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August 10, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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August 10, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- How do I balance being involved in politics and sharing the gospel---2- A caller and Matt discuss the current state of the church in Canada.--3- My church has multiple women elders. What should I do---4- How does 1 Timothy 2-12 apply to female worship leaders---5- Is it okay for women to be up at the front of a church praying for other women---6- Isn't 2 Timothy 2-12 being taken out of context about women pastors-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online or you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called you Matt slick night and if you recall you to do was violate 77207 through two subs 2022 the podcast. I do keep a record of you of all the shows try new timestamps and the furious thing to talk about and really slow me down there know that it takes a bit of work and I have everything in Excel and then I transferred to a file that the converted to HTML to go clean up the code every few months.

I do that good thing. Good things.

I know how to do Excel stuff you like to teach that I store my jobs actually was teaching Excel and Word and PowerPoint and other programs. I would. I really enjoyed it to.

In fact I talked with you serving on ice to get hired at a company once in San Diego get this is for real. As I was some asking God to give me a good job and so I needed a job and had a wife and babies and all that stuff and the I couldn't get a job and then after couple of months.

This happens I get a call and I go to place Hewlett-Packard is a company that in any way, I end up getting hired this for a job that didn't exist. This is surreal and I'm sitting there at this job.

They wanted someone to teach office because office is pretty deep in a lot of areas you can teach all kind of stuff in it and they said you are you and the whole bit and he hired me and three or four days into the job why my even here's know what needs me there is nothing and I talked to the boss and I said you don't lose opposite what you guys hire lady said we don't know what you don't know and this is where we don't need you.

Why'd you hire I don't know really didn't make any sense and so I knew that there let me go and so I said hey look I said to my boss and he was a biker new Hells Angels mean he looked the part okay and I said look I get a wife, kids, and I got a new job and so how about I would you let me transfer over, sideways to the deskside tech fixing computers, networks, things like that you said he said okay to do it. So I give you a trial and I had nothing no experience in this and I found out that the reason hired me was because I saw it halfway intelligent. They were tired of interviewing people. It was it was just bad getting and so so anyway, I noticed deskside tech and I to start following the tech guys run had this big 3 inch three ring binder notebook of all kind of information I was collecting and learning how to do stuff that carry the thing with me everywhere I didn't care people thought I just carried it knows my notes and the get this how God works right so was to be there for little while and I started doing pretty well this computer stuff on the computers on or figure things out and then all one thing led to another letter that are annexing you know I set the record in the company for how many tickets were close in a month. As damage, but to his site on campus you know so much computers at work he delivered us in a and you are working the hard drive crash of the kink network working whatever and I set the record and so then out get this discus is for real.

So the boss came to me after a year and 1/2 two years, and he said he looked we have an opening for a premium position. I said print and multicolored preemies similar okay I knew it was it was a job. This is how God works in the tightness. It was job that I work with the financial department and I would be a dedicated computer guy for that department which means I would move to that part of the building with them and sit in a cubicle next to them if they had any questions any problems any time I be the guy that they go to nonfiction, and so I said okay I got it nice raise and be nice raise okay what I was doing back in the 90s, early 90s on the conflict over older $20 an hour.

At this point it's like I sat there and I took me a month or two to get acclimated with this group and I got older computers working so well that I was bored I had nothing to do for days and days at a time.

It turned out that once a month they would have month-end closing and they needed me to be there and so I would be there to pick up everything okay and then so working so well that well.

I only worked with them. I sat with them going work with them five hours a month totaled all the problems so there's not much to do and that's what they liked. It was working so smoothly so what I did was I started working on Carmen I just started writing articles in the downtime. And so for two years.

I was paid to basically write articles for current and also due to my boss found out he said you be doing that kind of thing I said no. When I get a do not bored there's nothing to do I get these guys are working great and I saw a lot of your problems rescue a lot of the critical times that they had high praise for me.

I said I just sit here and he says will Nick; Peter McCauley before I come up here and I got the message. You know, because he understood this.

So just do work on stuff for a couple years is not good how God works. And because of all that I learned computers and networking. I learned all kinds of things and I use it all the time for ministry. Praise God he was prepping the Guild of stuff short kind of stories are listed to Kevin from Canada. Kevin welcome your on the air.

