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March 2, 2023 12:33 am

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March 2, 2023 12:33 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1. Is Arminianism heretical -05-2. UFOs, mathematics, life in the universe -06-3. Multiverse and morality -34-4. Scripture as the final authority -47

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by most Sorry about that whoo and Sorry What how many people yawn when I yawn on them on the air if people are yawning you know their cars driving or whatever they? Do Anyway, so there you go. We have for open lines eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six If you want to give me a call Please do if you want to email me you can do that as well info at calm org I'm looking at the inbox for that right now, so if you want to do that.

That'd be great all right All right, all right all right, and let's see man. There's a lot of stuff. I just released two articles today I think it was two let me check I think was two let me try you know sometimes just write them and they come out quickly and you get to get to the point So I wrote why does the wicked why do the wicked prosper another one?

What is the doctrine of? Inseparable operations dealing with the doctrine of the trinity so wrote those today yesterday I wrote two on a bible contradiction and also a word of the beatitudes And happy Valentine's Day to my wife and everybody else Hope you had it. You know have a good weekend. Hope you're having a good Valentine's Alright, I think that's about it.

Why don't we just get on the calls? And let's check them out Rudolph from North Carolina Welcome you're on the air Yes Romanian Geology considered to be here vertical no No There are some Calvinists who would say that it is And I can understand why they would But I don't consider it heretical there are people who are minions or they still love the Lord they're still trusting in Christ alone for the Salvation for their salvation, so you know we don't become a Christian once we adopt the five points so No, it's not heretical. I would say it's less informed, but I wouldn't say it radical at all Okay, okay, thank you Right Too all right. God bless All right, that was an easy question, and if you want give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven Two two seven six let's get to no name Welcome you were on the air I Went to the desert with a woman with no name or something Happy Valentine's you just gave away your age.

I was passed it was so bad. It was bad I'm just thinking leave bad bad Leroy Brown about 20 minutes ago I was thinking that song any rate you got me going okay, so go ahead Oh question the my brother's written something on this Well obviously before he passed away About the UFOs being and I think that you Mentioned something along these effects forgive me if I don't remember exactly but about UFOs aka Nephilim Is that I mean the dark was it was he talked about the dark powers and These UFOs being or I might have a wrong forgive me They Nephilim bottom line I guess right yes, that's one of the main theories about UFOs the reason is is because Mathematically, there's no possibility of life forming by chance any place in the universe Now I'm familiar with those who are listening might say that's not true. Well. You know I've done a lot of research on this and the Drake equation doesn't work but the odds of life forming by chance are Exponentially in tens of thousands, and it's just ridiculously huge People don't understand the mathematics I could explain it to people for interested, but nevertheless um the net the The let's see how we say this the UFOs the aliens These creatures whatever they are and they're real that things are happening.

There's detectable on radar and sonar They leave physical marks people are abducted except Christians aren't abducted for some reason and the UFOs teach theology and they teach Jesus is not God reincarnations true and We're all divine by nature So this is what has been across the board and Illuminati and such-and-such Well, that's a different thing they might be working with them who knows you know trilateral Commission the Illuminati But and the Masons who knows you know there's all these conspiracy theories and my favorite of course is the Anunnaki Which I believe are the half-breed products of Nazis and reptilian aliens. Oh, I know that on the awesome. Yeah, I love that. Oh, man Yeah, that's a movie. I'd go see They just it's so ridiculous that it's awesome But any rate so yeah, I could go into more detail about this stuff and what's going on, but these things are real That but what are they that's the question?

I Think I would have come of faith a Strong believer is that I equate it and I didn't even know about acts until up after I became a believer But that I would tell people it was like the wind you can't see the wind But some school on those leaves around that mean it just because you can't see that's not there. I mean yes, it's very real So anyway, do you talk about the Nephilim or the UFOs or what oh? No, you're something about as far as not being able to see the wind, but something's blowing those leaves around Oh, that's yeah back to we don't Just because we don't believe or we don't see them like we do other things that they're not real We're just made up. No.

I don't believe that yes, but people need some evidence and the government is The government is fully Releasing more and more information about this more and more people are seeing things you can see videos all over the place But there is an article connection with them one of the main guys. I've watched over the years He says gotten a desert to contact UFOs you get into a meditative state a trance You open your mind up to the universe and then they appear And this is the exact same procedure you do in the new age to contact spirits It's the same thing absolutely and the alcohol you're opening up all sorts of doors Yes So yeah, you know that's a givlin and Allen So if I was 15 it without going into There's no other there is no other way. There's no other God Connections getting worse, so it's hard to understand you but oh So but yeah, so I could talk about probably well. There's nobody waiting. I'll probably talk a little bit about it before the next break, okay? Okay, all right all right. God bless my friends.

