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018 - 26 Ways to Say Thanks

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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November 28, 2020 1:00 pm

018 - 26 Ways to Say Thanks

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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November 28, 2020 1:00 pm

26 Ways to Say Thanks

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You pick up your Bible and wonder, is there more here than meets the eye. Is there something here for me.

I mean it's just words printed on paper right well it may look like just print on a page, but it's more than Inc. join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our own.

As we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than Inc. eating turkey leftovers, you hope you had a good Thanksgiving or just if your listeners lives is just a couple days after Thanksgiving 2020 lease the American Thanksgiving Canadian Thanksgiving was last month it works or not Canadians but do there might be Canadians listen*Jen Mike, I am sure she will just say yeah anyway so so I continue our talk on Thanksgiving.

We start last weekend before Thanksgiving looked at limitations 3 Odd Pl. to talk about living at such an important one, but very applicable in on really addressing the issue is can you be truly authentically honestly thankful when the entire circumstances of your life have gone Looks like Life Is Crumbling around Your Life As You Know It Has Changed Right and We Just We We Just Won't Put up with People Just Saying Well You Know It Will Be Okay. And since They Really Not That Bad High Doing All Fine Know These Things Are Bad, but We Need the Bigger Picture about Who God Is God's Determination Changes yet so Today Were Moving Away from That and Were At Least Limitations or Go to a Song. The Psalms Are Full of Thanksgiving and Inward Look Specifically at Someone. 36. If You Enjoy This and Have Your Bibles in a Look at 136 Because, Well, Is a Stupid Connection You Hope Paul Simon Wrote This 50 Ways to Leave You Right That the Stupid Is 136 There's 26 Waste 26 Ways to Give Thanks to Somebody More and so Many More. And He's Gonna Prove That in the 26 Verses of Psalm 136 Well and before You Go.

I Know That We Just Say This This Psalms, in the Form of a Litany, Which Is a Form of Worship.

That Is, Call and Response Response Form the Leader Says This Truth and Then the People Respond or the Leader Will Pray for Something and Then the People Will Respond Case. The Response of the Same and It's It and You Might Think I'm Really Tired of Saying This, but It Should Be Refreshed Every Time Depending on What We Have Been Told in the First Part Exactly. So Let's Talk about Thanksgiving and If You're Coming up Short on This Thanksgiving.

A Couple Days Ago about What to Be Truly Thankful for. This Should Change Your Viewpoint a Little Bit and Am Hoping so If You're Just Grasping at an Inauthentic Thanksgiving or or in Your Area. They Did Not Allow You to Have Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. You Might Have Just Can't Do It the Way You so That You Do If You Didn't At Least You Can Do It Now. So Is Jumping to Someone. 36. I Love How He Opens. This Is Just This.

It's like the Summary of the Entire Psalm Speaks for the Entire Bible. Give Thanks to the Lord for He Is Good and the Responses for His Loving Kindness Is Everlasting Man Is Loving and You Know What Else Can You Say You Cannot You Stop Right There. What We Talked about Loving Kindness Last Week Is Here Where Hess Said Rich As God's Devoted Unfailing Love toward Us, That Is Everlasting. It Never Stops. It Is Endless Duration Disappears to the Vanishing Point You in All Direction, As Does the Work He Chose You Don't Really There's There's like Two or Three Good Words for Eternal or Long in Time, but This One That Literally Means Vanishing As It Literally Means It's Something It's Hidden Because It's so Far off in the Distance You Can't See the Giving Thanks Because God Is Good Is Good, Which Is a Interesting Distinction Because Normally Say I Have Nothing to Be Thankful for Right and the Issue Is What We Normally Say My Mom Say When You Get a Gift from Grandma United Writer Thank You Grandma for the Letter You for This Thing with You Right, but He Starting Us off Right on the Right Foot Hearsay Look.

The Issue Is Not Being Thankful for Things As Being Thick with the Fact of Who God Is Right That Changes Everything. And That Is We Talked about Last Week, and Limitations.

