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August 9, 2022 5:00 pm

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August 9, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt talks about his newest article and video dealing with his recent discussion with a oneness Pentecostal leader.--2- Are women worship leaders unbiblical---3- Is the universe infinite---4- Are women pastors really a reason to leave a church---5- How can women be prophetesses like Deborah if they aren't allowed to teach-

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Why is a lot more you why Grimes is called responding to your questions and recall all you go to do was go 72076 cool all right so this weekend I rebuilt my computer. Good thing that I'm a computer tech X computer tech so I can build a big deal. And so I reformatted everything I me started from scratch and it took probably six or seven hours to reload everything in everything working back and did a few things on and off in a few odd things here and there but take it's done, and the ancillary go now. I uploaded a video to car videos today and it was no big deal, but I uploaded a video about the church service that I went and saw Buck to three weeks ago the United Pentecostal service and I was writing an article, as is often the case when I write one article, sometimes three or four will like sprout like weeds going to write this right that and someone article on David to Bernard. This will briefly article about our encounter, and I released today and put a video up and hopefully the delinking everything in there and it works and I the picture up and stuff like that. So oneness oneness Pentecostal denies the doctor the Trinity. All right, so I have spent I finished talking to you guys about this. I finished this article but not to release it so it's just polishing a few things and I did a very in-depth study on on, let's see. I would describe it really didn't on the relationship with the father the son and found versus where father and son speaking to each other next to each other. Same time this that whatever it is and I want to see what I could learn some little do is I will just start the project a theological project. I want to see on the learning things you want to pick anything up. And this one wasn't as profitable as I'd hoped it would be but still it was profitable and I did learn some good stuff out of it and also we go and also video so much stuff so stuff opened working on and I started another article where talking about yes no answers.

You affirm, or do you say yes to this are noted that if say yes to go to further know than this and working on that with oneness as well.

Trying to work against the cult of oneness Pentecostal theology because it is a cold so there you go. A lot of stuff out there that's not good today. Had a good conversation with the guy about the pastors and elders and we went through some theology we call the office and talking about that and and I told him don't do it again. I told him that that in 17 years of being on the radio five days a week for an hour a day. What I have done repeatedly during those years is to offer a challenge to a pastor and theologian whoever who wants would be willing to debate me on whether or not women to be pastors and elders and that the topic would be, does the Bible support within pastors and elders and here I go again saying the same thing and I'll just say that in 17 years I've not had a single person recall ever saying yes maybe summons emailed me. You know it's buried in 5000 emails, but I've never heard that I know of any person saying yeah will debate you and you know that.

So the challenge was out again if you if you have anybody who wants to debate me you want to debate me on this issue. We can talk you set something up because I do want to, but I'll tell you that it has to be. That was Bible say was about to support and women are not to be pastors and elders, so I would just excite again like I normally do. If you attended church is within pastors and elders you should leave. You should because it's not biblical.

And you don't want to hopefully attend a church of so-called church, whether by letting Scripture you don't want to do that if you want to talk about this more smart they thought you may call.

We have five open lines 8772072276C. Can we go. It's interesting so you said five lines 877-207-2276 only hear from you. Give me a call all right. Gail had a great weekend. I did some discussions with some atheists over the weekend and had an encounter with a semi-well-known and that's a circle of things atheist guy who unfortunate was very disingenuous very condescending and could not understand the basis of logic. In fact, this is something of encountered repeatedly.

I will go to varying venues and you know in oculus on the meta-verse I'll go to chat areas and talk.

It's worse, there that's the worst place of ever seen people there repeatedly cannot understand the basics of logic basics of thinking critical thinking reserving this up is because you are talking to a guy that was yesterday for little bit and about God is an atheist and I said well to the case that the universe is instantly elders not the case that it will give me the philosophy know it's a certain issue of logic.

Would you agree and he said not agree with anything and then they sort of attack and so this is that this is what happens is the kind of thing that I'm kind of accustomed to.

To be attacked for just bringing up truth and then when you say looking to tell you the truth of how to help you out all your condescending, so this is more and more happening. As I participated in varying chat rooms, I've noticed that people are becoming more rude than ever and less able to think critically than ever, but it just happens in all messing it.

Christians are perfect thinkers either, but I'll tell you the hostility sometimes is just as ridiculous. All right, well, no big deal if open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get on the line on the air here with Matt from North Carolina met while you're on the air. I was wondering our worship leader go nowhere where we so I don't see anything the Scripture says a woman can or cannot be worshiped. Leader we know that the Bible says women are not to be pastors or elders and technically or deacons so if I were a pastor of a church.

I would not have a problem with a woman being the one who's in charge of the worship team.

