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Best Of MSL 2020 19: We Will Serve The Lord

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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May 11, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 19: We Will Serve The Lord

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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May 11, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about various topics that range from free will, Christians voting, false teachings, and more.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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This is the Truth Network while why is found online car climate with Republican versus Democrat right wing when it comes to now spend not record you say one that you actually independent tomorrow right.

I constitutional party. I believe the Constitution is a brilliant document and I go try tribal constitutionally if I think this could be a close call as people complain they say you should throw your boat is next to shall never get elected to start voting constitutionally limit what blood Republicans and Democrats don't know the Republican Party was started in part, in the 1860s to abolish slavery part of the party was one of the proslavery no-no thrust now with the leftists and wackos who don't give the faxes can nothing happen. Now here is my processional now climate. So many of the radio show TV show Achenbach if you blind man proceed today different Republican Democrat and a left-winger you're not netted on site is my frustration all is so prevalent now. The problem I have the truck out to you a Christian as a Christian I don't want to be will will wait wait wait wait wait. Just curious. I didn't go for trumpet in the for Hillary. But let's he's a Christian, you want to be a Christian is quite a statement will why is it okay let me rephrase it if if it cursed supposedly staying through here that part of the Bible didn't want no part.

Since Excel user heard in car so much about it, the leader of the free world down next to shoot people on national TV still get elected. You gotta get our erotic hand on the woman's breath of gutter blah blah okay okay you if you are okay. I have heard those things, but I must.

He's got you all well. Got blouse. The problem that this moment okay I Republican considered a branders in Christian and right-wing Democrats and liberals and non-Christians now think I would not politically correct alignment straightforward. Well, if there is. The second I'm actually going.

Are you certainly just you don't going off their did you have a question or are you sure you request the court.

Do you think I strongly believe in separation of church and state. I don't I don't think that modern-day climate what is it needs to � okay, so okay to me it's like your religion and politics. Currently, I'm assuming the government would allow us should not intertwine as you question the question questions and you were the Constitution I have in a long time and you should read it is mentioned God in the preamble and you'll see that certain things are very question woven into it� Take� Dual science fiction here� Say something weird happens and I get elected as president right. Would you be opposed to me having Bible studies in the White House or praying and asking God to direct the mind is okay. No strict separation of church and state mean you're right you got run out, permit when it took her out of school and I like what what what I meant. The original meant separation of church and state. At least redirect me. The state is not Constitution is not in the Bill of Rights is not in the preamble.

Okay, okay, and what it means is that the state can't govern with the religious people say do believe, etc. not to do that. That is not so much for correcting. It's not that that the reverse where people say that the religious people can't influence the state with her politics with the religious views of course we can because we wouldn't want someone in office who would want a Muslim in office, absolutely not. I and know Obama was licked will enter a lot of Muslims also in the Senate and I know I wouldn't want the men there's a reason because I get everyone loyal or loyal to the Quran. They need to be did. They must be lawyer to loyal to sharia in the carotid certified 51 he says do not take Jews and Christians at your friends and surf 434 says it's okay to beat your wives say like this, so it also says that Jesus was not crucified and surf four 157 and this is a law is the best of deceivers.

Sir 354 and 79 says this is the second lessor of Nexus are 110 chronologically which is not abrogated, it says that there to pursue and kill idolaters, people who don't believe in a lot, so if you got a Muslim in office who believes all the stuff you got a problem. Great problem yeah but then replied that one second where you can count like that because were Christian and that muscle now, but if you're not walked out. And you're right � it would Christian script or what you could break what may have the same right to that thing you will see a Christian is totally different the creek the New Testament doesn't say that and kill people who don't make the link doesn't say go do kill yourself to kill others to advance Islam.

The New Testament does not say that your Yahweh is the greatest of deceivers and then try to subject the world. Politically and economically and socially to everything in Christianity, and if need be, by force that's that's what Islam to split Christian hunch is that if someone's in office who is a devout Christian he is believing for one think is a real Christian right usually below recognizing up God's going to be holding him responsible for her responsible for the decisions that he or she may be taking bribes or kickbacks write rhymes like that but in Islam.

There's a lot of corruption that goes in Islam is know what we both photo and out and get over the years which is a lot of politicians who are corrupt, but about not Christian and not get it. Here's here's what I want your opinion and your knowledge.

If this is the problem I'll get it conserved. I want you to guide conservative nominee in today's political climate, Christian liberalism on an all may not Christian Klein called the courage ranged all columns and now leaders were putting up and putting barriers between salvation God and people and thing like that and that's what you want to make this with a lot of on the radio and TV for religious teachers was on my face mostly right back after this message to be had for open line on it.