Thank you. I got God bless All right, so what's interesting is one of the theories in all of this enough Alim is That from Genesis 6 it talks about the sons of God saw the daughters of men were beautiful, and they took wives for themselves and they took wives for themselves from whoever they chose and The the theory that was held by the Jews and the church Visual the Christians up to the 1500s until it was attacked and then changed her view But it was at the Nephilim with the offspring between fallen angels and women And so we go into Genesis 6 the flood came and wickedness was abounding and And so Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord verse 8 these are the records of the generations of Noah a righteous man blameless in his generations So one of the theories is that Noah he had a perfect Biological line and that it was not messed up by enter any interbreeding with a Nephilim. This is one of the theories, okay? I'm sorry about that Dikoff and so that's why it says he's perfect in all his generations Blameless in his time as one translation of the NESB puts it In fact I'm curious to know how other translations render at the ESV Well, that's interesting blameless in his generation That's why did it do that that way that's weird normally does something differently in my computer no matter so So the theory is that Jesus says as it was the days of Noah show still it be the days of the coming of Son of man and so some people think that the UFO phenomena is really a form of the Nephilim They were wiped out in the flood, but it looks like to continue to do this breeding thing After the flood this is one of the like I said one of the theories now is there merit to it well Let me tell you some stuff.

Let's go to Daniel 243 you'll see that it's dealing with the the vision Nebuchadnezzar statue and where the top is gold and it goes on the silver and then Bronze and then iron mix with the clay and these are supposed to be periods of time And so most of the commentators that I've checked out who really study this stuff because I really don't But they said that this looks like it's the reference of the end times Well, what's interesting is in Daniel? 243 in the context of that it says and in that in that you saw the iron mix with common clay They will combine with one another in the seat of men They'll not adhere to one another and so one of the theories about that is They'll combine with the seat of men and that the they can't be people So one of the theories based on this is that this breeding program will continue so the UFOs Do teach theology and I remember reading this Back before I don't know I came and tell you what decade it was I just read I used to read Voraciously when I was younger I would always have a book in my hand and I would read When I had jobs if I had the opportunity to read during work I would open up a book leave it next to me and work for a while then glance over read a paragraph and think about it more and this is where it was and so I was reading these articles and a secular psychologist started doing research on UFO abductees I I long since forgot which article it was but I remembered the article because of the ending This guy was not a Christian. He's a secular guy and He started interviewing UFO abductees to find commonalities And he did you know a lot of people have done this kind of a thing that so He put him under hypnosis in order to find out any more details, and he did and one of the individuals He spoke to said that the aliens taught theology.

This is what he wrote this article and It was he's blown away by this way He re-interviewed some people under hypnosis and found out that there was a commonality not among all of them But the ones who did admit that yeah, they were teaching theology said that Jesus was not God that We're all divine and reincarnation is true and so what blew me away in the article was that he made them mentioned he mentioned that he was not a Christian and that He went to the Bible just to research because that's where Jesus is found and he brought a Bible into his sessions And he started to interview them again, and it would read the Bible to him You know what about this verse here that is something like this And he said he was blown away because they started acting like the demoniacs did they would Get angry and cuss and swear and all the stuff and he was blown away, and this is what I read in a secular magazine I'm surprised. They let it out because they would they censor that by now so that was one of the things I started me studying and I have studied a lot over the years about this and be able to talk some more about it After the break want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. We'll be right back It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick All right when welcome back to the show. Thanks for listening really appreciate it.

If you want you can give me a call eight seven seven Two zero seven two two seven six you don't have to but you can or if you want you can email me at info at karm .org info at that's another possibility All right, let's see Okay interesting don't know I don't see the links on rumble I should be there everybody should be there Anyway, let me put the rumble thing in front of that's what the issue is here in the private chats We got all kinds of stuff. We're working on all the time. I'll write about UFOs So So I started studying because of that story Became very interested in that topic and I was a Christian at the time of course But I don't even remember how long ago. It was it was just so long ago before I went to seminary That's for sure and so I've listened to hundreds of hours of stuff on UFOs on tapes You know mp3s actually you know driving here driving there listen to one after the other to the other and listen I did it for years and After a while I wasn't being exposed to anything new it was just repetition of things I've listened to stuff about guys seeing things in their backyards moving people women a woman in particular who contacts UFOs by getting involved into the occult a man who does seances to Contact the occult I've heard stories of people saying that There are people in our government who they've already got this technology going they've already been to the stars. They've said There's all kind of stuff.