They're not how the goal is going is reminiscing about old know how God provided yeah well you know I can build from the ground up.

I can do all kinds of things and the which I did this weekend. It's a lot of fun for me anyway.

Maybe we got buddy. Well I thought maybe I'd get through the file you want to approach being in Canada definitely that we think are here politically with the much bigger map of the US but there needs to be about balance between being involved with politics or being involved with what's going on, and the evil but going about in that and also in regard to being about golf. You know you and your big fights or how where that warning walked between it while I don't like to find that line and then try walking your side to push the light push it like that line of truth and the truth of Christ.

I want to be pushed into the secular realm is much as possible and so that's my philosophy. I believe in standing up against the gates of hell. Think of hell exhuming and assaulting them now is not to be mean and lawsuits and throw rocks of people course with the idea is that I believe in the supremacy of Christ. The strength of Christ. The truth of the gospel message and that's just how it goes. We act accordingly and I think that if Christians were to adopt that and actually believe it. They should run for politics. They should run for offices and school boards. They should be honest workers do whatever they can and in the churches when they see issues they should be involved with them and help to help move things forward. And so, as far as Paul politics go you guys get to do up there is Christian should get into office. Christian should get in there get that that socialist dictator out of office because he's so you know struck the ground up the user to dictator evil would be a better way.

You hey by the way, did you hear what happened with Trump today that the radon is Malaga home.

If you, I heard about I pay a little attention that I don't get involved with you at partially because I don't have much to do with you whether saying is an example is an example of of evil in the world.

There did they just don't want Trump to run and do whatever they can to defame him so you know we have in our country in your country, and in so many countries all over the world.

There are political leaders that are ungodly and this is just moving this downhill towards view of this, Christians need to stand up. I believe my opinion the reason it's all happening at the Christian Christians regular job. That's my opinion.

So I think that part of it. I think you maybe coming up what you're saying that what I hear you saying is that we should be taking the gospel to you know not dealing with you know the corruption in terms of how perhaps we could pay the political right is dealing with the issue but bringing the gospel to it rather than a political opinion or political ideal, will they go hand-in-hand. We as Christians are redeemed by the blood of God in flesh Jesus Christ to guide and that cross rose from the dead and therefore we are in his kingdom here, something a lot of people don't understand.

So can we teach a little theology for 30 seconds to a minute. People are waiting for the rapture and then the thousand year reign of Christ.

So there waiting to get out of here. However, Jesus says in Matthew 12 2232. He said that Satan was already bound.

Matthew 12 2232 and Luke 17 in Matthew 24 as it wasn't days of Noah, so should be that this commits on them and assess the ones into minima in the field.

What is taken, one is left in the once were taken of the wicked, and is not my opinion you read the context is clear naturalistic people time when he would've Matthew 13 it talks about Jesus taught with the parable of the week on the terrace, it will point here the week the tears the weeds are the Christians the tears of the unbelievers, and he says allow both to grow together until the harvest of the time of the harvest. Also, the reapers first gather up the tares, and bind them in bundles so the time of the harvest. The first was gathered on the wicked. The reason I bring this up is because of this is the context for Jesus interprets that parable suggest as a tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social be at the end of the age of get this, the Son of Man will send forth his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness is Matthew 1340 41. This means the wicked are in the kingdom of God. Not that they believe in the kingdom. But there under the Lordship of Christ and they are to be removed out of the kingdom.

This is reversed of what a lot of churches teach, they teach no were in the kingdom of of the evil one ring to take out of it and is to be this Utopia thousand years but that's not what Jesus is teaching the reasonableness of the simple were in the kingdom of God.

