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January 29, 2020 7:00 am

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January 29, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses a debate he had on Monday dealing with free will.--2- Matt emphasizes the need for monthly support.--3- When we die, what happens---4- Can you explain what you mean when you say you believe in post-trib---5- Can you explain the reference to Psalm 2 used in Hebrews 1-5---6- What is your view on the creation account in Genesis---7- If the fall was ordained by God, how is man still morally culpable---8- Aside from pastor-elder, are there other positions in the church that women cannot hold---9- How exactly do I hear from God-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president found a lot more you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why is Matt slick newbies with my real name. So with five open minded you want to give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 percent right here and let you know that I'm not to be on there tomorrow. I take a day off some bugs and what we do is go up in the hills of Idaho here we go fishing this motor stuff and have some fun and so instead of trying to get back in time for the show, just decided to going is taken off so it will be a record recorded short short of moral and life so I can have fun sometimes, particularly since last night. It was a debate for two hours with the guy does the Bible teach free will and for those of you who saw that watched I would be interested in your comments.

Feel free to come call on him and see what you think. Now it took to our debate. It took an hour literally from the beginning to about the middle of the show with a debate for me to be able to figure out what he meant by free will is a very difficult to think of trying get it going and get the definition going to get him to tell you something in order to do a debate you have to know what your opponent believes and either want to waste time say will you teach this medical know I don't what what do you teach and it wastes time, so I asked for definition before the debate. Several times he would give me these answers and these answers didn't answer the question, and you know it be like you know someone saying what is free-roaming free will means are free. That's me anything you know what you mean by that, and so it took us a while and finally figure out that when he's thinks free will, he means that your independent of God's decrees independent of God's control sovereignty.

We teach us know what free will is and so anyway, I proposed and issuing was called compatible list free will and compatible us free will is the theological position that are freedom free will expend free will is is compatible with the sovereignty of God with his predestination with his work because the Bible says in Ephesians 111 God works all things after the counsel of his will. All things have major decisions. That means your free will choices.

That means everything you do is work after the counsel of God will.

How does that work or at a tough one to answer were not exactly sure but we have some ideas.

Theologians and apologist. Some ways to deal with what I call free will wonder why say, free will is free will is the ability to act in a manner consistent with your nature, and that action is not forced that's a generic term of what I call free will and the reason I do that is because I say free will have to include God because if you don't include God. As with in your definition has to be able to encompass him then you're being humanistic and when I read my opening statement about seven minutes or so with the beginning I ask you brought this up and I said I would hope that my opponents was a great guy is nice guy not knocking but I would hope that he would be able to explain what this is and what free will is and have a definition that includes God.

Otherwise it's humanistic humanism is the idea that we use man as the standard of right and wrong.

Humanism says this is people not God but people for what free will is what morality is, or whatever might be is called humanism and is creeping into the church was creeping at the church because you don't Christians will say will what is that verse mean to you that humanistic philosophy, I think, and what it means to me was it mean to you different to me. Well, that's okay. That's humanism relativistic truth, not on no we don't do it that way. And so just things like that and so you want to be humanistic and I took a while for me to build a get a definition item and then I had extracted that I had to write it down. The say is this what you believe is it will yeah you say that the beginning and so on and compatible us free will. Says that are freedom to be able to choose its uncoerced is that it would be we can freely do it accordingly nature and that those free will choices are consistent with and compatible with the sovereign decrees and to prove it. I went to the work of Christ. I said this because God have free will and said yes. This Jesus is God in flesh have free will.


Does Jesus freak will work with the decrees of God and at that point. Let's just say you could hear the train wreck because I don't think is able to answer the question and I think you reacted in such a way that revealed that this hadn't been something he really thought about and so I think it went well and again for those who saw who heard if you want to call make a comment please feel free if you don't that's okay to.

Also, you know, I know that your people are talking the producer great guy before the show and we got talking about some stuff now, so I have the show on Facebook and Pinterest and on YouTube. In other words, you can watch me sit here. It's like a say in a teasing like always exciting. You can see I'm just a black shirt and a dark chair and I have a big headset thing on and put exciting. You just can't look away and so we were talking that if people want to you and ask questions in the text because you don't feel comfortable coming on on live radio you'll feel comfortable asking questions.

There then you can going to the text you when those venues Pinterest go to Facebook karma Facebook and you can ask questionnaire.

