rest and into an active dependent relationship on what God gives to rest the singly God rests exactly exactly. That's an interesting idea. Yeah, talk to says entering God's rest doesn't mean the rest the got design for us, but the rest the got him since his arrest, which got us into.

We get to join him and so yes it does.

We talked about lesson. That's the goal. That's what God plan for mankind is.

That's the good news and not just for the Israelites back when you're coming.

The promising but for all mankind. Even to this very second.

To this very second okay and you get into the rest.

I believe in God by believing in his promise, believing that what he says is true that simple.

But there there are some problems and he brought that that's what he really highlighted the problem is our own hearts. We incredibly, we will not believe his promise we will not believe such extraordinarily good news and the Israelites didn't either emulate solar and tea party but they didn't walk into the promised land because he didn't believe that I can really refuse to be persuaded to show me miracle right open to see again and to this very day. This promise lingers over all mankind as well. God makes to mankind to offer to give them up, abundant life, our own hearts. The problem, and in that problem he starts now is to get it halfway through chapter 4, to talk about the solution to that problem our own hearts. The solution to that problem isn't us trying harder. The solution to that problem is Jesus himself. So we start a longer discussion about who Jesus is and how as our priest.

He makes it possible for us to enter this wonderful promise of rest and like from God. So we pick it up and Hebrews 4 chapter chapter 4 verse 14 you want to take us there as soon as as as he brings Jesus into the picture. Well, and he had already opened this idea of Jesus as high priest back in the beginning of chapter 3. So is kind of circle interacted that now. He said that this is new IDS Center. Jesus, the apostle I am nicely exactly back is lacking 31 so that if you just joining us, this is actually not the first time using this idea of high priest, but after he's done all this intermediate stuff he's coming back to it now to lean into it more so verse 14. Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens.

In other words, he's not stuck on this side of heaven came from there and went back to their obstacle for him. We have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the son of God, let us hold fast our confession company.

Times now, as he told us to. This is the fourth time for we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect is been tempted as we are yet without sin, then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. And I think we better say so in the Old Testament contacts with the Jews whited priest even exist.

What would be needed. That's a question that maybe many of you never thought about before.

Well the writer's guide tell us in a minute the priests offered sacrifices and prayers and gifts.

They stood between as a bridge between God and man right and men would bring their sacrifices and the priests would do the ceremony or would receive the prayers and then turn around and pray them to God. It was the priest who took the blood in anointed the mercy seat in the hall rightfully so. The priest is the one who functions between God and man right and makes the promises of God, something that man can participate in. Man will not participate in them. If he is sinful so that it is so when you go back to the Old Testament.

Look at what goes on the temple. Everything in the temple had to do without problem of sin were always about disbelief and and there's there's God brought them into the promised land. And yet, their heart still stray from him and I still don't believe in him and so the priests are there only because of mankind's fallenness and not being able to fully participate in God's promise of life and because of the necessity of constantly dealing with our sin and it gets in the way of of our benefiting from God's promises. So that's why priest existed. He's going to amplify that more. If you're a Jew and you're reading this you understand like what everybody knows that that but in the culture we live in. There's some misunderstandings about what temples are for.

Just wanted to highlight that for you today.

That's what a priestess 40s there did. He's there to be an agent on God's behalf to solve the problem of our sin to do something about our sin. So the priests are there and but there is a there is an arch priest. There's a beginning priest. There's a first priest in this Reese's. In verse 14. Here there is a litter linguica mega high priest who is in charge of everything and and he's not just a man. He's passed to the heavens. These he seems to have an origination and a destiny and facility to be both in heaven and on earth. Okay the actual son of God is the son of came from God representing God to us.

Brian because he's fully man.

He represents us before God right in lately and you know emphasizing you as a son of something you always say son of means that they are the same kind as so son of God means someone she sounds like who's sort of God in a real sense he is the real sense is so little vest that confession that stated belief of who is an and he emphasizes interesting things are you as you point out last time the impediment us. Entering God's promise of life interest is our own disobedient hearts and so you wonder whether or not God really does understand the depth of the problem that we have with our own hearts being disobedient and unbelieving and stuff like that. Can he really sympathize with the problems that we have is man if he is divine and only if you go back to the ancient idea of the gods in Greek and Roman stuff like that the gods can really understand because they never were men, but here you say no Way Way Way Way Way, God himself came and became man and so he can actually understand what you go through. He can actually represent you accurately and empathetically because he's been there. Indeed, that's the whole point yet, him becoming one of us in Philippians 2, kind of unpacks that a little bit since he was not just appear to be a man.

