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May 5, 2023 5:49 pm

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May 5, 2023 5:49 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is produced by The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Theology, Apologetics, Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--Topics include--- 08- 2 Thessalonians 2-7 Whom is restraining who---- 11- Is AI possibly -The great deception----- 20- The Cokeville Miracle.-- 35- Leviticus 2-3, Why is grain more holy than a lamb---- 38- Mormonism changed the Word of God, Genesis 3-3, Eve changed the Word of God, Isaiah 44. 47- Luke 21-17.-- 53- Is the salvation experience physical--- Should we seek God knowing that He will call who He wills--


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Today is May 4th, 2023. If you want to give me a call, all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you. Give me a call.

We have four open lines. Also, if you are interested in watching, it's not that big a deal, but some people like to watch. Watch me sit here at the intergalactic headquarters of CARM. Play with the lights behind me doing stuff. We have a good chat room of people.

If you're interested in doing that, you can go to forward slash mattslicklive and mattslicklive. You'll be able to find which show it is for today and join in. That's what I'm doing right now, watching people. There's Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. We have Red from YT in there and Preacher Jeff and people coming in.

Usually there's about 60, 70 people. It's a good time. All right. Hey, why don't you give me a call? 877-207-2276.

I should be teaching Bible study and have it online. Last week we had some problems and it was an operator error. So everything that I sent to my laptop worked except for one problem. And it was Mr. Billions here forgot to un-hit the mute button.

And that's why it didn't work. So we tech guys, I used to be a tech guy at Hewlett-Packard. We always have, not always, but we have those kind of stories. It's where we just kind of laugh because we just made ourselves panic and work for no reason.

We've all done it. At any rate, so everything should be working today. I tested it already with StreamYard, the feed, everything.

So it should be working. And we'll see. By God's grace. And if you want, you can email me.

If you don't want to call, you can do that. Just email me and get your question or your comment on air. And all you got to do is direct it to info at

Info at And we can check it out. All right. Having said all of that, let me just jump on to the air with Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina. Rudolph, welcome.

You're on the air. Yes, sir. Is the Restrainer the Holy Spirit?

Yes. That's what they mostly believe, the one who restrains. Now, that's in 2 Thessalonians 2.

And so, you know, I could go with that. Some say the Restrainer is the church. And so some will say that when the church is removed, the Holy Spirit is removed, and then the Antichrist can come in. That's 2 Thessalonians 2.7. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work.

Only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. So there's some theories about what that is, but those are two. Okay? Okay.

I was just wondering, because if the 144,000 were to be around doing the Antichrist, and the Holy Spirit is not here, if he's gone, then how are they going to work if he's not here? Yeah. Like I said, there's theories. And to be honest, I don't know exactly what it means.

I mean, I like to look at texts and say, hey, I believe this, but I'm not sure what to believe about it. So, he who now restrains. So, you know, actually it would be an interesting article to research. And you know what restrains him now so that in this time he will be revealed for the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains in that lawlessness will be revealed. And so I think this is, in my opinion, if someone were to believe in pre-trib rapture, I think this could be legitimately used as a support. A support for that position where they would say that the Holy Spirit is in the church, the church taken pre-trib rapture, therefore the Holy Spirit's removed.

But there's, you know, and I could see that. However, what do you do about the people who get saved during the tribulation period? Is the Holy Spirit with them? We have to say yes. Is Jesus with them?

Obviously yes. So there would be a sense in which the Holy Spirit would still be here. So then they could come back and say, well, it's meant in a generic whole situation of the Christian body being on earth, being removed. And then once that happens, the Antichrist can come back in and then people gradually get saved.

And that would make sense. So I don't agree with pre-trib rapture, but I think that's a good place for it. Okay. Okay. Well, thank you and God bless you. Have a good weekend. You too.

You too. Well, God bless. All right, folks, we have wide open lines if you want to give me a call. Just give me a call.