All right the number is 877207 and now will with immensely this idea for a few months. I think a good idea would be someone who is nationally known bigwig Christian cutting organization together where people in America donates a five dollars a month. They signed all the money went into a national was for the purpose of faith is present to officials and I would like to see, for example, on a particular month since September 1 that everybody was a goat state capital in their state and they have the petitions in their hand and they want to be heard every single capital in American this happened in the next day the someone is happened for weeks. Thousands upon thousands all over the country were doing this and I think we can start to get things going for you to be praying and pray for pastor start preaching the truth. Think of the crossing letter get that gospel. Once you have the desire to have that gospel spread want to start necessary to ensure that it is possible just get a bank account bigger than another house to get that gospel.

That's Christians. This has been a moment of truth with immensely actually take it away Matt, are you still there, it okay if modern-day climate. It conserved so no Christian religion and the and liberals are just far left centers. While Marilyn hold Matthew was the correct Case a cri de coeur cry. So I guess what.

When you start hearing today about how good conservative there's a man arrived just in the creek about about anything you would left it so you will you know you can. But you are mixing categories here are sin is that political parties sell.

It was their dissenters, political parties here are being more polarized.

That's unfortunate, but okay listen to Rush Limbaugh. Once a few years ago quoting somebody and it sounded like a very conservative Republican and who is going with John F. Kennedy from the 60s. While in his time that I got sprayed using his point was that everything's moving to the left everything in this even think they're called rhinos. Republicans in. I gave up on that. Years and years of trust trusted. I trust dams a lot less nitrous Republicans but you trust the media hardly at all mean I'm pretty soon the stuff I saw you I I'm I'm one for truth and integrity issues. I want to see people of integrity see people of truth. That's what I think is important. If we can get.

I would vote for an atheist to the president if he was a man or woman of integrity and truth withheld a year ago from Boise making a statement right Matt, you're right my laptop and you know model arugula and we can agree to disagree. But the thing I love about you and your Christian apologist you backup single thing you say what the word of God and he is right there so many people don't do that is a high backup everything with God when we disagree with from my okay right but when it comes to the word of God. I'm not going backup, thank you so hope to meet you one day man what people think to say that because if they ever meet me then opinion changes quickly, so it's always nice to hear from those who haven't okay fragile as think they can call up and really like you will be impressed. Trust your original, you realize you want to push myself. Thank you so will goblet this get to that deed.

Welcome okay get you in any way you are and I like that question yet any rate, Scripture, and must have free will and now you will know nothing says the way work work speaks like that. We were talking we had a defined terms first and to understand the Bible teaches that we have free will and free will is the ability to make choices are not forced this choices are consistent with what we are and so therefore we have free will.

When I say that free will is the ability to make choices that are consistent with what you are very much forced is because I use God. This is tentatively free will live. God certainly has free will and he is not forced to do anything and's he is holy, so his free will is only operable in a manner consistent with his nature and is is holy, he cannot freely choose to live or do anything wrong. He cannot violate his own nature, so free will must be defined by God's standard, not by man. What we have humanistic philosophy. So, since God is free, and he does not send cannot sin and nobody forces him to do anything.

Therefore we say, free will is the ability to make choices that are not forced there also consistent with her nature. Does this apply to man, and yes it does wrong. Genesis 126, 28 were made in God's image. We have free will. Yes unbelievers and believers both have free will and are able to make choices consistent with her nature's are not forced to making these choices so they have free will.

The question becomes is a compatible list of free will are libertarian free will compatible. This decree will says that human free will is Hannibal with God's sovereignty destination. Libertarianism says that human free will is not compatible with God's sovereignty and predestination and then we have an argument from their that help while I waited. That I believe that God wanted to get at what was it again. I got what hell they do not like what I like Abimelech don't know what they don't want you to a specific example because in a specific example, we can't really talk about the particulars I did not want to relationship with white list used. This is June is an example. So did God violate Jonas free will to say that God certainly has a right to do whatever he wants to make someone doing something problem. There's no rule that says God can't violate someone's free will. Nothing the Bible says that he wants to go to for somebody go someplace he can force them to go someplace like this because are different levels of how we can understand or see the issue freedom.