I believe the work to feature how that works but it should show up. I think it does it do I know it does is just I don't know which area to click and make it work, but in right and also in YouTube video goes out in YouTube for example, right now we have 55 people watching national three venues. Right now we've had over thousand before and so dependent how we arrange things and do stuff in the I think some people complain because we would push it out to help African groups like people who require baptism for salvation. He pushed out of the Roman Catholics of the atheist outfit you know you can distribute me not liking it that take that's what it is you know I I'm slick right so that sound like funny want to do. That's how you can check it out on you to do is go to carve Facebook and just wash to show their go to YouTube carve that organ you want to shoulder now, which really interesting as we have no callers when we have five open lines were to give me a call.

Do not become after you can give me a call 877-207-2276 and you can call up as a question on in the topic you want to talk about we talk about cults, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses criticizing the Baha'i time, but world religions, Islam, Roman Catholicism, we can talk about the reparations type of Christian theology Bible verses logic debates, evolution, atheism, all kinds of stuff and I could do this work 40 years. 40.

I cannot believe seriously 40 years and so you know, that sounds like fun and attainment you can do that and again is little you guys know that we stay on the air by your support and I don't push it very often. You know, I just let people know and occasionally unless the kinda guy says, oh, you know, if you don't do this right now and if you want to do it. You get blessed. I don't say that you may donate and not get blessed you may get blessed between you and God. But if you want to support the show and you like what you hear what all you do is go to Carmen org CA RM.RG/donate and all the information you need is right there what we're hoping for is recurring donations and give an example of one of the reasons we need that we have a guy in Africa June day, and he's a cool guy and he's highly educated and what he does as he travels all over Africa getting stuff for karma established teaching ministers and things like that. Well of the Board of Directors. We are all going to have a meeting and talk about funding some of this, we don't have a lot of money to get a pay for radio as well to see how much we can allot for that.

So you see when you donate. We say this person donated five dollars a month we have that for an entire year with the we know that we have so much money and if people are just donating on a regular basis and recurring donations. Then we can see what communion we can say this will be can count on. We can donate as much and commit to it and that's were doing and Emma tell you something I I have seen so many TV shows and radio shows were heard him with the pastors on their if you want to be blessed all you do. So your seed faith and I stand against that. I do not believe that's the case if you want to support your fine when God wants to show to Gauthier Gauthier to something else that's between God and his sovereign decrees what he wants it so I don't worry about it and I'll beg. I just inform we stay on nearby your your support if you want to support us karma board/donate if you don't okay. No big deal that's all right I hope is not in you. I hope is in Jesus and he provides he has waived all right. Having said all of that when I get on the calls.

Let's get to Charles from Raleigh, North Carolina. Look in the show you want on the air you doing Matt I'm doing I'm hanging in there. We got what I got for your birth.

Got it on the Kobe Bryant that okay when we die. That what exactly the Bible they Only say exactly can I put a little damper on it a little good, but what happens is we go be with the Lord we don't. I don't go to a place of judgment, and that would be eternally the level of the judgment. My team later on inside of a later judgment.

Those who do you think will go to the Lord. That's it later. Thank you so much like what I like that God not on the whiteboard with the board coming out of mouth with the lead-in of angels behind that post.

Yes, I think it's either one is that awards that that's right you're correct. When you say post trip here think that the when God return return. They enable people get taken away for that. That's what you're saying yeah that's what I believe because of what Jesus says in Matthew 1330 he says will talk you like the end of the age just designate a set of 40 in your tenure that you have a regular thing on the Internet – digging through direct okay I got. And so what he says is when the tears and the wheat are both sewn he says allow both to grow together until the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers as the Angels first gathered the tears so he specifically says. The first was gathered of the tears. So what I can realize that there ago so I conclude is the first one gathered at the tears. Why do I say that because Jesus says, first gathered the tears that's widely the first was gathered on the tears.

It's not difficult and so there's some stuff that goes along with it and I think it's an interesting discussion to article that we can talk about that hateful break the right leg got his message is called to open my mats like why call 77077 back to the show. Let's get to Nelson from California Nelson welcome you around here, Matt, called him out a question I was reading Hebrews 1 this morning with the brother and I came to first five and verse five quoted what medical footnotes.

There were little link and my phone in the Bible happen to give the reference from second Samuel 714 and also first Chronicles 1713 book 1 and second Samuel verse 14 chapter 7 is that I bettered up as a brother on the path than they believe that is referring to King David.