He's our Lord. We have the right as Christians right now to move forward in the world in every direction sales gates of hell and we will progress because the kingdom of God. Now that he's our right back after these messages, folks, please stay tuned back with Kevin from Canada mass Y call 77077 back to the show on the air with Kevin from Canada all right. Kevin welcome you back on your bank so I think that they're not that reason why I'm a panel of okay good. Good for you it will all pan out. That's right. It will help you know it it'll happen. We don't know all the old we know the way to put a note up Ethan how they all fit together that will find out that I agree with what you think the a very important part and that is maybe not that line of how we know know how to we need to be doing Christians don't understand you know the gates of hell don't attack us gates or something their defensive. The gates of hell enough to build the church just gives us permission right there for all Christians to have the attitude of converting the world and have Ms. going out into all areas. That means politics of means schools. It means everything in geology, science, medicine you go in doesn't mean that you brainwash people you foursome to do such.

As such, no image going on and be lights.

Among the darkness and be salt in the earth and bring in the kingdom of what I bring it in a supposed millennialism, but manifest the truth of who Christ is, to a dying world.

We have this ability we have this authority we have this this calling Jesus as God make disciples of all nations talk about all people groups doesn't mean just your neighbor on a Sunday morning. This is simple stuff that the problem with that is that if you preach it to make people uncomfortable.

You mean door-to-door.

Maybe you mean it. Politics maybe you mean whatever might be nice to your neighbor you can be whatever it is, God works it filters it down to different people at different levels, different situations, but it's scary and means to trust in God beyond her ability to understand this when I do should be doing. I totally very much the same different being in the worst thing huge divide between Canada and the US right now I can fade safely in the US have a right political right have a political left Canada I can. It's all one party to have a laugh out a little bit left. You will not so far lacked a little further left than a little that is movement and the Christians.

The Christians need to get organized to start you because I knew I was impatient with you, but just situates it gets so go ahead, go ahead. I had to be patient here.

I just it it it it but I think third Canada week on all part maybe being complacent at the church for two way too long.

Yes and now even the church and become far off the left that you know I know the big thing with no equipment.

After a good indication right of the faith in her greeting totally and you know how many churches know here here in our city of a million people are there with that would agree with that simple simple place. I would say I know I know the pastors and elders. Yeah yeah yeah like you going most of the mainstream. All all the Baptist churches in the area are pretty well okay with you both at the very small short just about thing you know, in terms of people in politics.

But I would say or be godly people you know probably I got more fingers. I think even even if it's gone so far. Have a guy I just wonder whether all tigers having God has his ways of been able to deliver people. He's not dumb he's capable and just because it might be appear to be a lost cause in your country and becoming that in our country. It doesn't mean God can't raise a people has already been raising of people to do incredible and mighty things, and if Christians knew this Christians believed it, and Christians would get off your lazy rears start doing was necessary. I believe that there needs to be a national organization of religious leaders in America and that it's opened up to tight people supporting it financially so that they can institute lawsuits against people and organize groups for petitioning for writing, but for public gatherings and was holding up signs and I think that we should do such things as as peacefully as possible. Like say for example the first day of the safe stick September October and whatever October 1 on Monday the first Monday of October.

Everybody with a flash. Name a search with a ghost of the capital or if you're not too close to the capital and their state goes to an alternate designated area with signs and we want our government want our culture. You want this back in and the next day. Most of the and we start doing this all of the country organization means something the lefties, wackos who the leftists of the Commies. The NT foot there organized the homosexuals. They are organized and so they are able to influence the Christians don't want to get organized didn't want to be responsible in their Christianity and we need to document combination that I think will grieve the church do not even on the foundation of snow. You know like like in terms of Canada and our political prisoner which which we have and have had you not sure how much would actually get out of the country but for the for the individual locked up in jail, including Dr. there are pastors in jail in your country, not present but up on chart and with the charges they state will fail like as in they had a church service because I know that the way the government, round basically off of hell Gordon Bogle used wanted and are called here in the court order and then by making basically likely the house, Bill and we had a go but there's a break. Sorry about that. You call back again to talk about this for buddy they folks. We have through the lines 877207276 mass Y call 77077 back to the show. We have three open lines of you want to give me a call 772072276 we lost that person about the women being silent in the church call back. We can talk about that. Let's get to Nate from North Carolina. Nate welcome here will ever day for the last year and collectively.