So Joan as an example, God told him to do one thing and Jonah freely chose to do the opposite. So Joan is on a ship and a storm comes in and they threw him overboard and Jonah confessed his sin before God. In this, and he was swallowed by a whale and I spit up on the shore later so he still freely chose to confess what he did freely chose to be the one who be thrown overboard. And then he freely went walked and so is not like God. He where he puts a hand on your hand and makes your hand going to gonna pull the trigger and is responsible for that is not what happens then we could get into if you want to get into it's called the ultimate cause. The proximate cause in the efficient cause of things. The ultimate causes, God brings universe into existence therefore is ultimately the cause of all things, the proximate cause is an event that leads to another event and the other event is a choice that we make. So therefore if I choose to lift up my computer mouse on my right hand.

I'm the efficient cause of that God is not the efficient cause is the ultimate he could be the proximate cause and that he puts that he could materialize if he wanted a mouse in front of me and I don't notice materialize ice pick it up with the proximate cause of the ultimate cost of the efficient cause is always not responsible for our free will choices of sin. This gives geezers of the thing to talk about what we discussed this issue that helps in effect to some of the issues that I would like to eat what you got everything going all the while God certainly can work things out in the hearts of people to do exactly what he desires. Proverbs 21 one says got the heart of the king where he wishes it to go to me asking to get this. Are you a Christian, yet okay so do you believe that Jesus Christ had free will delete that yes and I thought about he could have called out the name Holly will will listen to this. Jesus is God cutting flesh, God has free will.

Therefore Jesus has free will. Now is his free will, consistent with the predestination and ordination of God, and he answers yes Jesus in John 530 I can do nothing on my own initiative as I hear, I judge in my judgment is just because I do not seek my own will but the will of him who sent me to Jesus in John 530 to do nothing of his own initiative. He also says in the same thing in John 828 and then in John 829 he says he always does the things that are pleasing to God. He said in John 638 through 40 that he came down not to do his own will but the will of the father who sent him and he said in John 519, the son can do nothing of himself.

Listen to something he sees the father doing so.

This is proof that the compatible listed ideology of free will.

Jesus undoubtedly had free will because he's God, the attributes of the divine nature prescribed to the person of Christ the skull to communicate you if you to Dr. understand some of the time to let me know if Jesus had free will. If he could only do what he saw the father do other words, he was preordained for the foundation of the universe that the word will become flesh and do exactly what Jesus did, because the Bible says in Ephesians 111 God works all things after the counsel of his will. That means Jesus, who had free will work in a manner consistent and compatible with the sovereign election predestination and ordination of God so you will get what they there's a yes or no to that because we can understand different senses. He certainly had the free will to disobey and apply to him. Was it the humans because he's divine.

He it's impossible for him to be able to disobey the father because he will be disunity. The peer paresis of the Trinitarian ontological nature. We can't have that. And yet we do know he had free will because he's freely able to do what he wanted to do because he chose it because I do this I walk and he speaks is as though yes it free will, will he look at humans. Humans have a different sense of the ability of free will, but it's consistent with the nature Jesus is holy. We are holy and not wholly the same time Christians ever fallen the Christian for example, can choose to do something in rebellion to God.

He has the ability to free will choose against God, but he also has a free will.

Ability choose to obey God or Christ doesn't have that free will of validity to disobey God because he's God you can't disobey himself. So there's a slight differentiation between the quality, nature and essence of the election of Christ to the father united the father.

I know we don't break a muscle statement and the have a question, talk about it. I photographed for open lines give me a call 877207276 if you talk with us free will. Things more stand nearby your support information.

We ask for the recurring response fine because it helps something decisions based on some so the Lord bless you Matt slick Elway Matt, looking back to the show for David, are you there still were included.

Right under heaven and God find about it by nothing like I have concluded that there are people that have no real God.

There are people that have a short got what you and there goes all I got, whatever you want to so I ate when God made my way all pleaded him when he's ready in my heart that I have been there about 5 feet of Christ that they get really short on thing that we do and I'm not talking about what you where you doing what we are doing no is conflating the term of will and choice is here to different senses in which those things can be understood in the context side without clarification. Usually what happens is people in the error understand the issues. This is why when when I do talk about this with people who have discussions like this off-line. I have some very deep conversations with people and we will discuss are our terms I would say define the terms very very clearly people can have frequent and they do have free will, because, and how do you have responsibility if they're not free to build a moral choice.

How can they be held responsible for the moral choice is a serious question so we have to understand that that people act but yet they are also responsible for what they do the unbelievers wells a believer so God is the ultimate cost efficient because of the choices they make.

And plus there's lots of stuff in Scripture that says things like forever 21 one God moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go with the Lord change someone's mind change that in Jeremiah 2619. He puts the fear of him in people's hearts were born again, not of her own will. The references just reading scriptures, God open the heart of Lydia to the things of God is all kinds of things like this.

