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May 25, 2020 11:57 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 25, 2020 11:57 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do you forgive or seek forgiveness from to a person who you can't get in touch with anymore---2- Our church has a woman who is not a pastor but does teach at the church. She is a great teacher. Is that a problem---3- A friend says that we are justified by faith, but we have to do good works to maintain our salvation. How would you respond---4- Do I have to believe that Jesus specifically for my sin, or is in enough to believe that Jesus died for the ungodly generally---5- Doesn't the Greek word -baptizo- prove that Jesus was baptized my immersion- Is there any evidence for baptism by sprinkling-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
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Matt Slick Live!
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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine.

Why we are five open lines you want to give me a call. Dialing 772072276 and that spells the last four to dispel CAR room on the show. So on the radio to the on the dial three things going on so if you want to give a call to talk about theology. We can talk about apologetics we can talk about more mischievous witnesses criticized unity behind Islam.

We can talk about baptism, we could kind of stuff.

I love doing apologetics are love defending the faith just to know. I just love be able to speak God's word. The truth of God's word so great privilege so we have three online schools, folks, if you're interested in checking about all you do is go to CAR and on the right-hand side of any page will see the laptop online schools, which amounts to about 24 hours for the sign up to go through life right away, but sometimes this glitch and I were working to fix that in the next few months.

We got big project going on and also written a no rinse a few books and I wrote recently released a science fiction novel and it's not theological. Even though there's a little bit of phone logic put in there that I think is pretty interesting but nevertheless go check it out if you like sci-fi so you do is go to and I can check it out. Just go to check it out there to the right-hand side of any page you will see that and called time trap and also look atheistic up and that is a small novel.

It's a novella is called. I wrote that is not a means of showing the weaknesses and problems of atheism but is written as a novel and it's an interesting I think it is and others have told me to is an interesting approach, and 20% of what you if you get by. Think 20% goes to look to the ministry so everyone's on that once go check it out if you have read the books, please go to Amazon write a review love to hear what you have a site that would be very much appreciated. Let's get to Russell from Asheboro, North Carolina Russell, welcome on the air that you know how you like it was last Friday and forgiveness.

You feel like you had yeah it hasn't ended somebody and yeah okay you know you have found out a lot about the situation were you really don't get a hold of the person and in that it is just tedious. I lowered you know that and right if generally how it works is I recommend is that if you been convicted by the Lord to be reconciled to people, then what you're obligated to do is go be reconciled if the person across the street, calm up, you walk across the street you talk and you get it taken care of. What you do if the person you so speak. Need to forgive or be forgiven of as passed away then what you do.

There is no positive way to get a hold of that person and so therefore you're done you just give it to the Lord, Lord, you know. Please forgive me, or whatever desk and you work through it that way and you trust God and that is Alyssa say that in between there. Those two extremes.

Let's say that the person that you've offended or had offended you reconciliations and issue and the person still alive and well, you don't know where the person is or that person this morning to do with you and refusing the continent to return your contact attempts at that point, you're free.

You've tried to do what's right and it's out of your hands when someone else stops the means of reconciliation, forgiveness, etc. if they will participate in its on their shoulders, not your okay Ron. Well I I went out there lie that elusive person that I feel like that I need a united ask again that it lasted did this person ever say in dying that I have said anything that ended anything and anything that is they never did and then I think you know that our file number in the end tax planning is like Natalie said a list just arrived. Hooray for me. One time, in a fit the organization, able almost a day when I'm there and then I really don't know anything about McMillan's name in and as so high acid was an outspoken member and friend passing out for like that at that time they had and again at admin on my mind all my heart. I've asked God to forgive me if possible that he could bring this person. My wife somehow Lindley could tell that and I were. Other than that out for light and I want your opinion only.

If you feel like I've done everything in my power will not necessarily see, I'm a very very literalist everything in your power you could sell your house and hire a team of detectives and people to go. Finally I get another team to abduct him and blindfold and given the reporting apologized so everything have you done with reasonable yes no if you you're trying you're trying to make a manager trying to contact Israel no reasonable way to get a hold of the person then okay your free okay okay well now I now have, look at it out in alarming I can go to the gas station and I am profit if you never know that Hallie unlikely you know what, if that happens you know it's for the Lord you will take care of it. You move on.

But if you can't, and is bothering you, then it becomes an issue of trusting Christ in his sufficiency and forgiveness and you have to rely on him because sometimes what will do his will want to beat ourselves up. We don't have to do nothing.

