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027 - Called Alongside Us

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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January 30, 2021 5:43 pm

027 - Called Alongside Us

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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January 30, 2021 5:43 pm

Episode 027 - Called Alongside Us (30 Jan 2021) by A Production of Main Street Church of Brigham City


You pick up your Bible. One is there more here than meets the is there something here for me. I mean it's just words printed on paper right it may look like just print on the page but it's more than Inc. join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our own. As we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than and the Holy Spirit coming home. I know this kind of crazy that he really did say that said today in John 14, more than Inc., by God, and it helps to be a backup copy to second guess oh well okay so young as our informal take on John and John 14 John 14 beginning last week and it doesn't break where we were going very smoothly that even the verse numbers are arbitrary yeah yeah exactly sources which is good diving no Preludes here we go. We know where that were in the upper room with the apostles. Remember Jesus is that not don't go on living in a state of being troubled, believing in me is the antidote to that right and and remember what troubled her heart was Jesus announcement I'm going away and he very very powerfully said well yes and no. So about the end of the first of you saying you know that the problem of the separation is really a problem because I'm going to be in you, and you're going to be in me in the in in in in there we go. I'm going away but I'm coming back for you and in the meantime you're gonna live a particular way because you believe in me send you helper right, so something is switching that actually addresses that what troubles their hearts about the separation of Jesus.

And it's more than they could ever imagine.

And this is when corks if you only start reading okay so where in John chapter 14 his verse 15 adjustable trunk and won't come back to it because this is thick stuff mantises fixed up. Jesus says if you love me you'll keep my commitments and I will ask the father and he'll give you another helper to be with you forever, even the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him.

You know him, for he dwells with you and will be you and you all. We had a lot in passages last time. Yeah, it was stopped there and we have to stop that we can stop there because we need to back because a member he'd said to be at the end of last week's discussion, I say to you whoever believes in me will do the works that I do greater works than these will he do because I'm going to the father and whatever you ask in my name this I'll do that. The father may be glorified in the son.

If you ask anything in my name I will do it if you love me will keep my commandments. So he's kind of pulled all of that together about loving and keeping just like he loves and keeps what the father has said to him right so the father is glorified in the son so he saying to them now.

If you love me you'll keep my commandments and I will do what you asked me almost talk about those two words for second loving and keeping because it in our English language shallow understandings of those two Truths going on is best to keep especially keep all even loved by me all right our cultural ideologues got messed up stuff like that so that they're just so central is passages want to Bible study skills would go through a section words you see repeated. I think you might be in the sizing this and do I fully understand what these words mean there's always a compromise when you translate from one language to another. Does a little to compromise. Sometimes a translation equivalence is great. Sometimes you don't know how great it so this is where you know if you if in the future you want to venture into looking into actual words that are used in the original language is really kind of fun and there's a lot of tools may will get to them sometime later about how you go about that… This focus on the results of our doing that with the word love the word keep. So let me let me start with the word keep can I do keep please okay so this word keep doesn't mean obey and I think that the conception here you when you go when you look at it. It's the same with the use one sale I could jailers watching a jail.

Why not just means being attentive to, or means or means guarding something just I would not put that modified you dreams primarily primarily to keep guard to treasure something it is something you treasure so much. You are watchful of it all the time and so that's that's why guardians using word regarding as you don't, you have lapses in guardian. You stay on it so were talking about something here that when you keep it. I always imagined in my own mind taking a treasure and hugging it to your chest and keeping it and it's not a matter protecting it's a matter of always being attentive to it because it's so valuable to so this is Jesus saying here you when you say, keep my commandments, is not obey my commandments, and measure up obey my commandments, is that do you take my commandments and the very words I say and do you treasure them and hug them to your chest and and guard them and you're attentive to them and they they occupy your full-time attention and obedience is an outflow.

It's just a minor part of it, yes. But it is definitely a part of.

Yeah, because it would be silly for us to treasure something like them and just disregard because the evidence of our treasuring is acting on what we treasure right but interestingly enough, is a connection back in this the Old Testament Psalms 119 talks about how much he loves God's law what what you mean that the thing that tells me how I'm supposed to homes was to behave is something I actually love and in that sense really treasure and hold close to my Simon he says it's is more valuable to me than gold and it taste better in my mouth and honey, which is really odd thing to say about God's law, but that's exactly what Jesus is doing here in a New Testament context. He saying is it like gold and honey something that you treasure and you value and you hug yourself in your attendant to watch over. I mean, is it like that in your life.