Three His Goodness. His Faithfulness Is Foundational Devotion Is Refreshed to Us Every Morning Is the Definition of Good and That Doesn't Change That Doesn't Change His Firm Never Goes Away It Says It's As Solid in Practice This Word Everlasting.

This Alarm Is a Solid in the Distant past Is Future As It Is in the Present so Well and That's Related to Who Were Giving Thanks to Her Giving Thanks to the Lord to Claim Jehovah to the God Who Is the I Am That I Am Right. He's Always Present Right and Always Good Right so You Have Pleasant Plenty of Reason.

I Mean, He Could Start off the Said Too Bad for You, Your God, Is Often the Corner the University Doesn't Care about You Anymore Bible Give Thanks Anyway Know He Doesn't Say That He Says No You Need to Give Thanks Because the Lord This God Is in Control Is Good. That's the Nature of His Heart and That's a Determination of His Heart toward Us and Again We Talked Last Week about the Lord Being Our Portion While Talking out Everybody's Thinking by Having Too Much or I Should Have Had a Smaller Portion Size Portion Control Enough Soon Portion Is Always He's Always Good.

He Is Always Enough. He's Always Enough so He Starts off Psalm 136 with Just the Reason Reason to Be Thankful. The Foundation of Our Thankfulness Isn't so Much the Sum Total of the Things That God Gives Us but the Fact That God Himself Is Good, but I Was Talking with Some of This Week about This. A Childhood Friend of Mine Who Lived on Our Street and I Said You Know I'm Really Thankful for the Parents That We Had Growing up Your Parents and My Parents. We Are We Are Both Very Fortunate Because of Her People Had Nastier Parents and Stuff like That and so Alter Your Childhood Your Parents Give You Gifts, but in the End, You Realize Those Gifts Are Just an Indicator of Their Heart toward You. There We Were on the Internet Sharing about the Fact That You Know We Need to Give Thanks Because Our Parents Were Good for Us, Not Because He Gave Us Great Stuff, Although They Did but They Were Good. I Mean We Are so Fortunate.

He's Time of This in a Much Larger Context. Well Thanks for Who He Is, Not Just What He Gives. Even If You Had Crummy Parents Were Abusive Parents They Gave You Life Right. We All Had Mothers and Fathers, Even If You Are Adopted, You Have a Biological Mother and Her Biological Father. That's the Way God Is to Sign Things and so Life Itself Is a Gift from God. So Just to Set Your Set Your Sights Right Here.

The Basis of Our Thankfulness Isn't the Sum Total of What He Gives Us Is Who Years but That's Reflected in What He Gives Us so He Goes on in Verse to Give Thanks to the God of God's Lovingkindness Is Everlasting.

The Elohim of the Elohim. That's What That Is and Then Three. Give Thanks to the Lord of Lords at an Eyeball.

I Denies Highest Authority Highest That Brings to Mind to Me.

I Was Looking This Morning at Revelation 19 Where It Talks about the King.

The King of Kings, Thinking That the Highest Wine Nobody Higher End throughout the Old Testament.

We Use This Term Find This Term Forgot the Most High, Particularly in Isaiah, We Find God Almighty, the Most Time. So Is There Anyone in the Universe. It's Going to Take over God's Determinationů No Good News That God Is the Most High in the Highest Authority Unless He Is Good. Less Is Good Because He Is Fundamentally Good Beneficial toward Us and Devoted to Us. Let's Celebrate and Give Thanks That's Right.

His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting and Just to Provide a Little Counterbalancing. Since He Is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords That Are Nigh about Denies the Elohim of All the Music He's the Only Guy at the Top. Those Who Sin and Rebel against Him Tremble Because Is Also the Judge of All. So at the Same Time He Is He Is Simultaneously Just Bring Justice Based. You Know like Egg Hill Attacked the Injustices, but He'll Also Bring Good to Those Who Love Him and Are Devoted to Him, so Does the Fact That He Is Preeminent Brings Trembling to Some Brings Great Con Consolation.