Revelation 1717 is interesting for God has put it in the hearts and their hearts to execute his purpose by having a common person purpose of giving the king the beast until words of God should be fulfilled. God has the right to do with his creation as he desires and move their hearts were he desires.

But there still responsible for their actions. These are tough questions but there are answers that require a lot of discussion okay okay I help I whatever you want to write some articles on the issue free will, and if it comes up again Allsup, especially during the Q&A I think is one or 3 o'clock I forgot which on Saturday on discord, but I may know now so do a Q&A session sometime motor nights is call if we have these long discussions okay. I think a lot about all right, let's go the phones was just a ranch welcome here and there, you're a champion a lot better on my quick about the election coming up. There's a lot of people I know that they get say they don't feel like it morally right because of some of the that meet their that they believe than you know. Of course I don't want to or work in and all that they did.

They didn't feel like it. They didn't and that in my opinion that every every hold on my sling Elway Matt buddy welcome back to the show.

Let's get back to just a ranch right around here okay you want me to rethink my quick and some rather well basically it's should Christians voted for going to believe the vote for right and that that thing is that they were a lot of people, from a lot of the things that Donald Trump and in the waiting unit. Either they're not really attractive break in the benefactor kind of offensive, but a job doing a good job in my ears and think that I just wonder what you think about the people they were to refute the value they morally think about is a God sometimes raises a people who don't fit the particular mold and he uses them to accomplish his will. This is definitely thanks Pharaoh for examples raised up saying that Trump is Pharaoh. Now I absolutely love how he treats the media.

I don't trust the media and I just love it. I think because amount I have a problem with that. It's about time someone I don't like some of the things he says.

I think he speaks too quickly.

I think he thinks things through. Sometimes, on the other hand he's a smart businessman when he closed the immigration for 60 days. Finally, why didn't some other president do that at some time in and this time I think a good idea to control things so there's good things he's done. The economy is getting better under him. The employment rate was decreasing under him.

These are the facts so we do if he says something stupid you look past stupidity and look at his accomplishments, or what.

Like you said earlier in the show on the constitutionalist. I believe in the Constitution. I think it's brilliant document and I think that what's happening is that the left is trying to reinterpret the way they wanted to begin.

Basically I think that there need to be trials and prison time for those people in political office with sworn under oath to uphold the Constitution and then act in a manner contradictory to I am very, very serious issue and we Christians have got to get off arrears. Now this is the thing if by their conscience. They can vote for somebody because there's nobody to vote for that.

They think that they shouldn't because to be violent in their own conscience when you do while I'm certainly not get a vote for any candidate who is pro-homosexual pro-abortion a procommunist approach, whatever it might be another vote for. And that means there's nobody to vote for because all like that when I won't vote but I do know few people notice that there are constitutionalists who are always there. They don't have the population and why is that there is the popular vote. They have all this while I believe is because the leftist media doesn't want them to have a fair shake is my my opinion are often not the kind of people who lets us engender a lot of confidence but sometimes they are plates marked so we do as Christians well if your summative vote for. Then vote for. If there's not some of the vote for, then don't.

And if you just don't care and you don't vote the don't complain, but if you don't vote because you cannot in good conscious vote for anybody because of the positions there moral positions, then you can have the right to complain and that will be one of the complaints. Afterwards were not just done because we thought or don't vote need to continue and be involved.

Other ways protests phone ends writing our legislators praying for the visiting their offices.

I think we should do things like that seriously.

I think this talk about this. The width of 26 letters now that we have 3130 average days in a month like see everybody Honda have some national organization develop this in all the Christians hold people who are interested. Christians are not who want their country back.

Want the Constitution back want the wackos out of office. You know, etc. they can vote. Of course, but that would've everybody were to just go to the capital of the state sin was his last and carbonated on on the first of the month and then be for the second day, etc. all the country and it was quiet it was peaceful. It was with letters with organization lawyers involved.

We want to want to write back and speaking very generically if something like this happened it would be noticed.

No moving taxed to death in these leftists with Bill do get a bill in Congress and Senate bill and they put pork in it. Note okay no raise the font to raise the taxes on on whatever it is it is not were voting for its it's largely taxation with Emerson Tatian because without some of them will do is go in an attack on these things and we don't see it is 1100 page bill. What the heck is this is where the ungodly and the deceivers can weave in to this thing and some the phrase someplace deep in some page what they particularly want in order to get more control, influence and stuff over people.

You never find the government gets smaller. You find in history government gets bigger because the problems get better.

We want that we want going on this.