Don't get reconciled. If it's out of your hands and you desire it, but you can't do that then used to lean on God all the way and that's good enough. Okay aftershave Manchu and I went out glad that I went out (L&I acknowledging a catalyst on my part. I was having embarrassed in bed. You know I will. I lowered this… Stay up in the direction I feel I made a an Internet limit bad outlets in the park. Okay okay I appreciate limit arraignment gondolas okay. All right. Let's get over to Brian from North Carolina. Brian welcome you on the air that you're taking Michael. My wife and I have a neighbor.

My wife goes to committee Bible study with you. One of the local leaders in the North Carolina air that we live in PDF to the end of the teacher. She teaches part ARP church which were part of an anatomy day. You know like you don't have women testers that kind of thing but just keep an should teach like the Beth Moore study on tabernacle and things like that. Amazing teachers of Scripture that is the ability to reminisce really study the three that our two every morning with the Lord before she is going on.

Anyway, she a powerful teacher and I've been to some of our class meetings that some wondering if you what you think about that. She's not a pastor. She doesn't aspire to be pastor but she does have a positive way that things usually take out the lot.

That's more stuff that is in the context of the church. It is in a church. She teaches that at okay is it either.

Then another soprano there women are not to teach or exercise authority. Remember me in silence.

First, Adam was first created.

First Timothy 212 and 13. She's gifted that her gifts are to be used in teaching the parameters that God has ordained and permitted to beat women and children. Not that those are an unimportant or extremely important.

And Jesus demonstrate that submission to the word of God.

In that context.

If men are going in there and she's teaching authoritatively teaching the word of God and that would be a problem now there are gray areas and this and this is a problem. Back in the day of the early church like that actually written.

For example, didn't have Internet. They didn't have assemblies for people to gathering and that of the five laws of spiritual shoe towing time could be distributed and people just go.

It wasn't like that before the persecution and the elders had to be men by declaration of Scripture and his counsel to be tided of the critical work, not the this culture and so this is hostile to be what we do.

When I say woman is to take something were meant to be present.

Sometimes no problem with. For example, in the West Mr. theological seminary.

We got my Masters of Divinity in 1991 I was there and therewith they brought in a week long. Where women spittle brought in to teach and the classes were opened to the public. One of the classes they had the right and a woman to teach, and I attended the class because I was on the topic of how women can be used in the church.

I thought this perfect and fortunately I was the only guy in the class, which I thought was very unfortunate but I have no problem at all with a woman coming to the seminary in teaching and teaching Greek teaching, even symmetrical principles, etc. she's not teaching authority to context in the church with the eldership in the position of authority in the church as we have to be as careful as we can to draw the line the right place without being well whacked so the church stubbing the seminary staff and have a problem with this, at least as far as I'm aware of because it did happen. So how does that carry over to a seminar.

For example, outside of the church well a seminar outside of the church can woman teach about astrophysics. Absolutely I'd love to go teach me all you can do what about a seminar teaching authoritatively from the word of God. I would have a problem with that. Personally I don't think I would attend because I don't think she's recognizing the proper place. But then I couldn't get dinette hill either. I can't find any place in Scripture that says in such a context that is not to be done.

That's why said I wouldn't attend I wouldn't hold anybody you don't the negative way.

If they did, what about the same thing going on on a church property.

The church is sanctioned and now she's teaching that context, that's what I would have a problem is too close to the church related issue if that makes sense. This is not exactly easy to out to work through because they're just a lot of gray areas. Yet it there is everything teaching Beth Moore stuff anyway because if Mark needs a lot of help and cut shows lack of discernment that argues that sort all right with. I appreciate your input. All right I Brian God bless what rights we have for open lines. Folks are going to give McCall the numbers 877-207-2276 get back right after golf open lines 877 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave. Robert will come back to the show. Back on the line got several things going on you for open lines folks give McCall 877-207-2276 rewrite episode estimates: so what Daniel for Laredo video Gary Yep again okay so we can use our salvation. We have to maintain work keep salvation that he used that Hebrew Hebrew passage is used well in fact that Jesus says that we have three, six and 10 okay, that one in chapter 3 sick and energy because you have to obey him, and we have to follow him on that. We have to actually do good works to maintain salvation, he does say that were justified by faith he just said that we have to do good works to maintain salvation likely away asking this just to see okay so you had to be saved by your faith in your works right in his essay yeah okay what just give me a list of C3 works. You go to do and I had this conversation with people and see what you got out you can't send are you I had people tell me things like, you can go to an R-rated movie. I've had people tell me stuff like that, or you can't this or that or you must do such and such waiver might be and get a list and so it just just asking questions according to what he says is going to do are you doing these things. If he says will yes so okay and you're doing them perfectly because that's what God requires be holy from holy are you holy in this in holiness if he says yes while he's obviously credibly arrogant point this out. What happens is I went out we had with people one person tell me that you have to do it all the perfectly serious but they'll say things like that when I try oh so you're not doing, because if you're trying to doesn't mean you're doing you're trying to do it.