But from what Scripture what I thought it might seem that holding but Jesus was committing to work right in verse 14) hold when I look my Bible program and he was one size and says you are my son today have begotten you. That's a quote from Psalm two. Yet from the end and the end of that verse and Elvia followed him and he had his son to me will. Here's the thing about prophecy. Now what you'll find is that, for example, I believe Paul wrote Hebrews.

I believe I could be wrong. He quoted second channel 714, I'll be a father to him and will be sent to me and then continues when he commits iniquity the way that implied it can't apply to that date back to that excellent only what me. I doubt I would. The fact that I'm depending on the translation you look at that and I like is that the iniquity that that it were up on him living – we finish okay is important that the center Seneca is okay a concept a lot of times what you'll see is that the Holy Spirit will direct a writer to code a particular set of words out of this not a context and apply them to Christ. It doesn't mean the whole thing applies to him. Psalm 69 is an example and in Psalms 029 there's some things in there that obviously refer to Christ, and yet there's some things that obviously don't. So what we have concluded, the theologians have concluded is that we only know what is prophetic when the Holy Spirit cites those particular issues out of a certain Psalm or certain whatever it will be and then applies it.

That's it. And Jesus himself did this when he commissioned himself anyway. Quoted Isaiah. He didn't quote everything in their even though it is all about him and his reason for that perfect so that's what happens next was going on there. Okay Erica, like clothes run around like you do it to bring that up when it but limiting their venom on you would commit iniquity, equanimity? So I-you accurately thing your point. Yeah oh yeah read Psalm 69. For example, and you will see there some things in there and that that are messianic runners wears a settlement like that. Missing my brother and my friends house I think is Psalm 69 yeah I could be doing is right. I become a straight some for my brothers and alien to my mother's sons will thing about that is that Psalm 69 is referenced in the New Testament, but parts of the Psalm are reference to Christ, but not all. And so that's the thing is that kind of thing is going on the answers correct. I am okay perfect economic question never wanted at couple weeks. 30 you heard of them as the Robert Morris Robert Morris know from you Robert Morris in the church that he pastored a difficult gateway church came true Islam was Morris gateway church.

Okay, I'm looking link okay what I am eating a pretty good there were determined that he was preaching about the spirit of Jezebel and if it is said that an economic will or won't I get that.

He stated that he believed that the spirit of Jezebel was on Jonathan Brenda King David comments think about because I don't know how things like that had to read the context or see the context hold to build a really kind of talk about it is interesting yet they have on staff.

Steve guy named is the apostolic pastor I have never heard that before executive senior pastor anyway to be interesting to see with the say about that and looking for female builders see any that's good.

So anyway, I don't know.

Could Make a comment, because just haven't heard it okay will give up the good work brother got blessed. All right it was Nelson from California. Let's get on the phones with Thomas from Washington state.

They come welcoming on here just greeting some turning point church appear all all recognize the course I do… Thinking of you recently. I get so busy when we listen to something like wasn't able to. I just married is my excuse how you doing and doing well and doing well know I haven't gotten back to you yet either. So don't worry were both guilty and and has not everything. I know because I know it happened and I were talking about the yeah now it's great, great, able to get into the truck that was dependable and everything at oratory provided that's awesome somebody just anonymously donated meeting reminder, because I was think about something you because I was say this because it involves the member we were up in the upper room there, so to speak, talking, and one of the guys the security guys came in and talk about stuff and you recommend a certain something.

Were you there.

I was you tell him his recommendation is what I want to get. I have to get it but I say that's great. I deftly will and and I'm like yeah that's exactly refusing said he was impressive.

He would try that.

Try this is a good guy but hey, I'm ready back up there in the and stuff. I figured you didn't call me back right away after I spoke your church because it took a couple months to clean up the mess. As I was figuring on going and out the dog.

It is not known there and there wasn't a mess to clean up.

People were mentally blessed by your resources downstairs as far as the print officer or Jehovah's Witnesses in Mormonism and in the Colton things like that so it really helps help people great deal.

I like that you need more stuff you just let me know you guys are great loves Québec about anybody I use can't regularly fill your smart business. 111. There's a break will you write back with Thomas from Washington state and is why call 77077. Here is Matt's leg vibrate welcome back Thomas hey Tom, all right, but back.

I have a question, and supremely good. The first one is, what are your views on the Genesis account. As far as literal seven day figurative II have a pretty I think I have included what I think your views are be, but I am wondering why specifically and in what they are, will have no problem with literal 624. I have no problem with them being symbolic to some degree I think is within exegetical possibility in the six-day creation.