There's I think was 1981 something like that there was a one of the best sightings ever was in England on a US military base there and It was there was a UFO that was seen on radar Approaching and so people had time to get outside of these buildings who's in the evening or at night I forgot which it was a small crew but plenty of people saw this thing and it just hovered out of right over their buildings like 200 feet up huge and you know GIs enlisted people radar, I mean it was it was documented and then a Pyramid kind of a craft landed out in the woods not too far from there one guy touched it wrote down Symbols that are on it things like this it's one of the best sightings every country has sightings of UFOs every single one of them and some of the major countries Apparently have downed crash Have possession of things that's what you know, do you hear this stuff how much of it is true? You don't know Now can life form by chance anywhere in the universe? No, it can't There's a real simple reason the mathematics doesn't allow it now. I'll try and illustrate it here quickly by Illustrating what's called factoring a Factoring is if you have two blocks and this will make sense in a minute Just give me a bet to lay this down two blocks on a table and having a straight line How many different ways can they be arranged? Well, just two because there's two so you say two times one That's two if there's three blocks you say three times two times one, and that's six times Six different ways three different blocks can be arranged in a straight line if you have four blocks that is four times three times Two times one. So four times three is twelve times two is twenty four. So it goes really interesting goes two six Twenty four then five blocks would be that number times five. So we're talking 120 here and So it goes to two six Twelve and it goes to 120 you can see how these numbers just go up very quickly The further out you get and they get out so high I can't even find a calculator online that can answer the question of certain mathematics So the reason this is important is because DNA is comprised of four nucleotide bond pairs adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine Ag and A or AT and GC go together AT goes together adenine and thymine and guanine and cytosine and So it's AT or TA so you can go left right right left You can have them just you know, whatever and you can have GC and CG.

So there's one in four possibilities Now this is why it's important DNA doxyribonucleic acid is basically a twisted Helix, it's a twisted ladder and the reason it has a twist because of the sugar phosphate bond that comes together for the nucleotide bond pairs any rate if you just lay this out, what are the odds of You know just imagine a ladder and the first rung can be one in four AT or TA GC or CG So it'll be one in four odds. Well one in four is point two five It's a quarter, you know point two five is you know, that's what it is. It's a fraction and it converted to a decimal one quarter One over four the same as point two five So that means then that when you have two it is point two five times point two five you have three it's point two five times point two five times point two five and What happens is the further out you go you go the? Astoundingly quick Does the the numbers rise about any particular formation and arrangement of?

the nucleotide bond pairs So a Virus the smallest one of the I forgot the name of it but one of the smallest viruses has something like two hundred and twenty thousand of these nucleotide bond pairs list point two five to the two hundred twenty-fifth thousandth power Now people don't understand how humongous a number that is There's only supposed to be ten to the eightieth Particles in the entire universe. That's a one with eighty zeros behind it In fact check this out if you took a single piece of paper one five hundredth of an inch thick So that five hundred sheets of paper is one inch tall So one piece of paper is one five hundredth of an inch So you tear that piece of paper in half you have to tear those in half you have four tear those in half you have Eight you just do this doubling it fifty times. How tall is the stack?

Well, you can take a guess here in the next five seconds. How long you think it is how tall is a stack? Well it turns out the answer is thirty five million five hundred thousand miles This is called Exponential notation is two to the fiftieth and then use convert two to the fiftieth and two into You know inches and then feet and then miles anyway. I've done this many times math mathematically, so it's not a big deal I'm just trying to illustrate the distance that that is thirty five million miles is almost halfway to the Sun It's just because the Sun's 93 million miles, so you know it's about a third of the way, so here's the thing if you're to take every single particle in the universe which is ten to the eightieth and If the universe was 18 billion years old, which I don't grant, but let's just work with the secular It's to view just just for good kicks and giggles And every single particle in the universe was changing state of this maximum rate for 80 ten to the eightieth particles for 18 billion years And the maximum rate which is ten to the fortieth times per second you get a total of ten to the hundred and thirty eighths events That's one with a hundred thirty eight zeros That's how many events if every atom in the universe is changing a state every atom in the entire universe The maximum rate for 18 billion years, that's ten to one hundred thirty eighth Things that have changed that many times that that's it ten to one hundred thirty eighth called the universal probability bound so it's just a theoretical number about the maximum possible events in the known universe and And so why is that significant because ten to the hundred thirty eighth is an incredibly vast number.