So here is the thing we need to be active in her Christianity and would or should this idea of separation of church and state taken and stored in the trash. Every Christian should be involved is much as you can or she can't in politics, in voting in the news in the media as much as possible with a loving godly patient intelligent way. That's what we should be doing as much as possible. We got to be involved in a Christian just have not been about a minute, this fold my hands and arms and look away and just whine about it in the country goes to hell in a hand basket this the Christians fault because were the want to possess the light where the want to write that gospel where the lungs are supposed to be changing the world and make disciples of all nations not sitting on her lazy arrears watching Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland ordered our anyway these preachers and teachers jealously who just tickle the ears and make him feel good and in particular, word of other Arab bank accounts that worried about you know how healthy Micah to be with Jesus can do for me today. This kind of baby diaper rainy and narcissistic idiocy needs to stop. And you know if you if I were to become a preacher again. I'm preaching like this I be preaching this kind of stuff. The call to discipleship the call to movement that called to doing whether it's a mom raising children for the glory of God, which is incredibly honorable thing to do, which is not to be ridiculed by the left. If you're a mom at home and you're raising children that somehow that's not his glorious is productive, as some woman who is a CEO that to me is ludicrous nor ironic idiocy. We Christians have the right and the obligation before God to do what he wants us to do and he's can open up the paths one way or another we need to be united and we can have vote going to be involved. I get to have this privilege of speaking to thousands of people on the radio. Millions of people on the Internet you know what a piece of my my voice and writing ability and conferences for the glory the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't be like me in the comparing.

If you do what I do not Christian. Good now, but I'm psyched we all have our callings and this will be gotta be doing submitting all that to Jesus Christ and saying please procure where you send me what you do think just use the winter thinking mechanic, a waiter, a mom and dad radio guy, a politician, what doesn't matter.

This is habitable to be as Christians and were supposed to be taught to be politely and lovingly aggressive in the world not weak minded simpletons who like sheep follow these these narcissistic preachers off the cliff and it would begin and become ineffective and this is a probably United States and the start of the church and the cleansing of the art of our country needs to first start in the household of God, and it must start in the pulpit and the man of God when Internet pastors and teachers, the men of God to stand up and speak the truth of God's word and called Christians to repentance and call them to discipleship and church is not a time for babysitting the unbelievers are babysitting the believers is not supposed to be some hospital to help people get better. It supposed to be a place to equip the Christians for the work of ministry. So many people have the wrong idea of what the Scriptures actually teach and with power of God's work and accomplish when it's spoken and carried out in the hands in the hearts of those people and 12 God Almighty. That's why I agree with you. The band like violent Monday law stand and follow that up quickly. How would you balance with the elect as I know a lot of people are saying you know it don't matter what I will be done.

I believe incompatible free will and I believe that� Dark matter pretty well balanced, but things like a buffet line that the matter what will be that the Bible says in James 516 effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. God is sovereign God's in control and God wants us to pray, and if we choose to ignore the command of God and a desire to pray before him to seek his will for us to be used with the doing is people are thinking in humanistic terms in their ignorance and I will say in their foolishness because the word of God tells us to go out and make disciples and that command of the Lord Jesus Christ is for every Christian. One way or another to make disciples of all people all over anything in the sit down and preachers elicit an essay on the can vote on them to do this on the can do that is just God's will and they're not thanking the Lord Jesus Christ there being apathetic and are being ungodly and during their sin and need to repent. Doesn't mean every command that that in the big problem in the lab absolutely bent absolutely apathy is a real problem in the Christian church people know that means the sacrifice they don't know what it means to to stand for the truth know here in America we have things so so great. We were hearing the missionary who was from America America. He went over to some country but it wasn't very Christian was not very popular. Things are pretty difficult but there and he worked Hartford for many many years getting the gospel going to depend on the Lord's only different ways had to come back to the states retired whatever was and he was shocked by the apathy and the weakness of the Christians said they go to church to be comforted, bottle-fed diapers changed. He says in real Christians not messing with home on Christmas is these real Christians.

He knew the other countries they would build would you think might trust God not having everything paid for and ready your and now will with Matt's need to understand Christians that the government decides what were doing more and more in our lives. And the more it does that, the less freedom we have, the less freedom we have, means the less freedom we have. To preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is very important, very important government doesn't have the right to force us to buy things as Obama care, forcing us unconstitutional to force estimate monetary purchases. The Constitution says when you get liberals in place. Then they start telling you what you have to do when they start telling you what you have to buy and that if you don't penalize the no longer representing the Constitution properly is when answering battles about this. These things are important.