The seventh day God rested God's need to rest on the seventh day, and some say with ordinal numbers first second third fourth word llama Hebrew the word for day was ever with ordinal numbers me 24. Will it doesn't because a seven days without end. And so that's why because of that I say well just decide exegetical possibility why it may not be literal. 24. Section 23 hours 56 minutes because the year to do this is 365 days five hours 40 minutes and 46 seconds you don't get the stuff that in the trivia talk very often, but not now right that's my geeky mission statement. So what happens it is that I cannot. If you look at the stuff that's going in there. I think you like for example the sun is traded to look after the plants will happen at work will because the sun is existing beforehand because one way to look at it and tell your story. This is what got me reading the Bible. Again was Genesis 1, the account of light first plants afterwards and then the sun after that it was my first read the Bible and I read that I discarded the Bible because that was not scientifically accurate because I want to be a scientist would be a marine biologist forgiven Christian. And so I know this is can be corrected. I don't truth is, in my young teenage ignorance and then will I read an article by somebody who said what would you see if you are on the earth, watching it evolve and what you would see is light. The sun is there, but because of the nature of the atmospherics diffuse light. You wouldn't see the sun, but after photosynthesis of the plants.

The result is a clear up the atmosphere and you see the sun that's exactly what Genesis said.

And so that got me reading Genesis and believing the Bible just from that's not a very deep and great story but what happened to me so there could be a sense in which that perspective is showing a longer period of time, though I generally don't think so.

And in that order. It does make sense from the human perspective of being under it dots and I went how would anybody know that it shook me up. I started reading the Bible again. But then again, well there could be some symbolism going on in there. I think there is and was called the framework hypothesis. What you could do is take Genesis 1 Day 123 on the left column in Genesis days 456 on the right column and you see the similarities between and light on the first day the creation of the sun on the fourth light and light, and various things waters and land implants and the other is for some people hold was called a framework hypothesis but there's a reason that they're done in the parallel like that with what is reason to be will dedicate to this theological issues so II think there's literalness to that this as well as more than literalness woven into it that makes sense with my answer. Okay, I think so. I think so far the exit article possibility.

You can see, you know you there little seven-day or space because the seventh day itself had no end but ready six days. In the seventh day of God entering his rest so that I would be kind of like an age I've been looking a little bit at car misfires resources you know between micro and macro evolution and things like that and so II was just kind of trying to I think figure out like there is some disagreement on whether or not macro evolution is asset as as we would say it is mainly that the only people who are disagreeing are creationist. From what I've seen another couple scientist you are not you see general holes in it, but I've been looking looking at that. Of late, and how that would fit into the creation account will not terrify something I don't believe there is millions of years old, or even hundreds of thousands of yourself so I met relatively young.

This people know and I lean towards the 24. But I not come with dinette hill, but nevertheless, so those who don't know evolutionary theory teaches generically the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution teaches that genetic information through copying error.

Errors of varying sorts produce new genetic information in the new genetic information that arises is either capped or not kept by on environmental pressures. With respect, predation, or famine or whatever might be and this is how new information is selected for survivability. This is the basic idea of evolution, it doesn't work.

It does not work because one gene is never by itself is always connected to something else for the altar, one partner altering other parts. So for example you I call it might be related to how well your ear right knee bends really weird like that and so macro evolution what it states is that new information is being formed all the time and is a yes or no to that, but that's another topic. Microevolution basically says that it's a reduction that's what body will not know its reduction of the genetic information because if you have, for example, words that are all brown and one every once every hundred births. There's a white one that that is born.

If the environment is brown. The white one stands out and gets eaten with her the snow and all the brown ones will get eaten, but the white ones will survive and so what happens is if all the white one survivor. The brown ones no longer survived than the genetic information that manifested brown birds is wiped out, and that's what's called microevolution so macro is theoretically the increase of genetic information or micro is a reduction in evolutionist dues, else they will. Microevolution proves macro and it doesn't discussions that epigenetic's mother thinks this is a basic rundown for people who want what he say so go ahead with the question okay now know that the deftly answered my question.

