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April 7, 2023 6:28 pm

Matt Slick Live

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April 7, 2023 6:28 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is produced by The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry the show, Matt answers questions from live callers, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Theology, Apologetics, Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- --Today's topics include--- Debating Atheist, Youtube censorship, Rumble move-- 10- Kelly Powers vs Sean Griffin Debate-- 23- John 7-37-39 vs Romans 8-31-39, Difference in indwelling and pouring of the Holy Spirit-- 30- Ephesians 1-4 Federal Headship, Hypostatic Union, Semi-Pelagianism-- 52- Is Mocking and name calling wrong, Example- Elijah Mocking Prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. If you are new to this show, I am a Christian apologist. I defend the Christian faith and answer all kinds of difficult questions. They work so hard at trying to get the upper hand and make sure that what they say is always true as they try to defend evolution and how true it is. Christianity is not true.

Man, they just work hard at damning themselves. But at any rate, if I do stuff like that, and I've got to research what's called endogenous retroviruses, which I did some research a while back, and there's a lot more to do. I'm going to research that.

But at any rate, that's one of the things I'll be doing. Also, I teach a Bible study tonight, and my wife brought up a point about the Bible study. She said it's hard to find on the website. To me, because I'm on the website all the time, Well, I know everything is.

You don't even think about it. But she did have a good point saying that it was difficult to find the link and the URLs and stuff. So what I'm going to do today is probably a half hour before the radio, excuse me, before I do the Bible study, which I teach out of my home, what I'll do is I'm going to create a page, a Bible study, and I'll probably put a Roman study, the date as a title, and put it in there with the URL to Rumble and to YouTube.

And just what we're going through and a link to the information and stuff like that. So that the Bible study group, duplicate, that's probably a good idea, duplicate the information and the outline. I'm thinking about it. But I'm going to do that. So it'll be on the homepage so that we start officially at 7.30 my time. Now that's because people live locally here in Idaho, and they come in at that time. So for people on the East Coast, it's awfully late, and I get that.

It's 9.30 at night over there. Sorry about that, but that's just what it is. But what I'm going to do is put a link up before that.

So anybody who wants to watch, you go to the homepage and just look for the article. It'll be something titled, like, Roman's, a Bible study on Romans 5, or something like that. And then today's, you know, the date, whatever. And we'll see how that works. I think it's a good idea. We'll figure that out. I'll look at it some more.

And I've got the information up on the Bible study. I'll go over it a little bit more. And let's see, what else? There's something else I was going to say, and I can't remember.

Oh, get this. So I still have yet to do this. I'm so busy. But I need to contact the people who helped donate for the camera so much. Thank you so much. I'm going to be contacting you in emails or whatever it is. But I want to thank you, and I'm going to use it tonight.

This will be the first time I'm going to be setting it up for the Bible study. And I wanted to let you know, I think I already mentioned it. I went into the area of the old office where I was trying to do videos with the old cameras. And I couldn't believe how easy it was. It just worked so quickly. And the visuals look good. The audio was good. Everything's good. It's just, yes, you know, praise God.

And so I'm going to be using it to replace this archaic camera thing we've had and try and get it to look good. One of my goals here in the ministry is not to spend any money unless I need to. And I really, it's kind of a detriment because I don't want to spend any money, don't want to spend any money. And then I finally will. And it takes me weeks sometimes before I give in.

And I have to do the balance between what's my time worth and stuff like that. But I want everybody to know, we don't spend money willy-nilly here. We use those donations that you give us to support the missionaries.

For one example, we're supporting Togrel. And he is in Turkey. And Togrel is finishing up his theology degree. And he's not producing anything for calm right now. We're supporting him as a missionary.

And that's fine. He's a missionary to school right now. And once he is established or he's got his degree, he wants to work with calm full time. Hopefully we can continue to pay him what we have in our support.

We don't know what's going to happen. But this is one of the things we're doing. And we also have a guy in Brazil we're supporting and a guy in Colombia that we're supporting. And they do their websites in the languages of those countries. And they take the Karm articles and they translate them. And they've learned so much over the years from just translating word by word and going through looking up concepts and scriptures. And they've become quite knowledgeable in stuff. And so now they're teaching in those areas.

So we're supporting them as well. And then like the camera stuff. You know, in order to buy a lens, you've got to do this.

In order to get a stand, you've got to do that. And we don't go out to dinner on Karm except maybe once every three months. If someone's in town, then I'll maybe treat them out.

Someone who's coming here to visit the intergalactic headquarters of the Karm empire. So we'll do that. I just want to let you know. We are trying to be as frugal as we can and use the money as wisely as we can. I haven't had a raise in seven years. In fact, my wages have actually gone down over the years.