All of these things are important. This has been a moment of truth with immensely. Matt's link to get away. Matt Roth and Cary North Carolina were unwelcome already appreciate sure I have parking part of the can call you twice and all about that. I have a hard time. You probably got nothing to apologize for.

I have a hard time thinking and talking.

It's okay preacher you were talking about. I like the goal anything to him. Your mom asked how he's saying I feel good.

Your tickling minister and he just preached my opinion the truth of God's word a lot of areas. When I went to his church. Check it out once I left feeling very encouraged and I felt very good thing, but I felt because it was so uplifting to the extent which was bigger than most churches and I asked first. If anything in systematic theology and the guy in your civil rights book range is the only systematically signal to the truth of the doctrine of Christianity are 20 minutes later came back to researching and talking to people that we don't have anything like that here and tells you something you know and when you go to the church others is posters of Joe listing there with his book lease when I was there the power of I am in these things are some blasphemous the way he writes things it does things. He said that Mormons were Christians later retracted the fact that Flynn understood he retracted, but when people talk about damnation judgment. You know you disconnect as well you know it's not my job to come on is your job as a pastor to tell the truth so middle that you get away with no money because Christians are ignorant and violent library hold on right back with very colorful direct that Kathy's messages through open lines 720726 Matt's link to get away Matt welcome back to the shows get back on your Ron and Ronnie left her the break was right there to explain something about why secretions are ignorant me, but to unite this important issue. And yes it is and and Christians are woefully ignorant frequently of theology and biblical doctrines and things like that.

The job of pastoring the elder letter Christians on this job pastor or elder is to Titus 19 is to stare into my phone down the functional job pastor. The elder is to teach sound doctrine refute error among other things, teach sound doctrine and refute error so into my Jell-O stink. It's often says Mormons are Christians. He's not refuting Eric's Mormonism is not a Christian organization. Religion teaches that God keep their plan is a body of flesh and bones become gods by having handshakes given celestial law. It's just a non-Christian religion they think they think they are better not Angelo Steen should know better and save more mature Christians and he's also teaching the health and wealth gospel message, and apparently what I understand he will not say that Jesus is the only way that I not true, but for things like that and the daily most Christians just don't know what the word really says I don't know that the job of pastoring part is, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, and so most Christians are ignorant to be able among those things as well as doctrine the Trinity is a for example, when Joyce Meyer says that we jokingly called God's does not lie or that Jesus finish to Tillman and hell no he didn't.

Most Christian just don't know because a study good example of this is found in the idea of two men, the field was taken was left for Luke 17 people think that's the rapture but it's not the rapture occurs in first Thessalonians 4. Those verses are not about the rapture affected the context of the wicked are taken and use this as an example. Just read the contacts you figured out the context. What gets me is how people can teach us from the pulpit without knowing the truth is, and that the Christians don't bother to study to check with the pastor sent against what God apparently currently taking what he got seriously and are putting agendas like icing on the Bible taken, making it sweet with want to be. This is not doing this is Christians and is and the result of that is we have teachers that are prosperous like a jousting cath Copeland. I think before you admire some sort in the real St. Paul with her to write it and want one taken on the antichrist, not just all it says is that the to the field or one taken what was left of the context is that the wicked are the ones taken.

I use this frequently is an example of things because it says they were giving a marriage. They were intimidated when Derek told the flood came and took them all the way that Matthew 24. Two men up in the field will take. I assume that it's rapture wealthy. Luke 17 it says two men in the field will talk about that forward as they were eating, they were drinking, they were in Maryland giving in marriage, till they had no entered the ark, says in Matthew 2424 says they enter the art and the flood came with oregano and to any field taken, but in Luke 17 the same thing.

It says the flood came and the ones were giving in marriage with her drinking at once were destroyed and the context is in all you have to do is read it in context instead of adopting whatever particular view one has about that. Just what it is. No read it and the fact is that this is this is highly problematic because if this is symptomatic of the problem in the Christian church pastors are teaching that that is rapture first folks I believe in the rapture occurs those just on first about the rapture.

That's one thing. The fact that the pastor can't figure this out. Very, very, very few have ever seen this and the fact that the Christians of every check it out either.

