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September 5, 2022 6:47 pm

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September 5, 2022 6:47 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What's your advice for dealing with people who have spiritual pride---2- Do you know anything about the Church of God, a split off of Seventh-Day Adventism---3- What do you think about the Mandela Effect---4- Is the word -believe- in John 11-42 the same as believing in Christ for salvation- If those Jews had believed in the miracle of raising Lazarus, would that belief in that miracle have saved them---5- When the woman who was bleeding touched Jesus, how did he know that power had gone from him- What did he feel---6- What's the difference between partial and full preterism---7- Does the phrase -Son of Man- always mean Christ---8- Matt reads hate mail.

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Why is it apologetic to research what is thought alive on the more you why Grimes is called responding to your questions and show you have a good time listening to my Friday and wow it is the second of your in Idaho waiting for the weather to change. It will be in about four weeks is ruling interesting thing that happens here were I'm out for about two weeks. It kinda gets a little overcast and then it changes from like summer to winter and it's kind of interesting.

This will speed your hips fall but is really kind of a dramatic trait.

I like it started California and you know you had with drunk Tuesday you were done, you know it was illegal to get below 65° like I think so. I'm looking forward to the change of weather and us know that when it comes to all of that kind of stuff I will.

Enjoy the weather. Where ever you are.

I wish it didn't rain a lot more here though.

I love rain. I do think it's awesome I'm dreaming. All right, hey, look at what you give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 and we can talk all you do is give me a call sometime in front is a do hate milk. That's a ready and we have callers coming in as well so I'm just up on the caller's first let's get to Alex, Melinda, Alex, welcome your on your my vitamin drinker. I tried calling you do is take some when you do that you take a seat and then you just ingest up about 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and then use them in your head and it's always interesting little boy… Yeah I got leave the bleach out but maybe the hot sauce Mike good it all.

So I was better than justice and carbonation and then just jump objects be interested, but care on you though. But He put a camera on starting a birthmark about more urgent withdrawal that I now write your article on I. Now that's why the mere laugh but go ahead all really quick though you meant, I emailed your info… I the lady who is going through the Muslim ministry outreach Southern California okay so I emailed you a video of her she's going to go to speakers corner and preach it and she got Actually earlier in the year surprised, and I've been invited speakers: I want to go, which is never getting over there money in housing and health you can afford to.

Yeah. So George and I we talk and we know that he was telling us most often it's the people who don't know speakers corner is not in England it's a citizen.

Thanks London and it's a place where a lot of you use your supposed Bill to say anything, basically anything, it's just it's understood.

You can say whatever you want and people can disagree but you say whatever you want to take turns getting up there and course Muslims built in Nevada, the fair lot of them talked yeah so before I get my question.

I don't think the prayer team at Carmax got back I believe all ministry correctly were able to and a lot of track open-air preaching. I really appreciate them. Praying for us while you're down there. Yeah, yeah, my question is that I've been encountering some people who are spiritually proud lately and you know I believe their brothers in the Lord and I believe I should call them to repentance and rebuke them, but I wanted to do it in a gentle and a loving way. So I was. What's your best advice on handling people that have spiritual pride faces and see what happens. I'm not doing that.

This is, it's a direct approach and then you see get angry. You see your frightful so now that that works but get a safe 10 feet away know seriously if someone spiritually prideful. You have to question them, and what I mean is, ask them questions. I thought I do and if they when I encounter people who are spiritually pride like the type like the guy did last week with that the debate I had as much arrogant, spiritually prideful guys I've ever encountered. Seriously them a joke so you know with him.

I just called out on and said look so arrogant and you don't go stinky when you know it just better.

