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Best Of MSL 7: Teaching, Story Time, and Women in Christ

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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December 16, 2019 3:00 pm

Best Of MSL 7: Teaching, Story Time, and Women in Christ

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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December 16, 2019 3:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. On this episode, Matt teaches about God's Decree, Predestination, and man's free will. Also on this episode, Matt discusses the sexualization of women in Christianity, and reads a story he wrote titled "A Dark Story."

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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This is the Truth Network welcome mat why men and apologetics. Research is found online car is there evidence for God or something like that and let's just say he didn't do very well. He was rude and reckoned can mail condescending and insular things and so I thought it went very well. Lisa, my site is able to answer his objections and asking she couldn't couldn't deal with the course is atheist and so he wanted to around two with me and he wanted to do objective versus subjective morals and okay fine distillates of Saturday had a two hour… A debate.

But a lot of people make comments about it.

So, some don't call it date is some colic to or referencing it is as being a brouhaha. Skyler repeatedly interrupted leak was demeaning and condescending and I just repeatedly answered patiently and on people commenting about that now.

I was just able to stay calm the whole time while he had given answer go. He asked me a question. I do give an answer he got his phone while I'm answering.

I said if you want you know you want to answer why you not listening and he said you not answer the way I want it basically was saying is I don't answer the way he wants me to answer will, nevertheless, so something came up and he thought that what he would do is corner me by a theological position dealing with God's decrees and the God decreeing bad things to happen, and therefore God is causing them to pursue, not of its kind in behalf of happening and so therefore that's an internal inconsistency within Christianity and I said no it's not an internal inconsistency in first of all you don't understand God's decrees are and I thought I would do is is go over some of this a little bit right now and do some theology teaching, which I think might be helpful and a lot of you will already have known this stuff but a lot of you won't do is discuss the issue. God's decrees predestination in the man's free will can they work together and answers and undoubtedly strong. Absolutely yes to show you something here.

But first, by definition, a decree is God's action and or decision to bring a certain event to pass now. He decreed directly in one sense he decree directly by signature be like, and so that was a direct decree in a direct action of direct involvement of God. However, he would say things like it say things like, do not lie. And yet, he will permit people to lie to me have to ask a question, does God decree that people lie. While there is a sense in which the answers yes and a sense in which the answer is no. A sense in which the answer is yes is that that God works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111 even though we might lie about something which is against his will, he wills to permit so with understand that in the sense God has a will. We does not want to do something, but he has a will in which he permits us to do what he does not want us to do so we say in theology. There is a prescriptive will and there is a permissible prescriptive.

A priest Scripture in that he says I don't lie.

Don't steal. That's his prescription, he prescribes that is a moral standard but yet the same time he also wills that we be able to lie, and what it means by he wills that we be able to lie is not hit him.

He is not causing us to lie, but he wills to allow us to lie in that he wills us to be a he wills that we have the freedom to disobey him. And of course we could not disobey him if it wasn't his will to allow us to disobey him because of free will, talk about free will little bit when you relate this idea of freedom to decrees. God has a direct and indirect decree a direct decree is B lighted indirect decree is he puts in places those things by which evil will come to pass, but he's not the one responsible for the evil because he is not directly causing these indirectly causing it, or indirectly allowing you to say either way, but how we want to define the issue of causation. So peoples then say well if he puts people in a situation known with her to choose that he's forcing them to do that. That's not the case I'll explain why free will is the ability to make choices that are consistent with your nature and where those choices are not coerced. Now a lot of people will fall prey to my trick question which of this. This free will mean that you have to be able to desire to do something good and bad, and be able to elude choose good and bad, that free will is a people all the time. A civil yes that's what free will is trick them.

I tell them to trick you are.

I tell him I did trick you. Here's how what I did was I offered the definition from a human perspective, not a divine one for God is a standard of righteousness. And God is a standard of holiness, and God is distended about free will is man, however, is not what I did what I said this free will mean that a person talk about men and women is able to freely choose between good and evil and build accomplish those and he chooses which one he wants people say that's free.

