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March 24, 2020 1:27 pm

Matt Slick Live

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March 24, 2020 1:27 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What can you tell me about the Jesus Words Only that denies Paul was an postle- Or that Jesus wouldn't appear to anyone after he ascended to heaven---2- Is Revelation 4-1-2 referring to the rapture---3- If God is in control of everything, does that include evil---4- In 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, what does it mean to be the husband of one wife- What about divorce---5- Who was Ballum in Numbers 22---6- Does the verse -give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's- mean we shouldn't preach about politics---7- Does 2 Chronicles 7-13 refer to what is going on with the corona virus- Is that a warning from God- Or is it completely man-made---8- Why does no one preach Leviticus 18-22-

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Mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine. Matt why live to see if Tuesday, March 17, 2020. You want to give me a call. As usual, all you do is dial 87720722762 open lines of the covenant quickly and nasally reminder.

I know that the court of virus thing is going around.

I spoke with a friend of mine today and he's really worried.

There's no need to be worked and don't need to be worried. We should be concerned, which we praying for people who get sick and pray that the Lord, be merciful to us and him, don't panic. Folks don't panic. You do that it causes problem I was saying to my wife. Panicking, will kill you and him on the panic when a situation arises, something has to dump me down quickly to step up really fast on the move and you and I are off other people do that but the thing is if you panic others panic if you panic you can't think straight only to panic just pray and trust God to do to go to. Do we find this want to say that and also we stay on nearby your support if you want. It always this good karma toward the CAR five to $10 a month recurring fully, like that helps us to establish a budget so we go to do stuff like that so that sounds good and will help us out. Please do and if you don't that's okay to deal you are just from what you guys know I was down there all right. When you jump on the phones. Let's get to Steve from Indiana Steve, welcome your on their word. I thought that you and it's a dumb position.

A whole because Jesus only words well of what the Lord said to him is what Jesus said, go for he that calls a chosen instrument of mine to bear my name before the Gentiles the kings of the sons of Israel.

For I will show him how much stuff of my namesake so there you go. Paul is commissioned by Jesus. So you I fire out the word does make sense to say that and him now ask is Peter true because Jesus called the apostles Peter Peter said in second Peter 316. Speaking of Paul the apostle said I know is letter speaking in them of these things in which are some things hard to understand which the untaught and unstable distort as they do the rest of the Scriptures in their own destruction.

So Peter call Paul's writing Scripture that I that I you need to struggle. Jesus commissioned him and the apostles recognized him. So perform miracles and enforcement teams nine. He says am I not an apostle, and I not seen the risen Lord Jesus personally appeared and called. He's an apostle. If you me at how would you find the right venture to then go to acts chapter 9, where he did that summer that I got that I would anyone else that I know what to say that I don't know. I that's okay here's the thing.

Always ask people to verify something with Scripture and then here's just a really important piece of advice after you ask him to show to you in the Scriptures. Read the context afternoon the faith. You know it's good take a little practice to learn how to do all that kind of stuff that's okay. But Paul is definitely a true prophet of God, called by Jesus, Peter and John who worked the disciples of Jesus recognized him and accepted his apostleship so there you go, that you're welcome. Just a list of those wackos all right they are all right meant, all right list in the phones to Carl from Idaho. Carl welcome here. Matt Goldman and mentor we got buddy I will first of all, I agree with you. People needed not panic a lot up.

Panic fire is out there. You know, wasting worse things around and panic and worry and stress and actually increase the cortisol levels are blood which reduces our immune system need to calm down and go about their life.

You know, and fear.

Jesus commands that fear might not worry need to fill out to be okay because Jesus is King and he reigned. So we got there, but all right. So the question I have for you today is been in a debate with the spring. The got pre-tribulation rapture stop crazy people and so Revelation 1 and two was given to me signifying the end I don't see that John felt what you got something for you sure Revelation is some highly symbolic we can understandably degree from there's different ways of approaching its one is understanding that the revolution's chronological one is static that has broken into seven 76. It's seven views of the same thing.

That's one of the views as well.

Here's the thing about Revelation 4, and you can do this because it will be interesting what you can do is when they say that this means that the trumpet that's when the rapture happens you're saying right.

So go to first Thessalonians 416 for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel. The trumpet of God. The dead in Christ will rise first of the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall become mere with that means is that of the Christians.