877-207-2276. So here's a little bit. I'm going to talk just a little bit on the issue of AI.

Not a big deal. It's just I was playing around with it today. And I'll be doing that a little bit more here and there. And I asked it to write HTML CSS code for a dropdown expandable menu, and it produced it.

And I could also, you know, write hand code on my website stuff in HTML and CSS. So, you know, familiar with it. And I asked it to do a simple column, two columns, two rows of code for HTML. And it just it nailed it. It nailed it very quickly and did a good job. And so this stuff is impressive. It is impressive what it does. It is.

And there's a lot more common, too. And I'm waiting for when this is what's really going to be interesting. I'm waiting for when instead of just doing a graphic, it can produce video. You know, say a video man running down some stairs at a house and then out the front door.

And then it shows it, you know, an angle and this and that with the above lighting. When that starts happening, oh, man, it's going to be interesting. And they will get there. And it will cost because that kind of rendering is going to take a lot of power.

And with thousands of people doing it all at once, you're going to have to have a lot of work to do that. But I would love to see that. I like stuff like that. Now, can it be used for evil?

Of course. Of course it can be used for evil. And it will be used for evil as people.

They have a tendency, let's just say people have a tendency to misuse good things for evil things, for evil purposes and stuff like that. So anyway, just comment. If you have any information on this, on AI that I'm not aware of, just send it to me.

You can send me all kinds of stuff on that because I am definitely interested in the AI issue. All right. Let's see. Let's see. Okay. I'll try and work on Twitter there during the break. Okay.

Five open lines. Hey, I'll tell you what we're going to do. Let's move over to getting some emails that people have sent in. Let's see. Do you think that – oh, here we go. This is interesting. Do you think that AI is a pillar of the great deception as is part of the final end times prophecies before Christ returns?

I think it could be. Here's the thing. Thematically, people wanted to be like God so they built the Tower of Babel. And they wanted to do what God can do, be great like God can do. And I see one of the issues here as a possibility is creation. And mankind will want to emulate what God does. And in one way, AI will be a way of creating life. And they're not creating life, but it's a pseudo-life.

Just like mankind wants to be the one who decides who lives and dies, so they kill the unborn. And so they – mankind in a secular sense is trying to replace God with themselves, their own wisdom, their own abilities, their own technology. And so in light of that theme, AI could be part of the great deception.

It could be. There are people who hold to the idea that UFOs are going to come down and whatever they are and say, hey, we started Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, et cetera. And some say that could be a great deception.

Both of those are possible. But there's a great deception – well, the self-deification of man is one of the things. Atheists do that. They don't realize they do it. But they do in that they try and determine what is true and if God exists or not. They try and raise themselves to the level of deciding what the ultimate nature of reality is. Is God behind it or not behind it?

I was like, no, he's not. So this is another sign of a great deception, at least in that secular world, secular context, along with evolution and humanism and other things. So I don't know how it's going to go. I don't.

But it is. It says I happen to be in 2 Thessalonians 2. Let me just read 2 Thessalonians 2.

We'll get to that through the break. And it says, now we request you, brethren, with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him. And notice the return of Christ, the coming of our Lord Jesus and our gathering to him. That you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit or a messenger or a letter as if from us to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. So there's one, the day of the Lord. It's the day. It's a specific day of the Lord.

Let no one in any way deceive you. It will not come unless the apostasy comes first. And that apostasy means the falling away of truth and, of course, it's spoken of in 1 Timothy 4. But the spirit explicitly says, in latter times, some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctors and demons. So he says some will fall. And in 2 Thessalonians 2, he says there will be an apostasy. So to what level is the apostasy? Well, that's another topic. Anyway, the man of lawlessness has revealed the son of destruction. That's the question. Who is the man of lawlessness? Who is that man? The Antichrist is a man, not a woman.