And that's just what it is. But I will be, Lord willing, starting on Social Security here pretty soon. Which means I can take that and still work with Karm and I'll be able to make all the ends meet.

Shouldn't be any problem. And so, you know, the Lord's providing. The Lord's providing. But I'm just telling you all this because, you know, we've got the camera and I want to say thank you to all of you who helped out with that. And tonight we'll be using it, Lord willing, to do the Bible study. And hopefully the lighting will be better and the sound will be better and all of that. And it's just one of the things that we have been fighting with.

But I've learned a lot about cameras and stuff and the minimal that's necessary to have a good feed and stuff like that. All right. There you go. Hey, look, if you want to give me a call, five open lines, 877-207-2276.

And we have four open lines now. And if you want to email me, you can do that because maybe you don't want to get on the air. But if you want to email me, you can address it to info at Karm dot org, info at Karm dot org.

And you can just say radio question or radio comment in the subject heading. And then we can look. Look for that. We've got a lot of stuff that's going on. Let's see. Oh, boy.

So we've got people who are advertising and stuff like that who want to do that. All right. What else? There's something else. I can't remember what it is. It's no big deal.

You know, it drives me crazy when that happens. That's all right. Let's get to Elijah from Pennsylvania. Elijah, welcome. You're on the air. Hey, man, how you doing? I used to call you a lot. I don't know if you remember me or not. I'm sorry.

Off the top of my head right now. No, not yet anyway. Yeah. So I just wanted to call and ask, did you see the debate between Kelly Powers and Shawn Griffin that happened about a month ago? No, I didn't see it.

So how'd it go? And what was the big topic? It was on the Trinity versus Arianism. And and I remember I had told you about this guy a while ago.

He's the he's the guy that believes in, like, you know, keep his Torah in order to be saved, you know, all that stuff. And yeah. And so it was not a moderated debate. And and they were talking back and forth. But towards the end, Kelly Kelly Powers got kicked off the channel because Shawn Griffin, I guess, got offended that Kelly was telling him that, you know, he was serving a different Jesus and that he believes in a different Holy Ghost. Because because Shawn Griffin showed that he actually believes that the Holy Spirit is an angel, which is actually what Muslims believe as well. And I was shocked to learn that he believed that. I didn't know that he actually believed that about the Holy Ghost, you know. So, OK, so you're saying that Kelly Powers got kicked off because he said that this guy believed in a different Jesus?

Yeah. Well, that's improper moderation. This is the whole bit about a debate between Unitarianism and Arianism versus Trinitarianism. The whole issue here is on who Christ is related to that, because in Trinitarianism, Jesus Christ has gotten flesh and Unitarianism he's not. And so one's going to say to the other, you know, you serve a different Jesus. If I was debating this with a Unitarian, he said it to me, I'm not going to say I'm offended, you need to leave. I wouldn't say that.

I'd say that's your position and my position is that you're the one who serves a false Christ and that this is what the debate in part is about. So for him to get kicked off for that, if that's what happened, is ludicrous. It just shows the the moderators didn't have any sense of duty and propriety in order to handle it properly. Oh, no.

Oh, no. It wasn't. There were no moderators. It was just those two, you know, talking back and forth without a moderator. Oh, so the other guy kicked him out. Yeah. Yeah. Well, then that we would classify that under the category of Diaperinian. He's a Diaperinian, which means when you said something that offended me. So I'm going to go and be like a leftist and I'm going to just get rid of you because you offended me. Oh, yeah.

Poor baby. Yeah, that's what it is. Well, that's what it is. You know, come on. You're in a debate. Grow up. You're going to say things that you may not like. If I was debating that guy, I'd say, look, I'm going to tell you upfront because a guy called me up on the radio show and he said that you kicked this guy off.

Is that true? And blah, blah, blah. Okay, well, I'm going to tell him, I'm going to say, you serve a false Christ.

I believe that. Now, are you able to discuss that or not? And if you're going to kick me off on the air, I'm only going to use it against you. So I'm going to lay the law down fast and say, we talk.

You could say, I believe in a false Christ. I'm not going to get mad. I'm going to say, let's talk. Let's talk about it.

Let's talk about the Diaperinian stuff. Okay. Yeah. So, um, would you, would you, would you like to, uh, uh, uh, have like a debate with him, a, a, a moderated debate, you know, I guess on standing for truth or, or, or the gospel truth channel.

