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September 21, 2022 5:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 21, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses the need for CARM support, particularly for the CARM missionaries.--2- Can you elaborate on Matthew 8-17.--3- What do you think about Seventh-Day Adventism and are they right that we should worship on Saturdays---4- I'm struggling with how all my work for the Lord feels futile. What should-can I do---5- How can you reconcile predestination and free will---6- Do you think spiritual warfare is real---7- Are soul and spirit the same thing-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is the founder and president of apologetics.

Research was found alive born you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches are called responding to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick welcome live if you want to give me a call as usual longer to do was dial 877-207-2276 nobody waiting right now I want to hear from you by the way, I'll be teaching my Bible studies I'm going through tonight going through Romans. We started last week, try new video Outlook tonight new SyQuest practice for an hour on it today.

We'll see how that works little bit better and that's it.

So there you go, shall be teaching two legs at enrollment. We went through think the first three or four verses of the book opens last week and tonight will probably go for another three or four verses are so many things in the book of Romans that a lot of people miss and don't understand the depth of that word. That is, there are so many good concepts and going through and see how we did it one Romans 123 and today today will be going. I think four through seven.

I think it is for through 5 o'clock concept to train our all right will you go hey I want you to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 and I don't do this very often, but I do need to start doing this more often. And that is just to let you know that we stay on the air by your support if you like what you hear if you want this ministry to stay on the air. Please consider supporting us. It's easy to do.

All you have to do is go to just excuse me just go/donate and writer to do and if you want to do what we ask for is five dollars a month with a five dollars month is pretty good so that's okay with you guys. Five dollars a month and we we hope to be able to continue to support the missionaries and little bit of the of the load out how I were doing were supporting a guy in Turkey and he is going to seminary. He will be here in United States for a year or two finishing up his degree another year. I think it is we were supporting now for couple of years, and he speaks Turkish and English very well and he speaks Russian and so when he's done what we hope is that he'll be able to work with us full-time to to put more websites up in different languages so that we can reach out even more across the world. We have Carmen is in Portuguese and we have David Brito and he's a great guy. He's down in Brazil now for Carlos attribute us and he's in Bogotá Columbia and he runs the Spanish version we have the Spanish version the Portuguese version of the websites and they have been working with us for years we support them. We have the link Wayne and he's a great guy. He filled in for me on Monday he's out there in the Salt Lake City area.

He is a general blessing and all herpes listening or not. But even if he is so say this because he is a blessing and he's a godly man would tell you something, I will take what it was exactly what we hired him because lease for me. Half of it was qualifications.

He was qualified and things are more degrees than I do and he was very qualified and that was 50% of it but the other 50% was character, and he displayed some really magnificent character in the interview process and giggle details but it was quite evident you don't discuss great we can trust and so there you go. My wife works with us to. She does a lot of hate doing. I know how to help people do this but they can sit there and do data entry and go into forms that donations from book sales and she puts it into another program for old the banking we have to do and she said she enjoys it at me five minutes of that and not just about the second story window so hey we have are gifting's mine apparently is being obnoxious and irritating and being able to communicate last night. Speaking of which, we had regular Wednesday nights is teach on clubhouse and clubhouse is something on the phone and it's also club deck equivalent on the desktop and so what I do is go in there and Wednesdays and teach and enter questions it for 3 1/2 hours last night. I thought I was doing was just answering questions from people and we had some good discussions for the most part is pretty good. We got atheists like to come in. Ask questions and then with a do we know this is so they take excerpts and then try make me look bad in Christian pretty evil people.

But then they feign politeness and stuff like this. To do this got so we have that we have thought some atheists are in our nice we have Mormons you talk to Hardy Mormons all ever and see we have a lot of Muslims who will talk and I show them how the Quran is faulty and they they say things like, you stupid man, you know nothing and know that we have these discussions. What else we talked with Lisa Orthodox. A lot of easterly docs people are there and are trying very hard to to convert people to the true church is what gets me is not to Jesus, it's to the true church and that's always a sign of that group that religion the true church. Our church is the true church and and salvation is found in our church, not in Jesus. But in our church is less a problem. We also encounter Roman Catholics and a lot of Hebrew Israelite individuals. So there you go. Discussions and I talk a great deal with varying people on different topics of all kinds of things are going to make all we have nobody waiting all you do is dial 877-207-2276 and you know what it what he calls which sometimes happens Thursday and Fridays. I may just jump in liberty hate mail because I enjoy signal so much and it's a lot of fun for me.