Not a trans, transgender, this or that. So, you know, we're going to see. Maybe some of us will still be alive when the Antichrist is revealed. He may be alive right now. He may not be alive right now. I don't know. But we're going to find out. But when he is revealed, the son of destruction, and notice his name, the man of lawlessness, the son of destruction.

Wow. And he opposes and he exalts himself above every so-called god. So he opposes all gods and he exalts himself above every god and everything of worship. This is typical of mankind and, of course, the demonic forces to want to replace god and be the objects of worship and adoration and praise. So that he takes his seat in the temple of god, displaying himself as being god. So some say that was Antiochus Epiphanes. Some say that it was Nero. Some say some other stuff that had ways of interpreting things.

But I believe it's future because it's talking about the return of Christ. And some say, no, he returned in 70 AD. No, he didn't.

But that's another topic. He says, do you not remember? Paul goes on. That while I was still with you, I was telling you these things. And you know what restrains him. And that's at the beginning of this text we're talking about. So what I think is interesting is that Paul the Apostle had to write stuff down to correct what they were told orally.

There's oral tradition. Someone got it wrong. Hey, there's the break.

Four open lines. If you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276. I'll be right back. Please take me. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Welcome back. If you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276.

Four open lines. Give me a call. Okay. Let's get to Steve from Florida. Steve, welcome. You're on the air. Yeah.

Thanks a lot. I've been watching the crime and they had the Cokeville Miracle on. Okay. You're familiar with that movie, right? A little. Not with the movie.

Just was looking stuff up on it during the break. Okay. So, familiar with it. Right. Okay. Okay. So, in May 16th, 1986, basically a man and a wife put into captive about 150 people.

I think it's around 156, actually. And they got them into a classroom and he had a homemade bomb. And I guess he was a pretty sharp guy who had tested that bomb. And that bomb did go off and the only people killed were the perpetrators.

David Young and his wife, Doris Young, were the two that were killed. And when they started to investigate it, the children, this is an elementary school, so the children were sixth grade down to kindergarten, age one. And so, as they investigated it, they found out that these children had seen and had been helped in many cases by ancestor angels, a grandmother who had died, an aunt who had died, that sort of thing. And this is right out of, in many cases, LDS, Latter-day Saints theology, their understanding of that.

And it's basically saying that that type of thing is what we understand to be angels. And even Joseph Smith had talked to Moroni, who was formerly a human, who became an angel and spoke to him. Are you Mormon? As well as, I am not Mormon, no.

I am Evangelical Protestant. Okay. So, you got a question about this?

Yes, I do. I would like to ask you if you had anything on demonic deception, that sort of thing, which would actually be used by them, kind of like screw tape, would talk to Wormwood and tell him, you know, this is how you make things work. And the reason I'm asking that is because if you had 150 hostages all in a room with a guy who was a very good bomb builder and had tested it and had a bomb that should have killed everybody that went off, then how come you would allow that sort of a miracle? And the question has been asked, well, if you had all of these people who were under… Okay, do you have a question? I'm concerned you're just doing a lot of explanation and teaching.

I always get nervous when someone does it on the show. That's what they're getting at. Okay. I'm getting at the idea that it was not… I mean, it was a supernatural event. I think that's pretty clear. It's just that it was actually demonic deception instead of the great miracle that honors God the Father.

And have you considered that? I haven't studied the coke-filled miracle situation enough to be able to say. But if it is their past people who show up, that would be problematic. Now, it did occur in 1 Samuel 28 with the Witch of Endor where Saul comes back. So that doesn't mean that this is what happened there with the ancestors.

And so it certainly is an option. Yeah, it's certainly possible that it's a demonic setup, familiar spirits. See, I'd like to know if the town was Mormon. I'd like to know if the people in there were Mormon. And then it would open up the doors to the Mormon deception. Right. About 80% of the town were Mormons.

And it's a town of under 600 in population, okay? Okay. And so as I've been reading about it, and I went to your site because you have a pretty good site with explanations. I recommend your site for people with many cases. Thank you.