Those who died in Christ will rise before those were left on the earth and rapture, which happened to the trumpet right in the same right side being your examination of this age. And guess what I want to do at this point I actually go but will we finish this because this is what you do go to Matthew 1330 now so Revelation 4 Africa Thessalonians 413 30 okay so that's the rapture right and then later the wicked are our care of right after seven interrelational so that's correct. The good Matthew 1330 allow both test the wicked and the good to grow together until the harvest the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers first gather up the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them up together with them in foreign and verse 40 course where Jesus says that the tares are gathered and burned with fire social get the end of the age of six. Okay so for ablation before the Bible. In the end of world and the age which is better. Okay verse 40 get this on your own which is age, not world cosmos. Okay so I just stick with the NASB is better off.

Here's the thing I John Calvin you okay that's fine but here's the thing salute when they say that it's preacher rapture. In Revelation 4 necessitates that you say will the dead in Christ, raised and then the Christians are rapture nets rapture right okay and then seven years later.

That's when the wicked are taken care of right right, then why does Jesus say the wicked take care of before the rapture. In Matthew 1330 Revelation 132. I believe it's it looks like it's probably the rapture but see what they're doing is inserting the idea that it must be a trip. Maybe it is but the text doesn't necessitate okay this is the sink must take place after these things after one thing to say but the tribulation will hardly know that seat they read a great deal in the text of what I often do is talk to somebody about something else I can you show me that in the Bible the goodwill verse.

For example, the Sabal Revelation 4122 is pre-tribulation rapture is an example okay so we don't do that, generally, but I would soak in three after these things I looked like things to go look right was talking to the church. Went to see and you know what happens there all the negative. These ideas of phone dispensationalism. It's a lot of things, but any rate you know is is and will hold a door standing open in heaven and the first voice which I heard trumpet set up, speak to me said come up here and I will show you what I must take place medially. I was in the spirit hold almost nothing and have a worse approach ablation rapture and who's the I spoke with John second with Eric Deming after the rapture might I thought a lot of you know after the rapture, but we know that the Bible says the Son of Man will send forth his angels that will gather out of his kingdom all stomach blocks most commit lawlessness, and that's that.

1341 so what it says is that the wicked are taken out of his kingdom, which comes before rapture itself. Matthew 1342, four is just read Matthew 13 I've been having argument will not really gush in with Ryan and I've been kind doesn't kingdom up family went well. His kingdom is not of this world, but he is the king of this world the same time you say not going to put a throne in Jerusalem, and rule. How do you know on condition within Scripture thing I say to every, but another show to be Scripture. I believe were in the kingdom now, and I would hold position you say I was now you are in the millennial kingdom on earth. That's not a car look better to break right now I'm I thought you okay folks, what I just shared God. What if you're like what call if we go over get if you want to call you right back after these messages I 07 thank you very much for listening with also think joining from Gastonia for your support. This was a thank you for that.

The river do that every element of no and go praise God already photographed open lines. If you want to give me a call to do was dialing 772-072-2762 Ashley from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Welcome your on the all all yes logically read as required. If you controlled everything that would include good and bad so therefore the answer logically necessitates yes all I automatically like wow is all I will buy movie shed some light on this. Ephesians 111 says God works all things after the counsel of his will, therefore, everything that occurs in the world. Whether it's good or bad, evil kind occurs after the will of God.

He wills it to occur. However, we have to understand that when we say that theologically we have to understand that there is a kind of a will that God has.

That's different than what we might think. In one sense, what will say is there's a decrease of will of God. He decrees certain things to be directly so you might say something like B light enters like and we have what we call the prescriptive will of God, and God says thou shalt not lie to Lizza prescription right and then at that's the will of God that we behave morally but he wills to allow us to disobey and so people lie switch when it's within his will that people lie, and what that means is it's within his is permissive will to prepare to permit people to lie so he wills to permit them to disobey him. So when we say within his will. When I sing is direct causation. That's not to confusing.

Let's open up the book a little more. As far as causation goes, we have is called the ultimate approximate in the efficient, the ultimate cause is. For example, Dr. B light and he's direct we escape… The deficient cost makes the ultimate cause is that which is the beginning of a process when God brought the universe into existence. He's the ultimate cause of all things coming into existence.