We do not Fridays normally. But every now and then I feel a little bit rambunctious and I'll do it another day. But we do have calls coming in so that's good. So if you do want to call it forth in lines 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you so give me a call and remember to night Bible study at 7 PM my time which is 9 PM after 730 week people's get her seven we started 730 Cisco and how it evolved 439 30 Eastern time.

I know it's likely go for an hour and going through Romans and put the notes up online so you can tune in. Listen to me, teach, and follow the notes exactly as I do because I follow the same note on the web and I actually put them up on Mike computer screen from the web and good health so you're saying the very same things and teach you to teach all right when we just get on the air only get to Mark from Connecticut's Mark welcome on the air you I'm busy that's how I am.

So we got better not elaborate on government so it was to fulfill his focus was of the property himself took our infirmities and enter diseases. More so the context is so when it came to Peter's home. He saw the mother's mother-in-law lying sick in bed with fever, he touched her hand and a fever left church got up and waited on leave thinking they brought too many who were demon possessed a Spiritual Word and Healed All Who Were Ill, and This Was to Fulfill the Prophecy Himself Took Our Infirmities and Carried Aware Diseases. So It Is Talking about.

There Is He's Healing People.

This Is a Significant Verse Because of Positive Confession Nests Will Use This Verse and Others Out Of Context When They Say, for Example, the Jesus Bore Our Sins in His Body That Were Not to Be Sick or a Poor and They They Don't Understand That He Fulfilled All This Back in Matthew 817, before the Atoning Sacrifice, and so the Point Is That If They Are Going to Say That the Atonement of Christ Is What Brings Us Health and Wealth and They Say He Took Our Infirmities. He Did This Because That's What Was Happening There Discarding Isaiah 53 in This AC so the Atonement Were Supposed to Be Healed, but in Matthew 817 Is Fulfilled before the Atonement. So How Is It Then That the Atonement Buys Us Health and Wealth. And That's the Question That's a Problem for Them so Familiar with This Verse, but US Is Going on His Healed Them in and Was Pointed out Okay. All Right. Thank You Very Much. Have a Good Day You Too. If You Have a Good Day to All Right so Hey Folks, We Have for the Lines You Want to Give Me a Call. All You Have To Do Is Dial 877-207-2276 for the Monthly McCall Is Good to Francis from North Carolina Rents Is Welcome.

What I Wanted to Add about the Conflict That They and I Will Know What You Think about the and If You Think We Should Be Serving on Sunday. Saturday the Seventh Day Adventist's Depending on the Subdivision Is Either Occult or Not Occult.

I Would Never Recommend Anybody Go to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church a Fit If You Believe Official STA Theology. I Can Call You a Christian. The Reason Is Is Because They Teach Something Called the Investigative Judgment Which Is a Bit of Phone Eschatological Stop That Noise. There Been A Lot Of Noise When You Got Going on Okay I'm Sorry Out-Of-Court Water Bottle Okay Yeah It Really Picks up on the Microphone Just so You Know so the Investigate of Judgment Is What Determines Your Salvation. God Investigates What You've Done What You Haven't Done in Relation to to Him Etc. Etc. and That's Called Theology. A Lot Of STA Don't Affirm That and so That the Swipe Takes Some Groups Know Some Groups Yes There but Had a Good but Official STA Theology Is Bad and You Can't Trust the Trust Right Okay I Had Winter Other Question Everywhere Was the Saturday at Oh Yeah It Is a Matter What Daily Worship on Your Free to Worship on Saturday or Sunday What They Mistakingly Do Is They They Trust Ellen G. White, Who Has Ceased. She's the One Who Founded the STA Group She's Been Proven to Have Been a Plagiarist Which Means That She Stole Other People's Writings Clean Referral. This Is Theft. She's Done That She's Made False Prophecies Another, and so and so Saturday or Sunday so the 10 Commandments Annexes 21 to 17. There Are All All of Them except for One Is Reiterated in the New Testament and the One That's Not Right Right Is Been Necessary Is the Sabbath, in Particular When You Go to Romans 14 This Is What Negates This Whole Idea of You Have To Worship on Saturday Because It Says except What Is Weak in Faith but Not for the Purpose of Passing Judgment on His Opinions and He Was on. He Says One Person Regards One Day above Another, Another Regards, Every Day Alike. Each Person Must Be Convinced of His Own Mind That Romans 14 Five If Were Supposed to Worship on Saturday. Why Does Paul Say Be Convincing Your Own Mind If Saturday Was a Bloated, Sorry He Wouldn't Say That. All Right, All Right, God Allows You Welcome Hey Folks, Five of the Lines.