And so I went to your site and I didn't see anything really on it. But what I was seeing as I was researching it was that you have all these elementary school age kids who are under the age of accountability as we understand it. And from a demon standpoint, an explosion that kills a whole bunch of them and ascends them to heaven would not be a good thing. Right. So that was one of the questions that I really had is, is this something like the C.S.

Lewis take on the screw tape letters? Could be. Where the demons are actually planning something like that. Yeah, it could be. You know, Mormons was a great deception. And what's interesting lately is this topic of the occult and demonic stuff and spiritual warfare has been coming up lately more.

And so when you brought this up, it kind of not flinched, but it was like, oh, here he is again. And that's usually what God does when he wants me to study something. You know, several things. So I'm actually putting notes in my list of things to do, which is about 700.

That's a lot. So it's on spiritual warfare and how to go through spiritual warfare and the different scenarios of deception that the demonic forces can use. Which reminds me, did you see the movie Nefarious by any chance? No, I haven't seen that. Oh, you should see it. I should.

Oh, yes, I've been recommending that people see it. I don't know if it's still in theaters, but it's written by a Christian and the scenario is a man who says he's demon possessed or is he in prison but going to be executed that evening. And an atheist psychiatrist goes in to evaluate whether he's insane or not, because if he's insane, you can't kill him.

But if he is sane, you can. And the dialogue is from the demonic end of this thing where he's communicating with the atheist psychiatrist saying this is how we work in the world, which is really interesting. I love that stuff. I've seen it three times, and I do recommend people see it and support it because it's definitely Christian. And then he mentions the carpenter as the enemy. It's really interesting. But anyway, I've had certain experiences in spiritual warfare.

I used to be involved in the occult and then became a Christian. Many things happened. But now I've got it written down. What is the Oakville Miracle and were there angels there? That's just my preliminary copy.

Right. I actually taught this. I was teaching on miracles, and I have some really good bona fide ones that we can document. But as I was looking at this one, I said, and I only watched the movie like a week and a half ago. So it was on Prime TV. I watched the movie. It was very moving.

It was very well produced. And I just came away very unsettled from it, though, because of this ancestor angel idea, which I knew was kind of a Mormon teaching. And sure enough, I went to the LDS site and looked up angels, and near the bottom of where you see it, they talk about that very thing. Yep. There's logical problems with that, but we'll get into that now. So, yeah, you got me curious. I only have, like I said, literally 700 questions to answer and about 40 to 50 one-minute videos I've got to produce. Well, is that all? Okay. That's just in that.

And then there's research categories I haven't even gotten into yet. Yeah, I want to tell you that I've actually been following. So we had to say, well, we've got a hard break coming up, so hold on, okay? We'll get right back to you. Sure.

All right. Hey, folks, three open lines. If you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276, Rogers1APZ. Hey, man, thanks for the $5 support in Rumble. Hey, we'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right, and welcome back to the show. If you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276. Steve, are you still there?

I am still here. All right, man. Okay, so what were you going to say? I was going to say I've done quite a bit of research on it. When you teach an apologetics class and stuff like that, I've been teaching for many years, and I don't like it. And by the way, I was a fan of yours, I don't know, 15 years ago when you first started, and that's when I started recommending people to go to CARM and use some of their websites.

So I certainly appreciate your view, and I think I'm a Reformed Baptist, so therefore I'm probably in very much the same camp you are. And I have friends of Andrew Rappaport and... So much too bad. Oh, I think you know him. Yeah, I've known him for years.

That was a cheap shot. He'll smile when he hears that. Well, I've only met Andrew a little bit. I'm more friends with a lot of creation scientists and that sort of thing. Really? Really, I am. Are you familiar with endogenous retroviruses?

Not really. Okay, that's what I'm researching. Now, Robert Carter might be.