I keep thinking of him when he said to me that communities explain his position, which none of them nobody understood when I reviewed it. Later gaps at our know what he said you you are a great youth youth even a five-year-old could understand it while I love that. So anyway, when people are spiritually prideful, they can't see it themselves and say to be careful and to pray about it was on how to address it. Some people are open to being correct and some are not open to being corrected. You can be spiritually prideful and also be humble and that they may subject quite a contrast. But people could not know that they have spiritual pride and yet be willing to change it if it pointed out. And so you have variations of that. So you just talk to them and see if they listen and stuff like that and try yeah I know I appreciate that counsel, you will about how to handle it but follow question though if they're very combative and you know it's going nowhere. Your questioning them just getting to a point where you don't want to really talk to them anymore when, when, in fact, when you cross that line when you when you say that a not really worth my time and it's actually damaging me spiritually and out went where that line where you think the chapter 656 seconds that in Scripture. Well you see is a book of second Chronicles except my familiar with but get the thing is, where's the line you know the line is vague. It's the it's the penumbra between continuing and discontinuing up numbers that raise shady area between you and a shadow of the on the ground between light and dark audible don't know. So in that number like that work. It's great. Yeah let's get obsessed with the Dillion and so that's why a lot of strippers right now you are so you are gone will all but of course yeah that's condescending to bet it's hard to be condescending in tone and convince people that if you can't that's good talent to so my wife says except she rubbed her for headlock when she says things like, so the guy don't know where that that line is it subjective for different people because the Holy Spirit to be working in a personal level. You don't know and so I just say go until you just think it was my time and that could be different times and you could just conclude.

Afterwards he I spent way too long on the person, but you don't know so you know, just to just what you can. That's all I appreciate your card with one or more interested.

Okay I: so Church of God. I remember you mentioning then and I encounter someone in Belize that was connected to Church of God what you know about Church of God seventh day or Church of God. They were Church of God split off from the seventh day there. Part of the seventh day and in the okay from what I remember and I don't have to much the grapes remembrance on them what their best to say they want to worship on Saturday and the singing and be careful of is that the true day of worship Saturday meant nothing to Bissett Saturday and is at the true day of worship that a true Christian work worshiped on otherwise are not saved you Hassan and you also have begun looking at the Church of God, a website now if the Church of God that there's all kind of Church of God Savoy program really great. Really great Matt and update the Church of God there found out it like you I was with the Geico that's that could not be that could be a warning sign at the Azusa revival is has produced some real wackos mean that there automatically bad but you know that Azusa is heavily charismatic nepotism by immersion, speaking in tongues be healed very exuberant and are generally pre-millennial amperage of rapture. Generally speaking so well, but from what I understand there was an orthodoxy. Ask if I have inside impairment of Messenger vendors are going to said different groups called Church of God God something.

This is something that so where yeah I don't know what is mentioned there… I finally called in one letter daughter within the Church of God and called, but I can't really remember.

I like you said that sounds like there's multiple churches that call about Church of God. That's when I say what website is it know what it is that it go in literally one talking a little for two things quickly within pastors and elders, understaffed things like that in a doctrinal statement of the two things of luck in due and young talking on the radio and uncle Chuck Tom yeah yeah I'm sorry to keep your time, but one really quick. I want to bow down and believe there were 32 or three people I know that the missionary outlet work on their that got swayed by the charismatic got supposedly healed and ended up stopped taking her medicine and died. You want to know that with all the research done it yet kind of closer to home. It was agreed that you you know so just flashed in my mind as you said, that's it just occurred to me about this and I've never thought of it this way, go show there is a place where Jesus heals somebody this is go to the priest and Sholom and so it's for verification and so I would say that if someone says or healed, then go medically be verified. There's nothing wrong with that. So you go show yourself to the priest at C50 you know I don't know one. The one person I know that there healed.

They stopped taking American. They went to the doctor and the doctor said no. Keep taking your medicine actually one of the story they behind me me me back. Don't don't keep taking it or don't taking, which is no dog. Now don't keep taking it like don't do what you're doing. Taking the matter continued yeah yeah yeah but actually tried it know their finally ignored the doctors invite okay will check this out this is Luke 1711 through let's see when a sale when he was on his way to Jerusalem is passing between Samaria and Galilee entered a village and leprous man who stood at a distance met him a raise her voice is the same Jesus master, have mercy on us, and he said to them, go and show yourselves to the priests that they were going.