And This Is Helpful for Us to Remember That God Is Eternal Everlasting Because We Want Justice and We Want It Now Often Only Say That We Want. The Way We Think It Ought to Be Meted out, but It Is Very Good News That the Ultimate Authority in the Universe over All the Universes Is Good, Eternal One Who Will Ultimately Bring Good Truth, Justice, and in Fact Martin Luther King in One of His Speeches, so I Never Had Famous Alliances That the Arc of the Moral Universe Spends More toward Justice. And He's Not Talking about What We Do so by the Way, If You Ever Hear Someone Quote Thence I Just Did That with the King Was Quoting What God Does Right and That That Moral Art Tends toward Justice. And It Does That, There's No One, No One's Get Away with Anything.

So I Was on Visas Give Thanks and Three. Give Thanks to the Lord of Lords the Other Night I for His Lovingkindness Is Ever Said to Goes on to a Vanishing Point That You Can See This Is and to Him Who Alone Does Great Wonders. His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting. Now Let's Stop for a Second Because We Actually As a Family We Use This Summer My Thanksgiving. I Can Remember How Many Years We've Done It, but I Will Take the Psalm and Write It out a Little Note Cards so Everybody Has a Verse and Then Everybody Also Has the Refrain so and We Just We Do It in Order.

We Just Don't Have or Will We like around the Table but You Read Your Verse I Give Thanks to the Lord for, and Then Whatever and Then We All Respond for His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting and It's Can Become Final. Even Done It When We've Had Guests with Us Who Weren't Believers, but They Had Their Card and Made Plain That We Are and It Was One Year When We Had a Family with Us, and There Actually Some of Them Were Brought to Tears by Hearing the Voices of Their Unsaved Loved Ones Say Give Thanks to God for His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting. So, the Word of God Is Powerful and Our Practice of This Site. I Want to Believe Has Embedded Something Deeply in the Hearts of Our Children over the Years That We've Done This yet. And This Just Isn't Reciting Wishful Thinking This Is Reciting the Facts of Who God Is and Islam Is Designed to Be Used This Way, Exactly, Exactly, so That You Remember. I Recall My Mind.

Therefore, I Have Hope This Is the Recalling of the Mind of Jeremiah 3 Was Talking Limitations through*so Now He Switches His Attention Away from Who God Is, to What God Is Done for You Just Said to Him Who Alone Does Great Wonders Are Wonderful Acts Nice to Switch to What God Has Done Which Reflects and Gives Understanding Who You and so for Instance If You Want Talk about How Big God Is Why We Start with Something Really Big Numbers. This God Who Loves You Made the Universe to Him. Verse Five. To Him Who Made the Heavens with Great Skill with Skill Is Lovingkindness Is Everlasting to Him Spread out the Earth above the Waters Is Lovingkindness Is Everlasting. To Him Who Made the Great Lights Which I'm Thankful for.

Go out Every Night and I Will Go Me. I Love These Are Just the Best Thing Ever and the Sun to Rule the Day, the Moon and Stars to Rule the Night Is Lovingkindness Something That Is Think about an Ancient Culture That Does Not Have Artificial Light.