You might talk to Robert Carter. Yeah, what endogenous retroviruses are, we have a human genome and then viruses which are exogenic. They're outside of our bodies. We're formed outside of our bodies. They infect us and become part of our genome.

They become endogenous, which means it's passed down now from exogenous to inside, and it gets passed down to our children. And so they're using it to prove evolution is true from common descent because certain endogenous retroviruses, ERVs, are in the same locations of different DNA molecules in primate-related organisms. That's why I'm researching it because some atheists brought it up, and so I've been researching it now. Okay, no, I haven't been into that. I've already seen them, and even I could figure this stuff out.

It's not that hard. But at any rate, just curious. I am looking for some creation scientists I can talk to.

Well, would be one of the first places I would go. Do you? Yeah, I think that you've got Jonathan Sarfati.

Hopefully you've got a few others on his end and not ours because we've got two other colleagues. And so what my wife and I have done is to trust the Lord, and we continue to trust the Lord. And so is this a statement about that they will be followers of God?

That's not what it says. Train a child in the way that he should go or the way that is according to him. The literal Hebrew is according to his way. Train a child according to what he is and how he is, and he won't depart from it.

So according to his abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. That's really what's going on there, okay? Okay. So with that, because like I said before, I always came from a church that was kind of climate and really diving into the word and learning all these details of things. Yes, I'm trying to get a hold of Scott.

As a mom, or how do you as a dad? I'm hearing a cross talk. Hold on, Scott. I'm hearing a cross talk, so I'm going to type that in. I'll have a girl on the phone, I think. Oh, you do? No, it sounds like it's from urine. Can you hear me now? Yeah, I hear you. So something happened to the phone just now.

It looks like it's back up and going. So there we go. All right, Scott, what do you got, man? So if you would like, you could pull up Leviticus chapter 2, verse 3. And in that section in Leviticus, it's prescribing a grain offering. And it actually mentions that the grain offering is the most holy of offerings.

And it just makes me wonder, why is a grain offering more holy than a lamb? A thing most holy. It doesn't say, from what I'm reading, it doesn't say that it is the most holy. Now, let me look at other versions. Yeah, New King James, I think they're the most holy.

Yeah, let me look here. Let's see, ESV, it is a most holy, a thing most holy, King James, 1900. New King James, it is most holy of the offerings to the Lord made by fire.

Interesting. And RSV, it is a most holy. NIVB, it is a most holy. NIV84, a most holy.

And let's see, the Septuagint, holy, holy. So, yeah, it says holy of the holy of the Lord. So, interesting.

And the CSB, holiest part, it is the holiest part of the offerings to the Lord is CSB. Yeah, check it out. Yeah, you got me curious. Let's see, a thing, a thing.

Come on, computer, here we go. A thing most holy. And it doesn't have the. So, anyway, I'll have to check into it because that's a good question. On the top of my head, I don't know.

Sometimes I can figure it out by looking just that fast, but I don't see it. Well, before I let you go, today I'm scheduled to be meeting with a couple Mormon elders tomorrow, and I'm going to show them the scriptures and kind of evangelize to them. Besides Isaiah 40 and 44, what are some other good scriptures I could bring up to them? To show what? Just to show Mormons that the true gospel and the proper doctrine, you know, I could go to John 1 and Colossians to show them that Christ literally made safe that they're not brothers. Here's the thing you got to do. You got to learn Mormon terminology.

It's really important. Mormons will use the same words, but they have different definitions. So I would recommend going to Carm and looking up the Mormon terms and see what they mean. And the easy way to get around this is to speak in definitions. So when you say salvation, that has slightly different meaning with them. It can mean universal resurrection. So if you say, how were you saved? You say, how are your sins forgiven?

You have to speak in definitions, okay? And so do that, and you'll find that you'll get a lot further very quickly. Now, as far as showing that there's only one God, just go to Isaiah 43, 44, and 45. Just start reading Isaiah 43, 44, and 45. You'll see several verses in there.