The effect on my life and a lot of the people: okay, if you can in the most briefly possible. Explain if everything is passed through the ordaining will of God right like God ordained the end of the mean. If everything does, including the eating of the fruit and fall and and and I kind of understanding of the difference between his will. How is man still held morally culpable. How would you explain it to somebody who from an atheistic route that perspective looking in. How is menthol ultimately culpable whenever God is completely sovereign, has even ordained the things become the path differs and see what we call the ultimate proximate and efficient causes that the ultimate cause of all things is God and that he's the one who generated began.

All events by his nature and essence proximate causes deal with the causes that are related to one another of events efficient causes are the individuals that bring certain things about where God is the ultimate cause of sin is not the efficient cause he's not the cause of you or me being prideful. For example, in the simple way we do that freely.

What happens is we get in these discussions of the nature of free will and is libertarian and compatible us free will and enters degrees within that weed is a different kind of determinism is logical determinism physical determinism theological determinism and then they can mix with a compatible list of free will. Libertarian free will and so the discussions become quite involved in-no lease terms of the concept to be able to wait around in these areas. Now, you did say in the simple version. So here we go. If I were to say to my daughters as an illustration, I want you to clean up your room and they don't. My daughter doesn't do it.

She had disobeyed me I did not force her to disobey. She freely chose to disobey but I'm the one who with my wife's consent brought the children in and God's decree brought the children into existence and gave her when they grew enough gave her the room with those toys with those whatever, by which she could freely make it a choice to be messy and when I say would you please give your room, and she does not, even though I'm the ultimate cause in this analogy sense of her beginning in providing the circumstances. She's the efficient cause, the actual one who's committing the rebellious act and not responsible for that. But I'm responsible for all the things around it and she is the efficient cause what we would say she's the actually generated out of real desire and will not accept. I think you left on Friday photo arrived back at his messages that I call 77077.

Here is Matt's way back to the show's North Carolina. There all right.

I think I'll call it I got a question about it. The all right sick within six what remunerated are no adverse regular hello and we lost hello okay I guess we lost him on hold. Let's get to Trevor Lehto Lewis Trevor. This could over to Doug from Virginia Doug conditionally on the year I met my sweetie got. Yeah okay good women in leadership position.

I know how you feel about elders and pastors. I get all that the other leader position this and that they can sing contents are Skamania first 23 talks about the deacons are to be as was One Life to the patient. Deacons according to Scripture reveals now if they were to define and can a different way you think you probably do that they shouldn't do that, but any other position and anything and everything they can do.

Can a woman get up front and give announcements under the church before the church service. Of course, leading worship, I see no problem with that level of society can't do that again like a mix plant with men and women and single and I wouldn't say with a single not singles issue. I know what you're probably hinting at the headship of her husband issue, but that wouldn't change anything either. So this is a tough one and I'm not sure honestly to do about it now.

Some people say she should never be in a teaching position over any men in the church.

What we find in first Timothy 212 and 13. I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over me would remain silent for Adam was first created and what he is doing is the next chapter. First 2315. He's giving instruction how people to behave in the household of God was talking with the church so woman is not to be in an spiritual teaching authority over men in the church so I would say this, that if there's a church service Bible study that's occurring where a woman is to teach it and mentor to be in an presence and it's representative of the church's official from the church, then that would be out of order.

If the woman want to teach other women. Not a problem. I have known of situations where women will be teaching other women. And when men walk into the room because they get these chairs I don't. Teaching and I don't leave it sinful and all the talk, teach with guys in there, but I just try to show the respect to God and to the reverence of the position of the males authority.

Not that men are better than femaleness S to the positional authority of sin entering through the world by Adam Romans 512, not by Eve. Even though she sin first after the federal headship and responsibility. If a woman therefore can't teach men then can she teach children, male and female. Yes, because the Bible says not teach an authoritative position over men and what you do. However, if a woman is teaching something at her own home and then want to go in will that's even further removed from the church issue and then my whole if it's just teaching what she's teaching how to how to cook a certain mingle is guys are teach us this is awesome one because otherwise, could you teach this course about a job hundred how to run Excel how to do do some of the computer sure it has to do with the teaching authority in the church and it's not for women. And we had and applying that isn't always so easy to do the snickers and gray areas that help okay. Not that greatly.

I know the gray area to get your opinion on that.

Thank you God bless rights listing the phones with Janet from Durham, North Carolina Janet, you are only here Janet. There is a few more seconds. Janet Janet Herring.