We have read it over and through Miranda and Outlook and only month I can't get bandwidth over private is because are full of pride of the article that everything try to get me out of the prideful. There have pride because they do not want to humble themselves before God's word and obey God's word. Therefore there prideful and they are not going to listen and you need to go to the congregation get others I get some men in there who know what the truth is, and you approach and they need to be rebuked politely and lovingly with respect and I would be glad to coach any of your new menu getting together the group will have a phone call for me on speaker will go through and talk will talk about what you guys can do and how you want to do what's right for the Congregational forgot that I'm serious to our website's concern will email you email me at and I would be you know how to coach you over the year of the air over the phone in your ear and they are "where is the route you break in of direction of the site again in the last day on the all the new gloves are illness, it isn't all it can't I'm sorry to say that in they think is good to the word that they for marketplace noon with the vision old man I never knew thought that there women. God gave man dominion even from the God of the well what they're doing is take a verse out of context because what is talking about. There is the fulfillment of the arrival of the Holy Spirit is prophesied as being poured and is the movement lightest God has upon the church and the arrival of the Holy Spirit through the Holy Spirit is manifested in the charismatic gifts. This is what the contest is also in acts 1044 to 48 people speaking in tongues, the whole bit because the Holy Spirit and poured out upon them at the Gentiles as well as as the Jews, so there was these this letter the power the Holy Spirit is on the Calvinist, and I believe the stuff okay so it's there, but it's not has nothing to do with women pastors and elders because Paul the apostle says in first Timothy 315 is giving instructions on how to behave in the household of God, the church, but the previous chapters as women are not to be pastors and elders to be positions of authority were meant because Adam was first created.

So these women who misuse that verse and take that verse out of context, to exalt themselves and to hold themselves in a power place of power and authority are prideful in rebellion against God need to be rebuked flat until okay. I would be glad to help you if you can get men in your church and if there's women who agree with with her husband and either not married but you know then you get together and you start praying because what you need to do is a preparer to confront the false teaching and the false positions of these women are having and we could talk about what to do. The first thing to do is gather people together and you to be in prayer. Glad to coach you on our know the truth of all of this stuff and it will become what I can do is help you prepare a document's writing to give to them that you also give the them first.

Once they were. They refuse it, then you go to the church body of Christ and you you show this, and I would be glad, glad, any time you put this information on enough of the female pastors reject the truth of God's word. Then you go to the congregation to even have a meeting in a congregation where I'll come online on the phones wouldn't have a meeting visually fire questioning go at it, we could talk about what it means that all of the word of God.

I will help you will help you live article were to go to work and got their durability.

Amen: certain writer and make that your name comes from and and when it means in Hebrew faith in God and make it to give the comes from the fund to give in so I think it's interesting your names. Don't give and so that means other centered and so this is a good thing. Plus you recognize this is a serious issue that let me ask you, are you married a fighting chance or the little according about life is okay on the word all of the only down now on within the elder to okay will go because look, the sword cuts both ways and so with that man out to make sure that you're qualified to even be that position having been divorced because there are issues and so you may not be qualified in ministry. Maybe just depends what issues insert what I learned more about my past due its mother stuff we could talk about the time we need to understand that the pulpit needs to be revered. The pulpit needs to be revered and uplifted and so when I get to preach which is very often a pastor anymore, but when I do get the privilege of preaching. I know I Inis I love to preach but I also don't like that they will believe about what you all that happens. But the thing is, I take it so seriously that in order to get that place of the pulpit just physically walk up. I have to pray beforehand. Confess my sins when they're worshiping before the sermon I'm talking to my Lord I'm asking for cleansing on the go preach the word of God to his people think very, very seriously and this is what needs to happen to people who hear the word of God need to know that the preacher that Woody got his head series and is out of the word of God if it could have women pastors and elders doing that in contradiction of the Scriptures you can't trust what they say they couldn't exegete the weight of the wet paper bag to put this on it is everywhere part of the apostasy is part of the apostasy to write them off us one more time. I know this pattern.

I know there's people out there out there in the Carolinas and Georgia and Virginia and all that stuff.

I'm here in Idaho next on the West Coast area. I will be glad to fly out there and have a teaching time debate time with anybody out there about this issue.