You can underline them. But here's a verse that proves Mormonism is false, proves it's false. Right. When I bring that up, they typically have to add words to the text and say, well, that's one God of this earth. Yeah, and just say, yeah, I know. And just say, well, it doesn't say that. He said he doesn't even know of any other gods.

And say, why is it that you're changing it? Why did it change God's words to make it figure theology? Why didn't God do that from the beginning? And this is the question you have to ask him, because I'll tell him, I'll say, you altered the words of God.

And now, here's something to cross-reference. If you go to Genesis chapter 3, because Satan speaks to Eve, and she'd eat this fruit or not, and she said, from the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat, but from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, you shall not eat from it or touch it or you will die. So in Genesis 3, 3, she quotes God, but she misrepresented what God said.

She said, or touch it. And even though it's implied you have to touch something, you know, if you're going to eat it, that's not what God said. And so she changed the word of God just a little bit to make it fit, which she wanted to say and do. The Mormons do the same thing. And when Satan found out and heard her change God's word, and he altered it just a bit, then he was able to contradict what God actually said.

He says, you will not die. The same thing the Mormons do. So when God says in Isaiah 43, 10, for example, okay, he says, you are my witnesses, declares the Lord, that's Yahweh or Jehovah, and my servants who I have chosen so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He before me. There was no God formed before me. There was no Elohim formed, and I can't work in Mormons, but that's another thing.

And there will be none after me. Because Jehovah is just a name of God. They think Jehovah is the name of Jesus and Elohim is the name of God.

It's ridiculous. And so what I'll do is I'll say right there, he says there's no God formed, and you add his word, you change it to make it fit your theology. So how do we know what you say is true?

You have to have them explain the position, and by doing so they'll just hand you more rope to hang their theological necks around with. Hey, hold on, we've got a break. We'll be right back with Scott from Spokane right after these messages. Please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right, and welcome back to the last segment of the show.

If you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276. Also, if you want to watch us on Rumble, you can do that. Just go to forward slash Matt Slick live.

Real easy. And if you do forward slash live from there, it'll go right into the show. So it's forward slash Matt Slick live, all one word, lowercase, forward slash live, and you get right there. All right, hey, Scott, you still there? Yeah, I am. All right.

Okay, so where were we? You were just kind of explaining a little bit about the Isaiah 44 things and things like that. That's right. And, you know, I got a lot of verses. I actually really appreciate Jeff Urban, Mormon Outreach Ministry.

I'm watching him all the time and I kind of take notes from the way he does that. Good. Yeah, Jeff's a good guy.

So anyway, yeah, I met him last year at the conference. But I did have one more scripture question. So in Luke chapter 21, starting in verse 17, it says, Wait, verse 30 and 17. Wait a second, wait a second. Luke 21, verse 30 and 17. Is that what you're saying? Oh, no. Luke 21, starting at verse 17. Okay, my bad.

All right, 21, 17. Okay, you'll be hated by all because of my name. Yep. Uh-huh. Yeah, and then it goes on to say, But not a hair of your head shall be lost. And then verse 19 comes, and in my translation it says, By your patience possess your soul. What does that mean in verse 19?

It almost looks out of place in a way. Well, it says by your, the NASB says by your endurance. It's a hupomane to preserve, to remain under, bearing under patience, endurance. By your continuance you will gain your lives.

Suitcase, suitcase like we carry, but suitcase. But any rate, in Greek, so by your endurance you'll gain your lives. So the context always must be understood, and it's things to come. Nation will rise against nation and things like that. So what he's talking about here looks like, be careful how I say this, it looks like it could be referring to the end times. But notice what he says in verse 12. He says, He laid our hands on you, persecute you, delivering you into the synagogues and prisons. So this is dealing with issues of the Jews. So what's going on with the Jews? Because it deals with synagogues and prisons, bringing you before kings and governments. So this kind of language lends itself to the present time of Christ, and the immediate time where there will be kings and synagogues. And so when I look at this, that's what I'm kind of getting at. But on the other hand, what Jesus could be doing is using the terminology of the day to bring people to understand what's going to be happening in a broader context. And so therefore it could be eschatological. So at any rate, where was that verse?