Yeah, it's fine. Contact those guys. See if they want to contact me. I got two other guys now contacted me wanting me to do debates with other people and I, and I'm getting burned out on debates.

Uh, not because I don't like them, can't handle them. It's just that I do a lot of prep and I have to put a lot of stuff on hold. I think what I prefer is just a discussion. Let's just, you know, go in, you just have it, have a page or two of notes that you want to get to and let's just talk about things and let's just see, have a discussion like that.

That's what I want to do because it's like, oh man, you know, 20 minute opening, which means I then I have to research exactly the statement. I got to say this a certain way that we've got to hold his feet to the fire. You didn't answer these questions. Like the debate I had with the Muslim guy, a lot of people said he won, but he didn't because he didn't address anything I said in the opening statement. He didn't refute anything. And so, you know, discussions, however, seem to not let those kinds of things go by where you say, well, wait a minute, you just said this, let's go back to this and we're moderated debates.

You don't have much time to do that kind of a thing. So that's why I want to have real discussions. Right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And I think I think it was a discussion with what actually, you know, I actually get it the way because I remember back when you had your discussion with Bishop Jerry Hayes on Trinity and Oneness.

That actually went farther than, you know, other Trinity versus Oneness today. Yeah. Yeah. I think I told these couple of guys were emailing me saying, hey, you want to do some more debates? And I put everything on hold because I had to go to Israel and stuff. And so now I'm like, yeah, let's just do some discussions, some polite discussions about stuff to see how it goes. Hey, hold on, buddy.

We've got a break coming up. OK, hold on. Hey, folks, we'll be right back after these wonderful messages. Please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Everybody, welcome back to the show.

Let's see, let's get back on with Elijah from Pennsylvania. Are you still there? Yes, I'm still here. All right, man.

So that break kind of got right in the middle. Do you have anything else you want to add in on it or is that good enough or what? I do have a question about your channel, because I just noticed that you no longer do the full hour off YouTube. And I read the description box where it says a two to three censorship that we have to go to rumble about. But what was it like to send you warning messages or something?

You're breaking up a little bit. So I can repeat the last sentence. I said, what was our YouTube like warning messages or something? Yes. So every now and then I'll mention stuff about covid that seems to be the what does it.

And, you know, for example, I'll say I'll give it an example. What I say, you know, the cloth masks are three percent effective. And they're basically useless.

Why use them? I will say that kind of stuff. Right.

But it's a documented fact. Those other masks, those surgical masks, they're about 50 percent effective, up to 75 percent if they're worn properly and tucked in just right the right way. And then you can't touch them. And if you touch them, they're contaminated on the outside because the virus can live on your hands.

And so if it gets on the mask, you adjust the mask and you're breathing it out. So that's that's fact. Also, one of the things I did on an after show a couple of weeks ago was I showed people how to go to the CDC Web site, and go through the reporting system for deaths related to vaccines.

And I show people how to do that. And for example, the CDC Web site, when you do the research off, it is an official government Web site, all the vaccines combined. This is a rough numbers memory. All the vaccines combined, except for COVID vaccines since the 1960s, all of them combined. And there's a list of a couple hundred of them and all of them combined. There's been nine over 9000 deaths related to them and all the vaccines since the 60s. It's a pretty low death rate.

I mean, I'm not saying, oh, that's OK. But no, that's just what the stats are. In just two and a half years from the COVID vaccines, there's over 34000 deaths related. So this is from the CDC. This is how the doctors have reported information. I show people how to do that.

Here's what you look at on the CDC. I shared the screen. I show.

Man, you can't do that. Misinformation. Well, how is it misinformation if it's coming from the CDC? You know, just right. So and then but they do say and I say they say they don't know how accurate information is. Well, OK. Well, then if it's not that accurate, why is it up there? You know, questions. But so I said that and then they gave me a two week ban.

It looks like for that week. We get tired of this kind of stuff because it's so many times we've got a different YouTube channel. So now what we're doing with the rumble. So I just said what I said.

It won't get taken down on rumble. People get right me and say, where how do you do that? Where's the information? How do you do that?

That test. I'll show you how they even have a lesson how to do it on my website. So what we're doing now, and this is I'm glad you're asking because they want me to talk about it, too. I need to say that what we do is we do the first 10 minutes on YouTube and then we end it. And we just stay on rumble.

The reason we do the 10 minutes on YouTube is so that there is information and new video that's coming out on that particular channel. And so therefore, we can still get statistics. We can still get information coming in. And then we tell people about the rumble channel that we're going to. That's what we're doing. So right now, we have 311 followers on the rumble or channel. Yesterday it was 307.