My commandments okay if you love me you will keep my commandments. That way, so you know he is the word of God made flesh, so loving him is to love what he says what God has says that if we love what God has said, then the evidence of that is we will act on it so that's what Jesus is saying if you love me you're going to follow through on what I've told you because you've made connection that what I say to you is what God is saying to you and then he goes right out of says and how is the father give you another helper to be with you forever. Another helper, even the spirit of truth, and this is way to start making a list about what he says about specifically about the spirit because they were not unfamiliar with the idea of the Spirit of God, but even today we have a lot of whacked out ideas about well and it is very personal helper. He said he'll send you another helper will be with you for ever one that doesn't mean just eternally brat means without limit in any direction is not limited by time is not limited by circumstance and he will never leave you wherever you go out I in the flesh. I believe you right this body is done and I believe you said you helper who never well here's the solution to your troubled heart about our submission in yeah I like the idea that the words Paraclete and always eliminate literally means to call someone wants on so there's a there's a fantastic nearness issue in this this word we anymore you call out you call out for someone to come alongside and later on Jesus until now, it's better for you if I go because they know how well he's not limited by needing to sleep. He's not limited by needing eat. The spirit is not limited by you know people vying for his attention. So Jesus said it's getting better for you. You know how it's been hard these three years because I've had all these other people to talk to you I got tired and sleep.

There's those Pharisees and he also solves the problem effectively says, you know, if you love me you'll be treasuring my commandments what happens when Jesus goes away. We don't hear you. Commitment word you say yeah and is as well.

The Holy Spirit no for 17 spirit of truth. You know going tell you more about the fact that he's your connection to truth. Now that the that the verbal sounds of Jesus's voice are going away to something something you should be listening for in this an honest clue you in ahead of time is how from this point on, Jesus begins to equate the Holy Spirit and himself and the father is blending way because he said you know I'm one of the father and the father will send the spirit, but later on in the next chapter you say well I'll send you the spirit will send you come from and says well that the spirit, the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, and he says my spirit know what what what what what so just for that. Watch for that. This conversation yeah and this blurring that you can't quite figure out is actually the fact that you're looking at that looking at the cork with the construction of God to the Trinity is smearing his notice. Mary, it's all true. I mean, he hinted a very strong in the 17 you norm for he dwells with you what what it's me guys right so yeah and he will be and he'll be in you so whole separation issues not really well and that's another way that it's better that this is Jesus in the flesh in right he was with them right. But in terms of that Baroque and continual fellowship. That was a whole new idea pretty darn portable crispers scattered all over the world right Jesus can write what is time between 12 guys going all the world, but that he'll be in them what what a tremendous advance in terms of relationship and addressing the troubled hearts about being separated from was push on you hundred 18. Sure, I will not leave you as orphans outcome. Do you yeah a little while and the world will see me no more, but you will see me because I live, you also will live in that day you will know that I am in my father and you and me and I in you, whoever has my commandments and keeps them heat as he loves me and he who loves me will be loved by my father and I will love him and manifest myself to him stopping.

No kidding. Troubled heart about the separation from Jesus. This should a rep develop right here and I'll manifest no matter where you go is not about following a roadmap. It's a matter of him coming to you rather than you going to him. While that's a good oh, that's a real good deal yeah yeah yeah so what you make of all those ends and like first 20 well you know Jesus in that day will and what day will win Holy Spirit's when the helper comes the one is going to come alongside to continually speak truth to you and the world's not know him or recognizing him.

And by the way friends if you are in the habit of referring to the Holy Spirit.

Is it… Right now.