That freedom, but is it because God himself cannot choose to do that which is evil, and yet God is perfectly capable of having the freedom of will cc he's not free to be able to do that which is bad, he can only operate within the confines of his holy nature, so free will, ought to be properly described as are defined as the ability to make free choices are not forced there also consistent with your nature. Now, if God arranges the circumstances for someone to exist to be born with certain sets of parents, whatever. And a certain situation arises where God knows that in that situation, the freedom that that person has he will freely choose to rebel against God is God causing him to freely choose to rebel or is God allowing the circumstances to exist by his ordination by which the person then freely chooses to rebel well it's the latter case because he freely chooses to rebel, and because it's a free choice to rebel, not a caused choice. Therefore by definition it is free and he's the one who's responsible for his own decision.

Therefore, God can decree certain things to be. He can cause certain situations to be but he can also have the result be what he desires in his permissive will it he's not the causation, the direct cause of those people who choose on their own free will to rebel against him and do that is contrary to his will. The city will say Wilmette that's a bit of the doublespeak does not let me read some scriptures to would you agree with me that Jesus had free will. I certainly hope you would, because he certainly was not a robot and he had the freedom to do as he desired his God in flesh, he has one person with two distinct natures of divine and human natures called hypostatic union. Now this is what Jesus says in John 519.

Truly, I truly, truly, I say to you, the son can do nothing of himself unless it is something he sees the father doing for whatever the father does these things, the son also does. In like manner interesting. Jesus can do nothing of himself.

Check this out. John 530 Jesus says I can do nothing of my own initiative as I hear, I judge, my judgment is just because I do not seek my own will but the will of him who sent me, so Jesus is saying he can do nothing of his own initiative.

When a man doesn't have free will. Yes he does, but he could do nothing of his own initiative. This means logically, necessarily, it means that Jesus who had free will could only do what the father had ordained for him to do. Therefore, we see the freedom of Christ is combined and consistent with the decrees of God because God the father decreed what Christ would do because Jesus says he could do nothing of himself… Something he sees the father doing this mean that the father has certain things he wants a son to do by his decree, direct and/or indirect.

And Jesus as I can do nothing of island initiative. John 530 and in John 828 Jesus says when you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am and I do nothing of my own initiative, but I speak these things. As a father taught me and Jesus said this in John 829 he says I always do the things that are pleasing to him. Jesus always does the will of the father in Jesus could do nothing without initiative. He can only do with the father we saw the father. Doing this means Jesus was necessarily following the decrees and the prescriptive will of God as well to permissive will of God in that he was freely choosing to do whatever he could do, but he could not do his own initiative, yet he still had free will disproves that compatible is an is true. In other words, the freedom of man in Christ is consistent with the decrees, predestination and ordination of God. It's right there. John 519 John 530 John 828 Johnny 29. This is stuff that I think is interesting and worth looking at. I wanted to talk about this because there are people who don't understand how these things fit together, but they do fit together.

This is what the Scriptures teach Jesus certainly had free will and yet he could do nothing of his own initiative, his initiative.

His will was to do the will of the father and yet he was free is perfectly consistent with the decrees of God with the will of the organization is not there is a break as Lord bless you mind 877 everyone is matchless from that slick live and I wanted to let you know about my fellow I got one a few weeks ago I gave it a try and after the first night I said that said, I am not I'm not getting as a CPAP machine. The thing is perfect. In fact, when I travel.

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You want your babies love them I love them please check them out 100-944-5396 and use the promo code truth find by God's grace we and the role that gender on your question about your article about what about when wearing I want to know more about what you're going in on Friday and limiting any idea believing that emotion. Most importantly, why do we blame women and occupies an incorrect answer being the fourth of rather than going sounds like you have the rehearse questionnaire to list with the first thing the first question was to repeat the first question and I want to address it blank.

I think many people even take that well the Christian faith is revealed in the Scriptures has no sexualization of women at all. If anything it offers protection and in a great honor and respect to women. Men are to love their wives and a very godly way. There is no sexualization of them at all.