He really what really was and very physical reality right and this qualifies him in our hearts and our belief to say yes he can knowledgeably and accurately fully represent my weaknesses because he understand right and so because of that confidence.

We have because he understands us that he's fully man that's redemption to 16 says so there you go.

There's your conference so we can then be confident and draw near the throne of grace which you know if you draw near to the throne of grace, which is where judgment and righteousness.

Standards are your toast you just walk up to a throne no key. You just don't do that is don't do that, but we can hear because we never competence because we have someone who's acted like a high priest to mediate between us and the righteous king, and so we can go with confidence to him to his throne. And guess what you can receive mercy and grace in your time of need. While all mercy and grace for a minute as we we lump those two words together, but there there slightly different there just to see has to do with the relief of the suffering of sin and grace has to do with receiving something we cannot earn and do not deserve, and there's no way we can merit it right. God is concerned with relieving this suffering that we are under because of sin and we don't deserve it. We can't merit his help is there as our King ready to bestow those. So in a sense, mercy deals with what we deserve and grace deals with what we don't deserve so so yes are you connection go to the king of righteousness who judges can come with confidence draw near. Now he produces can use this term draw near several times in the course of the book we are invited.

God invites us to come near because of what his son has done as our high priest. It's it's a great picture heard a song on but I take this as a personal invitation with confidence draw near to God because he's inviting you because of the person of Jesus to come near and receive from him mercy and your suffering yet is it such a great recourse in the midst of problems in this real life right now to know that you know you think about, can I come to God what he really respect my requests in my and my worthy enough to come to present says I mean here missile pipsqueak creation.

Sinful person will he listen to me. Well, you know, because of Jesus.

Yes, we have access to the throne of grace. It is an extraordinary thing. In fact, before we get to the big promise of rest at the end of all things this in a way is a little picture rest right now right now right now in the midst of all this, God brings us rest and Jesus accomplishes this.

So this is this is his starting discussion. In many chapters talking about the high priest and one extraordinary resulted is says upfront and how can this work will explain in second, but can you believe this because of what Jesus does as our high priest, we have access to God in a personal, intimate drawn near kind of way that's astonishing access got the Doris way is open yeah to go straight to God in our time of need, which when we ever not need yeah I know I know so this is a very practical right here right now Grady you know rubber meets the road, definition of what it means to enter God's rest in God's presence and this is this is the big benefit and now he's gone. Explain how Jesus makes that happen.

This is the connection he makes against the benefit for the right now. But how does that work. I was a high priest, Jesus is our high priest make that happen. So as we jump into chapter 5. He's going to rev up the discussion on the high priests and just just nuts and bolts of how this works only says for every high priest chosen from among men is appointed to act on behalf of men in relation to God, to offer gifts and sacrifices for sin right that's his job. He can deal gently with the ignorant and the way word, since he himself is beset with weakness. Because of this.

He's obligated to offer sacrifice for his sins just as he does for those of the people and no one takes this honor for himself, but only when called by God.

Just as Aaron was so so right here he recaps for what did you would know about right.

How the priest and special high priest works what the beneficiary is the sinners doing the promises made, but there still sinners in on behalf of men relation to God. He doesn't say in relation to God's promise of the promised land, but in relation to God and and because the high priest during the you know the ancient times. He was a man just like us. Well, he can deal gently with the ignorant wayward because he himself got the same problems, he's been there. He's been in her shoes. He understands that you give that's a good thing to. He understands my problem was designed the system to work, but that's not always the way it didn't.

And by the time Jesus came, it was pretty broken and very broken because now that the high priest, and that the priesthood that served with him in the day of Jesus was so prideful they guarded themselves as more righteous than matter that oh yeah, and able to make God's decisions for him. Yeah exactly coming so far above and separated from the people rather than saying I guy can I sympathize with your problems.