So we get about five a day. We're letting people know. We're going to put it out in an email, in a newsletter. And I talk about it and You go to rumble, just type in I think it's all you got to do.

I'm going to do it right now and see. And just search for C-A-R-M. I see C-A-R-M-O-R-G. And there it is. That's look live and comes up. So is rumble like another form of YouTube? Because I've never used rumble before. You know, that's a darn good question. I should have thought of answering that ahead of time. Yes.

It's a replacement platform for YouTube. And a lot of people are going over there. A lot. Yep.

Okay. You can see videos are up all the time and it is quite busy. And then you can also chat in them. We have it so you can chat if you want to do that. Like right now, I'm going to say to them, hi all.

There, I just typed it in and there you go. It's going into the rumble. Okay? We also are simulcasting into Twitter and Odyssey and the rumble thing. Also Facebook. Sorry. It's all going in there.

Facebook too. Okay? Okay. All right.

Thanks. All right. Sounds good, buddy. All right. Okay. God bless. Have a good one. Okay. Sorry about that.

If you want to give me a call, four open lines, 8772072276. Now tonight on the Bible 30, I'm going to be starting in Romans chapter 5 verse 15. And it's going to be particularly interesting because there are some interesting concepts that are in that pericope of scripture, 15 through 21.

And I would suggest that you read it. I'm going to say something that's bold here about that pericope. A pericope is a section of scripture. Big or small, it's a section. There are some interesting phraseology being used.

Paul uses the phrase the many and all in two different senses in the same sentence. And it's really interesting. I've not heard anybody else address it. I've never heard anybody address it. That's not to say they haven't. I'm just saying I haven't heard anybody do it.

Any preaching, any teachers. I just haven't heard it. So it's very uncommon.

Well, it's uncommon. I haven't heard it. So I'm going to be teaching on it tonight, going into it and show and talk about it. And why does Paul do that that way?

I'm not exactly sure, but he does. I have a theory, but I'll talk about some of that tonight. So there you go.

It'll be on Bible studies tonight. And about three hours from now, we'll start. Okay, let's get, oh, give me a call. 877-207-2276.

Alberto from Georgia. Welcome, buddy. You're on the air. Yeah. Good afternoon.

Good evening. I think, yeah, I could ask the Holiness Church or Pentecostal churches, why do they say they believe against what they've always said? And did I ask them what do they say? I didn't understand.

Wait. I didn't understand. They said, why do they believe or not believe what? Against what? What was it?

Why? Why do they believe against people? You're breaking up. And I ask them. You broke up right when he got to the part I was like, so why do they believe what?

Try it again. I ask them, why do they believe against what they've always said? Right? Against what? Against what? Against what? They're not asking. Okay, Alberto, I can't understand you. Against what?

Why do they believe against what saved? There's one word. Let me finish. Let me finish, Mike. Let me finish.

What can I say, sir? Okay. Okay, Alberto.

What do you think? Okay. That's irritating. I'm trying to understand exactly one word, and then he tells me to, so I'm not going to work that way. Alberto, you can call me back, but I'm having trouble understanding you, and I just want to know the one word so that we can continue on.

That's all I'm saying. All right. Hey, there's a break. If you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276, we'll be right back after these messages. All right, everybody, welcome back to the show. Let's get on the air with Darrell from Texas. Darrell, welcome. You're on the air.

Hey, Matt Slick. Nice to be on the phone with you again, sir, my brother. Oh, good. Thanks, man. Love your ministry and all you do, man. Hope you're doing well. Well, by God's grace, hanging in there. Amen.

Amen for all of us, isn't it? Yeah. Romans chapter 8, Paul describes very clearly that a person cannot be in the Spirit unless if they are a believer, and a person cannot believe unless if they have the Holy Spirit. But in John chapter 7 versus the pericope of John 7, 37 through 39, Jesus explains that the Helper has not come yet, and he's talking to the ones that believe that in the future they will receive the Helper, the Holy Spirit, but they don't actually possess the Holy Spirit because that covenant hasn't happened. Is that what's going on? Is there a difference between the two covenants, or?

Wow. Very good question. I don't have a very good answer. I have a series of guesses, and I say that because you raised the issue of covenant, and I'm really glad that you did, because the covenant hadn't been ratified in John 7, but it had been already in Romans 8. And yet, when we look at the Old Testament, David said, please do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Now, there's this debate and discussions about this. Does it mean he was indwelled by the Holy Spirit permanently? Well, that's a question to discuss. Does it mean then the Holy Spirit was upon him and anointed him, and that he was referring to the removal of the anointing of his position?