I've been offering this for 17 years of radio I've not had a single person take me up on it in 17 years of debate about what they want because they know the Bible says and they know what the Bible says and they refuse with the Bible says glad to come out there and teach on this and hold a seminar on it with love and with no compassion mandolin out a backdrop for the note. Jesus is coming with the men. The men got to stand up.

The men all the way and no go out there with the Bishop of Morrisville political women. Men are no new jobs. Lynn, mom and I get up Adam and Eve in the garden. Should you send first. They're both hiding in the pre-incarnate Jesus came and said to the man where are you on men's responsibility first so this is why talk like that on many men arrived on all right you call you you you email me.

If I respond to call me up in a few days. Whatever it is a human guy but like cattle yeah okay gotcha all right all right right rep or a bank unless it's a serious issue I should teach on why it's a serious issue I should do a show on your video on or something. Why so stinking serious and it is serious with to anonymous from North Carolina. Welcome your on your little light on the air near okay. We had a break coming up pretty quickly, but when he got hello hi yes I can recollect that there's the great could you hold on please. I apologize. You hold on to break right there. I got a go right back to you for the message.

Hey folks, please stay tuned for lines 87720722760 max Y call 77077 back to the show all my back here anonymous from north Carolina back on the air collar you were just wrapping things are well and wondering in regard that Scripture does that apply.apply now worship leaders the context of the 212 is to teach or exercise authority over a man, and so the context here is a leadership position of teaching in the issue looked of doctrine and positional authority there not to be in a place. If a woman is in a worship team and she leads the group that's okay as long as she's not in spiritual authority over any of the men that might be in that group. It's just not her place so other not the problem I wanted and I wanted clarification of that song had not exercising authority of a man she can partly be the main worship leader she can lead workshops.

She can come beginning no problem and others a form of authority that goes into that position. That is not the same kind of authority that deals with issues in the church behavior eldership pastoring a teaching is what he says that all will teach or exercise authority so they are tied together, but a woman's inner thigh was that I have no musical talent.

Trust me nothing.

And so if I was any worship that in knowing what I know that I play little guitar but the say hey want you to play guitar. Could you play this way do that would ensure that when laws are the same because I'll kill people. Mike, my bad voice, so no problem if she says no. This is a better cord and she showed me great Jesus teaching me, but is not an issue of ecclesiastical authority that's going on. Okay, now you're welcome so much God bless. All right, let's get to Courtney from Ohio, a courtly welcome. You are on the air okay and I found when it fell on and forgive me for digressing back when Weaver for getting there and they were having like the author, they went never ever have at the altar praying for other when that was. I highly never felt her prayer very distant since it would missed one word.

He never had blank up for printing. They never had when Frank Prather went only now at her prayer and develop a man correct.

I would not go back that I feel that way. I think that it okay for their praying sure I'm buried. I would never know that what you I would have no problem with our pastor and we will have the prayer time just what you said that's a good idea. Make sure we have women of their praying and men of their praying and you go to the one that you feel you more comfortable with and Kendall go for it. In fact, I think in the church there needs to be women who were specially raised and trained in order to deal with the would be careful kids in the car kind of thing the intimacy issues that it's in because it's important to know for people of had abortions and in healing.

You need women who can do this anyway. It's absolutely is not a patriarchal system, that part of the Bible Belt by right there that will be at the light. If I got her head on. George Bailey got off at night, but I think that that didn't are that you won't even allow I would be I will be encouraging women to to do things I would want to have meetings with women input field. Not alone. Of course I mean how can we use you in the church.

How can we uphold you with the church there. Women who have certain needs and teach me, you, I would say look on the guy I'm intellectual so teach me the women stuff that I need to know about. I get talking and preach about it, teach on women teach me the stuff you guys don't realize it only go to the private or doctoral guy you don't okay you know stuff like that. Sure how I went out out for good night now like like I got back at 25.

Eric yes she's a heretic she's a heretic. Well Out where she so is she says she teaches theology to men she expounds on Scripture. She's in a teaching authority position and she's church and so she's out of line and plus she's a heretic. She teaches horrible stuff she does know in our current building bill. Why not work with this viscous to be difficult because you would get a woman teaching locate the stereo typical you'll get mad at me, a course on on Habakkuk 8 I go okay. What about a course on Bible study with other women.