It is a sign of how bad off the Christian churches and check that out so they don't because of Joel Stephen Joyce Meyer, etc. will be going out to get one about a boy. People know not when you were straight to the word of God a lot a lot harder though, you talk about this kind of thing in and complained that there are a lot of good pastors out there a lot of good men out there were preaching and teaching us the word of God. There are, the fact is that Joyce or Beth Moore Joel O'Steen there on TV. These huge churches. For example, what would happen miracle that Joel O'Steen segments look at what you come here to my church in Houston and prefer everyone to preach one Sunday go for it's never going he would never and the reason it won't happen is because I would just open up the public go there. It makes trouble. But if it ever did happen. I would go to preach the word of truth and would call people to repentance in the Christian lives and understanding that the purpose of our existence is for the glory of God and that we are to study to show ourselves approved to God. We were to do this and culpable to do that not be sitting around looking for ice cream on a Sunday morning meat. Having so the stomach and 1/2 and gelato. If you would have clean up mess after I was there I would like to make it back on their back. It probably isn't only about. I would because Christian sailors setting the word.

Why do these speak, they also do well because the Christians are studying the word, not every Christian is not, but enough people don't study so that they think that everything is good and not the truth but it's not true. I think I don't. My job is not teachable to want to hear. My job is to teach the truth and to be honest, I'm surprised I'm still on the radio.

I have 15 years. It just means that there are good people out there who don't mind putting guy and originate slick, who doesn't pull punches and says things in the Christians assist every yearly problem with them and wait for my fall back and was supposedly ridiculous at our great. I participated one of the national to get healed or get whatever conduct on the ground because I just under and people next to me would go down the road was it was obviously hyped up okay you want quick quick quick story well you waited all my real fast. Okay, you will quit laughing. Thomas doubted regolith light my local rep. Aaron or Robert won't phone only belly� But I do live anyway like they must follow around the room and left lift 50 more years. Sure it happens and to get healed and God does do miraculous things and people can pray for healing five Tony from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a rate of what my company stay with much okay distinguish eight things pretty good for the most part berries sink think that Steve using universalist pink universalist. Remember your pink or somebody else tells her I didn't think I yeah I think it will pink is so universalist reply to you and so stay with bodily other day the complete Jewish Bible, translate with the report. I'm in a panic and nuking day for me pretty good. I love you knew anything about that firm. You know during the break. I can see with the questions are going to be so online and looked that's and literally as I'm talking right now I'm clicking on the Kindle version angers a click and think I just bought it. So what I can do is download it and I can go through and I can check it out.

I can see fit. Make sure it's okay not to teach us about stuff. Usually the significant but sometimes are not and I would look at Romans 518 go there. Genesis 17 969 and and I Genesis 12 three this various verses check out and make sure that you're not teaching anything to heretical another that let you know Hebrew language.

Apparently the print translated Bob in the mail back to the Hebrews better than think about get mad, but I don't know what you're saying if you mean Hebrew to Greek to Greek and Hebrew that I would recommend that he would English go from Greek and not there there.

But one day write all their New Testament in Greek well with the best information we have is that the New Testament documents Robert in Greek is a theory that Matthew may been written originally in Aramaic, or even Hebrew and translated into Greek thoughts. Not convinced that kind of evidence it seems of the conjecture � to me and so Greek was the Greek is Greek is the link was the language of commerce personality there.

So if they would've written the New Testament in Hebrew. Basically nobody would've understood what was going on but Greek was already the lingua franca there so it makes perfect sense to say that they would write in Greek because I'm sure they wrote Greek sure that the amanuensis that here's the thing Luc probably understood Greek very well and faulted and Luke wrote most of the New Testament book of Luke, the book of acts.

Paul wrote more blocks that are shorter and the amanuensis where the scribes would have been skilled in writing in different languages so they would've written and known those languages been right is a copy directly or group penned or dictated by an apostle. Okay what I McKnight right appreciate arriving God bless.

Okay. All right.

Talk you later got that to my will open my Yahoo my screens right now all you do is go through and in the sea would sing about various things in verses and stuff like that and I checked things out all right.

Let's get on the phones with Carmen from Brooklyn welcoming on the air.

I know I think I will know this is agreeable see was Revelation 17 holding the clouds, and every eye will see him even pierced him. And what does that mean well.

One theory is that there could be a supernatural occurrence where all people in heaven under the earth or in and states of punishment will be able to somehow see what God Christ is doing is returns to earth. That's one theory is certainly possible, because God can do the miraculous. It might be that is talking about every eyes talking all kinds of people will see him, and that's a possibility as well, but I've never really understood what exactly means to be honest because he's coming the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn over so as to be a man� Poetic symbolic language to revelation us so that we have to ask the question how literally do we take casting doubt on the road with take and what we the reasons I think it literally what would it be the reason to not take it literally but symbolically what's it saying symbolically. Twitter just legitimate question asked text you so I know Revelation 17 behold is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see. I looked it up with the price I can look them program so no noise can be visible because in the end, X192 11 when Jesus ascended to heaven the angels were there with the disciples and said this man whom you've seen ascend in the clouds.