Well, that's a possibility as well. We're not exactly sure. Then we're not exactly sure of the issue of how the Spirit worked in the Old Covenant versus the Old Covenant, and because we're not sure how it works, how he works that way, then we can't answer these questions precisely.

We can only give generic ideas, at least that's my philosophy about things. If the Bible doesn't say it clearly, then I can't either. So he says, if anyone thirsts in John 7, if anyone thirsts, let him come and drink, and he who believes in me, the scripture says, from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water, but this he spoke of the Spirit whom those who believed to him were to receive, for the Spirit was not yet given because Jesus was not yet glorified. Now about that, in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is poured. That's how he's talked about, I'll pour out on the house of Jacob and the house of Israel, the Spirit, the supplication, you go to Zechariah 12, 10, I think it is.

And in Joel 2, 28, 29, I'll pour forth my Spirit, and those latter verses are quoted by Paul, that's going to be by Peter, in Acts 2, 17, and 18. And so that's the fulfillment of the pouring of the Spirit. So it looks like the pouring of the Spirit is dealing with the charismatic gifts. And the reason I say that is because when you go to Acts 10, 44-48, they're speaking with tongues or glorifying God because the Holy Spirit had fallen upon them, they'd received the gift of the Holy Spirit. And so it looks like the gift is the pouring of the Spirit upon them. Now I say that because if that's the case, that it means the charismatic movement, then that would be different potentially from the spirits working within you as you're justified by faith. Because in the Old Testament, they're justified by faith the same that we are, Romans 4-3 talks about this. So if that's the case, then they would be cleansed in order to be indwelt. So then if they're indwelt by the Holy Spirit, but yet the Holy Spirit hadn't been sent yet, does it mean then that the Holy Spirit being sent deals with the charismatic movement as in the equipping of the church? So you see why I can't give you a straight answer, because it's like, well, which ones are these and how do we balance them out?

And I don't know how to do it exactly. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. I guess to target a little bit more further, yeah, it does. Just to target a little bit more further is that we were, of course, debating with me being Reformed and him not, he believes that people have faith, they choose their own, you know, they themselves place their faith in the Lord, then we get indwelt by the Holy Spirit. It's like it's during regeneration we get faith. And he said, but see, look, in John 7, these people had faith, but they weren't regenerated by the Holy Spirit. He basically said they didn't have the working of the power of the Holy Spirit in them to believe. That's not what it says there.

He read into it. They had not yet received the Holy Spirit, doesn't mean they weren't regenerated, it just said they hadn't received. What he's saying is receiving the Holy Spirit means you're regenerated.

But the question is, does it? Is that what it means? Don't assume that's what it means. Yeah.

True. Yeah, because what he was saying is that, because I was making the point that what Paul was saying was pretty clear in Romans 8, is that unless you have the Spirit, you don't believe. The reason why you don't believe is you don't have the Spirit. I mean, and that's crucial that he was saying, but no, you, the people in the Old Testament, you know, go through the Hebrews 12 hall of faith, and all those people didn't have the full indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but they were saved, they had faith.

But how do they know? If I was talking to him, I'd say, how do you know he didn't have the full indwelling? And first of all, I would ask, what is the full indwelling, tell me what that is, and then how do you see it in Scripture, what the full indwelling is? And maybe it's the case, I mean, you know, if he said, well, in the New Testament we see this, I'd go, okay, I think you've got a good point there. And then we say, well, it doesn't seem to be like that in the Old Testament. And I would say, there's some credence to that, but I wouldn't say that they didn't have the Holy Spirit in them, in the Old Testament. Because they're justified.

They're justified. They're believing in the true and living God. In Philippians 1 29, God grants that we believe.

Well, that means he's granted that they believe in the Old Testament as well. So they have to have the Spirit some way, somehow. So what's going on with the Spirit in the New Testament, in a sense? And here's the thing, here's the thing I'm suspecting, having said all of this.

I think the Spirit being given in a different and special way is a covenantal aspect that extends not only to Israel, but to all those who are in Christ and are regenerated. And that I suspect, I've been saying this, you know, I don't know, I suspect that the receiving of the Spirit that way is more to do with the equipping of the individual for the work of ministry. That's what I'm starting to think. Okay.

I don't know if I'm going to continue thinking that, but that's what I'm leaning towards, you know? Yeah. Yeah, I hear you. You don't have to agree, I mean, you know, I'm just, it's just like, I can be wrong.

No, I hear you. Do you have time for one more question? Sure.