Why Don't I Want You to Call 877-207-2276 Max Y Call 770776 Charismatic Slave from North Carolina. Ryan Welcome on Their All Right Hanging in There We Go, but All That and I Am Going There Well.

Even in My Life Right Now. I've Been Studying of a Brain Out Of Writing about Haven't Really Got Aware, That Is Great but I Got the Only Life over the Last Year. Everywhere I Look like Everything Slightly Completely Falling so Far from What God Said We Need It.

What What You Designed It like for That Is Allstate Pointless.

I Know There Is Any Anything in the Bible It Talks about How to Get That Done at Our Document Going Well. I'm Glad You Gone through It and the Reason Is Is Because in My Opinion It Is a Pruning Process for You Personally. The Anointing Is That God Gives People Doesn't Go Away. Romans 129 Talks about This. The Gifts and the Calling of God Are Revocable, and What He'd Often Does Is He Allows People He's Using Her Writing, Researching, Evangelizing, Do All the Stuff They See the Futility of What's Going on and They Get Discouraged Just like Jeremiah. He Was Discouraged but with Realize That God in Control Now about You Personally so Having Been There Done This, We Moved We Live by Faith. Habakkuk 24 the Just Shall Live by Faith. So Our Job.

Your Job Is to the Pruning Process Is to Look to Christ and Not to the Circumstances. If You Look to the Circumstances That Your Problem That Would Brings Discouragement, and Trust Me I Understand That Temptation All Right, but I Get That out There on That Is Saying Hey You Know, Pointing Finger, I'm Fine and I Get but the Thing Is, What Is Your Faith in Is It in the Results, or Is It in the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ.

He's the One Who Open on Economically Rare Christ Absolutely I'm Running on Issuer. I Don't Not Losing Faith in Christ. I'm Just I'm Tired of the World You Will Have Ready to Go Home Okay so Let Me Ask You How Much Does Your Crossway That You Can Carry Get a Little Heavier Yeah Mary, Mary, Ears Open on the Radio News Story I Read the Grocery Store and Interested Completely and Totally Depressing and Heartbreaking. Everything Is Running. If You Want to Really Get Depressed Just Follow Me on the Internet and Listen to Me Talk to People Who Were Lost Who Hate God Who Desire Allies Who so I Got Smacked What You Do Is This Just Gonna Trust God and Don't Let Your Circumstances and Say God I'm Tired the Cross Is Heavy.

Please Use Me Anyway through My Discouragement. I Am an Instrument in Your Hands. Speak to Me, and during This Time Prudently Shape Me and Change Me to How You Enjoy It Day. I Don't Worry about Enjoyment When You Wake up When You Wake up in the Morning You Look at Everything Ago. Okay down to Go to Work, Outdated Building Realized and Always Know That All That Gonna Go Away Anyway. What You Pay Your Bills. The Point Is You Guys Were Getting Frank Point Is You Do with God Ordained for You to Wear Your Red As Paul Said Have Learned to Be Content in Plenty and in One in the Scope of Our Lives. When You Get up and Everything the Same. It's Mundane and Is Almost Completely Pointless to Continue. That's When You Moved by Faith and You Say Lord I Trust You beyond My Ability to Understand and so I Will Serve You, Even When I Think Is Pointless or I Feel It Is and Let Your Word Go Forth Truth and Just Use Me in a New Drudge for into the Storm for You.

Do I Appreciate It.