However, she's not to be in any of us position of authority. Teaching authority because that's what the context is right and so if she were to get up and say, okay buddy before we do the song would teach you some theology about leveraging okay your line okay and is not that a position right there so other than that, no big deal I made that I came here. It happened. Sure, I bless all right three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Mark 10 from Virginia Martin welcome.

You're on here I met that got a lot for your ministry. All you had mentioned your event can come earlier about women and pastor and come here. What if it was a what it was a female pastor that was identified in the mail that big of you know I do. You I knew was coming and I was ready to chuckle because because you know what that here, to what someone is shown in verse yesterday was talking to him on the phone and no it's Jeremiah 30 verse six and God's rebuke either side of the whole context of the words the Lord spoke concerning Israel and concerning Judith for thus says the Lord. I have heard a sound of terror of dread and there is no peace. Verse six asked now and see if a male can give birth. Why do I see every man with his hands on his loins a little child and so I would hey that's cool because this is August rhetorical interest. No so we can do.

I know a guy who says he's actually a lesbian trapped in a man's body, which is why he likes women. Oh boy oh boy will take all you know is that you know what that's why like a little bit so that the car at the corundum.

Within a few.

Yes, you have a glazed over real quick about University and II didn't catch whether I would you think they were good night so here's a principal every advance and every fact stands and causal relationship to previous events, previous facts… Use were in fact all facts exist in relationship to others. There is no fact that is independent of any other context. So I'm sitting in a chair talking to you on the radio sitting chair talking radio for different ideas about facts to come together. We have the concept and so no fact just exists on its own now, except for the fact of God's existence, which he so by definition he exist because exists but he right to snitch to exist. So we talk about this over talk about the causal chain not only recalled, cause a change in the in the physical sense but also in factual and logic and things like this, things exist because other things exist, so events that occur occur because they were caused to come into existence. All right, this is a general principle to think of causal chain. All facts stand in causal chain to previous event at the further back in time to go the narrower the causal chain you can have. For example, a oh of the rock going down a hill and it hits other rocks out the first rocket hits next to rockthrowing than that then those two hits, two more nights for the Nate 1632 and it just it expands outside like a triangle.

The further in time you go the more advanced are the result of the initial event you can't go back right infinitely, because if you go back up the hill. It has to get narrower, it can't become wider, which is nonsensical. So this is the big basic garage principles so the universe came into existence. It was either caught it east it's either the case of the universe is intimately old parts not the case of universes, and finally there's no third option to either the case that it's not the case that is the identical statement universes in fully or it's not infinitely old. Go to options so there's a disjunctive principal called the disjunctive syllogism we have two things universes in fully older is not infinitely old and you negate one. The other is automatically verified.

Called impossibility the contrary with me so far. Having said all that we get faculty why it's important and how use of a foothold on the right back after these messages for three of the lines 877-207-2276 cubicle Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show to open lines of 20 McCall 772-0776 cubicle right Martin is still there. All right, did you follow what I said you got about the infinity about actual natural actual potential infinite's bait now, but I think I think I am parallel to it. I need to you need to study the terms actual infinite and potential infinite and explain what they are. So an actual infinite so they say for example you have alignment between your two tips your fingers does matter how long the line is is an infinite number of points on that line will half that Y also has an infinite number of points. How can half of the infant front of the whole of the infinite: actual infinite newsletter problems like this are paradoxes now… I took the point of what you have.

Line AP has an infinite number point then you have where it's made up of four is that there's no infinite, no different than another: the only way we will you say you know it we went using a lot of stuff really fast and hold on hold on.

There are different kinds of incidents there's an infinite in direction. There's an infinite in in the decibels, for example in mathematics pie correct is definitely so there are different kinds of infants and seated on so that is and also potential infinite potential infinite is The whole, whether you go small you or you infinite still one thing uncountable notes, ever-growing note penetrate how they are basically no no no no no I can help you. You need to study in actual versus potential infinite okay because an actual infinite is immeasurable but potential infinite whenever he stopped to measure.

It has a finite number but to both once potential infinite.

The wait time one second effort under SECNAV and other second if the beginning of right now, and as long as you continue on in the future as a potential of being infinite whenever you stop to measure it, it has a finite number of potential evidence can be measured actual infinite cannot. This is a different, but not your time bought your product to find out infinite.

Now Molly and infinite, you can't. There's no different than another is the quality of five very said in your degree. There are different types of incidents. Okay what so well now that you can't do yet but what is not met. You can have the quality of Betsy potential infinite you need to study this is helping out go to Carmen read up on if you want, but these are important concepts talking with atheists and then was I just establish that the orders sorry no I agree it would be if we went with your contact someone on a quiet and so when I establish that the universe had a cause because He actually infinite.