I'm just looking at it. What was that verse? Oh, 19, that's right. Endurance, you'll gain your lives. So I don't know what it means actually, because you don't gain salvation through your endurance.

We know that. So by endurance, by your patience, you're going to gain your lives. So what does that mean, that you will not physically die?

And not have to look into it to see what's going on. He says you'll be betrayed by parents, brothers, relatives, friends, some put to death. You'll be hated, I will because of me. Not a hair in your head will perish.

Your endurance will gain it. Yeah, that's a good question. I'm not exactly sure what it is.

There's just a lot of stuff. Well, that's two for two, good question. It's the last word in that, you know, the word that says in your translation says life. In the Greek, is that zoe, in that verse? Life in 19 tzukas. It's a PS character. PS, tzukas. So that's what it means. And it's not zoe, it's tzukas. And it means to breathe, to blow, the immaterial part of a person held in common with animals. Life force, the vital principle, animating element. So kind of like ruach.

Yeah, ruach is a little bit different as the zoe. So there's just a variety of words that are used in Greek to describe varying things. So what would be interesting is to do a word study on each one of those. Just to see, to compare. Of course, it's not something I have immediate time to do right now. But these are good questions.

Oh, man. I have so much to do. Wine, wine, wine. Yeah, I got a lot to do. I got a lot. In fact, just because of you, I had to add two more questions into my list of questions. So I'd like to thank you, but I don't think I'm going to. So there. Okay. Okay, well, I just want to end with thanking you.

And then also, is there any way I could support your ministry besides directly giving? Is there something I could do? Is there an item you guys could use? You can mow my lawn.

I hate a lot of yard work. No, I'm kidding. Now, if people want to support, what I need to do is get our wish list back on Amazon.

Batteries and paper and stuff like that is what we are always in need of, and printer cartridges kind of thing. So I've got to put that back up. Maybe I should do that. Yeah, okay.

That's a good idea. Yeah. I think we have.

Where is that? We have a. No, you got me curious. I didn't even thought about that for a long time.

Let's see, wish list. What if there is one there? Have you got anything in there? I don't know. Yeah, I'm actually the guy that's been texting you the last few months, seeing if you were close by, but you actually live in southern Idaho, not northern. Where do you live? I live in Spokane. Oh, okay.

Yeah, Charlie lives in Spokane. I'm the guy that asked if you needed a laptop for the ministry. But it turns out that was years ago that you needed one. Yes.

Or you wanted to get it or something. Right. The ministry bought her one so that she could work in bed because of her condition. So she works in one of those medical beds, you know, kind of things. She doesn't want me to say stuff like that, but it's true. But she ran there, and she drove today, and she could do stuff, but when she does some of that work, she has to work reclining. So she uses a laptop, and sometimes she stands while she's working. She'll only do 10 minutes at a time, each one, at least.

And then she goes. Yeah. So, yeah, she got that, and I'll put a wish list together. I'm going to do that, okay? And I'll put it up, and we'll get it connected on the CARM homepage somehow. Perfect. All right.

Sounds good. Appreciate it. All right. Well, have a good day.

Thanks for taking my call, and keep it up. All right, man. Well, God bless, Scott.

God bless, man. Okay. Okay. You too. All right. All right. Let's get over to Larry. Then we'll get back to Steve. Larry, are you on?

You there? Yeah. Larry. All right, big guy. What do you got, man?

What's up? Mm-hmm. Oh.