We Are Very Thankful for Light Because Light Gives Us an Understanding about the Way Things Really Are. We Talked about John and God Gives Us That Understanding Based on Who He Is and the Supreme Light of the Universe Is Jesus Himself Gives Us an Understanding Something That Contemplating the Stars Just Standing in the Dark and Looking up. It Is Calibrating Right Hip Puts Us in Our Place and They Just Simply Awe-Inspiring. So We Talked about the God of God, the Lord of Lords. You Know, If You Want to Start the Topů.But the Fact That He Made These Awe-Inspiring Things in the Sky Come on Who Can Do That Only Got Way to Personalize This Psalm Is You Know These Couple of Verses Kind of Track the Creation Quarter yet and so Just Contemplate All That God Is Created and I Don't Think This It's Not on the Page but I Think It's Probably Delivered by the Writer at Every Juncture in the Creation Account Said and God Said Yes and It Happened and It Was Good As Nature Right Because God Is Good so Give Thanks to the Lord for He's Everything He Has Created Is Good Exactly His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting and If You If You're Ever Cold. I Did This Last Week. If You Ever Cut a Bone Chilled Walk A Lot. I Go out with My Black Jacket onto It Absorbs All the Heat from the Sun Member Think That This Is We Can Think That the Circus Is Warming the Room Can Be Actually Pragmatically Thankful in This Moment for the Sun Because That's What That's It. That's A Lot Of Really Shifted More into People Have That We Don't Really Understand Because Were in This Modern World, but You Know Romans One Says All Creation Speaks, That's Cool. God Is at His His Godliness, His Power in Creation and Speaks of Eternity and so Humankind Is without Excuse. When We Contemplate the Things That Is Made He Good Heavens Are Telling of the Glory of God and of His Goodness so He Starts off This Psalm.

This Antiphonal Psalm with Talking about You Glad You Have a Guy like This Because, by the Way He Made Creation and That's Good Bring It down to a More Personal Application for the Psalm Is That Personal Application Is What God Has Done the Great Wonderful Acts Is Done on the Behalf of Israel. He's Got a Site the Foundational Event of the Nation That When They Had Grown into a People, Not Just a Family Exactly so Tan You Know, He Smote the Egyptians and in the for in Their Firstborn Know His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting Brought Israel Out Of Their Midst Is Lovingkindness Is Everlasting or That Slavery No. And Even Though This Labeling Slavery Was Oppressive.

Verse 12 with His Strong Arm and with a Strong Hand and Outstretched Arm Is Lovingkindness Is Everlasting Communities Is Powerful. By the Way the Whole Picture of an Arm Is a Power Power Pictures What It Is Talking That Deliverance Sky Little Rock Then out Right from Where They Had Been in Bondage. Strong Hand Means You Know a Strong Hand Is an Outstretched Arm Means That There's No Place You Can Go to God's Arm Is Not All Right Enough to Get Just As Allures Are so Short That He Can't Save Your Settings Are Placed Right in and 13. To Him Who Divided the Red Sea Is under Lovingkindness Is Everlasting When You Thought Everything Was Bad in Europe against the Wall and God Made a Mistake. No Verse 14 and He Made Israel past in the Midst of It for His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting. Not Only That, but He Overthrew Pharaoh and His Army in the Red Snow Is Everlasting so There All Their Problems in Egypt.

Just like the Red Sea Situation Is Interesting Because God Is the One That Led Them out There.

He Courted Them Friendly, and the Egyptians, and so You Know, It Might Have Looked like a Horse Stuck in There so They Would See There's Only One Way out and It's Something Only He Could Do Yeah and Fruit for the Rest of the Old Testament When God's Dealing with Israel and Their Theories.

Confidence Points of Doubt Whether God Can Do What He Can Do. He Always Says Hey, I'm the One That Got You Out Of Egypt. Right. That's Exactly That over and over and over like so Recall Your Mind and Therefore You Will Have.

Hope on the Guy Who Got You Out Of Egypt so His Lovingkindness Is Still a Way of Personalizing This If We If We Think about the One Event for Which God Delivered Us from Our Captivity Will That Would Be When We Came to Acknowledge the Salvation in Jesus When He Took Our Sin and Exchanged Life for Her to When We Became the Righteousness of God in Him. And so That Would Be Something Always to Commemorate and Give Thanks for My Wife Is the Rescue Mission on Our Behalf.