There they were like that. In fact, they were very ambitious to write and so that's why he brings up his last part about the fact look you know they try to point themselves but got someone who appoints the high priest for you. You know he's the one it's not honor for himself, God calls them just like I did for Aaron. Aaron was kind about somewhat unwilling participant being a priest, but God called him and that's what he did and he did.

Aaron complied and said I'll be a priest not for my benefit, but for the benefit of the people and we know you. Aaron was not a perfect praise. No, far, far, far from it.

So, so, that right there.

We finished numbers were that's his recap that every Jew should know about how the priests work so you know.

Remember, he tickled us before the end of chapter 4 about Jesus being our high priest.

Okay, we just reviewed with high priests in the nation of Israel are are there parallels yes there are. And so he goes on about the parallel between the high priest well known to the Jewish year and Jesus. So in verse five, also Christ did not exalt himself to be made a high priest but was appointed by the one who said to him you are my son, today I have begotten you. And that's from Psalm to which we read a couple weeks ago. In this messianic as he says also in another place. You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek done all just a second, because we opened a huge door here. No kid is taken dear. You don't think that she had actors that has a right just opened right here just dropped a bombshell. So here's your assignment, you run across a name like that he liked when he come from your concordance and look up Melchizedek. You will be us punished and how little how little we have. You can read everything. The Scripture contains about Melchizedek and about five minutes. I always liken it to the fact that it was in Genesis 14, but he does a cameo appearance like I want to know where like to watch a two hour movie and some guy walks on and walks off the rain in five minutes and that's it. That's Melchizedek, but his role in Genesis 14. What he does and who we very fascinating will take some time to come to new louver and is there some layers of Jewish tradition that goes with Melchizedek that can add to that I know will talk about those who go on because man you get the chapter 7 okay which is still a ways off heroes of Hebrews and he is the discussion item right. He is the discussion at this point Michael back and read that the second part of Genesis 14 where Abraham encounters Melchizedek really happened there and then just observe.

Just observe what Melchizedek did and when Abraham did and I so we get this opening thing. Requote some to big Messiah. Psalm and someone 10 big Messiah is owned by the way someone 10 is the second place in the entire but entire Old Testament Melchizedek's mentioned right. The only other place is in the narrative in Genesis 42 places in the Old Testament were Melchizedek is mentioned in here the writer of Hebrews is going to use his name consistently for almost 2 to 3 chapter say what so fast anything but the point he's making here in in what we just read verses five through six. Here in chapter 5 is the fact that Jesus is not an afterthought perspective says you're my son. Which means you're like me are of me year of my kind, you're my son today have begotten you. That doesn't mean birthed. Although the word is used for birthing.

It means in the general sense God cause to exist. You know he brought forth so is so this is a deliberate.

This is a deliberate idea on God's part. This is not an afterthought who Jesus is and all and also the second line the comes from someone 10 fascinating again of the deliberateness of God's plan for mankind. Using Christ is that he's a priest forever not just during the age of Israel, a priest for ever. And because not because the deck appears historically and I didn't realize this for many years before the law was given way and the erotic priesthood instituted up for 500 years that he's a cameo appearance with Abraham right in Abraham's way before Moses in the long so some fascinating issues is a priesthood that preexists preexists English and run it. How about that. That's a necessary distinction, but he's is just talk about the factor that that this Jesus is indeed a priest and again we mentioned this once before for Jewish listener. That's a no I don't think so. I know Jesus. He comes from the tribe of Judah. I rules according to Moses, only those that come from writer Aaron stride can be. That's doesn't work so there's yours problems coming up right here. He's got a hot deal with a couple chapters of Melchizedek priest… Well, what is that mean so anyway he over explained that more but here, all you need to absorb in verses five and six is the fact that Jesus role in terms of being a mediator, a high priest so that the promises of God can come to mankind is not elite idea. This is a forever idea that was there from the creation of the universe. He's a priest for ever and before before Moses before Abraham did by God and appointed by at this is God's plan and he comes from God like God he is, is God. In fact, so I'm in all these ideas he's very distinct in that way, and this is deliberate on God's part were not just making this up. This is a big deal for seven yeah, come back to the time so after you saying you know he's he's a priest forever. He is deity.