Okay. It's about salvation. I hear so many people say, when you ask Christ to come into your life, this warm sensation comes over your body, or all this happens and everything, and you feel like a new man and all kinds of stuff. The Bible says, walk by faith. So if I ask Christ to come into my heart and be my Savior, then nothing else really matters. I mean, what happens or how I feel or anything, it's all by faith, ain't it?

Correct. You don't trust your feelings. Your feelings can be deceptive.

Like, for example, I have Asperger's, so I'm not as emotionally astute as the average person, what they call neurotypical. Well, I've learned not to trust my feelings. I have feelings.

I certainly do, but I don't trust them. And so I remember a friend of mine in seminary, he told me how he got saved. He went to a church and received Christ. He trusted in Christ as Savior. This idea of ask him into your heart, that's not biblical, okay? Ask him into your heart.

No, no, no. It's trusting him as the Savior who died on the cross, rose from the dead, as a sin offering to cleanse you of your sins, and you trust in what he did. And that's what you do. You receive him.

You receive that offering. You trust in what he did, and you have faith in him. And he will come and live in you.

But nevertheless, so my friend said that he would smoke joints, smoke marijuana every day with his buddy. And he went to a church one day and went up forward to receive Christ. Then he sat down, and he goes, well, I don't feel anything different. And it was no big deal.

That was a waste of time. And then he went home, and then the next morning, his friend called him up and said, hey, you want to go smoke a joint? And he said, no. And when he said no, he was shocked, absolutely shocked, because he never would have said no. And he actually realized right there, he goes, I actually don't want it. And he goes, what happened?

And that's when he realized he was born again. So there wasn't any emotion to it. It was just a change. So don't let people tell you, oh, I had this warm feeling. I had this warmness.

That's nice for you. That doesn't mean that's how it's supposed to happen for all. Okay. Praise God.

They have a warm feeling. Right. Exactly. The other question is, I don't know if I'm saying this right or not, but God knows all, give us free will to choose him or not to. But if he knows all, he knows if we're going to give our life to him or not, so why seek him or not seek him?

I mean, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. So yeah, that's true. But we are to seek him because he tells us to seek him. We ought to do what is right and good, even if we can't do it. And that's a theological perspective we could get into.

The issue here is what's the right thing to do? We should seek Christ. We should do that. So we should. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So. All right. And just because God knows who, doesn't mean you don't have the responsibility of coming to him. Okay. Okay. He grants that people believe.

Philippians 1 29. He calls people. He pulls them towards himself. Yeah. Right?

He does that. Okay. All right. Okay.

So I have to call you. Hey, no problem. Okay.

Yeah. Um, I don't like to listen to you because I get away from you because it's on a lie. Sorry. What's that?

Informative. Wait, I got a kick out of that. I'm sorry.

You gotta be laughing. I don't like listening to you. Just started laughing. I'm sorry. Okay. Go ahead. I'm sorry.

I don't listen to you because of your knowledge and stuff. Well, you do like us. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, that's good. You know, I just been doing this a long time, so I've learned a few things, but I get a lot more to learn. I'm learning all the time.

There's so much to learn. Okay. But those are the two biggest things, I mean, you know, yes, you know, Lord and let's get it out of command.

It's true. Yeah. Well, look, I'm glad you listen and stuff, but, you know, keep listening, you know, and I'm privileged to be able to do this. I am.

I'm privileged. Well, I can't help muttling. Oh, you can't help. I can't help. I've had other people tell me that.

They go, you irritate me, but I can't stop listening and I get a kick out of that too. Oh, God, all kinds of comments. We're out of time.

There's the music, man. You're going to go. Okay, buddy. Sorry, Larry.

God bless. Call back. Okay. And Steve, I know you called back and call back tomorrow. Let's finish our conversation. Sorry about that, Steve. May the Lord bless you.

Hey, folks, out of time. And in about two and a half hours, I will be starting a Bible study tonight or going through online and you can go to and listen to that. Talk to you later. God bless. Bye. Thank you. God bless you, God bless you, God bless you, God bless you.
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