Not doing so by your own standard your damned by your own standard if you try. That means you're not succeeding you succeed and you failed to succeed or fail.

And so you're not doing it in and ask him any repent of your sins. Yes have you repented of the same sent more than once. Yes. So then you continue to go into sin after receiving the knowledge of the truth. Any girl he was 6426 words that it's impossible to move them again to repentance after to the knowledge of the truth you know it by misusing their position is not the difficult position as he was so what you're saying is that that if you believe he was 6426 that sin willfully perceived knowledge of the truth and you know what you're no longer make a sacrifice for sin, so that means that your own standard your damned to hell right now because you repented and commit the same sin so and you do send on your own forces you and so this is how I talked to them.

I want that if they want to live by the law, to help them with the llama and take that law and I'm going up pilot upon her back is a heavy bag and Chronicle jumping listening to okay so you do as a mouse man and him so you know this was how you doing at approaching like that and is when the lawyer said look to Jesus, what good thing was to be safe you said what is the law say he answered him, according to what he was asking and what he was teaching what good things like I do will do this this and this and that then we couldn't Jesus was showing so your standard saving you to do here right now I find it yellow or call six but you verse 27 Whitehead and they follow me when he said they follow me.

The thing that you know make it work didn't say that they have to follow me meeting the good works.

Show me that in the text. Let me tell you something. This is what you do. He will go to my sheep hear my voice.

I know them and they follow me. See you gotta follow them in order to be saved. Can you show me where it says you can follow the be saved, you just modify the word of God taken taken to Genesis 31 through just 3126 were Satan said to Eve, did God really say you don't don't eat of the tree and what Eve did was modified the statement of God, just a little bit don't eat or touch it got insane or touch it. So just a little bit of modification is something that the devil himself to us pointed out say so when we read the text here you're saying that the following part of the text is much must be that in order to keep the cell site but that's not the case is. I asked why do you keep adding to the word of God while you change the very words of Christ were to make it fit what you wanted to say is this a sign of a false conference.

I'll say this over and over again is not to be insulting.

I want to look at Galway's hearing the words false convert many many times and the reasons for as well. Okay, that whoever believes that whoever is not okay eight that okay) okay son okay obey the sun and what is Jesus say is necessary.

Ask please show me what Jesus says you must obey to be saved. Jesus has come to me and I'll give you rest right math 1128 so you gotta go to Christ and and have rest. Are you obeying him and doing not going straight to Jesus. Jesus is asking anything in my name and I will do it. Look for John 1414 are you doing that asking Jesus but by faith. What good things are you going to do in order to keep yourself safe and Shelley were Jesus, as you gotta do that and you can also just go to Luke 18 starting in verse nine and he told a parable about a Pharisee.

The tax counter went up to the temple and the Pharisee said I think you and the like other people, swindlers, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax gatherer. I fast twice a week I pay tithes of all that I get so what he's doing is he saying this. What I don't do and this is what I do as a believer in God and he said the tax gatherer didn't do anything to said God be merciful to me, the sinner which one was saved. The one who did nothing and also you need to go to Romans 45 it says to the one who does not work but believes in him justifies an ungodly's faith is credited as righteousness. Okay or you agree that we are what we have to work Nancy try this asking this question. Are we justified by faith.

When we have faith, are we not justified by faith we have faith you have to say we have faith. Good did Jesus forgive us all of our sins are only part of our sins's little more complicated. If you said would justify by faith asking where we did when we are justified did Jesus cleanse us of all of our sins because he go to Colossians 213, having forgiven us all our transgressions if you can be consistent.

He's good have to say that's only up to the place where you repent will then the rest of your sins are up upon you. You there do good works to keep up. He's teaching a false gospel.