There is a gender differentiation because that is how God decreed it and that's how it ought to be. So what. But that doesn't mean that Christians don't do that, but the source of Christianity.

It got so even Christians, that Christianity, as it is, as it is now widely think about Oklahoma. It is touched in Christianity because it says the women dressed in my modest ways and the idea certainly God is very much aware of the apostles were very much aware of the differences of male and female biology and sexuality and things like that. In fact, you ought to go read in the Old Testament for some real research, go read the book of song of Solomon. It's very sexual.

The song of Solomon.

Okay when I first read it I actually closed the book and look us. The Bible would back into it and it talks about anatomy and various things and out within marriage.

Of course, so it's there.

So Christians have a sexualized women, but is not biblical. To do that in the sexualized in a negative way. I have no problem sexualizing them in a positive way and that you're a woman and I want to open the door for you and I'm physically stronger and if need be. I'll protect if I have to, and things like that, you know nothing women are inferior is different and so there's that kind of a thing and so I I was very wary of luck. For example, I don't want to be in a car loan with a woman I'm not married to. I don't like being alone with other women because I want to guard them as well as myself and things like that so there's a good way to sexualize those things in that sense. Was it a question really a article about eight widely blamed on the topic I and by rather than blame when you have a weakness if someone comes up to you and tempts you with that weakness does that person who knows you have a weakness. Should that person be held partially responsible for the temptation should an alcoholic who's trying to stave my alcohol is a here you want to drink. No I don't.

Be sure you don't want to drink. Should that person who's tempting that other person be held responsible to some degree would he say yes or no, no, hold on to connect the dots.

What you say yes or no to the person be held responsible in parts for the temptation to other knowing that person is brought by a good week. I know my show is my show and the continued answer. So when a woman is is on in a bikini on the beach which she is doing is sexualizing herself. She is displaying her body. The people say will she is right to do. She wants it, she certainly does, but would you know and I know and most people know that man's visual areas which we operate differently than women do were very very visually oriented. In fact, the physical brain of the male has twice the visual processing areas, the average female brain twice were very visually oriented women know this. Know that they can get man's attention know that they can draw attention by having a low cut of this or that in high skirt that and bend over certain ways and turn. Certainly they know they do this kind of stuff and so they should be held responsible to some degree for the temptation that they are giving to others that which you and us. They will know it's just a man's fault know it's not just a mess for the men I believe should stay with those kind of environments not encourage because it is not healthy for them is not helpful to the woman either. We gotta be contextually careful with this mean wearing a burqa out in the ocean. My saying things like that.

My wife great figure she constructed cloth wearing a bikini and and stuff like that but we but she's always very careful not to inadvertently tempt anybody else. She's pretty and she has less to say nice features, so we would go out. She would ask me to think this is to whatever it might be.

We have a discussion on because she's try to be responsible with a good thing that God has and women should be that way as well.

The alcoholic you and then Avon it. Thank I believe that a limit… For any man.

I do agree with you.

There are some women that go out get in that arguing and felt good about themselves in the back. Now I can finally feel good about my body and finally letting my constantly got. I don't believe the going out with Mary at like you brought up the men don't think input and cognitive delay. I believe it's more like an alcoholic going to a bar knowing that alcoholic all, it's not our fault alcoholic. They're not doing anything acting in any way. You hike you can thank you feeling they didn't represent my argument properly.

I said knowingly, specifically said that knowingly what you did is that you misrepresent my argument turned it a different way and that's not my argument will because I would agree with you and that you this is something interesting you said loving en suite out to show that they love themselves well I'm in a make a statement probably will get people mad at me but I think that most people don't understand what true love really. Yes, I also think that women are better examples in some areas of what love can be then met and some areas it is reversed. But love is by nature other centered. Love is giving mom's office when I wash my wife with our children cannot believe how wonderful she's been over the years, far better as a mom than I ever have been his father, but she was very giving a very loving your children is the nature of love. So when you say woman now can love herself that's a contradiction. It's a self-promotion going out there and understand women want to feel attractive. That's fine. You don't feel attractive, but they need to be made aware are they inadvertently bringing or contributing to the loss fullness of men around them that we were designed is inadvertently happening. Just think they have to be careful you here recount. Your point that I felt that that woman you said that women were doing it knowingly edict that at one of going out and doing inadvertently what you missed the context of both of those statements to Mr. Bennett again what I said so you cutters with the true nature of love is. That's what I said the true nature of love.