He will come back and just the same way you see the rise so he's gonna come back visibly in visibly mellow Jehovah's Witness cult said that he came back in 1914 in visibly in their sinful prayer wrists some different variations should say there are variations within full plagiarism were some say that Jesus returned in visibly in the armies of that destroyed Jerusalem and other say no. There was a manifestation of the heavens. It was seen but one of those right great. Well I don't know and thank you very much right. Hey folks, we have three open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to see that would be run from court Carrie Braun welcoming on your eye doing the right by God's grace we got a question about shepherds We pick up over 25 years. What you think about them was a far away from really absolutely what I would really like to know asking today affirm the doctrine of Trinity changed I know groups tonight that I studied the before and this is years and years ago today affirm that there is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons. The Trinity you starting right for 25 years with the affirm the Trinity River right you not say no not heard them affirm this is a service issue will not break with Allstate for voting right back after these messages, please think to Matt slick taken away Matt to run from Carrie Stiller were quick look about for every child, parent, tell all beginning of the service. God bless you. You heard about your life while because I set up behind the TV and I'm go to some more things about this is the research that I did years ago this back in 2002 right this back in 2002. So if they've changed praise God. But back then, they deny the doctrine of the Trinity denied the existence of eternal hell deny the doctrine of the rapture denies the physical resurrection of believers teaches and isolationism teaches at certain Old Testament kosher laws regarding meat should be followed teaches with call the serpent see Dr. if you've heard of that work okay. The servants of God. That's the teaching that Eve had literal sexual relations with the serpent in order to produce cane development doctrine is. All you do as the Romans. For one it says the man had relations with his wife and pretend that he had the sun came.

This is so elementary is easily refuted in the Canaanites. He says the offspring of Cain are the real Ari theaters in the parable, with attempted charitably that some assessment will draw what is wrong. Well also be teaching America's racial instrument interracial marriage is wrong that's that's not true he's wrong on that one being born again is to enter into this body from a spiritual body with rage falls American Britain or the lost tribes of Israel, falls, people were alive in the preexistence falls. There's an inverse age. Prior to Adam were a race of people lived falls by are certainly right or earthly right your favorite millennium. Anything you say that one third of April is early and just fell in the fall, but it was no pre-earth age thing. Basically, cults teach this stuff okay phone or father Michael: one and make all the cells at one time. Let me tell you, I could tell you were listening to them for a while and glad that you're listening to me let me just say shepherds Chapel is they had his faults stay away from it. Okay, I have an open letter. This is back in 2005, January 5, 2005 I'm an open letter to him, to them to answer these questions.

I have and I never received an answer from and to series a question so that they can have the right and opportunity to respond. I'm not heard from them and for that I'm aware okay in this basic question of the Bible is bimodal inspired word of God, etc. the on issue the creation nature of God, the nature of Jesus nature of the Holy Spirit, man, Satan in the false insolation resurrection. Death and judgment. Eschatology miscellaneous stuff, and particulars related to a shepherds Chapel and mangling the main thing I think I come back become for not working there remain everyday reality. And I don't know he's in the sixth trumpet might be the six-member man and 666 with possible I'm telling you that it's shepherds Chapel. Stay away from.

So let me ask a lot of the officer's bad news. So let me ask you what he has to do to be saved from your sentence you how are you save persons whichever show you Lord and Savior ask you, what do they teach that Jesus is God in flesh.

Well, like Emmanuelle is going well they teach. He's got in flesh that not all will they need to delete they do they teach that Jesus died on the cross and rose physically for the dead right doing. They do what you layout the market okay and then the pate what I could go through about a question at people coming and when answer near here so I would suggest that you go to carnivore to look up shepherds Chapel and you'll see the articles I have written there. There's economic tenders okay.

One is for real bear that a bad statement from her mouth felt like I got myself right. You either are saved or not say they can't hurt, salvation prevent you from knowing the truth and a lot of very unfortunate ignorant people think I can tell since before you go. I can tell when someone from shepherds Chapel writes me. I can tell right away rather rude, insulting and condemning right away and I'm right root out when you have that but I can tell you know the say thing like you're such an idiot. You're a moron you don't know the word of God says you know you you're just your server, the evil one that has a shepherds person and night. I never do like well is a reason there like that because of how he used to teach with the a lot but I got older we think okay I was waiting but study the stuff from the cart website okay. I did a lot of research on what students in your newsletters for a couple weeks bring with. They wrote I had taught that information right you want to watch is opening every morning. It was a little sick and tired say I will let me know. I

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