If he says Jesus forgive all of our sins that all of okay you to call back in line right okay okay right back after his messages. The mass Y call 770727 charismatic good friend of mine Charlie spine, who got involved in apologetics 40 years ago he worked with me here on Karma is on the Board of Directors is a great guy and even right now he's working in the chat room sofa Maintaining control of stuffed miniature wackos located stupid stuff into his wife is now being examined for possible breast cancer and off you'd lift her up in prayer. That would be great. Debbie known her for an awful long time to both great folks so like Debbie and that if she just wanted to let that happen. And after prayer.

Alright, let's get to Bonnie from North Carolina, Bonnie, welcome you thank you thank you Mike, sure yet. I have a question about believing that God typically for my fans is that you have to believe that our cannot believe that Scripture is that it may, Christ died for the ungodly.

And I believe I'm ungodly believe that all made that it, like if there's some way can now that it is specifically for me okay you even word you want to know if he specifically bore your sin and specifically you right. And now that yes verse 513 says these things are written so you may know you have eternal life through me ask you, do you know you have eternal life. Now I don't let me ask some class doubted it a long time and I struggled and did a lot of reading and I'm freaking on me help you and I get my younger days I did believe that now I'm at the point where I don't know what I'm saying and I passed out this like I can't when I think about Jesus dying on the cross, typically for my fans. I cannot believe it at that trailer is not there any since I think I got a passionate belief that I'm starting to use in theology or chemical some verses on the go reform done to hear read the Bible says in Ephesians 1, four and five that he chose us in him, God the father chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world his knees before the universe existed people were chosen for salvation to glorified is what I was saying in second Thessalonians 213 your chosen beginning for salvation says that it also says that those were given to the sun will come to the sun and he will never cast them out.

John 637 through 42. The Bible says. It also says that Jesus canceled the certificate of debt sin debt at the cross status. He didn't say you canceled it. When you believe does not say that since canceled at the cross with interesting it is canceled at the cross, who's a canceled for his cattle 2000 years ago before you were born with the character everybody relived what can't be the case because if that's the case, then everybody has to go to heaven. Thing is, it must be that he can't.

It's canceled for those given to him by the father make perfect sense. Jesus said I came in and to his sheep.

He says the Pharisees, you're not my sheep.

John 10 talks about this and we can make it but I couldn't go on. Make a very strong case Jesus came for the ones given to him by the father and this is from the foundation of the world right now. The Bible also says that the unbeliever cannot receive the things of God for the foolishness to him for script is 214 these kinds of things are such things as Jesus is God in flesh that he became one of us that he walked on the earth that he was beaten and whipped and nailed to a cross and on that cross. He bore our sin in his body died with those sins paid for them.

There, that's where it says he canceled the certificate of debt right there constantly asking do you believe that it isn't about Madeleine God come in the flesh. I believe that in the Bible and a blade of golf. I believe that he live the perfect life that I should know believe that the went to the crowd bearing and taking the wrath of God for thin.

I believe that he had been raised from the dead as lady fit at the right hand of God in heaven enter statement for all the labor and not traveling there okay will leave and I and my fan tonight only teach you something you because you are answering all the stuff I needed to ask you if you would had said yes you believe the firm from a firm but the Bible says the unsaved.

The unsaved can't do that. First Corinthians 214 the natural man cannot receive the things of God for the foolishness to him. He cannot receive them, leave them understandable. He will not know women to a course you receive those things that here's the thing you can't if you're not a believer trust are in Christ giving illustration of something you had asked okay how is what I believe different from Damon faith that God in vain. I believe okay and God already thing the demons believe in John 219 you believe the God is one.

Well the dues believe also there's a difference in what we call in theology between fiducial and Essentia fiducial is the theological term, it means heartfelt trust Essentia assent mental assent.

Essentia is just the devil has yeah Jesus is real he is and have fiducial trust in so you have fiducial you have that faith because you said you trusting. You believe that he died. The cross growth in the dead or send his body wrote all this and you can't have that. Because it's my faith and here's what Philippians 1 $0.29 it to use been granted to believe God granted that you have believe he gave the faith.

Even fact it says in John 620 29. This is what must we do to work the works of God and Jesus says this is the work of God, that you believe, on whom you sent your belief is God's work you have faith because God granted to you.

Now if God gave you the faith to believe these things and God working faith in you to believe these things is that faith good enough yeah and I believe that all work will have lately been five unpaid good lark and that would be to glorify him you believe the sticks right II day.

I recently went the trial that made me wonder because it revealed to me about. I have unforgiveness. And boy, I don't how long I have lived with unforgiveness light is lies I had with Ronnie like I may have only forgiven one person in my life. I'm thinking one years old were I'm 63 I sound like you need to be told if you are just welcome welcome to the club.