They were cleansed okay and so on some to find the one word they were cleansed and then they pick their instructors in the Old Testament to their instructed verification of the healing that is going on just the right river of life, what you think about is all right a few open lines 87720776 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave brother? Or are you now Mandela stumbled across something last night in regard to Scripture. I want to add you what you remember that day, or you look them up. Though from your memory. What will lie down with the lamb look it up in Isaiah 11 okay what the wolf right right. I well understand that everybody I've at the bar. Remember that being the lion interesting. So what's up with that which is like don't know well yes up on quality of the area. What you might have ever looked into that. Ever I heard about the Mandela back or being born again you know after that I didn't really think much of it will let's realize is 11 six wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the young goat and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together and little boy will lead them. So maybe there's a singer altogether sure So yeah you brought it up. So what is a question about her one I wanted the I get you what you remembered all though if I could do that you about one other path that I got fell out today what somebody else that might be possible going on but other path. It was the parable of the 10 minus in Luke. I remember that and number you remember with the talent and Matthew. I can tell you okay okay well if you look up Luke 1927. I never I never remember reading it birth ever though it sleep there with Tracy hi yeah I just yeah so I took it with. Frankly, when I that not remembering it in that way at all, though you read the Old Testament and Michael let her know that was there. I do know that name was there studying for 40 years there's been a leader for a kid is never everything you know you just can't. So what's the issue or what's the reason I bring this up well thought that will guide workday and that it could be possible that God would be allowing the thing to be changed in history as part of the great deception that come so somebody I know somebody's saying that God could be allowing what people do not have perfect memories. No no no, they an actual natural changing of Though, wait, wait, wait, wait, that we biblically quickly burn hold on a supernatural changing of the passage so that the words God is changing his own word. While I'm not saying that God is doing at buddy could be allowing baby mnemonic supernatural occurrence with sick fantasy thing so educated not being clear or precise. So you are you telling me then that like Luke 1927 slave them. My presence like for example that verse that all of the thousands of copies will be altered yet sinners yeah well so then that would mean then that you couldn't trust God's word that sounds like Satan talking it up II realize that I'm just saying that so I'm not sharing that with that. So then people are saying ridding.

The idea around that God will allow his own words represent his character to be altered in order for people to be deceived, which is exactly what Satan would want. So I think there's a bit of inconsistency that someone needs to let them solidify the head a little bit want to do something. Okay, not that out of their heads as it does its nonsensical doesn't make any historical sense either. The deception is something different than altering God's word is that it's how people will see what they look at in the world as being true or not going to trust in God's word to going to trust in their own unitrust what God says are your own and their own is to be either believing a political party, believing in a religious something other than God, because it's all to be on their own subjective experience and desires with a thing to be right unitrust God ultimately trusting yourself and people who trust themselves will put their at that trust in the political party in evolutionary theory in whatever it is you I okay right okay well I prepared about, all right, let's move along to Dave from Greensboro London able community or is not here. I gave you there day. Good little muffled but the two. How goes. So what's up yeah John chapter 1142 1142 so I knew that you always hear me, but because of the people standing around. I said it so that they believe you sent me. Okay I that were in the late word that we would say as to be born again or to be birthed into the kingdom of God about what they saw and heard the question using the word believe yeah that that they may believe that you sent me is that word the lake when he used that word. Believe what is that anything more than that. They may believe by watching this miracle of right writing lateral from the dead is is that was not bringing salvation to the saving there so believe in what sites you would believe it breaks hold on through lines 5 to 7, 720776 mass Y call 770776. Back on the phones with maybe not clearly but I'm looking word when he said that they may believe that you sent me when that is talking to those Jews that were with Mary, there at the breaking of lateral miracle so my question would be this, that they may believe if they did believe, with his salvation. For them there so really can't tell you can tell because different levels of the lease in different objects, but generally the idea we can make the case for believing that Jesus is sent from God the father would tended to be supportive of the idea of being saved generation tend to I wouldn't put my wood dinette held but it wouldst tend to imply that certainly yeah I was wondering because I don't believe it is that's called essential. There's a kind of faith essential and the do shop essential is mental assent. Satan does fiduciary is a trust in a heartfelt trust in.