Jesus never refers to him as yet he is a person relatable person of the spirit of Christ who takes up residence in us. And if you're if you're wondering, did this ever actually happen in an overt way to read into acts because Boyer comes time what comes Holy Spirit it comes did I say yes you did. She only comes yet it is not is not a hidden event to such a quick event that he is a public comes exactly is it is this indwelling of the spirit through which Jesus will manifest himself to those who love him right solving the problem of distance that they were fearing that their trouble, but you seriously when he he connects keeping the commandments loving him and keeping loving and keeping I'll love you because your treasuring me right interestingly enough when John starts his gospel. He says in the beginning was the word and and how you relate to quote the word is how you relate to Jesus and that's that's the actual central connection of the love, part II was look at this to when you think about someone who some you know you're really engaged to your dating someone you know in your separated you send letters back and forth like that will take those letters and you put them in a special container and you never thrown away and you treasure them is that idea but magnified a thousand times. Talk about your relationship to him is really very much centered on how you deal and how you treasure what he says is that which reflects who you it's a really big deal, love, and that treasure go hand-in-hand because Jesus himself. John says the word that intelligent communication that low glass who was God's God became flesh and dwelt among us. So Jesus was the kind enough. This is even a word in flesh meant enforcement of the intelligent communication of God exactly made known the invisible God made no make known the flesh and walk among us so we could see his glory exactly yeah so Jesus says don't worry about the fact were separated and 21 on the manifest bodies not to be here anymore to be different, but you'll know me to be different all keep knowing me, but it but yet I will manifest myself to so let me pick up on 22 okay so than Judas Iscariot as he was gone. He had let his body, which by the way, that's a wonderful piece of foresight on John's part of the Holy Spirit parts of people critics in the future will say gotcha. Jews left the room and now Judas is speaking can't be so.

He includes in their this is Judas Iscariot. There was a company okay so I know Judas not as scary as a dim Lord wow is that you will manifest yourself to us and not to the world and Jesus answered them all. If anyone loves me, he will keep my word here is there it is again and my father will love him and we and we will come to him get ready for it and make our home with him.

Whoever does not love me does not keep my words and the word that you hear is not mine, but as the fathers who sent me. Okay, stop wow wow news news bulletin.

This is this is crazy. This is cool this is big okay so why would Judas ask this question because they were expecting that he was going to manifest himself as king right now. Can you do that only trust enough, the world right is in that part of the point manifest yourself the world and pull down those bad guys I can manifest us not what, but interestingly enough, the manifestation come in terms of how we treasure his word and the result of us treasuring his word, which is actually treasuring who God is himself is the fact that the father and the son take the initiative to come to you and to make their home with you and how do they do that one person there Holy Spirit Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is how this is how this solves the problem of the separation and Jesus trying to wrap your mind around the fact that you know even even when the when when he was asked. You know, we don't we don't know how to follow you.

We don't know where you're going.

Can you show us the way in the sense you saying that's not your responsibility really, because the father and I will come to you will come yeah will come. We take that initial so your responsibility is to love me and treasure Treas. treasure, my word will come and will figure it out. After that, and will send you helper out and the helper will be us, and I love the fact that he doesn't Gisele be near you. He said I'll make my home and we make a home that's really a conscious decision to abide to put down roots and settle down right there. God is God wants to settle down in you.

This is where I live. Yet this is where I live.

This is the dwelling place of God in man white which is why Paul so easily made the connection when he says that we are where the temple got wind that sounds presumptuous, but always saying is with Jesus saying right here because during their time in a figurative sense God's dwelling place on earth was in that temple now pulses what is going places in us not right and so were that temple that actually is an incredible line of thought to trace this idea of God dwelling in a movable tabernacle in the wilderness and then a temple anchored to the ground in the time of David and Solomon and then that temple goes away and is rebuilt. But when Jesus comes.

He says hey I am the dwelling place of God among you, and then when the Holy Spirit comes.

He says you are the dwelling place of God and that is all fulfill that in Revelation 20 2122 so that an incredible picture that is a huge overarching story of God, wanting to dwell in our midst and how he develops that idea for us. This is the theme of the Bible.

God wants to do well is not incidental is not incidental, the dwelling place of God is with man that was that's always the intent is always wanted made us for fellowship with him and he's not going far and you don't have to solve the bridge. The problem separation. He's got that down. We need to move on for sure on time.

If I were always short of 25. These things are spoken to you. Well I'm still with you, but the helper, the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I've sent to you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid you heard me say to you, I'm going away and I will come to you if you loved me you would've rejoiced because I'm going to the father.

The father is greater than I. And now I've told you before it takes place so that when it does take place. You may believe I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, he has no claim on me, but I do as the father has commanded me, so that the world may know that I love the father rise. Let's go from here.

I was chuckling as I no longer talk much except for chapters 15 to 17 is the time is getting short short night because here they are about their leaving the upper room and wanting across the Valley and over to Gethsemane right so you know that the clock is ticking and Jesus is acutely aware of that and he is in control of the time, and he makes what good use of it because we see in chapter 18. And that's when they arrive us when the prosecutor in the going got the gun of the assembly.