Welcome to the club of wheat. Do not do we stop you're supposed to do because were not good enough and were learning more about the depravity of her own heart. As we grow in Christ. That's what we do as Christians. Nobody for forgiveness perfectly. I have summoned my family and I had to forgive and I did until I found out, 15, 20 years later I hadn't I thought I had but I wasn't at that place of spiritual growth.

Yet before I could find out that I hadn't really I thought I had, but it took a new level of maturity understandable for realized I hadn't that maturity comes because of God's work in the believer will bring all five nave may well live like that Barth about calling God a liar Coming to my mind and like our thinking because I can't forgive on left knee unforgiven and I shared it with somebody and they said lower cancer not trip, not wanting to forgive God is and then it seemed like I had some relief from it but Dan Parsons said another things and then it made it flare all up again and let it out. My aunt and I and lied to me what the whole problem.

I do not doubt is God trying to show me that idea and I'm calling him a liar because there is no leave you do just like God only because of his children will not take right back folks that live call 770727. Here's Matt's leg right nobody. Are you still there.

I hope it helps some. That Barth about the natural man not able to except the things of the spirit of God think that what one in a cave that I'm in a and I've been wondering for ever in my favor. Not that that thing about the listener in a hat. The Gentile think it the listener and you have a great right is one thing does what. Yes, they think yet you don't think that you show signs of regeneration.

It challenged me on the late unforgiveness situation because I don't even want to forget and upright.

Forgive me for not even wanting anything. It made me get understand how God again and I'm like, what if it even name to forget and I let them think like technology a lot preaching online it might describe forgiveness as being able to cancel the debt and want you cancel the debt department got you anything you shouldn't be trying to punish man to act from them and down like like God even when we know everything we thank think or do. And it all the heat.

How you work. We have look you know that the colors waiting to dismiss you, but the reason God would do this because of the love that sent him not because of what he sees in us. This is why he forgive because of his great love, but he has love you eternally.

You certainly sound regenerated to me let me leave with with this illustration okay this is a that you and I running a boat out a few miles from the ocean and we see two people in the water and restrict close. Oddly enough, there's no boat is nothing that is in the water is windy and very difficult to maneuver the boat and we take a life preserver tied a rope to it and throw it out of the were yelling at them and grab the life preserver.

One of them is struggling is not doing very well, but he struggling to get that life preserver and the other one is just facedown in the water is not struggling to me asking which one of those is alive when struggling when not struggling right struggling and which is the one alive in Christ, the one struggling or not struggling. One struggling your struggling the dead it on struggling your struggling to do what Christ wants you to to reach out and is not perfect.

It's not easy but you see it you confess it and what you do is you do what's right in your heart often changes to follow it.

Look at your heart, look at the word of God's heart is desperately wicked deceitful cannot be trusted. So if you keep looking at your heart you feel we can or can't do that. You're always can have doubts if you look at Christ and what he's done the cross. If you believe him or not, and that all that regard, then you can have assurance and then you can work out the details as you continue on. Okay you gonna do it on my luck so much right okay all right look on less body. Okay you two and felt pray for Bonnie Mitchell had a clear clear understanding and assurance. Carl from Idaho welcome you on here and now is going and what ago but he was a Fairmont and you pray for Bonnie.

You know I have been struggling for a while. I struggled for a long time I get archaeology about five years ago and Bonnie found report for you. I think that struggling for quite out and I just want to lift her up and let her know that we can lay at the feet of the rosary at that we have security in Christ is God coming flash and Aaron.

Nothing more powerful and is in him that we have security right so and not for that, you know all yeah I do have a question wanted to let everybody know. Go to the if you have any questions, do not going to faint for a long time and now I learned month of apologetic reading to me it any sow you will think that yeah yeah I love it, but my question is today is about the that now I hear a lot of debate about that and whether he is sprinkled or and I have a great interlinear Bible app on my phone and according to that that word that he at Heathrow mean if dark and fellow I've ever read your articles about the requirements for the faith that the 30 years all being sprinkled and okay so yeah what your question question on wondering is very evident before sprinkled area. Is there any baptism in the Old Testament. Here let me help you.

The reason Jesus was baptized was to fulfill all righteousness is Matthew 315. Fulfill means the Old Testament where in the Old Testament we see anything like this.