Love is other centered, not self-centered and when you said loving yourself.

That's not what you love. This icon is what true love is.

That's what the point is an incident.

It's a general form of immaturity and how would you you are, but immaturity and people as a whole to not know what true love is true love is sacrificial. I was assuming I hope I'm not offending. Anyway, I'm assuming you're young you're not a mom. Is that correct okay I'm wrong. You're a mother then okay great within you know all the more that love is other centered you would give your life for your children. You don't say you love your children love others by letting yourself the I love myself because yourself work like your training your lated not love your felt. I believe strongly you need a lot of help very well can let anybody out. Can you hold on devotion to write back of his messages Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my company and now Michael and Ellen by the way, I've met is a great inventor and CEO my fellow wants to get back to our listener for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my product you go to right now, and click on the new radio listeners who never thought that my dream job would be selling my fellow sleeping mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillows regularly 89, 99, code get truth it's only 2999 60 day moneyback guarantee of a 10 year warranty. My and click on the new radio listeners special deep discounts on all my fellow products, including the body 2999 get truth call 800-942-9613 for these great get back to me are you there there.

Mia me a little white light lately know if I hit the right button it might okay bite my bed with my count I get the wrong button. Alright so limit because you if you're Christian okay well that's interesting. So love, by definition, is intense feeling of of the affection. What you call it when someone loves themselves admires themselves her physical appearance. We call that there's a word for that actually numerators their love and that a current copy called Narcissus are being made. Yet narcissism is that it out.

There is no such thing as self life.

You say you're Christian. Jesus says in John's.

316 for God so loved the world he gave loves giving and Jesus says in John 1513 greater love has no man than this, but he laid his life down for his friend so love is by definition other centered business and Paul know you talk, you would love is patient and kind, not jealous, it's patient to others coming to others is not jealous of others isn't bragging about yourself because a say look how I am.

I love myself. [A job was a little of this, if you say you're a Christian, yes it is when you do a quick look if you love yourself. Give an example how you love yourself what's at me to love yourself getting up every day no matter what going on in my life and knowing that God had my back and wait and getting outgoing. I am not there whenever Dale at well I appreciate that's not what love this.

If your you see your U Catholic now yet you know my view on Catholicism them right in my okay I believe Catholicism is apostate false and lead to eternal damnation. And I have a lot of good reasons why get serious, absolutely. And it does not teach you what you need to know when the true nature of the gospel does not do that and I was starting Catholicism for decades. I have my website car and got working. Go read up on the articles I I got a great deal of research I got I've debated Catholics formally and so you don't want do some more debates. But this is something that is very serious and we can talk with another time if you wanted love to very patiently and gently with you in the word of God. But here's the thing is this why acid or Catholic now because you're not putting the word of God primarily before you. You're putting your feelings, your sensibilities above God's work is God's word doesn't say what you're saying love this. This is the opposite wall. I just put your Scripture, God's of the world he gave John 316, John 1513 greater love has no man than this, that he laid his life down for his friend so this giving other centered sacrificial death right there and call you think you hated your every day. Waking up with Howie. You can you really think you kebab your life you really think you just love the Lord yes okay absolutely we live let you little surprise.

I have the autism. I have asked workers and I been diagnosed. I just turned 63 yesterday was diagnosed about 5 acres and there have been times due to it and do to other things in the manifestation of it in my life when it's been extremely difficult for me to deal with certain things and to there's been a sense of self-loathing at times, real shame, real struggle. This is not making this up.