So in that transit from the upper room to the garden. He teaches us chapters 15, 16, and we hear his big print. 17 so there's a lot to come from to finish the discussion about the separation and you all know what's in chapter 15.

I'm finding you're the brand. It is this continual amplification of what it means for the spirit to be in you right and he gives them a very visual lesson visual picture that they'll never forget you and is it just a wonderfully pragmatic result of the of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that he says he'll he'll teach you all things allow you to remember everything I've said in the big result is shalom is peace. Peace to wholeness. Because of that profound well-being right. The opposite of troubled hearts.

By the way, that's what he's talking about and that's what the Holy Spirit is going to go sewing so yet. He says I am going away, come do but check out the relationship is will be more intimate than ever before, but different. It'll be different but it will be better. So if you find yourself troubled continually plagued by on peace is the question what is my relationship to the living word of God, because Jesus says I'm leaving you peace and giving you my very own piece don't go on being troubled. Remember, he had started this conversation by saying don't troubled. Believe me, leaving me and what great results that bring. So were just saying that if you have the symptoms of a troubled heart it maybe because your little deficient in staying God's word. Lord, what am I not believing that you yeah because more trouble in our direction believing wrong things about what whether we understand or not we talk about effective fear is a repudiation of God's sovereignty mean if I fear that means that she may be God's not in control thing some of you are living in a time of great trouble and it many many believers spirit into what believers are struggling with trouble hearts and so that's why we are doing what were doing, bringing you, helping you come into the word of God as an antidote to living with a troubled heart, so that the present to the Holy Spirit, attending to his word read during it, measuring it in no treating it like honey on the lips like the psalmist wrote. I mean, these are all key issues is partially why were driven to do even this broadcast is because we know that we get in the word were changed in the troubled hearts start to fade away. And the reality of who God is, takes on prominence and the other for part of our brains with a wait that's right, God still is in control. This is what he has in store for me. This is how how I go down the path of life, and it really starts for us with the word and how we treasure, which is why. Also you we start out last time talk about doing it in a very relaxed cutaway. This is not an academic endeavor. This is a matter of taking the word and letting it slowly wash over and through your mind and into your heart and changes your perspective on the larger reality of life and heart turn troubled and so that's all Jesus doing with the apostles writer is trying to cut he's trying to combat this troubled hearts about the separation and is good news is it look guys, the separation is not what you think and and I'm thinking this should become due and abide in you, so chill well you know he's been saying if you love me will keep my commandments, and then look at this chapter ends, he says, you know, the ruler of this world is coming, he has no claim on me I'm doing as the father has commanded me, so that the world may know that I love the father what he had already sent to them.

The world is going to know that you love me love one another so you know that a direct comparison. You think I am doing exactly what I am commanding you to do. I am loving the father and doing what he has sent me to do so. I'm telling you, if you love me you will do. You will treasure my word and do as I have told you. And this is the continued incarnation to the Holy Spirit through us. Which is why Paul takes a leap to categorize the church that believes question believers as the body of Christ is kind of like collectively its than is the second incarnation of God spirit out the same way was in Jesus body. Now he does to his body of distributed believers.

Spreadable is glorious. It is what makes God recognized in the world is this unity of all these disparate varied people retried termination color. You know, Paul says that that the glory of the glow of the hope of glory is Christ in you. Colossians 127 Detroit Paul comes back to this over and over pricing in you and you and you and you sent me, so if you are wondering the previous part of chapter 14 what it meant by greater works. Now you see with the greater works are in our time at the body of Christ distributed throughout the entire world with the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, and accomplishing in a distributed way with Jesus could only do as a single man.

Now he does through his body, the church and that's us and we glorify who God is, as we love and know that your from God because you love oh my gosh I just got home and come back with the snacks are going to try starting to 15. These were so I call the transition teachings. It is on the way to garner what I really want to brave it and he's making comments on things he sees and touches and this is some of the system. The most choice teaching Jesus anywhere in the Scriptures when he is getting in his last thought these guys are going to the garden of Yosemite and shortly thereafter going to be arrested. So while also joining the section would love to have you with us just read chapter 15 1617 the next time 15 and keep asking yourself the question, what is this is and make his home and he has had his friend to look more into that next week so I'm Dorothy this is next week on where I think were on the right track

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