That's what we do as Christians. Okay yeah okay all right when Courtney been dead four days. Would you say unit has not been crucified yet, but during that four days were wildlife with the inhabitant believes is in the holding place because some Jews had not yet been crucified, died to sin offering it not occurred. Those who died before the crucifixion. I I am firm went to Abraham's bosom and then head of Ephesians chapter 489-1011 12 we get that prickly talks about Jesus having led captive a host of captives and done, I lean towards the idea is that he went to paradise during the time between his death and resurrection informed the people who died in faith who he was, what would happen, and it led them up into heaven, so since Jesus had not yet been crucified. I don't believe that Alexis was in heaven but in paradise in the waiting place okay when he was in paradise what the active would be able to communicate address or to do anything guide absolutely denies lovely castle sleep is I believe the false teaching and conscious partner body something like that is, the Bible does teach. So yeah, I believe he was certainly capable and where well. He raised him up from the dead than do you think that had memory of where he was at adventure last four days. Sure, I would say so we had called Yep. Quinn testimony you.

That's what I will ask you about okay, ask about what the testimony or what he would've included not only being there but telling these people were. I have certainly that would follow the person. Maybe you believe is much more, but people try to kill Lazarus itself. That's ghost afterwards but yeah I know here's a question. What if this is all true then why didn't record with his experience was in battle with the tremendous to to have that record and I was wondering about that.

Well, here's then I thought about it all the books in the world couldn't get time to think, Christ, and that this is probably what I'll know it could the writer John can just put a quick mention in there when he said he saw, but I think he didn't say the Holy Spirit wants that because it wanted put theirs or something to be hidden enters. I don't want to have us look to individuals other than Christ in a redemptive sense because he could easily make an idol out of Lazarus if he said I saw this does this and that doctrines could be developed out of what he said and could be problematic. So I think the system like that's what that this mechanism yeah okay okay well great.

I appreciate you lately. Somebody does.

I like it when that happens is to people. I think this year a pretty good and get better than last year. You all you are getting back about.

Okay Leslie, all right God bless you. Okay. All right for open lines 877-207-2276 is talk to Martin from Virginia Martin welcome running air. I met a guy. But, when you think I yet yet previous caller all commented on the Mandela and not I have looked at for several years and pretty much all of that is all that is what human nature type thing were you how we are that you like contradictory things on our mind on our site you yes to me about Smokey Jerry Smokey the bear.

Most people say it Smokey the bear not there anything without Mandela back with that Quinn thought. I love it and I and I know you have with them for blocking most of the world and to ask what are the last three words that all think it through anything they of the world, but not not been words that end up. I think we are not a fan which develop habits and things and and there's lots of stuff like that out there. You this trip. So yes, Winfield has been sent you. Lazarus did had to die twice just been filled in the chat rooms ask so we got but would so what you question.

I don't recall back in gospel there was a woman who is this person with the crowded lot or around them and she touched and she was stopping quite awake I don't know the words that like to get your take on something that I had felt my power. I know what that currently what what did he feel it was a going out of memory that someone with we don't know because he just said he felt power going out some of you can say as he felt, going that's it wasn't like I don't know, but he knew and see. So it's in Mark Mark nine and Matthew nine and also in Luke eight she can touch a friend them easily or haven't stopped who touched me said some talking.

I was aware that power had gone out of me.