Jesus Brought Just like the Rescue Mission That God Brought to Bring Them Out Of the Indy from a New Testament Perspective. We Understand Now That the Entire Picture of the Passover, All Pointed to Jesus Exactly the Passover and the Exodus. The Greatest Rescue in the History of Mankind, Not Just Egypt and Israel but Us and Is Just a Great Parallel Was Gone. 16 Then They Went Member They Went in the Wilderness They Were Being Jerks and They Would That They Doubted Whether God Could Actually Get Them into the Promise That He Led His People through the Wilderness) and Exodus Is Very Specifically He Did Not Leave Them by the Big Easy Road Was a Shorter Route Them out into the Wilderness Right so He Led His People through the Wilderness and 16 Because Then They Would Now Lovingkindness Is Everlasting and Then Eventually after That Generation Died. They Came into the Promised Land. They Got the Land That God Had Promised by with What We Call the Promised Land. There Were Guys Living There Who Shouldn't Be Living There Who Look like They Were Going to Be Impossible to Push off the Land so He Goes on Says Well. 17 so to Him Who Smote Great Kings Is Lovingkindness Is Everlasting and He Slew Is Everlasting and Then We Get the King's Name Is Knowing Only Are You like 19 Sites. I Am the King of the Amorites, and All the King of Bashan, Which by the Way Is the Heights above the Goal in Relation to the King of Bashan.

Any and He Gave Their Land As a Heritage, His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting Right As a Heritage to Whom 22 Even a Heritage to Israel His Servant for His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting. So Here He's He's Captured from 5 to 22. I Mean Some Real Concrete History Early History of Israel and in and in a Way in Which like I Was Saying before We Know That We Have Loving Parents through Their Gifts. Here's the Gifts Understand the Lovingkindness of God Is through That so That's That's Just a Remarkable Thing, and in Fact If They Hadn't Brought in the Promised Land. The Thing the Gift and They Had Lost the Miss the Point That God Is Making That This Is Representing His Loving Heart.

It Would Be Wrong for Them to Take the Heritage of Atlanta Going to Atlanta Then Forget All about God Because the Point Was for Them to Know God What's through That and yet He Will and yet All Three Deuteronomy 1 Land and You Live in Building the Wheat Crop to Plant. Remember Who It Was Made by Again. Things Got like a Little Easier and They Forgot God and the They Dwell More on What God Given Them and They Forgot about God. I Know That Hello Janice Ever Exactly and That's That's That's a Very Strong Warning Holy through Effect Were Talked about and We Were Lamentations Are Being Taken into Captivity Five Centuries before Jesus Because That's Exactly What They Did, They Just Said We Got the Goodies We Don't Think I so God As Well Okay You Don't Get the Goodies Either by Taking and He Had. He Told Them from the Very Beginning. If You Live in My Covenant Dwell in My Lovingkindness and Live in This New Way of Life That I've Called You into You, but Here You Married Me You Said Yes I Will.

But Then If You Don't I Will Not Bless You I Will Judge You.

I Will Add the Biblical Word As I Will Curse You, I Will Bring Things into Your Life That Will Are Direct Consequence of Your Disobedience and Neglect of Your Relationship with Me and We See That Happening, and That Too Is an Evidence of God's Faithful, Devoted Love, Because Even When He Allowed Jerusalem to Fall As We Talked about Last Weekend in 586 BC to the Babylonians.

He Had Promised Them through Jeremiah and through Isaiah and through Other Prophets Functioning in That Time, They Would Come Back I Will Restore You from Your Captivity Temporary Temper, but It's for a Purpose so You Know the Right of Limitations Had Said It's Good to Bear the Yoke in Your You Exactly Good Because God Is Good and He Wants You to Understand This Going Forward, and It Really Brought Them around Understanding Who God Was, Yes, so It Was Painful but It Was Necessary. While This Writer Someone 36 Reps up Any Check. She Summarizes Force from 23 to the End Who We Know God Is Because of This, Because of All These Things We We Know More about the Glory of God and in Nature of His Heart and He Starts in 23 with the Fact That God Is the One Who Remembered Us in Our Low Estate for Bed Got Remember His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting. Forget Know Know Know He Remembered His.