Yes, I was just gonna click you off there okay. When I asked you near me in that matter, that's fine yeah thank you I am sorry sir, I lost you there yet. I'm here okay you have a question yet. I'm hearing and go on talking again. Like I like I let them keep frequently the first time I called Dan okay and I haven't a question for you which we can get a sound very elementary night for many many years in my life. But right now I desperately need to hear from the Lord about that were subject to my life and with all the information throughout my life would get away Bible studies and it different situation that people say that you can hear from God and and everything I need to know I need have you to please simplify it for me what what would you do first and I had a whole gamut of open the Bible and let your finger drop in read what they are no go to the subject matter what you're dealing with in life and and then read it and the unit something jumped out to the Holy Spirit you I do believe in that. Right now I really have a lot going on and I would just you know I would appreciate you using your wisdom at this moment to try to give me a little bit of guidance if you don't mark will tell you what I don't know if I have any wisdom on this, but I'll tell you what I think right. I have been in situations where needed an answer. I remember once, for example, that I was sitting in a parking lot praying very fervently for God to provide me an answer. I had a job offer a job offer be the pluses and minuses to both and I could not come to a place of decision and I gave it to God. As I prayed neck prayed night he'd prayed and finally I just decided to make a decision because I got no burning in the bosom so to speak. No one came along at a nowhere, I feel the Lord wants me tell you something was there was nothing I didn't feel anything.

I didn't hear that quiet solid voice. It was nothing and I was like what Lord.

Where are you sometimes the will of God is that we not know the will of God because sometimes what he wants us to do is trust him beyond our ability to understand sometimes what he wants us to to do the best we can with what we have in trust that we can make a right decision and move forward because he doesn't want robots. He wants people to trust him in his sovereignty and his provision through things we often look for that feeling we often look for that experience, but sometimes got to know I don't want you to have want you to have is what you already know that I've already given you and the trust you got so to speak, says to make a decision and I'll work through it.

The course are ultimately got is sovereign over all this swimming decision for this one job I had a piece for about 23 hours and the next day I just another piece about it I decided to go with the other job that actually had less advantages and I committed to that in this non-peace didn't come back. It wasn't a piece but the non-peace didn't come back and I end up staying there. It turned out to be the right decision evenly would think it would.

I member that event every clearly yeah I remember it when I initially where I've had that feeling and something I really felt him tell me something strongly in my heart and I feel like what you're telling me right now is exactly what happened the way they're going to be at, you know I'm not went that you're telling me that right now and I'm in a card that is hard. That's part of the Christian. My wife and I discussing going back and forth different options about moving for different reasons we don't hear a peace from God. I believe what he's doing something to be with you no matter what you do and that's good enough right situation right now where it's ongoing and my adult mental illness only just heartbreaking and not getting better anything wrong. It appeared all the time and died in think donkey keep them strong in I'm grateful for that. But I really, really hot and everyone will say, you know, a lot of times the you know you gave it to guide you get the unit we get God's timing and and got allowed that yes that all true but I've learned 30 years down you can give it to God.

But you have to know you you you have to see someone responsible wants to make the phone call program to take him to the appointment. You can't get nothing and Made New and When You Think It Continue to Pray for God. Gray Keep Me Strong. Yes, I Yes I May Not Edit down Right I Get It Perfect and I'm Tired and Worn out, and Not Much There Is Not Much Emotional Support Really Really Hard When You Have My Sympathy Completely.

Thank Because I Was There I Would Just Sit and Talk to You and with You and Let You Just Talk Is a Psychological Trick but One It's Tough to Get a Doctor Yesterday Jack through It and I Heard Someone Say Something Once. Sometimes You Need to Talk. Until You Know What It Is You Need to Say… Something about People Care and I Know You but My Heart Opens As I Hear Your Struggle and You Remind Me of Various Things from My Life That about Me Here.

Yes, I Understand What You Gotta Do It. Are You Handling It Well. I'm Very Frustrated and You Mean You're a Sinner of Your Love and Loving It Right Loving Mom, I'm Finding It Aggravating Way. Not Meaning Today. I Did Not Respond. I'm Not Responding in the Way You Need and I Can't. I Can't Help That with My Personality and You Need More Than What I Can Get but I Molly Had That Make Them yet on the Unit on the Unconditional Love… And It Card and He Has Family That Loves Them and Cared Here and There by Emailing It Back. But You Know Going through Me Going up Here and There but Me Living in Staying in and Walking the Light and and You Know Me, the Content, and Other Person in My Life That the Content Is a Very Good Start with a Good Heart but There like at That Holly Has Now We Are Not Bad for Him Now. My Life I Write Back

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