That's Luke 846 so there are no always has his power going out of them. That was it so we can say in the word is do not. So we got down I will do Newman so dynamite didn't do the mess and we get to a dynamite and liked the word for all you get the letter Greek words like work, work, there was a great but he right so here's a question. Why is it she touched the fringe of his garment to him.

Why would that be because look, the God, let's not go… Like I can't tell you I can tell you but think about the reality answers but here's the thing, is a crowd of people pressing around him. This woman who would have a hemorrhage for 12 years that mean she was unclean. She was in a crowd of people and it's a little risky for her being unclean thing she's unclean and she get pushed and shoved it away from me, you don't. But touching her. They become unclean and it's a little risky right came up behind him and touched the fringe of his cloak. Now the fringe is download near the ankles. Why would she let me achieve good press to the crowd and reached down and touched the edge of the fringe that am and immediately she was healed all the answer simple a pink arrow and select was that it happened or really right. Yes, but what was she reaching for when she reached the ham which she was doing was going for the elites in tsetse the elites in tsetse were the patterns of knots that were put in a garment that signified the law. The Old Testament law, the word of God and the teachers of that law. The teachers of Scripture would wear a cloak that had that that to him as part of their garment. Jesus was a teacher.

He was probably was wearing that very garment that very thing recognizing his place as a teacher.

She reached for that the word of God and faith okay everybody got laissez folks five open lines 87720776. We got greatly right back after mass, like why call 770727 would have been a partial pre-terrestrial partial preorder is not her right happened all writing is called partial pre-resident right book of Revelation earlier dollars are eight in which I never really what is what all the okay so what you question well you know what you are a millennial partial brother and I know you're not everything partial. Frederick able to resume partial plagiarism is contrasted with full freedom is the reason says that old stuff and Daniel 79 24 to 17 are fulfilled by the time of some right around the time of 70, 80 or shortly before and/or hold a whole a hold on, hold on, hold on what you asked me try to explain. We can give you the answer though. Okay just tell you what they say or write full plagiarism says that partial plagiarism would say that that a lot of what was spoken of in those chapters was fulfilled, but not all of it and there's more to come as Christ returns than the rest of the league fulfilled Zana so there you go. That's what the differences between full readers of partial plagiarism. Okay, so the government made on millennial your millennialism says now that they do not have the same thing. There different categories. Millennialism says that the millennial reign of Christ. This thousand year period is not literal but figurative because it's using a figurative context and Satan was bound at the time of Christ and thousand years, but a day days were thousand years that were thousands used figuratively and so they say well we just hold to how the Bible's pattern works in describing these things and so therefore they believe that Christ is raining and that's it's the thousand years is a figurative period of time. The premillennialists will say that the thousand years is a literal 1000 year. That's in the future. The post millennial lists are basically on millennial lists with wit with an idea that everything get better so that the negative to the preaching of the galaxy leader on the pessimistic millennialist have a friend who is a post millennialist and and we discussed things that I think is probably right. So those are those of the views on kind of earthly: it will Frederick and no one but my mother started with an old reading Jehovah with I got to have Jehovah's window Jehovah's Witnesses is a non-Christian cult 60. I know I figure that out after their garlic on opening littering. But I get you reading that all not to get home you put in the trash. Okay, thanks, I may God bless. Okay, let's get to Joe from North Carolina.

Joe welcome your on here. How are you helping allow in the book of Ezekiel, and I know a lot of time in the that's left thumb, freighted found a man sometimes referred to it and be mistaken there Jan, sorry about that. I always like to say give me the verse we look at the context that's a lot to say and so the son of phrase Son of Man school Son of Man does occur in Ezekiel, he said to be sentiments in your feet, that I may speak with you when that's not Jesus to pre-incarnate Christ it's Ezekiel got okay but how does our guys but I was mistaken when really doesn't mean that later doesn't mean there can't be aversive refers to the future coming of the Son of Man, so all we can look it up in context. That's all well and I know a lot of art while I noted I was old and somber that you reap with that data management across the cry without how long it depends on what the context is always what I look younger. Jesus is a sense of of God and that is also called the Son of Man so that referencing to to who he is as a human son of God, that your who are they referring to man in the first report.