Okay. Looking at the, I'm going to use the word infamous, because that's one of the tag points about between understanding of when doctrine of election and us being chosen was, which I believe from before the foundation, from all eternity, in fact, because of the immutability of God, but in Ephesians 1-4, it says that we were chosen in Him before the foundation of the world. Well, I've heard some pretty weird stuff, and it's pretty smart, but he's making these claims about us being chosen in Christ means we have to be in Christ to be chosen. That's stupid. But in order to be in Christ, you must be in Him, you know what I mean? That's stupid.

Because that's what he says, he says, he says, he says, we were chosen before the foundation of the world, in Christ, we were chosen before the foundation of the world, so he says, see, we were in Christ, that's when we were chosen. That's dumb. Who is saying this?

A friend of mine that I've known for some years, could go on to some seminaries, a friend of mine. Yeah. We need to talk.

He may need to talk. Yeah. You're, I'm kind of impressed. You know the concepts, you know how to articulate them, wow, good for you. I assume you know what federal headship is, right?

Yes, sir, yeah, you're the one that taught me that years ago. Okay, good. So then, federal headship is one of the issues, and you know, there's a lot of verses that relate to this. What he is getting at is an anthropocentric, soteriological system, so he's doing a man-centered salvation thing. He doesn't like the idea of God's sovereign election, unconditional election, it's conditional election based upon something, and that's what he's going, he hasn't said what that is yet, but the idea of the in Christ seems to be an afterthought of God instead of an initial thought in the inter-Trinitarian communion of the eternal covenant, which we can unpack, I'd love to unpack some time with him and go through that. It'd be interesting to have a discussion. Yeah, for sure, I'll definitely give him your number and have him call you. Yeah. Yeah, that'd be cool.

What's sound? Yeah, good stuff, anyway, he actually has a blog called Calvinist X, because he claims he used to be a Calvinist before, and he has a blog called Calvinist X, and he shared it with me, and he's got a lot of different scriptures that he goes over with points, you know, and one of them was Ephesians 1.4, but he's got Romans 9 and Romans 8, and all these others, and maybe I'll email it to you, and if you get time to read through some of it. Yeah, please do. Email me, I've read a lot of material from the antis, and before I say this, I want to reiterate, no, I don't care if you're Reformed in your theology or not, as long as you're not misrepresenting it, and then proclaiming truth values based on its representation. That's what I see a lot of people do, like Leighton Flowers, he's an anti-Calvinist. Leighton Flowers is the worst. Yeah.

He's horrible, yeah, and he and I had a discussion once, I could call him up sometime, but I've got to get a range of discussion, but in Philippians 1.29, it says, to you it has been granted to believe, and he says, no, Matt, it means that you've been granted the opportunity to believe. I hit it all through the text to make it fit. These guys do this all the time. Hey, Darryl, man, you know what you're talking about. We get the music coming up. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.

Okay. I want to keep going, but after the break, okay, sorry, I've got a hard break. Hey, folks, three open lines, 877-207-2276, we'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right, everybody, welcome back to the show. Before we get to the call, I just want to say thanks to Rogers1APZ for the $5 rent. Really appreciate it.

Thank you very much. Hey. That's cool. I like it.

Thanks a lot, man. All right. Let's get back on here with Darryl. Okay, Darryl. You still there? Okay.

Hey, Matt. In fact, when you mentioned that you had some of the ideas, some issues regarding, of course, looking at, I'm sure, anthropocentric, is crucial that we understand where that's coming from, and it has a lot to do with pride, and that's what I was trying to explain to this gentleman regarding his misinterpretation of Ephesians 1.4. And one thing that is difficult is to understand, okay, I believe it from before the foundation of the world, but we aren't truly in him, so I was wondering if that in, which I did look in the Greek, it could mean by or through, possibly. By Christ or through Christ, and he says, no way, that's not it.

So I don't know. No, in him is a term of federal headship. He needs a study, 1 Corinthians 15, 22, Romans 5, 18, Romans 5, 19, Hebrews 7, 7 through 10. He needs a study of the issue of representation, the first and last Adam, and also Ephesians 1, 4, which I'm so glad that you went to. Well, what he's doing, he's cleverly conveying the idea of, he's not, I wouldn't say he's synergistic satirologically, but he's probably still monergistic, but he's having a proper understanding. Yeah. So what he's ultimately doing, though, is using an anthropocentric system.

So he's, it sounds like he's semi-Pelagian, and that somehow within a semi-Pelagian anthropomorphic view, then the possibility of people choosing is extant, and therefore this is the criteria, it's like a counterfactual thing with open theism kind of a thing, no, open theism would be, oh heck, not open theism, it's, oh, I forgot the name. So it's that kind of a thing that's going on. Old timers. I'm sorry?