The proximate cause means that it's the thing that is next to a certain event so if someone lies whether certain causes certain conditions that were in place that enabled the person to lie baby situation. Put pressure on him and he lied. This was called efficient because that's the one who actually does the event actually. For example, does the lining. So God is the ultimate cause of all things in that he's the one who brought the universe into existence easily put everything in place but is not efficient because in that he's not the one who made that person because that person directly to lie so we have in theological circles within causation and within the will. We have come about Trinity was looking causation is the ultimate approximate, efficient, and the will decrees of prescriptive and permissive, and not trying to get to Hedy here all that the reason I bring it up is because we thought about these things before and people to think about for centuries and all kind of discussions have.

That's why we have these terms in these issues that help doesn't. There, no one sure, but allow us can stop someone from shooting somebody else for murdering somebody because not always something to Don's sometimes. You know there's something that we don't know that he's prevented we go about our lives and everything's fine. We don't know what God has arranged to prevent something happening to us and yet things do happen to us with within the will of God to permit certain things to happen and so when I stub my toe accent getting out of my are small once about seven years ago I slipped and broke one of my toes so that was within the will of God from all eternity that it happened and so does that mean he was the efficient cause that he's the one who pushed my foot. No, but he's the ultimate cause of the universe exist everything as a result of it in there. But, on the one responsible. And, incidentally, about three years later was in martial arts and I got thrown look at throne of martial arts and my foot got stuck in it on broke my 20 and so many right so it's within the will going to permit certain things and yet he does interact with us in our prayers and everything gets complicated, but there is this is new stuff for a lot of people and may preach actually teach some of these things will teach Bible studies. I introduce this concept on a Bible study I will slow down and talk about the ultimate proximate the efficient cause. But for half-hour submit your boarding in the room gets it and will talk about the will of God and will relate them back and forth because important concepts understand most pastors and teachers don't ever teach this kind of thing very deep and so not complaining a lot better. Nothing like that. But the people just don't well I do that I preached on Sunday. I talked about the nature of truth and how truth can be known and the different theories of what truth is and how you justify your statements and brought the side of the issue of Christ is the way the truth and the life listening, that he is the truth that the final truth is, and we can only know something is true infinite reveals to us the selected trust who he is, etc., etc., so I sometimes I see people's heads jerk a little bit. Their eyes rolled back in her head. I realized too many things. Some brain cells exploded will actually know what I'm thinking about doing it right yet he works all those things for good. And so my wife and I lost a son years ago and God worked it for good. Why all right. God bless Ashley a break later. All right if you call 877207 why 07 Scott from Greensboro, North Carolina Scott, you're on here know I tied it on about qualification and overseer. Why it means on their musical neck us in the Greek laundry music like us to meet a man one woman and it doesn't necessarily mean that you cannot have been married before and have a second wife, or even the third serial serial monogamy biblically say you will him and his wife dies and he remarries is not disqualified from an elder because husband of one wife with it means is he is and have multiple wives. Simultaneously the same time because polygamy was something was practiced there and God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Eve and Betty and Susan and so is one man one woman and that's what this talk will work well here's the thing. Now there are Christians who will say that any man who has been divorced is automatically no matter what the situation disqualified from being an elder. I don't agree with that myself. There can be biblical, divorce, God divorced Israel issued a special rate of divorce I think is Jeremiah 38 pumping… To see if I can remember. Move on. Yes he did write Jeremiah 38 so divorce is not automatically sinful the issue of divorce was in the context with this stuff was written.

People with this divorce their wives nonchalantly a lot of cases sticking it out, responsible, so let's say you have an unbeliever, and he divorces his wife on biblically and is married and then he and she become Christians.

Later becomes a very godly man is he disqualified from being an elder. I don't believe so because I believe that all this is washed away the blood of Christ. What you do that if is a Christian who gets divorced.

Let's say the Christian. However, the man is the one who committed adultery as a Christian and his wife divorced him.

He would be disqualified because that's an initiative of repute on repute and he has disqualified himself, what if it was a man whose wife abandon him for no good reason.