He is the son of God, but verse seven in the days of his flesh. During that time when he was in the human body.

Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears to him who is able to save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered and being made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who obey him being designated by God, the high priest after the order is again it is again so so he's kind of giving us a thumbnail view of our high priest went in the flesh, telling us that he himself suffered under the fear and the prospect of physical death yes and and it wished him take place in the garden in the garden Since he learned obedience.

It doesn't mean that he was fundamentally disobedient into his experience as a human firsthand experience firsthand the variance what it is to yield his will to his father in the midst of his own suffering. In the midst of his suffix and to persist anyway to persist anyway. So if you go back and read those Gethsemane accounts in Luke 22, and in Matthew 26, where you know we know this, Jesus was praying father. If there is any way let this pass from me.

Nevertheless, not my will but yours. There we see the learning of obedience yet and even implies the suffering part that he could've asked God to stop which you know that sort of implied in the prayer in Gethsemane as well, but instead what he does. He persisted with God's will for our benefit. Our benefit so was about us, not about him right to the entire process. Yes, of this first-hand experience you know just listening the other day to a guy in the state legislature. They're arguing about whether communism is real and in no one legislator set down another guy came up who was a Vietnamese refugee and he says let me tell you my firsthand experience with the terrors of communism. So since you could say they both understood communism, but the second guy had first-hand experience with it and for that it lent a certain kind of credibility in a way that's what he's saying here Jesus is walked in our shoes. It lends credibility for us because we know that he obeyed even in the midst of that suffering. He knows what he's talking about.

He's been here and the prospect of death. Yeah yeah so that's that's a big deal here and being made perfect became the first maternal size I want I want to just put a site on that. Yeah the perfect thing doesn't mean he was sinful. Many became sinless, the perfect just means that that's the designated and that was the sleep process completed process so in actually walking in our shoes. A completed the process of him being a high priest who can sympathize with our weaknesses and someone who we can look at and say completed in our mindtalk because ability walked so far as a human, even to the point of death, even death on a cross since Philippians 2 so the worst, most public, most humiliating death known at that time). So his experience of being human was utterly complete. It was perfect in that sense and I want to highlight one were really quick and that verse nine he became the source of eternal and all who obey and then obey is not the word doing what someone says right. It really just means to respond upon hearing something in its use really commonly if someone knocks on your door at night.

Do you hear do you hear it, and then do you receive appropriate so this is a here plus respond kind of idea, are you hearing are you responding so he's eternal salvation to all who hear and respond. Actually very Jewish idea. It is not said in the Schumann now listen listen up and and here the hero is around the Lord your God is one.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, your strength, so this idea of a hearing and letting it penetrate your heart and responding that's that's that's item that was the problem with this you're going the route they hire an adolescent. They didn't respond right so those are those are two separate steps they respond to respond obediently. Yeah.

So he saw Jesus first is designated by God, a high predesignated God's plan got. This was God's plan is deliberate, it's eternal. It was put in place before anything was even ever made. This is the way it was always going to be. This is not an addition after the Old Testament. This is the way it always was supposed to be high priest after the order of case attack go back and just look quickly at Genesis 14 want you to notice the one thing about Melchizedek is that he is accessible and he comes out to meet Abraham and brings Abraham bread and wine so that encounter is predicated on not when Abraham is bringing what the priest is pleased brings to him and so just kind of let that percolate in your mind as were talking about a priesthood on the order is attack.

Yeah, and also Abraham response to giving 1/10 of the stuff to go back and look is fascinating but you need to have all the stuff on your belt before we proceed from here. Come back to it. Silly next couple exists will not go away. Idea is a fascinating thumbnail sketch of who Jesus is from a cameo appearance from a nobody in the Old Testament. And this is the fascinating thing again were out of time but would today. He has just opened up a gigantic multi-chapter discussion about how Jesus as our high priest makes it possible for us to participate in the promises of God, life, and now he's going to explain to us chapters on so get makes you go to Genesis 14 and will pick up from there. Next time so I'm Jim Dorothy delighted you're with. We hope you are as thrilled as we are with this top word of God raised up Joy's next week on morning

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