Well, thank you for others who've done the studies that I buy stood upon and learn from but Jesus we know is a priest after the order my cousin keep her six 2725 is a priest to enter into the priesthood. There are certain chapters of the Bible to talk about this with the requirements are, and of course attacked the Levitical priesthood and ironic priesthood. Jesus is a priest after the order because it but is still priesthood requirements and so we know that Jesus was 30 years of age when he was baptized and the Old Testament says the priest had to be at least 30 years of age. This is Leviticus chapter 8 Numbers chapter 4 in Exodus 29. I have an article on Carmen on this. Why was Jesus baptized and gives the references in the Old Testament and New Testament. Go check it out. Why was Jesus baptized but there less to continue, so he had to be 30 years of age he had to be anointed with oil in the oil. Oil represents the Holy Spirit is for John 227 and the anointing is anointed and a verbal blessing given this is my beloved son, whom I will pleased and the priest had to be sprinkled. That's number six, seven, and it says that they apply the water on him.

That's how it was. That's what it is what personally I believe Jesus was sprinkled with down into the water and they were.

He was sprinkled as logistical reasons why that makes more sense to you baptized 3000 people by immersion at 12 people of the 12 disciples are doing this, you do a Baptist never to mention 22 seconds roughly and in Coldwater for eight hours. You have hypothermia if there's problems and so this why hold to that and also about to do so has cognates in the light like baptized baptizing baptized user cognates. One of the cognates the forms of the word occurs in Hebrews 910 and his peers as the word about T's must which means washings, but if you read Hebrews 9 the washings, the Bob T's loss is being spoken of her sprinklings in the Old Testament, and so these Old Testament quotes or references are alluded to, and is referred to as Bob T's must and then there's the baptism the logical don't know. And if you go to actor one verse five John baptized with water, but usually baptized with the Holy Spirit. Three baptized with the Holy Spirit is prophesied, the Old Testament and Joel and other places where God will pour out upon people. The Holy Spirit and that's actually reiterated and I believe the next 2 to 17, 18.

This is the fulfillment of Joel the Holy Spirit comes forth is poured out. Will the baptism of the Spirit is a pouring forth of the spirit pouring the baptism is there is not immersion because of the Bible. The Old Testament declares and prophesies as a pouring forth with and asked the question you are in front of me for John baptized with water in the baptized with the Holy Spirit. So John emerged with water you be merged with the Holy Spirit.

John sprinkled with water you be sprinkled with the Holy Spirit. John poured with water you petals report on your report upon the Holy Spirit which one makes sense. We do say you be immersed with water, but host report upon you when both words are baptized cc when you start studying how the word is used instead of stopping at the denominational proclamation and say what I thought. I decided anymore because I dumped my denominations, which are to set so doing that disco look and I was shocked at what I found and I'm going okay. How well the pouring forth its prophesied. It is called the baptism, so there's a baptism that is proof is not out by immersion, not to mention, are you able to undergo the baptism with with.

I'm too good to go under talk of his crucifixion. So there's is is is with the word does not mean immersion is certainly can okay have no problem with that. I'm just saying that is not reached necessarily restricted to just immersion.

Okay, it's not proof. I just said it were the pouring forth of the spirit is referred to as baptism. That's not immersion that are in your article right there. There's different articles I've got Emily's on that one per se affect literature where it is on Carmen let's see pouring and start typing. Baptism has so many articles is word baptism mean immersion or sprinkling and outsourced article there pouring for the Holy Spirit is a 44. Three.

I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring. Joel 228 I will pour out my Spirit on all mankind. And so it is what it says and I did to washings and sprinklings. I did a study on it is nice is not too long of an article and you can see where the pouring forth in the Holy Spirit is is not immersion.

The gist of the way the word is used in different contexts right okay I I agree with your heart rate sprinkled just try to compile evident that within a debate with a blog thing called Christian chat and everybody narrowed their charismatic and I have to be Dr. Gary Knight may forever email me the content how to get in there and I'll see if I get is a lie – I think on the data talk to live their life Find people up there all the time. It felt good at the gap or just a little like I want you to.

I want you to email it to me for the bed on time and I don't know how good it is. So I'm not sure when you say it will check it out first. That's all the email not inflict and I say here my stuff and I will check it out.

Love to get in there and talk to okay yeah well I was good talking to you guys got carved out our guys. Okay, sounds good.

My wife let me know.

I had the does not have breast cancer database firm is right figure. My folks got the Lord bless you and by his grace back on there tomorrow

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