That's actually a fully old for what cause it to come into existence with whatever causes human existence with either personal or not personal just do this is to go back and then there's ways to argue abuses and debates before and it but the point is, atheists don't have an ultimate, which is the ultimate starting point that begins the, the causal chain in which all facts operate so they can't justify ultimately justify any knowledge or absolutes or truths and this is one of the reasons atheism. This is so lacking you everything about you, but I think rabid man can keep study it okay right right side way I will what I get back on the car you got it all right sounds got I got I went to okay but in forums not Carmen which I think in the forgot your backend all right. Let's get to Scott from Utah Scott, well, you're on here I taking my call, had a question about the statement that you made regarding churches with female pastors or elderly, I think you said that people miss church is strictly yes I did and I'll say it again. If you are attending a church with a woman, pastor, woman, Elder, you should leave the my question is in Revelation chapter 2, there was a prophet named Jezebel and she was seducing people into false doctrine of the Lord didn't tell people to leave that church and also in Matthew seven the Lord warns about false prophets have less to leave churches with false prophets just to be aware of them and that I think of first Corinthians 6 there is a way of getting people out of churches think the better path in my opinion would be to wait them out, because most of those people eventually leave and take a new series of elders and teachers… Questions for you.

You approve of women pastors and elders all I think or think critically, I am asking a question, do you approve of women pastors and elders answers yes or no, no, I think 14 is not acceptable.

No frequent is 14 is not talking about okay so women pastors and elders that are first Timothy three and Titus chapter 1. First Timothy five okay so so women are not three pastors and elders if you stay in a church is women pastors and elders as a man of God then you are, what you're doing is lending your approval as the head of your family to that sinful situation not respected the lead character, well, let's see, there is something about come out of her. Let's see her noticing come out of her my people to be practicing your sins and receive her plague sexist Revelation 18 for I could probably go back to different verses and find something okay name of Jesus Christ come out of her in a command that will that's a demonic force so the idea is that we are to have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness with Paul the apostle's teaching that women are not to be in positions of authority in the church context and you say nothing so you can't mythically get the leaf on till you got a leave if you only to find a verse I'll find some stuff I would abandoning the apostasy you want to participate in the church is going bad that your site is bad with the pastor was open and elders will so the mastic would you stay in a church that has women pastors and elders. That's a great question and my answer would be that in Revelation 2 and three. There are a bunch of churches, some good and bad in the Lord publicly.

Okay, I have to question what so the answer is no, you wouldn't. So then what you're doing and what would you be tithing to the church. Now I would be going to the pastor.

The altering at how to get kicked out of the church for script is 14 is not about women pastors right back after these messages, please stay tuned for matters like why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show. Scotty still there some problem trying to pregnant 14 versus 34 through 38 about one pastor what you think about his weight is 1434 through 38 young women to keep silent churches not permitted to speak you get this. That's a difficult one to get through because the other verses where it says to be sick as subpoena which means to be more quiet and this is cigar.

Oh, which means absolute silence in there's debate debate. Is there some on this lack of clarity about commentaries. What this means and how to be understood, but I think what's going on here for the context is that this is they want to know anything.*Husbands at home for its improper for me to speak in church.

It looks like the cup cultural context because apparently in that culture would happen with a women would sit in the back of men was in front of the church.

That's just how it was right or wrong, just what it was and so would be problems.

He couldn't hear it understand they would shout outs or try move forward to speak to the men the husbands up forward. To find out make comments is getting out of hand balls and keep quiet and strength don't do anything that looks like is the cost of the concept. Now during the break I was looking for any verses that says just leave and I think you have a good point because the Bible does say talk about confronting and as is Matthew 18 says what you should do in this dumbest and correction here because I need to say this if you go to a church was a one pastor and elder. You need to go confront them first and then split because you wouldn't stay in a church where for example the pastors committing adultery of pastors and open atheist or homosexual, you don't want to be participating that you take off, but if someone is a Christian is doing something wrong and there preaching or skinny woman pastor and elders. You should go to them and say this is what the Scripture says, and so you go to them and then if they don't respond truthfully and properly then what business has light with darkness. This article what else do you getting else know exactly what I think that I tried doing that in the past I didn't get the second part will you bring money, else I can get kicked out definitely looked around the church for more people, and I think I think Lindsay I like what you're saying. I like what you're doing and you sell at the kinda guy who takes it seriously and that's a good thing and so on. The kinda guy who does that to and so I would go to the patch but what about this about that now. If it's then okay let's get other people involved.