It's just so big That it's just it's so vast and we go back to the break. I'll tell you some more So theoretically zero is ten to the fiftieth They say functionally it's zero on paper We'll get some more. I'll tell you why this is important about life-forming by chance. We'll get right back after these messages It's Matt Slick live taking a call at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six.

Here's Matt Slick All right, buddy. Let me kind of close this up what I was talking about here with this mathematics um So I've researched what's functional zero mathematically and it's ten to the fiftieth There's no one really agrees like that's the exact number I mean But it's kind of a number that I've seen has come up and people say well It's functionally zero this kind of use that number because the odds are so incredibly high against it Well the issue here is the formation of information because life is information plus energy in a biological structure and And and energy assuming information is super complex The DNA molecule is incredibly complex and there has to be a reader that goes through and Let's just say reacts to it And then that has to have information designed from something else which has to have information that I'm something else Which then causes something else to occur and it goes on and on and on the complexity of this is so remarkable that Mathematically life can't form by chance any place in the universe. It just doesn't work and There's a an article written years ago called the mathematical challenges to the neo-darwinian theory of evolution and it works from within that theory and demonstrates that the mathematics against the formation of information structures and filer generation and propagation is is Challenged greatly by the math now the funny thing about mathematics is is it relates to actuality now? That's a fascinating topic in itself because why does something that's an abstract thing react not react relate to How things work in the real world? That's a fascinating topic, and I've got some theories about it, but nevertheless So this is why the drake equation for those who don't know where it is doesn't work and Mathematics doesn't support this so long story short Where'd this these UFOs come from? If you're not formed by any chance out the universe Because it's just mathematics doesn't allow it where they come from what are they what's going on?

That's the question and since they teach theology and Christians don't get abducted What does it make you think all right? All right, let's get on the air with Martin from Virginia Martin welcome. You're on the air Hey, Matt.

God bless Thanks for your ministry. Oh great comments um So yeah, kind of packing on to what you were talking about Let me uh you know at a conversation a year and a half ago or so from a The individual just graduated from college. I think there was in Collegeville and and DNA came off and I was talking about the probability of how DNA in life and how incredibly rare is and You know they went to the typical Maybe agnostic type thing of the multiverse. I'm like ah Cool, so if you have multiple chances in multiple tries. It doesn't matter about the probability I said well, then that that means that maybe in some universe you were purple right or you were black And they were like yeah, you know that that's that's one of the theory That's the possibility of the multiverse said maybe you were super tallest or short short, right? And I said well then in the multiverse it could be that This is the universe where God does exist and there's a heaven and a hell And they couldn't swallow that they wouldn't agree to that meal well, then there's no multiverse right you can't have a multiverse if there's ultimate you know Opportunity right I'll come right and they you know they came back to me that day later as well the reason I can't buy Into that is because you can't have a heaven you have a hell if there's you know In an ad you explained to him that's because you're not buying into the concept of a true multiverse I said if you believe in a multiverse There's every outcome, and you could potentially be in the outcome that you don't like And we discussed this it kind of heatedly a few times I think you can't believe in multiverse if you can't believe that this is the universe that potentially has God in it and a heaven And a hell as the outcome, and it was like You can't argue with that That they just wouldn't agree with that my god Then you can't believe in multiverse. No there is like it.

Well. There's not it if you try to set boundaries on it You one of the things I will argue I'll use that I'll say well if you do you believe in multiverse yes, I do Okay, well then you're a Christian, and they say no. I'm not I says yeah You are because in one of those multiverses you're a Christian and right now in one of those multiverses You're arguing against your atheistic self, so which one of you is correct And that's one of the things I will do with them, and I enjoy that They aren't able to answer that and I say and in one of those universes the Christian God exists and by definition the Christian God Exists through all of them, and he's supreme over all of them, so now you're really in trouble.