I don't talk. I've never told it what it is. I can tell, is alliterative of the generic but urban times when I do not understand why I had to go through like to go through and I hate so much of what I am and I'm married been married 33 years, but how I feel about myself does not affect time to love my wife because the obligation to love my wife is independent of how I feel.

I'm supposed to love my wife.

He would ever feel like loving her, which happens every now I don't feel like loving her and no I'm not perfect, that's for sure. And she she would say is that the case but still I'll open the door for her.

How holder arm only walk you want to carry this out in the living room for you.

These all kind of things you notice various things that show various ways of love.

I certainly can do that even I don't feel like it's not even I'm angry with her.

I could still show love her and it's happened recently rather upset about something and still volunteered to help do something and and you know it just the nature of what true love is if I don't feel good about myself.

I get a part of the bed in the morning. I say Lord you want, you call the I want to be used if you even in spite of what I this is because of a biblical view of what love is not the world's definition of love, which is selfishness and narcissism disguised in godliness that can be scriptures because I believe that God made a love ourselves and love our brother and I believe those hand in hand. And I do not believe Southwell did not at all clear cut is on a weekday morning and thinking and so much better than everyone something about how I look about my job. Everything that some form of nonexistent, the Bible says you shall love your neighbor as yourself. That's what love is and is 1918 you shall love the Lord your God with all that is 1918 you shall love your neighbor as yourself. If that means your means either you think it means is you love your neighbor, even as you would treat yourself as Jesus reiterated it as you are to hear your neighbor's yard yourself you love yourself in the sense of you, not a lie that could beat yourself up and put poison your own body nesting kind of love. These talking about there in that it is a play on words, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

The extension of how you take care of the believe that for yourself. You feed yourself. You take care of yourself. You go to the gym how you can help others because that's the very nature, usually your neighbor.

That's the issue. It's other centeredness and Jesus also quotes due to me 65. He says the love to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. You cannot love anybody else properly. If you're not living God first and you have to go to Christ to do that. Some has to question me like this. If you meant never happen. Of course, but let's a second meteor comes in condo and you are dead you to meet your maker and right there. He says why should I let you into heaven, what would you tell why would you go to heaven either. Hello okay did air ex-wife to make sure that there was some syllables on their hotel. I'm my back. I will state that would happen in the light howling by the allotted now. I believe that I really have the alloy your life.

I can help it if I found anything I like the right half-life. I had the Lord not Mia.

You don't know the guy was this you don't understand the gospel, but explained the gospel is the gospel is the Greek word Lynn galea remains the good news.

Moses came when he said God told him to.

Don't lie.

Don't steal. Don't commit adultery. These are the laws and we all break those laws one way or another were all guilty one way or another. Because a standard of perfection is God himself. I give you all the references but right now and so we you and I have sent we broken the law of God and because of that there's a judgment upon us. We have a judgment upon us for breaking that law. God must punish the sinner. The way to go to heaven is not like doing anything good because no one is good. Romans 310, 11, 12, and hearts desperately wicked deceitful Jeremiah 17 nine we don't know we do no good works with us. We can't so filthy rags. Isaiah 64 six with a trust in Christ alone, by faith alone with Christ is done for the Bible says were justified by faith without the works of the law of Romans 328 Romans 452, the one who does not work but believes his faith is credited as righteousness. The gospel is that death, burial and resurrection of Jesus for the forgiveness of her sins for script is 51 through five. So if you were to pass away at that day never occurred contribute to longtime heavy. The reason God would let you in heaven is because you put your faith and trust in what Jesus Christ did in the fact that you did not know that means Mia you don't know the gospel is your not a true Christian, this probably is one you will understand what true love. This maternity mean previous patient, loving to you as possible because you just like me really listening needs to true love message of the self-sacrifice of God in flesh.

Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead and all who put their faith and trust in him will be made right before him again then can enter to heaven. That's how it's done. Okay have you ever trusted in Christ and asked Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins and not me. I am not a real crack well. Christians know the gospel. This is how to become Christians but he didn't know that I believe when I avoid going out, no know what I did in my life. I like a Polaroid. I really like him or not, but will the Roman Catholic Church says in paragraph 2068 of the catechism of the Catholic Church that men obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the keeping of the commandments and the keeping of the commandments to do those things are to be saved. Paragraph 2036 and 2068 2037. After that, which says that the keep the 10 Commandments to be saved because are necessary for salvation and the Bible says to the one who does not work but believes his faith is credited as righteousness. The Roman Catholic Church contradicts the Bible flat-out. This is why her conversation is because lack of evidence of the cause. Tomorrow is my devotion about that time the Lord bless you, it's me Matt slick, hateful, and you know that we are going through the end of the month you're having a matching funds dry, so if you want/domains and anything that you today on so if you're giving $10 a month writing to add another 10 that additional 10 will be counted as one time so this is CAR is all right. Let's get on the phone with Samantha Virginia Samantha Michelle you are on the year are well well I got grace, but an in-service for sure when he got quite wet paragraph or care during your reading it. Talk about drinking and this is called dark skill related 1996 small one page story yeah I could read it over the year. I've even read it in years and years, but I can read it right now people know like interest in knowing what it is will you do then think about a minute maybe two would do that I write this illustrates what she's talking about folks these three demons in a dark hot pit filled with jaggy stones and gray shadows, evil spirits slowly gathered they came to hear three demons speak of their battles against God's people.

Finally, when the time is right. One demon that resembled the dog with leathery skin raised its carcass upon clawed feet move forward in the gurgling low voice brought forth its proclamation, I caused the death of the Christian this week he died slowly increased pain in his witnesses.

No more. Upon hearing the good news or demonic court erupted in loud growling excitement. The first demon satisfied raised its head proudly before returning to the throng in the second demon moved forward. It had two twisted horns that erupted out of his head and pointed backwards and upwards. The scales on his body faintly reflected distant firelight. It stopped, turned and glittered menacingly at the assembly until the pit finally grew quiet, then the mocking voice it said the death of the saved is most to be sought but saved the and here he is not the first demon returned to hate filled stair through glowing red eyes and snorted her grotesque breath.

The second demon glorifying smile and in a cranky voice said, a family of our of four believers this week died by dark servant drunkard in a car. They laid in agony upon the road.

The cold rain drowned their tears of great pain.

They each slowly past the enemy to our masters delight witnesses no more the demon horn erupted again, but in greater and more violent growls than before. Then when the noise finally died once again. The second step down proudly dragging its tail and legs behind filling the pit with the sound of scraping flesh. Finally, the third demon rose took the place to boast, it did not look as hideous as the other two, nor does it move with self exalting pride.

Instead, it smiled slightly looked out through the narrow, cunning eyes and calmly said death has not come to the believer.

I have killed. His heart is cold and he is little room for the love of our enemy is known for belief in the one, yet small things of darkness, he partakes by word and deed. He defames God's poor witness will continue for many years to see with this the demonic court quietly without the greater victory. That's the story I have written you written in regard to Revelation. No not not set on things about my third novel of the summits of the credits today. In fact, my first novel. The influence is written in the style that I just read the creatures the things the movements and things like that. The whole book like that and so in the third of that I'm to get eschatological.

That's the plan to update what type of the antichrist put in various theological perspective that will be popular and it will be basically the subtitle depressed apology, but I finished my second one third, I don't have one page story and I can write underfoot but I now have the influence. That's the first one and then I written a novella called atheistic. It's about an atheist nation, things don't go well. I just finished it just to do it. Go to sci-fi novels, not theological. Even though I I'm very surreptitiously moving a few things that Christians, who know me will go. Oh, I get that but other than that, I just want to try something different and wife's editing it, I headed one more time and then release it. It's so holy people. It got everyone to carry it stiff. People die in this one, and they don't die. Well, I know there's a preacher that's unlike anything ever describing any science fiction creature thing, allow you okay I can find her but all right effects. Maybe I'll do the first for fun. I can read the third fourth chapter, which is one page in the second novel, people enjoy that too. It's the same I enjoy writing enjoyment. Douglas okay I

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