Old timers, we all get it, man, I got it too. Yeah. Well, there's so many things in my head. There's open theism, and then there's, I want to say process theology, but that's not it.

We do counterfactuals, mulism, thank you, mulism, it sounds to me it has a hint of mulism with counterfactuals that are foreseen based upon a denial of total depravity with an increase of a faulty understanding of human free will as it relates to our nature under God's sovereignty. Yeah. I'm trying to, I'm talking, yeah, you, go ahead. Yeah.

Sorry. Yeah, you just listed everything in the above is what he believes, and all of those are exactly where he's at. I like what you said, and so what we're saying is that in Christ has to be with federal headship that though, of course, we're not in him until salvation, but he represented us, certain people from before the formation of the world.

We're in him from the, here's how it works, to make sure we're on the same page. The inter-Trinitarian community, fathers and holy spirit, the divine essence of what God is and his divine simplicity of one thing who reveals himself with three distinct simultaneous persons. God does not increase in his knowledge or decrease in his knowledge, and all knowledge of God is instantaneously eternally known. So the decree to elect, the decree to elect the father's election can only be done in the son in a simultaneous eternal sense because election is not possible without the redemptive work, and redemptive work is useless without the election, and so they have to be simultaneously eternal in the past. So it cannot be that the, unless he wants to go full-infra-lapsarian and say that God in his melanistic view of counterfactuals will go super-lapsarian in order to answer the issue of the eternal covenant from the eternal perspective of federal headship.

You and I are talking at a level that most people can't follow us, because we're using shorthand terms. That's what he's doing, and the issue, I'd love to talk to him because I'd ask diagnostic questions to see what his ultimate presupposition is about human ability, that's what I think. Yeah, yeah, for sure, yeah, which he does believe in, you know, I think Romans 3 is pretty clear that no one does good, no not one, he says no we can, and there it is right there, I'm like dude, wait, you're not understanding that, we are to be the prey, just sin is influenced every part of who we are. Oh man, you know when people tell me they can just do good, I say, what's the standard of goodness? What is the standard of goodness? And I want them to get to the point where they say it's Christ. Christ is ultimately the standard of, even Jesus says you who are evil can give good gifts to your children, Matthew 7, he's not saying they're ultimately good, he's already calling them evil, he's talking about goodness in a relative sense on a human level, but that's not what we're talking about, what is good? Okay, it's by God's character, it's in the person of Christ, so you're saying now a person can do good, are you then saying he can do good on the same level as Jesus, as an unbeliever?

Because that's what the guy's saying, that's what he's saying, and I would hammer him, I'd nail his feet to the ground on that one, and so you are saying that, and it sounds like he's a full Pelagian, he doesn't realize it, he seems to be arguing Pelagianism, stepping into semi-Pelagianism, and then dancing with total depravity, but doesn't understand what it is and how it restricts the issues of free will, it'd be an interesting conversation to have with him. Yeah, yeah, for sure, okay, I'll lead him your way. Okay, sounds good man, I'll have to do it off the ear of the radio, because people are like, what's that? Yeah, I know, I know, you have a great weekend, you know, happy resurrection day to you, and you just have a great tomorrow, good Friday, and great weekend. Good stuff, Darrell, you too brother, and yeah, keep in touch, because you know your stuff, I don't get to talk to too many guys who do, so nice talking to you buddy, alright? Yeah, nice talking to you, thank you man, I appreciate it, God bless you buddy, bye. That was enjoyable, I know, we talked a lot of big words, sorry, but it's just kind of shorthand for what we do, I liked it, so there you go, Kevin from New York, hey Kevin, welcome, you're on the air. Shalom man, thanks for taking my call, how are you doing?