If it's a difference of opinion. You know with this is an issue that clearly taught in Scripture. Women are not to be pastors and elders in the Bible teaches that so when pastor a church has women pattern elder. The first step is legal confront you go talk to. They don't want to listen then then split and go with others to confront them as well.

But then why would they be there the church going anyway if you take other so he sees a problem if people become more biblical as they are they learning to wait a minute. This is wrong and then they go. That's what Patrick right, but not have a night game at YouTube. God bless.

All right, let's get to Oakley with four lines give a call 877-207-2276 this talk to Sandra from Virginia hey Sandra, welcome here. My men are not out there are like what project like Deborah, a prophet is not a pastor or elder. It's a prophet but a prophet.

The prophet was in the Old Testament in the Old Testament kind system is done away with. With the obligation by the blood of Christ, you go to Hebrews 915 to 16 in the New Testament.

There's also prophets and for script is 14 people have prophecy and things like that but the they are to be judged or the prophecies or be judged by the congregation Paul when he writes specifically about church order peaceably forbids women from Bengals positions. Okay, I think I cannot say a woman cannot Paul says I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over men but remain silent for Adam was first created that's first Timothy 212 and 13. The next chapter over and thought at first Timothy 315, in case I'm delayed I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the household of God, so he's telling them how they're to behave in the household of God. Solomon read the verse to you again.

First Timothy to them and ask if you agree with the Scripture.

First Timothy 212 13.

Pulse is a do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over men but remain quiet for was Adam who was first created and then he is giving instruction of the church.

Would you agree with that or not mining so it says for was Adam was first created and then eat, so it's not cultural it's created order by God's hand.

Okay so for was Adam was first created and then the Eve. So Paul is not tying it to anything cultural he's specifically tying it to the created order from God himself.

Now I cannot fight God created our family not doing a lot, that's a different issue.

So that's a different issue now is raising. This is not an asset. Normally, okay, hold right is only relevant when you think cultural regulation, health and mariculture today, but then I'm telling you it's not cultural because he ties it to the created order from God himself. So it's not cultural for you to continue to say cultural is to ignore what I'm saying here the text for was Adam was first created and then Eve that removes the culture aspect okay removes so Paul set out a start came up with the other one. This is first Timothy 212 and 13 okay taught and first Timothy 315 is giving instructions to the household of God also if you go to first Timothy 517. The elders rule well art to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching so elders or preachers, pastors, a preacher of pastors and elder okay now what Paul says is that in first Corinthians 3, starting at verse two and overseer, which is the word Episcopal's next we get Bishop out of it, then, must be above reproach. The husband of one wife on.

Draw me. Yes, good night Gus, is what he saying there Andra. It means a man, an adult male person can mean husband.

Husband of one wife.

That's what and overseer the same thing with deacons must be men of dignity.

Then when you go to Titus. Titus one.

This what it says. For this reason, verse five. This reason I left you in Crete, that you would set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city, as I directed you, namely, if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife. How can one for that cultural bank every five all life surrounded by his contact Danielle if he never made every five all make written format know it's not that that's that's I'm sorry but that's not Paul is giving instruction and what people are to do and believe me ask you, are you going to submit with Paul the apostle said when he says he does not allow it. When the teacher exercise authority. He ties with the created order. Are you going to submit to a Paul the apostle said, are you not going to do more research on that. I'm very where all erotica last fall clogging my know that I will be is not a good argument is not a good argument that you can't go out there in the street and preach and teach. It's that you can't be an elder in a church.

It's an office you can't hold the office. Women are not to be in those offices. If I'm not mine, and why it gives you the right thing. That's was we deacons either court of Scripture, Scripture, the word of God says I mail no, we get a break on the breath that okay when he found my all right hateful to write back to open lines 877-207-2276 max Y77077 charismatic slave. 7720's 76 all right Sentry still there so help I can tell you like the idea would pastors and elders on okay… It's okay. I've been right.

I cannot charge my bank knowing you and I am an elder at the character Nick again and you know why me and the church told Matt that I write on so-called thought or product family, but that they were still one of them fail that female what a whole heck of a lot better than they get it any night he needed to check more and I married teenager 19 athletic teenager that it may need to check that it made Eric yet which church was this Baptist Church will not my mother and father and brother were all locked up back there, but not all will.

That's female that it handled that are better maybe even come clean and what back right Bill means that you like and call drawing that you read the Bible, but it does not get when I got my and saying that one charge for a minute and elder based on that barrel so many situation that a man shaft can and and handle and when you have a dry secretary that can think this is an issue.