Just one of the other guy whatever and she divorced him and he did everything he could in order to do what was right, biblically I would then say is my opinion that he is not disqualified for big elders was particularly good look at nuances and things like that and so if a man this is married second or third time. Whatever might be for biblical reasons. I don't see that disqualification for eldership there will be Christians will disagree with me and I'll tell you I was a lawyer wasn't… But I know there are a lot a lot of people that don't think I hope it helps all right regardless, all right, let's get the phones with Tom from Raleigh, North Carolina. Tom welcoming on the year that I have a question about failing your hired in the book of numbers 22 and summoned the curse on the Israelites and their Moab and wanted to get help me understand a little bit more about élan. What he an Israelite or again in the know God, Yahweh clearly that Yahweh on him when I'm not people to help you out because I haven't studied it for long time and I want to just kinda con my way through it. What I'd like to do because you asked the question is to study it tonight I'll read through it and click back tomorrow and I must talk about the right of the research on bail. This has come up before, and I'm usually quite busy but it's I've read this before read commentaries on four different views refresh my memory on it and call back tomorrow to talk about on the panel study tonight. Okay, okay, are arriving rather not give a an answer if I don't have an answer.

I will make sure that I get a proper answer to study the word for that, and we have two open lines 877-207-2276 let's talk to Courtney from Ohio. According to I know what they're about, that we should be cocking about government now in our church and that going on with that guy today about you know which candidate would be a more godly and fell one side know we shouldn't be talking about that all is just we should hear churches and everything. Everything in the world is a subject of the word of God. Everything you God is inspired and we are not to say God does not care about governmental systems. We can't do. My shoulders yes… I don't really care to get the glass, I thought that way you know we need to render their theater and got God not let her know I would not reason I talked about the church and I was like I don't really see how that argument I need to. What actually well you said that the no in the context of its trap him and the Pharisees and the Caesar Caesars using submit to the government and and be honorable for God is with a sense of his governmental systems. There is no authority except that which God is set up an article on what the thing is that yes preachers absolutely should be teaching about politics from the pulpit and mentioning candidates by name or clearly not word that you find out about your yes we I would be out using well what did Jesus say you tell that fox was talking about the pilot and the that's in the Luke 1332 and so he he addressed Jesus addressed an article on this should we preach and teach about politics.

We shouldn't be up there that's what we do in the pulpit when it comes up within you do that don't shy away if I had a church again. I was preaching and teaching.

I'd say folks look this is what this candidate's teaching. This is what this can is teaching us once promoting homosexuality and abortion. We can't you can't in good conscious Christian vote for someone like that. I tell you can't if you like.

I'm saying I can legally come back but I could tell you you can't support someone who advocates the killing of the unborn. You can't do that as a good Christian. Now you know socialism and communism. The Bible does not teach communism. It does not teach socialist teachers will either not private property and responsibility and ownership in the we go through that and maybe do some more research on this letter so much as coming up more and more in this we have to face nothing, turn the pulpit into a place of of political commentary is not right out of the pasture, but it is the job the pastor to inform any cannot trust the news media you can write so you know if Bernie Sanders whom I could never vote for or a Biden who I could never, and I can go for trump and I'm not knocking trump. I think a lot of great great deal, but I'm a constitutionalist and I think I just throw my my doubt about that data (my heart break bread with this talk more after the break. Okay and the photo it right back with Courtney from Ohio. Please see Matt's Y07 the show back with Courtney really fast from Ohio okay now where so I know my my opinion on that is not real popular.

People want me to vote for trump.

I Mexican will or won't is just like the Constitution, constitutionalist, Democrat or Republican, so I worked out for mathematically helping you to be careful of what we have from two main candidates one promotes homosexuality and abortion. The other one just promotes abortion the one you're promoting evil so then what so it's is not that easy right and so that's why I hold this is just my opinion. It's not a very popular one that I hold to the Constitution as being an incredibly brilliant document. I believe the government should be the purpose of the government should seek the safety and the welfare of society and the family and has no business to get in and legislate morality other than anyone really except for that which is already promoted in the word of God. It should seek to encourage the continuation of marriage, not the destruction of it over the altering of what it is designed to be by pushing homosexual agendas upon the population so I will I live against because of the government does the Bible talks about varying oppressive governments and yet Joseph ran for example serving the Egyptian government and he did it.

According to the glory of God. He did it with honesty and integrity. We have people in political offices.

They don't have any honesty they have no integrity what so ever for they learn why the sheet they take kickbacks and they say whatever they can say in order to elect their hypocrites to whitewash settlers and we Christian will document everything went when she got her argument why should it be typing about the church thing right that the authority using well will this is one of the verses. Okay. But the Bible says English as extent, do good to people is good to speak from the pulpit about ungodliness and warn people about it. Yes, I know it right. If there are ungodly minutes. Good to speak about their ungodliness to inform people you are likely you are? I think that they were on our side.