What are you gonna do about that? And right yeah, yeah, yeah, it's really press them to the to the boundary to the edge edge cases of what a multiverse could mean They start to deny what a multiple is still trying to support a multiverse, but then deny it like ah right Yeah, yeah, they're very inconsistent Because they're looking for reasons to deny God's existence They don't want to believe in God because they want to be their own gods And so you can use their logic against them one of the other things I will do is I'll talk to somebody they help people have a conversation like that and I'll say okay So you see the problem with this view that you have that? Working with your view on multiverses means that you are refuting your own view of no God And so that that just doesn't work.

Let me show you something else. I'll say to them And I'll say if is the universe all there is and as soon as they say yes, it's over for them But they just don't know it yet And I'll say so then your physical brain is limited to operating under the laws of chemistry, right? Yes Okay, then that means that your physical brain is producing your thoughts due to chemical reactions Necessary chemical reactions, so how do you know your chemical reactions are producing truth? Yeah, yeah, the pure the materialistic conundrum where you're done if you're a true materialistic person Right and so that view Doubts itself or causes doubt to be upon itself because you couldn't know from the perspective if the view is true Because you can't know if what you're thinking and theorizing and believing is true because it's just chemical reactions So I say it undermines itself. So why do you continue to believe in that? Furthermore, if you step outside of that worldview and use transcendentals or universal principles Then you're negating the idea of materialistic thought and you're refuting it then and you're joining me in my world So which one you want to do? Yeah, I know I agree.

Yeah. Well, you can't really enter the mind or consciousness or the soul They don't accept that it's not it doesn't it doesn't walk the path of materialism. So They have a problem with that Yeah, they do and when they they say that this, you know I'll ask them another way to get in that side door is to say do you believe that when you die you cease to exist? And if they say yes, okay, then that means that your mind is a product of your physical brain. That's called property dualism And i'll say are you aware of that and they said yeah, okay that is so when your chemicals cease to function So when your chemicals cease to function you cease to function, right? Yes, you cease to exist, right?

Okay. Well, that's just another form of materialism Therefore the chemical reactions in your brain are all you are. You don't even know if you are Are correct You can't even know if your thoughts are your own and then from that point whatever they say I just say the brain chemicals may just say that And then it didn't just say just say that for a while chemicals. I did that in a debate with uh, Matt Delahunty a well-known atheist and uh He didn't like it, but he was cornered intellectually and that's just how it is. Atheism is ridiculous. I've been in a Years-long discussion. I'd call it debate more with a family member of mine about moral and and she is very, you know socialistic and You know agnostic brain. I'm like she feels that yeah that morals are just a social social construct and I showed her why it's not, you know, what? What is right to her what is wrong and I showed her this there's a great book by some uh science of the good Of some university of virginia science, uh phds that wrote how moralism has not been proven As a socialistic construct and they go through all the typical you know hom and and and prom and all all the great thinkers of our time and is and not and they show how Prescripted and descriptive it is. Oh, yeah, you know about is not good for you Here here's a sentence that I use I set people up for this and it really messes with them and um I use this in my debate with the atheist dan barker, but I developed it and i've used it ever since So i'll ask him i'll say so are there any universal morals and they'll say well, no, there's not I says, okay I says, okay, so universal moral would imply a universal mind, right?

Yeah. Yeah, it does it implies that it says, okay Now do you agree with me that statements are either true or false? You know, for example, I am talking to you is true.

You know, I am 66. It's true. I am an elephant that's false So statements have truth or a falsity value, right and they'll say yes good now i'm going to give you a statement Tell me if the statement's true or false the statement is It is always wrong for anyone to torture babies to death merely for their personal pleasure So it's always wrong for anyone is universal so Tell me is a statement true or is it not the case that it's true?

If they say it's true They are then Supporting a universal moral which they've already admitted Uh supports the idea of a universal mind if they say it's not true They don't say can you please explain to me a situation where it's okay? For someone to torture babies to death merely for one's personal pleasure Right you're stuck Right, well, there you go, but i'm gonna break so god bless man. Thanks. Appreciate it. All right Hey folks, you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven Two two seven six.

We'll be right back It's matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six, here's matt slick Everybody welcome back to the show. Just want to give you a reminder of that If you're interested in supporting us, you can go to C-a-r-m-dot-o-r-g forward slash donate if you haven't checked out the website Uh, you might want to consider it. It is huge Been working on it for 27 years.