He Never Forgets. 24 He Rescue Us from Our Adversaries Is Lovingkindness Is Everlasting Rescued. As Always Think about Someone Stuck in a Jail like in a Foreign Country and Laid Rotting Away Wondering, Does Anyone Remember Me. Will Anyone Rescue Me and He Says Right Here. Yes, God Remembers God Will Rescue It's Coming. He Rescued Us from Our Adversaries, Lovingkindness, Everlasting, and Then It Wasn't a One-Time Event.

He Continues Continues to Tend to Us and His Love and 25, Who Gives Who Gives Food to All Flesh Is Nurturing Us. Even Still, All Flesh That Is Created to Need to Be Fed and Nourished. Exactly. So God Is the Source of All of That I Not Only Didn't Forget about Us, but He Rescued Us and He Continues on a Daily Basis to See to Our Knees.

His Lovingkindness Is That Everlasting Use and so He Reps All up in 26 so Give King David God of Heaven for His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting.

This Is His Said His Determination to Love Us Has No Beginning and No End. It Always Is, and Your Circumstances Might Come and Go but the Reality of His Lovingkindness, His Heart toward Us Cannot Be Changed It to Their Always Thought You I Tell People All the Time. I Say You Know You Really You Need to Resist the Temptation to Judge Who God Is. Based on Your Changing Circumstances. Because the Issue Is God's Heart Hasn't Changed but the Circumstances Can Lead You to Coming to an Understanding of Who God Is and That's What Happened with Israel and God. Let Them Go off for for Five Decades.

Often Captivity and He Did That Deliberately in Response As a Faithful Response to Them Because They Were His Covenant People. The Ones That He Had Said I Am Going to Live in Relationship with You. I Would Be Your God Here to Be My People and My People Live a Particular Way and If You Refuse to Live a Particular Way. I Will Judge That. But I Will Bring You Back As His Promises Are Knocking to Change from Well and His Purposes for Us Are Always Good Member.

We Started Give Thanks to the Lord Because He Is Good Is Good so You Know, toward the End of the Psalm We Read Who Gives Food to All Flesh for His Lovingkindness Is Everlasting. A Lot Of Hungry. What If I Don't Have Enough. What If My Circumstances Make That Seem like a Lie.

Forget Did He Forget Know but God Will Use Our Hunger God Will Allow Us to Be Hungry. That's What He Says at Deuteronomy 8 I Took You out in the Wilderness, and I'll Let You Be Hungry so You Would Know That I'm Good That I'm All You Need. I Am Your Portion so That's Freely Paraphrased. You Don't Live by Bread by Bread Alone.

That's Right. So Your Circumstances Are Not Went to Find Me I Am What Tell You How to Understand Your Circumstances so I Just Want to Add Here at This Point That about God's Goodness, We Know Romans 828. But Let's Read It and We Know We You Are in Christ.

We Know This, That God Causes All Things to Work Together for Good to Those Who Love God and Who Are Called According to His Purpose. Always Has a Purpose and Is Always Good Right so Don't Don't Jump off the Ledge When Things Go Bad, You May Not Have the Full Picture of What God Trying to Accomplish and That the Point of What He's Trying to Accomplish Is to Draw You New to Himself, and Glorify the Scripture Says in Everything Give Thanks to God for This Is God's Will for You in Christ Jesus in Everything That Paul Writes That the Thessalonian Church. When You Read You Go What Everything Right yet Because Is a Much Bigger Reality Than Just Your Circumstance and It's in Everything. You Can Always Give Thanks to the Lord on the Basis of Who He Is in His Devotion to You, Never Runs Dry. Right Will Come Back with Us Next Week Were Not Going Back to John Just yet, but We Are Going to Turn Her Eyes toward Christmas Because Christmas Is the Coming of the One Who Will Rescue God/He Will Rescue.

He Did Not Forget about Us Got Remember This Is Says so. So Come Back and Join Us Next Week. Jim and Dorothy Look at the Coming Side by Side

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