Now that you shouldn't talk about the thinking church and they parted what they use their argument with life underwriter versus and say that say in the pulpit. Go go to try this acts 16 and next 20 2X 17 next 2216 Paul is preaching the gospel and they want to kill him and he appeals to the government for his safety ranking and so while preaching. He uses he says he appeals to Caesar while preaching okay so relax 16 X 20 2X 1637 2225 will be good for help. Okay are all right there was Courtney from Ohio. Let's get to Jennifer from Los Angeles. Jennifer, welcome on their either yes I can as I can. Okay is to live in the orange County so unfamiliar now people out my know, I know you want I read an article postulated the idea that the virus there was. There is a medical area medical biomedical research area in that city and they think what happened is the experiment on animals and some people are some reports of people who work there is of destroying the animals by cremation. What are supposed to do. Took some animals and sold them in the market as much money. I think this is how got loose. This is what I read couple of days ago. So is it man-made. Well, maybe it is viruses are have been around and under some beneficial aspects of viruses. Not all are bad, but if men did do this because of race of people. We did this so to speak, generically, will then we can reap the benefits or the consequences of her actions. But God has his way of allowing certain things to come upon the world and when we we asked sinfully vendor consequences and he lets us have those consequences.

So is it man-made.

I don't know is is God using it. All he could certainly use this is Isaiah switches at 5020 human or for evil God meant it for good.

So God is sovereign over this how we react to this as Christians is important to just this morning. Literally I spoke to a friend of mine on the phone who the new believer a lot of growing in the faith to do and he's really worried. I said don't be worried. God's in control and I'm not worried. I'm not so I still go do my shopping is out today to different stores and do my stuff just going about this is normally and the cautious wash my hands extra not been lackadaisical and not saying that we don't have to be seriously conscientious.

I'm advocating wash your hands a lot that I do a lot more noun industries taken seriously, I'm not panicking trusting God. But I'm also being wise. And that's what we do as Christians. So my wife has a compromised health system health issue so I can come back the public. Wash up and then it will work so that you know and and don't touch anything before my door handle to get in that kind of thing you panicking so this with that kind of thing that I will worry.

We should be concerned. As Christians we need to be smart, lackadaisical you wash your hands, limit your travels. You don't need to do anything I to go twice necessarily for things so stuff like that. But don't be fearful and stock up on on a million gallons of water in a thousand rounds of ammo when you don't have a laser thing you know, scanning your front yard for the intruders is ridiculous. There people who have that mentality. I don't need you to go bless all right, let's get to Carolina and he's not there. Let's get to Ronald from Raleigh, North Carolina Ron Locklear on their bless you about your APA and work some more.

Well, if they are afraid to Santa for God's word and they're not being true shepherds of the sheep and the need to speak the truth so that it is 1822. You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female is an abomination I would preach that from the pulpit and I would say that to first Corinthians 619 69 also go to Romans 126 28 and I would talk about this talk about why it's a judgment that connected to the order of God's creation, order, and ultimately to the cross of redemptive work of Christ, and so I would speak on and didn't like.

If you like I have the right to be able to speak the word of God in this country still pass.

You don't want to do because they want to offend anybody not preaching the word of God because the word got the DiPrete that since nobody is not that we need to be offensive. No we preach the word and preach it. In truth, and we cannot as Christians, just rest and do nothing and let the ungodly's because once they're in control. They won't stop what they require of us always got history has led to oppression that will happen again.

This is why we need to be involved in what Christians need to be running for offices is electricity to become lawyers, Christians need to start acting like Christians and not waiting for preacher match or anything like that. This can get us out. We need to push back against evil, and we do with truth, education, prayer, mutual supports God in the world realize it'll be difficult. I know.

Trust is what were obligated to do is look that Christ is thought that Jesus will speak. I wish to that they would speak with more power and not be afraid, but doesn't mean you have to speak on these things all the time. That's not what advocating that you yelling and screaming like they should not shy away from these things should okay thank you all right time, there is the music folks and story: from Alaska call back tomorrow we'll talk about this. The Lord bless you folks his grace back on there tomorrow. I hope you pray. Enjoy your reading and by his grace

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