It's had over Visitors it said it's had over 153 million visitors and um You get a lot of stuff there. So we try and write uh Consistently and logically and concisely now, here's the thing That a lot of websites they write very large articles. We like to write slick and quick Uh, or i'm gonna say quick and slick just get it right out there get the answer as quickly as you can So that you can go on to the next topic and we uh do that That's what we do.

So our articles aren't as long as a lot of people's articles, but uh, They're to the point and that's what you like. I hope So there you go. Also, we have uh t-shirts if you're interested Oh, we gotta get that link. Uh, we gotta figure out how to do that. Um, Um, but we'll do work on that anyway to the karm website, but uh, there you go.

And I think that's it. So Let me uh work with this issue here of uh an email that came in and um In the email it was uh, let me read it to you I was wondering how you would respond to a roman catholic who says scripture is only profitable not our final authority for all things Well, it's easy you just ask them What is your final authority? Where do you go to for the the end all so that you know what the truth is? Just ask them what the authority is And what you'll find is that they're gonna ultimately say Their church now there's a problem with that because i'm gonna then ask them.

Okay. And how do you know your church is the final authority? And if they say well this bible says oh, so now what you're doing is going to the scriptures to authenticate your church So then does that not mean that these scriptures have authority over your church?

Well, no, that's not true. No, it's actually the three things Uh, which what i've heard catholics say is the catholic church the magisterium I should say the magisterium the teaching element of the roman catholic church the magisterium Catholic church the magisterium sacred tradition and the bible they're all equal and they're all one thing So it's one final authority so what they're doing at that point is nothing more than playing games with words because if you have Three things an apple an orange and a pear and you put them into a bag. They're not all one thing But this is what they'll do. They'll play games with logic try and confuse things They don't want to think quickly or excuse me critically because they're bound in the uh, the house of idols of the roman catholic church And so i've heard them say this to me more and more recently that all three are the final authority.

Okay So inside of those which one is superior And you know, there's different ways to tackle it and that's one of the things i'll do So which one superior none is superior I say, okay. Well, then who interprets scripture? Well, it's your church, right? Yeah, that's what it is. So then your church gives the interpretation what the bible really means So it has the authority over scripture, right?

Is that how it works? Because if I say the scriptures mean something different what the roman catholic church teaches then who's correct? Well, you're not your own authority. I didn't say I was if I just read the scriptures And I believe it's the authority and then I judge the church on it.

Is that okay? Is that okay if they say well, no, well then why not because are you saying that the magisterium has the authority? And that's what you're saying.

Is that it because actually that is what? the uh, the catholic church teaches It says this, uh It says let's see, uh, it holds its authorities a matter is exercised in the name of jesus christ Uh the interpretation of the word of god, that's paragraph 85 the catechism of the catholic church the church's Magisterium except exercise of the authority it holds from christ. That's paragraph 88 um I would not believe in the gospel had not the authority of the catholic church already moved me Paragraph 88 that to me is blasphemy. Uh, it's just so stupid I'm, sorry, but I gotta say it like it is Um, I would not believe in the gospel had not the authority of the catholic church already moving. Give me a break The bible says that god grants that we believe lipians 1 29 that belief is in christ. John 6 29 And so that's what the bible says now. I would not believe in the gospel had not the authority of the catholic church already moved me it's just a Cult You know you walk into the the house of the idols the catholic church and you'll see idolatrous idols all over the place their sacred tradition their Magisterium their authority mary joseph the saints all this stuff They bow to and the scriptures are just some place to be a subservient Thing for the authority of the magisterium to tell you what is and is not true And that false whore of the devil the catholic church is leading millions upon millions to hell with its false gospel Any rate so, uh, you can't have Multiple ultimates you can only have one ultimate now ultimately that's god And then on earth What we have is the scripture because jesus was here for 33 years. He sent it into heaven. So what he's left us Us in the prophets and the apostles as the writing of scripture, which is alone said to be inspired The magisterium is not said to be inspired and the uh tradition of the catholic church is not said to be inspired Of course, they'll say well you must listen to tradition and get into those side notes because um that deals with uh Things contextually they take them out of context.