It's What It Is Is What It Is a That One of the Note about a Year Now. Just like I We See in All Seriousness, I'm Actually Encouraged to Hear You Say That I Don't We Talk before It A Lot.

I Know Several Ryan Split What You're Going through to Him. In My Opinion Is a Wonderful Thing and That Potentially This and That God Is Allowing You to Be Stripped Because It's an Initial Purification and Dedication to Him so That You Will Use for Greater Things Later and I think I messed that up… I prayed a prayer as a lawyer. Let me see what you see on it what it is you're going through helmet and try to think something I asked for an object like this is horrible and what is God do anyway. He continues to love us even well yet we hang so that your job is to continue to love God and your neighbor and that's it. You do what you gonna do when you feel like it so that his need a break. You know, this is too much. You take a vacation.

I get it. And that's fine, but keep your eyes on him. I've been through this man I'm 65 and apologetics for 42 years no five-year desert time I had and there's times when what is going on, what's the point and I just by Faith continue because that's the point is not me is the power God's word in the person of Christ and you just never know. So will not hear to be encouraged, so to speak, know God does where to serve him and sometimes he calls people to serve this difficult and accessibility are being stripped terrifying molding changed my neck.

It may not matter a result attract our ministry as old only up to the Lord Jesus Christ because were serving him flat out operation is what it is okay and that is kind know that five red efforts showed up in a realistic any red heifers that live met average were shifted yet. They showed up in Israel's afternoon really yes or while like July the hair, red efforts, without blemish, my goodness, that's I also know that I have the ashes of the red heifer from ancient time, the continuation of really sacrifice I that continuation of the sacrifice is is there the temple which can be built where I argue how archaeologically can be built because the dome of the rock is in the court of the Gentiles archaeologically. You no doubt remain there. There why there's no way that direction or old threshing floor of the unanswered. Beware the doll in Iraq was no way yeah that's now thought I might be something like if this is common. You keep your eyes on Jesus.

I vote we have for the lines you may call 87727 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave, welcome-hello yes you're on the high Raleigh. I it reminded me of the Little Rock Little Rock flat God get me and cried a little during even going to numerical brand by night and clear it be all and I'm also 65 I was out there for 50 years without going into much detail, have friendly but I was glad, and God rescued me literally.

And I've never felt how though Mike never felt even bellum: 91 yelling helmet. The goodness of the Lord that he and given me the story that I've been trying encouraging others with my mind but I can't help it strong.

All of you out there they found the right that we well ran Christ did not drink it will Natalie like they were never for think I know why the creator of the Sandoval bar for the day. Thank God I couldn't get back to you and what's wrong. I can get there from here I can get there from here with my life. Give a question or anything you want to comment now. I just wanted something in IQ on encouraging building lot yeah and it HR you will gave you he will give you peace and strength and hope for is thank you, thank you for what accomplices to think on you like all right hey we have four lines if want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Oscar to Joe from North Carolina.

Joe welcome to do all right. Hang in there. I got say that I call her to bed earlier on the very good company with Solomon in Ecclesiastes or do a lot of the same thing that the dichotomy between the spirit and the flesh that the never ending battle hard to live it out but the way it is here. You know were not home.

As they say bye-bye to the question is what I want to find out what your take on the reformed theology and greed of initiative and how you reconcile it in the longer live in are you reconcile the aspect of free will. I can hang up… Or if you want to know. I am firmly back in the sand theology defending it roughly since 1991, and I know a great deal about it and have been defending it for a long time.

Predestination is absolutely biblical.

It's taught in Scripture. People will often deny it, but to my surprise, I want you to nitrites in Scripture.

God works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111 were predestined. Ephesians 145.

The what it says beginners are versus if so, logically area direct effective statement, but God knows everything on them and carried out present. Create future then faded. He doesn't know what that rather than that he has something to do it so I just I even and my daughter. We were dog walkers. I like son Christian is not always as mom we have the background as her some noise and drive my truck and I'm you know I have the radio, thoroughly drive around a lot and I miss how he's going to know that you thought a lot a lot and I look to their MacArthur and a few others on.

I agree with reformed theology and knowledge. I figure John Calvin another basically, the government got better

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