Well, not a man when I'm doing sexy, scrolling through a search I did on the Son of Man in the book of Ezekiel, and it occurs a living lot of land development Son of Man. I'm going to knock what the Bible written okay the phrase means what it means in its context and don't assume that the single phrase Son of Man only means one thing in all contexts. Don't assume that you need to vent. See how it's used. Then he said to me, Son of Man standing your feet, that I may speak with you. It's Ezekiel is referring to their they said to me, son of man am sending you to the sons of Israel to rebellious people. Ezekiel 23 okay so these places are a reference Ezekiel. And here's one in Ezekiel 51 is as for you Son of Man take a sharp sword.

Take and use it as a barber's razor so there's lots of places normally go to the other verses of the look at all of them and see what his essay Son of Man prophesied. Now we can go for example in the book of end of the New Testament and look up the phrase Son of Man and it's in reference to Jesus in Matthew 820 so the term life has different meanings in different contexts. Okay, okay, and I will read it, read it just all yeah just look at the context okay that's all you do is receive the context of the site are all right thank you very much okay I will bless okay all right get about five minutes left in the show, maybe four minutes and nobody waiting on line so to do is I want to jump in and that was to complete the site of the people love Hegel will do. Let's even find one, just check this out. I haven't read it from summoning Taylor this is from a while back I was researching through Google and came across your website.

I was astonished. The blasphemy on which you put forth for public view is good stuff.

The editors at Carmel are apparently oblivious on all accounts of while I love the stuff of religion.

I believe in the hundred 40 articles on Islamic hundred 82 articles on an isolationism I've written over hundred articles on Mormonism 100 articles on Catholicism hundred article Jehovah's Witnesses and get emigrant get there on account of any religion, including this is awesome the road so I would also. How would you know how would you know what I did to the bone. Religion is writing the stuff right and you, dear readers of the road.

Religion out of it so I can see somebody going to be at say that you have your own religion you know that they should tell it be appreciated. With my till like this if I don't know. Something I should know.

Okay okay okay so this person goes on I'm learning as I go into this was a good something you must know about Wicca all the wicked person is that they are not devil worshipers. As you so boldly stated, will what I said about Wicca is they don't directly believe in the end and advertise of the works of Satan, but ultimately this winter doing that's what I said ultimately that they don't know what they just are unaware in the cold if you were someone of a greater mindset okay greater mindset on the short greater mindset is a bigger head higher IQ or you have to agree with, in your greater mindset.

Whatever that means. If you are for someone of a greater mindset, you would know to read and evaluate the things upon your sightings, sittings that are very much like Native Americans. Okay, that made no sense. Okay, it just made no sense.

It's like it, you know, I have taught the wicked you were elected Native American theologies so the minister wrote people safe will beat Americans at the first. Therefore it's true though it's not get the stuff you know the ones that were in this first country first. I don't know if Native Americans were the first ones your note of the people before them anyway. I don't know but I'm sure's such as smart persons such as yourselves would know that I'm going to send a letter to someone of Internet secure its safety and have your site removed. Yes, I understand the First Amendment freedom of speech but you must know about freedom of religion and from all the research you've done to to soak in stone to condone someone's faith as devil worshipers. You must know Wicca is a religion. Enjoy your lives behind those rose-colored glasses that you so kindly where, how do you kindly wear glasses. I don't get this. People say things that you like what we say it, I don't get it.

So I think the guy who wrote this was to say a little bit tweaked and just wasn't thinking very clearly just take this stand there. I showed him they that was fun for me but you know God's grace back on the air on Tuesday next week. Have a great the Lord bless you my graceful have a great powered by the Truth Network

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