I'm gonna get into all that. So here's the thing is that uh, Uh when the catholic says that they're all three equal that scripture is only profitable for teaching Well, you know, there's a lot of things you could say. Well, okay, so it's profitable for teaching me how wrong your church is, right? You just you know have fun and they're gonna say well, no it it supports the catholic church where show me where in the bible And they're gonna go to matthew 16 18 matthew 16 19. John 20 23 the second tesla is 2 15 You know, they're gonna go to you know, uh varying verses where they're gonna rip things out of context So if they ever do that what you have to do is say well, hold on. Let's do one at a time Let's go look at what it says in the scriptures and to see if what they say it says is what it says And so if you do that, you'll find out that a lot of times What they say doesn't have anything to do With with what they want it to say Because they're loyalists to the catholic church now the word for church In greek is ekklesia ekklesia So idolatry is serving another god, uh, something you call god or lift up less god besides the true living god and uh, so I uh idolatry is church worship now they will say i've had them say this to me matt You're a bibliologist. I said I am which means i've worshiped the bible. That's what they're saying You know say could you please define that for me? You know because I know what they mean.

I just want to see what they're going to say. Oh you worship the bible It says I do I didn't know I do I don't have an altar Like you do of mary. I don't have a statue of the bible like you do of mary. I don't kneel before a statue Of the bible like you do with mary. So how am I? You know A bible a bible a bibliologist.

How does that work? He said you're the one who bows down before the statues You're the one who prays of these things represented by these statues. You're the one who does that I'm, not the one who does that I trust in my lord and so Uh, the catholic church says it has that authority. All right, so here's the thing.

This is simple logic. How many ultimates can you have? What is your ultimate source of truth and what the ultimate means is there's nothing greater than it and nothing equal to it Otherwise, it's not ultimate So this goes back to a concept there is What we call facts A fact is a truth statement or some actuality that we recognize as having existence There's different ways to define fact But for now what we'll call a fact is Something that has existence Can also be known of and things like that and some things fact some facts exist without our knowledge, but nevertheless Nothing that exists no fact that exists exists autonomously This is a simple principle Nothing like that exists autonomously, which means all facts exist in a context of other facts So, uh, I have a glass of water in my right hand. It's a clear glass. You see Oops, I just tapped it.

It's pretty loud And so, uh, tied it with my fingernail. So that's a glass of water Well, that fact has a context is sitting on my desk with me in my office Uh here in idaho, etc. No fact exists independently of other facts at least Uh in our world, okay, we'll get to the issue of god himself another time Because he he is a say he is independent of all things, but nevertheless so Facts that exist exist in a context and they exist in a causal chain of contexts So the fact that my glass is here on my desk right there on my desk. There it is Is because I brought it up here upstairs Well, the reason I brought it upstairs because it was downstairs the reason it was downstairs is because we bought it At a store the reason it's at a store is because it was made at a factory Well, the reason was made at a factory because people were there and the factory was there we can go back and back and back You know, where did what's the ultimate where did it all come from? the causal chain Can only have one ultimate beginning So all facts have their ultimate context in a single beginning It's just that simple All facts have their context in a single beginning an uncaused cause we could get into that About the necessity of uh only two possibilities a personal cause or an impersonal cause And one of them has to be the case of that initiated all events through a single uh beginning and so all of our facts exist as a contextual reflection of the causal chain Of all events that lead back to the initial cause That's what it is So this is what an ultimate is.

I just spent time talking about it. So So when you talk to catholics and eastern orthodox and they put the ultimate as a tripartite arrangement of equal stature of scripture tradition and magisterium Then you can set each one of them against each other and show that they are not Equally ultimate because you can't have equal ultimate things Now as I said before they're going to say no, they are equally ultimate. They're the foundation. Well, no, they're not because That each one is different than the other tradition is not the same thing as scripture.

Yes, it is. It's just not written down And then that's another issue we could talk to about and then magisterium is that tradition? No, it's not a bunch of guys together, you know dressed in big fancy robes with rings and stuff like that who sit In uh, gold laden chairs and make pronouncements because they have the authority of god And stuff like that and I say which one of those is the thing you look to The most do you go to scripture equally with all the rest of them? They're equally ultimate or do you trust what your church says you just cross examine them when you find out what they're saying They don't believe in the ultimate This is why they're illogical and this is why they are idolaters the roman catholics like eastern orthodox because both live in a house of idols comprised of their sacred tradition And the opinions of men that they look to and bow the knee to instead of making those men Those ancient church fathers bow their knee to the scriptures the inspired word of god Instead of looking to god's word.

They look to man's word to interpret god's word And that's their authority And that's why they're lost because they don't believe in the true gospel revealed in scripture Hey, there you go. May the lord bless you by his grace back on here tomorrow. Hope you had a good time We'll talk to you tomorrow. God bless. Bye Another program powered by the truth network. You
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