Well, I'd like to listen because I seek is not mean much economic sugar okay that's part of it, but I believe in lending an ear in there to here to learn things I would not know from when the first woman's perspective.

So if there teaching that that's fine but if there in a seminar we are teaching biblical theology, expounding the same way they would in the pulpit and they're doing it matter thereof, then it's a problem they can do it without matter the time of this may sound chauvinistic and inconvenient, but there this is there's a reason for this stuff. Men are the ones who are called to be the spiritual heads, not the female.

That's just how it is. I tell men why do marriage counseling. I tell him I don't care guys on Garfield don't like it. This is your responsibility complain. This will as they are doing. Like I said you know I work I need to teach others see this thing is a lot of women don't realize that just is just part of the conversation.

What women don't realize what they can do their meant soliciting of men. For example, he builds a shelf out in the garage and let's assays not exactly level does need to be level. Not really. So do it so that she comes out he was like look at both the state you notice us a little bit off but it's his workbench and the first thing she says is is not level. First, women don't realize that well so you're just negative. Okay and beguiled showing stuff anymore and they don't realize they have a lot of power to the encouragers because men take risks when they lead. If they fail.

It's easy to be behind the lines going, how bad you messed up when you get up here and it's easy to do any better and so it's that kind of a thing, but medicals with leaders that women don't realize with me to support her husband and so they need to learn that position to because women if they support their husbands on the tell you this, men are very good all kinds of stuff very good at finding ways to not doing and if the women empower them to be lazy.

They will excel at being lazy and if the women about Brown breached their husbands and don't praise them and are negative towards them. The men will lower themselves to that position don't go with the flow and there's lots of recent right right encourage them to really ride yes and when they mess up. There were people you know they need to write you to to understand something here it just would you talk about with this. Here's the thing. If you listen to much of men talk like a fish last last week on the lake. It was 4.5 pounds and you know some guys who don't man you know five years ago I cut this 12 pound truck and you know you got well yeah but I caught a whale with 2 pound test out of a kayak in the middle of a storm and hurricane would exaggerate what you talk about it. But what if a guy says look about man I just totally blew it when I was driving my car and I did this I did that. I scraped up the fender and equipment as you go all the let's not tell you how bad I messed up what we do is we measure ourselves by our successes as well as our failures. The reason is because leaders succeed and fail, and to a man. Both are equally valuable and we take them both very seriously. We don't point fingers at another guy for messing up I got a friend. When my favorite stories ever tells us how he didn't listen to his wife, got stuck in a snow bank that will love the way tells a story because he's boasting about his arrogance in the NNI bubble blog tonight and then she was right stuck and were laughing it's because it's what it means to lead women could understand it's okay for their men to fail because they're trying women don't often do want to men that fail because they they restricted from even trying.

And so, men become nothing in the church. Nothing in society. It's it's all working right now to attract what you're talking.

I got a call and we'll could you come back tomorrow got smooth and wait for a while want to get personally I think okay click tomorrow court okay okay okay good goblins. All right, it's really about a minute and 1/2 or two minutes ye saw. I think that your name is a nickname welcoming on here.

How are you I'm fine.


So we got great. Why women there because when you got when you look at. Can it be a good look at all taken at a current that one make women cannot cannot hold it making clear okay will have a minister will be able to do all that Paul says I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over men remain quiet for was Adam was first created and then Eve. It's not cultural.

Paul is setting up the authority issue as it relates to the created order by God himself. Okay because I was first created.

Okay, so let me ask you is okay for women to exercise authority over men and in the church contest is a next chapter says he's teaching about how to behave in the church so is okay for woman to be in that position then when you authority and were walking they were either not authority.

No no no you are you just read. Just shredded the terminology authority in Christ.

This is not talking about that is talking about ecclesiastical authority the context of elders and pastors so Paul's teaching in first Timothy three call back tomorrow and will have the food slowly and I'll show you what the word of God says not what the failed teachings of men are about this okay is failing its know they are wrong call back tomorrow. He's sorry right so I want talk about the folks that tomorrow will be interesting. God bless have a good evening. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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