Doing alright, by God's grace, hanging in there, what do you got man? Amen, yeah, so I want to ask you a couple questions about mocking and name calling, now there seems to be a large portion of Christians today that seem to be pushing this idea that's never okay to be angry, it's never okay to mock or name call, I just want to get your you know, opinion on this, the first one I'll start with is Elijah, you know in the book of, I think it's 1 Kings 18, he was mocking the prophets of Bel, what are your thoughts on this, like let's say I was trying to talk with, I don't know, like a Muslim, and the Muslim dogmatically rejected everything I had to say, and he meant me with negative words, would it be biblical for me to mock his false god and mock him? Yes and no, it has to be done properly, I tried to mock them, but I know what you're talking about, I addressed them truthfully, now Jesus in Matthew 7 and 4 says you hypocrite, you first take the law out of your own eye, he called people blind guides in Matthew 23, you foolish and blind men, he said you serpents, you brood of vipers, Matthew 23, 33, and I got a whole article on this, did Jesus ever say anything mean to anyone, and I've got a whole bunch of quotes from him, so yeah, but we are then on the other hand we're told to be as polite as possible, so before the show today I was in an atheist room, and I got to the point where I said you guys work hard at denying God, you work hard at this, and you're only in righteousness, you're denying the truth, and you're bringing judgment on yourself, I didn't say those exact words, but this is what I will say sometimes because they're doing that, and I'll sometimes say you are a servant of the devil, and I'm informing you, so what I'll do sometimes and instruct them, and with a Muslim sometimes I'll say you, well I will do this, I will say you bring shame upon your prophet and your God, and I'll do that, they don't like that, but there's a reason I do it because I was taught by an ex-Muslim, not an ex-Muslim but a guy who knows everything about Islam, he speaks Arabic and he's been raised over there, he knows, he says if you say this to them it really irks them, so you can do various things, but I'm with you, what do you do? Well, because there's times biblical authors, such as Paul, when addressing the Galatians he called them foolish, Jesus called people fools, which is the Greek word mora or moray or morass, depending on the usage, but it would translate, you know modern English would be moron, so we have biblical authors calling people morons, and things like that, and there are times, because I have a YouTube channel, I've talked to you a couple of times, sometimes I'll be like dude you're being a moron, you're acting like an absolute pig, a filthy swine, and people will still say you can't talk to people like that.

Here's the thing, there's what's called connotation and denotation, so a connotation is a negative emotion attached to a word, a denotation is just the word, so house and home are slightly different, home has a connotation of warmth and comfort and safety, so when we say moron to someone there's a negative connotation, so what I try and do generally is to avoid negative connotative statements, and I'll try, and I don't always do it, because sometimes I think it's appropriate, but for the most part I try to be very gentle, and I'll say you are working hard at damning yourself, that's moronic, and I'll say it a different way, it's more informative and instructive, that's what I do. Now there are people I know who will cuss, or Christians, they will cuss at the unbelievers, and I say do not do that, Colossians 3.8 said remove abusive speech, you can accomplish the same thing by simply describing them and describing the issue, and you can do it calmly, you can do it intelligently, and that's what I recommend people to do. But you wouldn't go so far as to say it's never appropriate to mock, like you say that times it could be called for, or there is a biblical way to do it? Yes, I would say yes, nothing in the Bible says thou shalt not mock, but I think that we have to be careful because in Colossians 4, 5, and 6, conduct yourself with wisdom toward outsiders, make the most of the opportunity, let your speech always be with grace. So okay, when I talk to atheists I try and be gracious to them, I have a lot of atheists now who are telling me that I'm very polite with them and I'll listen to them, and if I say I think it's a good point, it's something I need to study, I'll do that. And I'm not going to say, look you idiot, I'm not going to do that, unless I really lose my temper which is very infrequent, I am human okay, sometimes you just get ganged up on it and things happen, but 99.9% of the time I try to be as polite as possible, that's the goal. Matt, I could say, I don't think it's, if someone's being an idiot, it's not sin to tell them they're being an idiot.

Yeah, I would agree with you, if someone is being, when I say look, I often will preamble it and I'll say, I'm going to say something you're going to take in a very bad way, but it's not intended to be, but you're being an idiot, you're being dumb, you're being stupid, and the reason is, is because, blah blah blah, you know, I'll do that. Right. Okay, yeah, I just wanted to get your opinion because I seem to be like on an island with only a few others that say, yeah, it's biblical, I mean, a lot of people seem to say, oh, it's never okay to call names or to get angry at all, you know, I just wanted to get your opinion on it, Matt. You can, why not, I'd say, look, you're an atheist, that's a negative thing in Christianity, in Psalm 14, when the fool has said in his heart, there is no God, you're an atheist, you know, that's a bad saying, you know, you are your father the devil, and I'll say that to people, but I'll say it later, after they have shown their true colors and their negativity and their antichrist behavior, then I'm going to nail them, you're an antichrist, you're your father the devil, you're going to die with him, and I'll say that. Right.

Yeah, as a last resort kind of a thing, you know, for information, okay, alright buddy, there's a reason. I appreciate that, Matt, keep up the good work, you know, happy Good Friday to you, and you know, happy Easter, God bless. You too, man, God bless. So speaking of that, I will not be live on the air tomorrow, Good Friday, we'll be back on the air live on Monday, hope you have a great, great Easter, a great weekend, God bless everybody, talk to you later. Bye, bye.
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