The word of God, I'm sorry but your what happened makes me mad the side of known about this and the pastors were treated you like that I would review rebuked him it's ungodly to this winning is not right, but it doesn't justify having one pastor what it does mean is that you could have women in the church in the ministry who deal with those kinds of things they would have to be passionately interested to Caracalla, but I do not lean thinking and not they can know that women can do lots of stuff in the church.

They just can't be pastors and elders and they shouldn't be deacons, either. That's it. They can run all kinds of ministries they can do all kinds of help they can do all kinds of things, except for those things that the church is just those positions in and just so you know I'm not against women at all when we in seminary. There was a time when we had the class is open for one week to all the, the, the public and they brought in a woman to teach in the seminary very very strict seminary very good with the teach about what women can do enough in the church and I thought this is awesome. I was the only male in that entire class which really upset me.

I think there is a bit of chauvinism in the church and men need to there is a chart through our long that's okay and not my great, I want to get out there where I got out and associate in seminary by I found that he couldn't act like I can't forget a single mom with adult time that like a carrot but I will and their father.the others left you sing a lot of things here and wanted I wanted to say I agree with you.

There's a lot of bad stuff going on out there. You probably heard me very much on the radio that I I talk about the necessity of mending godly men and being good leaders and been providing and protecting into later life down the way Christ did not to be so was demanding and not to be someone who is arrogant too many men failed and it's the fact that the truth is supposed to emulate Jesus Christ who sat with the women who spent time with the women.

In fact I tell people this women were the ones who figured out who Jesus was. Before the men did their not to be underestimated and not to be underappreciated.

One I like. That's right because they were there taking care of he went in and where were the men.

They were hiding and so the women I went and talked to the men. Women are greatly revered in Scripture. In fact I like. I tell people this every now and then I says I like the idea of standing up when a woman comes into a room and the reason is because that's the gender site is incredible. So I think women need to have it.

But they're not to be pastors and elders and men need to step up for to sit down and be leaders of the godly leaders.

In fact, no more.

If the men got minor sailing.

That's right, you're saying it. I said that so many time that the women are stepping up the art. I got out I had a lemon. And daughter that you pastor when Britt should not be pastor you go confront her and tell her she's not be pastor, have them call me up.

We can talk very nicely very politely over the phone all cannot fly out there will debate him. The thing is it's not her position should not be called pastor talked with her on you and you can go to any website, there I know now that the whole world after your lot about lot.

I had a fair teenager back right now to be imprisoned for look, here's a think logically women them were okay old loaded a graphic will know not not all do. I know pastors that are godly man that would leave their lives to protect women. I know lots of men like gods not pastor now would with this thing is standard. You can't just represent all of them by by these bad ones are you focusing on and I know that you were wrong then you can I ask you a question and if it's too personal deed to so you want to answer. That's okay. You know, but when you work. 19. Did you have that baby you are awesome. I had written by Eric I I don't not him any stronger date. Then I give my other children. Good for you guy.

Now I am the first one on the train out you don't hundred and women are right.

I by yeah and I understand women. I don't rate at all.

Got Ali take that from out and a lot I get any Alcan really love what you're saying you know you're just ministering to me. I know there's so many thousands listing their just hearing you are ministering to them… Like I'm not that you are role. You don't have to go to do that if I was in Virginia not in US street witnessing and I see him go with you. You know, and me, I would just go for it. I back you know women I Think that helped me learn every alarm clock. I know all but all like what you know. I talked not affect talk with her on that father.

She over there went my Shabbat and she should not be called pastor okay I'm going over this so many times of the different ways but she should not be called pastor, because it would deceive people into thinking that we pastors like another church later sooner faster and that's it.

Done the research, locating a biblically hugged. I've debated this many many many many many times this long time and I did research on how you buy a bottle will.

I can also tell you that if you go to the website There's a whole section women in ministry.

I go through all kinds of stuff women I ministry out okay are all CA just go look up on the left to just go look up women in ministry. You'll find all kinds of articles will be 2030 articles with two different objections in various things I've been offering for 17 years on the radio to do to have someone debate me on these things and nobody's ever take me up on it in the debate with title would be. Does the Bible supports within pastors and elders and answers but now it doesn't. It just doesn't hassle doesn't talk to me as you are you are you pulling at Richmond okay because because we have someone in the chat is listening to you who lives close to Richmond and she said she wanted to meet you. So if you want.

It's up to you. I mean if you want. She's a sweetie she is.

I know she is usually sweet if you want you both could email at and so yes like to me to the person in exchange emails with okay if you want to do info that my heart CAR okay to go tomorrow to Haymarket Durham.

Sorry about that buddy Colbeck normally wait a long time to leave Portland. Please call back to you. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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